Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, August 11, 1909, Image 3

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    LOCAL N E W S .
L)ivo Baker wnB in from Lee Inst
New lot of Clin U shirts at Robin-
.ton h .
Thomas Wilson, of Myrtle Point,
was in Coquille Thursday.
Khiki o' >t!i by the yard at R ob ­
Father Curley, of North Betid,
vi.-iteit Camion last week.
Children's wash ilre-isi-H at Rob-
ill sou V
A. L . Neely was up from River,
Mr. and Mrs. T. R Pointer went
tou Monday.
to the Bay one day last week.
Pcrrv I’elerson, of Arngo, had
For all kinds of ammunition » all
ou J. S. Lyons.
business iu town M uday.
I)r. Wetnior« was down from
The youngsters are happy, The
Myrtle Point on Saturday.
“ meriy go-round” is iu town.
New and uptodate guns of til!
John Moore, of Prosper, uiaile
description at J. 8 Lyons.
C'i quille a short visit ou Monday.
D. I’ Strang, Jr., hud business
J C. Hsyiios, of Myrtle Point,
winch called him to the Bay »me day
llll0Ui<ll to J 5 Bli(|„n Monday.
bist, wo» k
D. II. Dollar returned from a
Chihhen’s huts and caps in large b usi uses trip to San Fiancisco Mon-
variety anil style at O. Wilson A
| Mesdami'H Donovan and H(islet,
W. It. Haines. die piano man, was
Clifford ( rewe, the cigar man of
• »vi fn.iu MarsliUebl on Tliursilnyf Myrtle Point, shook hands with
K M Gather an I famdy of B w- 1 Mewls in town Saturday.
Registered Berkshire pigs for
ih n, vi»ite I a day or so i . town Iasi
e— tmth sex J. C Watson, Co-
Children's alioes with heels at
Mrs. A. L. Miller, of this city,
visited with Mrs. F. W. Barker, of
C. W. Dye, of the Myrtle Point
section, had busincBS in Coquille Johnson’s mill, last week.
Those wash suits are just the
thing for you to buy at O. Wilson
New line of summer dry goods at t i Co’s.
Mrs. D. P. 8traDg, Jr., of Parkers-
Thomas Anderson, of Bandon, tiurg. was a passenger on Thurs
returned from a busierss trip to day’s train toward Myrtle Point.
the Bay Friday.
Gent’s don’t buy your spring suit
For bargains in Rhoes, see Drane until you have seen Robioson’s
at his new store.
.Mr. and Mrs. James Ferry, of
Mrs. F. B. Tichenor, of Portland,
Marshfield, weie passengers from w ho has been in this section some
the Bay by Friday’s train.
we<ks, visited Mrs. T. P. Hauly last
Rolled barley, abort», bran and week.
wheat at Robinson’s.
C. M. Goodman & Co., dealers
B ohn . In
Oregon, in new and second hand goods.
August 3 , 1909, to Mr. and Mrs. Phone No. 901.
Waseliaw, a daughter.
Capt. G. W. Leneve and family
Saws gummed, filed and set at last week moved to the place the
Quick & Curry's shop.
Captain purchased of D. K. Perkins
S. B. Cathcart, the civil engineer near Parkersburg.
and surveyor, was a passenger from
Hats—for big, little, old and
Marshfield by Friday’s train.
young, all new and seasonable
Have you saw the new galatea goods, at Robinson's.
Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart, of
visited relatives and
H. M. Tuttle came over from
and Myrtle Point
Marshfield Friday to look .after
property interests in the Coquille several days last week and this.
The best and most wholesome
Fine asli wood delivered any. meats; the puriest lard. Go to the
where in town at $2 per tier. Ap­ People’s Market.
ply at this office.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Duncan, ot
Henry Sengstacken, the Marsh­ North Bend, visited Bandon a day
field real estate dealer and abstrac­ or so last week, accompanied by
ter, had business at the county seat Mrs D ’g uncle, Ben Hunnicutt, of
Nebraska who has been paying
lust Thursday.
When you want groceries or meat them a visit.
go to the People's Market.
James Denholm, of Portland,
Mrs. E. N. Smith and mother. formerly a merchant of Bandon,
Mrs. L. W. Deyoe, of Myrtle Point, passed through Friday to the lat­
went to Bandon last week for an ter place to see bis daughter, Mrs.
