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    Friday, June 4, 1943
Male Call Milton
Caniff, Creator of Terry and the Pirates
M assive Lava R ive r Tunnels
In V ic in ity o f C a m p S ite
Page Three
Moral: Have Right Eye Open When You Squeeze
A b b o t Landscap e A w a its
D e ft G. /. B e a u ty T re a tm e n t
way No. 97 between Bend and
Plans for a long-range lieautl- bids the defacing of all frees by
, Camp Abbot. Others include
1 ¡cation program to retain Na­ blazing, driving of nails, carving,
Ages ago when mountains Skeleton cave, the Arnold leu.
ture's unequalcd pattern at or miililiation of any sort that
overlooking the site now occu- eaves, Horse cave and the Bed
may result in injury to the tree.
Camp Abbot, was disclosed to­ The walks will lie widened to
" C. Q . for the Blues"
pied by picturesque Camp Ah- mond caves,
w ill suckle milk that’s sour.
bot battled and blew off their
The bore of Skeleton cave, 12 L Children
pass around the trees in line.
ava Hutte w ill eiupt almost any hour.
heads in volcanic rage, nature miles south of Bend, is suffic- The Deschutes w ill surely overflow .
camp commandant. This plan
All other natural vegetation,
ditl a bit of engineering in the iently large to permit two loco Even the »rrass w ill cease to grow .
the attractive pine and spruce
plagues and others w ill certainly be
upper Deschutes country of Ore- motives to operate side by side These
timber, and all native shrubbery
gon that could hardly ire dupli-
providing locomotives could For the dastardly trick they have played landscaping within tlie camp's will be carefully preserved, ex­
on m e;
cated by an EKTC shovel battal- be squeezed into the local cave- M aking
cept that they may be removed
me cancel my date with you
j in that forms the opening of this And assume the duty o f Battalion C. Q.
Main objective is to preserve i to afford full width of walks,
Tic. Gordon Mackenzie,
Easing the anger of the battl- huge tunnel,
all possible natural surround­ roads, and parking areas.
Co. Clk. B-54.
ing peaks, whose cannonading
Walls of the lava caves of the |
ings. The exception is trees of
Individual battalions will join
Shook the earth, nature provided 1 Deschutes country are solid
less than four inch diameter in with Col. Besson's suggestion
vast lava conduits to carry away j rock. In most places, sand, orig- "O de +o a Jive Session"
which may prove to be an incon­ in creating attractive atmos­
some of the overflow of lava in of which remains a mystery, The people swarmed into the hall
venience as well as a hazard. All phere In the vicinity of all bar­
from ancient Mt. Newberry and covers the bottom of the vast And danced to make the rafters fall
dead branches will ;Uso be re­ racks, mess halls, recreation
They whirled around by twos and twos
Other volcanoes and fissures.
caverns. Ice is found summer Much damage being belt by G. 1. shoes
moved. regardless of height.
buildings and other organization­
The result was massive lava and winter in some of the caves,
In tills order, Col. Besson for- al units.
river tunnels—great bores in the Geologists say the caves were And when it ended, we all wondered
earth in which Bend’s more than formed when the lava mass in How fast the days would fly. before
10,000 people could take refuge which they exist was still mol- Next Friday would come around once
in a bombing. One of these ten in the interior. Down slope, j
A. F. C. Pauline Tobias,
strange tunnels is only a few the lava drained out of pre-exist- j
W AAC Del. SCU 1973.
miles from Camp Abbot.
ing ravines, creating the tun-
These tunnels, at least two of nels.
The W AAC mail orderly didn’t
them more than a mile long, are
Abbotmen may find it inter-
ring once or twice . . . but 60
among t h e strangest geologic esting to visit some of these eov-
Abbotmen desiring bona fide times one day last week for Aux.
features of the Deschutes basin, erns, especially on hot days
legal assistance are reminded to Ruth Strawn.
One of the conduits. Lava River when chill breezes bUnv out of
The former Los Angeles coun­
visit the post Judge Advocate
tunnel, is a state park, on high- the dark earth.
New York has its Fifth Ave. and not l i s t e n to the torrid ty elementary playground direc­
. . . San Francisco has its Mar­ breezes of ‘‘guardhouse law­ tor received notes from 60 stu­
dents who learned of her trans­
der Maj. Turrill’s guidance is ket St. . . . Washington, D. C. yers.”
