Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, June 12, 1908, Image 7

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rr,. (if,, T l,, ut A. Wk.
(ut V,;i,,
lMlnlMuii-.Vj, llliterute.is a T.in
ten yeurs of r 0;jlT wll t.anUltt
write In any Un.-m.e. Tina U tli
test applied In the fulled Sore, ecu-
on a day set for the o,,,,:,,,.,..,,,, ' on "ous Subj.ct..
the bill the House g'S-s Tnm w'nt 8ut Colk... p,llmaa.
of the whole. A liiairuy.,, . The exieriment station has received
urovs an ia snasca iron
by the Speaker preside t,kl u letter from J. A. B., of Everett, ask-
'ia "inplliirl.in. It mey t Tm.uunil
that one who onnnot write cimn .t read.
4 "1 " fisfciT jT.-..ir lllp llM --r. worn j. a. u., oi tverett, ask- lT TO CI A
ld read by sections and c'liu, ,f.,.r grn ing how to exterminate the Canadian r ltCLt
"What the U bite Kace May I.esm eral debate has closed. ,i illT Ui.m thistle. Professor W. S. Thornber, y . 1 01T ft f f ffas i
f from Uie Indiau" la a new book by ber may .Ter ameiidimim Ad v.tirg horticulturist, replied as follows : OI I AfllDl
; C,rge Wharton James to be publish- lu committee Is by rilt,g. ihv mi "The Canadian thistle Is a hard I lal lillllllll
uiei mi i true f).w. n,vll!lo(1.
lu INTO there were l.i ea li .(Ki f
ix-pulath.u .f the fniied States 2t
. . - . . . ,
m mm . a ,i-a
i v ..; l .... : l . . . WT
' .... ' . ...
C:t2rrli Twenty-five Years-
Had a Ead Cong!..
Miss Pop)ii KittlesoD, Fvanstoti,
Illinois, U. 8. A., write":
"I have been tionl led with catarrh
tor Dearly twenty-five years, and have
tiled many cures lor It, but obtained
my little helD.
"Tiien my brother advised nie to try
tVruna, and I did.
"My tiealh was very poor at the
time I began taking Pel ana. My throat
waa very tore and I had a bad cough
"Prruna has cured me. The chronic
catarrh la tone and my health ia very
much improved. I
"I recommend Prrtina to all my
friend who are troubled aa I wan."
PtRUNA TABLETS: Some people pre
fer tabled, rather lhan medicine in a
fluid furm. Such people can obtain
I'ernna tsb'ete, whloh represent the
medicinal ingredients of reruns.
Kuch tablet equals one sveiags dose
of Peruna.
Man-a-lin the Ideal Laxative
Manufactured by the lVruim Drug
Manufacturing Co., Columbue, Ohio.
Seaa Tmrt.
The workings of the burnnn mind
when asleep are full of wonder," re
marked eelentlat who waa pitying- a
visit to an acquaintance. "Have you
ever atartwd up from a sound dream
less Bleep, with every sense on the
alert and with your whole being
thrlllng with a vivid yet Indefinable
filing that something waa wrong and
instant action required?"
.."Often," replied hta boateea, "and In
nearly every case I have found that I
was awakened by the fumbling of my
husband's key at the front door!"
Hard to Da Wlthoat Poekele.
The moat iinnoylug thing In navy
life for a recruit la tlie ubsi-tne of
aide pockets In the uniform trousers,"
J. It. Ituw, a yeoman at te luivy re
cruiting station, en til thin morning.
'The average man doesn't realize how
strong In the custom of thrusting his
hands In M trousers pockets until he
dons a pair without rokets. I've worn
the nnvy uiiifiirm four years now. and
I frequently find myself trying to put
my linnds In my pockets.'' Kansas City
Cloonscs tlio vSystr-m Lf ftct
ually.Dtvppl.s ('olds until w'aJ
, Of lies tluo to (jon.stmutiori;
Acts naturally, Qtt trttly as
Jiost forMcn(mfn and In uu-rcn-nunnntt
'To jVt its jipnojiclul EjfocK
AKvnv's 1"Y tlio Gpimuup wltuK
hns ilu jull name o the Com
HoSrnupCo. '
by MtHim it s nuinufiicturi'H . prtnti'il on the
trtml of i'ry piii'kii'V-
one ne only, rt'S'dar pme 50 Urflle.
llaatrunS Mractlua.
