Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 28, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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u.irr.y nocri? nm:n courier
A Woman
Detective's Story
I am woman detective. I was one
Mt to decoy a (kwpunido who waa
tusking collections ostensibly fur tb
church. Ho waa Aaron llurt-h puss
ed under otlier nsuiee-snd at tbt tlma
waa worklug lu the town of Edgertou.
I Went there, learned tliat ha waa at
certain bold, aud bo waa pointed
out to ma lu tb reading room. .
I entered tlia room aud, going up to
him, aald:
Tho Re. Mr. Burt, I believe." '
"I in," be aald. rising and looking at
ma suspiciously.
"I bar undaratoud tbat you bav
great aucceaa In rabtlug .money for
churches, and 1 would Ilka to know If
yon would ba willing to belp ma pay
off a mortgage on our churvb at Avon
dale." Arondale waa a town not far from
Edgcrton, aud I bad besrd tbat one of
It churches waa uuder mortgage, which
the congregation desired to pay off.
Hut I Intended thia uly aa a means of
making Mr. llurt'a acquaintance.
I described to lilm the altuation at
ATondala, aiatlug that tba people there
ware well to do, but needed aome per.
tussive speaker to wake litem up. I
added that be would be paid for hla
labor, proposing that he receive the
contribution himself and deduct one
third of It for bliuaair. Thia I know
would please htm, for there would be
BO difficulty In hla deducting but third
or, rather, of appropriating the wbulo
contribution. He manifested a wil
lingness to undertake the work, but
protested against receiving ao much
compenwtlou aa a third of the amount
collected. On no account would be
eonaeut to deduct mure than 10 er
cant Ho waa ready to go to Avon
dale aa aoou aa I aald the ward. I told
bliu that I would ace Ihe pastor and
the deacon aud aa auoii aa I could get
their consent would let blm know. .
I pretended to so to Avomlate, but
really returned to the aherlff, who bad
employed me. to arrange with blm aa
to when and where he aliould eend the
force lutemled to make the arrnat It
waa agreed between ua that be waa to
aond one picked nun to Edgrrton, who
waa to paa blmaelf aa a commercial
tra voter, Thia mau'a name waa Larn
ed, aud I waa made acquainted with
blm, and we rouferred together. I told
blm to brlug the largeat aample truuk
be could Dud.
Returning to Kdgcrtou. I told Mr.
Bart that everything bad been arrang.
ed at Aroudale. but the evening eclect
ed for hla appeal for fund bad been
died for the following Sunday, four
daya hence. He waa not plcaaed at
thia, preferring that the work aliould
be doue at once. The truth la be did
not care to remain In the name locali
ty for ao long a period. I determined,
however, to bold blm If poulhle till I
could aprlng my trait.
I laid myaclf out to plcaae blm,
attending a good deal of time with
him. I knew that he waa not Inter
eated In tialtera of religion and did
not talk on rellgtoua autijerta. I pre
ferred to chooae other toplca, lu which
be would be more at home, my Inten
tion being when I had gained hla cou
ddouce to give blm to uuderalaud tbat
I knew hla true character, that I waa
one of the aame kind aa hliuaelf and
dnalred to aaalat blm In plundorlng tbat
I might abare the plunder.
When 1 thought the time ripe I re
vealed the character I w la tied him to
take me for by confessing that I ex
pected abare In the colloctloa I waa
No man would expect to hire a clerk for at day, then lay him off a
month anil hire lilm again for day.
Htlll, tliat'a the way many merchants hire Advertisement,
They expect their advertising lo work one or two or three daya a
month aim sell more goods than nil of the people In the store put
There are some who keep their Advertising working week In and
week oul calling at thousand of homes often enough to get ar.
qnalnted with people, and to build a reputation for the atore.
"lly keeping everlastingly at It a very little Advertisement will
eventually do more work thnn the lllg Ail that works a day and lays
off a month.
