The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, March 11, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

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audience is the gallery. IV » bouse
mum V point o f at­
tendane* ae that fat the com pany's
,hoae town o f North Band. The re­
ceipt« were 9906, end after paying tí»»
|78 travelling expense and eupper for
the troupe, $79 fo r the theatre,
freight on their aceneiy aad costume«,
Weal edvetrising, etc., there w ill ho
left upwards o f |60 which will be
•plit 50-60 between the company and
the Corn Show pavilion fund.
The performance was a very cred­
itable one, the number receiving the
greatest Applause being that o f Er­
nest Fairali on the accordion. He was
called back repeatedly and seemed to
be entitled to the title by which was
“ Champion
player o f the Pacific co a st”
Another hit was the song by Evan
Hodson, “ I f I could find the man that
made the country dry.”
Many o f the jokes by the end men
were o f a local nature, the query,
“ Why .did they put the achool house
so far out o f tow n ?" appearing to
make quite a hit with high sehool
The singing all the way through
was good and gave evidence o f much
practice. *
Deacon Johnson’s sermon entitled
“ W hy Adam and Eve Turned W hite," I
was a very faithful reproduction o f a I
colored person’s preaching.
Befpre the show the crowd on the I
street was enlivened by watching the I
antics o f the special D. O. K . K. po- I
lies and patrol wagon which filled the I
wooden jail at the intersection o f I
Taylor and Second streets with a m ot- [
lay array o f prominent citisens. A I
fram ed-up fight between Jim Jenkins I
and Frank Fish wound up the street I
activities as it was finished at the I
door o f the theatre, „
WM about the
Mr. Rohm wear born in
A pril 4 1846, and was 75 years, II
oaths aad 4 days od age at the time
o f Me death. He em igrated to thla
un try in 1671, com ing directly to
Coos county, w h en he settled on a
farm near M yrtle Point. Later he
sold U s farm Khd engaged in the mer­
canta« business at that place. When
retired fr$m buianees be moved to
Riverton, .whose he has
He w n united |p nmrirage on
«tom ber
17th, 18Q0. to Mary
F . Faugh, who survive# I ta - Ha al
has a nephew, Harry Rohm, liv-
ing at North Bend, and several neph­
ews apd nieces living in Germany.
Mr. Bahm was w ell known irf Coos
unty, and «Specially among the old
pioneers who held Urn in high
an honest, upright .citizen. ‘ He
leaves many friends and neighbors who
>ura hie passing. Waa a member o f
Coquille Lodge o f the Independent ar­
dor o f Odd Fellows having, joined
that order In He infancy.
U ve* the M ost
Bee the
T rag­
o f Death
hi Her
the Dance o f the I
Bud Jameson, UBfaui Byron and Charte Dorriy fa
A 2 real Century Com*dy
Frank Maya in TIGER TRUE”
With Fritte Braaette Maytag the te d
Story by Max Brand. Telle how a young scion
nm to tangled junglas r a t e r than polished danos I
"BOU N CER" in * soup kitchen that is the hangout
crooks a n d . down-and-outs.
Hew “ T iger True” ripened up on the
Baboon, a m ysterious creak od sopeeman strength who terrified the
dietrict. You w ill eoe A l Kaufman w ho waa at one tim e o m o f t e
m ost prom ising heavyweights in the rin g in fist-fight with Tiger True
t e c h occu n in o m o f the scenes. I f action is what yen like yon wffl
see plenty o f it in this picture.
; T
; :
Mate Waknmp la TH E DRAGON’S NET* The Mb
»'date - ,
A ss see sr J. P. Beyen
[that he wffl personally
petty in the towns o f Pawurs, Coquille
aad probably aB o f M yrtle Point, in
addition to supervising the balance.
He has named t e follow ing deputies
| fo r the rest e f the county:
L Lando, fo r city o f Marshfield.
C. H. W orrell fo r d ty o f North
Bend, Empire and south.
L. D. Smith, o fr Coos river, Catch­
ing Inlet and Bern Inlet.
C. B. Zeek, fo r city o f Bendon.
A . C. Pauli, fo r district between
Bendon aad Curry county line.
