Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, December 21, 1911, Image 2

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The Coquille Herald
Kmi-r«l as second class m atter May
H, 190ft. at the post office s t Coquille,
Oregon, underact ol Congress ol March
3, 1879.
the material and social
the Coquille Valley par­
ticularly and of Coos County generally.
■Subscription, $ 1.60 per year in advance
Devoted to
upbuilding o f
Phone, Main 364 .
The census of 1910 shows that
there ard 106 malea to too females
in the United States.
The proportion to organise the
Port of Myrtle Point at a special
election held ¿M ember 20, carriad
by a vote of 427 to 63 .
The official dinner given at tha
White House last wank to member»
of the cabinet ushered in a series
of gay events which a ill be even
more elaborate than on former 00-
Within one week's time tha out­
put of lumber from Coon Bay
amounted to 7 q 000,000 feet, 660,000
feet being taken from the Coquille
mill and 520,000 feet from the
Simpson mill.
Owing to heavy rains during the
state fair, held in Salem September
last, the state fair board, of which
Frank Meredith is secretary, reports
deficit of about $3.300 for the year.
V system of better roads, walks and
larger buildings to accommodate
the crowds even though rains
should come during fair week has
been recommended.
1 rout street has been busily en­
gaged in the preparation ol a tew
new frills, presumably in anticipa­
tion of the visit of Kriss Kringle,
who is expected in Coquille next
Monday, December 25. The old
rail trimming has been discarded
and bauds of narrow fine planking
substituted in place thereof, which
makes quite a festive attire and
which r.o steam wheels would dare
The postal authorities here have
been advised that the mail contract­
ors carrying mail between Rose-
burg and Myrtle Point have been
permitted by the department to re­
main over night at Camas Valley.
This makes the mail received here
24 hours later than heretofore and
the people of Coos county, who
have suffered enough through in
adequate mail service, should rise
in protest against this delay. The
Portland papers will be three days
old now instead of two as formerly.
There are too graduates Of the
university teaching through­
out the state of Oregon, a record
that is unequalled by any insti
tution in the state. In the state of
Washington several member* ol the
supreme court are graduates of the
( iregou university, and according
to the population of the state, Ore­
gon university has more graduates
who are men and woman of prom'
inence and hold positions of honor
and responsibility than any other
university in the west.
crease of 80,000 tons over that of
has the right kind
THEY DO SAY of 1910. soil for Oregon
producing tbe sugar beet,
measure, of standing timber, the
estimated value oi which is $20.500.
The heavy and general rains of the
first week of September fortunately
That a stitch at nine may save
came before more serious loss oc­ two at ten.
curred- Six hundred and five citi­
That will power and won’t power
zens held commissions as state fire, are much alike.
wardens and one hundred and
That too many ‘ ‘eye openers" will
seventy-seven voluntary wardens close a man’s eye.
were appointed to look after and
That it is easy to economize when
check the destructive elemeut.
you don’t have to.
That there’s a Christmassy feel­
One oi the most successful fea­
astir in the air.
tures of the Western Governors’
That woman alwaya look on the
Special was the tremendous amount
ol newspaper publicity which it re­ bright side o f mirrors.
ceived. A map of the United States,
It’s a bad sign to write your
showing the pictures of the Govern­ name on a friend’s note.
ors and the officers of the train, with
That some of us expect opportuni­
the States interested shaded in a ty to bust in with a jimmy.
dark color was carried in over 500
That a hungry tramp does not
eastern newspapers, and the stories
want chops served with an ax.
of the west, its products and its
That family ties should always be
magnificent train, which have been
knots instead of love-nots.
printed, probably filled ten thousand
That a little that is certain is bet­
newspaper columns.
It has been said by the leading ter than much that is doubtful.
