Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, July 26, 1907, Image 2

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    Mrs. Emma Stolt, of
AppJeton, Wisconsin
A Neighbor Aded Me lo tie Perura.
I Legon to Improve at Orw
t ' 4 X "
. ,rv, ."i ,
i" ' t " ' X 4
' r ' Win
news fLNrBo
J.)lon C'lajfti'U
Caltb.ro, "EnglUh
L'ustuuis, UKTipiiou auu m. - -
l I., k'nirlflltll
i volume la eariuus prnuu. ... -Blmw
th NoruiBU couijuit. bus t'
....Mi.h-I h the Mscuilllau Ctuuaujr.
lu valus la retly lu.-resswi by the
ddltloo of oyer 100 colored liiumro
julkiso ovra jatas.
Oeeeaeo r-k
.I tMr ..lap.-.l".
rZ 're, I. Dotbln. bumorou m ....
'. ,... f . derby bat to an om
" . ...ast-tillne co
erwlse purely .,,,
ri .. b...g tb. bat ba.Bom. utHL
Mm. Kinma
Applttton, Wia., wriim
"Hurunn htta dona me Krt d1"' 0
ifHK since I lifirnn tukinic it and I
aUiivi uuA to ptwak vimmJ word for it
"Three veara into I a in wretchi-d
wdition with baikaches, braring down
Mins, and at timn wua i aoreaml lHine
(hat I could not move aloiit. I ha )
inflammation and irilutl"n, and a
Lltmiirh I luu'i IdifTi-rent relliedie. tht-v
did ine no (.'(nnI.
"A neiitlibor who had been uslntf Pe
tr.n advined me to try it, and I am
tflad that I did. I Wn to improve as
oon aa 1 took it and I (wit miicli better.
MI thank you for your tine remedy.
l ia certainly a godsend to sJk women."
Catarrh or the Internal Organs
MIks Theresa Ik'rtU'8, White Church,
lo., writea:
"I iuffered with catarrh or me o-
timcJi, bowela and internal orKani. fcv
erything I ate aeemed to hurt me. I
neer bad p.iifane of the bowel w ith
out taking medicine. I waaao tired
ninrnlnirH. and ached all over. I had a
pain in my left lide, and the least ex
ertion or excitement made me short of
"Now, after taking Perun for aix
month, I am well aa I ever wan.
1'eruna hai worked wonders for me. I
elieve IVrnna ia the bent medicine in
l he world, and I recommend it to my
...M .iirt worn by tne
i lie iuii -
drlf. tbe big American bonne.. u
. i.. rr.vt of tbe gT grn.enta
of drea. o often eu -
.re one of tbe cru.ie in-.m. v. .. . r - -
tiona. .nr trr.na!tlon. W wvt '" -
. f,,e th. .utorooblle ia le- . . . . ,harfl(r- tbey cling to mem.
. . . . ..... i.. a marie bv u . .." ...n. will In time
scribed in touuiry wi I Hut tneir ini. - - . ,
r ii r-i,,. The- author ana soiu.i .. .h. harsbneas or iu "--
..-h Mr atraicbt acroaa the I .a,,,.. hmn barmonloualy
..- r "uu ..i.i thlnv. In
country, up bi" uu uu"u ' It I re7 ln ui-iu'
through woode and acroa. atreams. - tb tranltlon that Jar on otwi sense
.. . uriit nnivA Air I .. . t.iuji and thev are
a wager. iue acrouui "... y of tne otuesa vi
lutereat to any automobile enthu.ia.t nOT,ttb) for the prewnt. I reuiuber
-Paute and I!!a Italy," by Vn- on day going Into P '
.... ni.UI.Inl I i.. in the i touaeaevin'r.