"I nrtfull.v worried aliont Johnny
hen b had thiit lst sick sm-II.'' anij
Mr. Ii!iiu. "nd when the d.tor told
me he wa ein to eet well I went fair
ly deleterious with J"V."
A Hair
Nearly every one likes a fine
hair dressing. Something to
make the hair more manage
able; to keep it from being
too rough, or from splitting
at the ends. Something, too,
that will feed the hair at the
same time, a regular hair-food.
will remain where It belongs
on the head, not on the comb!
Tha best kind of testimonial -oU
lor oer Blaty 7ars."
f,r j c are, c . Lwn, Maaa.
IN'JO It hnd falUn to 133 and In Haw
to 107.
Thus It appears tlmt In our country
about one ktii In every nine of ten
years and over Is Illiterate. In r"raui
there Is one In 1 Uj. In KniMund. Scot
land and lloiliuid one In 40, in Switzer
land one in 1 ;t i. Ii( 1 i.-..in rk one In
lu Swedeu and Norway In and
In (rt-rniiiny Ultteracy la almost un-kuimu..-Xiie
ratio lu :i.j among all
the recruits In the army was but one
In I'.rxm, and Illiteracy Is probably even
less among the (oTinaii people general
ly tliau among these recruits.
These fucta are not kii. Ii Us to make
Americans proud. Nor can we eicue
ourselves on the ground that we re
ceive (treat numbers (,f Immigrant
rr....x .., ..ys :tlj. 0; K,r.
roe, for Iii many States the Illiterates
of native parents outnumber those
whiwe parents were born In foreign
lands; nnr Is It In the South only In
which this Is true. Iu the State of New
York In Plixi IM.ihxi lllllerates were of
foreign parentage mid I'il.iNNi of native.
Moreover, in the larger cities, where
our foreign born population Is largely
coiiKrejrated. the percentage of Hitter
acy la lower than In the smaller cities
of r,( k X) and less, and In the largo
cities It Is iio sreater than In the aver
age country district.
The following list shows the number
of Illiterates In each 1.(kk dilation
according to the last fniied States cei
sua :
lows JS ronnrttcnt .... (th
Nobrka 3 lnnylmul ... H
n Moulana HI
HI Nrw llamiHihlr. IVi
I tao
Wyoming , . . .
Mlnarsots . . .
I II Inula
W lninatn
Ho'irh Dakota
Nr York
North lakola.
Nir Jartrj . .
11 Mtaaourl
;3 Hhixir UUnd
40 Marvlaml ...
40 W Virginia
41 lirliain ...
4 Nevada
42 Toiaa
42 Kentucky . , .
41 Arkanfcjta ....
4rt lDn, . . .
47 Klorl la
4S Virginia
. S4
. 120
. I X
. 14
. l'l.l
. i'04
50 North Carolina. .217
M 4rlioo 2H0
(ietirsls SOS
PS Mtal'tKliil S20
M Naw Mrilco . . . ..1.12
M Alalania Hit
r. Ronth Carolina. . 3M)
19 l-oulalana ASA
All the States U-fore .Maryland In
the foregoing list have compulsory at
tendance laws, but they are not as a
rule enforced very rigidly. Tim of
those that come later lu the list have
such laws, but they are practically dead
letters through lax administration.
American Journal of Education.
The f haraelerlalle ol Thrc bll-
drea la Inllnaia,
Silm Marjraret McMillan Is a mem
ber of the KchHl lU.nrd of Krndford,
Kng., and deelarea tluit any master
of an elementary ih-hisd will say that
the characteristic of the factory child
Is dullncwt. After the flrnt fortnlitht In
the mill he loses lnten-t not only In
otlwr but lu himself. This, Mlsa Mc
Millan lias found. Is hmiiw In rite mill
the grow tii and development are arrest
e.L At the ace of 12 the child's sensory
orjrnns are more acute than nn adult's,
yet In tle matter of sight und hearing
lie Is Inferior. If growth Is to continue
the child should enter an atmosphere of
varied mental Interests and activities.
The Holier the forces of hiiinan life
tls more IntrU-ate will lie the means
by which they can lie put Into opera
tion. The mill docs not provide this
These children have no time to grow.
The youturer children who work out
of school hours have r.tie worst time of
It. Tls-y come to hoo looking dull
a ixl heavy eyil. Sme are Irritable
and ntttless; others so languid that
tlsy a,svtr alns'st oblivious of every
thing artsiml thorn. Tie teacher say
tliey may be bright enough children,
but tbty have nt the strength to
ehow It.
