Abbot engineer. (Camp Abbot, Or.) 1943-1944, July 16, 1943, Image 1

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    Did Your Company
Make the
What's Your f.Q.?
Enroll Today for
ARE W ANTED from all
S. S. O. Chief Toasts Camp Hostesses Pyj}|jç AdOTCSS
Learn in Army
System Will
Amplify News Program Starts
Special Service Office
Project May Soon Air
Reveille, Rretreat Calls
WELCOME TO ABBOT—Photographed at a recent G. I. dance
in the All-Purpose Rec Hall, Lt. P. H. O’Brien, post Special Ser­
vice O fficer is shown engaged in an anim ated conversation w ith
these three charm ing voung women who have been selected as
hostesses. Miss Helen M. Souhrada, left, in charge of th e cafe­
teria; Mrs. Helen S trong Sm ith, Service Club director, and Miss
Caroline Paddock, chief librarian.
Hostesses Are
G lad as Units
Near Finish
ST R IP TEASE—A story is
told of a draftee who needed a
m in o r nose treatm ent. “As long
a s you’re the one who discovered
This,” he told his d raft board
doctor, “how about you doing the
tre a tm e n t” T he doctor told him
to rep o rt a t his office th e next
m orning . . . W hen he arrived,
th e doctor said: “Go into the next
room , and rem ove all your
clothes” . . . "Ju st for a nose
tre a tm e n t? ” th e patient p ro test­
ed. The doctor repeated: “Re­
m ove all your clothes.” The m an
w ent into th e adjoining room,
and removed his clothes. There
khe saw a stranger, nude, holding
ci package. "All I need is a m inor
nose treatm en t,” the draftee told
him , "and the doc m akes m e take
off all m y clothes” . . . “T hat’s
nothing,” sighed the n u d e
stran g er. “I ju s t came to deliver
a bundle.”
T hree happiest women in
Camp Abbot today—aside from
the W aes—were civilian hostes­
ses whose jobs it will be to
supervise recreational, s o c i a l
and educational facilities estab­
lished fo r enlisted m en by the
Special Service office.
Mrs. Helen Strong Sm ith, di­
rector of the Service Club was
jubilant because w orkm en reach­
ed th e interior phases of the
beautiful and large G. I. rendez­
vous on Group Ave. C ontractors
hope to have the building ready
in mid-August.
Miss H elen M. Sourhada was
flashing h er p rettiest sm ile as
draym en unloaded van a fte r van
of furnishings and fu rn itu re for
the cafeteria in Bldg. 205, ad ja­
cent to the All Purpose Rec hall.
The cafeteria, which she will
m anage, accom m odates 120 per­
sons and 40 m ay be served in the
fountain located in a wing. Civil­
ians will sta ff the cafeteria, ser­
ving a variety of m eals, snacks
or dessert a t economical prices.
Miss Caroline Paddock, chief
librarian, has completed catalog­
ing th e thousands of books
eventually to be placed for dis­
tribution to all cam p personnel
in the m ain library in th e S er­
vice Club and sub-libraries in
each of the two G roups here. At
present, books, m agazines and
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RED LINE ITEM—Personally
w e don’t cherish the idea of be­
in g a tattle-tale but to prevent
a sartorially-m inded M.P. from
being “gigged” we pass th is in­
form ation along to the guilty
m em ber of th e cam p M otor P a ­
tro l squad. Several days ago you
w ere seen (yes, w e saw you!)
astrid e your powered scooter,
License No. 61333, on highw ay
97 w earing red socks, which,
definitely isn’t G.I.
Up to the m inute news flashes,
im portant announcem ents from
headquarters, popular
phonograph records and bugle
calls will be “broadcast” to per­
sonnel of Camp Abbot through
the medium of a new public ad­
dress system installed this week
in th e All-Purpose Recreation
hall at Center St. and Group
In addition to public announce­
m ents and news flashes, a daily
w ar sum m ary will be read prob­
ably around 0800 daily except
Sunday. Lt. P. H. O'Brien, direc­
to r of Special Services, will be
announcer, and new scasts will
em anate from a soundproof
“penthouse” studio in the recrea­
tion hall. As soon as a turntable,
ordered recently arrives, calls
fo r form ations and popular
records will be included in the
program .
The am plifying unit can be
heard distinctly in the 51st and
57th Bn. areas on either end of
Group Ave., at the Station H os­
pital and on ta rg e t ranges, Sig­
nal Corps officers who su p er­
vised installation and testing of
equipm ent reported. Reception
is expected to be improved con­
siderably w ith the installation of
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B-51 Builds First
Ponton Bridge
Using a short crew of 92 men,
instead of 106, B-51 became the
first Abbot unit to construct a
heavy ponton bridge over the
sw irling D eschutes riv er in th e
vicinity of the ponton w arehouse
last Tuesday.
Utilizing 13 two-ton ponton
boats, th e trainees built a 205-
foot bridge in 3 hours and 50
m inutes. Capt. C. E. Spahr, com­
pany com mander, w as en th u s­
iastic over the m an n er in which
his rookies m astered the rugged
job. The bridge, having a load­
ing capacity of 25 tons, w as dis­
m antled in 1 hour and 45 m in­
Retreat Parade Is
Slafed Today for
Gen. Sturdevanf
H onoring Brig. Gen. C lar­
ence J. S turdevant, assistan t
to the Chief of Engineers, a
re tre a t parade is scheduled
F riday between 1* *00 to 1800
on th e parade grounds by
the l l t l i E ngr. Tng. Gp.
