Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, October 06, 1899, Image 4

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    Gamblers of Great Mountain
Continued front Pint Pag
akaia and pnt taj anger on uw tw u
tlx lit bill and tell 70a what's what
in two shake of lauib'a tail. Ami I
don't nin savin oot straight thai my
ciperienca U aa big aa that of a carload
of tb common run of coi(inm "
Ha wnl throorfh tba tannl attain,
and tba brothers followed. One or
twica he itopixHl and apnea to a laborer
aa well aa tba fureinsa.
"Von wonder." ha aaid to Bill Hol
dredica. "that I'd apeak to tbeaa mea
and bear wbat they bars to say. for 1
sea all they ses and mair. lint I'
learnt tc 1: i.t : 1 I- inifs, man. aa well
a ecM kL. vl. x 1 Jd till 70a do 70a
Uimj ba a acuoul engineer, bat tba booka
ra across jour 70a and heavy on 7uor
tuind. "
Vb-n they reached tba far end. ba
invited them to ait on a fallen treat
"And now 70a want 107 second
thoughts 1"
"Aye." aaid Keeley.
And Gordon filled bia pip
"If 70a can drop It. and if 70a baa
enough to atart on something else, my
advice ia to do it I'm not asking any
thing and don't know bow 70a and
Ruaa flied it op. lint to go on la to
Against a certainty T" asked BilL
Gordon aire wed op bia month and
book bia bead slowly.
"I'll no fay that, bat it'a lone; odda.'
"And if we go on. wbat?" asked
"Doable timber ber tbrongboat and
got aotue bard wood if 70a can. Bat
my advice ia to cat your losses and
yonr labor Tbere'a oaelhing in tba
world ao peetif ol aa honest la bor wasted
Ooodby. boya, and rikm! Inck to yonl"
He rode bark to Laggan whistling.
"They'll try it; tbey ll try it." ba
aaid. "And I've nae doot they'll bear
the catastrophe like men nae doot at
And that very night tbe aecond aet
of timber waa ordered. Wbat tbey could
bay tbey boaght Bnt aaitable hard
wood there waa none witbin 8.000
miles, and to set that bill on oak pil
lara waa to bny 10 with a golden
eagle. Aa a makeshift new pine and fir
full on flat and mountain alope, and the
trees of daylight were daily buried in
tbe pit.
They found tbe western end, which
was clay bottomed, hardest to deal
with, and there tbey doubled tbe atepe
and atrnta first and drove aotne hard
wood wed gee In. and under sncb they
blocked tbe inward, thrusting mud
with heavy green plunks, measuring 4
by 10, that came from a anwiuill hum
ming near tbe antnmit. Bat that here
tbe uprights abowed no sign of buc
kling at first wai tbe deadliest aign of
all. for wbere tbe cement bottom waa
it waa necessary to put in square blocks
betwixt each huge standard. And even
tben tbe groaning waa more horrid,
new atraina were established, the maw
of timbers became more organic and
piped perpetually. Day by day the for
ests sent tribute to tbe devouring
dragon of the underbill, and aoon it
waa almost impossible to aee the clay
aave upon tbe bottom. Yet here and
there it squeeted out between close set
"Nov yon want my second thouohtsf
balks and cants of aawed lamber In thin
rlbbona of deep pure blue, and ennie
times it protruded through a knothole,
hanging down like solid pouring water
And hour by boar, day and night,
Keeley or bia brother patrolled the tun
nel, which waa now like a leaking ship.