on Ioimuaie itagg, una v sj-a -
bv O I'. J'utnaui's Bona. Tbe tx-ox " where our American aimiinuA
. ., .... ii, "riivino I , ...n.,..UAi.n and cnange or
poet" It la rather an attempt to de- BMneJt common In our department
plct 'afresh the life of Daute a time and gtoreg, had Just been Installed. The
r.. .t the mediaeval world, and g,OI)keiMrs w-ere beaming with pride
-HneWallv the Italian world of tne J re- ,nd doiigi,t In their acquisition,
A nM1.ll. I ...t.f .In At.A tintll.lltnf fl FW
ivnto. through l'antes eyea. A nian, eviueim w j"i'..v
i.nriv DHiifa's own writings and thoe nroaehed us hurriedly on our entrance.
of bl contemporaries have been made roDtng to the little brass receptacles
n.o ,.! of the work. fur the niouey flying to and rro over
............... in "The Life hernt. h asked engerly : "what it tne
All illiercmii. I
... i .,...-. iMa in Lawrence Uou- American name7
auiA 4V. i.1'- v. -I , , a
win" la the extract from letter or Neither my companion nor mjm-n
.... . .1 .lka I.. II... T rum n-S mmeM tu'il
ii. iTiin'a in allien ne umnir nMn but nn-a. iu "
ait uwuaiu " " I " . . , . ,
hi. flr.t n.eetlmr with Oladatone: "In other Americans passing uy, wno mem
rlia eveiiimr I went to Uryce'e to din- selves did not know. Never have I seen
i.-r i ...cted to see the 0. O. M.. Ian expression of greater amazement or
hut I had not aeen Ilryce for a fort- contempt than the proprietor aa be
night and did not know w hether be beheld four Americana who did not
had aucceeded In getting bun. I rouua. even know the name or mis iriumpu
on going In, Sir Alfred Lyall, whom I of Invention.
knew; Sir Ueorge Trevelyan, whom i
Not all orders to fight In time of war
At Culross Abbey in Klfe, Scotland,
tombatone has been found which is be
lieved to date from tbe fourth century of
the Christian era.
The London Orsphlc u?iffi that the
Rriiixh educational authorities set up
phonographs, with a "ilandard accent" in
all the si liools of the empire.
Sometimes It Does.
Teacher Tommy, do you know what
an epic la?
Tommy Tucker Tes'm. It's something
you take that makes you sick to your
No C'hanre.
"Poos your husband Indulge In games
of chance?"
"No, Indeed."
"Rut I thought he played the races?"
-Ho be, does."
"Rut that's a game of chance."
"Not with hlin." Houston Post
"King Edward tbe Shrewd" or "the
Wise" Is, according to a Paris corre
spondent, the title a near posterity will
iv to Kngland's ruler. ,
No Aiintr Required.
Tommy Paw I
Mr. Tucker What's th trouble now,
tny son?
Tommy Why Is It that tbe magailnea
don't mike their readin' matter as Inter
esting as thpv rtn their sdv'tlslne, pages?
. Tbra Tber Cllarhe.
Floorwalker I'd be BKhamod to let
tny trouners bag as yours do. You ought
to have them creased once in a while.
Rookkopiier If mv .hill, were aa ihim
a yours I wouldn't have any more trou
ble in keenlns my trnuaera creased tbsn
jou do. Cbiraso Tribune.
did not know, but was glad to meet;
Wemyss Held, the biographer of tos-
ter. whom I bad been trying to meet
ever since I came, and Lord Aberdeen
MahJou's friend. Dut the O. O. M
...... ..... , hi... an.l r ii-n a .rs!d to ask
u m uk ...... , - I
whether be was coming. Suddenly 'iir. "
....i uis.lstoi.e' were announc-ed. ' "truck for one country of wMcn
and there sure enough be was. and my no record finds Its way to official ro-
eve. r...tened on him aa they have ports, totcn an engagement was mat
never fastened on any man since I waa cited by Colonel Crawford In bis do
20 The first words he suld to Bryee 'rlptlon of the "Expedition Against
on Bhaklng hands were. Ma Mr. Ood- Samluaky." Crawford company had
kin here?' and then he began to apolo- prepare! to marcn to join Hasnington
glze to me for not having sooner taken force, when proceedings were stopped
any notice of my card, pleading pres- from lack of transportation. Crawford
sure and loss of voice since he came happened to spy civilian teamster who
back from hla stuumln tour In the bad stopped to rest and water bl
West. I sat by him at dinuer and had horses. Ia such an emergency the colo.
