Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, November 16, 1906, Image 2

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    Hillsboro Independent
ml tat Wmmk
In a Timd
iu u uuiiuuuobu luiiii iur uur . .
Rm D,r.. Tn Hrlment counted of
A Return of tha Less Important but
Not Less Interesting Events
of the Past Week.
Ir-K il.-nt KiMwevelt Lai nearly
Teached Panama.
Witto has returned to liuxxia and
will vinit the czar.
Attorney (ii-ncral Moody ha ordered
a rixiil ciifurieincnt of the right-hour
It i pmluilde a f.re of 1,000 nia-
rinen will Ihj kept in Cuba for (mine
l'liiladi'lliliiii Jt-ws will liinmr tin
late John J lay by plu.in a memorial elcftroUeei and succeeded In retaining
"wiiii low in their Hvnaiuiie. , . , . , , tl ,
' k ' them for a considerable time. After
The Ch irano -ity attorney airline the a brief rest, he was given a drink of
rulliiiun company of bribing ju.hie, whUky and on again connecting the
foi.nreHH.nen and other i.Ui. iulH. electrode, with the Interior lining of
A ilrwperate hattlo with knives In'-lhla stomach the galvanometer regis-
iween milliters at l lieyenne to nettle mi I tered IS mllll-volta.
inn nieii puu'eii nvu men in the lionpital
The fortieth aiifiual m-HHion of the I by thlj experiment they have demon
r. i:... ...... i ... i i ... it . I ..... . - .. . .
Talenhona la Ontratsd by Current
Given Out By the Stomach.
Ran Frnnrlyin Vnv. 13 Before
number nf meilli :il men and scientist
today. Mr.. Albert J. Atkins and E. J
Lewis succeeded Id charging an dec-
t with human electricity to
i-r.a that external aouuu
wave were transmitted ana nearu.
teli uhone re-
the application of two platinum elec-
tr.v,tpa In lha walla flf the living Stom
ach. Dy meant of coppir wlrea the
e!ectrods were connected with tele
thon, and mlcronhone. a sensitive
Instrument, which greatly lntunsifles
There was absolutely no mechanical
. . . . I I a, ..
or chemical battery in me circuu, ye
ihA mnmrnt th electrodes were swal'
lowed sufflciently to touch the walls
of the stomach, human electricity
Sowed over the wins, rendering
sounds audible. The electric charge
measured from seven to eight milli
volts on a Weston galvanometer.
Colonel E. P. Rochardson, the sub
ject of the experiment, swallowed the
Immigrant Train In Disastrous
Indiana K'reck.
Were Nearly All Fugitives from Rus
siaSurvivors Lose Baa-gage
and Other Possessions.
Leaders Confin... Thit President's
Coming Ms, t0 congress Will
Contain At(1jC, Demands
'r Lab".
MlnntapolU ,. v0v. 12. That
the convention ... American Fed
UI mv -
eratlon of Labor, which opens la this
cny mis morn n., i I so on wum
In favor of an av, .ive political Jtol
Icy seems assure, from H Prts of
the country .. - ri br nam in
- " SBlr. -
reports of sucifcg. at the poll at the
recent election.
80 far these r. show that at
- s I'jnji -m
least Ave trade unionists will sit In
the next Cougrea dI1 great num
ber have been .1.......1 in the different
state Legislature.
Mnut tirnn. ...... . . Koiin th. inn.
iiLtil niio v -
...... ..t .V.A 1 ,. .1'... L. An.l
rhlraeo. Nov. 13. Mure than half
the nassena-ir. on an Immigrant train ' Mine Woiker. and
on the Baltimore & Ohio railroad were Tue mlwrt , .uthracite dltrlct
HllifU ur JUjurru iu iuihdiuu in; wi uuBirurild hard ClcCiwu JJ.
a l a 1 ail Wl iMf in mmi T t kla rrv f'nn v rta
freight near Woodville, Ind. One hun- "J,1110 t0 lhe tate
dred and slxty-flve passengers were on The ttlegraphers elected three of
me irain, ana 01 inese 11 were enueriiueir uiemuers to Congress in ainereni
killed outright or were burned In PMI of the country, Including the
. - ii.w , Fourth District nf Illinois. In lienne-
P'n county, lu this state, 31 out of 39
the wreckage Immediately after the meD horsed by labor for the state
Railroad Commission Scents An-
other Dig Trust.
President Roosevelt and Party Em
bark on Yacht Mayflower.
TVaMhinirton N'nv 0 "Hnmlliva I
am going down to se bow the ditch
is gemug along," snouted rresldent
ItooNevelL who stood on tb after
starboard deck of the yacht May
Mower at the Washington navv vanl
as the vishi I was leaving the dock for
1.1- .
