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    T he C oquille H erald
iJThe Herald, the old estab-
li*hed reliable newspaper of
the Coquille Valley in which
an ‘ ‘ad” always brings results.
V O L . 31,
C O Q U IL L E , C O O S C O U N T Y , O R E G O N . T U E S D A Y , A P R I L 22,
N O . 32
Fraternal and Benehole
nt Orders
F. & A. M.—Regular meetinii of
• Chadwick Lodge No. 1)8 A. F. & A.
M.. at Masonic Hall, every Saturday
night in each month on or liefore the
full moon.
C. W . E ndioott , W. M.
R. H. M a s t , ecretary.
E. 8.—Regular meeting of Beulah
. Chapter No. <1, second and fourth
Friday evenings of each month, in Ma­
X * AMI 1 1it K BEK AH LOU«*» ! . 20
ay >•••« »» Mid
i'A 1. u ui . t u p
foU 'th ’.V-Hllat-aday utqht* in Odd
Elfi V
i i 1 E libit Y, M . <
A nni * L awrence , '
/ 1 ' '
I. O. O. F.Î meets i in* first and third
Thursday niglits in Odd Fellows Hall.
J. 8. B arton , C. P.
J. S .L a w r e s ce , Sec.
Lodge No. 72, meetB Tuesday nights
in \Y. 0 7 W . Hall.
R. R. W atso n , K R. 8.
O. A. M in t o n v e , C. C.
SISTERS—Justus Temple
I No. 35, meets first and Third Mon­
day nights in W. O. W. Hall.
Mas. G eorge D a v i s , M. E. C.
M r s . F red L in e g a r , K. of R.
ED MEN— Coquille Tribe No, 4(1, 1.
O. R. M „ meets every Friday night
in W. 0 . W . Hall.
J. S. B arton , Sachem.'
A. P. M il l e r , C. of K.
A.— Regular meetings of Bea-
M W.
. ver Camp No. 10.550 in M. W . A.
Hall, Front street, first and third Sat­
urdays in each month.
M. O. H a w k i n s . Consul.
R. B. R og ers , V. C.
N ed 0 . K e l l e y , Clerk.
A.— Regular meeting of Laurel
R N.
. Camp No. 2972 at M. W . A . Hall,
Front street, second and fourth Tues­
day nights in each month.
M a r y K ern , O ra cle.
E dna K e l l e y , R ec.
W .—Myrtle Camp No. 197,
W O. . meets
first and third Mondays at
W . 0 . W. Hall.
R. 8. K now lton , C. C.
J ohn L en e v e , Sec.
CIRCLE N . 214,
meets second and fourth Monday
nights in W. 0 . W . Hall.
O ra X . M a u r y , G. N.
M a r y A . P ierce , C le rk .
ARMERS UNION.— Regular meet­
ings second and fourth Saturdays in
each month in W. O. W. Hall.
F r a n k B u r k h o ld er , Pres.
O. A. M into n yk , Sec.
T 7 RATERNAL AID No. 398, meets the
1* second and fourth Thursdays each
month at W. O. W . Hall.
M r s . C i ia s . E v l a n d , Pres.
M rs . L ora H arrington , Sec.
Educational Organizations and Clubs
LEAGUE—Meets monthly at the
High School Building during the school
year for the purpose of discussing edu­
cational topics.
R en a A n derson , Pres.
E dna M in a r d , S ec._____
O K EEL KLUB—A business men’ s
social organization. Hall in Laird’ s
building, Second Btreet.
A. J. S herwood , Pres.
F red S l a g l e , Sec.
CLUB— J . K . N
President; J. C. S
, Secretary
‘Transportation Facilities
south ----------------------
bound 9 :00 a.
r>R AI NS — L e a v e ,-------
L m. ____
and ____
3:00 p. p. m m.
North bound
i0:40 a. m. end 4 ;40 p. m.
OATS—Six boats plying on the Co­
quille river afford ample accommo­
dation for carrying freight and passen­
gers to Bandon and way points. Boats
leave at 7 :30, 8 :30, 9 :20 and 9 -.30 a. m.
and at 1:00, 3 :30 and 4 :45 p. m.________
C T A G E —J. L. Laird, proprietor. De-
O parts 5:30 p. m. for Roseburg via
Myrtle Point, carrying the United Slates
mail and pasengers.
OSTOFFICE.—A. F. Linegar, post­
master. The mails close as follow s:
Myrtle Point 8:40 a. m. and 2:35 p. m.
Marshfield 10:15 a. m. and 4:15 p. in.
