The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, March 18, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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    who have digested the highway situ­
ation regarding the expected improve­
ment in this county, in coniMCtioa
with the Coes-Douglas county road,
or relating to the Roosevelt highway,
as quoted in the Marshfield Daily
“ AH D olled U p”
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In the first place, Mr. Kern believes
the county has been handicapped by
the tentative agreement made with
the state highway commission be­
fore the county court came into the
He is o f the opinion
that to obtain the credits due Coos
county for expenditures made in the
past will not be an easy matter, for
on his estimate, the coAnty will be
entitled to nearly $400,000 credit for
various highway improvements made
since the former bond issue.
On the practically established bas­
ic of 50-50 construction, as agreed
to for Coos county by Charles Hall,
Mr. Kern is none too confident we
■hall profit very much, for the rea­
eon, that he is doubltful of receiving
the just credit the county is entitled
to. He referred in bis talk to the old
understanding when the first bond is­
sue was mam, to the effect that the
agreed to match the expenditures. He
says the commisiaon is, of course,
obligated by that agreement, but
whether it will stand by it, is what
ia worrying him. Among the expen­
ditures that would deserve credit from
the state highway commission would
be the county highway bridge for
which bids were opened Tuesday at
Coquille, amounting on estimates to
$75,000. This is a portion o f the high­
way system on thè map; an expendi­
ture o f $50,000 on the county read be­
low Bandon;-other expenditures south
o f Coquille toward and beyond Myrtle
Point, and the work done on the Glas­
gow to Hauser highway, all o f whieh,
save that for the bridge, being large­
ly from money accruing from the bond
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Wedmesday, March 23
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Members Oregon Dairymen’s Cooperative
Reports having been circulated that the League was
seeking to postpone the trial o f suits against members
who have violated their contracts with the League, a
telegram for information was sent to the Portland office
which elicited the following reply:
Portland, Ore., Mch 15th.
N. A. Loucks, District Agent,
t /«. Oregon Dairymen’s Cooperative League,
Coquille, Oregon.
Reports that we have postponed suits are absolutely false. Briefs in
the four principal cases have been filed several days and are awaiting court
action only.
Oregon Dairymen’s Cooperative League,
Albert S. Hall, General Manager.
Not Yet Ready to Make Loana faith o f the loyal supporters o f the
In answer to a request Secretary
R. H. Mast, o f the National Farm
lo a n Association hare made for a
supply o f blanks to begin the work
o f making appUeatieh again here for
farm loans, he has received word
from the Federal Reserve Lead Bank
at Spokane that the new forms are
not ready and they do not yet know
definitely when operations can be re­
They odd:
•You doubtless are aware o f the
feet that In erdw to obtain funds to
loan ft \dll be necessary to organise
and successfully eostdnet n bond sell­
ing campaign, o f which the outcome
must be awaited.
The system baa
tin e fo r over a year
and much disappointment has aaauad
through the delays incidental to the
suit brought to determine the con­
stitutionality o f the Federal Farm
system has been fully vindicated and
the questions involved adjudicated for
all time, the associations of our dis­
trict and
should endeavor to maintain for a lit­
tle longer, if necessary, the asms at­
titude o f helpful consideration which
has bridged over this trying period,
and to give tboea charged with ad­
ministrative responsibilities as much
time aa may be required to adjust our
machinery ta the heavy demands for
service which will be made upost it.”
Special Meetings Next Sunday
Bro. L. E. Neal, formerly pastor o f
the Church o f Gad o f this city, will
be hers next Sunday, Mar. 20, and
will hold services at 11 A . M „ also
at 7>80 P. M. in the Church o f God
chapel, <M. E. church North). Every­
body cordially invited to attend.
Nearly Up to Pre-War Price*
Milk is telling for $3.82 a hundred
pounds in Portland. That ia 16 per
cent lass than $3.00, the highest
price ever reached during and follow­
ing the war. We know o f no other
farm product that ha« fallen in price
ao Mttle as milk. Nearly all farm
crops are back to pre-war prices and
many of them art 60 per cent leas
than the maximum reached during
following the
srar.— Oregon
League Dairyman.
Mr. Kern, in referring to the
Roosevelt highway said that so far
as he was able to learn at Portland
when the cenfesance was held last
week, there is actually no expectation
that any money will be expended on
the project within two years, and at
the end of that time, he declares, the
$2,500.000 voted will revert to the
general state road fund. Commis­
sioner, Kern is not expecting to hear
anything definite from the state high­
way commission for some time, he
said, bu t he set no date.