The child of 1- no sooner enters a
mill man trie iimhht iHgins to see a
tcplorable change In him. lie loses
Interest In his s.'lnad work, his man
ner Iroeonic rougher. One teacher
showed Miss McMillan the copy loks
f children who luid t'n at the mill
for one week, and she eiiip:irii tlh-in I
with the work done by t ie x-nne clnl-
1ntl Iwfore. fp to that time they Inn!
done crislitable work a id kept their
Naks clean.
In rhe coiir' of one week the pro-
eri"s of tiHinrls wemed canti!cd.
Their sums were wrong, their writing
i..,r,.,.., their pnir.'-s s-d'erl ami blot- i
fisl. The chlldr.n h oi changeil and
their work had olmngod.
Knallah Sporllna I'aranna,
To the reunion Time-, a cornsMiiii
ent writes: "Oin'e when a iluke of
(Jrafton was thrown Into a ditch a
young curate who had Imtii closely
eomoetiiig with him for pride of plm-p
shouted. 'Me still, your grace. ' ami
cleared him and hi hunter niul the
fem-e at a bound So pleased was the j
duke Willi the iierroruiaii'-e that he'
declared he would give t!ie young dl
lne Ills first vacant living and not
long afterward carrbsl out the prom
ise, vowing that If the urate bad t"l
ped to pull hitn out of the dike he
would never have patronized him.
'Sporting parsons' are still to lc found
In almost every county today who can
hold their own In the flrt flight when
hounds run hard mid some of the keen
est fox hunters In all times have Iveen
supplU'l from the ranks of the clergy.
Even the warning aralnst their 'hawk
vnge. huntynge and dansyngc' In the)
reign of King Henry VI. spoiirs t
have bin! very little iCivt."
Tlsre Is also an exaggerated ldsi aa
to the rtumU-r of g.. thiiurs to Ua
fouol In the average refrigerator.
At V glfl "l" ln love with
man h will be ashamed to rieak t
when b la 2a
mnulrer of the Ilavasupal tribe, who
nellevea that the Indlau In such mat
ters as diet, exercise, art. education
and religion, la more sensible than bis
white neighbor.
For many yeara M. Anatole Frano
haa been studying' "the aourtvs" from
which to gather the right material for
the ten stories of the famous saints.
In Jeanne d'Arc particularly he has
always been Interested. Fifteen years
sgo he published an essay on the Maid
of Orleans. He has now Issued the
first volume of his finished study of
the life 'and works of Joan of Arc and
confess,., his belief not only In her
sincerity but her Mwylon of great
Intellectual powers.
Justin II. .Moore, a student In the
. Irenartnient (,f iren!s! Language! at
t oliimbla. has completed what Is said
to I the first Kngllhh translation of
the "Itl-Viittaka." or "Sayings of
Ituddha." The "Sayings" are believed
to have been written by Ituddha or
his disciples In the fifth century II. a
The only translation known waa one
made Into Chinese In the seventh cen
tury A. I). Mr. Moore has been at
work on hla translation for more than
two yeara and several East Indiana
and Persians studying at the univer
sity have given him valuable assist
ance. The hook Is written ln prose,
but there Is also considerable verse.
H. . Wells. In hla forthcoming
book, "New Worlds for Old." aeta forth
his belief In hrclallsm. "The present
writer." he says, "has long been Inter
ested In the Socialistic movement In
(ireat Itrltaln and America and In all
these complicated Issues one lumps to
gether as aoclal questions. In the last
few yeara he haa gone Into It person
ally and studied the Socialist move
ment closely and Intimately at first
hand. He has made the acquaintance
of many of Its leaders upon both aides
of the Atlantic, Joined numerous or
ganizations, attended and held meet
ings and experimented In Socialist pol
itics. He calls himself a Socialist, but
he la by no means a fanatical or un
critical adherent. To him Socialism
presents Itself as a very noble but a
very human and fallible system of
In commenting on Owen Wtater's re
cent attempt to "unfreeze Oeorge
Washington" and to give a more true
Idea of the man than that aupplled
by the expurgated schoolbook histories,
who. If be was heroic was also Tery
human, Ir. Edward Everett Hale re
cords an Interesting episode In his own
early literary life. "Nearly fifty years
ago," be says, "I was myself apolnted
as a member of a committee which
was to edit n series of unpublished
letters of Washington's. I was the
Junior member of the committee, hut
with all modi-sty I an Id st the first
meeting that I would not serve ss one
of the editors nnless the letters were
to be published as we found them,
swesr words and all. To my great sat
lafnctlon the chairman aald with seri
ous earnestness: 'I think Mr. Hale Is
right. I think the time has come when
we can tell the truth nbout Washing
ton." Of Mr. Wister, Ir. Hale says
"he Is always entertaining, and when
he Is writing a hook he always says
what he thinks himself and does not
let anyone else do bis thinking for
In Aunam. Asia, there Is a large
State unlverHlty, from which are grad
uated the sons of the leading families
of the country. Final examinations
are held every third year, and degrees
tmiii I I r nira wiru fi' m mi isis, V.V
v, i r ' r-.r . '
llllll KXAMIMH ON HIM rilB.iML.
