Coquille herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1905-1917, July 21, 1909, Image 3

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A! Garten came up from Bandon
Mr». Joe Ferry was up from
C hildren’s shoes with heel» at
Riverton on Friday.
New lot of Cluett shirts at Itohiu-
Miss E ster Jobnsou goes to Ban
Francisco by the Fifield.
G \V. Clinton, of Norway, was
Some good orgaus for sale at
in town on Friday.
Goodman’s <t Co.
C hildren’s wash dresses at Rob- Attorney A. J. Sherwood returned
yesterday from a business trip to
C. C. Carter, of Myrtle Point, had ' the Buy.
business at Riverton last Saturday.
White River flour makes white
Rolled barley, shorts, bran and light breud. Robinson has it.
wheat at Rohiuson’s.
“Huuting for a man,” at the F irst
L. R. Woodward and daughter, Methodist church next Sunday
of Arago, were in Coqnille on F ri­ night.
Money saved for you if you buy
K haki cloth by the yard at Rob­ dry goods at O. Wilson & Co.
Attorney J. M. Blake, of Marsh­
Z. T. Johnson, of Myrtle Point, field, had business at the county
had business at the county seat on seat yesterday.
Call and see those waists from
New lino of summer dry goods at 75 cents to $3.50 at O. Wilson's &
There is to bo a dance and basket
W. F. Dickson was ever to town
Friday from his dairy farm across social at Lam pa on the evening of
the ‘24th. All invited.
the valley.
Buy your groceries while you
For bargains in shoes, see Drone
can save money th a t’s at O. Wilson
at his new store.
& Co’s.
Mrs. B E. Beyers returned from
Make your washing easy by us­
a visit down the river on Friday of
Washing Tablets at Drane’s
last week.
F or good pasture inquire of W.
The show windows in Lorenz's
A. Goodman.
store are being rearranged and fixed
Attorney T. J. Hall, ot Marsh­
up in fine style. Mr. Campbell is
field, hail business at the county
doing the work.
seat on Saturday.
C. M. Goodman & Co., dealers
Have you saw the new gnlatea
in new aud second hand goods.
cloth at Robinson’s store.
Phone No. 364.
C hiis Long, of Bundou, had bus­
As we go to press the word
iness which called him to the Bay
comes from Myrtle Point of the
last Friday.
death of W. L. Hayter, another of
Saws gummed, filed aud set at our Coos county pioneers.
Quick <fc C urry’s shop.
H ats—for big, little, old and
J . K Aker, of this city, went to young, all new and seasonable
Bandon Saturday with a lot of goods, at Robinson’s.
berries for market.
Dr. Wire, District Superintend­
When you want groceries or meat e n t of the Methodist Episecopal
go to the People’s Market.
church will hold services at the
The three-masted schooner Ruby local church next Friday eveuiug at
sailed from Bandon for Sau Pedro 8 o’clock.
on Sunday at noou.
Gentlemen and ladies, call at
G ent’s don’t buy your spring suit Rose’s for your outing shoes before
until you have seen Robinson’s you go on your trip.
The steamer Elizabeth arrived in
C. E. Brondbent, of Myrtle Point, the Coquille on Friday and sailed
returned from a trip to the Bay again for San Francisco on Sunday.
Wednesday of last week.
She will be due on her return F ri­
Those wash suits are just the day or Saturday.
thing for you to buy at O. Wilson
Now is the time to have your
& Co’s.
windows and doors re screened.
T. B. Wheeler, the Bundon real Quick <fc Curry has the galvanized
estate man, returned from a busi­ screening.
ness trip to Portland on Friday of
Mrs. J. E Martin, of Riverton,
lust week.
who has been suffering from paraly­
The shoeB for woodsmen; Tozier’s sis for a number of months, has re­
--S . F. Shoes. The gloves for wear cently bad other attacks, and is
Logger Fear Gloves. E. L. Tozier. now confined to her room.