That misery may love company,
men of every city visited that the
Western Governors’ Special was but happiness can herd by itself.
one c f be greatest things ever
That it takes a girl with a college
done by the west and will do more education to misspell her front
to give it publicity than any similar name.
work which it could possibly have
That the easiest way to acquire a
undertaken. The presence of the fortune is to inherit from one’s
nine actual Governors on a train father.
visiting another section of the coun­
That the cackle of a hen is much
try in the interest^ their own home
more melodious now than in the
states, is something absolutely un­
precedented in the history of the
That when you are too old to
United States or any other country,
and the cities which are visited seem learn you have outlived your use­
to appreciate that they have been fulness.
That we might believe one side
complimented in an unusual way.
of a story, if we didn’t hear the
other side.
That if a man never changes bis
mind it is because he has no mind
to change.
Only a man who is very rich can
Mr. C. H. Cleaves of the Golden
Rule has today made an assignment afford to say all the things be would
to Mr. W. H. Martin, who is now like to say.
in the city and will assume the
That the average woman’s idea
management of that place of busi­ of a friend is some one upon whom
ness. While Mr. Cleaves might she can impose.
have availed himself of the bank­
That nothing quite so flatters the
ruptcy law and thereby freed him­ indolent man as to be told be is
self from indebtedness, he chose the “overworked,”
more honorable course of making a
That one should think twice
general assignment in order that before be speaks in wrath and then
all, instead ol a lew, of bis creditors say it fo himself.
might stand a chance of reimburse­
That n profit we gather by experi­
ment. The news of this assign­
ence may be only paper profit, but
ment comes as a surprise to the
it’s the solid asset.
many business and personal friends
That “ Maybe” can be argued
of Mr. Cleaves, who with one accord
but “ I can’t” is a motor that
will join the Herald in commending
the action taken by him Mr. W.
Tkat a spinister can tru th fu lly
H. Martin is not a stranger in Co­
quille having been here for several say that such a thiDg as marriage
weeks. He is one of the best and has Dever occurred to her.
up-to-date business men in the
That a man is a failure when he
country and while regretting the lets a day go by without making
passing oi the old management, we some one happier and more com­
extend to the new our most hearty fortable.
wishes for a successful and prosper­
That if the average woman
ous business career in Coquille.
thought her husband didn’t love
a fact fully demonstrated in eastern
Oregon and tested out with success
in western Oregon, and there is no
valid reason why this state cannot
have big sugar factories and pro­
duce all Its own sugar.
Santa Claus secures his best gilts
at Mrs. J. L. Thompson’s.
The apple crop for 1911 is placed
at 30,000,000 bushels, or 20 per cent
above 1910.
Over 11,000 women are engaged
in lace-making st home in tbe city
of Nottingham.
Ten per cent of the deaths of
adult poultry from Datura! causes
are due to tuberculosis.
A clever man can explain to the
right women, or at least a clever
woman accepts any explanation from
th* right man.
The marriage of Capt. Harvey
Russell and Miss Mable Noah, both
of North Bend, was solemnized
December 20.
Forty-seven men have already
been killed this year by hunters.
The mortality among the deer is
also considerable.
Stenography and typewriting for
business and professioual men expe­
ditiously transacted at the Herald
office. All work entrusted to us
treated confidentially.
Tbe lack of fixity of purpose is
responsible for many failures. Tbe
drifting about and dabbling in a
multitude of things and not doing
one thing thoroughly simply spells
The steamship Northwestern
which arrived in Seattle December
i6tb, from Alaska, brought a cargo
of gold bullion and copper ore valu­
ed at over $1,000,000.
An order for a carload of Yellow
Newton apples has been received
by the Northwestern Fruit ex­
change of Portland for one box of
extra selected stock for the emperor
of Germany.
M. H. Hersey has the largest dis­
play of dolls ever brought to Co­
quille and when it comes to price,
considering quality, no such bar­
gains can be given elsewhere. Any­
one wanting dolls call and be con­
Miss Ethel Kern ot North Bend,
formerly deputy postmistress at that
city was recently married to Allen
D. Pixton of Alva, Florida. Mr.
and Mrs Pixton will reside on the
groom’s ranch near Ioua, Florida.
