The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, May 22, 1903, Image 6

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Timber Utul. Art June j. i?
Utnl Office, The ItoUe. Oregon,
stay 9, ipaj.
Notice I hereby glxtn Hint lit comptutnee with
ttif tUtktUllll
oi in
Art of Centre of June l,
it ,.ltttl .i. ..-I for llif Ml nf limb liim
IntKertnbnof Olllreriiw. orecon. Nevada,, ami
WaafilnMim lrttlnrj,' M eglended to all the
iHihlfclttid Mate by Art of Angmt 4. iM, the
f.ilHuTlng-tmmtd perron Imee on October 4, hm.
filed In IhU offlce their arront aUlemetiU, tu-wlti
, Jen K Kmnti.
of 171 Itaward t, Spokane, county of Spokane,
atate tf Washington, awewii autemtiil No 117s,
lor the purchc of the Me qr arc 11, tp o , r ij
w in
lane Uraou.
nrit UTt Tt.tftt A- SlMtkatie. COMHtr f StHV
knc.t.U of Washington, twwu statement No
U74. for the porch ol the aw nr aev 1, Hi is
r 1 j e. w m.
Andrew U KetuHH,
ufwj second at. Spokane, eounty of Spokane,
ain'le of Washington, awor M Matement. No IJ7.
AtMhermrchapeofthea bfmvqr ami lot t urnl
4 ec . tp jo 1, r u . w ""
That they villi oiler proof to ahow that theUmt
aought K more valuable for IU limber or Mom
than for atrrtcultural puiwara, and to eetablislj
thrlr claim to MM Und before the KeglMer and
Kecelver at The lullea, Oregon, on rnoaj-v ine
irthday of July. io.
Tney name wnncstcs Awurem n m
Arne HerkftUml. Ute K Anderson. Jane
iru 1; hmm. all of fttMkam. wak
Andrea KH
.-- .- - -- -m . - .
ny ana ail 1 uraon claiming ""T")."?
ud nil
luve-dewribed Und are nqutMcd to Bit thetn
claims In IhU office on
ocrorv lav aum 17m
day of July, too)
"rWl7 MICilAKI. T. NOLAN, KegUUr.
Timber Land. Art June 17.
0. 8. Land Oflke. The Uutlea. Oregon, iia.
Vnlkv U hrebv d(vm that In
apinuK nun
T.,T " ,.,.
the nrocMatHi oflhe Act of Congt of Jnne j.
ihr. entitled, "An act tat the lc of timber land
Iu Hit Hale of Cllforn, Oregon. Neeada and
ahlaitaa Territory." it extended to all the
public land Mate by Act 'of AHgt 4. iht. Ine
rotlowiuK-Hantrd (icrwn hare on Sept . naM.
bled In IhUoltk their awoiH atatcment. to-wlt
Julhtall ToterWn.
.of Seattle, cannfy of King, atate of Waabtntton.
niorn atalcweHt No iti 1, lb Ike nnrchaae of tlic
iiv cjr tec a, tp a. r ij e. vc m.
Maggie K. TotetVn.
of Seattle, ratuil) of King, Mate of WamBt,
aw-orn Matement No itit.Tor tn pnrchawc oT the
u qr at, tp aa a. r It e, r na.
. Clmrl K I cwit
f Seatthr, county of Ktac.Matc'of WaaMnfton.
worn atarcMcnt No tat j,1br Ike pardnwa or the
w qr arc 4, tp at a. T ij , w m
ttneat II. Morton.
f Seattle, county of King, tute'of WaaMntton;
awor a atatenttanT M iM. (or Ik parclnMe of Ike
c qr aec at, ip m a, r ij e, w m.
Oeorge ford,
at Sealile. rontitv of Kins, etatr of Waablaaton
tarora auttmant o itislor the nurrtUMc of the
,e r aec at, IP , f ij e, w aa.
Inlln niaaer,
of 101 Cherry at. Seattle, eaaatr of King, atale of
WaahinaUal. wimt amUaatt No ll. lor UK
purcbaae of tn hw qr ec , tp a a, r IJ e. w m
TkonuM O. JoknaoB,
of IVodletoa. count afUaaalilU.atatrf Oregoa.
wvrn ataument No 1117. forth pnrviHwe of the
Wqr , tp a r 14 . w aa.
John H Kowtand.
of 117 Kaat Lake Ave. (wattle, county of King,
Ute of WaaklngUai. avrarn aiatcntcM No III.
tor lb pMrthnae of the nvr or tea tf, tp a ,T ij
e, w m.
That lint)' wU offirr proof to anew that Ike land
.Mount Mi more valuable for Ma timber or atone
than for agricultural porpoaea. and to nataMUb
iheir ctaun to iuxd Und Dttbr tke NegMer and
Hecrlver at The Dalle, Oregon, im Monday, the
jotb day of Jul , lyj-
Tney name a wMHmt Cfcarhta K Lewi,
Iuliu4 ninicer, Inlln R Toieatcn, ItrnoH )1 Mar
lon. Ceorge loed. att of neattlc, Wnk.
Any and an paraon cMinMns adeaiacly the
alue-d3iVdJand art reajnaataU le ! their
cUIih in tbbeAee on or beftrc the mM Mth
mij-frj " " jUrCHAim T. jfctTxifr'KagHter.
. Timber Land, Act June J. i7.
V. & Land Office, The ItaOea. Oregon,
May 4, IV. l.