Robinson who still resides in the
outing o f two or three weeks.
White River flour makes white city by the sea.
light bread. Robinson has it
Go to the People’s Market, Erd-
Mrs. Fred
Mehl, of Bandon, raan & Hensley Prop’rs, for the
best bacon, lard, hams, and meat of
enrne up Friday and visited friends
every description. They treat you
in Myrtle PoiDt and this city the square.
last of the week.
Mrs. Capt. Levi Snyder took Sat­
Tan! Tan!! Tan!!! Ties for gents
urday’s train for the Bay en route
ladies and children at Robinson’s.
to Portland where she will reside
Mrs. Moody, of this city, returned for some time while the Capt. is on
from Portland Friday, having been the steamer Argo, plying from the
visiting relatives and friendH in the metropolis to Tillamook. She was
Willamette for a few weeks.
accompanied by her daughters, the
Thoroughbred Berkshire pigs, Misses Ruby and Pearl.
both sex, for salo by I. C. Watson.
The loading engine at the Smith-
The steamers Fifield and Eliza­ Powers camp on Cunningham broke
beth sailed from Bandon for San down last Thursday which is de­
Francisco Thursday. The schooner laying work to a considerable ex­
Hugh Hogan sailed the day before. tent. Both Leads were broken out
Make your washing easy by us­ of one cylinder and the piston bad­
ing Washing Tablets at Drane’s ly sprung. The heads will haye to
he supplied by the manufacturers,
J. H. Johnson, of the Coquille while Mr. Powers took the piston
Valley Packing Co., was down from to Marshfield for repairs.
Myrtle Point on Thursday to see
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Robinson,
his mother, Mrs. M. J. Jolmson, of the Front street merchants, started
this city.
in their automobile last Thursday
cloth at Robinson’s store.
Glenn and Joss Barker were in
from Fail-view last Friday with a
load of lumber each from the Bar-
ker mill which will be used in the
conrtruction of a house for thsir
brother, E C. Barker, which will be
erected near Capt. Moomllw’s resi­
for the Seattle fair. They were ac­
companied by Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Nye, and took fishing tackle, camp­
ing outfit, etc., and go expecting to
have a good time en route. They
will not rush, but will camp on the
road and thoroughly enjoy the out­
Business College
Enroll for Fall Term Now
Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, Penmanship
and Rapid Calculation.
COMMERCIAL USACE -Endorsed by the business men
of Coquille. Its attendance has been largely drawn
from that class.
9 E N D
L E A F L, E T .
n n n i/i/r c n t u o
Practical, Substantial; as in any business house.
Three months here equals at least eight months
under class instruction.
p u n D T U llin
Speed, Accuracy, Legibility to students. One o f the
most complete systems—Recognized by experts.
Chas. and Mrs. Zevely enme over
from Empire Saturday and went
down tho rivei to visit the parents
of the hitter, Mr. and \Jr« J L.
The steamer Breakwater leaves
Marshfield for Portland the 14lh at
10 a. in. Get your ticket of P. L.
Sterling and go to the Bay the day
before suiling.
Shoes have won popularity with the
woods hoys. E. L Tozier m ikin,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mooiuaw
„ j Foaled»«, were Coquille visitors on returned last Friday from a so­
journ of seveial mouths at Twin
L. J. Cody, the lower river lum- Falls, Idaho. They are pleased to
berinnn, hud business iu Coquille h- at 'lo ir »Id home again.
on Friday.
S. D. Pulford, the Myrtle Point
attorney, had business at the county
seat Monday.
Chas. McCoy and daughter Lilian,
of Bandon, went to the Bay side on
Friday for a short visit.
O. Wilson <k Co. have just re-
ceived a full and complete line of
childrens' hats and caps.
Alfred Morras, was in Coquille
Friday with his gasoline general ser­
vice boat, the Buffalo.
Always Fresh
Sold in Original
Packages Only.
Quality Unexcellcd.
~ T
Now is the time to have your
windows and doors re screeuid.
Quick & Curry lias the galvanize 1
niH ii ?
•i om >i/<
i screening.
