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Wus Brought in Last Sunday
He Itiit Nut Try t :a Awar.-VerT
rci-aliar Cu.
Notion;; recently haa been so pro
ductive of gossip '" business circles
us t ! forgery committed In Febru
ury l.y John Keiiiit-r by u lilch be
drew hum Shute's bauk 1 1 500 In
gold. After getting the mouey he
piid m arly $l2nu to Mr. Roy fur bU
farm Mini a lut of personal property.
Tins laud is near Greenville, lu
D.iiry precinct. Hit had already
till to I toy :;iK)iir more. He bought
Roy's interest in the farm aud its
htiM'k, paying $1500. Scinier look
lh property subject to a mort
gage, vvhicli ho assumed.
KeiuuT came hem in November or
December, mid made his home with
his uncle, Bernard Odertuan, his
mother's brother, Mr. (Merman has
known his nephew, John, from boy.
IuhmI. John came from Mappen,
1 Vit In hi it county, Illinois, on the
Mississippi river, a few miles above
.St. E m is. There ho 1ms, or claims
to have, 4(1 acres of luntl. He liked
Oregon ho well that ho determined to
Neil this Illinois tract anil reinvest
hero. The Roy tract suited hlra,
hikI, having a prospective buyer for
the old Ir. ct, ho cIosihI the deal for
this pieee, paying nil the money he
had brought with him. Iloy want
eil the remainder of Ida money. To
get II. is Seiiner had to get temporary
accommodations. The bank eug
jested itself and the needy man con
ceived tli" idea tliut ho could get the
money, apply to present needs, null
his Eislern property aud replace la
the bank without any one belief the
wi.Mer. Tiiu first part yt the scheme
worked. It la of the name piece of
cloth as that cut into Jy someoi
fii'ials having the caro of trust funds.
They urf't Iheui expecting to replace,
never looking at the word that
spells "embezzlement." Helmor
never thought of forgery. He only
hud in mind ids fertile Oregon acres,
Ins beautiful young wife and the op
portunity for work at Ida favorite
oeciipniioii. Keimer has been a farm
r all his life und is not versed in the
intricHciis of hanking. He la In
truth not Hcipiaiuted with thf larger
things in business mailers. A few
days after U.rrowing the money, de
positing a note signed by himself
ami hearing what purpoted to be the
signatures of Jacob Mauss, his father-in-law,
and Bernard Osterman, his
uncle, he started F.at-t to complete
the miIi' of his laud there and get
money to inert, within (10 days, his
Oregon obligations. Two days he
fure he reaebed Mappen, lite wifo of
the man who was to buy hi place
die, I and in) did not want any laud.
The cup had slipped aud Johu put
Ids hind again on the market. He
stopped theie but three days. He
ImsiiMiid his return, arriving here
last Saturday. He hurried to bin
home mid found his hearthstone
cold. His wife had gone to her
father, lie, when John called, re
lu--d in admit him or allow him to
see or converse with her. Instead
he was brandid as a forger. The
man was atuiii.ed. On Sunday Slier
ilt Sewi-ll found him sitting by the
roadside pluiigid in deep despair,
1'assively he came to tnwuandwas
Inil:;. d ill jail. There, wringing bin
hands aiid with gri at tear drops in
his eyes-, he speaks lle desire of his
heart. "1 want to get out of here
aud go to work on the larm. I want
to be at work." His wife came down
la-t Monday to see him, and declares
that li.- will not desert her husband.
Hiemer says ii will be only a few
weks till he can realize on his Illi
nois property, when hn will pay the
forced note. Hut tbat will be no de
fence against the. charge of forgery.
Indeed he has no ilrieuso of auy
kind, and there seems nothing to do
but submit the case to the jury.
Mlllli; TO TIIK ri iu.ic.
Are you looking for a home? lo
you w ish t make an investment in
u Miiail or large farm, timlier land or
cilv prois rtV ! you wish to loan
your lie ney? IH you want to bor
row some none)? I you wish to
sell vour propert ? Then come and
led it with i.i. ; I make sale if any
one csn. V. M. IU idol,
H illsboro, Oregon
A biiselmll league of four, teams has
Imvii formed to play on the W est
Hide. Ke h team, during the sum
nor. will play twenty-four game
The teams listed are the Monogram
sinl I'ls hureh, of Portland, the Ore
eoii CUv team ami the Diamond V,
llillsis.ro. At thP beginning of the
season, the Monograms have the rep
utation of being the liest club in Ihe
utile. At the end of the season the
liiam n.l W's propose t carry the
Ktel.uliiierich Bros, have a large
stock of burlap wtato sacks which
they Bell at 4 c?uta.