Folsom makes candies pure and
delicious. Add to your Christmas
joys by purchasing sweetmeats
from him and likewise be pleased
with the knowledge that by so doing
you are patronizing a home institu­
That the hillsides overlooking the
valleys aloDg tbe different rivers in
Oregon will produce grapes equal
in wine making qualities to that of
the German Rhine, MoBelle and
Pfalz, is the opinion of a California
expert who makes a strong appeal
that grape growing be taken up íd
Oregon on a large scale. He further
states that he believes settlers
from the wine districts of Germany
would be attracted if this industry
were introduced in Oregon.
A man in one of the Western
States saw a cyolone coming, and
crawled inside a hollow tree for pro­
tection. The tree was blown down
and the entrance closed, leaving
only a tiny hole, barely large
enough for a squirrel. Realizing
that he must die, all the mean
things the man had done in his life
passed before his eyes— and sudden­
ly be remembered that he bad voted
against woman’» suffrage. Then he
felt so small that he was able to
crawl through the hole!— Woman’s
P a u l S t e p ij a n , Prop.
Phone 376.
named defendants:
You and each o f you are hereby no­
tified that you are required to appear
Two corner lota with small barn, and answer the complaint o f the plain­
tiff filed against you in the above en­
located opposite corner from Chris titled action within six weeks from the
tiau church, are offered at great sac­ date o f the first publication o f this
rifice if taken soon. Inquire Herald summons, tow it: within six weeks from
the 14th day o f December, 1911; and if
you fail so to appear or answer on or
before the 25th day o f January, 1912,
the same being the date o f the last
publication o f this summons, for want
Nolice in hereby given by tbe under­ thereof the plaintiff will take judgment
signed, administrator of tbe estate of against you for the sum o f Two Hun­
Samuel A. Smith, deceased, to tbe cred­ dred Dollars and interest thereon at
itors of and all persons having claims the rate o f six per cent per annum
against the said deceased, to exhibit from the 1st day o f January, 1905, less
sucli claims with the necessary vouch­ the sum o f fifty dollars paid on the 2 nd
ers, within six months after the first 1 day o f August, 1909, on his first cause
publication of this notice, to tho sab 1 o f action in said complaint set forth;
administrator, at the office of C. R. bar­ and for the further sum o f $9.90 and
row, in Coquille, Oregon, which office ' interest thereon at the rate o f fi per
the undersigned selects as Ins place of cent per annum from the 25th day of
business in all matters connected with ; August, 1909, and for his costs and dis-
said estate of Samuel A. Smith, de-j bursments in this action.
Service o f this summons upon you is
made by publication thereof in the
Administrator of the estate of Samuel j Coquille Herald fo r a period o f six
A. Smith, deceased.
weeks by order o f the Honorable John
S. Coke, Judge o f the above entitled
Attorney for said Administrator. Court, dated the 14th day o f December,
Dated and first published at Coquille, j
J. J. S ta n le y ,
Oregon, on this 3utli day of November,
Attorney for Plaintiff,
Coquille, Oregon.
George & Madison, Props.
work. Portraiture and
and printing for ama­
teurs. Call and see us
and get our prices.
Branch at Myrtle Point.
R estaurant
S a m e Old P la c e
C om e and S e e
Pacific Loggers
Ask W. C. ROSE
Our Agent fo Show Your our
High-Grade Loggers
And Cruisers
Stillson-Kellogg Shoe Company
Span of horses, harness and
wagon. Weight of horses, the two
1900 pounds. Price $100 for all.
Also three good cows giving milk
A. Me A d a m , Fislitrap.
Notice for Publication
her any more than she loved him,
A 100 pound sturgeon was taken
Department of the Interior, U. 8 . Land
she’d be heartbroken.
from the Columbia river recently
Office at Roseburg, Oregon,
That while the contents of the
November 22,1911.
by Edward Wright and marketed
Notice is hereby given that William
in Hood River. It is a rare thing beer bottle are taken by some to
Kranke, ot Riverton, Oregon, who, on
that a sturgeon is caught now, alleviate the blues, the revenue from
January 6 th, 1910, made Homestead
although formerly the Columbia the sale of the bottles is sometimes
entry Serial No. 00340, for W'._. N W 4 ,
used to purchase raiment of the
river had many of these fish.