are coniemil wllli inu-ii iitciiiohv.
The examiners sit on hig!i ,a!s or
thrones, and watch the graduates piss
lu review Is-fore them. A Intalil with
a nn-gajrlKrue annouint tlie list of
Monk Srelnaj.
In a certain preparatory school In
Washington, says a contributor In
Harper's Magazine, an Instructor ons
Jay made the statement that "every
year sheet of water fourteen feet
thick Is raised to clouds from the sea."
"At what time of year docs that o
:ur. professor?" asked a freshman. "It
must be a sight worth going a long
way to see."
I baliles) know the truth about jno
when they stars so UuputWutly st you f
It - . ' : i, a i ... - 7 ..sviRa
When the hill has bees. tn. 1Plim.h 1
and all amendments bir ti, t,.,t
iirn, the eo'iimiiiee riaet in, ,(m
chairman reports the bill t.n.-k p, tbe
House, with the ametntj,,,.,,,,, .(it
House then votes usm them either sin
gly or In gross and by ye a,j Iinyi
if they are ordered to b tnken. j
The bill Is then ordvrvtl to be en-
crrrlrb.r 1. written . , '
i , ... i. " "ur,,n tne mother plant will not kill
band and Just as It I lfl,T ,,,., wed A em A
amended-and to be read a third time, the month of June, followed by other
As It Is usually already engrossed It Is
at once read the third tlme,y ti,p
as before and passed.
The clerk takes the bill to the Senate,
fy which body It Is referred to the
Finance Committee. lu (In? time tbe
committee, If It sc-s fit, arid not other-
j wise, nirorts the bill ha. k to the v..n.
ate, with propositlnna to amend. In
the Senate the bill Is eouMdered "us In
committee of the whole," the amend
ments of the Finance t'oniiiiittee ami
other voluuteer amendmeuts are ac
cepted or rejected, they are again
voted upon when the bill Is rejoined
tl the Senate from the committee of the
whole, and the till! is pussied.
As the two bouses are not agreeo.
upon the bill, a committee of confer
ence, usually consisting of three mem
bers of each branch of Congress, Is ap
pointed. The committee, sben It has
come to an agreement, reports to each
house, and the cceptarn-e of the re
port Is the final atage of the bill In Its
The measure Is now "enrolled" that
Is, It It printed In lare, open type
upon a parchment and Is taken first
to the House, w here Is Is signed by the
s;eaker; then to the Senate, where the
Vice President signs It, and finally to
tbe President, and makes tbe bill a
Congress la notified that the bill baa
been approved, and the original copy
of the act la deposited In the I repay
ment of State. Edwin Tarrlsse In Har
per's Weekly.
The Dar Is a Millar at Jalr
Weather, Maale sad Jaaa.
To occidental eyes New Year's day
In- Manila la a strange oils podrlda of
Christinas, Easter and Fourth of July,
says the New York Press. The day la
ushered In with early ninss, celebrated
ln the cathedral, which Is attended by
all tbe women attired In old clothes,
and the poorer class barefooted and
the wealthy In soinlier black, with
black mantillas or shawls, shrouding
their heads. Put Immediately after
breakfast everybody begins to prink
and preen for callers. Raven locks are
plastered Into elaborate coiffures with
oocoanut oil and emwned with red or
yellow blossoms, m U the case of a
maiden who eiects her lover to pay
his respects to her oi, ,ne Nw yeB(,
with the aweet stsrry tnwm of te
Jessamine which are e,le, throuh.
out he Island the nWer. f Sh
Paqulta." who Is the rstI.on MlK f
lovers. Stiff, trailing skirt. of , Urn.
cade and antebellum cut are donned,
wide flowing sleeves of embroidered
pins gauze and ample neckerchiefs of
the same filmy material are adjusted
and there Is a tinkling of many ban
gle bracelets as the fair ones seat
themselves to wait the arrival of the
first caller.
