Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, June 12, 1908, Image 4

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    fiillsboro Independent.
On June t the control of Thh In
dki'EM'KNT passed to the under
signed. D. V. Bath severing all
vital to the interests of the whole
country, and that the choice of
Bryan would be calamitous.
The unparalleled prosperity of
the whole country received a tem
porary set-back in the financial
flurry of last winter, but a rapid re
covery is in progress. Democratic
success in the November elections,
issue is the first to appear under
the new management, and friends
and patrons may naturally look lor
a few words as to what they may
expect in the tuture.
Promises are easily made, and
the initial announcement of many a
new editor has contained roseate
dreams, the realization of which
readers are yet awaiting. They are
Inner rn nrnmise. but short On
"f i
Tun Independent win not ra- thtt . Democratic presn
dulge in extravagant promises for l.ftl candjdate may be equally fortu-
with orosDettive lie uua
nolicies cannot but engender a feel
ine of uncertainty which will retard
this recovery, if it does nothing
The vote for Chamberlain in last
week's election places Oregon in the
list of doubtful states. The normal
Republican presidential majority,
from being a certainty has become
a conjecture. If a Democrat can
secure the vote for senator that
Chamberlain did, there is the same
nate. The duty of .Republicans is
the future. It is content to be
'Tii'igcti by wuat it accompiiiueii. '"",: rhe possibility of siicfi
While in no sense is a newsPaPer proceeding must be eliminated, and
any more an oojeci 01 iuj lua" this means hard and united worn
any ottier manufacturing vi iu-
cantile enterprise, it is a public in
stitution to the extent that towns
aud cities are judged largely by the
character of their newspapers.
All things being equal and the
conduct of the local paper in com
petent hands, a newspaper is usual
ly what the people make it. With
between now and the fall election
To do its share is the purpose of
Thr Independent.
A Fartro V D. paper refers to
- - i - a
Editor Foy of the Ranier Review
. ... I Tl.
as a prmter-euiior preacner. i uc
i-ersatilitv of the country editor is
proverbial, but a range of intellect
reasonable support not on the J to entitle one to the hyphenated
theory of charity, but on the prin- title is rare. The combination of
cijIe of a dollar's worth received printer-editor is not uncommon, but
tor every dollar paid the news-1 ability to conduct a congregation
paper may Income a powerful agent
for good in a community.
Tin-: Independent will have
opinions and will not hesitate to
express them. All men and news-
p.-ipers worthy the name hold opin
ions if we all thought alike this
would be a dull old world. But
there is a vast difference between a
dignified expression of dissent and
a fierce assault on an opponent
w hose ideas do not coincide with
your own. Too many newspapers
have this habit; but a discriminat
ing public is quick to realize the
dillVrcuce between argument and
along the straight and narrow way
is not usually an asset of the lowly
pen pusher.
The news of the assignment of
Bishop Charles W. Smith to the
Pacific northwest will be received
with pleasure by Oregon Metho
dists, The bishop is regarded as
one ot the intellectual giants of the
church, and will prove a worthy
successor to Bishop Moore, who
goes to Cincinnati.
The Oregon City Courier tells of
an Indiana man who, notwithstand
ing the increased cost of living,
managed to live a double lite on $16
abuse, aud instead ot being the
oracle it considers itself such a paper .g
is usuany regaraeu as me xown
scold, without influence or power. $ ISO for Best Article
The Independent believes the I The republican congressional
field of the weekly newspaper of Us I committee offers $ 1 50 for the best
r" De You Remember!
And the other fishing bO waen
up i,r,,, .!. .....1 '
" .... .11.11 Utcbeu-a Jrlnlt or
Uiilk. a .louKliiiut and a triangle of pie.
then .0... .Me out .juMIjr to the Urn
and got the .paulMir frk: '""
.cArch. aru.cd " fork and tomato
ran. under the 1-rouil !.: ' 'V .
,il Nd, I'-'ck of the henhouse
.!.... i.r iwv 1'iirn until you
i worm for tin"
Ing la Hi.- ground - vo.i never would
Iran, to I'll t things away-and started
t.ff- through the garden and orchard.