. ... ,
Little Ad and lllg Ad working together make it team tliat'a hard to
heat for selling goods,
to bring about. 1 aaw lilid atart. but
be did mt take the hint opvuly, and It
waa aome time before be consumed to
drop the pa iion mid talk Ilka the vil
lain be waa. Thou I told him Hint to
gether we might reap a rich barveaL
lie caught at the Idea rfud grow euthu
alaetlc over it. ,
Uavlug won hla confidence, 1 kept
holding up the rich haula we would
make, 1 Joining congregations and ar
ranging for addresses, to lie followed
by collection. Lie would disappear,
leaving m to repent having put con
Hilence In a raacaL
Wbeu all waa ready for my acbomo
Lamed appeared at the hotel, aud a
aamplr truuk of euoruioiia sit waa
carried to bla room. It waa empty,
but only Urned and 1 knew ttwL I
told Mr. Hurt that I waa bent on tak
ing money from the commercial trev.
ulcr and that I waaalrcady engaged
Ui teaming where be kept It The
neil day 1 Informed my pal tbat
Urned had gone out and left gTiOO be
tween the mat trusses of hla bed,
geatlug that Hurt ao Into hla room and
get It while 1 watched. The door waa
auppoaed to be locked, and I borrowed
a akelelon key from Uurt with which
to unlock It, though Urned bad pur
posely left It unlocked.
1 took a poMltlou In the ball aud after
pretending to hare watched for aome
time called Hurt and told blm the coast
waa clear, and be went Into the room
for the money. He hud scarcely doue
ao when I ruu lu and told him that
the drummer waa coming up to bla
"Get In the trunk." I "aald. "It la
your ouly eliauee."
I ralaed lite lid. aud be gut Inalde.
I clapped the lid dowu on him aad
locked him lu. Uruvd wua waillug
In auother room, aud aa aoon aa I bad
secured Uie prize I called blm.
Before Uurt waa let out he waa told
that he waa covered and if be renUted
be would be ahot. He was armed, but
the odd were ao areuliy nguUist blm
that be surrendered.
1 received $ for my ahare In the
Little Chance Per Dodging Modem
High Velocity Bullets.
Although under the altered condi
tions of modern warfare both officers
and men take all the cover they can
get. It la still couMlikred "bad form" to
duck when bullets are whUtllug ar
shella screaming overhead.
Thia la a survival of Ihe old Crimean
daya, when men were actually punished
for ducklug bulleu In battle. That the
service tradition waa not alwaya strict,
ly olwerved even theu, however, is an
pareut from a story told of a grlaaled
old veterau who, on being remonstrat
ed with by a young corporal for ludul
getico In thia very practice, replied, "It's
all very well for you, ro'lml, hut I'm a
family man." and continued to duck at
each n'MirL
It la on n-cord, too, that Napoleon
strongly objected to It, and oil ous occa
sion he even went to the length ol
publicly reprimanding one of bla stuff
olllccrs tor stooping over his hoinc'
neck In onler to avoid the halls he
heard wbhdllug over hla bead. ,
Ceneral Cordon, no menu authority,
was of a different opinion, though.
Writing In bla Journal, be suva. "For
my iurt, I do not consider Judicious
ducking to he a fiult, for I rvineiniicr
on two occasions seeing shells before
my eyea which eertuliily. had 1 not
bobbed, wmild have taken off my brad."
Needless to aay, however, It would
he Impossible to dodge a modern high
velocity projectile In this free aud easy
fashion. It cannot be aeen, aud by tba
time It la beard the danger la paat
London Mali.
A Festival Tbat Turns India Into a
Sort of Fairyland.
There la one day lu the year which la
celebrated as great festival by the
Hindus of India, and the uatlvea are
even allowed to guinbie upou thia oc
cuhIoii. Tbo great day la Ievallthe
Day of Llght-whicb la dedicated t
the Hindu god Ham tu celebration of
bis coronation.
From sunset on ward ou this day the
uatlve bauiura throughout India re
acinlile fairyland, for outside the bouse
or li"i' of every true Hindu are placed
uuuicroua Utile lumps of a very primi
tive cuiistructlou. Tjicy consist merely
of small aliallow, tritiiuiioretil 4jwIh.
about the site of n Siiltcclln Ullml
with oil lu which a wick la flouted
Tho iiumler of lamps varies with the
UuaiiHul etatidlug of llic householder,
the wealthier liutlves dlnpliiylng them
by the hundred Arcordint: In tin- tr.i
dltlun, be who OUjil.iyu the ureatvst
nmnlier of lights will Imthiiic encerri
tngly rich, for on this nlulit Ijil.nliaml,
the goddeaa of wealth, la siipiHmcd to
wander abroad and enter wherever
there are aiifllclrnt lights to catch her
fancy. . . . ,
Another method of t-utieliig the un
suspecting goddcx consists of placlnu
lu a bowl tilled with milk and rice a
cluster of pretty tlowcra. The Hindu
btlleves that to prevent a friend wltb
flowers la to wish blm or ber happi
ness; hence the offering of flowers to
Lskshsml. Pearson's Weekly.