His entrance Is the signal for the
Jam pot to be brought lu. This takes
the place of the steaming punch howl
of other lands, and Is passed from
hand to hand, each one taking a bmmii
ful, no more, and everybody using the
same spiron. It would Ire considered
an unpardonable breach of ethjuette to
refuse to partake. The Jum la follow
ed by coffee, which Is served very
black and strong, and is half sugar.
Strong black cigars are next produced,
snd everybody lights up. Including the
b'rstess. It Is a shock to the ocr ldent
al mind to see young girls of is or lit
pulling away at long r gnn. hut every
one smokes In the Philippines. The
Spanish women usually confine them
selves to cigarettes.
Many of the callers bring their gul
tars or mandolins, mi l th.-re u always
a little music. Some i.f the isuivent
breil girls are really ct i ::, nt reform
ers on the harp or plin .. it p;i,,os
are always out of tune, using to tlie
damp climate. Iinprc'ii;i'ii con'-erts
are organized,- atitl 'ti.i'iv there
Is skirt dancing. In shVh the Kilinlnn
women em-el. u.anr eM.rl.v 1 .,,
. , . .. , "
are "heavy weights et.-u-l-.g ,h. ,f.
tlcult native dan.vs wth n f,i. K.
, ..... "t:, a .ew
lorn or Loiunrn mus.c .... rt Kre,.n
with envy.
Appreciated nier,.
The eteenik'' i-.e""e'f hi sal)
frmi America may I"' r !.;!,;) divided
Into two classes-- thi'- "-'m k. home
Iss anae they have eitf'i-l"!. ni,, thus."
who go hmiie Ihi iiiisc li"'' hnu. railed.
The children are :ilo- l i, r
t.irn. says the aiitli r f "m the. Trail
f tl'.c IiiiIuIk'-h"1." -""''! thi'ise
who have gine to !i-l In America.
Am -slika. a hru'.t -' -nr gr,
k-.'S from n IVru "'' : to the
Kr-ti-'Zln d'.strict in H'1 'r.v She Is
dressed "AiiiiTi'-.'.n f:ilii 'ti." ),;,
to the public sfli'l. aiil i-aks Kn
glish fairly well.
"Annishka Mya. t.-'l n . 0.. j-rru lik
to go hack to Ministry?'
"No, sire.-. Anw rl' S If the U st f,.
try. There we have wh-te In-nd aml
hutter and candy, and ' rari chew gnu
to best the hand." an I tears fill her
eyes st the nietisry f ,tl A.nerlcan
luxurl.-s she lins tastd.
One of the returning. " h.Ll trav
ele.1 far. and had s.. n n th,t j,()r.
ney the galleries of V'- Mji.i.h and
nresden. said :
"I tell you. th finest P nf tf,tu
ary In the whole world ' "i iaiot
of Libert lu New York bArle."
ting and cultivation you can eradl-
cat ,l- The plant must be kept from
formlng a growth above ths aurfaee
of the ground for at least one year
In order that your efforts for its ex
termination may be successful. Tha
plant spreads by underground stems,
or roots, which are thrown up at dis
tances of from three to six feet from
' " " "
the parent plant, so merely destroy-
cuttings In the latter part of July
and, on through August wlil check
the thistle materially, and may de
stroy It entirely. It la generally
quite difficult to eradicate the plant
In pastures aud fence corners, alnce
small residue will be left.undJ
stroyed. which will grow durng tha
following year. There Is no spray
that will kill It. Sometimes It Is
helpful to cut the thistle off about
three Inches below the surface of
tho ground, which caases the root
to rot by drying out. In cultivated
fields It Is advisable to rake out the
underground stems, and allow thera
to dry thoroughly before plowing
Another letter from W. O. M., of
Mabton, made Inquiry concerning the
culture of English walnuts In that
region. Professor Thornber's reply
"The selection of proper varieties
Is very Important, and up to the pres
ent time 1 have found only two va
rieties that are hardy enough to
thrive well under the conditions of
your locality. These two are the
Fayette and the Mayette. They art
not English walnuta, strictly speak
ing, but are'the same species, and
are commonly spoken of aa "Per
sian or 'English walnuts.' It will
be Impossible for you to grow In s
commercial way 'grafted trees of
these varieties, simply because ths
operation of grafting Is so difficult
that only a few are secured, and ths
price of grafting stock Is very high.