Htoi.i.lni; t-n.Miuti f'-r a l''"lful of
rtirranii and a " k,-lMI of aopsavlues
-over tin- pasture Lars, eating a hand
ful of hu. kIrlH.nl. or low bush black
berries here ""-I "'r: 1",, ,lle woW
roa.l-v.rv .lark and alill In the dawn
-where .'i stepped along ver' lUletly
,0 as not to disturb Hie bears (you
knew pe.fcelly well there were UO
bears. hut you rather enjoyed the
creepy aeriMillotn: then out through
the deep wet meadow grass to the riv
er, where the sun was now beginning
to' burn iiwny the N'" of Wist and
the red wliu-ed blackbirds were inak
Ing 11 tremendous fuss over their boilso-kn-ping.
iu reached Hie river bank
... ... ,f ..,.. ? ihe bi-r r k
o, willow (of course you know the ex
act placet, and then you started flail
ing. Atlantic.
Teople often neak of chlnimy
"draw ing " We "ls" "peak of'the Hue
tioii of a pinup. There Ix not o mueh
harm In these expression, except that
they are liable to lead us away from
the true stale allalrs Hut In truth
there Is 110 Mi. h thing as auction. Suc
tion Is merely partial or entire abaeu.e
of pressure In one place which enable
the greater pressure of air or fluid In
another place to rush In. In the ease
of the chimney the heated air In It
d.H'S riot weigh so much ua an equal
volume of cold air, and If the air In
ttie chimney, the air in the room and
the outside air were all the tame tem
perature there would be no tendency
to liny motion. Hut w hen the air la
the chimney N hot It does riot presa
down word so much as the colder sur
rounding air presses upward. Conse
quently 1111 upward current I started
and will iit ir If the air In the
chimney Is kept hot. -A. S. S. At kerman
In London r:xprc:-.
character is largely local. Rapid
transit and rural routes have
brought the large dailies to every
one's door while the news is fresh.
But while the daily is taken for the
news of the world, one must rely
on the local weekly for the news
nearest one's heart the doings of
our neighbors, the hundred and one
little happenings which concern us
because they deal with people and
things we know.
It will be our aim to cover this
field, aud to successfully do so we
ask the cooperation of our friends.
It you are interested in having your
home paper contain all the hap
penings of the week, remember news
is not news until it is told, and the
office is easily reached by telephone.
While the new editor hopes that
his duties will make hint a busy
man, he will never le too busy to
meet all old friends of the paper,
nnu, ne uopes, many new ones as
well. The office latch string will
always be out. Come and see us
and get acquainted. If you have
business, well and good; it not,
onie anyway and you will be wel
coined. S. C. KILLEN.
Willi RI? Wli STAND.
When the news of the change in
the management of The Indepen
iu.Ni was nrsi given out rumors
were industriously circulated that
the paper had been Innight to rep
resent certain interests. The new
owner comes to Ilillsboro absolute
ly tree of any entangling alliance
with the sole idea of working for
the lest interests of the community
and the making of a greater Hills
boro. 1 here are no strings on the
paper and it will not be dominated
by any taction or clique.
Rumors were also circulated that
the political complexion of the pa
per would le changed. So far as
the new editor is able to ascertain
Tin; Inihtknpent has always
been a Republican paper. It will
remain so. The. name Republican
has had many meanings in Oregon
of late years. Some have wander
ed from the fold after strange gods
and have called thcrotelvcs this
kind ot Republican or that. It it
proti.less to discus tht atridt that
has divided the irty. Let tht
dea 1 bury the dead.
The Ish u i:dknt be'.iatts in
ti c principles of Republicaniaa.
It lIicves the election of the Re
Iiblua:i candidate for the prati
flaicy at the Novemtar toctio
article not exceeding 1,000 words
on the subject "Why the Republi
can Party Should be Successful
Next November." The competi
tion is open to all.
In judging the merits of contri
butions consideration will be given
not only to style, arguments and
facts presented, but to the con
vincing power, and it should be
born in mind that members of con
gress are to be elected as well as
president and vice-president.
No manuscripts will be returned,
but will be the property of the com
The best article will be widely
used both in the newspapers of the
country and in pamphlet form.