- . " 'l. tli Uiail4t DUI
geonient4al Hlxey, of the Navy, and
M. C. Latta. one of th aaslatant aerre.
tarles at the White House. The May-
flower K'lll takn Ihn tinrtir In Vl'olf
Trap Light, at the mouth of the Rappa
hannock river in Chesapeake liar.
where a transfer will be inado to th'
battleship Louisiana, which Is to con
vey the President to and from tha
--. , I o. 1 iuuiii in na
Tbe Harriuian avstem La. thr. main The Louisiana will be convoyed to Santlam and Mollala rivers, caused bv
linea l,,t., h- Mi.. i w . aD(1 frora the Bthmus by the armored recent rains, have cashed away
ine. between the Missouri River and cruisers Tenness.e and Washington. t Southern 1'aclflc bridges ami rei
the I acifie Coast, which under separate Aboard the Louisiana Lieutenant dered another unsafe. The main Hue
ownership are natural eomnetitora for Frank Evana, who will utilize the ' the Southern Pacific is erfw-naii
traffie originating east of their eastern l1?1,e"h t,'e,gr?h Wrl- with hloekad.d. perhaps for weeks. The
! "tt",or" which the ship is equipped, for com- bridge across the Santlam at Jeffer.
' " P"" oasi or munlcatlng with the White House at on was carried away last night block
those termini. Washington whenever tha Irnhlent lng the main lin Th. ,... k o'.....
. - li.il - " " 1 u ouiiiiu (II
The main line of the Union raciflo de"f.rei- bridge on the Wood burn-Natron
extend from Omaha to Oifden. where L'?SJTf.Vie" WV 'Pe!1.'? foiT days ra,f:,h wa'hed out yesterday. Th
.. . ... . I 1,10 ioiiuiiu.1. jib win arrive at 1 oriuge is so shakv that it min
it connects With tha Contral l!fl nlnn Th xr . V lnal 11
7 . ' ionino m irains. I no
Combine Wat Like Old Northern Se
curities Company Fish Gives
Commission tha Tip.
Disastrous floods In Willamette
Valley Streams.
Main Line of Southern Pacific Block
aded Santism and Clackamas
Raring Torrents.
Tortland, Nov. . Floods in the
. , .. t . , ,w gram. uBBlu r r lines combined are natural competitors i.t . . 8 a 8low run acro8S the ne U''P r V illamette vallc
,h.e8.!.W 1 t .t ! Indent Gomners feel, greatly en- of th. Union Taciflo and Central T fol? ta
California and
t.i.... .i gram. uuea comomeu are natural competitors 1...1. .r , . . -" i" .-.. ..mmi-na vamy are oeinir
ciKiiLT uiuciB re-1 ..... . 1 mi u 111 11 3 in nrn r rn piva nn turnip nn. i miiruM ii.w m r .. . .i . n . . .
. . I . . 1 ..... ... ... I "wwm uomnera reels greauy en- 01 iue union 1'acina and Central Pa., lit.. .. .. i iu. .u. ..... ' "' 01
urs. Atkins and Lewis claim mat capeu unnun, dui iokc neany an meir couraged over th uituation He ia 1 .7 . 'ui. nun mane an ex- w Domnern raclflc to Corvallis and
. .1... . . .... v.... a bairitaKe and clot hinr. u" 168 situation, ne says Ciflc. amlnatlon of the work. At La Unix over the rnrvaiiiu 1. i.-. " .... I1
-" ' ' 1 " iiv 1 mi iv. imi-uv i... ' 1 . ., . . 1 . nrneu iipnres 01 lenera jruin 1 m. tt . . 1 h- i .. , . .. ...... . . - . .. ul ns
Rational (Irani'... t ti...,v..r ...o.-j .t, i ..i 1 t,.,m,n 1 ue uisasier was causeu 07 a omn- men ailt..,,A , .v; .h. ' jvansas racine extends from ' u uiBiiecuon or tne 10 Aioany, ueyond wi
claml fr panels ,t ami national sens They reason that. If sound Is "rVw , ulrZr v 1 5 "f"' 1 ne 18 rpPr,e
K-lr..a.lH. transmitted over a copper wire when ff'J" irLfn blan)e f"re fully understood what the trade coaipetito, of th. Union Tacillo mijtawhft thmW
1 ,1.. v 't charged with human electricity. The ...- rrin whirh . "u'on ?.18 .or t,Je country stood for In une. by Islands, when, th .LZ, u T 7 si i "V " " ' f .on lu.e
..... ...... iu iii . 1 . y a. .ipi ci iur. . . . . . . . i . . i - - - - --1 ...... . . . . , M Ml , . . n D w . . ......... i n . .. i - --.... . i .-. .wn. u.DBri efii h iiii rpnini.i
, 1 . 11 is reaBoname 10 consider xne prw- in.j.j -.i.i. d,...i.. t a 1 - r ana hph:iu "iu-i tl. . ... ha ahnwn t. .j ........ 1 1 -. " ..mi'.
v., nniii ami Killtsi lour men in a viic. .u. ...jT. "- -"u. "" jcwb, ai-rrmiu nnthv with ih.i. .1 . I oouiuern lacina extends from ."r"." fv"-u anuui acinc ric win ie malnta ne hti.om.
rful attempt to eneape arrent. Arm- 7 Ss changed with the Team Tforce. f"!?" ' t?.. ha. been 'the latest education- New Orleans to Los Angeles, and thence n IX?1. L" f !" th w!T.ke.! br.1J-". .
il men are sea.ching for him. hn other words, we hear when the Z " ,Tn":fc:",'l" 7r " al campaign that organised labor has to San Francisco and north P,f. 7 SL . r". 1:1.;" .V.""."- ""a1 " L.i"" Vv",aM eavlD rrt""l
. laudltory nerve is made sensitive with " '"Tr" tonight." forlninir a - " " 111"" ABWB T."fl estaP
.ul.lieaih.M,ls without discrimination, that by a series of experiments they n
Cuban liberals are dii,l.t nn a. hav. Proven that digestion Is an elec-
count of friendship with America. l!? process; that all life ac- mrn, t traIn ha(J ed th ,tch
r tvee. I tlnn In thfl Fmimv fa rtonnnAant nnnn thai.. .
