Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, June 27, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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HtnAY, JI NK 97, 1010.
A Bank With the Strength
of Tempered Steel
The soundness of this bunk is enhanced by the conservative policy
pursued by its officers In the making of loans. It therefore becomes
the safest ot all places for the care ot your saving!), upon which.
It pays Interest at the rate ot 4 per cent per annum.
This 'bank invites you to become one of its rapidly growing family
of patrons, and offers you every facility consistent with safe, sound
and conservative banking.
A Year's
Subscription to
with every Kodak or Brownie
purchase. A monthly magazine
tor amateun photographers,
trim full ot valuable informa
tion, pretty and interesting
pictures showing what can be
done with your camera, and
all sorts of suggestions to
make your photo taking of
greater Interest and value.
Stanton Rowell
Music and Photo House
507 509 G St.
The following selections will be
played at the concert to be given to
night by the Grants Pass brass band
at Railroad park, at 8:15 . m., John
H. William, director:
March, "The Joy Riders.
Irish air. "The Shannon. The
Shamrock and You."
'Walts and gallop, 'The Sirene and
March, "The Rifle Rangers."
Overture. 'The Elves."
Walti. "My Lady."
March. "Triumph." .
Serenade. "Evening Shadows."
Overture. "The Conqueror."
March, 'The Huntress."
"The Star Spangled Banner."
Xewlyweds Surprised
James Ralph Wood and bride, who
lipped away from the wedding par
ty Thursday afternoon and took an
automobile for Ashland, were appre
hended at Ashland 1y a trio of their
friends and showered with rice. Miss
Beulah Williams, Miss Katherine De-
Voe and Bayard Findley, as soon as
the bride and groom were missed,
secured an antomoblle and raced to
Medford, taking the road on one
side of the river while the bride and
groom were speeding south on the
opposite side. No trace of the couple
could be found at Medford so the
party went on to Ashland end found
the bride and groom at the tele
graph office during the stay of the
train. The efforts of the bridal pair
to elude their friends were fruitless.
EGG3 WANTED Highest cash
paid for fresh eggs. Moore Bak
ing Oo. 98tf
Would Yon Economize?
Then .buy letter paper by the
ream; 500 sheets for $1. Courier
office. 4Uf
June 25-28, Wednesday-Saturday
Teachers examinations.
June, 28, Saturday Meeting of Jo
aephine County Pomona grange at
the Deer Creek grange hall at 12
o'clock noon.
Tonight the Joy theater moves to
the old Star theater location next to
the Grants Pass hotel and will occupy
that building until extensive repairs
and remodeling of the Wolke build
ing have been completed. The Star
building has been undergoing re
modeling and repairs for some weeks
and it is now clean and comfortable.
The improvements to the Wolke
building will include the lowering of
the floor with the entrance of the
street level, the placing of the office
over the entrance at the side of the
operating room, a well appointed
foyer, an adequate furnace for win
ter, and the complete renovation of
the entire building. The repairs
will require several weeks.
Our classified ads bring results.
Sowell Arrested
Frank F. Sowell was arrested this
afternoon at the Southern Pacific
passenger station just as he was tak
ing the train for Klamath Falls. The
arrest was made on a charge of his
wife, who, it is stated, claims that
Sowell has failed to pay her alimony.
You can't cover blackheads,
pimples, red spots on the face with
powder; they're bound to be seen
don t worry er spoil your temper,
take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
each week 'twill banish them thru
the blood, the only sure way. 35c
Sabln's Drug Store. Adv.
Ford cars gve yon jo h. p. on high Dodge cars give
yon 13 h. p. on high no limit when in low. Cut
wood, runs feed grinder or ensilage cutter.
A car load of Fordon tractors coming about July SMMii,
all sold, now making up another car place your order
now that you may do- your fall plowing in August
yon don't need to wait for a rain if yon have a Fordson
Tractor. Order today.
C. A. Winetrout
The Implement Man
Charles S. 'Rogers, ot Glendale. is
In the city today.
C. E. Cluster and daughter went
to Ashland this afternoon.
Mrs. A. D. Knight went to 'Ashland
this morning to visit her daughter.
Marshmallow Whip at Pardee's. 17
Mrs. M. Burkhart, of Rogue River,
was shopping in the city today.
J. 'U Scott, of Cleudale, Is pend
ing the day In the city.
"rathe" Phonograph. Subln has it.
Miss Katherine DeVoe returned
to Koseburg today, atter spending
several days at the James Hair homo.
Mr. and Mrs. Andy McCarthy left
today by automobile for California!
Sterling Maxda lamps at Cramer
tiros. 26
Mrs. I C. -Drown, guest ot Mrs.
V. Wallace for several days, left this
morning for her home at Seattle.
Mrs. Ed Autenrleth. of Yreka, was
In the city for a few hours on bus
iness yesterday.
Neutralo gives your Kurd ull th
advantages of a geer shifting car.
$4 Batery Shop. 03tf
Henry Huerth arrived this morn
ing from Oreuon City to remain dur
ing the commercial fishing season.
J. O. Lystul, and Arthur and
Christoff Hagen. of Glendale, are In
the city today.
C. D. Smith, a miner from the
Seluia district, was a Grants Pass
business visitor today.
Mrs. Frank Ryan, who recently
leased the Hotel Clarke at Glendale.
Is in the city on business.
Miss Hunseth, of Selma, who has
beeu visiting in the city, returned to
her home today.
Mrs. I. F. Hoat and two daugh-1
ters returned this morning from
Portland, where they spent several
R. E. Brlttln, and J. E. Whltaker
and wife of Arkansas City, Kan., are
in the city with the view ot locating
Mrs. B. W. Riggs and two daugh
ters of Roseburg spent several days
here with relatives. They went to
Ashland this morning for the day.
The Riverside Recreation Club In
vites you to attend a dance at the
Gold Hill pavilion Saturday. June 28.
F. W. Streets ft the Oxford hotel
returned this morning from a trip
to northern Oregon and southern
Washington points.
Mrs. Clara Coffman returned last
night from Portland, where she
spent several weeks with her daugh
ter. Mrs. Hesse, and her son. W. L.
Ireland, and family. .
iM1ss iWilna Smith arrived Wed
nesday from Wapato, Wash., where
she attended school, and returned
with her parents, 'Mr. and Mrs. Orn
Miss Klennor Shaw, of Spokane,
is the guest ot Mrs. Stella lit rat tun
at Williams.
Miss Vere Murray went to Rogue
River this aftomoon to spend the
week end.
Mllou Jones, Just discharged from
the U. 8. navy, returned homo this
afternoon. Ho wus in tho service
since the latter part ot 1917 and
made 13 trips across.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Qoettsche. ot
San Lois Obispo, spent day here;
with the former's brother, August,
leaving this afternoon for their
home. ' I
Mrs. 1.. I a Wood, who spent the
past two months here with her
daughter, Mr. R. K. Woodson, and
remained over to attend the mnr-
ringe ot her son, James Ralph Wood,'
loft last night tor her home at LongJ
Reach. Cal.
Mrs. Thomas Nun an, who visited,
her grandmother, Mrs. -M. J. John.!
at Williams to rthe past three weeks
left this afternoon for her home at'
San Francisco, accompanied by Mrs. j
John. Mr. N'unan spent two weeks,
here, returning home last Saturday.
Murray (re to Pullman
Wlllett Murray, student at the O.
A. C. leaves Corvallls this week for
the agricultural college at Pullman.'
Wash., where he will be associated
with the best experts In the I'nlted
States In testing cows. j
Smith, to Kerby.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Evanson and two
children arrived this morning from
Los Angeles and will spend a week
or two with Mrs. Evanson's mother,
Mrs. Louise Evanson, and other rel
atives. Sold three more Royal electric
vacuum cleaners, making six in the
last eight days. Grants Pass Hard
ware Co. 04
Alfred iDoerner, da'ughter and sister
in-law left Denver, Colo., this morn
ing by automobile for Grants Pass
to join Mrs. Doerner, who has been
here with her sister, Mrs. E. G. Har
ris, for some weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Wheeler and
little daughter, 'Agnes, were In the
city Wednesday for a teir hours
Thev were traveling by auto from
their home at Wapato, Wash., to
Phoenix, Ore., where they will
spend the summer on the farm with
Mr. Wheeler's parents.
Ed Holmes, who was Injured at
the Southern IPaciflo freight depot
some months ago, and who spent
several weeks In the Southern Pa
cific hospital in San Francisco, left
this afternoon for San Francisco
where he will report at the hospital
for discharge,
. POWDER 23c
V. It. V. Regulnr Meeting
General togan W. R. C. will hold ,
their regular semi-monthly meeting
Saturday afternoon. The Dalles eon-.
ventlon reports by the president and
senior-vice will be an Interesting fea
ture of the meeting.
Married In St. IxmJs 1
Kenneth Williams, of this city,
playing with the St. 1-ouls Ameri
cans, and Miss Ethel Wilkerson, for
some months clerk In the Southern
Pacific freight office in this city,
were married in St. louis on Thurs
day. June 19. They expect to make
St. Louis their home.
Three Hands at .hlftnd
The Ashland Record announces
that three bands will furnish music
for the big celebration In that city
on the 4th. Aside from the Medford
and Ashland bands, the Klamath
Agency band, composed of Indians,
will Jie on the job.
Auto Incenses
County Clerk K. L. Coburn ha
just received application blanks for
the examination ot auto mechanics.
These blanks must be filled out and;
forwarded to the examination board
at Portland by July 5, accompanied i
by an examination fee ot $5. The!
law states that all auto mechanics
must take the examination.
Excursion Hates to Coast j
Grants Pass to Crescent City, by
easy riding cars, for $7.50. Grants i
Pass and Crescent City Stage com-1
pany. Phone 26. 74tf
Fertilizer Plant
Says the Umpqua Courier: "The;
Reedsport Fish Company are mak-j
ing arrangements to establish a plant!
in IReednport by whloh all the retime I
from the cannery and packing house I
can be converted Into terminer, be
sides saving the oil from the fish '
offal. The plant will make about j
ten tons of fertilizer per day, he
sides saving the oil und'other pro
"Home'' Pear
W. 3. Copley has a curiosity In
his garden a pear tree which
bloomed early this spring and had
most of the blooms killed by frost
(but some of them developed and now
ba's small pears on It, and has recent
ly burst into bloom again. At pres
ent the tree has small fruit and
blooms all at the same time. Glen
dale News.
We the Undersigned
Dairymen will after July 1st, sell
milk at $3.60 per month for quarts
and $2 for ipints at retail. 'Peter Ol
son, J. T. Chausse, A. "A. Ingalls,
Anna M. Lewis and Will Scovllle. 04
CouUint and Anient Arrive
Ben W. Coutant and Dana Ament,
members of the 23rd Engineers, ar
rived home last night atter their dis
charge at Camp Lewis. Both men
were in the service more than two
years and went overseas soon after
enlistment. Besides their good ser
vice stripes they are entitled to three
gold stars, Indicating participation
li three major engagements. They
have many thrilling experiences to
Women's Summer Weight Union
Suits, also Knit Pants and
Sleeveless Vests
JJ It Pays to Buy
"I 1 il
uouu uomes
MM (J Htreet
4luy evoiitunll) l
dnift a special pattern for every garment old
they itre good clothe now ami eventually.
Fxlunlvfl loral dealer
See the line tit
New Porch RocKers
In our Window. TUey are going ft Immbiims Hie PltlfKM are
Holman's Furniture Store
60S O street, opposite Band Stand
Rolled Barley
80 lb. Mill Feed
Utility Dairy Food
Fisher Dairy Food
Poultry Supplies
J, PARDEE, Grocer
Joy Theater0
Mitchell Lewis
"Children of Banishment"
A tmy of the great logging cainm of the WWern .Mountains
"Never Too Old"
A Stark Bennett Comedy
; C ;
and until further notice
in the old
while the Joy is being remodeled
Arrested on Old Charge
Ix)n Frye, recently returned from
Prance, was arrested Friday after
noon on a warrant issued more than
two years ago, Charging him with the
theft of flour from warehouse in
this city.
Riverside Recreation Club
Invites you to attend a dance at
the Cold Hill pavilion Saturday,
June 28. 05
Cwn for (rami Jury
j Today at hlH preliminary hearing
before Justice Holmun, John Wol-
toiK was placed under $750 bonds
to appear before the next grand
Jury. .Ho raised the bond. Wolfolk
Is accused of assault with a danger
ous weapon upon the person of
Henry Sargent, ot Waters Creek.
If you have anything to tell try
classified ad.