Notkc in hereby given that in compliance with
the pro villa n oflke Act of Congrraa U Jnne 1.
i'V- enlMkaL "An act for the ir uf limber Und
in tbcatateaofCalUbnda, Oregon. Nrvoda. and
WaabingUm Temtory." aa catended to all Ike
yuMK Und atala by Act uf Anguat 4. iaa, tka
riiltowing-aaaMd prraona have on kept lyai.
bled inrtkU nam their aworn autcmtnU. to-wit
PeruirlU A names,
of PrloevtlW, county of Crook, ttate of Oregon;
wom Matement No in fur the imrckaar oliar
a hf aw qr and in 41 k ,r arc ij. and nw ,r ue qr
aec 4. I 7 . r l e w m
. Levi I) Wicat.
uf Mend, county of Crook. Mile of Orenoo , aworn
atatcmem No laju fjr the purcbaae of the e hf
ae qr aac j), ana w Maw qr tec J, tp it a, r 11 e,
ww. '
That they will ofcr proof to akow that t be U nd
aongbt U mora ualuabur for tu Umber ur alooe
than far agrianltaral porpoaea, and to eaubUafc
Iheir ctalaat k taid Und before J M. Lawicnce,
C OomaniaiUliir. at Ixackntca. Oregon, on
t-'ikUy , the 17th day of July itvj
They nam aa wtinraaca WilUamJ Watklna,
Aaron 1 WalfeitM. Martha Mom and John W
Bamea, of PrituTrHle. Oregon, and A M Drake,
C J Cottar, J I Wctt and Ovid Kilty, of Mend, Or
egon ,
Any and ait tieraon tiaiming adversely the
aooveMBKnoea lanoa are reuori
cUima in IhU omrc on or before
located lo lilt ibir
Ike aaid i;ihhiy
Of lulT. 1M
miiji7 MKIUfU, T NOLAN. Kcg.aU.
Timber Land, Act June j. itt.
V. 8. Zind oSot, The lUlUa, Oregon.
May y. ij
Notice U hereby given that in cumuiuuev with
lb provision ofthr Act of Cuugre uT June a.
in. cntitlod, "An act for the aai uf litaber Unda
in the aulas of Catifornu, oregoa, Nevada, and
Waabiagtoa Torritury," aa rausded to aU Ike
public Und by Act of Auguat 4. ua. tke
follow! ag-named prraona have hUd in Ikw omee
iheir aworn aiatomtntt, to-wit.
Ckarlet w nharmaH,
ofrjo Maramua Iddg, Portland, county of Muit
uonah.awleof Orrton awocnatatemrntNoitji,
bled Oct 1. tpjg, for the porch me of the e kf oar
qr aec 5. tpaoa, r ij e, aud a kf aufijr ae p, Ip ig
a, r ne, w m.
Hobert W WiUan, .
of its If itth at, PortUud. oanaly of Multnomah,
tUUoforcgam: aworn ataieinent Mo ijj, AUd
Oct 1, 1901, for the puickaae of the uwqr uc jj,
ip u a, r 1 j e, w m. .
(icorgc V- richnch,
of IortUml, omiHly of MutlnomaN, aUtc of Ore
gon, aworn Haumtw
. , .tf. .. .-& rt
AAwtbe purcbaae uf
riVirn bfwir and a wnwrir
aec it, tp 19 a, r 1 J e, w m
Hdwln OaaweU,
of 691 Marthatlat, pvrtUnd, cvunty of MuUno
mab, Mate of Oregon, aworn ttalemeni Wo ijjg,
fileil Oct 7, i'J, for the purcJuc of Om ae qr w
6, tp , r ij e, w in
Tin they will offrr proof to ahow that IbeUnd
ought U more valuable for ita timlier or ateue
lliau for agricultural purianca, and to eaUMUti
thir etaiina u aaid Und before the KeicMer and
Keceiverat Tlw allea, Oregon, ou Tburaday,
the JI day of July, lyy
They name aa wituet. Udwin CmtwM.HiAA.
W WlUoii, Anvia llradthaw, George V bcliucti, C
W nhcrman, P C Whiltcii, all of 1'ortUnd, Ore
gen. Any and all prraona cUlmlajf adrrrael the
atiovc-dcacribcd laud arc rcquraicd to file thrlr'
daunt In thia office on or before the aaid 7jd day
f July, 1903
VnijtJ 'MI9"Af T. NOLAN, KtgUtcr,
Timber t. , m', Art June j, iljS.
V. 8. I,nnil Office, The Itollea. Oregon,
Maya, io.
Ollttll AIIVC I
Notice l hereby given that In cuntplHtiicc wllh
the rmmsiuntnrtiie Act 111 CoiiKreai nl Jim
real ii( June 1,
iM entitled. "In ftrtfbr the fetfrof timber Uml
tti theklateaufCnllRirnM, Oregon, Nevuila, ami
Vailn;lil Tettllnry," oxteiidril t all Hie
Stubtic bintl nUtea by art of Aiivu.t 4. ity. Ihe
onowliunanieil ieiin hni-c on Hept ri, im,
itetl lit iTihioince their awotu ilateiiitiil, lo-ivll.
SaiiiI Hinllh.
of Koet. Creek, comity of llaker, lirtr of Oregon,
worn ataieinent no km, tor ine iHircime 01 ine
tr ir e 4, tp i a, r it e. w in.
iiMeitli 11 CUmhhJ.
of Slutera, county of CrtHik, Male of Oreaoti.
iTUtn Matement No inj. for the luitCiiaae of Hit-
ae qr aee la, ip to a, r it , in
Thai they will oner proof 10 above that the land
aouunt ia more valuable for Ita timber or nuar
than for aurWullnral (mrpwwi, and to eatabliah
their clalmt to mm! land liefutr tV A llell, V b
CommlMHUier, at I'rtneville, OrKon, on bolui--dat
. the litll ibtv at lutv. lunt.
They name a wttnec retty IWiulenler. of
iTineeiiie, ufvajvii. urn iviiHiextar. in iieini iir
egw, Niml Xmltli. of Koci. Crk. OregtHi; and
loaeph M Cla) pool ami Loren AlllMfbam, of !Ua
ttr. Oieaoti
An) aud all etMHia clalmliiK atlvetatly Ine
atmve-deribed lamia are reiiueattd to file thetr
claim In tht oltlee u or b(M thMld itth day
of July, lyaa
wiyji? MICilAKI. T. .oLhN. KegMer.
Timber Land. Art Jane y iTH.
V. H. Land Office. The DaUe. OregoH, ,
May 9, lam
Notter I bercfav etren that In romidwiuae wllh
the iroviKHM uf the Act of Cbmkic of June J.
lira, cntitien. "AH an tor ine aaieat iimuer laau
in ih uiim .J oaiiAvni iimon n'm ,mI
. " - -- . . ..m. v..-.., .. -. "..
VathinatoH Trttttoey." a eMndetl to all the
eiblk Und tut by Att of Augnat 4, ifoa. the
lk ing-na'meit Ixro4 have Sled In thw omve
their aworn atalenienl. to-wlt.