1st Lieut. Stanberry Foster is fer to Camp Abbot and devol»<|
the Civilian Personnel of which has its Pennsylvania Ave. . . . the camp's legal assistance of­ the greater portion of their ic-
and Camp Abbot has its Center
Mr. E. L. Cramblitt is chief.
ficer and iiis office is available creation period one afternoon to
writing the letters,
There are four sub-sections,
Extending through the heart to all military personnel and
“ I was thrilled beyond wonts
with respective heads, super­ of the Army’s newest ERTC, their families lor free consulta­
tion on all personal legal mat­ receiving so many letters from
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my former students,” Aux.
for employment on the post. miles long and is the principal
The post judge advocate will Strawn said. She is assigned to
YVAACs, Maj. Turrill’s branch Units are personnel placement,
without cost, in addition to con­ the post Special Service office.
functions smoothly in high gear. classification, employe relations, to camp. Completion of the road sultations. prepare wills, powers
Maj: Turrill’s assistant is safety and training, and payroll. distance from Bend by about a of attorney, and other necessary
Mr. John G. Jones, former com­
legal documents. Best time to
Capt. Charles H. Moore, who mercial manager of the Bend mile.
visit Lt. Foster is during the
heads the Military Personnel radio station, was recently nam­
According to Capt. G. E. Zel-
branch. Prior to his assignment ed associate instructor of em­ hart, CE., post engineer, plans afternoon in post headquarters,
at Abbot he directed the EM ploye relations training. He is are under consideration for fu­ and between 1900 to 2100 Tues­
days and Thursdays. Cpl. W il­
personnel at Ft. Belvoir, Fla.
assisted by Pie. R. Paul Fries, ture construction of an individu­ liam Harvey, a lawyer for more
The duties of the Corps ol
The enlisted section is super­ Hqs. Co. SCU 1973, who, prior al arch spanning the main en­
Military Police and the intur
vised by Capt. William S. Rob­ to entering the service was per­ trance gate of Center St. Area than 20 years, assists Lt. Foster. workings of this branch of tie
The legal assistance officer
erts Jr., who has had consider­ sonnel director of a large indus­ Engineers, it is reported, a r e
armed forces was the subject of
able experience in personnel trial concern on the West Coast. considering s e v e r a l designs does not undertake the repre­ a discussion over Radio Station
sentation of military personnel
work. In this unit there are six
Major Turrill graduated from utilizing rustic wood. Indigenous
KBND, Bend, last Thursday
Sub-sections: Personnel, directed Business and Administartion to this locale, as the principal before civil or military courts. night between Capt. Ab. Jolly,
Lt. Foster, prior to his entry
by Capt. D. S. Triplett and three school of Michigan State college decorative scheme.
irto active service, was assistant Camp Abbot provost marshal
assistants; Assignment, Lt. M. A. in 1933, and commissioned as In­
and Lt. P. H. O'Brien, special
Capt. Zelhart also said that
Larson: Classilication, Lt. J. R. fantry officer on June 17 of that camp construction schedules are attorney general of the state of service officer.
Washington, in charge of tax
Meeks, aided by an assistant; year. For four and a half years
“The' corps Is concerned with
Consultation and Testing, Lt. D. he was assigned in CCC work at being completed by contractors, litigation and has been a mem­ all crimes and offenses commit­
D. Fowler, in charge, working Camp Custer, Mich., and during in many instances, days ahead ber of that state’s Bar for ten ted by any person subject 1o
closely closely with Maj. Arnold next year and a half wras produc* of original deadline.
military law within the area un­
Eisendorfer, a nationally-recog­ tion manager for a large steel
der control of the organization
Rationed Smoke Breaks
nized neuropsychiatrist of New corporation. On Jan. 4. 1941 he
to which they are attached or as­
York and Special Personnel answered the call to active duty. Red Cross Plans Room
For ERTC Trainees
signed,” Capt. Jolly said.
Procurement, Lt. John Maxson He was a member of the first For G . I. Convalescents
“ Smoke breaks” are going to
Capt. Jolly also explained the
and an assistant.
The American Red Cross will be “rationed” due to the vulnera­
graduating class of the Adjutant
Problems aren't merely con­ General’s School. War College, have a recreational building bility of timber in this area to important duties of the corps in
the zone of operations such as,
fined to yardblrds; officers also aWshington, D. C.; while at Ft. located in the Camp Abbot hos­
have their woes. When they do, Belvoir, he served on the staff pital area for the use of conval­ fire, a recent E R T C training the recent North African cam­
paign when more than 200,01 b
it's a cinch they’ll confer with of Brig. Gen. L. W. Miller; later escent patients, with facilities memorandum stated.
Smoking during the day in the axis prisoners were taken ; im 1
Capt. E. G. Brisach, in charge of ordered to attend the Command for enlisted personnel wishing
training areas, outside the camp turned over to the military po­
the Offices’ Personnel section. and General School, Ft. Leaven­ to rest, read or write.
area, is prohibited, except under lice pending transfer to intern,
Chaplain (M aj.) William A. worth, Kan., successfully com­
Motion picture equipment has
nient camps.
