Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, November 17, 1899, Image 3

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    Mrs. W. I). Bradford tod
stroke of paralysis and
lice J a tceelt.
fcifl-: AS :ii V KA US OF AUK
tffie liu-luiil, two " awl
larse circle of friends to
mourn their lost.
ftcnU Tor Ionuee'u chocolate, and
boa bons. late.
ilates U now really Io nerve frwli
eastern or western oyntirs in any
ft-huliufrich A Hun want thrtj cur
load of jiotatfMn. They ny caW fr
ton lotii.
(io to the 1'ioiHt'r Harm- Shop,
next dirt the pint tMllce, for
mle grcene. '"'ive boxen Jor twenty.
ifive ien'n.
Mr. Ijook who fell from a tree dur-
itf pear picking time waM out hut
Hunday for the tlrnt time In 'init
weeks, T.vcn now lie ha to ue
cmlclie. He will not leave home
for a while yet except on tnont urgent
Mrs. Il.illi.' Slix n Itr uir! Wife
or.shfiir w. i iiiifi mrick-
en with paralyH of her lefi nii ot
Salnrd:y Nov. I. The illnmfw Vn
Hcriom ami nlariiiini; from the first,
ami n-r condition gMt fm
day to dy. Ah slated !et lr.
Mi Kc ir.iM In.iii l'l.rthiiiil w (llil
in iniisiritalioii, hut nl4l fi!l
w.i without Hvail. The i t lis a 41
HrUur.NyforonwntiNov.il tsrWl vl
yeiir-i, r uiontliM ami .1 ilnf.
hh whh horn in thiri ciak e4
had alwnv 1 1 v-l hi-. Khe iiiT-e6
Mr. Ilradfurd 1i-c. 31. I KH.V Ins
hIi Icttvi-H witti twoejirw. Klaai A
l.itdir and I I and II ewrtiTal.
Htie H4 turned in Odd kVlloya
ti'ry on Monday.
The riicct in which lit, ftiajl
ford wa-i hold was cvimurl at fun
eral ol'Mciiiifrt. The service IM cei
ducted at the residence by Kran P.
I lushes pastor of the tkiiigNflMiutaal
church, lie dwelt urMui the letit
of human life 114 illustrated in the a-
pwiure of -Mrs. liradfonl anfl ad
vanced lb roe considcrationn Why our
altitude Inward this limitation aaouhl
he one of chu ftml grateful ttspiiisv
cciice. To the diameter of the Wifc.
tln mother, sister, and 'twjgtihc he
paid a warm and feeling triliate. Tat
uiipiM-r of (bow trntlitrwl tht
boii and oiiiside as eery larjjeaed
a cin Jurilile muiiiImt went to toe
(JeWitery. In her death the (.
nmuits fca sustained ue lfw of a
cliecrf.U and cniftJ lail, a pant
m'ttr ami a &tiat rO. tlu
aympathy gea owt !?-' testis; in
the ist'licted family.
JtEH'lUfItt Of KiaPECT.
At A mnpliBir of foe iI(IUNn 111
Cnw va iety held No. 1 1, IHXU tike
fulliiwiiif mailvriona t' jixMwtia
meruorv of Mrs. W. 1). HraitKl:
Vks, Mri. NV.K. ratAt,
tM'Ioveil airie an t f.llow tifr
In our tieeft raileit nm
the of her earthty home and
lahoia hp it
t.f 1 1), Tbr ia ht hUi thu
HtM iety k mh au a4tc wgti ommo
her at) onr wat i ter rw ponded
irenerouitly b an jiwal ta behalf tf
the Nicfe ami NUlfYititf.
Kk-ii.v i. Tt.atth uenitwra ef
thin a iet t ItPrxt their trf fell
avmnafhf to the fnvil buslAnd
anil n hotiia rirete bai been
80 rudely f.r. etl I 'J
K..i,vkii, Thar Moxpyof
nwiin ti4 lie sut ti the aurrovmg
family aa a togeo of; ouf and
to the iocat in( lr puMiratioa
ami aim that they I eotried io
tho mintitea of ur M-ie4y.
(!. A. Il.
Uiml IV . lAtham.
( M. A. HiuiiMoo.
IlH.r lor Ji k hat the new aault
furnMurr tn tl in hi iiU and i
Homeuiiat vaiit of if. iaiifltM M
however. He hM a fiiteh for frh
lamb and em h hoik is io it niteh.
The boioeiy rolinr raefe that haa
HtiMal 01 the coaafer haa heen rr
nMVil, aud the imitopa whirh it held
havehcert pin in the ! parragw
With the iater nvoMi. The denla ta
one and the uurtiraff ta the other.
The r vtit are totter eared for than
ever te.r. arxl it nii bare tn
well if the ur lurtittjea rvaikl have
heea .ut in TWfo'.y years ags but
auoh cMjt t not have lawn nace It
wu o-t deaig'jod or aaaile then.