CharUa H. Adamt,
of The luUca, mnty of Waacii, aute of Oregon,
.worn Matemetil No last, flwd Stht aa, 10.M, f.-r
Ihe pnrchaae of the 11 hf ac qr and n nYaw t ace
, li 11a, r vac, w ui.
Jerome N. Ijiuer,
of The I toll, county of Vaco, atale of Oregon,
aworn Matement No latj. bUd ketit a, laoa, lor
the parcbaaeotthe 11 hfteqr and n hi
aw .jr 1
a, tp ita, r 1, w in.
Charle R. TwineUim.
of The lulle. county of Wn4v. atale of Of
aworn atatcment Mat i(, llbjd nept aa, tftt, for
ike putckiMc of Ihe n kf aeqr aq, a ifr ace J.
and aw qr aw qr aec 8, tp it a, r toe, w m.
John soatt nuUivua,
of jjo Hetmoul at, PortUnd. county of Multno
mah, atate of Oregon; aworn aintemem No j
Med May at, , lor the porctuwc of the a
aec v, tp it a, r to , w m
IMeUn M. Hptor.
of Mhanlko. coauitv of Waaco. Male of
aworn Maaement No irrr. aUeu aWnt at, im. for
the purvkaae of the aw qr ne qr, n hf m qr and ae
qr a qr aec ij. tp iv a, r 11 r. w a.
That Ibey wflt offer proof to ahow that llacUnd
MMtghl u more enlnabie for tu timber or Monr
than for agrtcnUnral pnrwea, and to tain blub
their eUime to aakt Und before Ike Kcgiater and
hcoriver at The lulhn, Oregon, on Wcdnraday.
Ihe tad iUiy of July, H.
Tbty name aa wllncate J Kautllran.ol port
Una, Oregon. Hdward tlraham. of nUtrr. tire
goo, charle K Twlnebam, Jerome Laner and
Lharbr R Adam, of The lull.-, or goo. and
Henry A hoenr, lion Hen, Albert K liammoud
and Pauline Hammond, of nhanifco, Oregon.
Any and all peraon cUlmHig adecraely Ihe
above -docTlbrd land are rvqocMtd to tie llwir
cUlma in thu omrc on or before the Mid ad day
of July. HMt,
ntyiHyi7 MICIIAItL T
Timber Land, Act June j, irju.
Notice for Publication.
Itnd oMcc, The Italle. Oregon.
Mara. nM
Notice U hereby erven that in mmpHaiuM with
the aruvitioiu
01 ine aci 01 loaxroM h jhhc
e 1.
am. eotllWuL. "Aa act far Ihe
:ww n
uathcMaitHfrfCaiUbriiU, Oreroo. NeeaJa,
Wathlngton Territory.'
. IfTTDBIl, . m
a exUudwl to an Ihe
imbllc Und Ulca by Act of Angnat 4. iat, the
following ii mail pcraon hove on OctoWr j, ton,
Med In IhU oAot their aworn auicmcnu, Itvwit
Charle A. MM tern,
of Kockford, conHly of bpobanc, Mate of Waah
incton. aworn atalement No ijao. for the nor-
chaae of the ae qr aec J4. tp it a. r it c, w m
iMbC Koooiua.
of Hock ford, county ufbpouanr, MaU of Waab
incton. aworn autcment No itti. for the nur-
chaar of the ae qr aec jj, tp it a, r lie, wm.
William II Hulluma.
of Rorkford, count' of npohane. (ale of Waah
ington. aworn alnlanitnl No lakt, for the pur
cbaae of Ihe aw qr aec jj. Ip it a, r it e. w m.
Thai they will otter proof to ahow that the Und
aoutfht U mure rnauabie for IU limber or atone
than for agricultural uurpoa, and to aatntdiih
thrlr cUInu to aaid Und before lb Keaieacr ami
krevlver at Thw lullea, Oregon, on latnrday
the itb day of inly, hoi
They name a Willi raea John iSUrtdl, of The
litlra, Oregon; Tkorn luhl, W IJ Hotlome.
hbuU C Kopfdng, Cha A Mottorn, of Kwckford,
Any and all ptraon cUintiag adeataely Ihr
abuvenleacripad Und are leujiiratail to (IU Iheir
cUima In IhU omec on or before Ike aaid lath
day of July, ivuj,
miyji7 MICilAKI. T NOLAN, KeglMer
Iieaert Und, Itaal Proof.
17 ft Uud office. The lulle. Oreaon,
Notice U hereby given that WUiam P Fry
rear, of natlar. Oregon, ha tied notice uf lu
trnlion to make proof on bU deaert-Und daim
No tj. for the WH HW and W), NWti arc r.
1615 a. rue. WM, before J J nmltb. County
Clrrfc, at PrinerilU, Oreajou, on Pihiay. Ike ittb
uay 01 jnuc, igoj.
ne name 1
name Ike Mtowtug witlieatat to tirovc the
comniete urine
Uon ami reasamattonM aakl Und-
Mutcellu M Thorn, Jamca
a H HulMM. Prank
iiodaon ana wuium
meu MICilAKI,
V Arnold, of aiaicre, Or
T. NOLAN, KegUter.
Timber Land. Ad June j, 17..
Notice for Publication.
V . Land OMor, The UatU. Oregon.
May 11, iyj.
Notice U hereby given that In complUuce with
tke prorlilnnt oftae Aci of Coggrca of June 1,
an. cnutud. "An act for tke aaleol Umber Unda
In tkealataaof CaliforuU, Oregon, Nevada, and
Waabioglou Territory,
eaundad to all the
public land Mat by Act of Angnat 4. wati
lotiowiHg-neincn oeraon naee on im a.
named pro liav
Med in lid omce (heir aworn atatemtiila, to-wit
Tkomat J' Swift,
of WamU, coo lily of waaco, atalt of Oregon:
aworn Msleiueut No irT. for the purcbaae of the
hf w qr, a qr uw qr and lot j ant J. Ip 10 a, r Ij
e, w m
Llnic Allen,
uf Wamic. county of Waci. atate of Oreaon;
aworn ataltment No irn. fur the purchaac oflhe
ahf HcqraMdleU land ac j, tp w a, r ij c,
Andrew C Kollirock,
of 0 rata Valley, county of Hticruuiii, atale of Ore
am. aworn aUletntnt No in, for the nurcluut
of Ihe ae qr aec j, tp to a, r ij e, w m.
