Abbot engineer. (Camp Abbot, Or.) 1943-1944, May 27, 1944, Image 1

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    Or>rr~.M - t í t t LIBRARY
Hooray! Happy Birthday To
the Habit
5th W ar Loan
Go to Church
Drive Begins
Next Month-
Voi. 2
No. 2
M a y 27, 1944
Therapy Cycle
To Begin Here
Memorial Day
Rites to Be
Abbot War Bond
Council Sets
Mark in Drive
“ An idle brain is the devil’s
In observance of Memorial day
“ Keep ’em interested and you’ll
next Tuesday, Camp Abbot per­
keep ’em happy.”
sonnel will participate in two
These are not slogans for the
special services in which the
new Convalescent Recondition­
memory of Americans who have
ing Program at the Camp Abbot
■ died in the service of their coun­
hospital, but they might well ho,
try will be honored.
“ One hundred per cent par­ for that accomplishment is pre­
At 10 o’clock Tuesday morn­
ticipation by military and civil­ cisely what is being planned with
a new cycle of therapy, accord­
ing, in the Bend high school audi­
ian personnel here in the pur­ ing to an announcement this
torium, the Rev. G. R. V. Bolster,
chase of "E ” bonds through pay­ week by Capt. Joseph J. Tuby,
roll deduction to the extent of medical officer in charge of the
minister of Trinity Episcopal
15 per cent o f earnings.” That new program.
Church and form er RAF pilot in
is the mark set by the Camp
Past experience has s h o w n
World War I, will share speak­
Abbot War Bond Council, Major that it is not enough for the
ing honors with a Camp Abbot
Arthur Davidson, co - chairman, medical officers to aid and pro­
official—as yet unnamed. Appro­
has announced.
mote healing. “ As an example,"
priate music will be provided by
The group met Friday for the Captain Tuby suggested, “ take
the 362nd Army Service Forces
purpose of appointing members Pvt. John Doe. He remains in the
band under the direction o f War­
of the Minute Men’s Committee
hospital about a month, say. He
rant Officer Charles S. Spalding.
from among officer personnel,
does no strenuous work com ­
The service will be attended by
and for establishing a cash sales
parable to basic training. His
chaplains from all veterans’
mark for the drive. Col. Frank
condition goes down. He gets
groups of Bend. Pvt. James Stil-
S. Besson, Post Commander, is
soft. And when pronounced cured
well, vocalist, is scheduled to ap­
chairman o f the council.
and discharged from the hos­
In anticipating keen competi­
pital, he goes back to training
Immediately following this
tion among groups and com ­
service, a ceremony combining
panies, and perhaps even pla­ only to find to his surprise that
the rituals of the various veter­
toons, Major Davidson reminded he can’t ‘take it.’ He is cured, to
-— P h oto by S iR n al Corj»« P h oto u ib .
be sure, but he is not ‘tough.’
ans’ organizations will be held Col. Frank S. Besson, CE, commanding
officer of Army Service personnel that they are not giv­
at the cemetery. This service Forces Training Center at Camp Abbot, first anniversary of which ing their money. “They are lend­ In other words, his stay in the
will be in charge of Chaplain was celebrated this week.
ing it,” he said, “ at good inter­ hospital has set him back.”
Pvt. Doe’s c a s e multiplied
William H. Andrew, Post Chap­
est, and will get it back after
the war, when prices are lower hundreds o f times is exactly what
lain. The groups are to assemble
and the same amount will pur­ has been happening. “ We intend
at the cemetery flag pole, where
chase more than it will today.” to stop it,” Captain Tuby con­
a color guard, buglers, and a fir­
ing squad will honor the fallen
Leisure Utilized
A new combat uniform for
heroes with the traditional mili­
The new system, set up in ac­
tary salute. A representative of
Battlefront action in World troops recently has been put to
cordance w i t h the army-wide
each organization will advance, War II has already disproved use on the Anzio beachhead in
program of reconditioning and
in turn, to the flag pole to place the old wheeze that high rank
rehabilitating soldiers, will in no
a wreath in symbolic tribute.
carries with it a correspond­ erican Legion News Service this
way interfere with or replace
ingly high degree o f personal week.