The award will be made and
check sent to successful contestant
about August 15th. Manuscripts
must be mailed not later than July
15th to Literary Bureau, Republi
can Congressional Committee, Met
ropolitan Bank Building, Washing
ton, D. C.
Students Rejoice.
As soon as it was known that the
university appropriation bill had
been carried over the referendum.
the entire university enrollment
proceeded to have a jubilee parade
on Wednesday evening. The pro
cession strung out for a mile, beat
ing tin pans, crosscut saws, and
anything that would make a noise
The boys sang college songs and
painted the town red, as the saying
is. Salem Capital-Journal.
A "Wihinj" Miltlon.
The visiting hiMimk"fer recently de
crlbej Id the New York Sun must le
a itout armed angel or she would never
hve IIthJ to write the entry In her
daybook quoted txlow:
Vhed the sick woman lu IxM.
washed and dresoed f.uir children, did
the washing. rubud two floors,
washed the dishes, washed the win
dows "
A discriminating glance nt tills en
try will disclose the fact that she
washed about everything in the house.
How the head of the family escaped
the wash rag la not itated. Terhaps
Uer waa do bead.
Hint Not Taken,
"rnom the grammatical standpoint
ld U) fair maid with the lofty fore
ed, "wktck do you coni,i..r rnPF,
1 amor aa Dome'
ratoar mo homer "
"Ketther." promptly responded
l "Id much mttier
or 'I would
Always keep a bottle of X. W.
Harper whisk la eight Oood to
look at and good to taste; and
whet'a note a benefit to your
baalta. Said by F. E. Cornelius.
Changed tho Namt.
He had given up town life, with lta
enres 11 ml ilissip 11 ion. mid wna living
In the country.
What :i 1 harming cottage!" exclaim
ed n dainty lady visitor from London.
Yh:it hnve ymi culled It?"
I linve called It the Nutshell." be
told her, nil. I she cm hiiuicd:
"Oh. how delight till:"
After tea hi:. I cukes s!ie took the
train back to London, where she re-
uiiiiued for six mouths. Then she "ran
dow n" to sec him ngaln.
"As sueet lis ever:" she told hlni.
"Hut you ti:ne chiinged the name!
Why Is It now t'lie. NousV"
"Why?" he responded, with some
warmth. r.ecnuse I waa tlrd of be
ing Jollied: r.ecnuse 1 wa tired of
beliiK kidded! There Isn't' "boy for a
mile round who hasn't stopped and
mug the duorhcU every' time he pnaaed
to ask if the colonel was In!" London,
A Surprise Coming.
A horse was standing nlong Chestnut
street the other day anchored by an
Iron weight. The horse, not knowing
w lint else to do to pass uwny the time,
was Industriously chewing tho strap.
A newsboy happened along, and after
watching the animal for awhile he
grinned n cluster of grins and turned
to n man who was standing near.
"iHm't say a word," he jTleefully re
marked, "old Umpire here Is going to
hnve the surprise of his life In a few
"What is the matter with ului?" ask
ed the man, glancing first at the kid
and then nt the horse.
"Nothln' Is the matter with him,
was the happy rejoinder of tho news
boy. "Me may eat tho strap all right,
but when he gets down to that weight
he will think he lias struck a boardln"
house." I'll lladolphla Telegraph.
Smugglers' Philanthropy.
At I'.roaduioor mid Perth. England,
the criminal lunatics have a free sup
ply of the most ex.)ulslte ple tobacco,
cigars nnd cigarettes. In fact, they
smoke far finer stuff than the average
rich man. Vet all this good tobacco
costs the government nothing. The
smugglers of Ungland pay for the
smoking of the criminal Insane. It la
from her conilscateil smuggled tobacco
that 1'itgland tills the tobacco boxes of
I'erth and I'. mad moor.
Not Her Abode.
''My In. nine Is smai:." said a rather
dilatory lover, "and Perlians It la rn.l
to t;ike yon from your father's
of me
the pi.
rim Is to. i
it rep!
t.. I::
Ive on ttie roof,"
'1: Inese
lie ma v
taw. a wife
I e divorced.
Probate Court.
Guardianship of Wharton F.
