Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, November 10, 1909, Image 2

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    Coquille Herald,
John Preuss Dead.
drowning at
V/11 O f l L L
All dairymen should attend the
On Friday J. M. Blake tele-
B y j y f L eneve , Cogtui.LE, O r .
from San Francisco to meeting here tomorrow.
the bay that John Preuss, the
There will be a social dance at
Four citv lots, for residence.
local advertisem ents among local!
well-known Marshfield druggist, Nosler's Hall on Saturday night. The best buy in the city.
re ling five cents per line each inser- Binger Hermann, Jr., Loses His had passed away. Mr. Preuss had Good floor, good music, good time., 6o acres river bottom land, no
lion. Cards ci thanks 50 cents each.
O bituary poetry five cents per line.
Life in an Attempt at CrOS
Mr. and Mrs A. H. Koseboom «nprovements. on county road and
! been in declining health for several
Resolutions of Condolence and lodge
.. _ .
Price $65.00 per acre.
j years, and while his passing was no arrived in Coquille Monday from railroad.
advertising five cents per line.
,n9 1"® South FOfK-
115 acre farm, 4 miles Irom Co­
! surprise, it was a great shock to his Minnesota, and are looking our city
quille, on county road.
numerous friends throughout the over.
barn and other outbuildings, good
K illed on R iver Craft.
Word has reached us of the sad
county, endeared to him through
E. L. Spalding is back from a orchard. Price $6250.00. $2000 00
drowning of Binger Hermann, son
bis sterling worth as a business trip to bis ranch below Baudon, cash, balance on easy terms.
Ernest Cutlip, a well-known Coos
of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Hermann,
36 acres all bottom land. 10 or
man and neighbor.
buy young man, was killed in an ac­
where be put in a day or so caring
who live a few miles above Myrtle
more acres in cultivation, balance
The deceased was born in Ger­ for his crop.
rid out on the steamer Oshkosh on Point on the South Fork, which, we
easily cleared; barn only. Price
many, and came to America when
Ihj Columbia riter yesterday, ac-
Oliver Wilson, the Front Street $4000.00
understand occurred while he was
young. He came west, arriving at
co ding to word received by his
180 acre farm, all bottom land,
grocer, has moved from the rooms
atteiupting to cross that stream at
Coos bay in 1883 , since when be
father, Mark Cutlip this morning.
above his store to the Fetter cottage too or more acres cleared. Fin?
the Hartley ford on horseback.
worked for others for a time, but
No particulars were given in the
house and barn, all necessary farm­
near the school home.
There was no witness to the acci­
ing tools, 35 dairy cows. Price per j
eventually acquired a business of
message and up to a late hour to­
dent, but bis horse which succeeded
"Capt.” John Grandy, one of the ocie $112.00
his own.
day the father and relatives had
in gaining the shore was found near
80 acres, 35 acres bottom land, to
Mr. Preuss was twice married, early navigators of Beaver Slough,
been unable to obtain any de­
by, and his hat also was found
acres in cultivation, house and barn,
the first wife being a daughter of was in town yesterday and sttook
tailed information. It is presumed
5 millions feet fiue timber. J mile
drifting onto the hank not far from
the late C. H. Merchant, she pass­ bauds with old friends.
th tt be must have been caught in
from railroad. Price $7500.00. The
the ford, which are mute witnesses
Mr. and Mrs. Price Robinson, of timber is worth more than the price
ing over in 1894 , and the latter,
the machinery.
to the tragic death of the young
Miss Agnes Gibbs, who survives Norway, and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis asked.
Mr. Cutlip left here on the Osh­
It was Sunday night, or
10 acres, all bottom, in cultivation,
him, as well as three children by Strong, ol Myrtle Point, returned
kosh about three weeks ago, going
rather, Monday morning about 1
bis first mairiage, and his aged Monday from attendance at the on Coquille river, J mile from Co­
as assistant engineer on the craft
o’clock when he was drowned, but
quille. House and barn.— $2500.
mother who lives in Marshfield and Grange at Bandon
which had just been completed
it was not learned until that even­
General merchandise business
Mrs. Love, ot Riverton, was
three brothers and one sister.
here for the Columbia river and
with large trade— no opposition.