Tbey doubled tbeir redoubled care and
watcbed the massy framework per
petually. Tbe roof waa treble timbers,
each 11 Inchea eqnare. They under
pinned it again and aet angled atrnta
in a complex latticework against tbe
doubled walla And the flat floor of tbe
tunnel became convex
Tbey aaw it. aod for a day assured
each other thrt t was not so But at
night tbey set a long straight edge
across the floor sod leveed it It touched
tbe middle, and. nailing both enda to
the aide frame, they left it
By the early dawn tbe middle of the
atraight edge was 1 Hi Inches sunk in
mud. The foreman said this waa the
end of it Bnt Keeley sent for more
stuff, and. leveling tbe floor again, he
set in a solid bottom 14 inches thick
and beat it down with sledges Along
tbe sides be set timbers lengthways,
and on tbeui tlrree more strata against
tbs roof And be saw the floor waa
But the roof waa ccuvez. bulging
"We've done all we can," aaid the
contractor "If it holds now, we shall
have made nothing And if it doesn't
For in tbe contract the finished tun
nel was to stsnd a month before accept
ance. They went to their tents and played
poker to pasa the time. Bnt, thongh
they were now idle and tbeir men dis
charged, the bill was busy.
Tbe next day cards were a weariness.
Tbey paced the groaning hole from
dawn to eve Men going east or west,
who bad heard of tbe mud tunnel,
looked in, and the strange noises scared
some of them. On Sunday ball the men
from the contractors next above them
came to view it The end of the track
waa now bat five tniUw away, and some
of tbe track layers csine too. Tbey
offered bets against its standing Knee
cams down and shook hia bead aa bs
rode back.
"I give It a week," be said.
Bnt in less than a week Keeley Hoi
dredge came np to hi in.
"You'll have to make a cat of it
after alL" he aaid.
"Can yon take on the JobT" asked
"We're going over to the lakes, sir. "
answered Hi.ldre.lge. "I've had a letter
from Andy Underdonk. It waa a gam
ble, and tbe carda were against as
Tbey shook handa and parted.
Tbe tunnel's cnorua waa now porten
tous, It ahrieked and cried and aet a
man'a teeth on edge with horrible grat
ing Boise Tbe atepa on which tbe up
rlghta stood were crushed through 1 each
standard s heavy bel waa set ia mere
wood fiber, as soft it seemed, ss a bank
of coir yarns. And where the aide thrusts
r. rreateet the short blocks splinter-
er 1 : 1 : . awi w at ti W WAtti .
eu toe "" ,a I
hanging arch. Tbetwltflnf wm jarron-
vloua And by no trick of furelni the
imagination could the eye behold a level
floor. Little ahakea aad aplintera rose oa
it as when a luaa bends a Lath to break
ing. And every boor or ao came a aoand
like a ganahot, when aotne drier, over
wrought beau gave way utterly
Though its aoand brought seeming si
lence ia a moment more the cries 0 tbe
strained wood were greater aad more
I myaelt who write this, waa tben at
work for another contractor two miles
np the pass, and one hot Sunday ia at
gust, when my mates were lying ia
their tenta, 1 went to view the tunnel
And. though 1 waa afraid. I walked
through iu whole dark barrow. It was
not tbe first time I bad done it bat it
was tbe last
There waa something uncanny in the
groaning of the wood, something awe
inspiring. When half way tbroagb ia
the in tensest darkness, terror got bold
of me, and my hair bristled Wishing
to ran. 1 coo Id act aad I sweated ice
aa I went In the daylight at tbe west
end 1 saw the hanging roof. It aeeiued
to move; long splinters pointed mors
and mors perpendicularly, and tbe sids
standarda bent like bows. I walked oa
a carve of floor timbers driven upward
by tbe rising clay. Here aad there were
jagged points; beams split and opened,
ragged with tough fiber. In tbe hands
of the mountain tbe mightiest trees
were match wood.
And outside by their tent I saw tbe
Holdredgee loading up a pack pony,
while two other little cay uses stood
ready saddled. I gave them good day,
and tbey nodded not uncheerfully. aa
I thought And when tbe pony'a load
waa fixed np I followed them at a little
distance as they took tbeir last walk to
the tunnel's month, which wss now
shspeless and distorted. Two great
rafters bsd freed their enda and point
ed northwest and aoothweet Tbe till
waa burst and tbe under clay rose in a
strange mud flower. From the tunnel's
depth came sounds which were half
musical, half discordant liks tbe loud
cry of bresking barp strips.
