Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, January 26, 1911, Image 2

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Coquille Herald.
— i
A p p licatio n m ad e J a n . 12, 1911, for
e n tr y a t C oquille poetottice as second
class m a tte r , u n d e r a c t of M arch 3,1879.
Knowltcn's White Pine Cough
Syrup will at
J . E . U P D IK E
once relieve it
Work Done in
any finish
Kodak Finishing
a Specialty
Three doors North of Drane’s Store
Coquille, Oregon
All Work Guaranteed
X >oooooooo<>ooooooooooooooc
A Bake Shop Test
I 'JvUfand ylfluuntj
» t o
IL vumi r,f-.
Is m ade ol every m illin g t h a t O lym pic F lour
is m ade of. O ne of th e b est b ake sh o p s a n y ­
w h ere is ru n in co n n ectio n w ith th e m ill th a t
m ak es O lym pic F lo u r. E v e ry b u n ch of flour
th a t goes th ro u g h th e m ill is te s te d . I t h as
to be up to th e h ig h est sta n d a rd - h a s to m ake
th e b est b read possible, else i t d o e s n 't go into
th e O lym pic sacks.
T h a t is th e reaso n y o u r bakings of bread,
b ise n it an d p a s try are alw ays u n ifo rm ly good
w hen you use O lym pic.
Y o u r b ak in g s c a n ’t
be expected to be th e sam e alw ay s u n le s s th e
flour is. T h e re in lies t h e b e au ty of using
O lym pic.
Three Vita!
“1 want to give every
persbn not using electric
light th r e e vital reasons
why the General Electric
Mazda Lamp should make
them have their house, store,
office or factory wired.
The G-E Mazda
Lamp gives nearly t h r e e
tim e s the lig h t of the
ordinary carbon incandes­
A great interest is being aroused
in favor of the good roads move­
ment throughout the state.
ple are beginning to realize that
we are away behind tbs times in
this respect and that good, per-
11 » uetit roads will aid more in the
developement ol the rural districts
than perhaps any other factor.
It has even been declared that
good wagon roads are now more
important than railroads; that rail­
roads are of little avail unless wa­
gon roads are built to serve as a
connection between the farms and
the railroad.
There will be serv:ces at 11
o’clock a. m. at the M. E . Church
South, also evening services at the
usual hour.
The literal y program given at
the school house Saturday evening
was a grand success, Notwith­
standing the highwater, the house
contained all that could be seated.
Some thought to avoid the mud bv
going in boats, which was all
right goiug over but before they
returned, a heavy fog had settled
over the water. The consequence
was, on returning, not being able
to see more than ten feet ahead of
them, they lost their bearing, and
must have gone in circles as they
were out more than an hour before
they finally found their way out by
following the edge of the marsh,
and by the aid of tops of fences,
“boating must have been fine on the
lake last night, for after we had got
home and had our icy feet wrapped
in blankets, and were sleeping the
sleep of the just, several of our
neighbois were out on the marsh
boat riding till the first small hours
of the Sabbath day.’’ Moral: It is
better to trust vour feet on old
terra firma.
Liquid hydrogen is by far the
coldest liquid known at the present
At ordinary atmospheric
pressure it boils at -—422 degrees F.,
and reduction of the pressure by
an air pump brings the temperature
down to —432 degrees, at which the-
liquid becomes a solid, resembling
frozen foam. According to Profess
or Dewar, to whom the credit if
due of having liquefied hydrogen ir
1808, the liquid is a colorless, trans
parent body and is the lightest liq­
uid known to exist, its density being
only one-fourteenth that of water.
The lightest liquid previously known
wns liquid marsh gas, which is six
times heavier. The only solid which
has so small density as to float upon
its surface is a piece of pith wood.—
Cassier’s Magazine.
It costs n o m o r e to burn.
The q u a lity of light 1 vastly superior—a clear
white light like sun rays."
"The General Electric M azda Lamp represents the
high-mark in the evolution of incandescent electric lighting.
It blends inventive triumph and manufacturing skill— and
y o u reap the benefit in the form cf dollars and cents, and
freedom from ey e r.* 'ain w hen using artificial light.”
"I want the chance to p r o v e to y o u r entire satisfaction
that this wonderful lamp is even b e t t e r than represented.
Com e in today ind see for y o u r s e l f . Your call places
you under no obligation, and is apt to be decidedly to
y o u r profit."
Be careful to see that every electric lamp you buy bears
the G . E . monogram.
Cofjiiille liiviT Electric Co.
GRAVEL .....................................
T h e C o ld e s t K n o w n L iq u id .
^ C Q O U IL.L.E,
Phone, Main 354.
| ______________________ u -------
With the prospect of again bav-
! ing two mills running in the near
future the business prospects for
Coquille are already much brighter.