Baughman et al, rejwrt of guar
dian filed; ordered that account
be approved, subject to such ob
jections as may be invoked at
the final settlement
Estate of Vary J. Sutherland,
E. J. Sutherland appointed guar
land, minor.
Guardianship of John C. Hatch
et al, minors; July 13 set for
hearing objections to final ac
count and settlement
Estate of Calvin H. Adams, fi
nal account approved and estate
Guardianship of Henry C. and
Adelaide McDonald, minors; an
nual account of F. A. Bennett,
guardian, approved.
Estate of Nicholas Friday, fi
nal account filed, July 10. at 10
a. m. set as the time for hearing
uiccLoiis to rinai actouiiu
Guardianship of Pearl Warren
minor; final account filed; order
ed that same be approved upon
filing of receipt of ward of amount
Quarrelsome Creeks Discharged
Strife which has raged during
the week among the Greeks o
the construction gang of the elee
trie railroad culminated Wednes
day in the discharge of 19 of
them. According to the foreman,
they have been divided into fac
tions and quarreled and fought
over trifles until he lost patience
and weeded out the disturbing
element The discharge will not
interfere with the work, as labor
ers are plentiful.
, Jury for July Court.
An oruer has been received
from Judge McBride to draw a
jury for the July term of court
While court sits in the July term
as a court of equity, it was
thought desirable at that time to
take up the pending condemna
tion cases, hence the jury order.
Court meets July 20, and the jury
will be drawn 10 days prior to
that date.
For Rent.
Corner room next the Indeien
dent office. Suitable for office or
small business. Apply at Inde
pendent office.
For good, cvd work in monu
ments. headstJi.ea. etc.. call on
S. Wilson, agent, Ilillsboro, on
Second and Jefferson street,
The city electrical department
suffered damage to the amount
of $200 in Monday's storm, trans
formers in all parts of the city
being burned out by lightning.
Jacob Heltbrand, of Phillips,
and John Whitten and Paul Lan-
daur of West Union were visitors
during the week.
Annual School Meeting
The annual school meeting will
beheld at the school bouse next
Monday, June 15. Every patriotic
citizen should show by their pres.
ence that he or she is interested in
the education of our boys and girls,
the hope of the future. We are in
vesting about $70,000 per year in
the schools of Washington county.
Are you getting the best results
from the fund nt vour district. If
w. J
not, interest yourself in your school
and attend, that you realize value
received for every cent expended.
Moving Picturx.
Moving 1'i. iwv .ahicia ure remark
able piece of mechanism. The tiliun
are only tliret..,,uurterii of on Inch
wide. Themi an In rolls, sometime 800
feet long. When tukluu pictures the
camera man reeia off these roll Junt
a rapidly as they r unreeled when
thrown upon the canvna for the spec
tator, at a rate of tea or twelve Alms
a second. Moving pictures are simply
a number of yeyn thrown upon a
white sheet one after another so rnpld
1 that the ty cot detect the Inter
W H,en School Commencement Pr08ram.
C3 The following proirram will ha , i i t
he ,H-aduafng class at the Crescent theatJeTonight:
Invocation .
n c , ....'' Rtr. S. J. Lindwy
i .no oio - tiut.bhng Spring ....
BUnchc Bowman
"Chainlet Stftih"
Julie Ri Kin
Vocal So0 ....
" 7hr Lryrn.l Beautiful"
" 1 k ol the 1 Upema "...
Vocal So "Song oil Heart" .
Mm Florence T.
" 1 he 1 amine " ,
iWniahon Diploma. ,d Schol.tahip.
" Ben are "
Lad.ee' V,
. . Zenaa Oleoa
. Lure B. Temwaie
Mm Kate Shannon
Lula Dooeteoa
. , Mary Sewell
Louu Tunieoa
Lecie B. Weatherred
Pna. H U Balee
. , . Longfellow
Rer. L F. Beriaep
The Weather.
During the fore part of the
week cloudy and' unseasonably
cool weather prevailed ever the
entire section. On Saturday,
however, the clouds oegan to
disappear, the temper .ures rap
idly rose, and the wi ek ended
clear and abnormally warm ex
cert along the coast, vhere the
(prevalence ol lugs prevenieu a
rise in temperature. Local show
ers fell over the western portion
of the section on Tuesday, Friday
and Saturday, and thunderstorms
occurred over the eastern coun
ties on Sunday. The accompany
ing rainfall was, however, very
light. No frosts occurred.