Mra. II. V. tiatea Tt'CiiVBi di
iialch 'fuewliy evening tainf that
herein-.. Mi-s I i,iro lAytatt at
llei.M 4,ia, !id tavn taken and
dwily anddMifcrrooaly HI. The na
ture i f the atta h wa not afated, mo-
Iv thai it h Uriitiv. Mra. 4iatea
took the train MeditmUf oning
and wiit rrie at IV"ti rtw, rrwtay,
afftrtvitn. Msa l.tatna haa tbited
In lliiUN'Maod in r i'brnI i-y
many dour yoeiy .
It i i'oiniiaiMl of ! one no
hat tunija a it f taiwh hy
roftil.i.I itt ei ffoii TMte '
terv. Am nif thi wavte are a aum
lar of tin rni tU tie va-hhiet
rr twk M 'f iaa driiejr aat
have hat trulir iu fol 1 en their
team Te ittce i a hail damping
ground an I oafht 0r to be awd lot
that furpie.
ticvtfft UxigMy'a little hoy te
turnel im the (haalMamaritia fM
pttal tlna wet k ahie h ba ra
for the tuft Itfleen ff ays Miniler Ireafr
meot ha-aiiiK to the strvDtflbenieg of
hia ankle and ha t. Ma rareoi ere
mm h nlcawd wu ine eller fu
favoiaolo reault f the ireatroent
new. V. C. VoUtK Will iireax ia
KvaiuMlii t Uaxth fn ililMn t
uint.fciv.' is iast.. at 7. no and oi
ftnndav at II a- 111. ai'l 7 :H0 P.
(oiemiinlnn servi.w will bdlaw tha
aaotliitic aerojon. Ha- Will W
iiM-ach at lleedville at 8 f. al. on
tr' !' . A. llitrnirrover Who
Iwvfifid the lonir hridtre loal ttli
hi,, sad. lie from hia ftw m Thtiraday
niirhtofla week. The thief Wha
?,iot aeenaml it aeeana a hard Job to
Hnd him, at least he has uot yet been
r rt)
iJ iTh Philoaoohvllf Fnt and Wor
ry" Is the theme of t he paator at the
si.....iu All o hcraetuiees " w
held In Wieii Wstialrdar and I'lrti-e.
'riwi l-ti'.nis.r llarneaa fchey next
.i.w.f in iiw I'ost Oilice haa the finest
linn of Ian robe and horse Market
ever in the viy. ! "' l",.111
ami at them.
For the latest and moat popular
idmiotfrntihrt call at the New IVtiillo,
1.... i.i.w L ..usi of the Court House,
Terry l.Hw, photirapher, llilNlniro
Dnvnji. 9
liriie iitleniion of inntraelor la
"tlliil l the i hani' in Ihe city adver
tisement. Xlf two dilohi to
bedmrl3aaaat one.
tin to Mrs. O. tl.Wilkea fiif plain
lii4 (ivefblcyrt shop. jt".
Hot l oiH-nrn and a-anu!flt tlate
W. O. llonelson who went on a
visit to the "old folks at home" last
month returned on Tiieaday inorniuu
last. He was in timaha fur a day
,tnl.ttendtvl the fair. The exposi
tion an not ta success this year and
the pkimotiTS are in debt.
3 earn Mulloy, Weston and Whit
moan of Lsurel sohl bihi delivered
lib) tHal lsil I4Um of hops rexiviiiK
S immm lr suiif.'J'he eyndicale
ci til1 at one time have3 Ol'taimsl a
hiBia price, but then they were not
My to deliv-r hemv lost the oppor
tunity. 3 0
. &
Tbo a.rti4ns will tfive a literary
aayl tiaicil' entertainment at odd
b'ellovf' lifll on Tuesilay evenirg
aegl. Francis McKenna Httpreme
maateraMiii will lie present and
fill tall more h I wait fraternal life in-
fluranift in 21) minutes than others
Wiald kkve you know in a life tune.
I I yaiilic Will 1st welcome.
r'rtnl T. Stok' H, the wide awake
ad re Miner, fas in this city a few
dai two doiiiK Ihe Kules and lte;u-
lationa tor our leading hotels.
CiiieM ll'iivi of Kreat Is'liellt to the
baeper of a public house they were
aeetly piMiplieil as to be a decided
uriitmcnt. Prank la a Hustler and
We wiab him sucetss ail along the
Mr. Friawll, teliftraphopiTiitorand
Ireight agent at the llillsboro atation
hawMeii aii(neil to the station at
Kali Ilea ia 1iiumI county. DuriiiK
the tioie he has ! stationed here
baa r.iade many friend aujoiiK the
lauioeaa mi aad -In the atx-iety
wold, Mrs. b'risiell Will IX' mraaed
here. Mr. r'rivelt Will he temporar
ily tmerawded by Mr. Beckwith.