A better way la to secure good first
or second generation trees from re
liable nurserymen. Theses second
generation trees are grown from
nuta of first generation trees, usually
In Oregon and California. From my
personal experience, I should Judge
that you will succeed remarkably
well If you secure good varieties.
Almost any of our Bolls, If the sea
sons are not too severe, will grow
English walnuts, providing there Is
not a shale, or hardpan. nearer than
three or four feet to the surface of
the ground. I understand that we
are obliged to watch these conditions
very closely In this section. I do not
recommend that English walnuta be
aown In vour region, yet I believe by
I selection of varieties and of
the orchard grounds that they will
succeed ln many placea.
Another Inquiry from Seattle re
lateB to the culture of chestnuts. The
correspondent wss advised as fol
"The American chestnut (the reg
ular, tall-growing variety) should be
pruned the same as any other shade
tree, leaving, nowever, a permanent,
or constant leader, through the cen
ter of the tree. This Is the practice
of the Experiment Station, and one
that Is used upon all forms of the
tall, or upright, growing trees. It Is
also used upon the sweet cherries,
but not upon the sour ones.
"The tendency of this chestnut Is
to produce s thin, open top, and it Is
advisable to cut back the outer limbs,
and occasionally the leader, to thick
en the foliage. The Dwarf, or Jan
anese, chestnuts should be pruned
to small, compact trees, branching
tnem riorn a foot to three feet from
the ground. They will practically
take care of themselves after the
first year or two of pruning. This
pruning may be done at any time
while the tree Is dormant, or after
tne sap has ceased to flow, which
will be Immediately after It comes
Into full leaf."
A farmer residing near Center
Tllle, desires to know the best meth
od of raising peas, and the most de
sirable variety; also, with regard to
combining peaa with oats. Tha Sta
tion supplied him with the follow
ing Information:
"The experience of the Experi
ment Station staff, leads us to be
lieve that almost any of the com
mon field variety of peas will grow
w?ll In your region. We advise the
Black-Kyed Marrow Kat as the best
general variety. Ordinarily we aow
the ,eal, ' ,he a',, of one to on"
on8-jla1,1f1 bushels per acre disk-
Int or drilling them at least four
iDche dP,.p Sow Ihe oatg about a
week after the peas are sown, as
in. "-"".'"". '.","-: ,
- u " .""'', "
smoinereu oill unir-e lur, " '-
the advantago. We do not consider .
that oats and peas are as good for I
horsea ss for cows. Tne mixture
makes very rich nutritious hay."
Didn't jeeil Theaa.
XelghlHir If your stateuieiit Is trua
your cli.tlH-sline was roMred by tranis.
Judsou Mow ilt you make that out?
Nelghlmr- I Mil n't yoil say they t'k
everything but the towels? Illustrat
ed Hits.
i .v r-JiTZi
Tbe pig Iron pn-bi-Mon n . ths I n I ted
S.sre. In 1IH-7 ws. . i
accord ng to the Ana-re an Iron and Mteel
t-r-uiuinK .
Tl.ia ai til was 1 : per.
cent greater thnn tlmt nf 1
ml. CanS'ls
produced .VnI II'I ton ln1Q"..
He Vtall, Iarleed.
"What's this wird. p:i'i" asked While,
pointing It out In his bie.k.
" Thetiirtnetii'li."' replied pa.
"Well, what Is that?"
"That, my son. Is what yu would fas
If you never litiirtcd your f ather with
Questions." -Philadelphia I'ros.
The everlsstiug project to cnnstrtict S
lighthouse on the Insm-md shoals, oil
Cs llarterss, is dead for th present.
Ca,t. Kela of rVrat,. who was the last
one to undertake this task, haa d.si no
work on the site, and ths time limit haa
Drives aft aches from ths body, II
Cures Rhaumaliam. Neural jia sod if
25c ALL DRUGGlSTS-Oc. fl
L. 00faa mmlrmm mid maes
n's ll.id, M.OOand IS.MaSMS "
MT meW, f ihmV ttold thmlr
mhM09f fit arffep. km, ionasaev mnd
aAaaa btlhm wara fa- v.