S. H. McAdams has added a
The poorest family cau afford
large metal lathe to the equipment meat when bought from the P eo­
of his well regulated shop in this ple's Market, Dean A Company.
place. .
S. S. Norton, of Bedding, Cab,
Registered Berkshire pigs for arrived last week and joined his
sale—both sex. J. C- Watson, Co-
wife in a visit with her parents, Mr.
Mrs. N. Lorenz, and other rel­
W atson Boyd, of Bandon, was
severely hu rt by a horse falling atives and many friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W . H. Thomas
with him last Saturday, while driv­
ing cattle up from down the coast. went last week to one of Mr. T ’s
The best and most wholesome old camps down the river, and in
meats; the puriest lard. Go to the two or three days picked and put
up 20 gallons of nice wild black­
People’s Market.
M. E. Whitmore, president of the
L ost.—A gold ring with a light
Coos Bay Paving and Construction
agate set. F inder return
Co., made our office a pleasant call
while in town one day last week. to City Bakery and receive reward.
Thoroughbred Berkshire pigs,
G et your table legs turned at
Quick & C urry’s. They have some both sex, for sale by J. C. W atson.
patterns already out.
H ard wood,
Mrs. Chas. Levine, of this city,
$L per set.
returned Friday from a visit to
Mrs. Cbas. Clifford, of near F res­ Pendleton where she recently at­
no, California, form erly Miss Mat- tended the wedding of her sister,
tie Sabin, of Bandon, and whd has formerly Miss Mary Quick.
many friends at tbat place, in this
W asted —Girl for general house
city and in Curry county, has beeD
visiting in Bandon the past week, work. W ages $25. Apply to Ju l­
but has gone down the const at ius Larson, Marshfield, Ore.
present. She will see her friends
A. Adolphsen, of P ort Orford,
here before she returns home.
returned yesterday from attendance
Tan! Tan!! Tan!!! Ties for gents at the meeting of the grand lodge
ladies and children at Robinson’s. of Elks which took place recently
at Los Angeles. He reports hav­
ing had a good time.
Business School
Clashes are now
being formed
for the Pall term
All interested
should enroll at
B u s in e s s
S c h o o l.
F or S ai . e .—H orse and buggy
cart and harness, saddle and bridle
Call at Lycos A Jones’ store.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Anderson, of
Jackson county, who have been
visiting their daughter, Mrs. F. M.
Hodges, of the Aberdeen mill for
the past year, started on their re­
turn home last Friday.
R egistered Durock Jersey pigs,
the kind that latten on clover, for
sale by J . D. Carl, M yrtle Point,
Or. Phone 101.
Mrs. P . C. Levar and Mrs. John
Preuss, accompanied by Misa May
Levar and Miss Norman and Frank
Reed, all of Marshfield, passed
through town one day last week en
route to the Beatly ranch on the
bench back of Randolph for a gen­
eral outing.
Mrs. Web. Fahy was up to this
city from Ibo lower river on Mon­
Tun au d Oxblood ties for ladies
aud gentlemen at Rose’s.
T. A. Walker, the iuaurance man,
made a business trip to Bandon on
Mrs. H. I. Reese, of N orth Bend,
returned Monday from a visit with
her friend, Mrs. Nets Rasmussen,
of Bandon.
Sewing machines for sale or rent
at C. M. Goodman A Co’s.
Capt. and Mrs. O. P. EUingson,
of Parkersburg, passed through
town yesterday on their way to
Seattle to take in the big fair.
W. C. Laird aDd C. A. Boyrie
started yesterday
for Coeur de
Alene to take a chance in the big
land drawing. They will see the
fair at Seattle before returning.
Roy Dunham returned from P o rt­
land on Saturday.
Thomas Wilson was down from
Myrtle Point yesterday.
Mrs. Moody, of this city, started
for Portland yesterday, going by
way of the Bay.
Capt. Dave Perkins, the g en ts
furnishings m erchant of F ront
street, was at the wheel on the
steamer Favorite last Saturday.