It Should Have a Place In the Educa
tion of Every Child.
We shall muse no real progreaa lu
music in thia country, says Bruno
Uubu, until we come to consider a
tralnlug In the rudiment of music aa
an essential xilnt lu ihe education of
our children.
Too ofteu parents excuse their re
iulsiic uu the uiouiid tbat taelr chil
dren show uu spontaneous desire to
study music. I'Ccuure a child shows
no such dealre t study reading, writ
lug aud arithmetic do we for tbat rea
son permit blm to ntmloct totally tbetse
subjects? No normal child dealrca to
atudy any subject, aud a failure on the
part or a child to crave a musical edu
cation should not be crinllted to ex
empt blm from aurb trnlulng.
In my opinion the average child,
abould begin to atudy mnalc at the age
of eight or ulue and for at least two
year devote an hour a day to the exer
cise of It.
After two yean the chlld'a prefer
ence and aptitude may en rely be con
aulted in regard to further atudy. But
lu any event the two years of atudy
have not been wasted, for be baa al
ready learned aometbing tbat will be
of use to blm all bla life.
Mualcal trnlulng, especially In the
home, should have a place in the edu
cation of every chlld.-Excbauge.
Widowed Birds.
The married life of most blrda could
be taken for a model by members of
the human family. For Instance, the
atald, diguiried-and homely baldheaded
eagle never mates but once aud Uvea
wltb hla one mate uutll be or abe dice.
If left a widower-even a young wld-
ower-tne iwiaueaacd eagle never
mates again. Ue remains alone and
disconsolate In the nest of the rocky
Crag or la the branches of a tall pine
tbat formed his domicile wbllo bla
mate waa alive. No other female eagle
can tempt blm to forsake hla deaolate
life. With him once a widower, al
waya a widower. The goldeu wood
peckers live In a bappy married atate.
mating but once. If the male dice bla
mata'a -grief la lasting, and abe re
malua a widowed bird the rest of her
Throw Out the Line.
Give Them Help and Many Grant
I'sa reopt will Be Happier
"Throw Out the Life Line"
Weak kldneya need belp. '
They're often overworked they
don't get the poison filtered out of the
blood, -
Will you help them?
Doan'a Kidney I'ill have brought
benefit to thousand of kidney suffer
ers. Oranta Paaa testimony prove their
Mrs. J. R. Gunning, 406 S. Fourth
St , Grant Pasa, say: "My back
cause me a great deal of misery at
time. It la one of tboae dull, bearing-down
palua across the kldneya.
During these attack my kidney
aobiotlmea act too freely, and then
again tney are congested. I find
Doan'a Kidney Pills always relieve
me and atop that misery In my back
after I have taken a box or two."
Price 60c, at all dealera. Don't
Imply ask for a kidney remedy set
Doan'a Kidney Pill the aame that
Mr. Ounnlng had. Foater-MUburn
Co., Prop., Buffalo, N. Y.
"Creasing the Bar."
' Lord Tennyson's most noble death
tong. "Crocslnit the Bar." I one of the
three greatest death songs ever writ
ten, and It cornea to us aa a sublime
prayer, a humble petition, a sacred be
llof of a great man. The last lone man
on this terrestrial sphere will utter no
grander words wbeu he set sail to
tea unknown than those dropped aa.
faltb'a anchor by the silent man of the
yestcr age:
I kopo to se my I'liot (sec to fac
Worn i hsvo cross! Hi bar.
Faithful Cook, j
"Did you ever bear of a 'cook stay
Ing with the same family a long aa
tweuty years?"
"Oh, yea."
"1 presume she was called a Jewell"
"She doubtlesa was considered one,
but the family called ber 'mother.'"
BlrtnluKbam Axe Hernjd.
Replacing a Meat Diet.
The people of tlie United States con
sume fully twice as much meat per cap
ita a do the people of Knrotie. Dried
beans, peua and lentila may replace
meat In the diet to a large extent to
the advantaite of outdoor worker espe
cially. Toe Late.
Detective 80 I've ciiunht you In the
financial district, have IT Crook Tea.