However, we should not be satis­
fied with securing these business
enterprises alone. Other business
concerns may be secured which will
be as great a benefit to the growth
and development of the city as
those already here if we offer a lit­
tle encouragement and assistance in
getting a start. Now that the hall
has started to roll let everybody
get in and push.
i Knowlton's Drug Store
D e v o te d t o l b . m a t e r i a l s o d so cia l up
M ld in c n f t h e O o q o ill. V alley p a rtic u la rly
a n d o f Oooa C o u n ty g e n e r a lly .
S u u b a o rip tio n . p . r y . a r . t n a d v a n c e . l . W
O P E G O N ><!
T h e C ow ’s V alu e.
I t is e s tim a te d t h a t th e a v e r a g e
y ie ld o f cow s on th e m a jo r ity o f f a rm s
o f t h e c o u n try Is n o t o v e r 70 to 80
p o u n d s of b litte r p e r y e a r. S in ce It
ta k e s fro m $25 t o $30 p e r .y e a r to
k e e p a cow , th e a n im a l t h a t p ro d u c e s
less th a n 100 to 150 p o u n d s o f b u t t e r
a y e a r Is k e p t a t a loss. T h e re a r e
so m e in te r e s tin g p ro b le m s to be ta k e n
In to c o n s id e ra tio n In a tte m p tin g to
fig u re o u t th e v a lu e o f t h e d a iry cow
T h e cow th a t gives 110 p o u n d s of b u t.
t e r f a t is j list tw ic e a s p ro fita b le as
th e cow t h a t g iv e s 105 p o u n d s. If It
ta k e s 100 p o u n d s to pay e x p e n se s.
T h e cow th a t g iv e s 180 p o u n d s of
b u t t e r fat will y ield h e r m a s te r a s
m u ch p rofit as six te e n ro w s w h ich ra n
g iv e a n a v e ra g e o f 105 p o u n d s. T h e se
few fig u re s a r e su ffic ie n t to show th e
th in k in g d a iry m a n th e Im p o rta n c e of
k e e p in g o n ly th o s e a n im a ls w h ich
p r o d u c e a p ro fita b le flow o f m ilk
T h e la r g e r th e flow, o f c o u rse , t h e
la r g e r th e p ro fits w ill be
Oregon Agricultural
Portland, Ore., Jan. 2 !.—The
good roads in Oregon has become Corvallis, Jan. 16 .— The annual
general. All classes are represent-! Farmers Week Course at the Ore­
ed in the demand made upon the gon Agricultural college baa been
legislature for the passage of the set for February 13 to 18 aud the
five Oregon flood Roads Associa­ plans for the work are being rap ­
tion highway bills that have been idly brought to completion. Iu ad ­
pending before it. Farmers are dition to the regular lecture and
the most interested because th ey , demonstration work in fruit grow-
have most to gam. The Oregon * ing, otebard work, marketing,
farmer is, and has been a prisoner soils, drainage, farm management,
on hit farm daring the winter stock raising, home management,
months because the terribly muddy insect and disease pests, butter and
roads that mire an empty wagon cbeese making and kindred sub­
keep him from the market place jects, two special features in the
aud from the treasurers of town. ¡form of dis-ussions and demon­
The streets of Portland, the largest strations on the subjects of good
Oregon town, are trod day by day roads for the state and irrigation iu
by boys from the farm who would the W illamette valley will be ad­
not stay in the mud aud who have ded to the program.
not learned the clerical work of the
A large crops of special lectur­
ers, many ol whom are represen­
Thousands of acres of land are tative men of this state, have been
not producing wealth tor prosperous secured to assist the College ex ­
communities because they cannot perts in carrying on the work.
tie reached over bad roads. In This has made it possible to fill
many instances there are no roads every hour of the day from 8 in the
morning until 10 at night with
at all.
special features.
More than two millions of acres
The work will deal entirely with
of land worth now more than $ 50 ,
vital problems which are claiming
000,000 were given in Oregon for
the attention of the people of Ore­
the making of roads These roads
gon. Those in attendance will be
were uever built- The holders of
urged to bring up for discussion
land grants were not held account­
and demonstration
subjects in
able to their trust. There was no
which they are particularly inter­
ested and which pertain to the pe­
The state-wide good roads move­ culiar problems arising out of their
ment now insists upon system. experience aud which are charac­
Every county is encouraged to teristic of their particular commun­
build its own .ystem of roads The ity. The work will be carried on
highway bills provide state aid. very much in the form of a large
This aid, $‘2o,ooo to each county farmers institute with a special di­
in two years, that raises $ 40 , 000 , is vision giving particular attention
little enough compared to the $ 14 , to the various features of home
000,000 appropriation for state- making and management.