a most delightful talk with blm. He nel felt no hesitancy lu pressing the
Is younger In apiM.'urunce thun I ex- team Into bis service,
pected, as yuuug as I am lu play of The owner, however, was In no ha
mind, with a (harming Utile vein of mor to ubmlt to wbnt be considered
humor and endless Interest In all aorta nn oppressive act. Things looked bad
of tiling. He left Immediately after for blm, for be was alone and lu the
dinner to go to the bouse." midst of strong men. lie remained for
a time silent and sullen; then be ob
served that It was bard to be forced
Into service agnlust tils will. He said
Eipandi I that the captain hud taken advantage
of circumstances, and that be would
mnke a proposition,
"1 will fight the captain or any other
man In your company. If I am whipped
Banking fiyMai!
we pav
On iMtan depo.it
very,,... ubt "tf
to open Bavin Ice00"; wlt1
t. u ' free book-
learn full particul Andrea
Oregon Trust 8c
Savings Bank
Portland, Oregon
Sixth and Tyashlnfton su-
Wllk Apoloalea.
"Where are you going, my pretty maid?"
"I'm going a-nkating, kind sir," she eaid.
May I ekite with you. mv nrrttv maid?'
"Vou're too high a roller, kiud sir," she
feci. Allen"
"'A man may smile and smile, and be
villain still.' quoted Fuels Allen
u ... i. - . i.i.... , t
that could keep their feces Just
strslfht aa anyliody else."
Determined OpIlmUra.
"iiranilfntlier, how have you mnnaged
to ruain your hojwriilncBS and you
faith in human nature?"
My dear, I avoid modern fiction, nev
T ro to ee a society drama, and red
tint bin in the newspapers that has a die
play bead over It.
The I'raellral Ke.nlt.
l V.
i ne riKMiuiia are crtainiy very
eitravagant couple. What Is their In
"They haven't any. Ifi all outgo."
Iisltlmor American.
lelf-Mwaa Tkeerlee.
"It I the nature of women to be a
delusion to men," growled the old cynic.
"Yes," merrily replied the young en
thusiast, "and It Is the nature of men
to bug their delusions." Baltimore
' American.
Though the Population
There la Still Room tor More.
The cities of the L'ulted States are
the most expuuslve lu the world, and
naturally take much Interest lu reck
oning up their population from time
to time. Every tenth yeur tbey And
that city directory estimates are apt
to be too liberal, but actual counts sel
dom fall to show a large and substan-
al Increase. At this time there la a
general protest against tbe calculations
f the government census bureau, and
tbey are In truth far too mechanical.
Averaging the growth of American
cities between 181)0 and l'.X"), and add-
ng the annual Increase to the years
lnce the last census was taken, la not
n accurate rule, though It restrains
n undue optimism. Tbe last seven
ears has ben a period of great busi
ness prosierlty. Over a million Immi
grants a year are coming In. Frban
population la gaining on other forms.
Some cities have been quickened In
growth and others are slowing up. Tbe
census bureau merely applies the meas
urements of the Inst decade, which, In
general, will fall short Hut the next
national census Is not far distant and
the oiriclal figures will allow the bureau
that Its plan of computation Is crude.
According to the department's reck
onlng the insulation of the United
States lu l'.NHl, without Alaska and the
Insular possessions, was H3.fM1.51), and
including these P, This Is au
addition of K.txm.Wio to the continental
l)pulatlon of the country In the alx
years ending with VJmi. Cities have
gnlned 15.1) per cent and the rural sec
tion 8.S per cent. The four grentest
cuies are .ew lork. credited with
4,113,0-43, Chicago with 2,04!US. Phil
ndelphla with 1,441.73.". and St. Louis
with fUi,3'J0. leading I.ston. next In
rank, by 47.042. An Increase of a mill
I . .. - .. I ,
mi min n Hum jriur is tne estimate
for tne wnoie country. A bluebook re
.-eiuiy punnsiiea in liondon places the
annual increase of population In th
world at n.3oo,(m, a fourth of which i
In the United States. At the present
rate or immigration more than lOum.
