The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1921-2003, March 11, 1921, Page 2, Image 2

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FRIDAY, M t a t w
r r
Mein and daughter, of
in here this weak via-
mother, lira. Ed Jones, of
thi* city.
Ladies’ LEATHER Goods
Shopping Bags
, - -
1 ■
1 ,/
$1.75 up
Ladies’ Hand Bags
U -'
- $3.50 up
Beauty Boxes
Boston Bags
i r r M ! G H 7
i ¥1
» •H I. .O
»y -af
The Royal Neighbor Lodge of Myr­
tle Point Initiated five candidates at
their extra meeting Saturday evening.
Dainty refreshments were served at a
late hour and everyone returned ip
their homes. Mr*. A. A. Schriefer has
been appointed assistant deputy of
the Ray ail Neighbors Lodge of Coos
county by Supreme Oracle Eva Childs.
Mrs. Max Graham, of Norway, has
\ 1
been up last vJeek and this week vis­
iting Laura Schroeder and family.
LL PLANTING h u been held back thi«
Practically no
Clark Fenaler was over at Marsh­
fall seeding waa done and now fa» February. Thi* ■»cm that
field Tuesday on business.
George A. Lasson, of Marshfield,
in addition to the uanal spring dewand all thla alack must be taken
was up here on business Tuesday.
F. S. Lewis, of Eugene, was here
up. Don't wail until the last hour and be caught In the jam.
on business Tuesday and Wednesday
of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Brady, of Port­
land, were in this vicinity Tuesday
and Wednesday.
V. R. Wilson, optometrist of Co-
quille, was up to Myrtle Point on bus­
iness Tuesday.
» ' .
Otto Shindler, of Coquflle, spent
Sunday at the Chas. Harlocker home
in Myrtle Point.
F. E. Wilson, of Marshfield, was
in Myrtle Point on business Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Chaney and
children, of Coquille, were up at Myr­
tle Point on a visit Tuesday
The D. O. K. K. Minstrels of North
Bend will be hare Saturday. In the
afternoon they will give a street per
formance and in the evening a min­
strel show. They furnish their own
costumes and stage scenery. *The re­
ceipts that the Myrtle Point Knighta
of Pythias get will go towards the
children’s playground fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder and
children, of this city, were down to
Mr. Schroeder’* father and mother’s,
Mr. and Mrs. August Schroeder’»
home at Norway to eat August
Schroeder’* birthday dinner, as he
was celebrating his 87th birthday.
The Macy-Baird company, who have
been putting on their shows here for
the last ten days, went to Coquill#
Thursday to play four night there
They say they are very stuck on the
Coquille Valley and don’t know how
soon they will leave It. All their
plays that were given in Myrtle Point
were enjoyed very muck by the peo­
ple here and in the surrounding vi
2 PhoMt—691
cinity and they played to packed
houses each and every night.
Dr. J. L. Masson, of this city, was
a Marshfield visitor last Friday.
M. S. Allen, of Wendling, Oregon,
was in Myrtle Point on business last
Community Clnb Meets
W. A. Woodward, of Portland, was
Parkersburg Community Club
in Myrtle Point Wednesday and
was entertained March 2nd by Mrs.
Thursday of this week.
Oscar Starrett was down from Elmore Drane. Luncheon waa served
when the gueets arrived. Miaa Kal-
Bridge Tuesday on business
B vj 8. Ruben stein, of Portland, was bua, the county demonstration agent,
down in this vicinity a few days the was present, also tha following mem­
bers of the club and visitors: Mas-
latter part of this week.
Leon E. Rennell, of Eugene, was dames Richard Danielson, Aimer
162 Y ean ago George Washington presented
Walstrom, Joseph Nulf, Thomas Dew
here on business last Tuesday.
Msrths Dsndridge with n wuddiag ring.