Bill, but I can't dip you uotblng. I Juat
got a war from a broker. -New fork
Ulnbe '
Bettor Stilt.
Mary Whr ihxi't yon prefer Harold
to Tom? '.In mid Is rabble of big
deed. Muielr Ves; hut Tom owca
some. Puck.
The Board of Directors of School
District No. 7 of Josephine county,
Oregon, at Its aext regular monthly
meeting to be hold Tuesday evening
April 3. 1917 at T:30 o'clock at the
office of the clerk, Edward 8. Van
Dyke, will consider sealed bid for
the supply of 320 tiers of two foot
wood; blda to be received for all or
any part of the said entire aupply
and for either hard or aoft wood.
All blda must be for the aupply ot
body wood cut from Bound green
timber and free from rot, dote or
punk, and be delivered at the re
spective school buildings of the dis
trict at the determination of the
board on or before September 1,
Each hid must 'be accompanied by
a certified check of 10 per cent of
the amount of the bid.
The board reserve the right to re
ject any and all blda. '
Board of Directors ot School Dis
trict No. 7.
, . By J. P. TRUAX.
' Chairman.
. To keep coffee fresh on
its way from the roasting:
plant through the grocery
store to your kitchen was
'ong an unsolved problem.
The airtight tins in
which Schilling's Best is
packed have solved it
. They keep all the flavor
in; and all the odor out
They make such fine cof
fee practicableand ec
onomical. It -oi (urtnec
Classified- Advertt
' Red Clover,, Timotbq, Scarified
Sweet Clover, Rye Graaa, etc.
Ralph Waldo Klden, Central Point,
Oregon. ; -; ' . H7U
FOR 8ALE S-room bouse plaatered,
wltb bath and toilet, 711 I atreet,
two lot 60x100 each, bam and
outbuilding; or will exchange for
small house. Address No. 291, care
Courier. ' f8ltf
FOR 8ALE a-h. p. motor, 3-inch
pump, three transformer, tti teet
' t-lach galvanized pipe, S8 feet -Inch
pip, one switch, on belt
Inquire O. P. Jeater, at Grants
Paas Banking Co. ISitf
FOR SALE Baby chick 10 cent
eacn; aieo egga lor Batching,
brown and white leghorn and ban
ties. Mr. F. O., Wilcox, 407
Rogue River avenue or telephone
I23-R. . , gg
A.NOEL CAKES supplied In any
quantity on short notice, SOe each.
Phone 190-J.' 992tf
REGISTERED roan Durham bull for
ale. R. F. Gorham, Rd. No. 2,
Oranta Paaa. H
FOR SALE One 3 Peter ShutUer
wagon, -nearly new, with good
wagon bed for $100.00; one 1
horse wagon, in excellent condi
tion, with heavy single barnesa
for $75.00 Grants Paaa Hdw. Co.
FOR SALE Cow wltb calf one week
old, also several bead young stock.
R. L. Coe, 804 Washington Boule
vard. ..- ', t is
FOR SALE 132 acre ot t timber
land and sawmill with log wagon;
also 640-acre farm -for aale or
rent for cash. All the above pro
perty la within nine milea north
of Granta Pas.' For particulars
addreaa W. J. Savage, R. F. D. 1.
Box 54, Granta Paaa, Ore. IS
FOR SALE Span light driving
horse. Weight about 900 lbs.
With or without harness and light
aprlng wagon. Address H. B. Reed,
Kerby. Ore. ' . " 15
A BARGAIN 8ALE Modern, slx-
room house with two lots, fine lo
cation, at 220 West B street. Only
-- 11,500.- See N. E. Townsend, C21
A street. , H
TO ENCOURAGE good stock we will
sell to any reliable farmer a regis
tered Holstein "bull calf or young
bull entirely on time payment. F.
R. Steel, Winona Ranch, Grants
Pass, Ore. Route 1. v I2tf
FRESH COW for aale cheap. Houae
for rent. Inquire 509 L atreet. 13
FOR SALE One Barred Rock roos
ter $1.00; alx Barred Rock lay
ing hem, 90s each; one White Leg
horn rooster, $1.00. The above
are thoroughbreds of laying strain,
Phone 60S-F-2. G. A. Hamilton.
aleeplhg tent for rent. Telephone
235-R. 08tt
FOR RENT Five-room cottage at
C and Second streets, bath, gas,
etc, .Inquire N. E. Townaend, 621
A atreet. i
FOR RENT Eight-room house with
bath, on North Seventh atreet.
