Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, July 13, 1910, Image 2

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    Coquille Jerald.
Local advertisement* among lo »1
reading five cent* per lino each inser­
tion. Cards c i thank« 50 cents each.
Obituary poetry five cents per line.
Resolutions oi Condolence and lodge
advertising five cents per line.
Late Patterns in cretonne and
gilkoline at Robinson's store.
J is Walstroui, of Bandon, made
our office a pleasant call while in
town yesterdav with E. S. Micbel-
seti, of San Francisco.
Gentlemen, Remember we carry
W . H Hunt, of Bandon, was iu
up to date suits, Robinson's store. town ou Saturday.
Ripe and green olives in bulk
Chris Long, of Bandon, was in
at Robinson’s store.
Coquille yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Magill, who
J. D. Saunders sod family arrived
have spent the past few months in ' here from Kennewick, Washington,
this section, start'd for their home Monday. Mr. Saunders is delighted
in Eden valley M m Jay. Mr. Mn-i with the appearance of this country
gdl took out some machinery for! aud will locate as soon ns he can
fiud a place to suit him.
James Mutheny, of Myrtle Point
was a Coquille vistor on Saturday.
S a le .G o o d
Farmern am! Merclinnts Bank
13 1910.
of Evland A
nf Otsiullle. « t Oixiuille in tlie State of < Ire-
soll, at tlie ckxw ot IraaineJS, June ¡10, 1!U0.
Honda, Hoouritioa. e in ................
Knnking houwi. (urnitnre nml
Notice le hereby given, that tho un­
dersigned, Guardian of ihe above mim­
llue froln Lanka (not reeerve Sank*)
l OB ed minor Alfred L. 0*1», under and pur-
One fiom approvud reaerve hauka 32,933 24 euunt to an order of the County C ourt
Ctiouks anil other oaah items
M i 55 0| «»id Coos County, Oregon, made and
Casti unhand.........................
7,160 06 entered in the prohate journal of said
126 66 1,
A d i anee Rents...................
Court on the 8th day of July, A. I*.
Total - - - - -
» V l » 10' authorizing and empowering the
said undersigned guardian to sell at pri-
| f
*.>r linft nn v«kt“ mil**, lor cash in hand, ton per cent
tixlnrea ......................................
6, WB l>7
J unes Wbelstone who has been
Robinson Store ban received a new
line of Ladies skirts.
filer at the Gardiner mills for some
months, is visiting his family and
The steamer Elizabeth arrived in
I friends in this city for a few days.
M o n e y Should S t a y In O regon
Teachers Wunted to teach in!
Ladies you can still finde dusters, the Coquille on Sunday at 2 p. m ,
For a Self computing cheese cut- Dis. No. 3, of Arago.
at Robinsons Store.
br ugiiig freight and passengers
The one sure way lo upbuild the j * « . po to H. O. Anderson's Second
C. E. Bchroeder Dit, Clerk,
J. W. Mast, Bandon’s new mayor,
State oi Oregon, said Mr. Milton E Ham* Store.
L. Cochran, proprietor o f the O. Favorite for a short time, informs | was a Coquille visitor '.lie last of
Kahu, Special Representative of
Miss Zella Richey, of near Des
Capital st.K-k paid m .................. ®»
Undivided profits..........................
Otegrn Life Insurance Co., is to M o i n e s , Iowa, passed through town K Barber shop, went to San Fran­ us that K D. Gorham, who has' the week
Individual deposits subject
purchase en every possible occasion Monday enroute to Bandon. She cisco by the last Fifield to be with been under the weather fi r some time
Mrs Mary Smith, o: Bandon, vis-
(Jheok.......................... 70,raw
Oregon made goods whether it is
1 his wife who went down some has been at his home latlv, is im-1 ¡te(j her s o n , L H. Smith and family, Demand certificates of deposit...
life insurance, woolen goods or was met here by a 1 rtend, Mrs. Lit*
, weeks ago to enter a hospital for I s)q.*.]y W e hope to see the old gen- of this city sevral days last week Havings dcp mitx................ 1,850
food products. Sending money to tie, of that place.
