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VKl.NK8lAV, MAY 81. IMS.
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tared at poetolfloe. Grants P
Or., second class mall matter.
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reserved. '
Fair, gentle northerly winds.
. It has been generally accepted that
..deprivation ot alcohol would result
in an increased use of habit-forming
drugs. This has been one of the
leading arguments of the liquor In
terests. Friends ot the prohibition
movement, while not admitting it
u a, valid objection to prohibition,
lave granted that such a danger ex
feted, and have sought to meet It by
tetter control of the "dope" traffic.
Perhaps this fear has been exag
gerated. The editor ot the Arliona
Gazette, speaking from the exper
ience ot a state that has already met
this situation, maintains that the
transition from strong drink has
been made without any appreciable
Increase ot the drug evil.
"There Is no doubt In my mind,"
cays the editor. In a personal state
ment, "but that Arlxona when wet
was the wettest region In the United
States In proportion to Its popula
tion. I know now from actual inves
tigation that there was practically no
tendency toward the nse of drugs as
a substitute for alcoholic drinks. We
nave been good and dry. outside of
a little bootlegging,' for four years.
The people in Arizona who were con
firmed drunkards of alcoholic drinks
men and woman, simply had to quit,
fcecause no such drinks were procur
able. No matter how mucn u may
have hurt them, they simply had to
quit; and I am sure that not one In
.. - . . Arnm
60U attempted iu iu
for the liquor habit or appetite."
This information will be reassur
ing to many communities and many
Individuals that have been worried
about the matter. There should be
no relaxation, however, of the effort
to provide a more adequate pumic
control ot the sale and use ot deadly
The evil is fcerlous enough at best
to. deserve , the careful , attention of
all legislative todies nd publie au
thoriOea. " "
A test was made In Ohio recently
to determine the saving in gasoline
irom running a. i -good
road. The greatest pains were
' taken to eliminate from the test
every variant except the surface of
the Toad, Five new Army Standard
A trucks were used for the trial
They were sent over seven different
types of road surface on practically
level ground. ' ' '
The test results showed an aver
age of 5.78 miles per gallon over a
dirt road in good condition, 7.19
' over fair gravel, 9.89 over good
gravel, about the same over fair bi
tuminous macadam and good brick
roads, 11.44 over extra smooth brick
and 11.78 over good concrete.
Here is a gain ot six miles per
gallon between the best and worst
type of road with unloaded trucks.
The trucks loaded showed that the
poor road took seven times as much
gasoline per mile as the good one.
This being the age of the automo
bile and the beginning of the auto
You Should
a Perfect House Broom
35c - 50c
Quality First
truck" as a real factor In transpor
tation, these figures speak louder
than words on the sound economy of
sound roads. Furthermore, Into
these figures enters no calculation
of the wear and tear upon an expen
sive machine in going over rough
highways, nor the time lost. They
are only to show that the saving of
gasoline alone must be figured as
going a long way toward paying for
the construction ot good pavements
the country through.
The Mechanics stopped on the ac
celerator and finished in high last
evening In their twilight game with
the Professionals. The 'Profession
als hold third place for the reason
that there are only three clubs in
the league. It la hoped that the Mer
chants, who have won easy victories
from both the above clubs, will grow
so fat and lazy in their conceit and
haughtiness that they will fall an
easy victim in the next game.
The Big Four Brotherhood will
oppose returning the railroads to
their owners. The almighty dollar
has an almighty influence and the
boys possibly see their big salaries
Officers estimate that fully 30 au
tomobiles are stolen each day . In
Washington, Oregon and California
and many of them are never re
covered. Better put a burglar alarm
on your Tin Lizzie.
Many are predicting that the
league of nations will last about as
long as the proverbial snowball after
being placed in the gentle care of
Is it possible that Wood row has
run short , of vote-winning slogans
and Is going to play to thr Towers'
gallery? We will have to admit that
he sprung a "ringer." ."
' ! '. , I '.
Everyone wanted Harry Hawker
to make good in his ocean flight.
And bis wife and little baby were
awaiting his arrival.
San Francisco, May 21. Michael
Ryan, derelict, is lucky. He found
a 150.000 check andigave it to the
police. They gave him SI reward
"I'm lucky," he said. "I was look
ing for a dime to ibuy coffee."
rV J unci
Detroit Vapor
051 Stave
Works Like City Gas
May 22
By a factory representative
Rogue River
Hardware Co.
It took the Mechanics five Innings
to get their old machine tinkered In
shape to run, but In the sixth they
had a Joy ride to victory. When they
did step on her she came from be
hind the Professionals and went too
far In front there was no heading
her. Final score, 9 to 5.