Referring to “ the old understanding
when the first bond issue was made,”
we are quite sure that it was not a
50-50 proposition as stated but that
we heard Mr. Adams, one o f the first
commissioners under the new law, at
n meeting in Marshfield promise that
the commission would carry out the
pledge before made to Coos county by
a former body— that the state would
build the Roseburg road. But there
have been so many changes in the
commission since Mr. Adams’ day and
so long a time has elapsed without
the fulfillment o f the pledge that it
may not be considered binding now.
The coming week is
Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee
as follows
One half pound free with each 2M b
can Folger’s Coffee, and
One pound free with each 5-lb can
Folger’s Golden Gate Coffee
This will enable you to buy your coffee at whole­
sale prices and we advise you to lay in a few
months’ supply o f coffee.
Thi* is our guarantee Take jf home’
provision for the improvi tent o f
Tenth street in front of the new
school building along with the other
•streets o f the north end.
The mayor then asked that proper­
ty owners o f that district tell what
they desired in the way o f an im­
provement. Several responded and
from the tenor o f their remarks it ap­
peared that most all the residents o f
that section were desirous o f doing
something to keep out of the mud
next winter.
Two petitions covering different
streets out there, have been filed with
the council, but inasmuch to grant
them would necessitate the letting o f
:wo separate contracts and doubling
up o f tome o f the expenses, the coun­
cil decided to initiate a campaign o f
its own and instructed the city en­
gineer to prepare plana, specification«
and estimates o f coat for a suitable
improvement on the following streets;
From the Fairview county road
around the Butler corner north to the
city limits.
From the Marshfield
FOR SALE— Fine home d ose to court
Term*. B. Folsom.
FOR SALE— Clean, white spring seed
oetiy See John Holverstott, Fair-
view, Ore. P>Otm 8 «x l.
FOR BALE CHEAP— A good work­
ing mare; weight about 1800. Hugh
Hastings, Coquille, Ore.
FOR SALE — 8 H. P. Fairbanks
Morse stationery engine. Migge’s
Meat Market, Coquille.
FOR SALE— 6-room cottage, wood­
shed and garage, two lots, good lo­
cation; $1600. Phone 8»6.
FOR SALE— White Leghorn egge for
hatching. $2-00 for 16. Wm. Rich­
ardson. Coquille, Oregon.
To Improve North End Streets
The council met in
session last Monday evening with
Mayor Hamilton and all councilman
present, to consider street improve­
ments, especially those in the north
end o f town.
There was a large delegation pres­
ent from that section, as well as of
those who were anticipating a warm
time in the Consideration o f the pool
room ordinance, so that every seat
was taken and many were standing.
A letter from the school board Was
read, requesting the council to make
Every Day Price#
Good Staaka..................................20c lb
Round Steak .......................
26c lb
Loin S t e a k ....................................28c !b
Pot Roast Beef ......................... 18c lb
Beef Boil ..................................... 16c lb
Pork S t e a k ....................................26c lb
Pork Chop Loin .........................80c lb
Pork Roasta ...............................26c lb
Veal Shoulder S t e a k .................. 26c lb
Loin Veal C h o p ............................80c lb
Vaal Roasts .................................26c !b
Breast Veal ................................. 16c lb
Hamburger ................................. 20c lb
Pork Sausage
26c lb
Smelt, Halibut, Clams, Salmon
Phone 881
Free Delivery
Ritter A Martin
small can and if you
are not satisfied with it bring the large can
back and we will return your money in full.
BARRED ROCK eggs fo r hatching,
O. A. C. strain. $1.60 par settiag.
L. Myrberg, Coquille Rissarl i. She«
D o s t forget what a big newspaper
bargain the Oregon Farmer ia when
remitting for the Sentinel.
91M Reward, $1M
Card o f Thanks
We wish to heartily thank our
friends and neighbors for their kind
assistance and acts o f sympathy dur­
ing the illness and after the death o f
our husband and step-father.— Mrs.
Mary Rohm, Mrs. Nattie Hayter, F. R.
Steward, W. E. Steward, Gnorge
The rsadsra o f this papvr win
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that to catarrh. Catarrh botar «really
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vartb - The proprietors have *o much
faith la the curative power* of Hell'e
Medicine that they offer Or
Dollars for any rase that It fail
■end for list o f testimonials.
I P. 3 . CH ENET * CO . T ote*
>ld by all Drugfltot. Ite.
is our “ Hobby”
Over $400,080 Investment
The Bandon Condansary claims that
its plant at Bandon, with steamer on
the river and warehouse at Coquille
represents an investment o f $400,000
in Coos county. They also aver that
their Bandon condensery with a ca­
pacity of 860,000 pounds o f milk a
day has never yet received more than
» 1 , 000 .
City Cleaners & Tailors