Olio aliens will come to this country In
the next ten years, but the tide will
recede If the uneaxanipled business ac
tivity of the present time should fall
will go with you. If I coiKjuer you
must lot me off."
Tbe challenge was accepted and the
man began to prepare. Tbe colonel wa
throwing off bis coat, when a tall young
man stepped up. He had recently Join
ed the compauy, and wa a stranger to
the other men. During the controversy
itb the teamster be had been leaning
gainst a tree In apparent unconcern.
but now be came forward and Insisted
on taking Crawford'a plnco.
You must let me fight tbnt fellow,"
he said. "He will whip you. It will
never do to allow the company to be
Tbe young man gained bis point, but
the men of the company looked on
rather dubiously. He wa Blender and
pale, while the teamster was big and
bluff, muscular and hardened by expos
ure, cool, oetlant and confident. Hut
when the young man threw bis coat
aside, he disclosed a framework of
enormous bone and muscles, and the
spirits of the company rose.
The contest was short and decisive.
The teamster wa completely van
qulsle-'d. The victor. Mor.nn. nfter.
ward became the famous niajor-zcneral
or uevoiutlonary renown.
My Hair is
Extra Long
Feed your hair; nourish It;
give It something to live on.
Then it will stop falling, and
will trow long and heivy.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is the only
hair-food you can buy. For
60 years it has been doing
ust what we claim It will do.
It will Dot disappoint you.
Mr k.tr iMt ke me tkert. 1 ertee
ring Afr'm HaIf Vtfor . hr time it bre
In era Mie mom n I. fn.n. Inrbee ln.
TM . tAtAerflS relt tn me After inf
in,At Aitknil Wit. ".. a. flrea.
Ciler.ee Benaa. wa.
.atetarare eff
f StMArAtJU..
Tattooing, or the custom of nerma
nently marking the skin with colored
aiwigns, is of ancient origin. Thl
praetuv is lornitmen In the Scrlp-
vures; so n may ne inferred that
was ruaiomnry among other tribes
than the Israelites. The custom of
tattooing among clvlllied natlona
fast dying out, tliough there are a few
establishments to be found where it
still done. Among these la one on tl
IVowery In New York, where the oper.
sior Buveriises performing the opera
iniu iu imnwn airrerent colors.
some countries tattooing had a rellg
lous Blgnlflcauce; but In olden time it
w practiced merely aa method of
adornment Th J a panes and New
Zealand are famed ,lptn tattoo
era, and t good workman can cover a
man' bck with all manner of elabor
ate design tn single da,,
tborttlea sasert that Uttoolng was put
on th body In acctent timet a a sub
stitute for clothe.
II Felt Complimented.
A man from riilladelphla. savs s
writer In tbe Iubllc Ilger of th.r
city, was visiting In a town of verv
... I I I I A A . dv .
. iniiiiiuiis. tine day, when he
was about to make a purchase, he ,t;
covered that be bad exhausted ,
small change. The shopkeeper could
not break the ten-dollur bill offer.!
mm, aiM tne man went out In the
main street to see how he might solve
uuiHTiity. lie asked several per
.... UU1. u on nau ti,e requisite
....UU..I ior ine mil. At last an old.
uc-imire.,, seeny negro camealon
in aheer despi.ratlon the man mm-
Lnde, can you thane a ton...M-.
bill for mr
"Uncle" linkt ..- ..
v. ur fIl
ment Then hi .hambllng fl...-.
straightened. With a doffln nf A
and . bow worthy of Chesterflehl. be
'""t w i lu uijtnity:
. 'No' .n"r"'' 1 "n't change no ten.
nonar bin. but I done 'pm-iate. tb.