Instead of the usual five Innings,
It was agreed by the two captains to
play seven. The first four Innings
were snappy enough, with the Me
chanics ahead, 2-1. The first half
of the fifth, Whipple, of the Profes
sionals, safe on Stelger's error;
Bradford was hit by pitcher; Cale
Smith doubled to left field, foriuclnR
Faubion Retired In the Sixth
the two on bases home. Coburn was
out to Kearns; Hammerbacher sac
rificed Smith to third, where be was
caught off the base on an over run
but scored when he eluded Collins
and Faubion who tried to trap him.
Pittinger and Johnson both hit safe
ly, but Pittinger was caught at the
plate trying to come home on John
son's hit. In the sixth inning, with
one down, Patterson hit safely, and
was forced home when Faubion is
sued free transportation to three
men. iBlevins was sent to Faublon's
relief, and stopped further scoring.
For five Innings the Professionals
had held their opponents to two hits
and two runs. The two runs had
been handed to Fred Collins through
errors, followed by hits. In the
sixth after one was out, Kearns hit
to center for two bases. He stepped
20 feet off the bases and went to
sleep, temporarily. But no harm
came to him for the second baseman,
Johnson, also slumbered, and the
ball was tossed to center field again
on the play to catch Kearns, who,
being rudely awakened Ibeat It for
home, where he arrived safely. Then
followed the Joy ride. Collins sin
fled; Stelger safe on Bradford's er-
Johnson's second error of Inning;
Collins closed the Inning Iby a roller
to Henimerbacher, 1
Record, of inning; Hits, &; runs,
7; errors ot Professionals, 4. ' '
Scanning the score book for dope,
there Is revealed the fact that the
Mechanics' outfield did not get '"
chance to make a putout. While
Faubion waa pitching he made 5 put
outs and two assists. Kearns, first
baseman, made 8 putouts and waa
charged with one error. Collins,
catcher, made 4 putout, one error.
Stelger, at second, killed two, assist
ed once, erred once. Hoffman., ax-
bl it-league shortstop, two putouts.
two assists. San tee, recruit third
base Mechanic made two hits, one
taring a double.
For the Professionals, Captain
Gene Coburn waa the busy boy,
making 7 putouts, and one as
sist. Oeno could not hold down the
base runners, however, for they otole
everything In sight. Hammerbacher,
on first, had B putouts, and waa
debited one error. Pittinger, short
stop, killed two, assisted four time
erred one. Gale Smith, 6tott. Pat
terson and Whipple, each had a put
out. Johnson was charged with
three errors; Bradford, two, Stott
one. Hammerbacher and Patterson
each hit safely two times.
Professionals 28 R 7 18 5 8
Mechanics SO 9 7 21 3
Standing of the Teams
W I, Pot.
Merchants 2 0 1000
Mechanics 1 l' .500
Professional Men 0 2 000
A collection for expenses was tak
en amounting to $11.0.
The next game will h Friday
evonlng, when the Mechanics, having
started the upward path, will try to
displace the Merchants from their
present high position.
VuukumI Comedy at Joy Theatre
There are laughs all through this,
along with dozens of cbecklee, and
thoy owe their existence to Mark
lather's story, although the plot
makes a sufficiently strong skeleton
to support the situations devised by
a clever scenario writer and Director
Elmer Clifton. Treatment and act
ing are the real factors in making
the film the success It seems sure to
be. The? keep out of the rut by do
ing pretty nearly everything Just a
little bit differently. The camera-!
man shoot from unexpected angles,
Dorothy and Richard Barthelmessj
don't make love like ordinary young J
movie folk, Sam de Grasse shows
something new In the way ot a mil- j
lionaire father who tries to get his j
son out of an "unfortunate" mar- j
rlage and George Fa wee t as a cneap
vaudeville actor, is the most genuine
two-a-day comedian that ever Jump
ed a board bill.
A sample of the unique humor
running all through the film is found
In the antics of .Dorothy when she Is
awaiting an introduction to nuoby's
family. Reverting to her usual habit
wben she becomes nervous, she does
a peppy ragtime dance in the digni
fied drawing room, not realising that
her newly made relative are spectators.
Coburn Let the Meclianfcn titcul
, All the Hiiwh
ror; Santee doubled; Hoss passed;
Faubion singled; Hoffman singled:
BleVins out to Hammerbacher; Per
noll safe on error; Kearns safe on
Chicago, May 21. John Simon Is
In a hospital, reflecting on his poor
tennis playing. . lA hard hit ball
struck a large, rough man, Simon
will ibe out In a week.
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