Bandon and way points, Norway and
Arago 12:45 p. m. Eastern mail 5:15
p. m. Eastern mail arrives 7 :45 a. m.
City and County O fficers
Mayor................................ A. T. Morrison
R ecorder...........................J. 8. Lawrence
K. H. Mast
L. A. Liljeqvist
Citv Attorney......
P. M. Hall-Lewis
C. A. Kvernden
Night Marshal..................... John Hurley
Water Superintendent .8. V. Epperson
Fire Chiei......................... Walter Oerding
Councilmen —D. D. Pierce. C. T. Skeels
W. C. Laird, G. O. Leach, W . H. Ly­
ons, Leo J. Cary. Regular meetings
first and third Slondays each month.
Justice of the Peace.......... J. J. Stanley
Constable........................... Ned C. Kelley
County Judge
C l e r k ..............
Sheriff .......... .
Treasurer .........
School Supt.
Coroner .........
Health Officer
..John T. Hall
-W . T. Dement, Geo. J.
................ James Watson
....................W . W . Gage
T. M. Dimmick
........T. J. Thrift
Raymond E. Baker
................... A. N. Gould
F. E. Wilson
Dr. Walter Culin
Societies will get the very best
at the office o f Coquille Herald
P E R Y E A R $ 1 .5 0
Here’s Proof of the Militancy
Of the English Suffragettes
n R P iìflM M F W S
HowThree Members of Bandon
Life-Saving Crew Lo»t
Their Own Lives
Reported to County Health Of­
ficer—Boy* in Small Ma­
jority This Time
(By Judge Livro)
The following statistics of births
and deaths in Coos county during
Condensed for the Quick As­ the month of March are taken from
sonic Hall.
E v a B arrow , W. M.
similation of Busy Men and the records kept by Dr. Walter
J o seph in e G . P e o p les , Sec.
Women— General Round- Culin, health officer:
T 0 . O. F.—Coquille Lodge No. 5 3 ,1 .0 .
1 . O. F., meets every Saturday night
n O i l Fellows Tia"
1 *
N. 9.
J 8. I >
, K, .■ • c.
f l jo b P r in tin g -N e w presses
new material and experienced
workmen. A guarantee that
Herald printing will please
In taking a retrospective view of Transpiring in Oregon Boiled
events that have taken place during
Down to Least Number of
the last three decades in Coos
Lines and Yet Make the
county, one of the saddest and most
Up of a Wide Scope
deplorable tragedies came to my
Mar. 2—To the w ife o f Albert Dean,
Coquille, a son.
mind, it having taken place on
Centralia. Wash., will purchase
Crops are menaced by field mice
5—To the w ife o f Carl Arlandson,
April 12th, 2i years ago this month,
the local water plant and put in a
Lina county.
North Bend, a daughter.
at the mouth of the Coquille river.
5— To the w ife o f Frank Bowron,
gravity system.
Carlton, Oregon, will build two
lakeside, a son.
Since Mayor Gaynor issued his
life-saving crew at Bandon went miles of sewers at a cost of $15,000.
9—To the w ife o f Robt. F. Fox,
A company has been incorporated
one o’clock closing order, some of
out to drill between 8 and 90,clock,
Marshfield, a son.
22—To the w ife o f Mack Baker,
New Y o lk ’s famous eating places
that being their regular drill day. in Eugene to erect a $35,000 apart­
Myrtle Point, a son.
The men provided themselves with ment house.
have gone into eclipse.
24— To the w ife o f Fred Nieme,
Ashing tackle, intendng to cross the
The halibut banks off Yaquina
Geo Dietz, a ladies’ tailor of
Marshfield, a daughter.
bar and enjoy deep sea fishing for will be surveyed by the government
Chicago, was found dead with his
25— To the w ife o f Raymond A.
a time. One of the crew, Ernest this summer.
Chopin, Marshfield, a son.
head beaten to a pulp, as a result of
25— To the w ife o f Jas. Appleton,
Braschinski. was sick, and Captain
his improper treatment of young
Smelt are running in the Colum­
Myrtle Point, a son.
Jens Jensen was persuaded to take bia river up to the Cascades, for the
26— To the wife o f Andrew Ander­
his place, though he hesitated, for first lime in four years.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, assistant
son, Marshfield, a daughter.
the bar was very rough, which they
27— To the wife of Wm. Eickworth,
secretary of the navv, gives it out
The record ball game of the sea­
found to be dangerous, as it was ebb
that the policy of this administra-
son was played at Duiur recently,
28— To the w ife o f Martin Wick-
tide. It was belived that when they
stration favors a large and powerful
going to 13 innings without a score.
strom, Marshfield, a daugh­
saw the danger as they neared the
Fifteen "co eds" at the University
rolling billows that they tried to
29— To the wife o f C. A. Pennock,
The English suffragettes are still
Oregon are working their way
turn back, when a swell caught the
Marshfield, a son.
carrying on a campaign of violence,
through college independent of
29— To the w ife o f I. Moon, Myrtle
and fire and dynamite are among
Point, a daughter.