F or S a l e —F irst class restaurant
with fine business on reasonable
terms, also new piano. W rite or
call at this office.
Mr. aud Mrs. Paul L. Sterling, of
this city, returned from Seattle yes­
terday where they bad been to a t­
tend the fair. They had also visit­
ed Mr. S terling’s old home in the
Payson Deitz, of Eugene, whom
we mentioned last week as being
bad off at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
D. U ruqhart, of Riverton, died
Monday evening at 6 o’clock. The
deceased was 20 years of age at the
time of his death and is survived by
a father and mother and large fam­
ily of brothers and sisters. The
cause of death was a complication
of diseases, the most prom inent of
which was heart failure, superin­
duced from exposure while working
in the woods in W ashington. His
father and three brothers were by
his side at the time of his death.
The steamer Bandon bad another
mishap at Bandon while in port
this trip. She had finished loading
at Cody’s mill and was steaming
down to the Bandon docks prepar­
atory to sailing when she raD into
the buoyed rock at the turn in the
river between the two points, tear­
ing a large hole in her bottom, ihe
was agam docked at Cody’s mill
before she settled to the bottom,
and a driver has p ut on a temporary
patch, since which she has been
pumped out ready for sea. She
goes to San Pedro, after which she
will go on the docks at San F ran ­
cisco for permanent repairs. Sh e
sailed yesterday.
Go to the People's Market, Erd-
man A Hensley P rop’rs, for the
best bacon, lard, hams, and meat of
every description. They treat you
The Sugarloaf Creamery paid
37 cents, aud the Sunrise Creamery
paid 36J cents for May butterfat.
These creameries are near Myrtle
Point and both under the manage­
ment of C. E. Broadbent, of th at
Shoes have won popularity with the
woods boys. E. L . Tozier maker,
Will Oddy, the real estate man>
last week engineered a couple of
sales which seem to have broken
the spell, and several transactions
have been and will h aie been made
which would indicate that timeB
are going to look up.
Miss Mary Lewis, of Bandon,
went to San Francisco by the
steamer Elizabeth to have a trip
with her father. Engineer Thomas
Lewis, of that boat. She will stay
over a trip or so and visit with
friends in the city.
Robinson’s store has ju st received
a new line of embroideries, in nan-
sook Swiss and cambric, also tuck­
ing and fronting for waists.
Mrs. C- H. Fry, of Melolaod,
Cal., arrived here last Friday for
a visit with her daughter, Mrs. C.
O. Dryden. She was accompanied
by Mrs. B. E. Nosier, of E l Centro,
who came to see her brother, Capt.
J. C. Moomaw, and sister, Mrs. A.
-------- , «a» ----------------
M. Snyder, of M yrtle Point, and
T each ers' Exam ination.
other relatives and friends.
F oa S ale —A nice mare, buggy
Notice is hereby given tbat the
and harness, a spring wagon, saddle regular semi-annual examination of
and bridle. H. M Branham, Myrtle applicants for state and county
papers will be held by the examin­
P oint.
ing board of Coos county, Oregon,
Col. Win. Coach arrived at Ban­ at the court house, beginning at 9
don by the Elizabeth last Friday, a. in. Wednesday, August 11, 1909,
coming up from San Francisco. He and continuing three days.
Dated this 12tb day of July, 1909.
met his son-in-law and daughter,
W. H. B unch ,
Mr. and Mrs. Deo Carey who bad
County Superintendent.
ju st arrived from G rand Rapids,
T each ers’ In stitu te .
Michigan, with whom he is enjoying
a visit. Mrs. Carey will be remem­
The A nouai Teachers’ Institute
bered as Miss Mary Ella Coach who
spent several months in thie city a for the year 1909, will be held in
the school bouse in Coquille, Aug­
year or so ago, and who has many ust 17.19, 1909.
riends in the county.
Ai rangem ents are perfected for
New line of white linens, butch­ the most successful institute ever
er, embroidery or round thread, held in the county. The outside
india, fronting, flsxon, and hand­ help and local assistance will be of
kerchief, also brown and blue in the very best. Every departm ent
of school work will receive due a t­
dress linens at Robinson’s.