To ttie Voters:
I wish to thank those who gave
me their supjx)rt in the recent
election. I assure you that I am
very grateful for the honor con
ferred and trust you may never
have cause to regret your action.
Very respectfully,
Ice for sale. Den of Sweets.
Real Estate Transfers.
L L Crawford et al to Arthur 1$
McKarlane et al pt sec 10 t 2
n i w 10 00
F M Ptarrett et ux to Margaret
J Ilollowuy it bile 37 FU 2000 00
Kmma Cheney etal to Abraham
Iialdwin pt blk 5 F CI 1100 00
P.ornnnl Ortinan et al to Melis
sa O Shipley pt sec 31 1 2 n3w 462 00
John lleinler et al to Kvar Jac-
olison pt sec 8 t 1 n 4 w 80 00
Geo W lludnon to Frank Hurl-
but pt sec 22 t 3 n 4 w 10 00
A H ScofieM et ux to C M Sco-
field 120 a sec 20 t 3 n 5 w 1500 00
(ieo 8chreiU'r et ux to John
Schneider 10 a sec 12 t 1 o 2 w 6000 00
C 8 I McLeod et al to Niels J
Jensen 32.25 a C ltridtft'larui.
er l I c t 1 s 4 w tsss 25
W T Hiirtratnpf et al to J W
Fuqua pt blk 8F(i 5UH 00
lieo V Doujrlity et al to Klla F
Ilooth pt blk C Fairview a.lJ
llillitboro 100 00
Ann M Nichols to Wrn 1$ Barks
dale lot !' Nichols aJ.I Garden
Home 1000 00
J H I Veach et nx to IJzi
Sample pt blk 2 Humyhreys
add Hiileboro i50 00
John liiley to Mary Dailev 2 a
It S Tupper d 1 c t 1 a 4 w. . . . 850 oo
otto Schadt et al to Con.eliu.
Vandermost pt sec 12 t 2 2r 425a oo
I S Kanmev to Nellia Itrn..lta 11
a Walker d 1 c t 1 s 3 w looo on
I S Ramsey to Wm L Raymond
a w alker d I c t 1 s 3 w looo oo
John Henry et ux to A B Sin-
.1..- I. II. ,V 1. .
ut-r ui ..i ucavenon looo oo
J R Mttiee to K 11 Keagy ll.o3
Oil . 1 . . -
I 1 n i w loo OO
James llryden et al to Jos Bel-
lieli pt tecs 1!) A 24 t 3 n 4r. . looo
John Hellish et ux to Jas Iiry.
urn ot al pt sec IS t 3 n 4 w.. looo
II O Hava et ux to Mary K Jew-
ett l.l.o4 a sec 0 t 3 s 1 w 2io oo
I' Johimon et nx to William
llolles pt sec 4 AD t 2 S 1 w. . 2Soo 00
Investment Company to S C
Howies lot IS Ash Krook farm 62S 6o
F C Aldrich et ux to J H Oillis
i.ot a fit .u I 1 I I w 4oo OO
Robert Iliilme to Fanny Root
lots 27 & 32 Tigardville height
10.H4 a 4oo oo
Nellie A Crow et al to Austin N
Hamlin lot 13 Curtis division
625 oo
Nancy Ann Wilcox et al to Wm
i liloyd pt W O Gibson d 1 c. 3733 3o
Elizabeth Shute to W D Smith
pt blk lo Simmons sMJ llills-
"ro l5oo oo
C I. Crocker to J A Madding 8 a
Henry Noland Jr d 1 c 1 1 el w Goo oo
W J Clemmens agent to Adam
Mueller lots 1 A 2 blk 27 Cor
nelius i oo
Investment Co to Chaa Sham-
burg et al lot 55 N Tigardville
add 4. OS a 13o8 oo
WCIhetz et ux to ( C Wall
lot 4 Urugger tract !o a 525 oo
W C Pietz et ux to E K Turner
lot 5 lirugger tract lo a 625 oo
Rudolph Craudall et ux to Max
Crundall pt blk fl Simmons
add lllilslKiro 3oo oo
I 8 Ramsey to Nellie lirooks 14
a Walker d 1 c t 1 s 3 w looo oo
Frank Colneld. Executor of the last will
and testament ol James Colliel l, de
ceased, I'Uintiif
Stella A. Miller and George W. Miller,
tier husband, Helen. Ian In
... . . t . ... i i
Miller, above-name. ueteudante :
OREGON, You and each ol you are
hereby require.! to appear and annwer