A poultry show, at which the
aided highways iu New York., or
$ 2 , 859,000 in New Jersey, which best fowls in the Northwest will be
is only a fraction of the size of an exhibited, is scheduled for the last
average Oregon county.
day of the session. This feature, iu
The operation of the highway connection with the special wotk
bills as law, the services of the ou good roads and irrigation, will
highway board and commissioner, add greatly to the scope of the
the appropriation generally of$ 680 - work. Indications are that last
000 to help counties build roads, year’s attendance of 400 will be
the convict labor bills, that take more than doubled at this session.
convicts from competition with
free labor and put them at work
crushing rock, the county bond­
ing act which permits counties to
pledge their credit for the construc­
tion of permanent roads—all of
these movements united in a gene­
ral system to establish a good roads
system in every Oregon county
are expected to convince all doubt
ers of the development necessity
and benefit of permanent highway
construction so that when the ques­
tion of increased appropiiation
comes belore the legislature two
jears from now, the largest possible
amount will seem little enough.
E n g in e e r i n g
P r o b le m s In In d ia .
In constructing the power trans­
mission line from the Cauvery falls
to the Kolar gold mines, in Mysore,
India, which was recently complet­
ed, (he American engineers employ­
ed to do the work had to deal with
some uncommon problems. The
line, ninety-two miles long, is car­
ried on lofty poles through the jun­
gle. Here the -depredations of
white ants and wild elephants had
to be prevented. The ants attacked
the poles, and the elephants pulled
at the wires. Iron sockets seven
feet high were found to be effective
against the ants, and after careful
measurements of the highest reach
of the elephants’ trunks the wires
were strung at a safe elevation.
Y a r d * o f D ia m o n d * .
Mrs. Bradley Martin has offended
good form on the other side by
wearing too many jewels. At her
place in the highlands of Scotland
she gave a hall recently, and society
people of the neighborhood were
abundantly in attendance. It is the
almost invariable custom to dress
plainly at country places of that
sort, so most of the women wore
simple muslins, but the hostess re­
ceived in a blaze of brilliants. She
wore all her magnificent pieces, and,
to quote the British paper, she had
“yards of diamond chains.” Criti­
cism of the American hostess has
been general because of what is
called “a very vulgar display.”
T h a B o ilin g H o t P o o ls o f T a k l, In th o
P h ilip p in e s .
T h e c e n tra l o r m ain c r a te r o f T a a l Is
n e a rly round. I ts d ia m e te r on a n a i r line
n o rth an d so u th Is 6,233 fe e t a n d th e
e a st-w e st d ia m e te r 7,546 f e e t
ed g e of th is c r a te r is so m e w h a t Irre g ­
u lar, b u t Is n o w h ere b ro k en th ro u g h ,
Its h ig h e st p o in t sta n d in g a t only 1,060
f e e t ab o v e sea level an d its lo w est a t
426 f e e t
W ith in th e rim a r e tw o h o t pools,
k n o w n resp ec tiv ely a s th e yellow an d
f h e g reen lake, a n d a little a c tiv e cone
ab o v e fifty feet In h eig h t fro m w hich
escap e ste a m a n d su lp h u ro u s g a s in
v ary in g q u an tities.
In th e sm a ller lake ev ery few m in ­
u te s th e w a te r In th e c e n te r Is blow n
u p like a n Im m ense bubble, w h ich , ris ­
in g ab o v e th e su rfa c e , finally b u rsts, re ­
v ealing a black orifice an d cau sin g th e
jo illn g an d v ery tu rb u le n t w a te r to as-
su m e all Im aginable colors. T h e a q u e ­
ous v ap o r escap in g Is sufficient to fo rm
a b road, sm o k elik e colum n w h ich Is
visible especially d u rin g th e n ig h t and
la th e early m orning.
A t som e d istan c e a n d t>efore re a c h ­
in g th e edge of th e c ra te r, w h ere a
v iew of th e b o tto m can be o b tain ed ,
th e ru m b lin g sound produced by th e
escap in g vapor, u n d e r th e Influence o f
th e m y sterio u s su b te rra n e a n forces,
ca n be b eard lik e th a t o f a n Im m ense
boiling kettle.
T h e g re a te s t e ru p tio n o f T a a l took
place In 1754. T h e eru p tio n b eg an on
M ay 13 an d d id n o t end till D ec. 1.
D u rin g th is d re a d fu l tim e th e In ten sity
an d asp e c t o f th e eru p tio n w ere con­
tin u ally ch an g in g , an d th e fo u r p rin c i­
pal to w n s o f th e lagunn o f Bnm bon d is­
a p p e a re d —viz, S ala, L lpa, T a n a u a n
a n d T aal, w ith th e n u m ero u s villag es
a ro u n d th em .—M anila T im es.