A. E. Morrell, the gentleman who
Very Respectfully,
recently purchased the Clark A
W. H. B unch ,
Dwire ranch, one of the best in
County Superintendent.
southw estern
through town last week accom­
panied by his estimable wife, on his
Notice is hereby given that all
way down the coast to loolt after Coos County W arrants draw n on
his possessions. A brother, who is the General Road F u n d and en­
also interested in the farm, will be dorsed prior to Ju n e i, 1909 , will
along in a short time. These peo. be paid on presentation at my of­
fice in Coquille, Oregon.
pie came from the Sound country,
No interest will be allowed on
in W ashington. They seem very any of these w arrants after Ju ly
much pleased with our section and 1909 .
Dated Ju n e 7 2 , 1909 , at Coquille
the prospects for the future.
A snap for the next thirty dayB
T. M. D immick .
—a (ice home ou Fishtrap at $225
Coos County Treasurer.
per acre. For particulars address
R. F. D. No. I, Box 193, Han Diego,
Cal., or Box 17, Coquille, Oregon.
All Coos County warrants drawn
on the general fund and endorsed
prior to October, 1st 1907 will be
prid on presentation at my office in
Milk, Cream,
Coquille City. No interest will be
allowed on any of these warrants
Butter and Eggs after A ugust 1st, 1909.
Dated this 1st day of July, 1909.
T. M. Dimmick
County Treasurer.
Delivered at Your Door
Twice a Day
H aving Bought out Mr. Laffer-
ty’s Milk Route, I am Prepared
to Furnish Any of the Above
at Reasonable Prices.
Phone Main 283
And your Order will be Promptly
M c D o
We Wish to
A lw ays Fresh
Sold in Original
Packages Only.
Quality Unexcelled.
A n U p-to-D ate H otel.
The Hotel Coquille of this place,
which has heretofore been conduct­
ed by Mrs. M. A. Tupper, has
changed bands and is now owned
and conducted
by the Baxter
Brothers, and henceforth will be
known as The Baxter.
The in­
terior of this well known hotel
has been remodeled and placed in
first-class shape, having been newly
painted and papered throughout,
and now preseuts the appearance
of one seldom seen in any city of
twice this size. The sanitary con­
dition of this well known eating
resort has beeD looked after with
the greatest of care. The office
room has been moved to the east
wing of the building, and is now a
nice, cozy waiting room, where all
the latest periodicals and news­
papers may be found. Tho ladies
waiting room or parlor is in the
west wing of the building, and we
must say it is a most elegant one,
and one in which almost anything
and everything may be found for
the accommodation and entertain­
ment of the guests.
Last Sunday was the opening
dry, and seated at tables in the spa­
cious dining room were 134 guests,
and we will venture to say that
not one of these left b ut what were
perfectly satisfied with the trea t­
ment they received, and th at not
one single one left the “ least bit
Mrs. Alice Hite, as hostess, looks
after the accommodation and enter­
tainment of her guests in the most
pleasant and pleasing manner for
which she has long been noted.
Clayton Shoemaker looks after the
culinary departm ent, and is assisted
in this by E arl Winters, two of the
best chefs to be found in this part
of the state. H. J. Williams is acting
in the capacity of manager, and it
goes without saying that there will
be no mistakes made with Hermann.
The waiters are accommodating and
pleasing, and always ready and
willing to cater to the wants of the
A force of men are now busy re­
modeling, painting and otherwise
improving the outward appearance
of the building, and when complet­
ed we will have one of the beat
tiotels to be found anywhere in this
part of tho state.
The Baxter B rothers are to be
congratulated in their efforts to es­
tablish in our city a first-class hotel
as this is, and which has long been
a much needed want.
