Hillsboro independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 189?-1932, January 22, 1897, Image 2

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D. M. C. OAULT, Edits.
vmtitL rArmmow rmm errr
'fuller . of Colorado, waa elected
aenator by a great majority, but Du
UuIh, of Idaho, U atuck. Thabka.
How Urv bed la) required to ac
commodate Bourne, the Oregoniao,
Hininn, U'Ren and Belyeu? O, not
a hrtrtul one aioce tbey lie very clos
ely together.
Thou C. Piatt of New York haa
tlnfi-atnl the eminent thoate for sena
tor. The unsuccessful candidate
woujil grace any legislative ball whila
th other in ..imply a "Me too" poli
The Oreetinian now freely 'lulls
populint comwpondence to Ha col
umrw. JoHOph Ganton telta who are
anar-hitln the imue of the JM
InHtant. Of conrm the anarchM
from his standpoint, la the republican
Therp are some things that aeem lo
point to the fact that the continental
suOMidiml railroads were willing trial
the refunding bill should fall. In
deed it would not be suprblag that,
eould tho secret hltory bo told, il
woold bo made to appear that the
mllrofiN connived at the deffat of
the bill.
ISy the state constitution the house
is made the solo judge of the election
and riuailflcation of Its members. If
those populist obstructionists refuse
to unite with tho majority and do
duty as legislators let their republi
can opponents come up from the
several counties and Inaugurate a
contest. They will be seated as they
ought to be.
The upper house of the legisla
ture Is to be commended for it
prompt organization and attention to
the people's business. 8t. Helens
Mist. The lower house could have
been organized quite as promptly if
that body had proposed to put one ol
Joe Kimon's creatures In the speak
er's chair. Hut because the majority
objected, Joe Joins the populists in a
The Independent feels certain
that the paragraph stating that Tual
atin Acadomy and 1'itclfc University
at Forest drove is asking or will ask
for an appropriation from the state
treasury Is without foundation.
Whilo the college would like to have
its endowment fund augmented, It
does not want It to come from the
state. This opinion is fixed by the
fiiet that the school was offered help
at an early day whon it waa needed
more than now, but lt declined It.
Then tho authorities declared that
they did not want state help that
they did not believe in the principle
of state aid being ax fended to private
schools. There is no intimation that
a change of police In that particular
has lxen adopted.
Home schemer haa caused to be In.
troduced In tho state, senate a bill,
which if enacted Into law, would
make state and county taxes payable
in coin only. This legislation would
restrict the use of county warrants
and would remove a demand which
tends to make thorn valuable. Now
warrants aro receivable in part pay
ment of taxes, and are hoarded by
tax payors for that purpose. If tax
payers cannot use this class of paper,
they will Ik) loth to take it and anx
ious to be rid of it. Brokers will not
le slow in seizing their advantage
They will shave the warraut. Y
had a taste of this last summer whcD
it was feared Ilryan might be elected
and warrants would be paid In ail
ver. A discount of ten per cent war
demanded. Afterward, when It war
seen that our currency was not to t
disturlxd, county pcr went to the
old figure. .That bill Is a bad one
and should not pass.
Tho republicans are not responsible
for the hold-up in the house at Salem
They aro in a majority but not such
a majority as is required for orgs a I
cation. The friends of the populist
declare that If Senator Mitchell were
out of the way, an orgonlxatlon
could at once be. effected. This 1
probably not true, but even If were,
It only emphasises the fact that Mr,
Mitchell is the choice of the republi.
can party lor U. S. senator, and that
ho haa votes enough to elect. The
assertion that he is losing strength I
not true because if It were on the
hypothesis above noted, the house
would at once organise and defeat
him. Now, If the ixWile want a
representative, they ought to have
their choice, and not a small cabal
of selfNh arhemcrs. Nothing Is
claimed for public sentiment In other
counties, but In Washington county
the sentiment is pronounced on two
questions: first, organize the house
pupllc businees can be done; and
second, elect Mr. Mitchell. All re
publican unite on tho first propoai
aition and a very Urge majority favor
the second. Of these facta the repre
sentatives ami senator from this
county are duly appraised. Our rep
resentatives are working with night
and main to organise, and when the
time cornea If It ever does to vote
for senator, the whole delegation
will cast solid vote for Mr.