P a* t* u r’* R*v*ag*.
In V allery-K adot’s "L ife of P a s te u r"
w e read th e sto ry o f his m isery. I t is
n o th in g to say th a t th e w ar nearly
b ro k e his h eart. Blit tt b ro k e n e ith e r
h is f a ith n o r th e s tra ig h t line o f his
w ork. O nly s s o rt o f ra g e possessed
him to redeem a n d console F ra n c e by
w o rk in g fo r her.
" H e n c e fo rth .” he
sa id , "every one of my books sh a ll
h av e w ritte n on It th ese w ords, ‘R e­
venge, revenge, rev en g e.’ ” A nd th is
w ns bis revenge, to se t th e n am e of
F ra n c e In th e honors list o f science
h ig h er th a n ever, to give th e r e s t o f |
his life to h er serv ice and to w ear him ­
se lf o u t fo r h e r sake.
First the railways, then the bi
cycle and more recently the automo­
bile were each and every one charged
with the duty of introducing the
“horseless age.” When these or
elaughts on the horse tiegan a good
draft horse or a first class saddler
could tie bought for $60 and a good
pair of carriage horses for $160 to
$180. Now the same horses are
worth on the market nearly twice
aa much. This does not look as II
the age will soon become horseless
—Farm and Ranch.
R e p o rter S enator, If I m ista k e not,
y o u r n am e h as been m en tio n ed o n ce or
tw ic e In connection w ith th e prexl
S e n a to r L o tsm u n —W hy, y es; a Lon
don Jo u rn al, I believe, en ce re m a rk e d
th a t If th e office o f p re sid e n t o f th e
U n ited S ta te s w as fo r sa le 1 w ould
p ro b ab ly buy It.—C hicago T rib u n e.
W a ll G u a rd e d .
“W u i yew g u ard ed In y o re co n d u ct
w h ile yew w u i In teo w n , son 7 ' a sk ed
*>e old m an.
•‘S hore th in g , d ad .” rdplted th e boy.
"I w u i g u ard ed by tw o p erlleem en
m o st u v Eh’ ttm #.‘‘—C hicago News.
W . C. L A IR D
K( >Ii
10 acre tract all cleared, suitable $3500.00.
for orchard and nice home located
40-acre ranch, all itiv. rnvep Nice
about one mile from Coquille. house anil good bam. lu te <>*■
Price $1000.00.
chard. Located on the Coquille
7 acres. About 4 acres of bot­ river. This is one ot the best bar­
tom land nil in cultivation. House, gains to be bad in Co -a countv.
etc. Located about J mile from Price $ 4 , 000 . 00 .
business part of Coquille. Price
160 acres tin ber land, estimated
$1800.00. Terms.
cruise 8 milli u feet of ti and ce­
l60-acre ranch. About 25 acres dar. Price $1500.00
bottom land, mostly iu cultivation.
House nod lot, a good buy for
House and barn and good orchard. $400.00.
Price $2,500,00. Terms on part.
2 lots and a uice new bungalow,
80 acre farm. Nice house and just finished for $160000.
good barn.
Located on county
320 acre dairy farm, mostly all
road. Price $6500.00.
bottom land, with house, dairy
10 acres with new bouse and
barn and creamery for the farm.
about one hundred nice young fruit
Located near the Coquille River on
trees, two years old.
county road. Price per acre $75.00
near Coquille. Price $1600.00
160 acres. 40 or more acres hot-
We have all kinds of property,
tom land. 20 acres in cultivation.
city, small acreage and large farms
80 acres in pasture. Good or­
chard. Good house and two barns. Also timber lands. Correspon-
15 or 20 tons gram hay. Price | donee solicited
P A C I F I C R E A L E S T A T E GO.,
0= 000 <
Sails from Ainsworth Dock. Portland,
at 8 P. M., every Tuesday. Sails from
Coos Bay every Saturday at service of
tide. Reservations will not be held
later than Friday noon, unless tickets
are purchased.
Phone Main 181
p iO N E E R M EfIT M A IftE T
We Carry
Fresh and Salt Meats.
We are headquarters for everything'in the meat line.
wants always receives prompt attention.
A f t e r a F a s h io n .
T h e H o r s e S till In D e m a n d .
a fyPiony ^howi^n^ ofi new- djjfled in
ea^jyetb a n d
thib week. e t-
eejytionat valued a n d odd styles
th a t fiuffhten ujy the home.
in a n d took — whe\e you ean Say now ,
a n d ft&y & tittle now a n d then.
D O N ’T B T J I L D
Until you see us.
We can save you money
Ostrander & Gee
Estimates furnished. Job work of all kinds done with
neatness and dispatch.