------' ■ ■*
Phone 151-J
Seasonable Goods at Bottom Prices
Silk striped poplin, 50 cent values - - - 38c
Mercerized poplins in blue, brown, tan, red,
grey and white, 50 cent values - - 38c
Lucerine tissue, very stylish, in brown 35c,
n o w .................................................... 25c
Clarabel Batiste, 15 cents, now - - - 12 % c
Imported Cottons, white, blue and tan,
_ 40 cent values
Swiss Appliques, blue and brown, very
neat patterns, 35 cents, now
- 29c
Silk Novelty, tan, 50 cent values, now - 42c
Richelieu and Ordmore silks, beautiful
patterns in brown, blue and pink, 50
cents, now
Mousseline Royal, tan, 35 cent values, now 28c
Canna Batiste, 20 cent values
- 15c
WHITE GOODS An Elegant Line in Plain Checks and Stripes.
20 cent values, 16 cents.
25 cent values, 221., cents
121 ■ cent values, 10 cents.
Callao«*, Calleoas, hlues, greys, blacks and reds; 15 yards $1.00.
LADIES' OXFORDS—$3 values, $2.25.
$3.50 values, $2.50.
$2.50 values, $1.75.
BOY’S OXFORDS-$2.50 values, $1.75.
CAILDREN’S OXroRDS-$1.75 values, $1.10. $1.50 values$1.15.
75 cent values, 60 cents. $1.35 values, $1.05.
The Store of Big Values and
Big Bargain List.
Neathery & Gregg
Cigars, Ice
Cora Belloni
uilding, Front Street,
J. S. LYONS, Proprietor
RATES: $1 por month; S3 per quarter; $G per G months; $12
per year.
Handles Maxwell Autos,
all kinds of Sporting
A W arning.
Ma. E ditor . W hen I left Coos,
Nome was my intended destination,
but changed my course for the
Indian reservations. When I left
Coos there were a great many con­
templating come out here to secure
homes, and I consider it my duty
to let them know that it is all a de­
lusion. They will not stand one
chance in a thousand of securing
anything of any intrinsic value
People are flocking from all parts
of the globe, and a large proportion
are left financially stranded. I t is
impossible for me to describe the
large influx of people. The rail­
road and hotels are reaping the
harvest. There is some good land
in the Coeur de Alene, b u t consider
the chances against you. Coeur
de Alene City and the surrounding
county are beautifully situated on
a navigable lake, and there are
some claims th at are desirable, but
would not justify the sacrifice and
expeinse necessary to acquire it.
This is no elaborate description,
b ut merely n warning.
W ill send
you a paper.
From your own correspondent.
H. W. D unahj *.
Confectionery, Tobaccos,
Notice is hereby giyen that the
undersigned gives Clarence Cun­ $4500 buys 45 acres improved
ranch with buildings.
ningham bis time, and will no long­
er be responsible tor his acts or $12.50 an acre buys a fine tract of
any obligations ham ay contract.
land 360 acres, 35 acres bot­
tom balance grazing.
M. E. WHITMORE. E F. MOKRISSY $800 buys an acre all in garden
house and barn. See ua for
Coos Bay Paving; and Con­
bargains. Come in and see
struction Company.
and list your property
with us. We will give you
Plans ami
Estim ates Given
a square deal.
Concrete Bricks Stone and Timber,
Offices 117 Front htreet, Marshfield Ore-
hat wo are selling our entire line of summer goods at re­
duced price.-. In accordance with our policy of carrying noth­
ing over from one season to another, we are^now offering you
tremendous bargains in these lines.
«JÉ -
Bicycle and Auto
The People’s Market
EffDMAN & HENSLEY, Proprietors.
We have a nice line of Groceries.
We sell as Cheap as the Cheapest.
We will Buy anything you have for Sale.
We want your Vegetables, your Chickens, your
We Pay the Highest Market Price.
We are to Stay.
...........W e W i l l T r e a t Y o u
R i g h t ...........
R. S. K N O W LTO N , President
R. H. MAST, Cashier
ai)d Merchants
of Coquille
A Reasonable Share of Your Business Solicited
First Class Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent