Grants Pass daily courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1919-1931, June 05, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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grants pass daily courier
The Banking Habit
When you got the Banking Habit you have an asset that to
of the greatest Talus to you.
The pocket leaks. The hank preserve your money Intact.'
The Banking Habit teaches economy. You learn that money
This habit makes for permanence in depositor. Tou feel
you have a stake In the community, and you are careful of your fin
ancial standing. ,
Get the Banking Habit Get the habit of hanking with us. We
pay 4 per cent on time deposits. 'And we appreciate your account
e it large or email.
a New Edison merely 'because
the world's greatest inventor
makes it. Attend a tone test;
then buy it because the evi
dence has convinced you that
it RE-CREATES the singer's
voice with such fidelity that
you can not distinguish artist
from instrument
The New Edison
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
Stanton Rowell
Music and Photo House
007 G street
Rally Hay Program
Saturday, June 7. will be Rally
Day for the Sabbath school at the
Seventh Day Adventist church. All
are cordially invited to attend the
Sabbath school at 10 a. m. and the
Rally Day program at 11 a. m. and
J.JO p. m.
Ford Toms Over
While on the way to Grants Pass
from Glendale last evening the Ford
car driven y Edwin Johnson was
wrecked near Wolf Creek. Just how
the accident happened is not known.
'but the car turned over and was
badly smashed. Other occupants ot
j the Ford were Frank Morgan, George
I Johnson and J. W. Johnson, all of
I Glendale, the latter 'being somewhat
bruised. His left arm was also
sprained and he sought medical at
tention upon arriving at-Grants Pass.
Edwin Johnson returned to Glendale
for car repairs, hut the other gentle
men came on to this city in other
cars, for the purpose of attending the
Oddfellows meeting last evening.
Whitney Allyn left this morning
on his vacation.- He will spend sev
eral days in Eugene, Corvallis and
Salem and will take in the Rose Fes
tival in Portland.
June 7, Saturday Sabbath school
rally day. Sabbath school 10 a.
nu Rally Day program 11 a. m.,
and 2:30 p. m. Seventh Day Ad-
Tentist church.
June 12-13, Thursday-Friday
Eighth grade state examinations.
June 25-28, Wednesday-Saturday
Teachers examinations.
R. N. A. Meets Friday
There will be a meeting of the
Royal Neighbors of America at the
W. O. W. hall, Friday at 8 p. m. A
full attendance Is desired, as there
will 'be Initiation work.
Dancing Party '
Waldorf hall Saturday night. Good
floor, good music, good time. Tickets
75c plus 8c war tax. 87
Neighbors of Woodcraft j
Regular meeting Friday evening
at W. O. W. hall. Business of im
portance. 85 I
' t J "" A'rL " " .-
LA"V -A a
V 'v' :. -'A
v , i '''' "
1 x.
Air. and Mrs. iR. U Newman wout
to Portland last night.
"Ivory Soap Flakes." Sabtn hss it
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. lAllen, ot Al
meda, are In the city.
Allen T. Underwood and S. W. Dut
ort, ot uMedtord, are In the city.
Goodrich Fabric. Tires, 6,000 mils
guarantee. Oldlng's Garage. 88
T. tM. Stott left last night tor
Portland, where he expects to remain
on business until Saturday.
A. M. iLawson, of Independence,
Ore.. Is stopping at the Oxford for a
few days.
Win. Hameiutt, who recently mov
ed from this place to Medford. Is In
the city today on Justness.
Miss Jane Wharton returned to
Roseburg this morning after visiting
Grants Pass relatives.
Goodrich Fabric Tires, 8,000 mile
guarantee. Oldlng's Garage. 88
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Cameron, ol
Taklima, are Grants Pass visitors to
Hrs. Ceo. 8. Eaton went to Corval
lis last night to spend a tew days
with her sister.
Miss Pauline Dean returned last
night from 'Medford. where she spent
several weeks.
Get the Willard Sen Ice habit
Come in once a month to have your
battery tested. Little Ampere at
the Battery Shop. 85
Mrs. Jos. M. Derricks went to
Roseburg last night on a "business
trip. '
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Lutz ot Astoria
were in the city last evening, taking
the stage this morning for Brookings.
Tlmken Hearings for front wheels
of Ford and Chevrolet cars, 47 per
set. Oldlng's Garage. 88
Mrs. Fred Roper and her brother.
O. F. Williams ot Central Point, left
this morning on a trip to Portland
by auto.
John B. Jones, capitalist of North
Dakota, spent a day here with Dr.
and Mrs. M. R. Britten, leaving
north this morning.
M. J. Shoemaker and Dr. B. R.
Shoemaker, of Roseburg, were In
the city this morning en route to
the Tosemlte valley on an automobile
Timken Bearings for front wheels
e Ford and Chevrolet cars, $7 per
set. Oldlng's Garage. ' 88
Miss Maryl Mnir left last night
for liaGrande to spend the summer
with her fetber. She (will return to
Grants Pass to continue her high
school studies.
Dr. J. C. Smith and daughters,
Josephine and Mrs. Paul Schallhorn,
and the latter's little daughter, and
Will Smith left this morning by au
tomobile ' for Willamette valley
Points. They will visit at Jefferson
and other places.
A. J. Ackerman, president ot the
Oregon state normal school at Mon
mouth, and former state school su
perintendent, spent the day In
Grants Pass, going in the afternoou
to Ashland where he delivers the
commencement address tonight
Moving to Modtord
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. 'Lynch, former
proprietors of the Battery Shop, are
moving to Modtord today where
they will engage in business.
Ashlnd K.lkn Over
The Ashland Elks have won the
distinction ot being the first In the
state to report a complete quota In
the Salvation Army home service
fund, by raising 12.500.
You'll Learn
To know people by meetln' with
'em and you'll meet alt of 'em at
Murphy June th' 14. 87
AppliNCHt Ituml llettt
It la reported that the road to
Medford from Grants Pass by way
ot the lApplegate and over the Jack
sonville hill is in 'much better condi
tion than the road along the north
side of the Rogue. The road by way
ot Applegate Is a trifle longer but
is said to be much smoother.
tfarnraa Htoien
Someone, presumably short of
leather, swiped a fine set of heavy
work harness from the Wm. Bailey
ranch, on Missouri Flat, Tuesday
evening. The 9heriff reports that
there is yet no suspicion as to who
the guilty party Is.
Excursion Kates to Coawt
Grants Pass to Crescent City, by
easy riding cars, for I7.50.1 Grants
Pass and Crescent City Stage com
pany. Phone 26. 74tt
Boose and Chevrolet
The Medford Tribune reports that
whiskey smugglers have worked a
new wrinkle by shipping In 100
quarts' of booze with a car of Chev
rolets to that city from Oakland, Cal.
The cars were consigned to Mr. Pru
ttt of Medford, but he woutdn't claim
the booze and turned It over to the
Leaves Soon far Seattle
S. H. Hatharway, who has been
bookkeeper t the Copper King mine
during the past few months, was rn
the city today. iAs the mine has
closed down for the summer, Mr.
Hathaway Is arranging to return to
his home at Seattle about the 15th
of this month. C. W. Kirk to watch
man at the Copper King.
Tickets $1 and $1.50
liver Salts
For Rhetunatltm and Uric Add
An agreeable effervescent lax
ative and diuretic, specially
prepared for the relief of
stomach, liver and Intestinal
disorders; and as an aid In the
treatment of rheumatic, gouty
and uric acid ailments.
8Sc, 65c and 91.25
M. E. eVervlcex
There will be no prayer meeting
service at the Newman iM. E. church
this evening on account of Rev. Mel
ville T. Wire having had his tonsils
removed and Is not yet able to take
his 'accustomed place. Sunday ser
vices for June 8th, both morning
and evening, will be as usual. Rev.
H. J. Van Fossen taking the morn
ing hour.
Five Are Initiated
A large delegation of Oddfellows
arrived in the city last evening to
attend a meeting of that lodge. Five
candidates from that little lumber
Ing city were initiated into the order.
Those who came for the meeting
were D. 'P. Grenlnger, George John
son, iE. iA. Umpblette, J. W. Johnson,
Frank Hart, Frank Morgan, I. H.
Smith, iBert Frost, Fred Cornell, Bert
Glllons, Chris. Nebel, E. E. Jamison,
W. D. Holisolaw, Joe Jones and A,
Last time Tonight
Marguerite Clark
and Eugene O'Brien in
New House Aprons
All colors in Ginghams and Percale
should be ordered now Avoid the rush
Select the pattern yon like from the
hundreds of samples' now on display
(M).1 U eKreet
Ktelunlvp local dmlrr
SLEEP s e s k"'1' up time
Only deep, sound steep can restore the energy spent In your day's
work. People who know the facts are going beyond the mere
looks ot a ibed and are asking about the sleeping quality ot a
bed. There is perfect rest and comfort guaranteed for !0 yean
It you get a Simmons Slumber King 8prlng at
Holman's Furniture Store
605 G street, opposite Band Stand
Puts It Up To The Cook
A bill of groceries from our houae put Its squarely
p to the rook. Tliere can be absolutely no eicuae for
a poor dinner prepared from groceries purchased from
Nourishing foods were never more necessary than
at this time, when ) u nenl to conserve every ounce of
yoor strength.
Our vegetables are fresh.
Our flour la the very best on the market.
Every article of food In the house Is selected with
care and an eye to the health of onr customers.
Every purchase yon make is the esence of wisdom
- In grocery baying It Is the acme of possible economy.
J. PARDEE, Grocer
Get the Big Price for
Your Hay
The quality of your hay
determines the price. There
is often a difference of from
$0.00 to $10.00 per ton be
tween choice hay and hay
that erades No. 3. Increase
your hay land profits by
air-curing your hay.
Air-cured hay is better
hay. It holds its color.
The leaves do not become
brittle. There is little loss
in handling. The hay keeps
better in the mow, stack or
bale, and is more palatable,
more digestible and has
greater feeding valgus.
Whether you sell your hay
or feed it, your profits aro
increased when you adopt
thia system of making hay.
It does not cost you any
thing extra to air-cure hay.
You merely use a Dain
System Rake.
The Dain System Rake is
the best for this purpose.
It is the easiest to operate
and you can handle the
heaviest hay because, with
the inclined frame, the
capacity is the greatest
where the quantity of hay
handled is largest
Drop in and took over tho Dain Sy$lm Rakes
u havo in atocA.
' The Implement Maa