Kiitertaininetit t"t the la-nefit of
Ihe WaaUlnjrt.in tlounty aionument
fawt aitder the anapiera of the W. 1C
!. nest Friiiay eae. Nii. nth at tbe
Orange Hall. (ten. Summer and
pt. Melamnell will ewak, eharae-
irng ay Mr. ant Mr. jian
Kenop. Moaic furniheit by hnuie
talent, fhiiken pie train A till 8
o'ctia-k. Prograrn aad supper, 2.rc
Program, lth.
Mr. G. 1. Thorne baa lieeo slivkiug
p hia farm not north of hwa. lie
ha removed alt partitwin ftwira and
tbe bnlge rowa that vrew heaide.
Theae ha.1 been there ft twenty or
more yean. Tha tract of .laud ia
OiW-b tmureee! in piemraaiw. Hut
whet annoy Mr. Thorne mmt In Ibe
gophera. Ife m vow after there and
geta two or three every day when it
ia pleasant enough tut him to be out.
The funeral of dourad lig who
suddenly died on the Hout hern l'aci
dc train iaat week iliuatratea the lien
eGta of fraternal organiaatin. It
waa known to but few that Mr.
F.wig waa a weniber ot Ihe A. (. U.
W. Not w aiaio a his death was re
ported the fcidge Iwre took the mailer
h hand ami relieved tne iiereaveo
faaiily of all detail. Undertaker
tnukin went to Oregon t'ity. re-
eeiveil the tensaina from the cornier
and in the ahrht drove to Portland
a to catch the morning train for
fliilaburn. Here the lodge 'took
charge uaioif the lieautiful ceremiiDy
prearribeil for in h ocuaaiuna.
M V Drown L llearb, eale con.
tkirwin A Wxter w Fowler, aale
it W Patterwm a H H Riithey exe-
tntur, aetiottt money. Jkmorrer
In (ttmplaint oterruhxL
tt John ' Hmttb deed; Inventory
I ?'"' hht.
Ktt Bernard Mi Keuoa deed; claim
wT Jamea Harare on Lronissorw aote
I III I. id allowed. Administrator
author! b lirow kki witb
Whiehto fy del it a.
Fat it II tirifflndivvi; retort filed
ad appro veit. Adniinmtrator aath
uritnd to Inrraw !"" With which
i ty elaj tn.
Kt i t: laanan deed; dual ao
mwa I fileil and Monday Ikn- 18 set
he it ataainatioa.
:eei Paralg deed; final
unaii Rlew ami Monday Ikr is art
lor eeiaiaUei.
attkarrail Kng decil; arfmiiteil
to Mlte. Fnderifea Sang aix
ardatad adwiniatrairix with ImukI
liked at
Vaa M i. ileodrii deed; eatate ad
mitted an pmmt. (' W Hendrix
kpfaantol administratrix, bond l,
KM. Appmrwr F. Hliulinernli, J
Aababr ami V Johnson.
Liflenaa to wed were issued Nov.
13 to John Carlson 27 and Kriieatina
(luieke 20; and Wm A Itritton 5.1
and Katie Huiejner 1, Nov I I Simon
I Taylor 20 and Anna Wallan 20.
Ist Thuravhty evening Justice W.
D. r'mith took to wife one of Hills
boro's beat known and highly rsper-
ted aoclitv women, Miss Minnie
Willis. The wedding waa a very
nulet one onlv the moat Intimate
friends being present. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith moved home on Friday and at
once took un the mosaic duties of
tionirrcgatloniil church, 11 a m, netif(.. Thl I iiWoro cornet band sere
r : ... Iu. .1 (, 'I'.,.. tui
nad.d oft Wwy evening.
caaion waa a pleasant (wa.y
The oe-
Trtu Follotoing cases tcill be
Inrastitfatcd at this '
term of cof rt
The IsKiuarterly tmi'ting of this
Conference year will be held In ite
Methodist church Satuniay evening,
and Hundav morning. Itev. 1). A.
Walter the A'rcaiding Klder will
hold the tiuarterly Conference Sat
urday evening at 7..10. Sunday
morning the rresiding Klder ww
preach and administer te sacrament
of the lorit supper, amra oti
tatlon to attend is extended to all.
Thn liiilfl a vear old daughtir of
W. K. I'rowt l Kinlon eciid ntally
drove the point of a p;nbife Into
her left eye, on Tuesday last punc
iurinir Ihe eyf Mow Ihe pupil. Dr.
T.inklaler who drase.l Ihe wound
houea Io wve the eye but ia not ccr
taifl that hiAi.
. a ...
1 bere are but very few frfrluar
uit ifuite a auiulier
f new raf.es.
07KstD M Hrialley insolvent,
Tongue atly.
!)(M) H Morton insolvent, Tongue
01 1 Hradley A Metealf Oi v T H
tJorneiiua, action for money, Tongue
lor deft.