C. A. Schroeder, fo r Coquille val-
[ ley from Coquille to Band on.
H. C. Guerin, fo r South Fork and
¡Middle Fork o f Coquille.
Arthur Brown fo r East Fork and
North Fork o f Coquille.
The deputy asseaaors w ill assess
only personal property, the realty ba-
| ing th irty - equalised in the aseesror’s
lee. Parties having protest against
I their assessments can notify deputies
or better still, take it up direct with
the assessor's office.
On t e G nat W d «C O te s
ime are only U snfaadee in this sariaL
A Typical Feature
The Picture is fu ll o f real eoaoedy situations and good enough to hold its
own without a star o f the Bay calibre. The Picture la one o f the whole­
some comedie« w ith many laughs, a hit o f pathos and splendid charac­
terisations. Ray pictures are always Human. A nycM w ho en joys'
dean com edy and. an occasional ta g at t e heart should not miss this
Snub Priburi fat “DON’T ROCK THE BOAT*
A Rolia Comedy
Marj^Miles Minter
! ;
“ Judy of
Rogue’s Harbor”
from the famous novel by
Grace KBer White
A Story fu ll o f Htunan interest
that w ill make you sigh and sob,
laugh and cry.
“ Benin's believin’ ” we used to say
when children. See the often called
“ W onder Child o f the Screen" in
this picture and be convinced that
the highest pitch. , There is
treat in store fo r you.
Frankie Lee, a child prodigy Six
and a half years old plays the part
o f Denny and be will be the center
v, j j- a
a r m
u _ tf. AND
A Special Christie Comedy
in S ite s
1:60 p.m.
Myrtle Point
It’s like picking up m o
I street to get t e Oregon Fermi
|ery week fa r e year at only 15
Caning Cerda. ISO for $L5C
t:S0a» m.
far Ceqaille
1:16 p.m.
6:80 p. m.
6:16 p.m.
Leave Ceguffle far Myrtle Print
11:30 a.m.
Leave Myrtle Print for CBorile
0:00 a. m. : 1:00 p. m.
Coast Auto Lines
¡O A uroniviA ^
Gallon A p ricots........ was 90c____now 00c
Gallon Peaches,........ was 90c____now 006
Gallon Pears----- ...w a s 90c_____now 00c
Gallon Apples---------- was 70c___ now 60c
Gallon Pumpkin........ was 60e____now 80c
No. 21-2 Pineapple..w as 40c
now 86c ...
No. 21-2 Preferred
;< Stock Pineapple..w as 46c
now 88c
No. 21-2 Peaches----- was 46c___ now 86c
No. 21-2 Peaches----- was 36c___ now 26c
No. 21-2 A pricot8-..w as 30c___ now 20c
Some o f this fruit is below our coet in San
Francisco and with sugar advancing we
believe the bottom has been reached.
Have you tried Mrs. Tucker’s Shortening?
x a winner.
Want Ads
„ A fter the business meeting an in-
’orm al program on the history o ft County Coart Gone to Balm
FOR BALE—W hite Leghorn <
Oregon was enjoyed by those present.
hatching. *2.00 fo r 15. Wi
County Judge W id e and Commis­
ardasa. Coquille, Oregon.
V isitors are) welcome to the club I sioners Yookam, o f Coquille, and Hen­
meetings which ere held the second ry Kern, o f North Bend, left Monday
morning fo r Salem to be present at
and fourth Tuesday o f each month.
the meeting o f the state highway eom -
O. A. C. Gltt Chib Coming
The O. A. C. Glee Club has been
secured to give an entertainment here
inder the auspices o f the public
schools, on Tuesday, March 22. The
follow ing are press comments on the
showing o f this organisation:
(N ov. 18,
1920):—'-The O. A. C. Glee Club has
iust returned from W ashington State
College where they made a real “h it"
in a join t concert with the W . 8. C.
'lu b, according to reports from Pull-
“ The second part od the program
developed many stare. In fa ct few
glee dubs carry as many clever spec­
ialists as are to be found in the 0 . A .