Ind plaster at Hcbulnierich Bros
Lad lea' Milk walstaat Schuluierich
Buy your campaign cigar at II.
A. Palmer's.
Highest market price for I'nlatocii
at Hchulmerieh Bros.
To loau, $doo on farm lands. F.u
quire ol M. II. Hump, Hillsboro.
For sale, thoroughbred Jersey bull
calf, one year old. John Morcland.
Messrs. Kchuluierieh Bros, are pay
ing tl fr tirst -clans shipping potatoes.
For sale, Wilson strawberry plants.
P. II. Baughuiaii, HillslM.ro.
Fine farms for rale dirt cheap by
Ttioa. Witbycomlte, Scholls, Oregon.
Hcbulmerich Hros. are receiving
their spring HtotK of dry gcxsls,
clothing, hat and ahoea.
Kutertaluiuent and aupKr by the
Epworth League on the Ui day ((
April. Don't misa it 'twill la kcmmI.
You can buy machinery cheaer at
Schuluierich Hroa. than at any other
place In Washington county, Come
and get their prices.
The Portland Evening Journal is
talking in favor of the. Portland
HillrilKiro eUctrlc road. It now be
gins to look like the citi.ens of the
big city will help to get the franchise.
Chicken thieves are again about.
On Haturday evening last the hen
bousea of Mrs. Mary Humphreys
and ber neighbor, Mr. Mains, were
eutered and their beat fowls taken.
Profs. Wltbycoinhe, Kent hiu!
Kuiaely of O. A. C. met the larmtrs
of 0 ales Creek last week in a farmer'
convention. The exchange of
thought was free and it is thought
the results will ho valuable.
The graduating class of the Hills-
horo school baa chosen the following
otlloera for tho lilOi da.-: President,
Lena Johnson, vieo-presfdent, I'.va
Cornelius; secretary, Win. Vickern,
treasurer, Willis Ualloway.
If you want to sell or buy, rent or
lease, any kind of property, country
or city, come and see us. We will
treat you just as we would wish to be
treated. Hoyt A Harnes, next door
to the Argus, over Delta Drug Store.
Win Mohr makes boots at Ma
shop on Second street, Hillsboro, for
5.f0 per pair, sewed shoes for o
and gives special attention to repair
ing. He uses only first-grado stock
which enables him to guarantee his
W. II. Merrick, of tho Fidelity
Abstract Company, Portland, visited
in Hillsboro yesterday. He is a far-
seeing Vermont Yankee, aud when
asked what could he shown to him,
said he wan looking for a silo for a
maple sugar boiler.
The precinct nomination in South
Hillsboro are, road supervisor, F. M.
Kelsay; justice ol the peace, Frank
Paullj nonstable, C. W. Redmond.
In Norh Hillsboro, supervisor, P.
II. Haughman; justice ot the peace,
II. T. Hagley; constable, II. K. Mc-
A new poatofllee has been estab
lished In this county at Albiou, wt
m aster George M. Holt. Albion is
In Hec. 1 T. 3 N. It. 6 W., and is one
of tbe eleven section claimed by
both Columbia aud Washington
counties. The petition wss worked
through by Congressman Tongue.
The bicycle on exhibition at Ihe
Anticeptic Shaving Parlor is to be
given to the most popular young
lady of HillslM.ro, determined by
itoiiular vote. Tho nominations for
candidates are now open. Ihe bi
cycle was purchased at McCorniick's
Bicycle Store, Imperial, model
215, price $3.1. Voting opens April
1, 1902.
K. L. McCormiek has received his
new stock of matting, carpets and
wall par. His prices are the low
est in town. He can save you from
10 to 20 r cent. Prices on wall
paper are 4; js-r roll and up, mat
ting IL'J; cariets 3ic. The slock is
right from the mill and is first-clHss.
You will miss it if you do not call
and get prices and quality cf goods.
S cond street, three door south of
IHirtotnoe, HillslM.ro.