ing he was missing, and a number
The body will be brought to the operated upon by Drs. Richmond, One of the best opportunities in
Tillamook run.
of men are now searching for the
bay for interment which will prob­ of this city, and Horsfall, of Marsh­ southern Oregon for anyone want­
He was born and raised near the
ably take place the latter part of field, one day last week at the ing to go into the mercantile busi­
bay and for several years had been
The deceased was a native son of
Marshfield General Hospital.
the week.
running bis father's gasoline boat
Coos county, 26 years, 7 months and
----------- — ««»«-- -
50-acre farm, J mile river front­
and working on other crafts around
days old at the time of his death,
age, 30 acres bottom land— mostly
Shoes have won popularity with the
the bay.
in cultivation. 20 acres low bench
and was unmarried. His parents
woods boys. E. L. Tozier maker,
The deceased was twenty-one
cleared aud. in grass. Goofi orchard,
and several brothers and sisters are
also 30 young fruit trees; 6 room
years old last April. Besides his
left to mourn his sad and untimely who recently moved up to this place
Miss Kiltie Crewe, chief telephone house, nearly new
Good dairy
father, he is survived by three sis
taking ofl. They have the sincere
operator at Bandon, visited her barn and dairy house.
ters, Mrs. Louis Wirth, Mrs. John
sympathy of all in their bereave- the blacksmith shop in the W. C. ather and mother, Mr. and Mrs. wagon, mower, rake, plows and
Krick and Miss Minnie Cutlip, all ment.
Rose building on Second street and
harrow. Price $8000. Terms.
F. T. Crewe, of this cky, the first
residents of the bay.
A brother.
are now ready for business.
160 acres of land,, abogt 15 acres
of the w’eek, and yesterday extend bottom, balance hill. Very little
Lloyd Cutlip, is attending Philo
The junior Mr. Cox is the me­
ed her visit to the bay.
cleared; fairly good house, quarter
math college.
chanic of the firm and is well known
The shoes tor woodsmen; Tozier’B of a mile from school. Price, $ 900 .
The body will be shipped here for Song by Society, Tenting Tonight. on the upper river, having worked
“ Weakly Howl” Vol. 1 No. 1, by
— S. F. Shoes. The gloves for wear
120 acres timber land— about 4
burial.— Coos Bay Times.
at Myrtle Point where he gained a Logger Fear Gloves. E. L. Tozier.
million feet of cedar and fir— | ce­
the editor.
Mr. Cutlip was a grandson of Humorous Reading, Irwin Custer. reputation as a horseshoer in par­
A dairymen’s meeting will be dar, quarter mile from river. Per
ticular, and also that of an alround
acre $20.
our townsman, B. H. Haskin.
Solo, Professor Anderson.
workman who spares no pains to held in the M. W. A. Hall in this
Lot 50 x 100 . Front Street, Co­
Debate, "Resolved: That the Chi­
The object quille. A bargain if sold soon.
please his customers.
Mr. Cox city, November n th .
Fortunately future explorers will
nese exclusion act should ex­
will be assisted by H. H. Grinnold, of this meeting is to improve the
have cartoons of the North Pole by
tend to the Japanese.”
a late arrival from Cornelius, a dairying industry of this section.
We have both new and second
which to recognize it.
valley town near,Portland, who is The meeting opens at io o’clock hand in the following lines, dressers,
Eva Sugg
Jessie Sweet
Every dairyman is wel­ commodes, iron and wood beds, bed
Twenty more boxes of skins from
a good mechanic, htving worked at sharp.
Alta Stanley
Nina Kelly
springs, mnttressts, floor matting,
Africa marked “ T. R .” and not the
that trade for many years. Wagon
sewing mnebinps, in fact almost
hide of a single trust in the lot.
and all farm work will receive
everything ueeilod for the house or
Song by Society, In tne Shade ol
of comforts and blankets to choose camp. Come and look through,
prompt attention.
the Old Apple Tree.
The Eskimo name for Peary
from. Give us a call, our prices you will be surprised at the great
Reading, William G. Barrow.
Pe-uk, which must be all right,
variety of articles to be found in
are tight.