Captain Ed Nelson was in com­ outside support.
the mild weapons they use when
30— To the wife o f Robt. Sturde-
The Springfield city council has
mand, and the boat was righted two
short of breath.
vant. Myrtle Point, a son.
or three times. It is believed that passed an ordinance closing theaters
California saloon keepers have
Captain Nelson was injured in and moving picture shows on Sun­
Mar. 1—Lee R. Webster, Marshfield,
started a movement to invoke the
urning the boat, for he cried “ Save day from 6 a. m. to 6 p. m.
aged 65 years, 9 months and
referendum on the vice abatement
22 days.
me!” and Captain Jensen swam to
Cherry and peach trees are burst­
hill recently passed by the legisla­
1—Martha J. Nosier, Bandon,
him, tied a line around him and ing into full bloom in the lower
aged 77 years, 5 months and
ture of that state.
m o to s by Am erican P ress A ssociation.
fastened it to the boat and said, Hood River valley and the apple
13 days.
Two and one-half miles of snow
‘Now hang on,” just as a breaker buds are swelling fast.
ERE Is pictorial proof of the militancy of the English suffragettes,
1—Howard E. Dillard, Coquille,
about whose feats of arson you have henrd so much lately. In the struck them. That was the last
sheds, in the Cascades near Wel­
aged 1 month.
The plan of the Estabrook com­
upper picture Is seen the women’s fife and drum corps marching In
lington will be built by the Great
6— Mary G. Svensen, Cooston,
seen of Captain Nelson until his pany for building a steamer for the
Loudon streets to advertise a "votes for women" meeting. A very
aged 89 years, 1 month and
Northern Railroad this summer, at
businesslike band o f fifers nnd drummers they are too. The lower Illustration lifeless body was washed upon the lumber trade in the Siuslaw river
6 days.
an expense of $1,500,000.
shows three convicted window smashers going to Jail, bag and baggage. Thsy beach about an hour afterwards.
district has been abandoned.
6—Virgil Young, Coaledo, aged 2 were fined for disorderly conduct refused to pay and were allowed Is get so u »
Senator Root has re introduced
People soon gathered on the shore
years, 4 months and 15 days.
of their belongings for their stay In JalL
The wirelees operators of this
his bill of last session for repeal of
and the tug went to assist them if
9— Laura B. Cornwall, Coquille,
coast are likely to go on a strike.
age not given.
that provision of the new Panama
possible. The mate of the vessel
The Curry Couuty Leader says:
12— Frank A. McNair, Coquille,
The Hill Line.
The “Pulleymobile”
canal law which would permit
swam out and fastened a line to Ad
“ Their grevance is higher wages.’ *
aged 1 month and 5 days.
(Coos Bay News)
American coastwise ships to enjoy
Gross, who was tied to the boat.
IS—Mamie Hawkins, North Bend,
Ray Shores, the ir-year old son
freedom from tolls.
The man on shore then pulled
Dave Holden, of Marshfield, who
aged 11 years and 2 months.
The report published by the Flor­ Gross ashore but he could not stand of Thomas Shores, was killed at
13— James Thompson,
Coquille, has been engaged for many years
Over a quarter of a million work­
aged 52 years.
on the stage line from the Bay to ence West to the effect that the Hill up at first, as he was badly bruised. Cove last week by falling against a
ingmen are on strike in Belgium as
17— W alter Scott, Coquille, aged Gardiner, has invented a “ Pulley- interest are moving in the matter of
VV. H. Green, age 32, Captain board from which protruded a nail
a protest against the voting system
63 years.
building a line from Junction, via Ed Nelson, age 34, and J. K. Sum­ which pierced his heart.
which keeps the clerical party in
18— Myrtle M. Hodge, Coquille,
the Siuslaw, to Marshfield, did not ner, about 40 years old, lost their
power though the socialists are
Workmen are busy erecting a
aged 21 years, 9 months and traption” intended to enable an
create much enthusiasm on the bay lives. Captain Nelson had lived at
building at the Salem Indian school
actually in a majority.