W. L. Davis, proprietor of the well
known Hlack Percheron horse, Ore
goo, will, after March 15th, during
the season, be at John Kamna's,
Fariolngton, from Monday morning
to Tuesday noon; at Arthur Flints',
Sc bolls, from Tuesday afternoon to
Thursday morning; at Lystrop's,
llecdville, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.,
Thursday; at Forest drove, Friday,
and at home barn, Hill.-boro, Sat
urday. Dec rte your homes. Spring is
the season chosen for bouse cleaning.
In addition to scrubbing the floors
and wissl work, the walls will Is
Improved in appearance by spread
ing on them fresh paper. W. O.
Donelson, corner Main and Third
streets, Is show ing the finest lines of
iaier ever brought to Ilillstio,
He also has a new and fresh lino of
ro.-kers and, In fact, anything in
house furnishings found In the
metropolis, and at Portland prices.
Delegates Elected to the
County Conoention.
NMU'sr tiKOVK IUSSr.lt rillTlVt'T
Ucoults a far as Obtainable, are
I'ulilixhi-il Tli is Week.
As far as heard from the following
t.iwneU gentlemen havo tns-n electisl
delegates to tho county repul.lintn
convention whieli uni ts in JlilWs.ro
next Thursday, March 27.
South HiMslH.ro Julius Asbalir,
F. H Tongue, 11 D Sihiuell.er,
H "iiton ilowman, K J Lyons, D M C
(lault, John Milne, U K Heckwith,
W Mitjuiilun, A M Carlile.
North liillslsiro A V Shu to, V L
Johnson, S H Huston, II V Oates,
H H Collins, J A Imbric, Win Smith
W N Hirrott, H P Simon, W D
South Forest drove J S Clark, F
S Harm-s, A H Todd, J A Thorn
burgh, J II McNumer, C O Hue, S
tl Hughes, E W Haines, D C
Stewart, M P Markham, t'lius Hines.
F T Kane, Heu Scholtlel.l.
North Forest drove
A T Huxton, J T Uoos. Joliu
Adams, Dugnn, J P Wagner, 111
(lordon, H V Lyman, D H Thomae,
J V Clark, O Dolstrom, H M Taylor.
Cornelius .leo HauiHKk, S H
Acock. C W Fiteh, A
Neukircli, F Schis-n, ( W Marsh,
J C Huchatian.
dales Cre'k J W Mcl.bert, Hrice
Wilson, II HaUer, John MeClaren, C
S Hateman, Clias Tarks, F Clnp.'.liaw.
Dairy-Jnhu Carsteus, John Ire
laud, Wm Moore, John Hneker,
L';wis Carstens, deo Med raw, Cha.
Herb, S P U 'eder.
Dilley AILert D-llilef-, CU'Dell,
J W Hughes, KJ llublert,d Hriggs.
Columbia M Halm, S A D Meek,
Jas Corey, J Luther, K Kchicffciin,
W Hagley.
Washington M C Lihcoln, John
Joos, Henry Kuratli, Wiu R'ss
Wm Histehedor A darber, John
daston C W Hudson, Harry Hall,
CC Hoopcs, D t! Newman, K X
Harding, (Ji Mcisler., U Mattesan.
W Hutte Chris Hesse, It S Robin-
son, A H Flint, A N Davics, Tints
Paulson, Olo Oleson, J (Taldvvell.
Hist Hultc O A Plieth, John
Hurrows, Wm J Hloomer, John
Vogt, K J doodman, F Ldault, J
M Overholtsser, C F Tigard.
Heedville M Dilaboy, Jas Rass.
mussen,Olif Nordlund, A Jack, J
Horwlck, J B Imlay, A Saxton.
Heaverton M H Harnes, John
Johnson, J N Fisher, W J Hutner, F
W Cady, d W Stitl, F A Howell, F
K Nelson, (.:iias I'.iri.aid, Clias K
Hubert A Hubbard and Frederick
A Hohman were admitted to citizen
ship. ntoliATK.
Kstate H H Rilchey, deceaseil. The
nii'lpts heretofore rerpiired to be
tiled having Is'en put on record, the
estate is closed.
F.state !ln is Stoller, insane. The
final account allowed and the guar.
dian discharged. '
I'.itiitn Kngm'nt and May Showers,
minor: Chris Carstens appointed
guardian with Im.iiiIs fixed at t00.