A dirigible baHoon sent up from the -tlv.ty of the c.ectr.ca. forces within "? Z
Iilan exposition crossed tha Aln aaf.the organism, that variations of sense o.,.j h..k.
ItUIU. J lllll BIIUW
Increased the dark-
wnan exposition crossed the Alps safe.1"" ". variauons or sense Most(( Btarted paBtward. A nKht gnow
1 a I m BMI rnfir OF on da alaht hn pin ir r a I .... .
17 ; ; ; : r:r was fa '. whlcn increased the dark.
A new pUnaehas caused 12 death, bratlon set ..n h th human ..n.in.a! ?e8.s..r rnornlng. and. as the
a. mall T...a tnn mi a L .Hn. ' T. rreiKnt was rounding
In a smsll Texas town, and doctors are
.1. . 1.
unsDie 10 control it.
It is reported that King Alfonso cf
8psin has been assassinated, bnt the
rep jrt cannot be verified.
Wireless messages state that the
presidential Dartv is off tha Finn. la
coasi and enjoying One weather.
The wrecking of the Milwanbaa i
nue bank of Chicago was re enacted on
the stage in Chicago and nearly caused
a 1 101
.,..,( -.T .1. 11 irreigni was rounding a snarp curve
Plirri'nio ai'tlnir nn lha .nnnlal aanaal. -
nerves " -"- just west of Woodville. the second sec
irom a aisastrous wreck. A scant
half hour after th train r Prt aaeA tlx
bridge 100 feet of the falsework sup-
nlrt i n ir .KA ...........
. . , ,.w....s iuv Bnuiiuio was sweiii awav
Proclamation Signed By President for The rlvr continued to rise rapidly and
raw rca or ,uo,550 Acres. m,H 1UB' nigni me remaining false-
ua inuorsea Dy the convention. It 18 . x. -TT , ..w- . n,jj n&rva. -- mo irunuiiun laise.
but the beginning of organised labor's Orleans thus connecting the Washington. Nor 9 Presf.l-nr W.r weDt .out. olng the 205 -foot
efforts In the political arena." eMt.e.rn termmi of his several line, and Roosevelt, before leavinif for Panama T J" 1 ,e,D,ew br,(lKe ,n ,roce88
.v. . - . .... enablinor him tn rnnta frnflU rnn. ...I . - """Hi lenvuin iur lunama. I of prpif Inn n fi uln lli. ....1.. .1
yuo vi mo enerts or ine iunor poiui- . r .V"" ""T signed a Droclamat on rreaflno' fnnr tu! . . ' " "r
a nrnvmm n.m v. in k m eamera uuinis DY anv or tnem. It . . "e ouniiam uridfre naa hppn 11 m op.
sctieallym.ke. him supreme in the Jari nTtwon 7hZ? 11, TSll .nstnictlon for some tFrn'o
Bceintlats have made arrangements
witn the Italian government to com
plete the escalation of the ancient
Roman city of Ilercolaueum.
The Forestry bureau of the United
States has failed in its efforts to compel
the railrosds to use oil for fuel on en
gines passing through forest reserves.
It now develops that the Standard Oil
company, aided by the railroads, did
xneir best to defeat Jloch for governor.
Iloch received a majority of over 2,000.
The boiler of a Southern Pacific pas
senger enginhe exploded at Sarxent, a
small station in Southern California,
Killing two persons and wrecking the
depot and four cars.
Mounted Rifles Start In Pursuit and.
Rebels Prepare to Fight
Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 12.
vice. from the scene LCnt
ui mo wucr uuiuTeuit in me iNonn
western part of Cape Colony agree
that the situation Is decidedly grave.
Natives who have never been in sym
pathy with the British plans of govern
ment are flocking to the standard of
the rebel chieftain, Ferrlera. On Sun-
tlon of th Immlrraiit train rnma In
sight a short distance away, tearing
toward unicngo at the rate of 40 miles
an hour. ThA twn trntna nnm tn.
gether with unslackened speed, and in
me crasn six passenger coaches and
several freight cars were knocked into
kindling wood, and, together with the
locomotives, went rolling down the
Hearst may gei the mayoralty ol New
Idaho land fiaud trials will hn
soon at .Moscow.
An American consuls 4 has been
opened at Mukden.
Cuban liberals are making trouble
iur uovernor Aiagoon
All the provincial governors of the
repuDiic 01 t'anama will meet Boose-
Russian terrorists dvnamit,i . ..i
mascacred the military guard, and se
atHaa.l A (. ll
vureu f .)UU,UUU
A small powder massine 80 miles
yum wnicago eiploded, breaking win
uuna .urn uiues uisiani
Foor men were killed and the fonnd
atlon laid lor a lasting feud in Ken-
ucy over the recent election.
All British tmnlntM nn ik. ...
ff "V1. W.U.1 h"T' hol,!y celebrate
.ii uiruiuay 01 King Edward.