!:"! Fat I) Mcpherson inaol, Tongue
a! ly. 9
!C? J A Hoffman v I K K1 wards
fori closure.
!) lit Kst T U Cornelius insolvent,
Tongue ally.
!Hi Fat H I I'owell insul. Barrett
ally. '
liiil.'i Mary M Shejmrd v A Frame,
1 101 II Weh rum; A 'l v II P
Ford replcvl, H union aud flow man
f-r p!T, Tongue deft.
1 1IS VM Ft! Door A LumUr Co
insol, 'roiigue atty.
llZ'.t liowlhy A Ntinehcomb Insol,
rougue lor aaaiguee.
1 I'll J Johnson v J W Kldridge,
I2(.U Z Snow and S H Huston v
litli Monroe et al, touity, Tongue
for deft.
l;ill Aa-ignment lioos A Heil.hau-
scn inaol, liarrett atty.
1121 F li W inters v ( F Hedrick
et al action for money.
VMH A Schafer v S Htein et al suit
to set aside deed.
1.112 W T lJunnel ailm v A N Da-
vies, action for money.
liliill 11 M Tims v A ltrand et al,
action for money.
i:l! J II D Uurnier et al v I t
Wheeler et al, suit to aet aside deed,
Huston for ilt ft. -
l;i!iS H 11 Adams v J Carlson et l
1115 Portland Trust Co v AL
Md-ieod, (onlinoalion.
ll'j.i W 11 HtutM.beaiil v It
Itrowne et al, action for money, Hus
ton lor pi If. q
14:12 It N Ueimliach v uertuile
Ueioiharh, unit for partition.
1440 Km W I'orttr, inaol.
1 Mil list A l'fanner, inaol. Hiwton
1 17:1 Ore Mlg l a limited V 11 1)
tlrvant et el, torechieare.
14t2 WJ V'eiiPk huyver A Co v 11 K
Patiiei, anil to aet a.-iide deait, liarrett
14'.) 1 Aroeriran MfgCo JW llob-
ai et al, fohxluaure.
1 UHI C C Dailies ex V J Voha, fore-
loite W I' Lonl et ai v (1 II Dun n
et al, Tungue for plir.
I.":t7 (hrman Savings A lan aoc
10 K Jones et al.
U:i7 C A Yolier W H H Morrill et
al, lori'diHUie.
ir.r: li uiugiuin v u ntiencer et hi
action for money.
l(i.ri,H H W llwaee v IS A liarrett et
al to act aside action.
1 ."..".: A J Fa n no v V Hall et all,
Ii7:l Mary O'lirien v J
and H II Walker part it ion
Congue A rougue lor pill.
1 i,H0 Mary H llr.Kk t JO Wisa
a'iion for money.
I'.s;! Jcinir llainea v J Is Ileviney
et ai, foreclosure.
1(()2 Stat of iri'gon v Wash Co.,
actual fur money
Hajr, J A Imhlieelerk v J W u k-
en et al foreclosure, Tongue A Tongue
for vlff
Hilt) W V Lonl t't al V 1 Ie, et
al connriBatioo Tungigi A Tongue,for
li'il I Lillie E Meyer w L H Meyer
H12.'. A 11 M aw h v D A Carter
el a I, action for money, Ilualou for
Jtl.tl M J Summons y E U MalilK
et al torei-liWMre.
t haa Mitchell w E C Hughes
etal, Wall for plff
Kills Anna tiuackeabush v W T
I'.annell, action for money
I (;.!!) Anna (juaefcenhush V C II
llunuell, to ret-over Malty
Hill) Jennie lleid v O Johnson et
el, foreclosure
IGl- T J lira met v 1 Alien action
fot damages (slander) Smith A IloW
man for pllT.
11)18 Theresa Schmidt V J Merkie,
ltil!) Capilola Cox v Mary ISIack
i ll et al suit to set aside disil, Hag
ley for pllf
lti',0 A Johnson v F T I5erry, coii
lirmation, Wall for plir-r
Hi.VJ C F Castivl v 'Tualatin Mill
Co action for damages.
lli.hl American TyK! Fimnders C
Austin Craig, action for meney.
lt5M Ilclle Fm man v T S tsirne
lius anil for possession of real proja r
ty, IIimIoii for pllT.
Iti.V.) All'snce Trust Co v 8 II
tlumphr')s et al, foreclosure.
Uii i I W D ISradford adm v Alex E
O'lnundet ux, continuation, llagley
for plff.
Ititi7 John W Shute v (1 W Miller
et al, action for money, Tongue for
pllf anil Wall for delt.
in, auit,
The nult of the recent elecllons
held in many of the eastern slates
was received with eat wfaclion by the
peoph here.
Misses Heltie and Annie Jack
were guests of the MtasesJiobinin,
Sunday last.