That they will offer iiroof to ahow that IhcUml
aongbt m atore valuable fur Ita timber or atone
than for agricultural purpoaea, and to eatablWIi
Ibrir cUiui to aanl Und before the KcgUlcr uud
Keeeiver at 'Jlic Dallea, trcgou, on Saturday,
the taih day of July, I ''J
They name aa witue4c Lliile Allen, Doug
U Allen, Tbomat J bwift, of Waiulc, Oregon,
Andrew C Kothrock of tirsaa Vultey, Orrgou,
and L II Allliigluin, of Warm Hprluga, Oregon
Any and all pcraou cUfinlug adveraely the
aboYcdeaeribed land arc rrqunlcd to tile their
cUfnie Iu tbU oMice on or before the aaid Mill
daytfjuly, u
Wnm iiv'iaj;i,i. nui,aiii Mcgiaicr.
Timber Mini. Art June j, it
I'nltcd Htnlea t.niut Ofllve. The DaIIm. orran,
April tt. ivs.
Notlee k lieteUy alxrii Hull III eotnplMnee Villi
Ihrpriniloiiaorlhc Ail ofCuugrfM of June 1,
tap. eminent All aciiorinranieoi miliar laiiir
Oreaoii, Navnil. uii.l
iu exltmlnl to all Hit
IHiblie land atute tiy act of Ait(iit 4. It.
Jacob N QuIIihk.
ofHItler, eonnty of 1 '. Ule uf Oteaxii
..inj- , tt, luni 111 iii oiur
hi aimtn
talemwil ,V na, for the
int UK pureim
'iirelm nr lit 11 hf
w r awl w b
if at 11 r
nr .. ia. tn 11 a. r is w. w mi.
and lll oiler tmiol t hw thai the land aoiuhl
aim mil Mlcr tHool I" nw inat ine lanil aoiun
la inore'vatiinlfle for U . timlier atone than lor
agricultural iMttmae ami to talabllah bU claim
lo aaM land Befbre I J Hmlth, County Clerk, at
PrtmntUt, Otrjjwi. on 1 1 id) , the jd day of Inly,
.my lie nanwa aa w niirve; joe .x tranam.
nanuiei wt awl Cha Uuiberg, or mater, or
iron; and Sllaa lladara of I'rluerllle. Oretoti.
Any nun aU iMni claliiilnij aiteeraely Ihr
abore detlbed U
claim In IhU nfld
laly. tim.
ml arc retiiteaieil In lie the
miiteateil In ale thefY
ee on or Ixlbre mM jh! day of
ai-fya MICIIAUI. T
NOIVN. KefUler.
Timber !anl. Art Jnne j. ij.
a nap van r iani iirr.
U. S. Und oAVe. The Jhtllea. nitron,
iirn ta, ioa
Notice t narebjr gliTii that InvwntiiuW-r with
it nrovurtooa olLr Act of Couvteaa at Jmu l
i?a, eitlillad, "Ah an i"r the aale of timber land
In ineatateaof Cniii.niM Oreavti Meeada.
WatklnaloH Terr Hot t a attended tu all the
public land Male b .i of Awul 4, Mat,
IUuiuimI U While.
or navKtaon. tamntv of
of Havidaon, wxtnry of Polk, alatc of MlnjHnota.
-. . . ... 3. .V
'" " "! if. .W"t "i i onw a
p or hw nrnnd tot l t ami i.
u.h n.imi,,i o w. pn ir?T i.itinMT i nr
aec a I11 , r 11
e.w m, and will onei proof to amnv thai thai
Uud aonglilU iiHMe val.iable far tu limber or
- ... -... ... i . . . -
More IIMM far ajltentlural ptmoca..a.
tablUh lib aiatTii to aakl hml hefMo
Mer and Uecaivor m ihi olfice at Tl
..ami 10 ru
de) Ihe Negv.
in-egon, wt PtWay, the ith day of July, nan
11 name a wure j. 11 natter ofBtml,
iHijon: Ohm, Klatrr. uoy.1 N Mpunl and Rkh
tnlUQiini,a8.ia llonl Mlver. Oieajun
A araml alt eau claiming a4veraly the
abuvt da.grlbnlnH are requeateil to Die their
cUlmain IMauAec on or befote Ihe aaht 10th
dayofjulj, iwf.
aijio JiraiAKI. T NOL,N. KegUUr.
Tlwberind. Art June J, i7
Notice for Publication.
U. H. Land ok.
e lUlkta I
May ii
Notice U hotajar etren that In comtuuut with
Ihe pruvfMoM oTrhe Act of Cungraua of June j,
1 an. rntlUrd, "AM act for Ihe wile of limber Unda
In I be aoUtMaTCMMkrnU. On ton. Nevada and
Washington TmiUmy.'' a I 10 all lb
public land nn. my Act of . 1. iw the
oiiiiwing-nanang ptmm 11
their aworH tlilaakatiU. lw
.j tn thi-onVr
Qonrge Vmlner,
of Culver, cuniily of Crook. Mate
worn MaUmmt No itw. fcUd Oct 7.
purcbaae of Ik a hfveqr and a hi
of 1
laoi. for ilw
aw qr ai ,
p 17a, r me, w m.
OuaUve TcmVe
of Culver, rfWnty of Crooh, Male of Otegon.
worn ewiastfultt fto ita), Med Oct 7, met. for the
parch of lit ate qr er 1, ip 17 a, riot. wm
IroMMll KUIingbeck.
of Culver, eMHtf of Crook, Mau uf Orvgju,
aworn Malemewt No inn nUd Oct 7, it. for Ike
purcka of tka nwqraec m, tp 17 a, r me. w m
ItetlL Kltlmgbeck.
of Culeer. cavutHy at Crook, atale of Oregon,
worn UteaMmt Na . filed tct 7. . for the
pureJaaae of lb lie qr aec w, Ip 17 a. r 10 e, w m
1'HMk M lveUnd.
of Culver, county of Crook, atate of Oregon,
aworn Matement N i. Men Oct 7, im, for the
porch. of the acqe aec 10, tp 17 a, r w e. w m.