- asme, sab."
Ml la Animal..
Evldonee of a mind In all ,
even the lowest. I. found"" 7
..enoiey. n, anM( nwim .'
power of cholc. when It eats. ..i !k
tree-,,. colony of onU M r 'he
wa to be agitated by jari JLL
t Intervals sliowlng that t rT'?
member th.r . ... .! I..1 1 mut r.
There was 0nce Iale "Pbomore
who, a many collrg "n do' ,ounJ
blmwlf in financial rll "n(1 PwneJ
II bl good clothe. A little before
Thanksgiving he gat blaT check from
When be got bom for the holiday
the Dnrt thing hi mother took out of
tbe trunk was an overcoat and on it
waa pinned the pawnbroker's ticket be
bad forgotten to remove.
Hastily grabbing th ticket, De "Id:
"Hello! They must have forgotten
to take this off at tbe Smith dance
when I left It In tbe cloakroom."
A moment later bl mother took out
bl evening trounerw Tbey also bad
a ticket on them.
"Why, Reginald," he ald. "surely
you didn't leave tbese tn tbe cloak
room, too, did youf tilpplneott'a.
Vieiin a.. laewlatlow.
The remarkable heat Insulating ef
fect of a vacuum l ftrlklngly brought
out In the claim made for a new
sKrtmen' bottle. Tbe yense! ha dou
ble walls, being really one bottle w?:h
In another, with ealed up Interven
ing space from which the air baa been
withdrawn. It is inserted that liquid
In this bottle can be kept hot forty
eight hour In the coldest weather, and
that Iced beverage will retain their
delicious coolucsa for weeks In th hot
test summer.
Vol a- Too Far.
"Look here," exclaimed the leading
man, a be entered tbe green room;
"when I klused you In the third act
some of the coloring came off your
cheek and got en my face.
"You tI11Il' napped th Irate
leading lady I
"Oh, that' 'rtght, madam. I don't
mind be In vi'aln, but I don't want
to be dwp-dyed f lllaln."
lime Marklee Are Had.
Most o( the stoii marbles used by boys
are made In Germny. Tbe refuse only
of tb mtrble and irate quarries is em
ployed, aid this li treated in such a way
that thert I pram-ally no waste.
Men aad boy ire employed to break
the refuie stone into small cubes, and
with their hsmrurn they acquire a mar
velous dtiterity. Tbe little cubes are
then thrown into l mill consisting of a
grooved bedetone inJ a revolving runner.
Water It fed to tlx mill and the runner is
rapidly revolved, while) th friction doe
the rest.
In half an hour th mill I (topped
and a bunhel or of perfectly rounded
marbles are takei out. Tbe whole pro
cess costs tb mcrttt trifle. Philadelphia
Caere l'
The proprietor of the celebrated
mountain Inn wai showing tbe new
guest tbe beautiful lurroundlnga.
"Ah, these cliff.!" ald the proprie
tor, rapturously. "In electrical
storm they are awr-lnsplrlng. Tbe next
time a storm rl' f,oe tnut 'ou "re
standing on the porcn ' 'nn" Wny'
lr. the air I alwy heavily charged."
"I don't doubt It." laughed the new
guest, winking at mother late arrival,
"and If I dn t bapln f standing
on the porch I can feel assured that It
HI be heavily charged anyway on
my bill."
AVcccUble Preparation Tor As
similating the Food ami Reula
ting the S'omachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digeslian.Cheerful-
ness and Itesr .contains neltncr
Oprum. Morphine nor MinexaL
Not Naiicotic.
(2 rr-' t fl-
A .
. rm
A Dafect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach, Dian'hoca.