the medical care patients are
now receiving. Instead it will
Since December 7, 1941, two green water-repellent trousers
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United States general officers with large pockets on each leg
have been killed in action, and a paratroop style short jack­
At a colorful retreat ceremony
eight more have died as re­ et, with drawstring instead of
Abbot GIs who stand in line sults o f their military service, belt and having two upper and Wednesday, which was attended
at the Bend spirits dispensary, nine have been wounded, six lower pockets, and buttons under by a large number o f visitors,
finally nudging their way to the are still listed as missing in flaps so they will not catch on Major Walter L. Roche, repre­
counter to plank out good, hard- action, and 19 are prisoners of objects while the wearer is creep senting Major General David
earned sheckles for their fair war in Japanese prison camps, ing. It includes also regular GI McCoach, Jr., commanding gen­
share of giggle juice, may be in­ the War Department has an­ brogans w i t h six-inch leather eral o f the ninth service com­
tops so that trousers can be mand, presented the Treasury
terested to know that, according nounced.
tucked in, in place of the canvas Department’s “T ” flag to Col.
to a recent United Press dispatch
Frank S. Besson, ASFTC Com­
from Egland, a character laid
mander, in recognition o f war
A meeting o f all members o f
five hundred and four bucks on
bond purchases through regular the Masonic lodge stationed at
on all fighting fronts.
the line for a bottle of rum.
payroll deduction by civilian cm Camp Abbot will be held Mon­
The stuff was said to be 199
ployees at this station.
day, May 29, at 7:30 p. m. in the
years old, and was "believed to
In his presentation address, court room, building 202, accord­
be the oldest rum in existance,”
Maj. Roche urged increased and ing to an announcement today
the story said. "This rum,” said
continued buying of war bonds. by M/Sgt. W. R. Shaefer.
a yellowed inscription on the bot­
A new entertainment feature
The 362nd Army S e r v i c e "Our troops will soon go over
It was stressed that the meet­
tle, "was brought to England in was inaugurated at the Service Forces Band will be presented the top in the greatest invasion
ing, the first of its kind here, is
1805 by the late General King­
Club last Sunday night when in a concert at the Service Club in the history of the world,” he open to officers and enlisted men
ston. It was then 60 years old
Thursday, June 1, at 8:30 pm .. said. "It’s our job to back them
alike. The purpose o f assembl­
and the choicest the general Cpl. Samuel Finifter o f the Warrant Officer C h a r l e s S. up in the greatest war loan in
ing on the post, Sgt. Shaefer
could obtain during the 14 years Special Services branch present­ Spalding, band director, has an­ the history o f the world.”
said, is to determine the num­
he was governor-general o f the ed Abbot’s first Truth or Con­ nounced. Officers, their wives
With reference to the coming
ber that are here and determine
West Indies. It was resealed and
and friends, as well as enlisted fifth war loan drive, the Major
the plausibility o f forming a
recorked by the late Lady Caro­ tion is modeled after the radio men and women, will attend.
added, "Americans will be asked
line Morrison and her housekeep­
to do more than they’ve ever
In the event a club is organ­
for extemporaneous audience trumpet s p e c ia lt y , "Loveless done before.”
er in 1837.”
The blue and white banner ized, it was pointed out, It will
The bottle was sealed and participation. Questions are ask­ Love,” by Cpl. Jimmy Weiler;
function in the promotion of
corked again in 1884, and in ed various contestants, who a Glenn Miller arrangement of was accepted in the name of
social activities, and will not en­
1924 its third owner, Basil must pay the consequences If the Anvil Chorus; Washington civilian personnel by Colonel
ter into ceremonies of the fra­
Leakey, reopened it and sampled they give the incorrect answers. Post (m arch); "Gloria” (m arch); Besson. It was immediately car­
ternity in any way.
“Consequences” consist o f im­
the rum. He took only a tea­
For the benefit o f interested
spoonful, but friends say he still promptu comedy acts by the the W easel;” “ Valse Triste;” headquarters building by J. J.
persons, it is pointed out that
talks about it.
It is planned to continue the lude, by S h o s ta k o v ic h , and chief, and raised to the top as the court room is situated in the
Proceeds from the auctioned
• tear of the Post bank.
drums rolled.
"Over There Fantasie.”
on Sunday night.
hooch went to the Red Cross.
Qenerals N ot So New Uniform for
Safe in Battle
Combat Soldiers
Presentation of
T Flag Made
By Major Roche
Bottle of Rum
Sells for $504
Masons on Post
To Get Together;
May Organize
New Feature at
Service Club
Post Band to Be
Heard in Concert