the complaint tiled herein within six (0j
weeks (rom the date ol the firt publica
tion ol this summons, and if vou (ail eo
to appear and answer said complaint
the plaintiff will apyly to the court fur
the relief demanded in his complaint,
to-wit: for a judgment for the sum o(
Two Hundred and Fifty (ll'r0.W) Dob
lars, with interest thereon at the rate of
7 per rent per annum since SeptemU-r
15, l'.K)4 and the further mini of f ifty
($50.00) Dollars attorneys fees and for
tli coots and disbursements of said pro
ceeding, and a ducree foreclosing that
certain mortgage executed by you and
each of you to James Collield under. late
of September 15, l'.KJ.t, und ti let in the
otlice of the Recorder of Conveyances of
Washington lounty, Oregon, on Sep
tember 28, 11X1:1, and recorded in Rook
"45" on pages 2.i'.-2P-2ll.2l2 of said
mortgage records, and that the land
therein described !e sold and the pro
ceeils thereof applied to the satisfaction
of plaintiff said judgment and fur such
other and further relief as to the Court
may ap(iear e.uitable, said land being
describe as follows, to-wit :
Reing the west half ol Lot 53 in Cur
nelius Eovirous as shown upon the duly
recorded plat thereof now of record In
the otlice ol the Recorder ol Convey
ances ol Washington County, Oregon,
saving and excepting from tho effect of
this conveyance the following described
real estate:
Commencing at a point IS feet E. of
the N. W, corner of said Lot 53 in said
Cornelius Environs and running thence
W. IS feet to the N. W. corner of Ia1
53; thence S. 18 feet along the
W. line ol said lot 5:; thence
in a northeasterly direction to
place ot beginning, tho same haying
been heretofore deeded to Henry Rogers
lor a gate way.
The date ol Mie first publication of
this summons is Thursday. May 7th,
11K)8, and tha order authorizing the ser
vice of these summons by publication
rentiirea you to appear and answer on or
before the expiration of six (i) weeks
from said date.
This summons is served upon you bv
publication bv order of the Honorable J.
W. Goodin, Judge of the County Court
of Washington County, Oregon, I y an
order made and dated at Chambers at
Ilillsboro, cn May 6th, l'.iOH.
Attorney for l'laintiff.
May 8 June l'J.
Stale ol Orrtf.iii )
fount? of uhliitfloD )
in I ii & ii hi i 1 1 i tn k I ii r I ii r. i i a i r. . r
OKKiioN rK WAlUNi.TOS ( if I V.
Nettle Bker, IM.lutltt
Fre.l II. Kukor. l.t-ltu.Unt.
Tn br.l II h.,.. Ih. n... ... I .
dftut. (rt'Uue:
Vou are hrvbf reiilrt-.1 to A.iar mi l Mn-virr
the complain I ti UJ inl you In tli n.n.. , n-
tl.l.1 Mfflim rt nrl-'.....l...
t j . ... .. , . 1 .fct . ... ... . J. 1 1, . ,
eiiuiDioiis, to li tliu 17tii 1 .1 J.il), 1 -,
au.l II you fail U iinr su I n-. r ut, in
eld lime, lur waul tlirr.-or Or .:hu ' ill
lly lo tbe court lor Hie re!i. t .l.-mnu i. I in ia
complalut, ii.it: for a lrcr,i .l uin.- u,e
bou.lxrf luairliuuny n.iw in. Lrfrii.i.in , j. -in ,t
ttD iila.utm ami .1. f. n.Uiil, u. i ,r u u
ollirr au.l furthi-r rrlnf ai umy to 1 1... i uurt
eeiu Jut.