The prevailing rainy weather has
caused our smoothly paved roads to
turn to lanes of mire, upon
which we must gaxe nnlil next sum
mer. Mr. Sam Horrenson has movee
with hls fntw4lyj on his old place.
Ssm has, for Ihe past two yertH, la-n
a renter on the ...Witch Har.el farm.
Says he has eaViu!h of farming and
will cut wisxl fur the rail road.
i Marisurea fcr having a Christmas
entertainment-'' and tree were taken
at the Christian Sunday Schnt1 last
Mr. I lent y Jack visited his cousin
Miss Arminta CanipU'll. Sunday.
Ererclses in spea)ing and sipglWjtT
every Friday evenint-
lr. Floyd Hrovrff was sgreenhlJ
surpsil on Friday eve. when quite
a flii'j ber of'aung sople dnpel In
on him. The occasion was bis 22 1
birth.Wy. store.
Ner stikk of Uuibrellaot t-ihul-merich
A Mod's. 0
F. J. liarber barf put iu tistie V
of cigars a cigarettes.
Horn Nov. P.
liogueand wi -
.it fa
4 !
gtotl to J.
Uirn .i v. 9 at West Union
Jacohaou and wife, a son.;
The best I119 efill
it y Just arrivtsl at
to I'
rss gmals in the
Schulmeiich A
Wna! If you want one you cau
aavavfrutn I0 to flo by buying from
Safiulmeiicb A Hon.
3 Mian Emma Coleman formerly a
teacher in Ihe put. lie acluMiLjs a guest
with Mr. E D. Thorne and family.
Call on F. J. ilaata r, Second street
if you want a tirst-elaas shave or luiir
cut. Try hia baths, either hot or
landed shotgun shells at Sclnilinc
rich A Hon. Loaded witli native son
smokelea- and black pnwdei all
ahelis Kuaranteeil.
liieycli-a and tyiwrilers repaind
also umlirellas repaired and recov
ered at O. U. WilKa" one diair tiorih
of Hillslairo hotel.
Fruit , canning seaaon ia now here.
Home will keep and aoii w ill spoil
unless you use the Vacum j ira lor
aale ly J. M. llrown.
To exchange House and three tin
proved Iota in Hillalairo with city
water, orclrinl, for improved, proper
ly in or near Forest Jrove.'J W. II
IJox 112, llillsboro.
Schuimeritta A Hon have purchased
some wagons from the factory and
can sell them from 17 to I5 cheaper
than othei dealers. They sell a :i
ate'l akein 3 inch tire, all complete
for 80.
A yearling billy goat, with a red
ribbon lied on the horns, has strayed
from my premises at the fair grounds.
I will give 5.00 to any one finding
and returning wune to me. Time.
11. Tongue.
Wm Mohr makes taaita at l is
shop on Second stni-t, llillsboro, for
5.ft) ar pair, sewed shoes for -V
and givs special attention to repair
ing. Ileuses only first-grade stock
which enables him to guarantee his
Muddy complexions, Nauseating
breath come from chronic constipa
tion. Karl' Clove Itoot Tea is an
absolute cure and has been sold for
fifty years on an alftOluto guarantee.
I'rice 25 i ts, and 00 cte. lvita Drug
Sick heailachea, the curne of over
worked womankind, are ituickly and
surely cured by Karl's Clover Ji-M)t
Tea, the great blood puritier and tis
sue builder. Moony n.'fundi4d if not
satisfactory. Price 25 and M eta. at
Many a lovi-r hiw turned with diM
gust from an otherwise lovable girl
With an offensive breath. Karl's
Clover Itoot Tea purifies the breath
by ita action on the bowels, etc., a
nothing else will. .Sold tor years on
absolute guarantee. Plice 25 eta, and
5ucts at lX lta.
How ia your wife has she lost her
beauty? If so, Constipation, Indi
gestion, Hick Headache are the prin
cipal causes. Karl's Clover lttait Tea
has cured these Ills for half a centu
ry. Price 25 ctn, and 50 els. M oney
refunded if n suits are not satis
factory. Delta Drug Store.
What ia Hhilob? A grand old rem
edy for Cough, Colds and Consum
ption; used through the world for
half a century, baa cured innumer
able cases of inclpioflt consumption
and relieved many in advanced stag
es. If you are not atifld with the
results we Will refund your money.
Price 25 and 60 obi aad $1.00. Delia.
Doyoif know enra-amption ia pre
Venlahle? Neiemv has proven that,
and also that neglect ia suicidal. The
Worst cold or cough can tat cured
with Kliiloh's O ugh and Consump
tion Cure. Mold on positive goanm
tee fi over fifty year. Delia Drug
On every bottle of 8liilnh's Con
sumption Cure la this guarantee: "All
we ask of you is to uae two-tbinls of
the contents of this laittle faithfuily,
then if you can nay you are ia bene,
fftcd return the taittle to your lug
gist and he may refund the price
paid." Price 25 cts, and 50 eta and
ll.(M). Delta Drugstore.