Folate Wm F Owens, deceased.
Mary Ovccns adminislratrix. Ap
praisers, deo lU'eves, Clinton Burton
aud Wm 11 Hutner.
Kdate Surah K Patterson, dcciMis.
ed. The roceipte for disbursements
having tecn filed, the estate is closed
of riii.rd.
K-itate lOllon Porter, dewascd.
It-.')ort of sale of personal property
Kstate Alex McDonald, deceasiil,
Annual report filed.
Kitato M P Smith, deceased. Will
of deceased set aside.
License to wed was issued, Marcli
12, Peter IttMclieu, CI, and Kisie
llyser, 40; March 15, John Zyhach,
2S, an Anna Jolianesen, 19; Afarch
I'.), Klward P Kerr, 20, and Ida F
Thompson, Id.
The District Union Y. P. H. V, V..,
in w hich are the Y.P.S.C.E. Societii
ol the Evangelical church, the Tuala
tin Plain I'nsbyti riaiw church and
the t oiigregntional church, occurs
next Sunday evening at tiie I'.vsii
gelical church. The leader Is Mr. H.
W, Harnes. The suljert Is, "Urnvt-
ing in Grace."
Tlie taxpayer occupying the most
space on the tax roll of the county Is
Wm. R'idl, of Portland. Twenty
seven pages cl Ihe roll Is required to
descriU' his 7S3 parcels of proerty
I '.ill , contritty to what one might
tupitose, his taxes will hardly come
up t' tM. The trouble is his hold
ings are very largely comM of
town lots surveyej in the wiknIs
during the boom times of li'.W-l .
R Milton Morgan, of Corvallia, Js in
Hillsboro visiting friends.
Kx. Co. Treasurer A. B. Cady, of
Heaverton, visited Hillsboro ou
Fader Brown will preach at tbe
Christian church, Sunday, morning
ami evening.
The first invoiiv of farm machin
ery for the uew firm of J. C. A W.
d. Hare was received on Wednes
Sji't. Hall will hold a district
teachers' institute nt Heaverton, on
Salurdav. March 2a. Prof. A. P.
Armrtrong, of the Portland Business
College, w ill le one ol the maiu cou-
The United states Separator is no
experiment, but Is a prie wiuner.
Tha T. H. Towusend Creamery Co.,
of Portland, will sell you oue on easy
terms ami take cream at highest
market price. 3
Mr. Frank Dailey has occrplod
his second hand store on Maiu street.
one door east of li. Wehrung A Sous,
wheie he is to be found during bus)
ness hours, ready to repair a bicycle
or sell a house keeping outfit.
Ht-foKi purchasing a wheel, take a
look at Donelsou's. He cau sell you
a wheel as cheap as any one. Also
rockers and wall par, In fact, he
will save you money on anything
you winh in his line. Corner Third
and Main streets, Hillsboro.
A gentleman In town on Wednes
day last, slated that he had lost $100
this year on fruit, Imxmuoo the roads
were so bad during the winter that
he could not get it to market. Good
roads or motor lines would make our
farmers, rich men.
Supervisor Wismer, of Heaverdam
road district, is doing a lot of good
work this spring. He really has the
worst roads in the county to take
care of and but little money to ex
pend. He is ciosslaylng the worst
places this side of Cedar Mill aud
will, to the extent of his funds, ditch.
Treasurer Crstulall finds by exam
ining his bonks that tliu indebtedness
of the county docs not exceed f 11,
000. As soon as the slier ill has time
to turn over the money now in his
hands, the treasurer will call for
every cndoised warrant that is un
The county clerk's otUco will be
relieved this vear of the labor ol
drawing warrunts to pay for road
labor. The county court has taken
bonds from the suisrvisors, and the
treasurer will pay to such survisor
tliemiiiievtinitlst.be used in his
district. It will tlien bo disbursed
direct to tli laborer.