Arthur Fish returned from Seattle
last Friday. He took up a lot of
myrtle goods manufactured at the
A. P. Miller and sister, Mrs. Chas.
Fish furniture factory in this city,
Webb, of this city, started Monday
! with which he did very well. The for their old home in Missouri <0
beautiful tables were highly appre­ 1 see relatives and friends
ciated by all who saw them.
Mr. and Mr». It. B. Rogers atd
Robinson's store has just received Capt. and Mrs. Butlc-r, of this city,
a new line of embroideries, in nan
took several day’s outing on the
sook swiss and cambric, also tuck­
uitli Fork w*tk.
ing and frouting for waists.
The shoes for woodsmen; Tozier’s
Rev. S G Bettj s will ho! I servii es
Persons in need of fruit trees or
—S. F. Shoe«. The gloves for wear
the .Smith grove neui the Capt.
Logger Fear Gloves. E. L. Tozier. ornamental trees or anything in the
Deed not be held up 1 Butler place on Sunday afternoon
Robert Rock came up from Pros­
at 3 o’clock. All should turn out
per Monday and transacted business by those traveling salesmen going and bear him.
in this city, and met many old through the country but buy from
Mrs. O. R. Willard sold her house
your resideut agent. George T.
and two lots in this city last week
Moulton, Coquille.
M. P. Sumerlin and sister, Miss
W. Wals who was mining in the to J. A. Neely, a new arrival from
Corda, the Myrtle Point milliner, re­
Merlin, this state. The deal was
turned from a visit on the Bay last Eckley district till a couple of years made through the agency of Will
down to towD Monday to consult a Oddy.
Jack Wilson, of Fourmile, passed
We buy for cash, and sell for cash,
physician concerning them. The
through town toward the Bay Fri­
old gentleman will be ninety-one so you are not helping to pay other
day. He visited his brother, Jeff
years of age next November, but peoples debts when you buy goods
in tbiscityon his return.
gets about exceedingly well for one of us. We can and nil! sell cheaper
Remember that J. 3. Lyons gives of bis age. Only for liis failing than merchants who do a credit
away a $2.50 knife each week for
sight he would he mining right business. C. M. Goodman <fc Co.
the highest off band score at his
Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Morris, late
shooting gallery.
We have both new and second of Missouri, but now of Forrest
Mrs. Henry Sanford and son-in-
hand in the following lines, dressers, Grove, who have been in town sev­
law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E.
commodes, iron and wood heds, bed eral days, will start on their return
A. Robinson, of North Bend, were
springs, mattresses, floor matting, soon. Mr. Morris is an old-time
in Coquille between trains last
sewing machines, in fact almost friend and school-mate of our towns­
everything needed for the house or man, J. P. Messer, with whom they
F or S ale . — Horse and buggy camp. Come and look through, visited. Mr. Morris is very much
cart and harness, saddle and bridle you will he surprised at the great pleased with this place, and might
Call at Lyons & Jones’ store.
variety of articles to be found in possibly conclude to make this bis
A. W. Fisher who recently came our store. C. M. Goodman A Co. home some time in the future.
over from the Bay and bolds a posi­
Uncle John Kronenberg has had
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Schroeder, of
tion at Johnson’s mill, bad business
from his wife and daughter,
this city, who recently returned from
which called him to Marshfield on
W. C. Owen, of St. Louis,
the big fair at Seattle, are highly in
praise of the management. They who took passage on the steamer
The poorest family can afford were there on Washiegton Day, Elizabeth en route to Lodi, Cali­
meat when bought from the P eo­
and inform us that the state did fornia, where they are visiting Mrs.
ple's Market, Dean & Company.
herself proud on that occasion. A James Blakley, another sister of
Edgar Walker, of Dillard, Doug­ fine luncheon was served to every­ Mr. and Mrs. Kronenberg. The
las county, arrived here last Thurs­ one on the grounds that would par­ old lady who has been suffering
day and is enjoying a few days visit­ take of it. The nice large sand­ considerably from rheumatism of
ing with his brother, T. A. Walker wiches, cake and ice cream with a late, stood the trip very well, and
and family, of this city.
nice spoon with which to eat it, while it is very warm at that place,
The Breakwater will sail from which they were allowed to keep as hopes are entertained that it will
Coos Bay for Portland August 14th a souvenir. They were there also benefit her health.