Lmry Kllltngbeok,
of CuWea, jemmy of (.male. Male of flitgain;
aworn alateruoHl fo Ma7. ftled CM J, Mat. for Uat
pueelM.cof tkenwqr qarjlp if ;r Mvwuu
KHIle Lawetand,
of Cnlver, eoHMry of Ciook, Male of Oregon,
aworn Matement No ita. nUd Oct 7, . for Ihe
parcbaa of the w hf He qr and He qr ne qr aec 14
and awqr acqr aec 11, tp 17, r loe, w m. ,
lieUa L lMvU.
of Cnlver, county of Crook, Mate of Oregon;
aworn Malemeut No lam, lited Oct 7, low. for Ik
purchaac of Ihe me qr arc 14, tp 17 a, r w , w m
Katkaflna H. (Vomer.
of Culver, eounie of CrtMk. Make at (
aworn Malement No lyaa, Maai Oct 7, Not, for the
purcnaa of the w hf a qr, n qr ae qr. and ae V
ne qr aec 14. Ip 17 a, r M t, w m.
Hear M. IMeU, ,
of Culver, county of Clonk, Male of Oregon.
aworn euiemcul No ijbj, Med Oct 7. a", for Hit
purcbaae of Ike ne qr aec Ig, Ip 17 a, r 10 e. w m
Prod Col p.
rounle of Crook, atale of orrooa
uf Cul
.w.a 1
Utewieal .lo Ijaj. Mod Oct 7 J. ' Ihe
purvbaarof the ur awatr, b hf aw or and nwur
ae qr aee , Ip 17 a, r w a, r m.
Wilkeia frWer,
of Culver, county uf Gtuuk- atale of trgon,
worn atelemcnl No lilt, fllaa Oct ti.ton, foe lit
purcbaae of the awqr bcajr ami w hf aeqr aec 1,
and nw qr He qr arc at, IP IT a. t to , w Id
Aa at dim.
uf Culver, counly of Ctook. Male of Oregoa
awotu MaUmcttt No 141a. HUd Oct ji.tSMi.fot Ike
purihaaeof thee bfatr qrand nw qr aw qr arc
ii. tp 17. r ', w aa.
Thai liWy wUI utatr taroof to akow Ikal Ike Und
ought U n,urs valuabb for Me limU r or atone
llwn for agrindtuul Mntwt, and to eatablUh
ibaircUiBM 10 ant Undktfore J. M lwrrace.
1 n CommUMonce, at Peacbnua, Oregon, on
tt iday. the Mlh day of July. 104
They name aa wil : lleury M lUeU.
Umutl A Unvla, Kiaut lAHWboad, AuMim W
Culp. William ; Kiningbatk, Oeorge II Killing
lieck. all of Cnlver. Oregon.
Auy and all praeuai 'dalmltiK advoraeiy the
abovleacribcd lanaV ar ttoquanUd to AU their
cUlm In IhU olhce en or Nfor the aaid 14th day
of July. lyaj.
mtrji MKIIAKL T. NOLAN, Re.Uler
Timber Land, Atl June j, itTt.
V. n. Und OwVee, The IKllet, Oregoti,
Ajiril , iod
Notice U hereby grren ibal In cvmplUnce with
the provUion ofth Art ofC.mgieaa of June j,
ion, emitted "Au act for the auU of luubrr
Unda In the cut afCallforuia, Oregon, Nevada
and Waahlngtou Territory," aa eateuded to all
the public Und Mala by Art of Aiigual 4, lau,
the foiloariug luiiieal jwrao have Med III IhU
oflkc their aworn UttmeiiU. lo-wll.
John J. MtOulKBii,
of The lulUa. ciuwly of Waaco. atale of Oregon,
aworn tutemcut No ah, filed AH-il 14. lyea. for
the puuhate of the iitqr tec ty, tp it a, r t c,
w at, .
John HUM.
of The JUtlee, county of Wuaco, atale of Oregon,
aworn MaUmriit No 44. filwl April 7, lyu. fur
thepiircluikeofiheiiixir aec 17, Ip U a, r 10 c,
w m.
l'etrr MtOufgaii,
of The allea, county of Waaco, alajc of Oregiyu
aworn auitemeut No 340, llleil Aiirll i. vjut. far
the purchaac of the awqr ace 17, Ip IJ a, r Id e,
w III.
That they will offer proof to ahow thill the
land auutlit
lit la more taluabic ivr 11a iiiinier or
ij,iitT iiiuri lur iiirifliiiiuiui Jul iv,i
Hint to
talilKh their (Urma to aaid Uud hi frc the Keg-
Klrr and Ktcchtr at The Dalle, Oregon, oil
I'rhiay. the itth day of July, lyij, ,
Tlity name a wldiraw. Michael Connor,
John lilo, I'rrderlcU W bniitli, I'cler McOul
gan and John McCulkaii, ef The lullea, Oregon,
.ml iainr 11 1 ... r iliiinratiolU. Minn.
Auy and all pcraon' elMmliig advcrjcly Kiel
aiiove utacriDca land are rciiicicu iu ..
claim Iu till) office on or before tlieaald Uuy
of July, 1003,
01-Jw MICHAliL T. NOLAN, JUgltter.
Timber Land, Art June J, iHt
II. H. Land Oirlee, The Dalle, Oiegnli.
Nnllce la hrtrby ulven thai In eiiiiiiillaiMe with
IUaitavMpitaniie Atl of CimgraM of June j.