In the County Court of the State of Or­
egon for the County of Coos.
In the matter of the Gunrdianthip of
the person* and est Ce of Iterili» M.
blacksmith’s Loans aud dtsoiiunts..................ftu.lOo .17
Ogle nnd Alfred I . Ogle, Minors.
Fur specifications call on C. E
Scbroeder Dis. Clerk.
Report of tho condition of
))( w h ic h
***' *•»
p aid
. .
tll„ tilIle uf
und balance at the „m e of eonhrmation
75 of •**•» all the right, title u .«1 interest
8.5)08 45 of slid minor in and to the following
.87 described real property, to-wit:
-------- | The undivided one-half interest in
returning Saturday-
T o t a l ........................... |102,850 0*2 j an,j t0 the North-easi quarter of Section
thirty-two (32) in T »u nship Twenty-
Bishop Head ding, of the Episco­ S tate of O regon , C ounty of C oon — bh :
I, U. H. Mask, cashier of the above
i five (25) South of Range ten we-t of the
pal church, is expected here in a few
named hank, do solemnly swear that the above
Willamette Meiidtan, in Coos County,
statement is true, to the best of my knowledge
R. H . M aht , Cashier.
Miss Vera Nelson and Miss Anna and belief.
Thnt under and pursuant lo said Or­
Subscribed ami sworn to be-
Leneve, of Bandon, visitied the for­
5 fore me this «2d «lay of July, der ol sale the undersigned will on and
( 1910.
after the 18th day of August, A. I). 1210,
mer’s sister, Mrs. George Lorenz,
J ames W atson ,
________ j
County Clerk. offer for sale to the highest bidder for
of this city, several days lately, re
cash in hand, ten per cent to he paid at
C orrect Attest:
turning Saturday.
R . H. K nowlton 1 Directors.
time of sale; balance at time nf confirm-
(J ko . A . R obinson I
ation of sale, all of the right, title ami
Mrs. Alva Lee. of Myrtle Point,
interest of said minor in and to raid
went to the Bay yesterday to con
Report of the Condition of
real properly above described. Offer
suit physicians.
for the purchase of said real property
will be received at the office of ihe un­
F or S ale
At CnquUle, in the State of Oregon, nt the dersigned Guardian or residence at Two
Cheap work mare H A. Todd clone o f buxines. June ¡11, 1310 .
Harbors, Minnesota, or at the law oltice
of John T. Long, at Roseburg, Oregon,
; Arago, phone 5 7
Loans and disc units...................... 574,442 55 i>n and after the 18th day uf August, A.
Ove rdrnftx. secured and unsecured
¡11 27 D. 1910.
U . S. bonds to secure circulation... 12,500 00
Bonds, securities, ete..................... 72,224 24
Guardian of said Alfred I.. Ogle.
the Eastern states for life insurance
Save your table Linen by ue< ing trea,ment
| Ueman out agaiu soon
has been a steady drain on the silence cloth, 58 in. wide 50c yd a
Miss A vis Hunt, who formetly
Have you got s Pair of those New
finaces ol this state, but this flow of Robinson’s Store.
lived at Bandon, died in Tacoma, shoes at Robinsons Store.
money to Wall Street has been chec
School Dis. No. 3, of Arago, Coos j Wash., June cist. She was the
The Ftefield anchored in our
People are realizing all over
receive sealed bids for painting youugest daughter o f S. N. B. smooth harbor Saturday night, and
the State that it is the best business
policy to purchase life insurance in the School House and out buildings. Hunt, who is a mother lo Hrray early Symday morning landed the
a company that confines its opera­ Bids to be poened July 27th, 1910. and Robert Hunt o f this place.—
saw mill machinery and engine for
tions to the State of Oregon and in­ Board of direotors reserve the right Bandon-Recorder,
the new mill on Elk river, which
vests every dollor of its assets in to reject any or all bids.
Farmers Union’ meets at Coquille will be sawing by August first.—
For Sale— Good high pressure
the 2nd and 4 th St turdays of each Port Orford Tribune.