Beautiful complexion is an im
(sisaibility without giaid blood, - the
sort tiiat only exists in cnnmvtinn
with gcssl digestion, a healthy liver
and Isiwels. Karl's Clover Id a it Ten
ads directly on the laiwels, liver and
kidneys keeping them In ierfcct
health. Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. at
Delta Drug Store.
W. 1). Hare at the Orange store is
carrying a line line of plows this fall
from the Oliver plow works. Tint
factiaTy refused to join Ihe plow trust
and nipiires dealers handling its
product to sell at the old prices. The
result is that Mr. Hare has the Oliv
er 14 inch plows at from 111 00 Io
15.00 depending on the style. Other
sizes go at Ihe old taipular figures.
At the same place purchaaers will
rind a fine line of aloves both lor the
kitchen and the aitting room togeth
er with a large stork ol pipe and
elbows. )
1 he Climax Milhna Co. die
Putting in nan lnasiaitf
t'ltj th trppk
huiifrit roiis to rt pn-M-n u ni
maiiiwe' 01 thw Ml i'Iom; Iijt rcamiun.
8alury t ' a y ar nail Xmmis.i Htriu'lit,
bonn-l'nh'. no morw no li'sa ilnry. I'o
Mt.u jsrmain'iit tlur relerrin, v
linnk in amy tiwn. It In mainly olluf
wo-k ci"irt'il at licae1 Uifrniir.
Kih-Usp s'lf-lllll'.s.seflc, ami ntuiliscl cn
vi'lop.'. Tim llomiiiMin Ol'iiipaiiy, li.,t ;t,
C hii-an.
rl l ui'silay Kvculiiir aud OrfuMlae
a I hIiIii lull attrnilauee
Is rriuehteil.
The Climax MiMing CoiiiSaay do
nut hesitate to spend money when La
so doing their plant is improted. The
latest addition to the machinery ia a
new attachment plains! at the tail of
the rolls and called a scroll grinding
mill, it is round in practice that the
last mil discharges a thin wafer that
tn'n giMid ll iur will not pass thru the
lain. 1 ne new null takes tins pro
duct and prcires it for bolting.
With it iiiorwllour can 1st obtained
from a bushel of w heat. This is the
first machine to come to Ihe state,
The Salem mills had a machine in
tended to do the same work but it
w as an older form and was burned
with Ihe mill during state fair weefc.
It is reasonable to infer however that
it w ill not lie long before all the mills
in trie a:ate adopt the w roll grinding
A cabin of Native daughters till
he organi.cd in Wehrung hall's next
Tuesday evening, Mra. Miller and
Mrs. Edith Weathered with their
assistants coming out for that pur
pose. Eligible candidates who want
to he on the charter should be pre
sent that evening. Who are eligi
ble? Ladies of IS years and U
wards who were Isirn in Oregon.
Names entrusted to Mrs. D M. C.
Uault w ill lie prois-rly placed before
the cabin.
The P. U. f sit I ml I team went to
Salem last Saturday to play the Wil
lamette Uniwcrsity team. Our team
had protested several players that
rumor raported as memlMrs of the
Salem team oil the ground that they
were not bomlide students. The
protest was of no avail and our boys
played the Salem men. At the etid
of the first half after having lost two
balls by unfortunate fumbles, the
si-ore stood ( to 0 in tavor of Haleui.
Then it looked like the P. U. team
would Win, hut early Iu the last half
Tongue right fai kiews put out of
the game by hia opponent Young
who ia reported to lie a profeaaiooal.
Tongue's plaw could not I filled at)
the game commenced going against
Formt drove. At the close ol the
game the score stood 2i to 0 iu favor
of the Salem team. -'Salem leain"
is used purposely for it waa got a
college tram, oiily aa Willamette
University loaned its name. There
were but three or at mort four gen
uine students who played. Savage ia
i drayman in the city. Sanders is a
teacher in Chemawa Indian scIkmiI.
Jessup is a practicing dentist. Young
is a professional from Portland. Holt
is an attachee at the asylum where
he put iu full time. The collide ia
censuratile f)r enrolling tbeae tieo aa
students when they of an evening
went to some down- town ball aad
listened for au hour to a rambling
talk 011 law. They never read a page
of a text book during Ihe day. The
I NDKfKNliK.NT calls to mind some
thing that whs said last summer in
the convention of college presiilents
thai was in radical opposition to foot
11!, charging immorality etc. it is
further believed that It was the pres
ident of this Salem college who thas
talked. The Forest (lr ire team waa
U'aten, hut it comes home honora
bly. Tbe college foot bell league
was composed of P. U., O. A. C, V.
oto., Albany and Willamette Uni
versity: Uetause of the off color of
the Willamette team the U. of O. and
O. A. C. have withdrawn from the
league, P. U. will do su. and unite
with the two former to eittiatiiiite a
new league that shall stand for pure
and clean athletics. Sahati and Al
bany remain in thio'd league. Sal
em claiaw the iiant for Ih'.m, and
sini there ia no one disputing tbe
claim, 8avagc, Voting and Holt can
l k it.