Worms Convulsions Tcvcri sh
raess arel Loss or Sleek
Its Simile Signature of
Don't Poison Baby.
pOETY YEAKS AGO almost every mother thought her child must havo
PAREQORIO or laudanum to mako it sleep. Theso drugs will produco
sleep, and A FEW DROPS TOO MANY will produco tho SLEEP FROM WHICH
THERE IS NO WAKING. Many are tho children who havo been killed or
whoso health ha3 been ruined for lifo by paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each
of which ia a narcotio product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from selling
either of tho narcotics named ta children at all, or to anybody without labelling
them " poison." The definition of " narcotio w is S "A medicine which relieves pain,
and produces sleep, hut which in poisonous doses produces stupor, coma, convul
sions and death. " Tho tasto and smell of medicines containing opium aro disguised,
and sold under tho names of " Drops, " "Cordials," "Soothing Syrups," etc. You
should not permit any medicine to bo given to your children without you or
your physician know of what it is composed. CASTORIA DOES NOT CON
TAIN NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas3 II. Fletcher.
Dr. J. W. Dlnadale. of Chicago, 111., ay: "I use your Caatorla and
advlao lta use la all famlllca where there arc children."
Dr. Alexander E. MIntle. of Cleveland, Ohio, say: "I have frequently
prescribed your Castorla and hav found It a reliable and pleasant rem
edy for children."
Dr. J. S. Alexander, of Cmaha, Neb., Bays: "A medicine 10 valuable and
beneficial for children ai your Caatorla la, degcrvca the highest praise. (
had It la use everywhere."
Dr. J. A. McClcllan, of Buffalo, N. T, says: "I hav frequently prescrlbcj
your Castorla for children and always got rood rosultt. Ia fact I usa
Caatorla for my owa children."
Dr. J. W. Allen, of St. Loula, Mo., aaya: "I heartily endorse your Caa
torla. I have frequently prescribed It In my medical practice, and hava
alwaya found It to do all that la claimed for It"
Dr. C. H. Clldden, of Et Taut, Minn., Bay: "My experience aa a rrao
tltloner with your Caatorla hai been highly aatlsfactory, and I consider It
aa excellent remedy for the young."
Dr. II. D. Denner, of Philadelphia, Pa., aaya: "I have used your Caa
torla as a purgative In th casea of children for yeara past with the most
happy effect, and fully endorse It aa a safe remedy."
Dr. J. A. Doarman, of Kansaa City, Mo., aaya: "Tour Castorla la a splen
did remedy for children, known the world over. I use It In my practice
and have no hesitancy la recommending It for tho complaint of infanta
and children."
Dr. J. J. Mackey, of Brooklyn, N. Y, aaya: "I consider your Castorla aa
excellent preparation for children, being composed of reliable medicine
and pleasant to the tasta. A good remedy for all disturbances of tha
digestive organs."
lieara the Signature of
j (EMM) J
txACT eo"or wrapper. A
six .
w jr e mi a i J r s
tcyy toco
Tie Kind You Have Always Bought
In Us For Over 30 Years.
I M vNlrtl 11
hiavc powotns
A AilArAntA.1 mm rnr Iivatm 1 'ouirhA
UtMlwier. JndlireAtlun Wind TruuUAAi
ItAAlAra fte (MtiitA. aAllMirDi&
Pri HimUr.Fi Tt'n . HT I'Ai'l.. Mini
"lie would Joke at tha grave's
"What cause you to believe that?"
"Why, be Is a boarder and be joke
about prunes." Houston Tost
Mothers will nod Mr.. Wlnslow-s ""tblns
Byrup the brst remedv ON lot Ih.U ohUUr.4
lurlnf tb. (Mthlns period.
Jfo Secret.
"Do tell me, Mrs. Mannldre, how you
succeed in keeping your hired help so
"Hy letting them merely help. I really
do th. work, you know."
at. Vitne" Peace enfl I1 Hereon ple
J prrmAnaniir ciiriHi r " "Z ,.i a
GialleeTLV H. U. alla Ut. U Area BU. J-UUa,.-e.
Hotels Aaioaar tb Pyraa.lde.