Oregon Life at the present time is donkey boiler, ten or twelve horse­
month at 1, 30 p. ra.
the holder o f a number of Coos power. S. H. McAdams.
Take Ease and cumfort in a pair
Mrs. Mathers and son David, of Robinson’s new shoes.
county securities and will, in all
C- A. Smith, the Minneapolis
probability invest further in the
lumberman, arrived in Marshfield who have been visiting in California
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Monmaw
same class of securities. Loyal Ore­
for several weeks, returned to theit
started for Portland, going to Myrtle
gonians are realizing that they can Saturday and be there enjoying
not build up the State ol Oregon bv Coos county’s fine summer weather home near Riverton recently. They Point the last ol the week to visit a
sending their money east to New till the new mill of the C. A. Smith were accompanied home by Mrs. few days. Mr. Moomaw goes to
York, or to Pennsylvania, or to mill at Eastside is started up.
Barrett, o f San Francisco, their
improve some property which he
New Jersey.
daughter and sister, who will be
For Sale— a new second hand
purchased some time since, and will
The best business men of the state
bicjcle for sale at half price or trade with them some days. W hile on be absent for about 3 months.
are giving their home company the
on a buggy.
Inquire at this office. this trip Mrs. Mathers saw some ol
preference whenever they puechase
New line Sweaters, Gents Ladies
Allen McLoud, supcrntendent of her relatives she had not seen for 27 A childrens Robinsons Store.
life insurance aud for that reason
Oregon Life wrote more lile insur­ the county poor farm, came in this years.
H. D. Wagnon, of Portland, a re­
ance in the year 1909 than any m im ing and brought with him a
F or S a l e . — Registered Birkseire
other company in the state. Mr sample of oats whi -h grow on the pigs both sex. W rite or come and presentative of the Mutual Fire In ­
surance Co., was in town Satur­
Kahn will stay in this community farm. The stalks stand full seven
b .
J. C. Watson.
some few days in the interests o f his feet high and have very lurge and
day. He had been to Lakeside to
Coquille. Ore.
fully devclloped heads of grain
adjust a loss and came over to Co­
E. E. Johnson went to Roseburg
The shoes for woodsmen; Tozier’s
quille to further acquaint himself
Albert Johnson, the soda watei
— S. F. Shoes. The gloves for wear by automobile to meet his parents, with this part ot the state.
man, is looking for a large and one
Logger Fear Gloves. E. L. Tozier. Mr: and Mrs. Alfred Johnson, who
Gentlemen look at our new stock
of the best cider presses made, and
Two good homesteads to he had were returning from Oakland, Cal­ of hats just in Robinsons Store.
is preparing to do a big cider busi­
ifornia, where Mrs. Johnson has
ness when the season comes. T lrs for a small amount paid for the im­
Captain Edgar
Simpson left
bden for Medical treatment. She
is a good move aud one which all
Tuesdiy for San Francisco with the
is somewhat improved, and ,-tood
who have apple trees should make them for $16. apiece. There are
tug Columbia. She will be over­
the trip in from Roseburg very well,
a note of. There are hundreds of buildings ou each. For informa­
hauled and put in shape to pass in­
considering the road whice is very
bushels of apples which go to waste tion inquire of T. J . Thrift, Coquille,
spection. The tug Gleaner from
rough iu places; in lact, so much
here each season thnt should he util­ Oregon.
Umpqua river is now doing the bar
so that a forward spring on the ma
T tz ie r ’s
L o gger
ized for cider and vinegar, and Mr.
to ving here. Marshfield Sun
chine was broken. However, much
Jonson should be given proper en­ Shoes have won popularity with the
When looking for fine table linen
woods boys. E. L . Tozier maker, work is being done on that road,
couragement in this enterprise.
particularly so on the Coos county and silence cloth Remember Robin­
sons Store.
M . E C hurch S ou th ,
While passing near
the big end.