A Whale ShlD ha. riiann,l c.
kimo band on Prince Edward island
wno naa never seen a white man.
A craiT Chilean mhn
aJmission to the White House some
wine ago nas been arrested at Panama
Taft is on
rmy posts.
a tonr of inspection of
President Roosevelt went to Oyster
vVt .CMt Ml Tot, "tni then
President Roosevelt has arranged to
jeceivs toe ute chiefs at tha Whits
Mouse ana near their troubles.
IDS KOVll II1..II.K n .
", WU1CO
has been making a tonr of the United
oies, is stranded In Ogdsn, Utah.
navy yard employes were given
t 01 science long snonogh to vote
Secretary Bonaparte says the strength
shown by Hearst shows that the ques
tion must be dealt with "in a spirit at
" iiorai ana cot serva.lve."
The president has dismissed in dis
grace a whole battalion of negro troops
for refusing to disclose the identity of
uui wrong ooers among them, and
will also court martial a white officer
igor mating derogatory remaiks against
ma negro troops.
Chicago switchmen will go on strike
omens toe railroads acecde to their de
mands. It is probable that the aathorities of
Hsrvard will prohibit football after
the present season. "
The Harrlmsn lines are building
wreck-proof steel mall cars to replace
their present wooden cars.
Thomas Klnsey, parser on the At
lantic liner St. Paul, has crossed the
ocean 901 times, more than any other
living man. He has sailed a total of
2,703,000 miles. .
Pneumonia Proves Fatal to Leader In
Cuban Campaign.
Bakernfleld. Cal., Nov. 13. Major-
. '"" lu""w"i m. ypsiernay at the ranch of Captain
waung uours, wnen the liollce. find- w. h. McKIttrlck. his son-ln-law. 2n
lng themselves outnumbered, fled miles south of this city, after an 111
carrying their badlv-wounded mn nes?. ? ven days, despite the best
- I rri Pn mo I att.inf Inn I 1
Ferrelra. with hla forr ...m..r.rf wk.TI ,"Bl urnm:. . .
- o """" reiuiuina; irom ine pons last
v. o "uw ui camp on a rarm near luesnay, ne contracted a severe chill
Upplngton and it Is reported that his whlen ""Kniented a slight indisposition
command is brlngin horaea fmm ih ar"? necessitated couflneraent to his
farms In the vicinity. It is believed Wednesday an Th.,,.,i ,
that he plans a march toward Kuru' prdvement was noticed and-FVIday aft-
man, then, If able, to fight the trooDs rrnoon Dr- M. If. Herzsteln. of San
sent against him and go on to Kim- rranr 8C0- was communicated with, but
berley as e Wfls unao1 to depart at once,
' I fir t XV TKn... j . 1 .
. , , .. ... . ,i,c was uenpuirnea in ir.
ul vui-1 ."viii a i'iui;e. irr. i norne arrived
ony troopers and police, whose ranks early Saturday morning and together
ifiii.in 01 me uoer me local pnyslclanR. diligently
army who have taken the oath of al- watched the patient all that day In
U'Klance are now marching to engnge the afternoon a slight rally was de
he Wl f -"needed here that tected and relatives and physicians
n.t n,., in "U'-.r . I... m,,lIU'- uuimecnange
" KumiiB uuwu ine reoeuion. "s Bimri nven. At 10 oclock a sink
tor many months the Uoers have hern lng spell aeliAd tho
K L:".Lt.h.? ttJiu".0' the L..-, ""I"", "riyed shortly after
have decTnren IZ """J ' 'n"Kra3r..nJh.t "1 consul
W Ti.r.i J ""ru"uu u lenv -"- "em wnn me otner phvs -
lng the British nnaanaolnn. nj .... Irian. In nllnn,u. . . . ! .. .
rica lL!tC 0 th Pa?8. of Af- n r; Herz8,eln dml an operation the
I 8S d, the Preent uprising gain on 7 rneans of relief from the Intestl-
di-Stisss1 ;rr8!r,8' as ,i",?i the. condition or
South awV. T i" " V "T.V."""Bn f-7. -.:",l.w"",a precast nothing but
rira t7T, 10 la r er- " in sucn an attempt. Dr
en in . '"er can arm and accompanied by Dr. Thome
ernment wli 1 . " "L . nim' l,ne ', Tu ? Han. Francisco, all hope
lng message will contain some of the
most radical demands for labor that
nave ever teen made by a President
of the United States.
Washington. Nor 10 A
vestigation of what is known ss the
., . . merce Commission, and that body, it ii
Veteran, of Twenty-Fifth Deeply Af- said, really stands committed to ;n in
fected by Disgrace
El Reno .Okla Knv. 12 Tha. mam
hers of Companies B, C and D, of the
Twenty-fifth Infantry (colored), re-L that. th,a ,Jr8'?ln in iom ' 'ea
cently ordered dismissed by President :"res '? not unlje the Northern Securi
cently ordered dismissed by President
KOOBeve t as a rpmi , nf tha i-lr,ni,.
disturbances at Brownsville, Texas, on
August 13. were formally d
Many of the .men. soma nf vtinm
nave oeen m the service more than 20
years, shed tears when they gave up tn Keneral powers of the Commission
their guns. Tomorrow the disarmed conferred by law, and not because of
troops will have battalion drill without anjr ln""diate speciflo complaint 0 a
arms, and they will be discharged im- 10,ntion of the statutes.