Gen. Sturdevant, accom­
panied by m em bers of his
sta ff will m ake an inspec­
tion of ERTC training facili­
ties and confer w ith cam p
authorities, headed by Col.
F ra n k S. Besson, post com­
m ander.
have been held in Bend are: Mr.
C. J. Lindh, chairm an of the
Cham ber of Commerce housing
com mitee; Mr. S. D eitrick and
Mr. John Cusick, com m ittee
m em bers; Mr. D. H. Peoples,
secretary of the C ham ber of
Commerce; Mr. W. C. Coyner,
chairm an, fair ren ts com m ittee
and Mr. P. B. Johnson, Mr. J. F.
Arnold, Mr. R. H. Prentice, and
Mr. W. A. W irtz, com m ittee
Of 356 housing questionnaires
completed by civilian personnel
w orking at Cam p Abbot, 285
have indicated th a t they a re sat­
isfied w ith th eir accommoda
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Ninth Service Unit
Chief Reveals Varied
Plans for Camp Abbot
By l pi. M orrie C. Guss
(E d it o r, Abbot E N G I N E E R )
A six-point educational pro­
gram . designed to increase mil­
itary efficiency and assist am ­
bitions Abhotm en who w ish to
get ahead in lift*, has been in sti­
tu ted by the Special Service
Branch Hqs., N i n t h Service
Coma lid, Ft. Douglas, l tab.
These off-duty educational op­
portunities, available to all m en
and W acs in camp, consists of (1)
correspondence instruction, <21
self-taught foreign languages,
Over ninety-five p er cent of (3) self-taught basic subjects,
the Wac contingent at Cam p Ab­ i4) a rt and hobby groups, (5)
to u rs of places of historic inter­
bot have indicated th e ir inten­ est, and (6) group discussions.
tion to “take it” as an an sw er to , A rm ed w ith colorful posters,
th e A rm y’s offer to “take it or I ext books, catalogs and praise­
leave it” when the oath of se r­ w orthy le tte rs from other A rm y
vice is adm inistered to the wom­ posts in the NSC, Capt. George
H. Ivins, education oificer, out­
ens’ corps in the n ear fu tu re.
lined the program to cam p a u th ­
A 60-day period of grace has orities who im m ediately approv­
been granted to presently-enroll­ ed its w orthiness and began
form ulate classes
ed Wacs to decide w hether or plans
am ong all units stationed on the
not they will rem ain in the ser­
vice to release a man fo r active
The program will lx? directed
fighting duty. T here is to be no by the post Special Service Of­
coercion used to persuade the fice. Lt. P. H. O'Brien, director,
women in khaki to “stand by said full inform ation about any
th eir gu n s” and A rm y and Wac phase of the educational plan is
officials are of the opinion th at available, and assistance will be
th e num ber who leave the corps given to organizing the neces­
will be “very sm all.”
sary classes, supplying self­
teaching tex ts and m aterials,
aid soldiers in selection of
S Sgt. John L. Overman to and
correspondence courses through
Attend Finance School
th e Arm ed Forces Institute.
S /S g t. Jo h n L. Overman, Fin
The la tte r organization, under
ance branch, Hqs. Co., SCU 1973, governm ent supervision, covers
today w as en route to the Army alm ost th e en tire conventional
Finance school at W ake Forest
(Continued on Pago 2)
College, W ake Forest, N. C , for
a th ree m onth’s special finance
Large M ajority of
Abbot Wacs W ill
Remain in Service
Date fo r W aring
"You’re Turning Out Swell Soldiers" Band Camp Abbot
Dedication Nears
B r
B auauon R ating C hart
Cam pH ousing Board Reports
Results on Questionnaire
Cam p Abbot authorities today-
studied results of a com prehen­
sive housing survey initialed
several weeks ago as a project
of the Personnel Relations Divis­
M embers of th e H ousing
Board, named by Col. F ra n k S.
Besson, post com m ander, com­
prises Maj. Russell D. T urrill,
D irector, Personnel Relations;
Capt. Thom as B. Fulkerson, QM
P ro p erty O fficer; Lt. John Q.
Gelder, A ssistant Sales Officer,
an d Lt. John N. Alders, A ssis­
ta n t Classification Officer, E n­
listed Men’s Personnel.
M embers of civilian com m it­
tees w ith whom joint m eetings
Education Is
Offered in
Off-Duty Hours
CONGRATULATIONS—Col. F ra n k S. Besson, po-r
m ander, left, w as p r o u d of Capt. W i n s t o n W. Eh;
C-51 a fte r records revealed th at his com pany was adjud, •
in the Bn. ratin g chart, shown in th e background. Tabu
w ere based on com pany m arksm anship, tactical, technic
adm inistration achievem ents.
Thirteen days before tlie na­
tion learns about Camp Abbot
when Fred Waring’s “Victory
Tunes” radio program is dedi­
cated Co the Army’s newest
ERTC, names of songs to bo
played by the famed band were
stilf undisclosed due to the num­
erous requests yet (touring in the
Special Service Office.
On Ju ly 29, from 2000 to
2015, over 129 stations of th e
NBC red netw ork, the W aring
organization will tell in sto ry
and song the aim s and present
achievem ents of th e cam p th a t
is destined to become the la rg e st
ERTC in the country.
Tile Ju ly 23 issue of the E N ­
G IN EER will c a rry full details
of the W aring program , includ­
ing the three most popular songs
w ith Abhotmen. P lans a re un­
derw ay to c a rry th e quarter-
hour p rogram over th e public