Otto Muetzel who is blacksmith-
For a job of first-class Mending,
Sunday morning the Pastor will schooner Advance one Jay last week
use as hiH theme "T h e Social needs tho steamer Dispatch swung under Dying or Cleaning, or a Dew suit ing at Cody’s camp, celebrated the
of the chrch.” At night the subject her bow, her anchor caught in one tailored, call on K. Holvetson, at 4th at Lakeside with his parents
the rear of the Pharmacy building. and friends, passed through town
will be ‘‘ To whom shall we g o .”
You are cordially invited to meet of the windows of her lower cabin
Capt. and Mrs. T. D. White, of Friday on his return
He had with
with us. A warm welcome awaits and literally tore its way out, tak­
Bandon, returned yesterday from a him a catch o f about 40 trout which
ing everything in its way.
y ou.
sojourn ot several weeks at Port­ he secured at the lake
They were
land where they had visited funds. beauties being about 16 inches in
The Capt was out at the hot springs length
a portion ol the time.
Am ong!
Sharp’ <••-8 cream separator- first
those whom they visited were Mr. class « " i k guarantied
II. O. And­
and Mrs. Fred Webber, former erson'- Second Hand St"! e.
Coos county rtsidents
They ted
Mesdimes Richmond and Rar-
I os Mr, Webber is well while Mrs.
ker, of thi ciiy, were pa-sengers to
| Webber has stiff« red a stioko of the Bay by Satuidav’s afternoon
paralysis, and is almost entirelv
They went to see their
gia’ulmother, Mr». Tourtillott, of
Price 25 to 30 p-r ceot lower I an San Jose, California, who is expect­
traveling optitiaus,
ed up to see their father, Mr Gould,
V. 1!. Wilson Opt. Dr.
¡•■I Coos river, and family. The old
Coquille, Ore
|laly will be over to ree thtm later.
G. T. Robinson, o f the Fi-li *1’ I For Ren'— V newly finished 7
F o r P o lic y h o ld e r s
At l)r. Richmond’s office the 24th
and 25th of each month.
Dou’ t
forget the date
Fresh Milk
and Cream
Delivered anywhere in
town by the month or on
special orders.
(jeorge Lorenz
Notice is hereby given that the under­
signed, executor of the Estate of Flora
K. Skelly, deceased, has filed his dual
account in the office of the County Clerk
of Coos County, Oregon, in the matter
of said Estate, and the County Court
has named Monday, the 15th day of
August, A. P. 1910. as the day and the
Court room at the Court House in Co­
quille, Coos County, Oregon, as the place
(or hearing objections to said final ac­
count and for the settlement of said
Dated this 13th day of July, A. D.
1010 .
Is the O N L Y Consideration in
T h e P o lic y h o ld e r s ’ C o m p a n y
T h a t ’s w h y d i s c r i m i n a t i n g
buyers o f Sire in s u ra n c e give
Q regonlife preference.
T h at’s w h y no other life insur­
ance c o m p an y did so large a
business in O re g o n in 1 9 0 9 as
section, came into our ofliee on ihe room house within 2 blocks o! post-
7th o f this month (July,) and ha d office. See J. E Quick.
ed us several samples of apples from
j H. H. Brownson, of Bridge, was
his place, some of this yeat’s growth
down the last o f the week to see
and some o f last year’s. While
his son in law and daughter, Mr.
those of last year’s crop had nut
and Mrs. Ohas. W. H ill, before
been kept in the kind ol a place
their departure for Portland. They
they shoo'd have, they were still in
went to accompany Miss Hooton,
a very good sia;e of preservation
also of Bridge, to one of the hot
and treated very nicely and would
spring« health resorts near Pottland,
have been fine cooked, while the
the young lady leiu g a great suf­
j q,ew ones were ripe and delicious,
ferer from rheumatism. Her many
I being of two varieties, the early
friends will hope for her speedy re­
Transparent and read variety re
sembling the Red June to an extent
A F Estnbro k C<*. of Bandon
but somewhat earlier according to
i Mr. Robinsons figures. The yellow aro in the market for large quantities
Transparent was large and fully de­ of Port O 'ford Cedar telephone
veloped and without a blimisb. Thus polis. Rest prices piid. Full par­
| it can be plainly seen .hat all is re­ ticulars nt office in B indoli.