NEJ4 NWP*. NW Ji NE>4 , Section 21,
—-------- a «»» «
same hue.
Township 28, S. Range 13, west, Willam­
The South Coos River Hatchery
ette Meridian, has filed notice of
That a bachelor's “ next morn­
intention to make final Commutation
has seeured 3,000,000 salmon eggs ing” headache is always mitigated by
Proof, to establish claim to land above
for this year's batch. If tho river the thought that be doesn’t have to
deacrilied, liefore Edgar A. Dodge,United
rises sufficiently to bring in a good exert himself to remember what
States Commissioner, at Myrtle Point,
Oregon, on the 12th day of January,
The beaver, the emblem of Ore­ run of salmon more may possibly particular story he told when he
gon, is to be preserved from ester be obtained. While there are many came home the night before.
Claimant names as witnesses : Ben­
monition in this state, and it to be in Smith’s Basin the logs and snags
jamin F. Smith ol Riverton, Oregon,
pet roitted to again resume hia won
Walter R. Smith, of Riverton, Oregon,
neat boxes at Folsom’s.
'lerful work. A beaver dam near
Edward A. Smith, of Riverton, Oregon,
Twohy Brothers moved 125 cubic
Eugene is seeking a site for a
Ilrightwood contain» 100 beavers,
Madison Scott, or Riverton, Oregon.
yards of dirt at the S. P. tunnel, uew city hall building.
that have done a vast amount of getting the thing started in proper
Over one huudred thousand dol­
work, nud have flooded quite an form. They are forwarding cars,
arm. It in estimated that millions rails, ties, powder and blacksmiths lars are invested in automobiles in
of acres of the richest and most pro­ tools to the front and are stocking Coos County.
ductive lauds in Oregon were made
their warehouse with duplicate
by tho beavers to enrich the state parts — Eugene Guard.
produced in this country is mined
forever. They were the first land
— -----------
The thirteenth annual meeting machines being in uie.
builder», the first irrigators, the first
to stop dangerous floods, and by the of the Oregon Historical Society
Tbe Marshfield High school
erecting of water dams, they pre­ met at Portland December 16. an basketball team defeated the Ban-
For sale, cheap— Four year old
vented the finest soil washing into address being delivered by Dr. don High school team at Marsbfiled
Equipped with wireless appara­
the sea. There is a general feeling Joseph Schafer, professor of history Decemder 15, by a score of 13 to 9. saddle horse, black line on back,
tus Twin Screw, new, clean and
buckskin collar. Inquire Herald
that this industrious end bard work in the University of Oregon, on
Grouch eradicators suitable for all
mg little rodent is a pattern tor one of the most eminent pioneers ages at Mrs. J. L. Thompson’s.
Passenger rates, First
In a shipment of $10,000 worth
humankind with their greatest brain of this state, Jesse Applegate.
Class $10 and 7.50
>S. P. Bartlett is rapidly recuperat­
-------- **•»♦
ol wild animals from India to Eng­
power but sometimes lees laborious
Freight $3.00 per ton.
Thirteen were killed and many ing from tbe operation which be
land, an Indian badger was loose
Bandon Warehouse Co. Agents.
more injured in a collision between underwent at Mercy hospital in
for two weeks and a specimen of the
Norton and Nosier Agts
K A. Elliott, State Forester at the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul j North Bend and will probably be sacred monkey of northern India;
Salem, Oregon, reports the occur­ and the Columbian Limited at able to leave the hospital ahortly.
for nearly the entire voyage. The
Phone Home 111.