mediately unon recelnt of nfflMoi ,. Uunng the J; ish-IIsrnman contest for
aers rrom Washington. 108 coniroi or tne rmnois central Kail-
The second battalion of the Twenty- waT Jt was hinted that data would be
Major Charles J. T. ClarkA. whtoh ar. whereby it eould cet the official ark-
rived last night from San Antonio, has "crews under the llarriman system snd
gone Into camp Just outside the gar- discover many interesting things. The
rtann Hmffa t'... n.nA irk. ..... rnmmiinn will Knrrin . . . .n.l, . . -T ;n
a v. 1 uii .v. uu. llio il'l U i ..... . v u . u o ih. .but . u
troops have shown no disposition to the new year.
I ti i. : . 1 . . : ti . . ,
usi. 1 mil luvesiiLraiina win oe or ss mucn
Iimjiortanco, in all probability, as was
that which the Commission made into
th. .nml.inntinn nf h. V,lk... T..i.
-in . 6"'"k leiuiiBiruciion ior some tlmo
ers adding to the re- and ra)Bework had hem h,,ii , ...
ft RTflfft 7 i R RRR or rod I a. . . "
. , 1 1 nnrr rna wpiinr nr na mhiu u i s
was being replaced
the Shoshone reserve In NorFhom J d be or thooldnnVi ft"?W
Idaho, which was so vigorously fought t,rtg,?0bmi" ln"
by Senator ifoviinm rr.aMnn nf no aamage would probably have
!.aIir. "eAb,,r.-Catlon ." occurred. The Overland train, due in
Harrim.n av.f.n, ? miT..Ti- " T" 2u ! Blr.v.e8 Pn ne aomin- portlan,, ,agt ,.. .. d(vfrt-,
:r uuuM mi iBirmion s aisregara or neyourn s pro- .n. main iin .1 ik.- . j .i.
author.t, conferred by law, i. ene of test and leaves Heyburn nothing more rment wm he Hj,.!5d ? ar
the subjects which have been diaeuaaad to flirhr fnr rangement will be continued until
for some time by the Interstate Com- Great Cceur d'Alene Reserve. -liThon- tra,na
merce Commission, and that body, it is The Shoshon- reserve Is created In J,"d anJefferson between Port-
conjuncuon witn me l oeur a Aiene P.ii ... . .
reserve, adjoining It on the north, and thA v.-v ! PUt ,0 Wrk 'J
two nthpr. tn h known as th nP, the. br rtKe ye-erday and an attempt
d'Alene reserve. Their aggregate area Te Santlam ..Z fJDfhUtK b' 1
is 2.250.000 acres. They He In Sho- rafna nf Vhl'na T fit? the Meav
shon. anit Knotpnal conntlpa r..n,i. f8'118 of Re past few days, continued
lna- northward to the middle of I.ak-l "se rapidly. At a late hour last
Bend d Orellle. , V- reportea 88 rlBln
In rrPHnir thp.p varlnn. .,. 'nhe8 an ho':,T-
It Is stated that all their natural r. L. . . aIso disabled the Southern
sources will be available for use and "11 h n th,evWooburn. Nat
development, but they will be admin- TlVT dtmnge lZ
istered hr th Forest Servlra tin.H ?awrnlll men by the breaking of
under th nrotertlve avatem .'nH ,lm. ?ooma" Quantities of cord wood be-
ber cutting will be restricted to ma- ,0nglnK, to th? LeDano PaPpr mills
ture timber. The Coeur d'Alene re- weie B'8 ,wafhed away. Reports from
jiuerson maicaie mat much more.
" tva nava n.on ti
- - ...v.., a iiji iij-
ber of the Commission said recently.
ties Coin ian v. which ii;.i..,i
tnrough the interposition of the Attor
nev-General of the United States."
Any stens which mi, h. 1.1.. y
hid vuniiniHBion aiong ine lines referred
10 win ue, n is said, in accordance with
ernment will sonn begin sending reg
ular troona Inin
him u'" l" oppose
Quite Eaual ta Rit.i.tin.
London Nov. 13. Sir Thomas Ful-
v.. .Krui general for Cape Colony in
I-ondon. attach... .
fo1 !d- e believe, the object
the n, nr;j,7-.u"n.u. p'uni,pr "d say.
" ' ..rre rerreira and hi.
men are nnpratin 1. .
lno.i Yt . " " Bparseiy popu-
arated"n1,ShIarmhou8e8 "ep.
iha, rr 1 ..unoiuie, nowever,
mat rerreira mi, nki.i. . ..... '
S?o, n8,pd t:- The Cape
are aecustom.H ,n -.,...,1"
and win warrare
Buy In Chean.
1 - ' . 1 nvi.
Rome. Knv w a ...
tha nt; .V t.. commutce from
Mayor of that X" . T tn
to protest .;..n"T,.w"""m?lo"om
order for . ,
man-of.ar -,i.t :t ""'. ""an
Comnanr Bs"i . M,daI ! 1
menr .... X..'"rlI ulal tl Kovern.
aalna th. i-V """'"'on. hut not
that "l,,1", terP8t8 of tn tte. and
n eonn . Puctlon must put us
i-7.u,on t0 atnd foreign rnmnafl.
vsua rv
Police Fall
Tims. Nov. a ... .
i,. ".ii-uing Domo
7'uo rred on Peth.nskl street
t an early hour thi.
tha nnli ""niug, wni e
exp.os.on waVaudible Tor a'greS St
tance and .... .. r srear nt
........... (l aPparpnt th t
UP to se.rchhf. paSrTou::4
T.klna Away Liberty Again.