19— Ole Samuelson, Coquille, aged If it is a success it will result in the Some people here are under the Norway with his brother, who kept to hold the machinery and equip­
By the installing of newly in­
59 years, 3 months and 12 substitution of gasoline for horses impression that the source from a store, and he was of excellent
ment of the new ice plant recently
vented telegraph instruments, op­
on the beach route, with much which the West got the news was character. VV. H. Green was cap­ granted to Superintendent Wads­
erators in the Canadian Pacific Rail­
24—Elmer F. Chase, Coquille, aged
somewhat mixed in the conclusion. tain oi Co. K. O N. G., and Sum­
worth for use at the school.
41 years, 11 months and 24 added comfort for the passengers.
way telegraph office at Vancouver
That say that according to reports ner was a lieutenant of the same
Dave is a State-of-Maine Yankee,
were able to send messages direct to
The Oregon
supreme court
current for some time, the Hill in company, which is evidence of
--------- --------
and he ought to be able to iovent a
London, England, without the use
terests contemplate extending their their good standing in the commu­ handed down a decision last week
Will Raise Lavender
little thing like that any time.
of relays.
line through the Willamette Valley nity. The three lost ones were which is conceded to render value­
Twin Falls, Idaho, ha« houses
and on to Roseburg, and it has been members of the life saving crew. less the Employers’ Liability Act.
The first lavender club ever
without chimneys. They heat and founded has been organized at
, _ * _ , , _ •,
hinted on numerous occasions that The rest ot the crew, M. Wickam, The decision leaves the door
wide open for the employment of
light their houses wiih electricity, West Stayton Oregon, starting with
(From the P°rt ° rf°rd T" bu"e>
from Roseburg the line will come
Mrs. Charles Forty, w 10 las to Coos Bay. The source from C. F. Fieger, were good swimmers irresponsible dummy contractors to
the women cook, iron, sew and fifteen members with the following
and having life presevers left the
defeat the purpose of the law.
wash by electricity, because it is so officers: Mrs. H. S McGowan, Pres- been receivin^ med,cal a,tent,0n at which the West received the inform
boat and succeeded in reaching the
cheap, fct.iug derived by the use of ident, Mrs. D. B. Conness, Vice- Bandou for ,he PaSt mon,h‘ ,S nOW ation probablv heard, while at June
O. C. Carpenter, a workman who
shore, but they wete in a suffering
water power.
President, and Mrs. S. D. Turner, conva'esc' D8-
tion recently, that the Hill electric condition, having been badly bruis­ had been rendered unconscious by
line was to be extended to Coos ed by being hit with the jumping an electric shock and knocked off
The Japanese will test the Cali­ Secretary and Treasurer. The oh-’ Miss Neer of Myrtle Point, was
fornia law enacted against them by ject of these fifteen women is to 1 passenger on the south bound stage Bay, and consequently took it for boat. Lieutenant Sumner and Cap- the Springfield, Or., bridge into the
carrying a case to the supreme raise lavender for commercial pur-_ Saturday, on her way to Euchre granted that the line would come Green were buried at Bandon with Willamette, was saved by Walter
via the Siuslaw. There are mauy military honors by Co. K . O. N. Shannon, a carpenter, after an
court and attempting to prove that poses. Having irrigation available creek to teach the Ophir school.
they are not of Mongolian origin during the dry summer months,
H. D. Coe of Coos Bay, and Geo people here who yet believe that G., who mourned for their beloved heroic effort. Shannon jumped at
and are therefore edited to citizen­ they belieye that the results will be A. Cable and Mike Donahue, of Hill will beat the S. P. to Coos Bay officers. Captain Nelson, first offi once into the river and swam to the
highly satisfactory. Dr.
Withy- Portland, were guests at the Knapp but to do so he will have to come
ship in the United States.
cer of the life-saving station, was sinking man.
combe, of the O. A. C., at a recent hotel Sunday night. The gentle­ in either from Roseburg or Grants
buried at Norway with military
Professors Stafford and Shinn of
The passenger steamer lines be­
meeting held at West Stayton, men were traveling south by private Pass.
honors and under the auspices of the University of Oregon chemistry
tween Europe and Canada are in­
spoke very encouragingly in regard conveyance.
the Independent Order of Odd department at Eugene are engaged
dulging in a rate war, and the
Residence Burned
totbe possibilities of the undertak­
Fellows, of which he was a member in working out a process for the
John Fromm Jr. drove up to
steerage rate from Hamburg to
ing of this new club.