Mitchell an obedience to Ihe will of
their constituents. I
Thirty-two members elect of the
House participated in an organiza
tion of thai body yesterday after
noon. Benaoa waa chosen Bpaaker.
Two or three detnocrata Joined with
enough republican to effect
an organization. Thirty one
members took the oath of office.
There la absolutely no queitlon of the
right of a majority of each bouse to
onranltate. Art. IV section 25 of
the state constitution provide that a
majority of the member elected
hail be required to pasa laws, and
tbe Congressional law governing the
election of U. 8. Senator provide
that a majority of the member iu
Joint convention shall be required to
elect a U. a Senator. Now there 1
no question but that a republican
will be returned to the U. & Senate.
Tbe Idea of some, that tbe state Sen
ate will not Join the house In Joint
convention may be true, but the in
dividual member may at noon go
Into tbe Joint convention and a ma
jorlty thua constituted elect IJ. 8,
Senator. Suppose tbe populists re
fuse to take the oath of office and
enter upon the discharge of their
duties, then they are not members ol
the house and their Counties will not
be represenated,
just tm weir.
which ierhaa Is
What la wanted by all good citl
sena of Washington county is that
the house at Salem organize and go
to work. A thing that is greatly
noeded is a larger republican ma'
jorlty and fewer populists. A a po
litical scheme nothing could be ol
more advantage to the re
publican party than the action
of the populist obstructionists, but
the Independent doe not want to
get party strength that way. The
state needs some legislation, and It is
time that U'llen and his crowd were
made to know this fact.
But let us notice the elemeinents
that are clustering about the obstruo
tlonlsta. First there is Bourne with
his ten-ioom lunch house kept on the
club plan, then there are those in the
Interest of Mr. Corbett, who have the
smell of boodle about their clothes,
then there are the "interests" who,
having tasted the sweets of hold
over, would like to have the legisla
ture adjourn without enacting any
laws. To enumerate all the com
missions, the secretary of sU - gov
ernor, state treasurer, the district at
torney, the circuit Judges, who do
not want tbelr districts changed, all
the railroads and the cannerymen
are most anxious that the slumber of
things be not disturbed, the attorney
general whose office Is threatened,
the sheriffs, the county clerks, the re
corders, and all the gang who are in
the saddle. These "Interests" are in
evidence at Salem, and it is but
reasonable to suppose are naturally
opposed to a change of present con
dition. There are exceptions, but
they do not Include those who are
receiving most "swag." Opposed to
these are the republican members of
the house, who patiently strive to
honestly organize with a speaker
who will appoint committees having
the Interests of the people in view,
Wherefore, the people are Justified in
demanding that the republicans or
ganize speedily.
But over and above all is the de
sire of the populists that no republi
can senator be chosen. It is not yet
certain that the republicans can have
control of the next U. S. senate, and
the failure to elect here in Oregon
may give the demo-pops control el
that body. Then no tariff legislation,
no currency reform, but the same de
ficiency will pile up the debt. The
free silver demagogues will still have
excuse for howling. Bourne Is their
tool in Oregon. It is a corrupt hold
up all along the line. The worst Is
some individual republicans not
clearly understanding the situation,
are allowing themselves to be guided
by corrupt leaders.
To The Kdilor: It would be dif
ficult to find in the same number of
words more mlsleadlug statements or
unjustifiable conclusions than are
contained In one of the leading edl
torials of Wednesdays Oregonian,
entitled "Recital of facts." The
charge that candidate for the legisla
ture were 'held up' to make them
promise to vote for Mitchell is as des
titute of truth, so fur as Mr. Mitjhell
is concerned, as Ihe largest part of
the insinuations to be found in that
part of Ihe public press that is now
active in Ihe conspiracy to defeat his
election. If candidates for the legis
lature were held up, as ex
pressed by Ihe Oregonian, this
holding up was done by the
republican voters at the polls. The
large majority of the candidates for
legislative honor with the knowledge
that he was the choice of a
large part of their constitu
ent were anxious and willing
that these constituent should hold
them up when the poll were opened
and that they might be held up, were
careful to pledge themselves during
the canvas, that if elected Mr. Mit
chell should have their hearty sun
port. This was the general feeling
throughout the state and none was
more aware of that tact than the edi
tor of the Oregonian. He misjudge
men so pledged when he assumes
that they will plead the baby act.