The Hillsboro Hoard of Trade is
i.uhliidiniLT an illustrated booklet
that wiil advertise Washington coun
ty and Ilillstioto. Tho copy and
photographs urn in the bands of the
printers aid next week will set
them in circulation. Tho work has
is-en entrusted to the Hillhboro Puli-
Hulling Company,
A circumstance which ought to
uiskn the California hen droop her
head in shame was the shipment ol
twelve refrigi rator cars loaded with
2,01)0,000 eggs from St. Ixutls to San
Froncisco one day last week. At
the prevailing prico 2,000,000 eggs
are worth f.SO.GIK! CG in the ('alitor
niit market. Hut why could not Or
ci'.m havo sent that shipment ol
egg? W are nearer to tho eonsum
ers than those Pikes. At the time
those eggs were gathering and pack
ing the price hero was alsiut $10,000.
And in their handling they bring
money to the ocki ts of railroad of
ficers and employes, wholesale and
retail dealers, clerks, buyers, ahip-
srs as well. F.vcryone got some
thing tangible out of the transaction
We lose that much only because we
did not have the product to sel!.
K M Mcl'hcrson to Lottie Hon"-
ruan 23.4(1 a R S Tunier die 5G3
Lattio Hoifinan to E M Mc-
I'Kerson 1 a It S Tupoer die 4
A Hinman assignee to Clida
Hoffman Its 1, 2, 3, 4 hlk 8
South Park ad Forest Grovo 60
Sam Lsnducci to G Ma.r."l hlk
5 Pleasant Home ad Heaver-
tOIK 15
S B Huston to J M Owens 100
a sec 30 an.1 25 t 1 n r fi w 300
Maggie A Walker to W Van
derzati.len 20 a Itoht Walker
die 400
A Itellebuych to 0 Hellehuych
123 a sees 17 and 20 t 1 sr 2
P J llassler to W L Parson 15S
a sec 12 t I s r 5 w 700
W H Cromwell t Lyd In
gram 2 a sec 28 t 1 s r 2 w
. and other lands 700
J Clark to S A Kidder pt hlk 11
Forest Grove 2t 0
Thos Paulsen tli C Iehuianu 95
a c 2G t 1 s r 1 w 7000
ft Rcycrafr to J L Washburn
210 a sees 10 and 15 t 2 n r
5 w 675
C D HliimU'rg to J L Wash
burn liiO a sec 28 t 2 n r 5 w. 1200
J C Maier o J L Washburn 100
a sec 7 t 2 n r 6 w 400
Concened in This Cittj Last
jriKiK a'ltttlltt! ON TIIK KlXt ll
Saiall LM lids 1 rm.--Setrral 1)1-
vsree l'ase.
A term of the circuit court for
Washii gton is unty was Is-gun last,
Moudsy. Pn-sent, Judge Thos. A.i
Mi Bride aud Harrison Allen, dibtrii I
Paullue Hall v S A and S W Dial.
Stricken from the docket.
MarV M Bhepbard v Abner Frame.
Stricken from the docket.
Hummel, administrator, v A N
Davies. Stricken from tbe docket.
W J Vanchuyver v Ben R Pat-
tou. Stricken from the docket.
K Crandall v Wui J Bithwdl.
Settled out of court and dismissed.
Kllzalajth Geiger v W W Geiger.
Benj Hcholttcld apsjlutcU relereo In-
stead of Melkl Johnson, deceased.
F M lleidel v Silas Bennett.
Settled out of court and dismissed.
W F llollenbeck v James nud
Mary Burgess.' Settled and dis
Geo F Naylor v Hattie Naylor.
Decree of divorce allowed.
G W Patterson v Clay aud Mary
Ann Freeman. J A Imbrle ai
pointed guardian ad litem. Default
State ot Oregon V Washington
County. Clerk directed to notify
the attorney-general that defendant
moves (o dismiss the case,
Jury excusod till Monday, March
The jurers excused for the term
are C C Hancock, J O Gutin, F M
Hill, John C Beach, John MeClaran
and Ben Doolej.
W N Barrett v W D Bradford
Sheriff's sale confirmed.
Ferd Langer, jr., appointed bailiff.
Minnie Bprecht v O E precht
Defendant's motion to strike out
parts of complaint sustained in part
and overruled In part. The plaintiff
has five days in which to 11 lo amend
ed complaint.
O. B. Gates has gone to Ashland to
commence work on the Midway Tel
ephone Company's line. The line
starts from Ashland eastward across
the Cascade mountains to Klamath
Falls. For about 30 miles of this dis
tance the line runs through timber.