Odessa. Nor 11 n .1 . .
u vi'uurii. ID a rranr..
roent. mad. h th..- ,rTan-
fcen cancelled. nav.
DiaanluA .u. t- .
n. ., me run.
nashlneton l!n nn.vii.
ii,.-,,.,, " .0. niie no ail-
thorltative s atement could be obtain-
-Ui ".f!ra.10 ,,ne ma,r. there Is
prnmpnT v . "eVe that tfce Gov-
ZIT, nt haa de,'('''l to Institute pro
ceedlngs against the Standard Oil
trait .n ..2er ,h Shrman antl
trust act w th a v ion. .
2i7.0' C0UI -"-oWn'S the con?-
each n .1 T exl8t8 anl restoring to
en erlnV tnin . ,nnlD,,lnr them from
r . t0 anjr contract, agreement
Or 11 n1 i Pal . r. .H ... "ftircuicui
nn wun each other,
Moat Drunken Armw 1.
-- -""7 in norm.
Chicago. Nov i ti.. ..... .
port of s?. r".c"nlalnp.'1 'h re-
army. Though n.iini n o..., .
not stat. ..,- ;,-: ooes
Puted .mi;.; u"y !.nat "Is undls-
have made this claim tk Kenerais
makes clear L.!-Th.e "Port also
which soldiers ., iff., 7 a,,-e from
""WBrUjeUl, sr aiws
rAM.iw -
Salt Like c. C iT
Krsnd Jurv 1' .r:".13. A federal
nd will b.it,p;it,.7ira 6.er today
Rumor has it 8,t,ln tomorrow,
b made 0? Jt.'Lr"' will
testate Commerce Comm. ?T ,he In
; recent lnMSZctVnnf
1c coal holdlnsa ar.i j ,l nln Pad
connection Z" th.d ro Pm'lltl ,n
to recover land 1 amt.i ""Jvrnent stilt
Foi CompsnydCu0r-V he Utah
Hon Is forih.r-"" offlcla' informa-
heen divulged.
l""ls Theat.: n' "OT" ".-The Iro-
hoae theater , T V of Chicago,
three year, ago :,tpnyei b "M
loss of nr i15"d1 b7 great
ruptcr n.- :u,:rnTltpl from hank.
the i'nita-H V-.-- rtw Lannlngln .
company k.. T 7. " .fourt here. Th.
ad no assets" "u"lue of $2,000,000
tjo.i. x- v., t iue coiuoinaiion ot me xxonnern racinc
I aria. Nov 12 Pnr.ll. nllontlnn Tina i .u. . . ... . , . ,
. , . ----- -- ,. "uu 'uo ureal iormern, wnicn, as tne
again been drnwn tn tho Kntlnnnl nnrtl .1 u ..!.. r,.' ' ..
i.v,. iiurucru oucuruies company, was U1S-
WrthI!. in the constantly-diminishing BoIveJ hy ordor of tha 8upremo Court
Dirt Urate by the nuhltcntlon of t I 1 .l. . . 1
vi,.i . rwi V. .u . u"-r io Biiii-iruni law. in one war,
planni f l for 1905" Jhe birth, th Retion of 1Iarriman tosemhle, th
I" TanPfl fnr t Vt la van niimKornil 47A7 009 I .
lowing a decrease of 10 937 from the ;,riIIJ-, le& Th? Northern Pacific
total of 1904. Th. .nnn for thl. rle. Vl, ?,n a 'yin the Northern Iaciflo
crraan a nn, 7 ..7i i . 7j wlln lne ureat ortnern. ue controls
Ion of tha l L9 "iJll.! I. in" the Union 1aciflc. tha Southern 1'acifle
iion or tne numh.r nf mnrrlaps In I ... ' ,.. ... ...
serve is the largest of the lot.
Lemhi and Kootenai.
The Imh I renprv. n.vt In .1. .m.
braces 1,346,400 acres in Lemhi' and
Custer counties. This reserve nn.
slsts of three narrow strips of land
running northwest and sonthpant ad.
Joining the Montana boundary. In-
umerabln atrenma that .nnl, Intn th.
Lemhi river head In this territory.
In extreme Northeastern i-inhn nn
the British Columbia and Montana
lines, 165.240 . acres have hpnn rn.
servrd, forming but a small sepment
of the larger Kootenai reserve In
nioniana. Line the Lemhi th a re.
damaee Will bn dona twifnr. th. AnnA
Chicago, Noy. 8. Returns received
up to 1 o'clock this morning show that
the Republicans have elected 223 Con
gressmen and tbe Democrat. 163, a a
State Rep. Dcm.
Alabama f
ArkRnras T
California 8 ...
Colorado 3 ...