1 an, eniiiieii ".mi art rer the aie nr umber
I0t. ftltd III IhU Btn llnlr awio-u atntaniaaU.
l'lnnk 1'
of IMiiiilnulim. cohhIv nf
Wliltlilan, Ulalt r
Waahlnaloh. aworn Maiaiurui Ma im. for it
Hircha of the ne ir aec 14, Ip ij a, r i e, w m
Hoi Waller.
of l'armliigton, vwiiit) of Whltnian, alalt of
wavninglim, aworn atatemenl No rat, for Int
pntt'mta ot lite e ir aec 14, li 1 j a, r 10 e, w m
Willi,. Hi M MalM.Uiul.
of I'arnilnmon, cwiiitj nf Whitman, ilale of
.,-,.n,vn. WM,n MuatVOirtll W iq, IV1 111
lmicboflhaeqr aec is, Ip ij. r me, w m
Hritt H. Wnlker.
of I'atmlngion, county of Whitman, Mala of
waaniugtoM. anorn atalement No let. for the
purcbaae of the tr qr aec 11, tp 11 a, r 10 e, w m
tlriKV K HtHvluM
of Parmlngton. ronnty of Unit man, atala uf
Vah'ni,in, aworti tatemenl No tja, fur Ihe
purcbaae of Ihe aw qr tec 15, tp ij a, 1 in a, w M.
Tr .1 they will offer proof to ahow that lite Und
anitbi u mote lalnahie for Ita timber or atone
t,ia 'i for agrltulltiral pnruoaea, and In ceiabtleb.
Ibr r i'iiua to aanl Un.l btfote I He MegWei and
Mectlwr at The lullea, iHeiron, on TUIarday.
ine nihday ol Jul), lunt,
. They name a wilne, Ail WnM, nf P,
hr City, Waab, Thonta Tweet, of The lUlita,
Hi.., and l II Walker, htuva Knoarlea. Wm
n Mifanau.l, Joaeph Waller, not Waller ami
V I' Howy of PaimlHglow, Wafh
Aav null all hrauH eUlmin advorarlv Ihe
b-ruciibed land ate fmaoiilnd In U their
(.lainu In IM office on or bewiq the aaid nihday
ai-Jio, ' MICIIAUI. T NOLAN, KeirUter.
Timber ltnd,
Notice for
Art June j. ilj
Land timer. The lullei.tteegnn.
siav 11. len
Notice U hereby given thai In comptUnve wllh
the prtMMV oTIIw Act 01 Congrra 1 June J.
17. entitled. ' An act for Ihe aaUof llmbet Unda
in lb, atale of California, orvgwu, Neenda and
Waahington Trtiitoty. ' aa evUnded lo all the
public Umt Male by Act of AwgnM 4. iaat. the
foilowlng-namad twraow have on Ihrt , luat.
Men in thta omce their aworn utenicni, ha-witi
AuawMu II
of pat Pntt Ave, hpakane, county of aHobane,
atale of Waahington, aworn Matemetil No it,
for in pnrchaae of ihe hf w qr and e hf nw qr
aec 1$. Ip 17 , r M , w m
John llanetaaon,
of Oem, eounty of hkuakone. Mau nf Idaho,
worn atalement No lam. for Ihe uneebam
of Ihe nw qr it, Ip 17 , r i e, w m
lieorge W meven.
of uvy Pirat Are, npokan. counly nf toohaa.
Mat of Wantngtai. aworn Malemeut Wo rtj.
I'tr the purctmae of the ae qr e 7, Ip l a. r U ,
w m ,
A ine PerkaUwd,
of 411 ttcoad Aw, npob. ne, conHly of tjaalmne.
Mate of Waahington, aworn Matement No ii.
for lb purckn of the tou j ami 4, mc j. tp M a,
r 10 e. w m
tne N AtmefOjiti.
of 4M niroml Ave. ankane, counly of npokan.
Mat of Waahinaton, twurn auumevl No lata,
for the porch uf the n hf aw qr au . Ip 17 a.
r e. w M
That they will oiler ptuof to ahow thai Ihe Und
ought U more valuable for IU limber ur tum
than for agricultural piirpu.. and to eatabliah
their rUtm to mid Und before Ihe Kegtater and
Meceiver at The luttea. OregoM, on aauirday, Ik
Hlk day uf luiy. iuJ
They name a wilnei Henry W Heed, of
auud, oregun, lieorg II Taylor, Anguyaln n
Puwrra, IHorue W Meven. Arae HtrkrUnd, rale
N AnaUrauti. Thornton WkaaUey. TburvuUI IUm
aou. Kraeat C Hbsaaav. oflaBBbawt. Waah. and
John liautrnaon. of Urn. fciaka
Any ami jrtl ptnaui efobtruac jnlvofiely II
aamAammaldkajuamfaTkhit UaLfcU at.a aUAmVanuJjml ..
nryti aiiviiahj.
Timber lnd. Act June j. 17
Notice for Publication.
V Und WW. The Ikalhw. tHegon.
May (I, ivaj
Notice U brreh given thai la romplUnr with
the pruviahma aflb Art of Congrra of June J.
ur!, ewtnied. "An n for Ihe a', uf limber Und
la the ataU of CallfotaU. Oregon, Nevada, and
Waakktgton Terrilory ' tended to all the
Cldtc Und MaU by Art uf Anguat 4. dfot. the
lowl.ia named ptraua have on Oct 1. ivx.Med
in IhU dnW Iheir aworn ataUmeuU. to-wlt.
hkhard Kuriahi.
1 KM Orand Poraa. county of polk atale of
Mianeaota. awuen ataument No law. for Iu
purcbaae uf Ihe lieki an . tp la a, r ij e. w m
Jeetamh Knriajht,
flUM Orand Pork, county of patk. etaU of
Mlaaeaota worn ataltmaai no 14;. for Ike
parch of the aw M aec a, tpa, r tje, wm.
TttOMkM Hnttabt.
of IU4 Orand Pork., twutrty folk, atoto of
MtoncaoM, vworn ataument No lata, for Ik
puvihateof the nH I. tprae, r ij e, w m.
Madia l;MUMO.
of Orgud I'orka, counly of llrand Pork. Male of
North Dakota; awotn Mairnwni No itav. for tit
purcnaac or in aH. a)4aw', and Mluat.
Ip to a. r tj r, w m
Prank Hmlth.
of ThoHipaon, eounty of Orand I'orka. Mai of
North otuon: aworn ataUutent No itv, for Ine
porch of Ihe hhK aee 11, tp Ut a, r 11 v, w in
of Maet OfSnd Pork. touXZl Polk. tiaU of
tiiHiiuuta; (want autcment no irji, oKihcpdr
cbojg of Umt netf at ii, tp m ,t it e, w m
KrfwinT nnaOnd.
of ThoupaoH, county of llrand fork, atala of
North ftakota; nam atateiuent No lj. for lb
purcaaMC or Ine ewl mc v. Ip to , r ij , w
MUbardi) aackeU,
of Thorn pauw. county of t;ral Fork. ataU of
jiin awiaaaai, awurw twirawai no itij, lor in
purcbaae of Ibr nwl arc a, Ip a a, r ij , w m.