Farm er’ s 483
Wanted— Girl about sixteen or badger concealed himself during
ence of 567 forest fires in Oregon
1 lie past year, from the following The injured are being cared for by 1 seventeen as apprentice in abstract the day. but the meat and boiled
causes; Escaped from slash burn­ townspeople. A wrecking train is office Inquire Herald office.
rice put out for him at night always
Capt. Olsen, M ato.
in g. 59 ; campers, 40; lightning, 24; at the scene and the wrecking crew
The many friends ol “ Aleck” disappe »red before morning. The
incendiary, 22; hunters, 20; old are already at work
Will make regular trij p between
Alexander are greatly worried over monkey lived up in tbe riggiDg com­
slashings not extinguished, 18;
The amount of coal mined in th« his disappearance from Canyon fortably enough, notwithstanding O o q u ille R iv e r an 1 S a n
ra ilroa d locomotives, 15; smokers, United States in 1910, according to City.
Mr. Alexander is 80 years of five feet of chain hanging to its
F ra n c is c o .
.14; logging engines, 13; escaped figures of the Uoited States (leo age and the first white man to set neck. Food waa put out for i t '
N o Stop-over at W ay Porta.
front saw mills, 4; sheep herders, a; logical Survey, wan greater by 10,-1 foot in Cariyon City.
•very Dight, and by day it sa'iaOed Electric Lights. Everything ir. T'irst
u n k n o w n , 136. A total of 60,000 000,000 tons than the total tonnage
The output of beet sugar in the its hunger bv catching and eating
Class Ktyle.
acres was burned over, represent­ which had been mined up to tho I
United States iflr this year will ag­ potatoes that the sailors amused
Kepeivations at Fnhimnn’s Phar­
ing a loss o f 21,351,000 feet, board dote of tha year 1871
gregate 600,000 tons, or an in-^ themselves by throwing to it.
Str. E l i z a b e t h
at hom e when
the City Bakerv lurnishes highest I n the C ircuit C ourt of the S tate
quality fresh every day and at lo w ­
Plaintiff, j
est cost— 3 loaves for roc also i W. H. Schroeder,
cookies and d ou g h n u ts at 10 c per j John Lindebeck and Cora Linde- !• *'.on
dozen. Cakes, pies uind fancy
beck, husband and wife,
I f
Defendants, j u
pastry are con stantly on hand.
Special orders ou request.
To John Lindebeck and Cora Linde­
The C ity Bakery,
beck, husband and wife, the above
W ily bake bread
ONLY 35c
Remember we are still giving a good double
disc grapbopbone record when your cash
purchase amounts to $5.0(1 , by the payment
of 35 cents extra. A good assortment to
select from. A full and complete line of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flou»-, Feed,
Lard, Etc.
Fruit Jars.
See us before buying Economy
Drane's Store
^zs^<s£zszss^i5^mszk7szszys zsszs;
R. E.SHINE, Vise Pres
l. H. HAZARD, Cethler
0. C. SANFORD, Aset. Cashier
T r a n s a c t a a G e n e r a l B a n k i n g H usinea?
Baird of Dtroetsro.
R. O, Dement,
A. *T. Sherwood,
L. Harlocker,
L. H. Hazard,
Isaiah Hacker.
R.E. Shine.
National Bank o Commerce, New Yoik Ci
Orocker Woolworth N’lBank, San Franci
First Nat’l Bank of Tort land, Portland.
O. A . C. Short Courses
Begin Jan. 3, ’ 12, Continue Four Weeks
Every ciiizen o f Oregon is cordially invited to attend the
short courses o f the Oregon Agricultural College, begin­
ning Jan. 3. Eleven distinct courses will be offered in
Agriculture, Mechanic Arts. Domestic Science and Art.
Commerce, Forestry and Music. Every course is de­
signed to HELP the student in his daily work. Make this
a pleasant, profitable winter outing. No tuition. Rea­
sonable accomodations. For beautiful illustrated bulletiu
Address H. M. TENNANT. Registrar, Corvallis, Oregon.
G E T J. H . H I G H T
To build your Flues, Fireplaces and Cement
Work of all kinds. All work guaranteed.
A d d ress B o x 4
Coquille. Oregon