Mr. and-Mrs. Vern Hasan, of the ereux, T. P. Hanly, Tom Devereux,
Schroeder and Aasen Mill, of Nor­ Bonnie Cochran, Thomas Hanly, Ed­
71 Yean ago the Kohinoor itiemimd. weighing
way, were up to Myrtle Point Tues win Bogard, Joseph Flam, Jack Mc­
carats, was presented to Queen Victoria.
day evening and attended the show Leod, Margaret Rose, Levi Gibson,
Mrs. John Culbertson, of Gravel Etta Mores, Robert Bullard, Abia
Ford, was in town Tuesday evening. Barrows, Alex McLeod, And Hulttn,
John Fabry and George Mullen, of Henry Schroeder, T. W. Drane, Misses
this place, started suit against the Lavelle Walstrom, Harriet Danielson,
Security Bank of Myrtle Point, Bank Noel Merchant, Jewal Cochran
of Southwestern Oregon of .Marsh Masters Bobby Devereux, Thomas
field, Louis M. Suplee, Russel C. De­ Ronald Hanly, Jack McLeod, Leonard
ment and J. O. Stemmier for the pur­ Hultin. The gueets of honor
pose of cancelling certain promissory Joseph Flam and Percy Hanly. Mrs.
notes. Messrs. Fabry and Mullen al Joaeph Nulf will be next to entertain
Watchmaking — Engraving — Jewelry Maaafhctariag
lege that their signatures were se at her home at Parkersburg, Wednes­
cured through false and fraudulent day, April fith. Everyone welcome
representations made by Russell C. who would like to come.—Mrs. T. W.
Dement, Louis M. Suplee and J. O Drane.
Stemmier. They say that representa­
tions were made that the money se­
Heard a Donkey
cured en the notes, would care for all
During the meeting at McKinley
indebtedness against the Myrtle Point
Seme Urne yee are gefag te aleeo and a * wake ap-
last Saturday Mr. Farr's talk waa in­
Mill and Lumber Company. But they
That eveet may happes a t the « n
terrupted by a harsh noise that
Inter learned that the money was used
Tour boy, laetead of gafag threugi
caused Mr. Wahley, of the State
to reimburse the two banka for money
te be a maa a# affaire may be » iS lu li
Guernsey Cattle Association, who ac­
aaaldlled laber.
paid out cn trade acceptances. They
companied him, to inquire if there
alto aay that the partiea represented
And the Uttle daughter may be «ai
waa a sawmill near. Mr. Farr said
to them that a note secured by
proper éducation and hâve te spead ht
there was none but that he thougljt
mortgage from the Myrtle Point Mill
there must be a logging camp m
and Lumber Company would be taken
U 4 Mfe hmurence guettâtes the fuifflmeat af
and it was a donkay engine they
tiens for yeer fismily.
and that they would be relieved from
heard. It was a regular crescendo
their individual notes, which was not
Let tt etep lato yonr shees after yea e n g— t
which sounded like a saw aating into
Let it oceupy yonr ptaee and « rr y
a plank with a rasping haw and then
eompleted werk.
Mrs. J. C. Gibson, of this city, was
shift until the saw took another
operated on at Dr. Clarke’s hospital
bite. The joke was on Mr. Farr, how­
for acute appendicitis Saturday. She
ever, when the audience informed him
is getting along as well as can be ex­
that instead of a donkey engine ft
A. T. MORRISON, District Agent
was a live donkey that was furnish­
On last Friday, March 4th, Mrs
CeesdDa, O n
ed the musk.
O. H. Clarke had a musicale a t her
home. Pupils from Powers, Arago
East Fork Notes
and Myrtle Point were present. Af­
ter the musicale games were played
Sunday Ernest Count* found a «ar­
r.nd refreshments were served and all eas of a deer that had been killed by
agreed that they had spent a profita­ a cougar, which had two kitten* with
ble and enjoyable evening.
There her. \ Hi* dog struck out on the
were about 44 present.
track tad did not get back until Mon­
Frank Tichenor, of Portland, was day. Then they got a wild cat and a
here a few days this week on busl- coon.
Highest cash market price for cream. Correct weights
•*- 1
Walter Bunch is plowing at Moun­
Mr. Starr, of Powers, was down on tain Glade ranch with hi* tractor.
and testa Guaranteed
bnsineaS Wednesday.
Mr. Chamberlain presetted in
Brewster Valley school house Sunday.
Road wage* hava been cut to 68.60
It’» like picking up money in. the
street to get the Oregon Farmer evA a day for men. Six dollar*, man and
¡cry week for a year at only 16 cents
R. A. Easton.
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