"It's settling now." said Keeley
Boldredge ss be took his brother's arm.
And visibly, though with a peculiar
slowness, as if of conscious power, tbe
jaws of the tunnel were being forced
together Tbe riven roofing fringed ita
jagged mouth like yellow fanga, stained
blue in places, until it seemed some
living monster writhing In agony nnder
a most intolerable weight But the
sounds of ths deeper tunnel were muf
fled. We knew tbe clay waa bursting
in at a thousand places. Perhaps even
now tbe long work of gravity wss done
there. One groan burst oat of tbe clos
ing month, and then we beard tbe
whistle of a driven wind bias through
the ragged teeth. But with that came
a fall of gravel from the higher bill
and when the dost waa dissipated tbe
tunnel waa seen no mora.
It might have been my imagination,
but aa the brothers turned away it
seemed to me that a great weight waa
off tbeir minds
I met old Gordon a mile np tbe road
and stopped bin)
"Tbe mud tunnel's down, Mr Gor
ln. " I aaid- And he whistled.
"Did you see the Uoldredges. man T"
he asked.
I nodded.
"And wbat did tbey say V
"Oh, just 'Dafh itl' " aaid I "And
they've gone away whistling Tbey
were good men to work for. "
"You ought to know. " cried Gordon
grinning, "for. 70a know, tbey fired
Bat If I did get the sack at the mad
tannel it waa only for having too much
to aay. And I bore the Holdredges no
As) Raanele,
"Some of the greatest men in tbe
world have met defeat in their dearest
ambitions," remarked the statesman
The friend, who bad been morose,
looked np cheerfully and exclaimed
"Of coarse, they have. It'a happen
ing all tbe time Look at ocr baseball
club "Washington Star
The War Uaaee.
Among many people of every age
dancing lias bad a warlike significance,
and there are many tribes now that so
resort to the war Unuce. The famous
Pyrrhic dance represented the overtak
ing of an enemy and doing battle with
him. Today among the Zulus gran 1
dances are merely the accomiMinlnient
to the colloquial war and hunting
songs. In which the women put que
tions which are auswered by the men.
There are mimic fights, which go by
the name of war dances, almost uni
versal among tribes to which wsr a
one of the great Interests of life. The
bravery dnuce of the I a homo a 11s and
the hoolce of the Bull tribe in the
Vindhya hills of IuJia are the most apt
Nearly all savage tribes have a rejrn
lnr war dance, so that It Is scarcely
possible to select one as having a more
warlike significance than the rest. All
the performers appear In fighting cos
tume, haudlo their weapona and g
through the movement of challenge,
conflict pursuit or defeat. There Is
one very picturesque dnnee of the Na
tal K a lira which probably re f era to
the departure of the warriors for bat
tle. ,The women appeal plaintively to
the men, who slowly withdraw, stamrv
lug on the ground and darting their
abort spears or assagais toward the
In 170 Crenada. in the West Indies,
was visited by a tornado with singular
effects. I'nllke similar phenomena,
thla waa to the Inhabitants a provi
dential deliverance from a pest which
threatened their economic ruin. Some
time previously the Formica saccbart
vora, a secles of ant. appeared In
such numbers as to make the annihila
tion of tbe augar rnue a question of t
few weeks only. After in rain trying
many expedients and offering large re
wards for a remedy against the plague,
the helpless people resolved to ahao
don their homes in a body and betake
themselves to another Island. By thla
famoua tempest Providence accom
plished In a few moments what man.
with all his appliances, bad failed to
overcome. The aut was exterminated.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Moaera rave Dwellers.