Those wishing berths may secure on Oregon Day when a large throng
them from P. L. Sterling, at the from this state were in attendance,
Coquille railroad depot.
and speeches made by Gov. Benson
The big merry-go-rouud of the an 1 other prominent Oregon per­
Arnold Amusement Co. under the sonages.
management of M. E. Grousbeck,
Skeels & Son's Cash Prices.
arrived here Monday and started up
for business yesterday evening.
Our shoes, none better. Satis­
Coquille Wins the Pennant.
Bay Paving and Con­
struction Company.
Bricks Stone and Timber.
Phone 151-J
a double OfflceB 117 Front Street, Marshfield Ore.
Coquille administered
dose of defeats to the Marshfield.
Butchers’, knocking them down
from the penoant pole. These two
victories bringing home again for
the second time iu succession the
pennant to Coquille. The score of
the first game was 4 to 2. Baker
and Troch being at the points for
Marshfield and “ Bub” and Jimmie j
for the Pennant Grabber». The
second game was called in the 7th
inning witn the champions od the
long end of a 5 to 2 score. Saxton
was on the slab in the second game
while Gardner served up the bend­
ers in both games, pitching superb­
ly, making the phenomenal record
of 17 atrikeouts in the first game
and 10 in the second. '‘Bub’ ’ was
as stead; as a clock; at no time did
be lose control of the situation; his
assortment was varied, being al­
most invincible. Be it known that
all praise is due ‘ slender atnilax”
in bringing home the two pennauts
to Coquille. Hats off to Gardner.
The season will be continued
with a series of with 5 or 3 games
with Marshfield, the plans now be­
ing matured,
Best Cane Sugar, $5.55 per sack
Good grade baking powder 25
cents for 1 pound cans.
or 17 pounds for $1.00
Coffee that is equal to any 40
cent coffee, sold at 25 cents.
7 bars of Naphtha soap for 25
Every sack of flour guaranteed
at $1.55 per sack.
Table Apricots, 15
cans for 25 cents.
cents or 2
Free Delivery at Anytime During Day
Lyons & Jones
Cora Belloni
The People’s Market
W e have a nice line of Groceries.
W e sell as Cheap as the Cheapest.
W e will Buy anything you have for Sale.
W e want your Vegetables, your Chickens, your
W e Pay the Highest Market Price.
W e are to Stay.
..............W e W i l l T r e a t Y o u
Here are Cash Prices on some Sta­
ple Articles found at our Store
ERDMAN & HENSLEY, Proprietors.
Postmaster Linegar and wife ba 'e faction guaranteed.
Economy jars, none better. J
gone out for a camping trip, and
Gus Beuder, of Myrtle Point, and gallon $160, quarts $1,30 aud pints
Miss Childs, of this city, are in $1.05
Mason jarsi- You know them.
charge of our postoffiee at present.
$100 quarts 75 cents pints
Miss Gertrude Johnson, of this
C C D ts.
city, accompanied by her cousin,
Miss Susie Shelford who has been
visiting her from California, started
last week for Seattle where they
will take in the great fair, after
which they will go to Miss Shelford’s
home at Cloverdale California, for
a vitit.
Ladies and Gents Shoes at the
Right Price.
R i g h t ..............
add to the pleasure of the
pleasure of the vacation
Take One With You
All Supplies at
H n o w 11 o n ’ s
R. S. KNOW LTON, President
R. II. MAST, Cashier
The Baxter
ai)d Merchaijts
oF Coquille
CAPITAL STOCK $ 2 5 ,0 0 0
A Reasonable Share
First Class Safety
B A X T E R BROS, Proprietors.
of Your Business Solicited
Deposit Boxes For Rent
The Hotel formerly known as the Hotel Coquille.
Newly Furnished, Painted and Tapered Throughout.
Do You lnterjd to Build?
Special Attention Paid to the
Traveling Public.
I f Q n Lid you stop to consider that a building made
l l DO out of cement blocks is almost indestructable
and fireproof?
Did you stop to consider that the first cost is almost the
last cost?
Did you stop to consider that sand and gravel, washed and
cleaned by the ocean, together with proper proportion of
Portland cement, makes the finest blocks and bricks in the
Yours for business,
W hite
Give Us a Trial and we will Treat
You Right.