W. L Douzl $4 md SS Gilt Hit Shoes Cannot Bt
' a l"r l.sr w t rw .i.r Hu ..j m. it
S. I h, lie anira ain .'.rjsLcrs. KHuaa aavlra from fa "'7 " as? t f ok aunt lnua.
vataSCauwa IraawaAjaaanaa. W. L. IIUl ULAa, HnKktaa, UaM.
A Claeh.
"And how esn you be sure of going
to heaven?" asked the Sunday school
"I guess," said little Tommy Wise,
the best wsy would be to get pa to
say we couldn't. Then ma would take
ua there or bust. Tbst'a bow we got
to the seashore last summer." Phila
delphia Press.
Sl Vtaa Taa and all Marvma Maeaaaa
ftermarieutlv cured br Pr. kllna'a urrrj
rv. fceaurrer. Head fur HlKK lilrlru bottla and
traatlaa. Ur. It. ILKnae, Ld.,rUl Arcs bU, fbual-a.
Naaalaaj His BJablaa.
A farmer sear Wigtown has eight
daughters, who are named to represent
hia feelings at the time of tbelr birth.
Ths eldest Is called "Joy," and tbe sec
ond bears tbe nsrne of "Summer," si
she was born In July. Tbe third ar
rived at a time of financial difficulties.
and would have been called "Sorrow,"
but her mother refused to have the
asm. So Sarah waa substituted.
Things were brighter wben Dumber
four came, and "Hope" was her por
tion, while live and aix twins wers
respectively "Spring" and "April." this
last being their birth month. The sev
enth was styled "Harvest." and ths
youngest "Comfort"
For Infant and Children,
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears ths
Signature of
Tha Ideal
Tbe funniest thing happened last
eight." confessed the dainty college
girl, all red with dainty blushes.
"What was It, dear?" asked her chum,
Whywhy, I wss Just going to pro
nounce the word 'kiss.'"
"And did you?"
",oer Harry took the word right
out of my mouth." .
How's This?
We offer Ona nunrtred Pollara Reward for any
rsae ol t atarrb tliai canuoi be cured bj Ua 1
Catarrh Cars. f y ,. KSEy 4 ro , ToMOj 0
We, th underiiin.l, have koran t. 1.
Cheney tor the la.l l.'r years, ami bellere him
Derteotlv honorable In all biilnnena trannactiotia
an. I flnaneiallv ahle to carry out sny obliga
tioa mad bv hi arm.
Whnle.ale Prugaiata, loleoo.w
ii.ie. r.iarrah Cur la alien ini-rnaily. set-
lr'rr.,hVf"n,.,r hXA?.VX?!,.
Prlne 7 eenti per bottle sold t.yao omsaiaia.
XaSa Hsil'a Famtlr fills lor Looatlpstioo.
A Trae Rltah.
Marie Moyd, the famous English
music hall star, had been describing, at
a dinner In New York, an actor whose
career drink bail ruined.
"Tes." said Miss I.loyd. "he was a
frightful drinker. As hsrd s drinker.
(n fact, aa an ancient Yorkshire tsvern-
keeper on whose toinh Is Inacrllied:
"'He hss lost his best customer.
M.il.iria is duo to impurities and poisons in the Mood. Instead of lwin;
rich, strong and healthy, the circulation ha ln-come infected with p-rtns .l
disease which destroy the rich, red corpuscles that furnish nourishment and
.strength to the body, and reduced this vital fluid to such a weak, waterv
condition that it is no longer able to keep the system in health, or ward olf
the countless di.scast s and disorders
red corousi les takes the color and Blow
, , , , .
we pale, sallow f.ices and washed out, chalky complexions among tin- f.rt
symptoms of Malaria. Hut Malari4 is a general systemic disease. nnl a-i
tne iJiooa necomcs more nravny loaoea win its germs we have more set ions
Bid complicated symptoms; the impure hhxrd having its effect on a'.l part si
rl the body. Tlie appetite fails, digestion is weakened, chills and slight
lever are frequent, and the auflcrcr loses energy and ambition because of a
constant tired-out and " no account " fctling. The lack of necessary nour
ishment and healthful qualities in
the blood causes Iroils and abscesses,
skin affections, and in some cases
aores and ulcers to break out, and
aoruetimea the patient is prostrated
with a spell of malarial fever which
impaired. To cure Malaria Imth i
I', ! r.itr fier a nit Inn ir are ti, -ceesnrv
- - -
in order to remove the cause and at
the same time build up the system
from its weakened and run-down
condition. S. S. S. is the medicine
best fitted for this work. It is the
most perfect of all bbxid purifiers, and
the purely vegetable ingredients of
which it is composed make it the
greatest and safest of all tonics.