TUI umiu.iua le ul.litie I lu l1..- II .1-1.. r.i
IOileu.lut, a Dvw.apvr of K.-ur.al r.rcula
tlou, ul.lllic.l lu Vt a-liiiui..ii com. ty. in.i n,
by onlrr of Hon. T. A. McHrl.1.., Ju.Ik.- ..f
Circuit Court fur NVa.liliiion Cotiuii. Mnir ..I
Oregon, uis.lo auil eutore.t on lhf J j. iiuy f
June, l'J.', and which dlreeU that wii ,lmll -K'Br
an. I autwer taul roinplaini miliiu :
weckt Iroiii the tint .iitl!caiioii ut ihi. ttiiu
mom. 1 lit, ilatv of I he llrt l.ut.lii alum ol thl
uiuun ! Ihe .'.lh .Uy of June, an. I ol ihe
laat the lTlli dar of July, Iw.
H. wl Ki-K.
" " ' ' ATt.'.rnvy lor l iaiiKiii
Guardian's Sale ot Real Property.
In the County Court of the Mate of
Oregon fur Multnomah County.
In the matter of the estate and t:uar
diai.ship ol T. .Mar.iiam I'rince, Char
lotte M. I'rince, Richard Wm. l'nn.e
and Imogen I'rince, Minors.
Notice is hereby given, that pursuant
to an order issued out ol the above en
titled court in the above entitled mat
ter licensing the undersigned to sell the
real proerty, hereinafter deccril.!, I
will on .Monday the loth day of June,
l'.M)8, at the hour of ID o'clock in the
forenoon at the K.uth door of the coun
ty court house in the Town of HilUlxiio
in Washington county, Oregon, sell at
Public Auction for cash in hand the un
divided fcur sixths interest of said min
ors in and to the Northwest onartt-r of
the Southeast quarter and Lots II. 5 and
six of section Nineteen (l'.M, Township
tine South, Rantre Two West of the W il-
lamette Meridian, containing l.'iil acres,
more or less, said sale to be subject to
contirmalion'by said court, said un.lnid
ed tour sixths interest, lieing llie entire
interest of said minora in said eal pro
UlAHIJIllh C. I lllSt I'.,
Guardian of said wards.
May 15 June 12.
At the general election held in Wa-h-
To William Albert 8helbourn, the
aliove named defendant:
OREGON, You are hereby required to
appear and answer tbe complaint MIskI
against you in the aliove entitled court
and suit on or liefore the last day of the
time prescribe.) in the order for publica
tion of this summons, to-wit: on or be-
ore the expiration of six weeks next
from and after the date of first pub
lication of this summons; the first pub
lication thereof being on June 12, ltloA:
and if you fail to appear and answer, for
want thereof the plaintiff will apply to
the court for the relief demanded in her
complaint, to-wit: that tne marriage
contract now existing between plaintiff
and deiemlant le dissolved, and that
plaintiff he awarded the careand custody
and control of the laid minor children
of plaintiff and defendant, vis : Ivin Wm.
Shelnourn and .Nona May ebelhourn.
and that she have audi other and f nrther
relief as to the court may appear equit
This summons is serve. I upon vou by
publication by order of J. W. Goodin,
ounty Judge ol Washington Count?,
regon, w hich order was made at Hills
loro, Oregon, June II, PiS.
Attorney lor Plaintiff.
The Chas. A. l.amkiii Company
Joseph Groeenickle and , his w ife,
To Jokeph Groeenickle and
wife, above named defendants :
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint ule.l herein
within six (ti) weeks from the date of
the first publication of this summons,
and if you fail so to appear and answer
the complaint, the plaintilts will take
judgment against you for the sum oi
17.87 and the further , sum of f 22 '-',
with lawful interest thereon since April
1, l'.HM, and for the costs and disburse
ments of this action ; and
Second. For an order authorizing and
directing that certain personal property
heretofore attached herein belonging lo
you be sold in the manner prescril.e.1 by
law and tho proceeds thereof applied to
the satisfaction ol plaintiffs' said judg
ment, said personal proertv lieing de
scribed as follows, to wit:
One chest containing a set ol cat pen
jienter tools;
One cross cut saw ;
One double bitted ax ;
The date of the first publication of
this summons is the 15th .lay of May,
l'.HM, and the order authorizing the ser
vice thereof by publication requires yon
to appear and answer on or In-fore the
expiration of six (6) weeks from said
This summons is served tion you by
order of II. T. Bagley, Justice of the
Peace of North Hillelxiro, Justice of tbe
Peace and Constable District, Washing
ton County, Oregon, and dated at Ilills
boro, Oregon, the Mth dav ol May, 1;hi8.