The Egyptian pyramid will prob
ably lose much of their inafrniflceut
and legendary npiiearanee In tha near
future. The Egyptian government baa
given permission for tbe erection of
homes and hotels In tbe vast plain
stretching from Kskebleh to the Nile
and covered with tbe ancient sphinxes
nnd structures. Already several socie
ties have been formed to avail them
selves of the picturesque view for the
building of largo hotels. All around the
pyramids of Glilseu there are to be
erected real American skyscrapers
from nine to ten Btorie In height
New York Tribune.
HOWAUn J5. rtURTO?r -A.-ATer r3 ChemHt.
leeJvllle, Color-Ada, Hpt'iiun frit-Mi Ould,
Hll-r, l-Ad, tl ; Ould, rtllT.r, 7M-; old. ". ! f lae or
t'onprr, l. C'venlde twf. VAllln. AnvAlnpa end
Aill prlrllft .iitoo application. Ciintrot end t'rn
pire work AuUclMd. liAiufAuoAl C'erboMia N
tluual ilauk.
SuellaA IcIti Aatlnt-
WeurlAa WaU OrUli
ItalU aApfet Ally foe wnrk
In Lb north w.i. Llrlll
pie ent .Abtn. toolA
Yt A OArrv A Iafaa AUiok.
Write uaaIi your aiA-hin.
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When the llooJ is pure. resl1 &ai Wealthy, the skin wilt be soft, smooth
and free fro- i,icinishes, but when some acid humor takes root in the circu
lation its pre,cnce ii manifested by a skin eruption or disease. These
humors pet Into the blood, generally because of an inactive or elnggish
condition cf th. members o( the body whose duty it is to collect and carry
off the waste and refuse matter of the system. This unhealthy matter is left
to sour and ferment and soon the circulation becomes charged with the acid
poison. The bc-ins to throw oil the humors and acids through the
pores and elands cf the skin, producing Eczema, Acne, Tetter, Psoriasis,
Salt Rheuta and skin eruptions cf various kinds. Eczema appars. usually
witk a alight redness cf the skin followed by pustules from which there
fows a sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense.
It is generally n the back, breast, face, arms and les, though other parts
" the body r accted. In Tetter the skin dries, cracks ana Dieecis;
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the acid in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, which are intended
to keep it ,ft , pliant, causing a dry, feverish condition and giving it a
tatd, leathery anoearance. Acne makes its appearance on the lace in the
- ' 11 form of pimples and black heads, while
Tea" ;rd4 E"J,Bf MiTo Tsoriasis comes in scaly patches on differ.
S? "i luit53 SI B. J. ent parts cf the body One cf the worst
V lZttg2t"r w.'t,?ie,.UV0ii forms of skin trouble is Salt Rheum;
form tVr,r"!!Ci P'T,'JIa4i Jt. f ,,;t- ,Inf rt tf,l, 1. tl, .rain
oUBi5y,wtobId"Sff sometimes causing baldness. Toison Oak
."'a s Nr, i. rt pieea ana ivy are aino gi
lF?Vr;&Af hit disease. Theh
I.'."" ' w i I . f iooJ ! lies dormant ii
sazreenble types of skin
amor producing the trouble
1 the blood through tha
rmuLh?r b''bfe" Winter to break out and torment tha
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". treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S.
It neutralizes the acids and removes tha
humors so that the skin instead of being'
irritated and diseased, is nourished by a
upply of fresh, healthy blood. External
n!i.l r.l Ail v.. AAtia 1tinna errv.
purely vegetabe whii they itching cucd by
a fc fkia affections, can never cure the trouble
they t30 BOt reach th blood. S. S. S. goes down Into the circulation
iorces otit every particle foreign matter and restores the blood to ita
orni Pnrt fymHition. therebr rermanentlv curinir every form of akin
tion. Book on Skin Diseases and any medical advice desired sent fret
til who writ. S. s- ,4 t all rst class dnijf stores.
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Siilhi Washington PORTLAND OREGON
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