J H JoHNsrox.
quired to furnish this section with or write.
I delicious fresh fruit the year round
is to plant the proper varieties in
j sufficient qu,mint s an I give ihe
trees the necessary attention.
T h at’s w h y in 1 9 1 0 O fCKQIlIift
is surpassing m onth b y m onth
I f you love Art, hut thick you
its m agnificent record o f last | h ive no taltDt, rail on Mm. „.aud
i McDonald, ou« block east of the
northeast corner of the Court house
Qregonlife, the only life in suran ce
co m p a n y exclusively O regon .
and talk it o fer
S! « gives lessons
in china painting, water-color» and
oil, at 5<> cents for three hours.
• • • - *
4 l i a * „ t o r l » , t , 's »'.«,,»1 , I t e m « «1» ,:.«•
Horn« Office, Corbett Bldg., Fifth and Morrison, Portland
A. L Mills L Samuel Milton F. Kahn
la in '» 4' itiv- i I 't 'i i il.
o .iv » i i lie ••
cured u tn a »hntr nme
recommend it
liiiscti'.s ltw .ll"
.vlu u
once .«ml
I a view
> ,«p xlnn ily
f or «ale |>, N t(.
Due from National Banks (not re-
serve agents)
............................ 1,181 53
lin e from State nnd private Hanks
and Bankers, Trust Campauies
10.570 75
and Savings R ank s........
Due from a* »proved reserve a;jrents. 92,115 54
4.017 07
( 'hecks ami other cash items.
890 00
Notes of "tlier National Banka —
For the establishment ami alteration
of grades ami for the improvement and
repair of streets, prescribing the meth­
Demand certificates of de|s>sit....... 10,106 02 od of procedure ami for remonstrances
and defining term- used ; providing for
. .*341,105 11 the levy ami collection ot assessments
to defray the cost and expenses thereof
the method, amounts, and procedure
State o f Oregon, )
thereof, and the creation of liens and
County o f Coos, i *
I, L . H . Hazard. Cashier o f the above sale of property therelor.
T H IR D .
named bank, do solem nly swear that the
above statement is true to the best o f iny
For the construction, maintenance
knowledge and belief.
L . I I . Hazard,
and repair of eidewa ks ami establish­
( ’ashier. ing the grades there >f; prescribing the
method of procedure and for remon­
C orrect — Attest:
strances and providing f *» the levy and
collection of aa^es-oneii:.** to defray the
L . H ablockeu
I. H acker
eost and expenses th-not. the creation
A . J. S herwooi
uf liens and ‘ ale of prop» rtv tier, lor;
tor the condom tuition «»! |i\»pi*rtv tor
rowers and the const»netion, mainte­
Subscribed and sworn to bo
nance nnd r-'ia r t l i e i e a n t 1«» the
in« this 1st day o
b vy and roll»-« »ion o' as ••moment* to de­
July. I » l).
S kal
J. S. P ar t , n ,
fray the cos mi d i xpeiuiH the e f; the
Notary Public creation of liens an i the .-a e ot property
The Golden Rule
The best quality of goods at the lowest
price is always to be had at this store.
Help us to make this the kind of a store
Spurgeon Street and Extension Thereof.
C. H . C le a v e s
allow r-r
For res see B6 no nt ami for Mtft and
For the repeal of iction« >no 1 » lif-
teen inclusive, of Article V a t I ail of
| Articles V II, V III and IX o: an act
'enacted b> the ive \ .4 mli'y of
the M «te of Oregon, en it f t
\i Ac.
to incorporate the City of C^njunle, and
to piov.dea charter tbereh r, an . to re­
peal an act entitled ‘ An Act to incor­
porate the town of ( oquillc City,
Coos County, Oregon,* filed in the ofliee
of the Secretary of rtate, February 19,
1891” approved February 20th, 1901,
and to repeal all acts and parts ot acts
amendatory of the Sections or Articles
above named or any portion thereof.
Voting polls at City Hail.
Dated this 15th day of June, A.D. 1910.