C. ■tíub."
In an Interview with 8tato High­
way Engineer Nunn the Roeeburg
News-Review quote« him ss follow s:
“ In regard to t e Roeeburg-Corn
Bay highway he is unable to me]
any definito announcements at this
The commission has announced
Ha intention o f graveling the sectil
Cama« Valley end Remote, a
16 mile stretch which has already
The commission favors
the completion o f t e work on this
highway but the engineer says he is
unable to stato exactly the amount o f
to he dene «Me year.”
county. Charles Hall, who left Marsh­
field Sunday to become a citisen o f
Klamath Falla, also planned to attend
the meeting. Judge W ood, o f Curry
county, and a number o f other prom­
inent citizens went up Tuesday to at­
tend the highway commission m eet-
The Coquille party, which went ont
to McKinley last Saturday, found the
old plunk read over Bullaek mountain
in a «lap dash condition and o m o f
them arrived with an earful o f m od,
another with a an eyeful and a third
with a mouthful. Nona o f them were
entirely disabled, 'however.
Can on
ua fo r
Don’t W ait T oo Long
to have your Suit, Dram, Chat or Gloves Cleaned, but
bring them to ua now and be prepared for Easter, m,
Better still. Come in and order that Easter iflit Now.,
See the Elegant Materials.
made to your
We guarantee the fit.
Phone 1033 Shores Bldg. Front St
ta t
City Cleaners & Tailors
f t It I
We have a full line o f Brooms, prices ranging from
50c to $1.35 each.
Woman’s dab N ot«
Nana Interviewed
If so, NOW is the time to bujr
The Woman’s Club held its regular
meeting Tuesday evening at the Rest
Room. The elub is very much inter­
ested at this time In the “ dean-up”
campaign and a committee WM ap­
pointed to visit the City Council to
offer the co-operation o f the chib, aad
to learn if some immediate action
oounld be taken in the case o f the
more conspicuous spots, especially in
the down town district. It is Hie de­
sire o f the club to have this work
begun early enough to allow for
Wanting and beautifying M w ell, so
«hat by summer our town may pre­
sent an appearance In keeping with
W advancement in other llneg.
An enthusiastic report was given
by the committee in charge o f the
bath-house p roject
Mrs. Hamilton
has secured an estimate fo r a float­
ing bath house o f fourteen dressing
rooms which can be built fo r ap-
| proximately $150. It was deelded to
raise the money by subscription and
as so many are intereeted in having
his much needed convenience, no d if­
ficulty is anticipated in raising the
necessary funds.
Mrs. Hamilton,
Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Hasard were ap­
pointed a permanent committee to I
make further plans and w ill be glad
to receive suggestions and aid from I
inyone interested.
“ Striking Models”
C ns Bty, topic id Myrte hit tfi States
Woman's Missionary Society
.T h e W omen’s Federated Missionary
I Society will meet at the home o f Mrs.
M. O. Hawkins next Thursday after-
| noon at 2:90.
Chine is the study taken up by the
Fay Tinchtr, Eddie Barry society this year end many interest
ing thing« concerning the condition
I and needs o f this country ere being
brought out. The terrible conditions
Margaret Cullington
existing ju st now in this famine
stricken lend brings thingi forcibly
to our attention.
Anyone interested in the mission
program Thursday afternoon will be
A flnpreme Comedy
M arshfield
Knock Dow* Fight
A fight in the Coquille Cafe last
Tuesday afternoon resulted in one
man being laid out cold fo r about ten
minutes and a fin# o f $10 being- as­
sessed against him and his conqueror
in the Recorder’ s court. Harry Chad­
wick and Chaa. Lewis, a Canadian,
had beau drinking together, and had
Anally traded shoes that the form er
m ight display h it ability as a buc-
caroo. They then went into the.res­
taurant w h en Lewis mads derogatory
remarks about Chadwick and on be
ing told to cut it out, m id ho had a
notion to poke him between the eyes.
Being advised not to’ spoil a good no­
tion he swung and Chadwick retaliat-
ad with t e blow over the left eye
that knocked Mm e a t Chadwick waa
then endeavoring to exchange shoes
again when the police came in and
arrested them. The return o f each
assn’s shoes to the proper owner was
not effected until after their confab
with the recorder.
'• •