John A HaaiMad.
of Orand Pork, county of Orand I'orka Male of
Nor.h lukota. aworn atalcmrnl No lias, for the
- tne
purcnam 01 int wm w, vt w
w aec M, and ho a)j c u, I)
K ateM and
av a, r
U e
Thai limy will offer proof taTrHow lhal th tend
ought la mprr yaluabU for iu ilmUir or Motit
Inaa for agatnlKf' pHrpuam. and lo aatabliah
their cUlma 10 aaid Und In fore the Hegiator and
Haoeivar at Tbe lulhu, Oregon, on Tuetabky, In
aalbday of July, iaoj
iiwy nam a wantawti iinmuia jickot,
j jicvoy, jatry Hnrigni, nicjiaiii juingm,
Knrlght, Hltliat.l Kurt
KHrikiii, 01 1 uat nrmnt Parka, M
1 iirmm rarna. limn
1 J llartKk, ol The 1
lullea, or; Slartlu l(id
iiieaj, ol liranu I'orka, Norm Oak; Joint A Kiiiii
Ud, Kdwlll T Hpaliord, C It llrWiln, Midland O
tad, Kdwlll T HMlTbrd, C It llrWiln, Mich
nuefceft, prank nnillii, orTiKtinpauii, n lUk
., rn.nK wnmii, w, iiunirwii, r ,iw
,Miy and alt tieraona cUlmiug adveraely the
abov-defibitUiHlaiire rnHtil lo nl their
otaiwt In till ollk on or liefurc the aakl aoUiilay
01 juiy, iu.
tilMijM MICIIAItL T NOLAN. llrglMer,
Dwcrt Uud, Itiml I'twif.
V. H. Laud omce, The Dalttt, Oregon,
Anril . i'ii.
April 7, I'M.
Notice I hereby given Uml William N Colib. filed noli
Tiu filed notice of Inleutloii
il ilcacrl-lauil claim No So. for
til make tiroot 1111 hi ilcacrl-lauil claim No o, lor
the N KM ace Ji, Ip 14, r M c. W M, before j J
Huillli, County Clerk, nt 1'iliicvlllc, Oregon, on
I'liuay, mc win uuy 01 jiiiic. iyuj
lie iiamua the futlowiuir wlliicatc to nrove the
coiuplcte Irrigation and rccluiuutloiiof aaid In ml 1
,UHI'I,,, ... ,." .... ,
Henry Carliii. I! II Kiintka,
M Thoiuat, nil ofKUtera, Ol
liis-jl? MICilAKI, T.
ink, joiiii layior aim m
NOLAN, Heglttcr.
MiKiaiiiiiieainieaorcallloinl, Oreion, NevaiU
and Waililimlon Ttirllory," a; oleudeil to all
llie IMilillc UihI Ulhy Art of Aniiitl 4, ilt,
the fmttmtnit naninl nerMi Inn on Maich .
age) lhatr.l . -..
smwmtmcmmm t
T. NO (.AN. HavUier. I utpj, for
Timber Mini, Art June j, 1H7.
V H Land llftlfe, Tli Dalle, Oiegiin,
Anril ti. ifrit
April 11, f
oiniiillancr 1
Nullce lalictiljy ulveii IIhiI In cliinpllancr nllli
iliy ulveii Ilia
un lit Atl of
Hit pravUlniM unlit Atl uf Conat' nf June j,
mn. rutUlnl "An dsi for
111 limn
biniU lii Iti Male of California.
Ortgoti, NtvaiU
e.ltHdtVi lo all
and Waafilnittm Tettllorv." exlcndi
in inutile lanil aiaira oy Atl ui iiuhu. u inr.
Ihe fiilbMvtng-imlHrd peranH have llleil III Inn
ultlee llitlrairotii aiateniriiU, lo-wlli
Clwilva W- Tlmrnlliwalte,
iiff.mvUloii, ciHinly i.fNa PeHM. BUleufliUlmi
until Malrmenl hfo t, llleil Alieil 14, iyt, for
the Mitiheiif thee hf n ijt aoV ju ami w hf
nw qr aee n, Ip it a, r 1 1 e, w m
Chlhllnr I. Thntnlltiwlle,
of I.enUlon, rotinl. nf Net I'vrvi , atale nf Idaho,
aworn atairmtlil No tun, Ated April at, laot, for
Ihe tiurvbaw uf iheaw nr act m, tu i.. t it e,
... . .. . , .f .. .. 1 .. 1. ..r . . .&
AhiiuM t.
That Ihey will ftr monf to ahow that Ike
tandaonglif It more valuable for Ha limber or
aione than for agrtcnltnral Huru.ara, ami '.
latMinli Iheir rtiilin lo aakl Uml lirfore
.be It-
later and Keveietr at rh
tulle. 1 1 regain , on
rrklav. July 10. 101
They name aa wltuauMai William MnaU and
It me II I laner of Hrml, Oregon 1 Le l Oraat,
of The lUIha, OrtgnH.and CTir.ll L Thorn
Iharalle ami Charle VV Thornlhwalt. uf Lewia
Mm, Idaho
. Any and all iraon dalntiug adversely ihe
above deacrtbad land 1 ate reqijvreil to Hb their
claim m IhU oMcv on or before the abt loth
of July, 1
IKMtfl Uml, I'lnal ITouf.
I, n. Uml Ofllee, The IUIU. Oregon,
April if, iwij
Nutbaa U bavebv utveM Ibal L,.ul n
of MMera, Orngon, ha IjWM nutnv of lolrniiun
to make prow on her aton uud culm No 4,
tor lhftk,ai4Wh amlMIH WM ate i.and
HlltfHKH ret.tpua.r It e, W M, lwfor J J
Nmiib. County Clerk, al I'rturvillv. INekH. on
I'rhiay, lb tith da of Jitoo, totj.
the name lh MbiwiHt wln.raitt to Stove
Ik compute trrigalkm awl reclamalimi of mM
Uml. Will WurmeiUr ana) Ahutander Thorn
aon. of Irlnevine. Or . WPPryear, Henry Car
lla, A t Atilngham ami ITanh avdyfrli. alt ot
mt, Oregon
Uml Omve at Th IMIUa, Oiogan.