Instead of felling the trees on the
line they will lie used for poles. To
do this, a pin about ten or twelve
inches long will be used. About
1000 of these will be needed. The
contract for making these out of fir
lumber two inches scpiare and of the
proper length has been let to L. W.
House, of Hillslairo. He is now put
ting them through the process oi
manufacture. Another contract from
this company comes to a mechanic
here. Wiu. Benson will make 4500
iron insulator supports. Tbise sup
ports are out of iron an inch wide, an
eighth thick and six inches long,
with three holes in each. After the
mountains are passed poles will have
to be set.
The people of Newlierg were great
ly elated two years ago when it was
proposed to build a l.eot sugar fact
ory, but the enterprizo did not ma
terialize. But the Newherg Graphic
picks sour grapes Into this bas-ket:
"The development of the small
fruit Industry in this lm-ality will
mean more to our land owners than
would the establishment of tho Isn't
sugar business. l his siaicmeni
wouldn't have been popular when
the canvass for beet acerage was lad
ing made, but it Is a fact neverthe
less. The small truit business at
tracts a more desirable class of citi
zens than would the sugar beet en
terprise. Small fruits such as straw
berries, can be raised with less labor
and therefore less cost than sugar
beets. More money can be realized
on an acre of starwberrics or rasp-
berries than from an acre of beets.
The market, is sure and stable, there
being no foreign competition. The
beet sugar Industry is much at the
mercy of our fluctuating government
al policies, but high tariff, free trade
Cuban concessions cuts no figure In
the culture of the lucious red straw
berry. Still the beet sugar industry
is a goial thing w hich we would
have liked to have had come this
way. But if there is something 10-1
tir for us which we can l ave with
one tenth the effort and expense,
let's have It. There Is always the
danger of underestimating those
blessings which come naturally and
TheGrai.hic is right and we of
Washington county ought lo I
planting out Ptrawla-rry teds. If we
overstock the market for fresh ls-r-
ries. we can can them and ship to
greater distance.
110 KS.
M AR.SU -Marrh l!, limr rri.lcrville. to
John Marah ami iff, twin danclilrra.
Ikm't throw away a good piece of furniture because it a littlo
scratched or broken. Take It to Dailey 's ou Main street aud
have it repaired and varnished and it will look uew
Rambler Bicycles ...
Bicycle Repairing a Specialty
Main Street, Next to Wehrung.
Tbe intercollegiate oratorical eon-
test was held last Friday eveuiug at
Salem. The colleges sending con
testants were University of Oregon,
Eugene; Oregon Agricultural Col
lege, Corvalli?; Albany College, Wil
lamette University, Bulera; McMiuu-
villa College, Pacific College, New
berg; Oregon State Normal School,
Moumouth; and Pacific University,
Forest Grove. The winners are W.
G. Hale, Pacific University, Forest
Grove, first, subject of oration, "John
Brown of Ossawatomle;" second,
Sternberg, of Albany, and third,
Tartar, of Corvallls. The standing
of Hale and Sternberg was a tie in
oratory, but in composition Hale
had 542 credits to 635 J for Stern
berg. On Saturday it was noted that
according to the figures reported by
the judges an error in addition had
been made in Hale's favor, which,
corrected, would put Sternberg ahead
and take the medal from Hale, but
when the original figures were ex
amined it appeared that the mistake
was in copying the figures. The
totals had been correctly copied, but
some of the figures in the column
that made the totals were wrong.
When these had been corrected the
totals were not disturbed, and Hale
is the victor. The flurry for a while
was ice water to tbe rejoicing of the
student body at Forest Grove. Hale
had beea husabed by his Hillsboro
associates as he passed on the train
Saturday evening, and at Forest
Grove his fellows would not allow
his feet to touch so common a thing
as clay, wherefore on shoulders he
went to his carriage. A receptlou
and banquet came later. It was
about over and the last blissful
moments were passing when the tel
egraph messenger deliveren the (lis-
patch saying a mistake In figures had
wo o
Ix-en made and that Stcrnla?rg won.