S. S. fl. goes down into the circulation and removes every trace rf impurity
or poison, and at the same time gives to the blood the heaith-sustaniin , qnaU
ities it nerds. It cur- Malaria thoroughly and permanently U juse it
removes the germs and poisons which produce the tlisea.se. an 1 while domjf
this tones up and strengthens every part of the system. When S. S. S ha
cleansed the blood the symptoms jass away, the healthy color returns t
the rompleiion. the old tired, depressed feeling is gone, and the entire health
is renewed. Book with information eliotit Malaria and anr medical advirej
a tww., a
Eaualltd At Ant Piles
m.i.m.1 m Mum. Tith e St SiihclllHte.
Literal t harltr.
"I would like to take the sense of the)
meeting about this charity relief," siihl
the professional philanthropist.
And when the contribution was takes)
up be found he had taken nothing else.
-Ilaltlmore American.
Mother witl sail Mrs. Wlnalow'a rWthtaar
Syrup "" bra remedv to ua luff ibair dt kii taj
turlug la IMUUUf Irani!.
The Gratrr.
"She's engaged, sln't she?" Inquired
the naughty blonde at the rlbtsm coun
ter. Yea," reviled the lady w1k sold
laces, "she's engaged to that new aules
lady'a brother."
"Where'a he employed atr
"He'a a night wab'h gentleman over
to Itargen ax ua s. ruiiuueipum
Press. .
Still la Evleaaae.
Matron (out on houas bunting expedl-
tnB) Who occupied thaea spsrtiue'jis
Janitor A family named Johnson.
Matron Know anything about them
Janitor No, ma'am.
Matron (sniffing ths air) Well, I do.
They wers food at onions, ssuerkrsut, snd
roil flak.
HOWArlT) K. Bt HTOH -A nearer and t'nemia.
lAa.lvUle.Cult.rs.lti. Hpet mnro pru ea: ttiia.
eilver, L-ed, ai j Otiid, HIlTer.Tko: oil, a.t-: r.iiir rr
t-npier,l. anlda Iseia. llalilna ,nrelttr-i and
full price Mat aenloa apirlli-allua. cor.tr.rl ami I m-
tlrswt.rketilrclwd. lUraract lafltonal -v
oiral UauS.
Farm or Business
f or aal. Not particular about IrM-stion.
Wieh to hear from OWNtR only atiti will
aell direct to buyer, (jive pnr. dr-M-rip-tion
and atat whan puaaeaaion ran b
hat). AtltlrwM,
L DAHVSHIM. Bel 221 lertetfa. S T
5 lbs.
Mnat tMvmomlral to buy. All dfttr. thm
packatr tnim; pgi h are wtrth t t'tionii in '-
rhantf for pr-HMntii. 'rimiurn litt f r f
l acihc lout ll.ii i Co.. UahUtntl. ml.
n hotel mmz
If II OIM'V ALT. Till: YKAlfi
U U Guru- Beach Seasice. Orccoh
nireell ea the heaeh AVerlrrr.li Ine
the area. Hnt eall hallt and CtrW
No. 23-Ot
HKN wri(i to a1 Ttrtlara !!
nianflo-i thl iA4r.
aW airiaaJir . p.
I Or
j per
l.l.ln. an,
. Hre. v1
a -Iter.
a a-l.im .
I week, l-i
9 IVI-iiUHLiXll
that assail it.
The loss of these;
of health from the cheek. ;m.l ive
During Stoo X waa running a farm on
tha Mieaittippi river and bet am toimpree:
sated with Malaria that tor a ,ru I was
alnoet a phraical wrrk. I tried a number
of siedicine recontinentled afl bi'Krd purifl
ara, chill cures, and Malaria eratirator.
but nothing-did ma anf food until I began
Is in t. S. S. Tba result wal tb.rt alter
taking it for awhile I waa as well anil
rroaf as t ever waa. I ha, a nrr had a
chill amca nor tha al'ihteat aroiptom nf
Malaria. I hop othera will ba benefited
f rar atpenraca, and with that and in
view I g.,a thia testimonial, bnowng that
S. 3. S. i the beat rtmedf frrr Ma r.
Aaiory, Miaa. R. OWLET.