Mr. Cecil K. Lyans.
our store. C. M. Goodman k Co
it sounds so much like peanut.
Frank Kimbell inflicted a severe
Instrumental Solo, Eula M. Price.
Next Sunday morning the pastor
It is rumored that the “To Let” Debate, “ Resolved: That the prison will preach on “Solace for Weary cut in his left toot while working at
one ol the Smith-Powers camps on
sign will soon be displayed from
system of the United States Reapers.”
At night the subject
Cunningham Monday shortly after
the front door of the King's palace
should be revised so as to be will be “ Zacchaeus.”
o’clock. He was brought to
at Athens.
reformatory rather than puni­ music at both services ot the day.
town immediately by tbe locomotive
You are always welcome here.
and Dr. Richmond dressed the in­
I f China starts a lottery system, Affirmative
He is improving rapidly.
it may be very hard to tell whether Harriett Sweet
Margaret lies Co. the 18 th. Don’t
Hazel Moody
the tailor, has just
a ticket calls for a prize or last Clay Knowlton
May Lund miss them.
of samples of
week’s laundry.
James Haft, of Curry county, was'
Debate won last Wednesday by
suitings. Call and see them and
Dr. Cook is a democrat, so he is
• .« • .
get his prices.
Ed Lasswell, of McKinley, had
not apt to have the North Foie U imh I r o i a f f l i r i r i l i c l a i r la»r C I l Ilal ra*ii
I want to thank tbe gentleman
a n a l ia r a a u ii F o l k s tn w ,
business in town Thursday.
postmastership thrust upon him as
bought the beautiful opal ring
“ We could hardly do without
an administration reward of merit.
A. H. Powers, the lumberman, lost week, also the lady who pur­
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy,’’
As if the prospect of settlement says Mrs. Flora Despain of Bloyd, registered at the Baxter M >nday. chased the elegant back comb and
were not already remote enough, it Ky. "I found it to be so good fo>
J. H Flanagan, the banker, was the gentleman who purchased the
is hinted that Messrs. Peary and croup nnd bave used it for years. a business visitor from Marshfield o n rv lD g set, for their patronage.
Cook may carry their dispute to I can heartily recommend it for yesterday.
Also the other customers who came
coughs, colds and croup in children
the courts.
Jack Sneddou came ov:r from in to Bee me. Tell others to come
and grown folks, too.” The above
too. Appreciatively, Billy Schroe-
Camden, N. J., Nov. 5.— Tatem shows the implicit confidence that the bay yesterday and proceeded to
many mothers place in Chamber­ Riverton.
Parsons, the first engineer of the lain’s Cough Remedy, a confidence
Thoroughbred Brown and White
Ole Simonson, of Riverton, made
famous locomotive “ John Bull” based on many years’ experience in
Leghorns and White Plymotb
now in the National Museum at
Gockrels for sale. $ 1.00 each.
Washington, died here yesterday. to use this remedy, for it contains town Saturday.
C. Wutson, Coquille, Oregon.
no chloroform, opium or other
He was 90 yeats old.
W. A. Cribbins, of Enchanted
narcotics and may be given to a
. <•» .
child as confidently as to an adult. Prairie, had business at tbe county CALL ON
scat on Thursday of last week.
For sale by R. S. Knowlton.
10 , 1909
New Blacksmith Shop.
Literary Program, November 10
M. E. Church, South.
Card of Thanks.
The members of the Grand Army
of the Republic and the Woman’s
Relief Corps of Bandon, wish to ex­
end their sincere thanks to the
members of like orders of Coquille,
for the entertainment and courtesies
accorded them during their recent
visit to Coquille.
C. B. Z ee k ,
Post Com.
R 8. Knowlton sold through the
agency of Wm. Oddy, to H. C.
Davis a house and lot in the north
N. Lorenz having sold out his
of town. Lot 6 Bl. 25 Wat­
large mercantile establishment on
Front street to his s o d , H. N. Lor­ kins Add.
enz, and now a settlement with the
Fred Porter, who it will be re­
many customers to this business is
lost bis light hand in the
very necessary. All knowing them­
selves to be indebted to this firm saw mill at this place about three
are urged to come into the store years ngo, returned yesterday after
and settle at once
N. L o r e n z .
an absence of some time.