A. W. K E LLE Y,
City Recorder.
you want.
and are now located in the First National Bank Building and will be pleased
to meet you and quote prices.
Due to State and Private Banks
ami Bankers.................................... 1,873 30
Individual deposits subject to check 226,423 07
Flour, Feed, Fancy and Staple Groceries
National Bank notes outstanding.. 12,500 00
We take pleasure in announcing to you that we have received our stock of
We will
Q U IL L E .
Notice is hereby given that a special
election of the qualified voters of the
City <>i Coquille, C hop County, Suite of
Fractional pMpor currency, i,i kola
i Oregon, will be hel i in mid city on the
lot 90
and cents
18th day of July, A. D. 1910, between
Lawful money reserve in bank, viz:
the hours of 8 o'clock A. M. and 5 o’clock
Specie .................... $25,743 8»
p. ni. of »«hi dav, for the p irpose of
Legal-tender notes.
120 00 25.108 85 voting upon a measure amending the
Redemption fund with IJ. S. Treas­
charter ot the City of C< «piide and pro­
urer (5 perceut of circulation)
Ö25 00 viding, anion« other things, in brief:
T o t a l................................
W4I.M B 11
For the condom nation of property for
streets, alleys, and other highways, the
Capital stock paid i ll.. . .
■ .$50,000 Ik)
method of procedure thereof, the pay­
Surplus F u n d ................................. 5,000 00 ment of compensation therefor and for
Undivided profits, less expenses and
for a
appeal therefrom, and providing
taxes paid....................................
3,21)0 65 record of Citv Surveys.
H c » f «»,, ih i* V la r le e t .
“ I have
used Chamber I un’.*
Cough Remedy and hnd it t. l»e
the best on the market.’’ »ava E W.
Tardv. editor of in • S, n inel,
G. in» huh , I ci. i.
< >ur lnl>> li„d
-evnal cold* the p i t •» ;|U» and
Banking house, furniture and fix­
tures ..............................................¡16,461 35
Notice in hereby given that the Com­
mon Council has duly declared it-< in­
tention to establish the grade ol Spur­
geon Street and the extension of Spur­
geon Street in the City of Coquille, Coos
County, Oregon, which intention h on
tile in the office of the City Recorder
and is hereby referred to as a pa it ol
this notice.
Said proposed grade is as n llows:
Commencing at the east en I *• said
Spurgeon »Street and in tin* ‘‘inter
thereof at an elevation of 39.0 feet at »ove
mean low tide as fixed by the U'.itel
»States bench mark in the north«eet cor­
ner of I lock 29 of Elliott’s additi * i to
Coquille City. C( k s County, Oregon. f°r
the s'ibgraile ol said Spttrg' on Stiei t;
thence we terly along the center line of
said street with a plus (».875 he* per 100
feet to an elevation of 52.75 feet at sta­
tion 2 established by the City Engineer;
thence westerly with a pin- 4.375 feet
per 100 feet to Station 2 pin - 40 to an el­
evation of 54.» feet; thnee westerlv with
a minus 0.973 feet per 100 feet to staiion
3 to an elevation ot 53.910 'eet: thence
with a minus 2.04 feet to Sint ion 0 to an
elevation of 40.0 feet ;thenee with a minus
1.0 feet per 100 feet to Scat on 7 to an el­
evation of 45.0 feet; thence with a plus
0.333 feet per 100 feet to Station 10 to an
elevation of 40.00 feet; the ce with *
minus 0.5 feet to Station 13 to an ele­
vation of 44.5 feet. The true gra le **hall
be one f<H>t al»ove subg’-adc as above
given. The curb grade slm’l b » at »he
same elevation as the renter "f the
Street, and gutters on either eide of the
street am! on street side of <*i !°wa K
shall be one foot below true grade .
Common Council will meet, at < ,,i
o’clock p. tn. <»n tb 29.h d aro
I). 1910, in the council chain »er for tne
purpose of hearing object i ns to sal
proposed establishment of said grade,
Dated July 13th. 1910.
A. W . K E LLE Y.
City Recorder.