Connecticut o ...
which the .t.tiati;: .V . aiiht n. " . uregon Bnort Line, wnien
crease over 181)1 km it annarentlv 8nould .be. eompeting roads, in the judg-
arises from the .vLinn of tha French men!.or the Commission, and now be has
people to ralaln la,.. Mmm.a. "mois Central and the Baltimore ft
The National a..nlnHnn which la
studying this matter has reached the
Conclusion that It I. niuuiiir, tn In.
- a , iu ui it dbi v
culcate the Idea that any couple that
raises more than three children merits
and Is entitled to public gratitude and
Boya Shot Bv Cfiurtmartlal.
St. Petersburg. Nov. 9. The Riga
correspondent of the Dourse Gazette
sonde a harrowlne- dpscrlntlon of the
recent execution of three young boys,
convicted by court-martial of robbery
and condemned to death. The children
wore nlar.d a.l-.. ...It In th.
courtyard of the barracks, and their
iMimuie appearance so unnenred tne
troona that th aw a. .j M .1 1 w and ....
..... j utrij wiiii. 1 1 " 1
eral volleys were necrspary before the
ienows were flnslly kinea. ine
ii-j in it.iaa la ..Antiv wrmiff-nt nn
n- .v. u,?7.... '-x'"'. " '
mo uiooqinirsty Justice.
Rooera to "Burnt Trusts."
Palrhaven. Maaa vnv. 12 Henry
XT T . . .
""gers, or the standard OH Co.,
Is about to start nut a "trust bust-
r." The company to which he will
St A A. .
urBi. mm bis attention is one of the
StrOnSPHt nnmkl..u 1- 1. . TT.It.J
-""""iiianons in nin vuiic
8ftes, the United Shoe Machinery
Company. For five y.ar, past the Shoe
Machinery company has been at lid-
Sunn vlrK . i. . ... , .
, , , m Alias TSCK lonijinu,
claiming Infringements of patent. Rog
i! ,,ntrested In the tack company
nd It Is ssld that thl. Is what decided
him to attack the big companies.
New Railroad for China.
Hongkong. Noy. irhowfu. who
vC:nIlr"?po,nL Viceroy of the
her. n- vV vw"n"Tung. nss amvea
af !'n ? J" wa t0 Canton. Speaking
n Informal meptmg of Chlnrse
San 5"!.' Wl,h "frr-". to the Yue
man Rallwav t. .. . ... . - v..
rw,,Lw'rB th merchants and offl-
nolle i "uccessrul issiir. ma
WoviM I" !i?1,Way n"'8- ha "a,',
ould be dictated by Western princl-
Ohio, which makes him a big factor in
ueiermining transcontinental rates, f ol
lowing its investigation of the com
bination of the Great Northern and the
Northern Tacinc, the Commission trans
mitted testimony to the -Department of
.inaTii. wnicn 11a.1i it ,n nr nff annn.
the dissolution of the Northern Securi
ties Company.
Standard's Thank-Offcrlna.
Franklin. Ta.. Nov. 10 Tha Stand
aril DM fYimnanv fndav annnnnrpil a
voluntary increase or wagrs to em
ployes in me uaiena signal uu ana
P.lln.n r.fln.rloa Innat.H tior. Th.
percentage of increase was not stated
AHmit finO. men will ti. hpnpfltocl flpn.
ahI Cha.lii. Mlll.r whn mait. tha an.
zi V . i v n ....... , " ....... v. .
nnnnnnmpnt nn hrhalf nf tha flalena
Sisnal Oil Company, said that the
election of the Republican ticket in
Pennsylvania had left the manage
ment with the belle-f that still greater
prosperity was coming, and It desired
. . i . .
me employes io u iu iu
Accused of Opium Smuggling.
cot. x-n w in T A Itimc. tnr
rinr v.ara n.nntv Hhrriff nnder Sheriff
cuainee, was arrmicu jcBicruay mwi -ing
upon a complaint charging" him with
.mit.nlini A th. tlm. nf hla arraat
Bunee was supposed to have been work
ing in the interest of the United States
Government to unearth a band of smug-
.1... .kink I.. t .1 Ii. ti.il ...... t.
. . v. m .
lieve were operating in the vicinity of
a .... Ti.!.l T.I. If..
Liynaen, on me iriina voiumuia una.
Tkii. f.r It la Vnnw. tha. Run., tiaa
bandied ZOO sounds or opium, ana
oldlera Must Keep 0ut of Politics.
i.i L.ur5' -,-A!jr
solHl.r.7.. ,. uwn Issued rorDiaoing
Kri" ..r"nk to become mem
Dartv Jk . r" ""oclations or any
inrpiinra nr t.l. - i..i
ssalnat tk. """ V ,n "
of th. "Trrnmnnt. Violations
of tha order will be .ev.rely punished.
Bevsn Die and Ceyen Xescnad.
rnarlntt.tnarn P T T Vnv 10
In the wreck of the full-rigged Finnish
ship Zovinto on Carew's Keef during
tha hnrriran. Tn.acJav nlcrhft aav.n nf
the crew lost their lives and 11 were
Colorado Peak ln Eruption.
Trinidad. Cnln.. Kar 10 Xfnnnt
Culebra, 40 miles west of Trinidad, is
r.nnrt.il In a atat. nf .rnntlnn Pn.t.
master Adnlph Store, of Stonewall, who
lives within 12 miles of the peak, has
sent word here that smoke and vapor
can be seen issuing from the mountain.