$12.50 per month. Enquire at 832
North Seventh, after 5:30 evening;
or see 8. J. Taylor. 13
WANTED Two men with team to
cut and haul wood, eix months'
work; gas engine furnished. For
particulars write L. A. Eldridge,
box 26-A, Rd. 4, Granta Paaa. 14
the poultry .business and are in
the market tor all klnda ot poul
try. Temple Market. . . 15
IVAN UVINUSTON, Incorporated
Accountant. Bookkeeping systems,
' accounting and auditing, Addreaa
115 A atreet. $1
DON'T WAIT for a week for ahoe
repairing. Win. Hayea finishes work
the same day. Halt or full aole
Neolln; also best leather; 111 8.
6th atreet. v $5
K. R. CROUCH Assiyer, chemist,
metallurgist. Rooms 201-203 Pad
' dock Building, Grants Paas.
TAXI SERVICE For comtort, call
a Met at the Bpa confectionery.
City and country oalla. Service
until 11 p. m. Phone 262-R.
, Residence phone 343-R. E. W. In-
man. ' 16
l. O. CLEMENT, If. D. Practla
limited to disease of the ay, ear,
nose and throat Glasses fitted.
Office hour 9-11, 3-5, or on ap
pointment. Office phone, $2; resi
dence phone S59-J.
. LOUOHRIDOE, M. D., Physician
aad surgeon. : City or coantry ceil
attended day or night Residence
phone $89; ofle phoM 181.
8ixtb and H. Tuff Building.
J. P. TRUAX, U. D., Physician aad
surgeon. Phones: Offle 325; resi
dence $24. Call answered at tdf
boots, uouniry caus anewaoa a,
Lundburg Building.
DR. ED. BYWATER Specialist oa
diseases of tho eye, oar, bom aa
throat; glasses fitted. Office hoars:
9 to 11 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m. Phones
Residence 234-J; office 257-J,
Schmidt Bide, Grant Pass, Ore.
A. A. WTTHAM, U. D, PkyataUa aad
eurgeom. Offlos: Hall Bldg eenur
Sixth aad I atreet. Phones: OHee
118; residence 288-J. Honrs: t sv
m. to 4 y. m.-
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. First-class
dentistry. 109ft South 8ixt
.atreet, Grant Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON Attoraey-oIav
Practie in all Stat and Federal
ConrU. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIO 4b WILLIAMS Attorneya-at-Law
Grant Pas Banking Oo.
Bldg, Grant Pass, Oro. , . "
E. S. VAN DYKB. Attorney. Practiea
In all courts. First National But
Building. .
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Office llasonle Tempt
Grants Pas. Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attoraey-aX-Law.
vouniy Buoraoy icr ' joaepuiaa
County. Office: SchsJlhora Bldg. -
O. S. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-Law
Grant Pasa Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Oranta Paaa, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attoraey-at-Lw
Practice la state and federal
Golden Rule store. v i
torneys, Albert block, phone 238-J.
Practice In all courts; land board
attorneys. '
PAPERHANGINQ, graining, paint
ing. . For tho beet work at lowest
prices, phone 295-J. C. G. Plant
South Park street
J. S. MACMURRAY. teacher of vote
culture and singing. Lesson gives
- at home of pupU It requested. Ad
dress 718 Lea street . 851tf
kinds ot drayage . and transfer
work carefully and promptly dose.
Phone 181-J. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. I SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, piano and furniture moved,
packed, ahlpped and stored. Phone
vim ft m uuiuiau, ..u. uv.
denco phone 114-R.
THE WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
STRACT company make reliable
abstracts at reasonable ratea. lav
veatigate our work and prices. It
may aavo you money. Twelve years
In business. Masonle Building- 25
DR. R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarlas.
Office In Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg. Phono 113-J Kealdese
Phono 806-R.
The California and Oregon
: Coast Railroad Company
Effective December 5, 111$
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Train 1 It. Grants Pass.. 10.00 a. m.
Train 8 It. Waters Creek 1.00 p. av
All trains leavo Grants Pass from
the corner of Q and Eighth street,
opposite the Southern Psclfio depot.'
For alt Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
the office ot the company, Public, Ser
vice building, or phone 131 for
same. '