Andrew, chief, and Caplain Ver­ pleting the Services of Supply been ordered and current movies the following conditions:
When messing in the field hi
non A. Cooley, his assistant, and staff course and subsequently will be shown twice weekly in
I know which side my breed
Chaplain David I. Segerstrom assigned to Camp Abbot as Di­ the recreation building which the bivouac areas under su|ier is “ toasted
vision of unit commanders, and
form the camp corterie of “sky rector of Personnel.
has a seating capacity of 200. in certain designated area.
"Not toasted. Buttered.’’
pilots." The latter has recently
Besides 18 officers, there are There will be no charge for
‘"Toasted. Who's got butter?”
Under no circumstances will
assigned for dutv in the post 133 enlisted men—116 from theatre offerings for the pa­
hospital. In the* near future, ERTC and 17 from SCU—work­ tients. A recreation staff has smoking lie allowed during any
night training.
three additional chaplains will ing in Maj. Turrill’s office.
been requested by Col. Frank G.
serve personnel at Abbot and
Crandall, Jr., post surgeon, con­
Lady in restaurant: “ Why
each of the three principal de­
sisting of a recreational director don't you shoo your flies?"
S«t. T r u n k J P e te rn e f, 12«h G p . ) I 4 q .
nominations— Protestants, Cath­ Four Abbotmen Spotted
and two social workers who will
T / l D e n n y J . l i e llu r c i , C i« .
Chef: “ Well, you see, it's hot
olic and Jew—will have repre­
S g t.
assist the patients with any
In Bulletin Interviews
Cpl. H a r r y O . V e t t e r , R-,17.
problems, letter writing and aids ' today so I thought I would just
< pi. Jacob W. W hite, f
! let them run around barefooted."
Eventually, offices of the
Pvt. George Griffin, medical to recovery and comfort.
T/5 N o r m a n If. Y o « t, D -5 7 .
American Red Cross will be lo­ branch SCU 1973; Pis. Alex C.
T/S R tl—e ll U lh .n.» JiU ..n ff«|. f n f « I f ;
Plans also call for a lounge
/ i Robert W . Johnson, ffq . i s. E R I C
cated in ERTC headquarters, Dailey, QM SCU 1973: T 5 Fred­ room with overstuffed furni­
Maj. Avery Is First
T 4
said Maj. Turrill. Mr. French J.
ture, library’ and reading room
E r v in J , S e ito n . O M Mee. fJ C U 1973.
Dunning is the field director, as­ erick Fitzer,. C. 53, and Pvt and every possible help for
Cpl. I r v i n O . . H la n f f r , Q M Ore. S C U
Ariel A. Briley, 51st E T Btn., Camp Abbot personnel, accord­
19 73.
sisted by Mr. Harold French.
scriber to the Abbot ENG I­
r pi.
Lt. P. H. O'Brien is chief of won front-page interviews in the ing to Mr. Frank J. Dunning,
NEER, official post newspa­
Pfr. F a rk e s L . S a t r f , 12th C p . I lq v .
the Special Service branch, Bulletin, Bend's daily news­ Field Director.
F r ie d m a n , M e d . J i t ,
per, goes to Maj. William T.
' Si V 1973.
whose scope of activity includes paper.
Avery, Hqs. 55th Engr. Tng. • Pel. I J n y d llv d o - m , 1 2 th G p . H q a .
operation of theatres. Service
Pfr. M a r n e f ( . h n , l l q < o H C U 1 9 7 » .
Clubs, Guest Houses, libraries, There?” will appear daily in The I First G. I.: “ Back in civilian Bn., who requested the week­
Pvt. f lo r in M M. K « e te . l l q . C o. K R T C .
ly be mailed for the next three
R o b e rt J . h e t t . M q . ( o . E R T C .
athletics and recreation, special
T 5
events, and publication of the
Pet. J a r k S ie g e l, M f .
claim a clipping from the malls j Third: ”1 see—a pair of draw­ Webb, Ala., and Mr. Ira Moore
weekly Abbot ENGINEER.
Pvt. l a u n h r i a n e . B -5 7.
Pvt. b c a r j a M .. B a r g e , B -5 7 .
, , of Heiberger, Ala.
Another important section un­ soon after.
(C ity Editor. B m d Bulletin)
Center St. to Have
Entrance Gate
Post Legal Officer Aux. Sfrawn Hits
Ready to H e lp
P.O. W A A C p o t
A b b o t Personnel
C a m p Police Take
S o w on W e e k ly
Radio Sho w