Cave dwellers, or, to be exact earth
or rock dwellers, are not yet extinct
A traveler who visited the prehistoric
rave dwellings near Halberstadt In
the liars mountains, found In tbe near
by village of Langensteln ten caves
hewn In tbe rock and occupied by 40
This little settlement Is built on the
slope of a rocky hill near the village.
The fronts of the dwellings were made
by ratting a vertical face in the rock.
Kacb "bouse" has a door and one win
dow. The first house was constructed
only 40 years ago by a young married
reuple whoer too poor to pay their
rent In the Vmire.
The rock houses are warm In winter
and cool Id summer. Thoy are quite
healthful, according to the testimony
of their Inhabitant's whose stout Mm'
aad red cheeks vouch for tbe troth .
their etatemeata.
leealaa aad Wafclac
"The ability to wake at a giveo hoar
by forming a resolution to do so before
going to sleep," said a pbvsictaa at aa
after dinner dlaruaalon few days aso.
"Involves a problem that scientists do
not pretend to hare definitely sol red.
Their theory, however, is certainly
plausible. A great ma ay acts of life.
as we all know, are only half volun
tary. A man will begin whittling
Mick and continue while bis mind
eugroseed opua something else. It Is
the same with walking. In other
words, the action la etarted by volition
and then keepa oa going, like aa en
"It la known also that tbe will per
sists to a certain extent la wbat we
rail unconsciousness, both from nn
luetics and during sleep. How far tl -it
persistence extends Is an open q
tion. but It la reasonable to assume
that inost of us ran aet an Impulse 01
the DiinrlDle that aa alarm rloc'x Is
aet and tbe half voluntary mecbarisui
of the brain carries It along without
further attention. But aa I said be
fore. It Is only a theory. To tell the
truth, our real knowledge of such
thine is startlinelv slight" Sew Or-
leana Times-Democrat
Readers of this
paper who enjoy
a really good
detective story
should keep a
look out for the
first chapters of
Norman Hurst
It is a detective
story worth read
ing. We have
purchased it and
will publish it in
installments. It
ought to prove a
rich treat.
4H 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H -H-t
Ctmtinurd ftotn Fourth I'mjr.
grew and lite presidency with a uit-
tinct mandate from the people to put
the tariff on a revenue basis, Iho ir-
flu nee of trtiHta on the flo ur of cot
greaa waa strong enough to capture
enough of Iho advocates of tariff re
form to render it Impotwilile to ss
iuch a law as !he eople had demand
ed. The d inust excited by Ihh fail
ure, along with other circumstance
sufficiently well known not to need
recital, produced a reaction which
made the power of trusts greater than
ever, and they dedicated lite tann
law of 1S97 Willi comparatively little
"The fight, of course, must go o-,
but we might aa well recotfnir. at the
outset the magnitude ol our under-
tiklng. Courier-Journal ( lemocrat
ic), Iiuisville.
This is the thought of a notoriously
free trade exponent, one Ihtt war
beaten in tariff legislation and hence
is 1 f a vinegary temper. The xnpi
liad tired of I he democratic tarifl
tinkering and quiet promptly r-vcr-d
the laws. Home of the I rg
ru-ls to the contrary not wit list ud
The great success; of l'hamlerlHii'
(Jnlir, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemed
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Cough Remedy. It contains no opi
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0IM wmlf anwi ft harr tm.asj.
helps the team. Saves srear and
av mpa st
j F aTAaWAaTB Otk CO.
iias f im aiW T01 uta) stent tesCt
lightens 1 1
the f
auortena m l
tha 3
road. 2
ffiXI-S'l , , ; jj Forlnfants and Children.
,r 1 S9
if . ) Bru;,9i
A&fc table Prepvaiioalbr As
slmiLating BicToodandBeuta
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OosunxMorpbirie nor Macial.
Not Nahcotic.
Apafest Remedy for Constipa
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Worms Convulsions .Feverish-
ores mid LOSS or SlXEP.