Hale was chargiued, but be said he
had done his best and if he had not
won he could not make the effort
stronger, and he would have to be
satisfied. But news of the final In
spection camo Monday and the seren
ity of Hale's fellow students was re
stored. They had tieen more cast
down than Hale himself. Hale is a
1 IillHlM.ro boy and at one time was
an employee in the Inukikmdknt
office. So we all shine by rellected
Wells, Fargo A Compftny was or
ganized April IS, 1852 and fur 50
years it has been an active factor In
the development of the west. In its
earlier history It carried letters as
well as packages aud was patronized
by the Argonauts when they had a
letter that was to be lushed. The
express was certain and expeditious
but latterly, the mails beat the ex
press, not only hours but in some in
stances days. This Is due to the fact
that the government requires the
mails to go first. But the company
yet does a business that is an accomo
dation to the public. The Company
this year celebrates the half century
of its organization bypresenting each
of its employees with a silver medal
who has worked with it for a
year or more. Mr. J. M.
Brown, the Hillsboro agent, received
his medal on tho 17, day before the
Anniversary. It is a beautiful thing
in silver, about the size of a dollar
engraved in relief. On oue aide ap
pears the express messenger on a
running horse attacked by Indians
armed with bow and arrow, just
alntve is representation ol an advance
step where the "Ikix" is carried in a
four horse stage. The messenger is
firing at the highway meu and suc
cessfully keeping the treasure. On
the other side, progress is illustrated
by a train of ears, a telegraph line,
stean)shi and keys, the latter, em
blem of banking, Mr. Brown high
ly appreciate the souvenir.
Mr. Joseph Rector, who has been
at the head of the light and water
plant since it was owned by tho city,
has resigned his place as superinten
dent and accepted a plsce with the
new telephone company that is
building from Ashland into South
eastern Oregon. Mr. Rector is lo
retire April 15. HI successor has
not yet lnn selected.
Best in the World
Has Been Great for Last fcto
l(,:PIS OF 1!K)1 TAX ( 01 l i t I I t
This It Due to tho He hate of Three
Per Cent Alloneil.
Since the sheriff has had the t . v
roll and up to the close of busiie i
on the 15th, $70,398 were colleen .i.
The amount on the roll was $78,7 hi,
or about that. From this latter mii i
the 3 per cent rebate was deducted,
about $23C0. That Is 'the aiiioiihl
taxpayers saved under the new hue.
It is expected that tho county li i;h
ury will be reimbursed by tho p.- -alties
aud interest that will bo ic-
ceived from delinquents.
The Evening Journal has mad
its appearance in Portland. At pres
ent, the candidate for public fuv r is
a standard, 7 column folio, well
printed and well edited. There m e
some defects to be sure, but they Hie
those always met, in starting a new
enterprise. Tho Coinpuny has two
type setting machines witli a capa
city to Bet much moro type than can
be used. The press is a Goss perfect
ing machine with a capacity of 25,
000 four page or 12,000 eight page
papers per hour. Of course a stereo
type plant is Included. The news
service is that of Hcripps-McRay aud
SK!laIg. For the Jbuisy man, this
service is preferable to the Associat
ed Press since it is only a brief men
tion of facts tbat are happening
throughout tho world. Husiners is
going to the new paper laster than it
l.o I. ..n. 11.nl ln.ft .l.nn u 1 1 .In......
A ,
muntii u vex in fiailjta It ii.lll I tuLi.ni
iiirinn aa v in viivi 1 n an? in&vu
care of. The pajKir Is sold on tho
streets at two cents. By the week,
it is ten cents.
The exhibition at the Opera house
last Friday evening of the Athletes
from Pacific University was very
fine. The young men acquitted
tncmselves with dignity and made
many friends. The patronage of the
public was liberal and tho boys were
able to take a little money borne.
The elder Mclntlre w)io was lost
to his son for a few weeks last win
ter, but finally traced to the Insane
assylum, where he remained for a
time, has been rotuned to that insti
tution. There is littlo hope for a
permanent cure of the unfortunate
The West Willamette Association,
of Congregational churches will
meet with the Hsilshoro church on
the 8th aud 9th if April next. Tho
churches belonging to the association
are those In Polk, Yamhill aud
Washington counties.
Twelve carloads of round lumber
was taken from Hillsboro station this
week. There is more in the yard.
Prof. Bates, Principal of Tualatin
Academy at Forest Grove, spent
Saturday last in Hillsboro.
Win. McFadden has sold his Ilill-i-boro
property and will move to Salem
next week.
Baking Powder
Mo5t healthful
leavener in
the world.
Goes farther.
fry. ftMM m-mrmm rv , mm vwnt.