Justice ol the Peace for the Justice ol
the Peace and Constable District
JOHN M. WALL, Attorney for Plain
tiffs. May 15 June 20.
ington County, and State of Oregon on
.Monday June 1st, phis, a vote win taken
for and against stocu running at large in
said Washington County, Oregon, and
it appearing from the returns of sai.l
election, that a majority of all the votes
cast was nualnst stock runni'.g at lartie
in said Washington County, Oregon.
Now therefore pursuant to the provi
sions of section 4215, Bellintrer and Cot
ton's Annotated Codes and Statutes of
That in sixty days from the date of tti i-i
notice it will he unlawful for stock lo
run ut huge, in said Washington counfv.
Oregon, under enaltv ol ten dolurs ,,r
the lirsl offense and twenty dollars fur
each and every euiiee.iuenl offense lo
be recovered from the owner of il,
stock in civil action in the name of ihe
Mate ol Oregon tieiore a jtisrice ol the
peace of the precinct in which such
owner or keeper, or either of them, may
Given tinder my hand an 1 iflici.il seal
at Ilillsboro, Oregon, this Mh .lay of
June, ''.His.
i;. J. liOWM..,
County Clerk of Washington t ounty,
( regon.
June 12 July li.
1 I I .A.
Trade Mark
Copyright Ac.
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Intention i pmhahlf ntfitAh1n. ConiniiinW'-v
tiHMimriri)yc.Mill(1intlal. HANDBOOK onPMiMUB
lent frf. 4MHit ewmicf for H-urliiff patent.
rniM.i takn tiiroueh Mumi A lo. rvcmlvt
fpruU rvfk:t wirnout cimnra, Ui mm
Scientific American,
I.nrtfmt rMr.
1rttip, i
rtiiKtiou i1 mvf ifltmino Journal,
Ti'nr: four montba. tL lM4bial
iYIUNN& Co.86,B",-'- New York
Urauon umc. sa w su wudiusiuu.
Guardian's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given that unil.r and
by virtue ol an order ol sale, dull' n'le
and entered ol record by the county
conrt ol Washington county, O.A.'"ii,
on March 2, 1WH, licensing me to util at
private sale, the real estate, hereinafter
described, belonging ti MerriU K.
Hoti'hklss and r lora M. Hotchkiss, wsln
ore. 1 will Irorn and alter June 15, lHiS,
firoceed to sell, at private sale, to the
lighest bidder for cash in band at the
time of sale, all the follow ing described
real estate situate in the county of
Washington, Mate of Oregon, to-w it :
All of the east one-hall ol the south.
east quarter ol section lour, tow nship
two north ol range three west N illatn-
ette Meridian, containing eighty acres.
Also the following described tract : Com
mencing at the southeast corner ot tbe
southwest quarter ol tbe southeast .juar
ter of section four in township two north
of range three west, Willamette Meri
dian, tht same being tbe southwest cor
ner of the Christian Carl Homestead,
and running thence west on section line
to intersect the center ol the present
traveled county road : thenca north :o
teet; thence cast on line parallel with
section line to intersect the west line ol
said Christian Carl Homestead: thence
south thirty leet to the place ol Iwgin-
Hide will he received by me at the law
office; of M. Ilailey Bump, in Hillslsiro,
Oregon, and said sale w ill le subject to
continuation by the county court of
Washington county, Oregon.
Iated at Ilillsboro, Oregon, this Mav
9, 1WUH.
Guardian of Merrilt K. Hotchkiss and
Flora M. Hotchkiss, Minors.
M. HAILEY HUMP, Attorney lor Guar
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J. W. Shute
First ub. May 15, last June l'J.