Pay-up Notice.
Wm. Cox & Son, Props
Rose Buildinq
Coquille, Oreqon
H o rsesh o in g a S p ecialey,
Leave ordera with Allie Miller or at Mill office.
extra load with each ten ordered
Dressed Lumber
Mouldings, Etc.
BROS., Coquille, Oregon.
Try an Ad in the tjearld
I he Up-To-Now restaurant be­
longings, consisting of bed room
furniture, stoves, kitchen furniture,
cooking utensils, mattings, window
shades, dining room furniture,
dishes, silverwear and everything
belonging to a first class restaurant
will be sold at auction Monday
morning, beginning at io o’clock.
J. B. Fox, auctioneer.
D. L. Perkins
House Moving,
Is prepared to do all kinds of
House Moving on short notice.
It was reported last week that
the public reading room would be
Jack Screws for Rent.
closed and the library moved to I
Miss Co-« Bellnni’s eonfeetioDerv, ' Charges R e a s o n a b l e .
I but it Ims since been derided that
| such a move would not be for tbe
and arrangements have beei m ’
with Miss Cora Belloni, of *t>e Wickham
Palm, and the library has l>.,
moved to that resort, and will be I
l’hone Main 13X.
looked after by Miss Belloni.
k irk llrm ln rn .
This distressing disease results
from a disord red condition of the
stomach, and ran be cured hr tak­
ing Chamberlain's Stomach amt
Liver Tablets Get a free snmple
at R. S. Know I tun's ding store au.l
try it.
Board by Day, WeeK or Month
Sanyple ^ootqs Nice Battys
Special Attention Paid to
the Traveling Public.
F t i h r m a n ’s I M i n r m a c y
Call and See Us
Hear the Music.
FREE with $25 00 cash trade
and a cash payment of $2 50
uu delivery of machine. One
10 it eh record FREE with
$10 00 in cash trade One 10 -
iuc I i record FREE with $5 00
in cash trade every Saturday.
Remember the Aietinn record
fits all klud i of disc talking
P. E. Drane
nn d
G ents’
F u r n it s h i n g H ,
F a n c y a n d S t a p l e Groceries, F l o u r
a n d Feed.
But, will, at all times, sell you sn honest Watch at a close price,
and guarantee to give you full value for your money. We have tu stock
for the holiday trade, a benutiful lino of ladies’ aDd gentlemen’s fine
Watches which it will be a pleasure to show you if you will call.
My little niece was helping herself to a cracker at tbeeupper table
and sa id ‘ Please.” Then she turned to her mother and said, “ Mamma,
I am getting so polite I say ’ please’ to myself.
T ommy — Pa, I’ve heard you talk about Easy Street.
Where is it?
M r . T ucker — It’s at the farther end of a long, rough, and h illy
thoroughfare, called Hard Work Street, my boy.
Our selection of Holiday goods for this season surpasses ali pre-
viou« effort*. We can and will please all who give us an opportunity.
Tbe latest and best styles, reasonable prices and an immense variety are
our three best arguments to iaduce you to come, Ooce in our store our
goods will speak for themselves.
Theie is so much trouble in growing old that it seems queer that
some old people waut to be young, only to grow old again.
Successor to W. A. Goodman
The Newest and most
handsome thing in the
City in
is no class of mer­
chandise on which you must depend
so much on the integrity and busi­
ness honor of a store as when buying
Drug Store Goods. Few of us have the
opportunity to become competent judges
o( the real value of the majority of tilings ’
sold in a Drug Store and misrepresenta­
tion is easy, and, alas—not infrequent.
Here you buy with a comforting assur­
ance that the goods are just what the
label says. We do business on strictly
business principles which will certainly
appeal to you.
kRO BABLY there
The sale of first-class timekeepers is an important feature of out
business, and the reason we are having Biich large sales In this line is
owing to the fact that we sell strictly first-class Watches nt extremely low
and inspect the largest
and most handsome
line of Gents’ Furnish­
ing Goods in the City.
A Talk on Drug Store
Please Note The
We Guarantee every piece of goods sold by us to be exactly as
represented, and any article not giving perfect satisfaction will
be cheerfully taken back and money refunded.