MMktr U krrb fitea Ikai Inr fol'tnilng
named Miller baa lied poller of hi intention fi
make Hani proof In anppnet of k emm. and
llwtmU proof will be made brfm-e J M Uw
teneo. if d CnmmUaiuaet. at Dearhuie. Oreaon.
m I'rieUy. Jam ft, ). vit
OVID W M KILKV, of Mend Oregon
II KNoti7j.for Ihe M V NKm W.
and Lot J. e it In 17 a. r it e W M
He nemo Ihe fol'vwing w.uiam 10 prove hie
caanlmaoo reaidenc upon and ruilivaliun of
aatd Und via
John I VvM. Menu Wed. John Monaoi and
Jam krnham, all nf hvnd, fh.ruti
aull MKIIAKL T NOLAN. krgUter
Timber Und, Act June 1, i7.
Notice for Publication.
I' k Und OaV. The
May 11
Notice u herebygiwo that in ownplUnre wllh
ine ncovtaiuo ot ine act at lnr iT Jane 1
vfw. winim. nil wn ww in- mtn n
la Ihe Mate uf California, orva.-u
itya etrlMlol.
. u i A. aL
. mir id llmbvT tonne
.., and
Waaklaaton Trrrtlutv." a iiiu1mI
iu au I
mMtc UUd Male try Art of Anguat t
Mbiwluw-nanteal ueraunt turr m, ii 1
la IhU onVe tkeii Mvora Matement.. to-wit
Alfred Urana,
of rm Pantk lwreill Aw, MitneonoH. counly
of llnntdn. taianf Mlniitutai aennn aule
m I Ha iggt, fcc am rnrvka JUn aK 1 j.
WW tmtmnnvtxtmmu ant at. tan
AUaTatrnt Oammmm
ofrm Klertalh Ave outb, Mtnneapoilo, county
of Hennepin, atate of Uinarwda. eworn Mat'
Mwnt No 1 mo. for Ihe parcbaa uf the t arc 11.
Ipaaa, r ije, w m
John kberg
of 4Ji Chicago Ave. Minn. riU county of Hen
urpni Miv nt Mlnneajiia. -ih al.i.iiwiil ,S
1141. for the purcbaae of Ihe nwH ate 14, tp ma
r ije, w at
John I, heekman
uf lt I.Uvwnlb An. aonlh, Miui.'rapnIU. counly
of Hrnnei-in, Mat of Mluuewi, wurn Male
meat No it' fur law purchuat of in. ark arc 14
tp . r 14 , w m
Andrtw N Hea.1,
of Cando. niunly of Towner, atair of North laj
kola wurnau.caenl No 10 fut th purcluMe
of I Ik awl, afc 14 Ip to a. r 1 j c u ui
That they will utter kruof luuu. ihatikal.l
aougkl m uitif vnltuM for Iu umber or at. n
Man wr agrieuuwrai pdrtaaat. .nd laaatallu
laeir claim ttiaa. Und U-fni ihe MeaMet and
Receiver at Tke lubea, oregoa, ou PrkUy. tke
aMkamrofJuly. iuvij.
They uatur aewdnoatml J L aUtkntam, Aif.ed
tilt a 11. iiahn U RkBwru. Carl It V. l-,.M lh
Uron. a n katrnt, aJlofMlamuuNla. Mian,
An and ail taMwma dliia. A.i.M.tM ,k.
abuve-uoarribed lanua are m,u aed t, gU Ihrlr
cUimt In imiuaw on ur before th aaidarihday
of July, lyut
Ttmber Uml. Act Juoe j, i7t.
Notice for Publication.
V Uud Onto, The I Mil, Oregon.
Notice U hereby given that in tomniuneewiih
the provUknui oTla Art oLCi naira. of Inn 1.
inpi, eniirled, "An ad Air tb. frornmler Umt
lb Iht-atnUaof iallf.MUU, Otvi-oii. Nevada ami
WaakingtoH Territory. aa raUu.Ud iu alt ibr
Kblle Und atale by Act of Augual 4 itaj th.
lowing Haiued ptYaua kavr gird in thu olkcv
their aworu alcUmebla, to-wlt
fhomaa McCoy
of KaM lira ml Poik. count .f Potk, aute ,,1
Mmneuota; aworn atalenienl No u. nUd Oct 1
iy. "r ihe puna of the ael, . 7. Ip tv . r u
e. w m. r
Jam J
cotjaly of t
of The IMIUa, coualy ot Www., aute .,f Oregon.
ewurit Maleiueul No itjt, nlrU 0.1 1 loat, f. 1 the
imrckauworibvehj Hwft and l.-u 1 and i mi .
ip lya, r ij. w mi
Albeit Count
of Ka4 dram) Potk, counly . f Polk, Male of
Mlniieaou, aworu aUtomcnt Slu 111, iled neut
a, law, lor th Imittuav uf Ihe aw att- g, Iu nV.
, IWerJ MoC.v
of K11.I Ornml I'ork, omiHty of link, Malr of
Mliiucaolu; aworn Maleiueul No 1741. filed Oct 1.
ipw. fortliepiirheofUiene,'M i, ti iu
r ite, w ill. "i "
of llaai llraud Pork, ivuiily ol Polk. Male of
MluiiMolii, aworu aUluiueiirNi, 1141, flleil iHt 1
M, fjr Hie puulunw of the c) V aim lota j
and 4 arc 7, ipiv, r ,j ,, w ,; " '' 4
V'u, !''V "'" "; inoufloalidw Hint Ihe laud
Odglil I iriwc VMluablc for lit ilmlur or alone
than for agnculturul puriOMui, ami to eiuMi.h
ySLriC,Hl"W?!a," '" ' Hller "nd
et. ... . .. -if. ,. .".'"""l jmi nivitii.
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