Factions Still Carry Oona.
New Orl.ana. Nov in T)i.nata.a
from Rio Grande late laat nival aav
that Ranger Morgan's orders to dis
arm are not being obeyed. Most of the
men oa the street are armed, their
weapons being soneealH
. .. Mviuiij iuin i ...in. . ...
serve lies on the west slope of the I Delaware
iwinj ifiiituiiainB.
Great Tract on Salmon River.
The Salmon River reserve In Lemhi
and Custer counties embraces 2.201.
120 acres. It eomnrlsp. a nlM hinclf
of mountainous country lying between
the Salmon River and the middle fork
Of the Salmon river.
In Cassia and Dnplrln nnnntlca 9Q1 .
976 acres have been set apajt as the
Raft River reserve, embracing many
tributaries of Raft River and Deen
. . -.,.-
Vnmarnit. a-Mtftnn. ... . n IV. Ulnn..nl.
Sawtooth roBorve. their aggregate ar-a Mississippi
kKa. 1 9ft rA ..... rri s j i I i s
tlona are marie at various nnfnts -.Innu I Mnntnni.
the present boundary. I Nebraska , ' 5
Frelnht Car Bv th ThOuinf. Vow tam
j - - I ncn ai t- 1 nr s
rhtam Vov O tninAfl IVa Maes V.L-
vih n,i', nui 7. a 1 uiutru u j 1 no 1 aT vv 1 vm a s
congestion of traffic and the car short- North Carolina
m r, f . I . vnr III. Wn.rln. tin.. Vn.lh T.. 1. -
nftr w i ..... ; i ni i ut3 iioiiiiimu i.iia i .'.'i ... i'u.ui. . .
are making purchases of freight equip- Ohio
mrni iur ibui on a grana acaie. 11 wrrgun
nnounced yesterday that they Pennsylvania
Idaho 1
Illinois 19
Indiana 9
Iowa 10
Kansas 8
Kentucky 4
Maine 4
Maryland 3
Massachusetts 11
Michigan 12
was ai
now have orders In for $21,000,000
worth of refrigerator, box, fiat and
gonaoia cars, ail or which It Is ex
ncrtpcl will h. 1pl(v.r.H Hp fnr. th.
season of heavy traffic next year. The
total number or freight cars ordered
but not yet delivered Is 16.600. Of
these 6.600 are refrlcerator cars. Th.ua
win oe or tne most modern type,
One Fight Would Finish All.
Washington. Nov. 9. That tho 12
Inch gun 'now in use at most of the
Coast fortlflcatlona nf th. 1Tnlt.il
States would not last through an en
gagement or two nouTB, the period that
would elansa from tha tim. th.
lng vessel of a fleet would come with
in range until me last vessel would
pass beyond the range of the guns, is
the statement nf Urlc-aHl.rl.n.ral
William Crosier, Chief of Ordnance,
wnose annual report was made public
at tne war ix partment today.
Na More Gambllna In Panama.
Panama. Nov. 9. The National A a.
aemblv todav unanimously annrnv. a
bill prohibiting gambling in the repub-
iir. ii win noi siguea oy rresident
Amador and sambllns on the lathmna
win n.cnm. a tnina nr in. naat n.mH.
ling Is already absolutely prohibited
n ine canai sons.
Buy Centralis Ranches.
fpnrralia X. P. Hatplv. a nrnan.r.
... - J 1 l
oua farmer from Moscow. Tilahn haa
purchased a fine fruit ranch from S. L.
W. W. Ilstely, slso from Moscow, has
purchased a fruit ranch from F. IL
Trom State Normal, Cheney,
Cheney The line of tha Xorth fnaat
Railroad has been located through thi.
p" t ion snd psnses through Cheney a
few rods south of the tracks of the
Northern Pacific.
DknJ. T.I
aviiuiiri iBiauri ,
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington .
West Virginia
Wyoming ....
Bryan Loses His Own State.
Lincoln. Neb.. Nov. 8. Comnlete re
turns from 33 counties rive Sheldon
(Ren.). Governor. B5 E25: Shell. nh.r.
ger (Dem.), 45,454. Compared with
two yrars aro. thla ahnwa a TVmncra.
tic loss of 6.728, and Indicates a plur
ality in the state for Sheldon of 18.000.
Other state officers are not behind
governor. Returns from every county
In the Third Conrreaalnnal ni.trlct
show a plurality for Boyd (Rfp.) of
334. The Third was the only district
tn doubt tonlcht. SO tha Nphr.aVa
ration In the House will stand: Re
publicans, 5; Democrats 1.
Saved From Ocean's Maw.
New York. Noy. 8. Rescued when
they were about ready to dron Info
the ocean from the deckhnna. air
men, the crew of the Nova 8cotla
barkentlne Whit. Win ani
taln Were broueht tn thla nnrt tn,l.
by the German tank steamship Mann-he-lm,
which arrived from Shields. Tho
rsntaln la M. J. VctnH mH th. mat.
Alexander Luscombe. With bulwarks
Just awash and her cargo of 200.000
feet Of lumber rnverln th. nr.m th.
barkentlne was discovered drifting.
All Under Civil Service.
WaShinStOn. NOV I Th. Pr.aM.nr
today made an order which will bring
all employes of the Internal Revenue
Servlca under the Civil Servtca.