Dead totter UU
The following ia a list of letters re
maining uncalled for in tbe postottloe
at tlillatMiro, Nov, 1Mb 18''9:
W W Jenkins,
Mrs Pelton,
Mr Al Sayft.r.
All letters not iwlled for by Nov.
25, will be sent to the Dead Uler
office. One cent will be charged for
inch letter called for.
H. Sen 1,1, Mtlticil, P. M.
One JrrcyfVw attMl fi ymr.,
Inriri! lunin on left side. Will l
tins month. August.
One 2-yttir slit hrlfer, t tle.l roan,
tine yrarlinc heifrr, blue.
One jrarlinv heifer, rel.
I.iIsthI rewnrd ntlrrwl.
MR. I- liK.CKKl:,
Slsitlr. I'eKl OliMf,
Washington County.
w iHiM)n!sj!oin:Rrisi;
Wisdom's Iloberline correrts all
blemishes of the face: and makes a
beautiful complexion. g4'lta 'ruK
'iliree selns.l districts in the tate,
laigeue, Mt. Tnbor Multnomah Co.
and Salem have adopted savings
banks. A regular savings batik bus
iness is done. Tbe interest paid leas
itorsis.1 er cent. The f.riinipai
of Ihe school is the manager of the
hank. The Mt. Tabor liank has 171
on ilcponlt.
The evangelistic meetings helil this
week in the Christian church have
been well altcndcd am! much Inler
est has lieen arrousl. Elder. J. F.
Olionnley Is lalsiring there this
T he social meeting of the Kp worth
Eeague announced for Friday even
at the Melhisllst par image has been
postponed one w-k on account of
the monument entertainment.
Dr. Lowe, the optician, Is coming
s mn,
Mold Tea MM.Iiivrty rurrs Sick icail
ii'lii-. ielii! Hiion ii1 eoiistipxlion. A
') LAte tint lierli ibnik. lo iimvin all erna
lioni. of tic nkin, piiKlueiiiL' a perfis-t nini
)li'ion, or niom-y jrfilmli-il. i"i rls. uml
cts. I lip Ih-lluefaViiif More.
EafIH bort"
0 "the
helm the IB.m. Saves wmr 1
exine. hold eTrywbcre.
. f R PT
aTANOao o0 co.
U" 1
- -
It is the high quality
of Royal'Baking Powder
that has established its
great and world - wide
Every housewife
knows she can rely
upon it ; that it makes
the bread1 and biscuit
more delicious and
wholesome always the
finest that can be baked.
It is economy and every way better to
use the Royal, whose work is always certain,
never experimental.
There are many imitation baking hiV p!,
made from alum. T hey may lost less per
pound, but their use is at the cutt of health.
. Never
with so
an article
as the
i- v I
Ticst or mli or
in pursuance of an nrilcr ami Uis-ns-iniidf
by the I ounty Court of the htilu of
Oregon, fortlie I'oiuity of Wiishintou, on
1 lie mh day of Novemis-r ls!, 111 the mut
ter ol the KHtutuof Anderson Hiiiith. itec'tl..
and to me Aa mhuiiiiHtriitor-de-bun s-non
of suid estate, directed, 1 will tilt at public
auction to the highest bidder at tin- houtli
door of the Court House in llillslsiro,
WuslihiLrtou county, (IroKon, on Haturday
tin-tli h day of Uwemlivr, IStW, at the hour
of 10 o'cloea in the loreniHiu of said day.
for cash in hand, a'.l of that piece, parcel
and tract of land, iyiiiK being and situate
within WaHhiiiKton county, Oregon, and
being more particularly bounded, designa
ted niiiI dnwrihed an fofl iwv, towit:
CoiiimenriiiK ut a point on the towimhip
line Is-twern lownshipH No. t North, Kaiie
i West and township 2 North, Hanee 'i
WcMt20cli8 Kut of the West line of the
1'onatiou tana Claim of said Anderson
Hmilb and wile. I hence North 4 oil chs.
more or less to the renter of the Creek
known a Mi Kav Creek, Thence til. the
center of sail! Creek Willi the nieanderine
thereor to the mouth 01 the stream known
as fieaverdam Creek in mid Douution
baud Claim. Thence up the center ot said
Iteaverdam Creek with the meandcrinirn
thereoi to a line running directly North
and Piontli through the North-west romer
of tlie Ilonatimi Land I liiim of William
Karris in section HI, township 2 North,
Halite i West. Will. Ner. Thence Mouth
alone; II i WMt line of sitid Uurria claim to
thetknlih line of the herth half of the
IHination Land Claim of said Anderson
Hniitli and wife. Thence West on said
Houth line to a poiat due Houtti from the
place ot lieirinniiiK I hence orlli to tlie
place of taiK'nnl'iff. contaiiiiiiK torty-live
( l,'i) acre, more or less.
administrator de-lonis-noii of the estate
of Anderson Smith, deceased. '-2J
fwian Orru a at Obios ('itt, tUmnn.