TaVSinile Signature of
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Bled Quarts at a Time
' I am aknifemakerandSvorkeil for a namber of years in the New York Knife
Co.'s factory at Walden, N. V". First thing I knew I commenced to bleed from
the niuulh. Sometimes as much as a quart of blood wouhl come up from my
lungs at a time. Every time I coughed the blood spurted out. It was in the
mil 1 goi souau, ana luecnurcn
oeoule tol.l me I hud txller
make my peace with the lonl
and prepare to die. for 1 wonl t
not live till spring. My lioni
doctor couldn't do me any good,
but advised me to get to New
Yoik City for examination.
They finally took me to n nuti
iral college, and a nlmle lot of
physicians made what thy
called a diagnosis. There wiic
several students looking n.
One profv-ssor had a little iv ry
hammer, and with this ho
pounded my chest and held his
ear close to listen. After a
while the professor looked at
me solemnly and declared :
One of your lungs is aliout
one and the other is affected.
There may be a slim chame
. if. it : 1
r oiw IK you quu woimijj; in
hat knife faetorv.' I went lnck
'unit, but didn't improve. One d.iy I saw an advertisement of free samples of
Acker's English Remedy for Consumption, bein t.tvcn away bv our honiedrug-
tCists, vValker & Eaton. I ;ot one of these bottles, and it relieved me. Then I
bi.uirlit more of the regular'sue. and mv improvement was continuous, although
slow. Mv doctors were astonished and
because I was afraid it might bo blood, and I wanted to know for sure. I have
no fear now. for at last I am a solid man airain. Although one luneis eone. the
other is as sound as a dollar, and answers
see. I want everyone to know the farts
(Signed) A. II. Sivrsov.
Acker's Knuli-h Hrm- 1t i sold hy all drue nu under s positive frnaramea
that Tour monv wi'l h,.- r,'nn.lr,l in case el failure. c. cc. and St a bottle in
V'oited States and Camtda. In Knirland. ts. A . 1. id., and 4. M-
Wcaulkirix tkt ul'in ixmtif' !'. U. limiHER it CO, I'rwirtnrt, Snt York.
For Sale by The
Rettsres VITALITY.
Cures Im potency. Night Emissions and
arastlnp; diseases, all effects of sclf
abuse, or excess and indis
Jjcietion. A nerve tonic and
I.' blood builder. Hrlnps the
i yilnk glow to pale cheeks and
tllr restores the Cre of youth.
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the W'lwonsin tVniral I i.nv are .1 i
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tion itll ili veiling limn at sll junct
ion points,
Pullman Pal.-ii- Slerpi(! .1 ml Chair Car
on thronu'i trail.
Ilinine far
ee nnesivlleil. Minls
arrvtil a la ('
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en your nearest
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I The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
You Have
Always Bought.
Tuf etarfiui eoaiNV, HiwfOM erre
so was I. After dark I bated to spit.
as well as two lungs, so far as 1 can
and that is why I tell them here."
Delta Drug Store
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S .
rirrna,- UFA- df
E r.'J ,1U I". t-'f
Karl's Cover Root Tgi
B-I1tlfil t rnfnrJTt."i. P "- IN-rH".-l.
ri.. s y wh, tT' m. ,ir.-4 ..ti
I.iwl'.-T In. rtt.wi. und .l Fnt;.lt."H i i
I Miln. A a-,-l- l..--i.. N -rt
I -nir. H,.t nf, a'--ant K"rn4w l-y a i
Intc.-K t S.V, Hr. anal l !.
lair MoMirrott
1- ur u ai Ititi iiia Uf 't siurat.
111 !- . I
if pf.p
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Rio Grande
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s. a. tit tor Fit.
'eu'l l'as. A Ticket Agent,
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llantrnkoii riaiita
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Ialentii laAtm rhnufh JHuim A (a ivculv
psvittl tvifii-A, withHit I'hjTtt, in tb
Scientific American.
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