Langlois last Thursday and met his
Quebec has been reduced from $30
The Port Orford Tribune says His body was followed to the grave distillation of wood for the purpose
wife, who was returning from Coos On last Friday the home of Gene by Co. K and the Trombone band of obtaining its by-products. They
to $22.50. Better have your friends
De Laval’s Invention
Bay, where she had been under Peirce on Crystal creek was de­ of Coquille City. This terrible trag­ believe they have discovered a
come over that way.
treatment for several weeks. stroyed by fire. The house and its edy cast a gloom of sadness over method that is working out in
Postmaster-General Burleson has
returned home mnch contents was an entire loss, less the whole county The life-saving practical results.
announced that it is the Admini­ itoral article on Gustav de Laval,
than half a dozen articles being crew lost three of their able men
The Douglas county court has
stration’s policy lo continue all Re­
Mrs. Peirce was alone at and the Coquille valley lost three ¡ordered an election tor May 27, on
publican postmasters now in office
The boys were out Sunday in the
first practice baseball game of the the time the fire occuried, and it of its noble citizens.
I the question of the creation of the
to the end of their terms, provided his name:
Port of Umpqua, embracing the
season. They will hold a meeting had gathered considerable headway
no charges are sustained against
For Smith-Powers Road
precincts of Gardiner, Scottsburg
their efficiency. The policy applies iron works estate where de Laval next Saturday evening to organize before she discovered it. The house
was employed, and so, not unatur- and elect a manager and captain for was built mostly of cedar, a strong
and Elkton. This is about half the
to all classes of postmasters.
Mr. Palmer, of Palmer and Hol­ area included two years age, when
all, the talk one day turned upon a the coming season, and all fans are wind was blowing, and the build
The biennial report of State Fish
new milk Bkimmer repoted from Ger­ requested to turn out and help start ing was enveloped in flames almost brook, railroad contractors, arrived the port proposition was defeated.
Commissioner John S. Riseland
man. It consisted essentially of a the ball rolling.
as soon as the fire was seen. There here today on the Breakwater, with
shows that the value of the output
L. H. McMahon, of Salem, who
rotating barrel, in which the milk
was no insurance and the loss will a large gradiog outfit which they
The Port Orford Commercial
of the fisheries of Washington for
is always in trouble of some kind,
was placed. Centrifugal action
be felt heavily by Mr. and Mrs will use on a sub-contract on the
recentley knocked a man down on
Club which met last Wednesday
1911 and 1912 totaled $7,964,346 -
hastened the separation of the cream
Peirce. The accident was caused Smith-Powers line beyond Myrtle
the street, followed him to the office
evening, is preparing a pamphlet on
62. The capital invested in the
which wag finally skmmed by hand
Point, from Willett and Burr.
from a defective flue.
Curry county in general, and Port
of the Justice of the Peace, slapped
fisheries industry was $4,940,450,
as usual. This crude device form­
Mr. Holbrook is coming in via him again, then told the Justice all
Orford in particular, that will be
and 12,206 persons were employed,
Fell Down Stairs
ed the nucleus of de Laval’s auto­
Roseburg with about 100 head of about it, said he would give the
printed and ready for distribution
earning a total of $3,797,865.13.
matic cenrfugal
separator, i u
horses, which he is driving over the man another round at the first op­
Secretary McAdoo has inaugur­ which cream is discharged in a con­ in the near future. At its last
stage road. Mr. Holbrook is ex­ portunity, paid his fine and walked
meeting the club also appointed a
ated a gag rule in the Treasury tinuous stream from the rotating
the injury of the 12 year old daugb pected to reach Myrtle Point to­
Department at Washington, and j vessel. Such was de Laval’s sense
ter of John Berment of Denmark night with the horses. They are
nothing in the way of news will be | of honor that he refused to sell
who broke her arm and injured also planning to bring fifty or sixty | Beginning April 1st, milk rates
given to the public without the ' his invention until he had first nival.
her shoulder by falling down stairs head of horsea from California on ill be 5 cents per quart, or $1.50
sanction of the secretary. This ex ­ given an option to the iuventor of
Bandon Surf— It is remarked that The Leader says: “ Grave fears
tends to the life-saving and revenue ■ its crude prototype. As the latter, several of the men around town are are felt for the recovery of the
from mu
my own dairy.
dairy, Also a small
cutter services, and the secretary ! however, did not avail himself of forced to chop wood and do many shoulder on account of the injury
supply will be kept at the City Ba­
will have to gig back on that order. this offer, de Laval proceeded in-1 other menial chores since their j being in the socket which is nearly causing the injured party from kery. Home Phone 477. J. N.
Jacobsen, tf
Oh, yes, Morgan is dead.
1 dependently with his own device. wives have been sick.
impossible to bandage up without moving it.”
*>- : z . t :S r Æ .C L ïï