Novenber 4, ls!W.
the lollowina-naineil settler has tiled
nolieeof his attention to make tinal proof
In support of his claim, and Unit said proof
will be made before Co. Clerk of Wash. Co.
at HillsUiro, (It'll., on Itoe. 2, lsi, viz:
ALKKitT 11. ItANKIN; 11. 1.. "STii lor tlie
N W of 8.s m. T 2 N of It 9 W.
He names .lie following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of Mid land, vix:
Keiijaimin A Collin ot l-ir, On'coli.
Nicholas 0. Lilly. ofOa.es Creek, Oievon.
John K, Lilly
W lliiam 1. Slicrer
NClec f Aaalataaeait K-atr.
N.'ti' ia liarahf al ven that the nncler-
siftneil has hiau duly apisiintel t'spctitor
of the laio Will aad teetunent of John C.
Smith iliN-naard, late of ashiDtfton
coinilv Oreaon, sad that hn has duly
niiaiilied aesiicli in the county court of
the elate ot Oregon tor wasaington is).
All srsniie theseiure having claim
airainst said estste are hereby reqiiosteil
and repiireil txiprment them with proper
vouchers tlie law otiae ol 1110s. 11. A
K. H. Tongue in llillsboro WaHhington
con nly (iretron. Within six months from
tlie 'lt hereof.
IlilWsiro Oreiton Nov. 10, 1S!W.
I jeetilor of the lust will ami testa
ment of John C Hinitli deceased.
CuUrrb Taanot he Cured
with local spplications, as they cannot
teach Hie seat of the disease. Catarrh is a
l.hssl or constilutional disease, and in er
dertorure it you must take internal rem
edies. 11. ill s Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally, and acts din-etlv on the I.IikmI and
mue'oiis surlai-es. Hall's Catarrh Cure js
not aUiu k medicine, it was prescribed
by one of 'be ls-st physicinns in this coun
try for years, and as a regular prescription.
It is composed if the rst tomes know n
connined with the ls-st Wood pnriliers, aet
inirdirec. ly on the mucous surfaces. The
perfect coiiibination of tlie two ingrcd cuts
is wl.ut prisluees sncli wonderful resul s
iu curi' K CatJirrh. hend for testimonial
'"Address, IU. CHkiNKY A Co.'lToledo.O
H0I1I Itjr IiriiirKists. 7.rc.
(tail's Kan. ay Pills are the best.
Xetlceal Final (Heltlrtnent.
The liuost liiurof toilet articles
and dniir sundries in tlui
County always kept at the
JJCltct Our own specialties" are
good values, because they
are made from tried form
ulas, the pure and fresh
Our line of patent med
icines is complete. Careful
attention given family receipt.
StOrC these "facts in your brain.
. All Rilt-edgcd butter put on the mar
ket by creameiios is wrapped in patter.
The product of the private daily would
reach its market in much lettei condi-
. tion if wrapped in Butter Parchment
than it does when wrapped in cloth.
Parchment is not only lietter than cloth
but cheaper.
. Cloth sells at 6 cents per yard Irom
which 27 sheets can lie cut 27Parch
ment wrappers cost 2 cents.
500 ShePts 8x1 1,
500 Sheets. 8x13,
50 cts,
55 cts
tatnlard sir for 2-pouud rolls is
8i I inches; 2-potind blocks are
wrapjied in the 8x13 size.
One reason why paper has not lieen
generally used heretoiore, fanners
could not get it at the general Mote
It is now kept at the Independent of
fice cut to any size wanted.
...Ladies' Misses' andj
gE Chi Idrcns' Seal and 3
j ,i saw
Plusli Capes, also
Nofieu is hereby eiren that the under
siitneil has file.LI'(r-,'insl acrotint ss ad
ministrator of Jlip estate ol t'h. P. ( Mi
rer deceased, in the county court of the
state of OreironJIor Wrslnnirton miitity,
and that said court lias -iinlel Mmulf .
the 4th day of Herein te, ll'.Kl, at Til
o'clis k in the forenoon of sl day as the
tune lor newrms; orieeinus w snrn
tinal account and for the ttleuient
f. T. UNKl.ATKP..
Administrator of ths rotate of ( has. P.
Oli Xf deeesseil, '''tti
liTT. liagle AtWrnjjlor ssUta. m j
Fur Collarettes, just
Efrom the factory aU. 3