Mr. Mitchell' ability a well a hi
services In the interest of the people
of Oregon were unquestioned and the
only reservation made by a few
doubting Thorn tse' was that he
should tand on the St. Louis plat
form and give a hearty support to
McKinley and Hobart. It Is useless
to question hi position on republi
canism, and his support of the presi
dential ticket is too well known by
the people of this state to suffer by
the calumnies of those who axe now
conspiring with populist and Bryan
democrats, not only to defeat bl elec
tion but to defeat that remedial legis
lation to which all parties In the
state by tbelr platforms and the de
clarations ot their candidates, In the
canvass were solemnly pledged. Tbe
"hold np" now going on at Salem and
for which no one is more responsible
than the Oregonian and which is en
dorsed by those who have been rob
bing the people of the talo by un
Just appropriations of the people'i
money In exhorbitant fees and on
necessary salaries for the last two
years, and which they hope by this
conspiracy to retain for two year
more I the highwayman's "held "
which is robbing the state and aaetvsto-
Ing tbe fruit of the reBukliaaa vic
tory In the last election aad all
gratify the vlndictiveness of these
who have been heretofore hoaered
and built up by the republican party
but who, since they have cast theaa
elves into tbe arms of It ea?aius
will be honored by It no more.
The charge In this recital of facts,
that Mr. Mitchell stood rly to sup
port Bryan, Is so lacking In every
element of truth that it can be placed
with the other falsehoods that are
the common stock in trade of that
dlsoraganizlng factionwith headquart
era In Portland that has determined
to rule or ruin the republican party
and not only stand ready but have
united with tho demo pops to secure
their object.
Let those republican members who
are endeavoring to organize the
house, refuse to be buldozed by this
unnatural combination. The repub
licans of Oregon will sustain them
for so doing. II,
The course being pursued by the
obstructionists, In the house at Salem
is an example of the worst elements
that ever creeps Into governmental
affairs, yet It is strenuously adhered
to by the entire populist membership
and populist coadjustors and those
only. It is a movement of that party
tactics, and, for the time being, every
one giving countenance or aid be
comes an attache of that party.
It Is an action that Is subversive of
all government, if a minority, by
trickery, can successfully stop tbe
work of legislation, it can then block
the wheels of the state and national
governmeut, and destroy the state
and nation.
Such an end is precisely what the
rankest anarchist desires, and is work
ing for, and such, in a degree, is just
what every one who upholds the pro
ceedingofthoseobstructlonists, gives,
not only his sanction to, but active
assistance in attempting to bring
The situation Is not a pleasing one to
contemplate, and one of the most un
plea sent features of it, is the course
pursued by Oregon's leading news
paper, in directly aid and comfort to
the enemies of the commonwealth
whom it has heretofore fought at
every turn, just through its insane
desire to defeat one man.
The plea that the obstruction is In
the intererest of better legislation
and for better manipulation of po
litical affairs, is totally untenable, and
is made with the full knowledge that
it is so. The reason of the obstruc
tion is too glaringly apparent, for any
honest citizens to give a moments
consideration for such a plea. The
simple facts are that the defeat of
Senator Mitchell can only be accom
pllshed by sustaining the holdup,
and that brings those who are bent
upon his defeat to its support, and
the populist orglnlzed and sustain
it to further party ends, not caring
bow despicable the act Itself may be
or what It may lead to. That they
round assistance to enable them to
carry out their desigus, only points
to individual duplicity, and is not
chargeable to the republican party or
its adherents in the legislature.
The interests of the state are Ian
guisning, ana every indication was
promising that needed legislation
would have been accomplished,
the orginization could have been
made. There is not one single rota
of grounds for 'charging that the
members, who have been strenuous
ly workiog for orginization, would
a. lt . .
nave ueiayeu, opposed or held op
legislation which the people need
and demand but every indcation
that they would have used every
endeavor to forward such legislation
a fact in i'self which completly
disproves all claims that the hold up
is in interest ''remedial legislation."
It is not, but Is in directly the op
posite direction. Albany Herald.
ctenaior snerman'a . inuuence on
me money question ror many years
has been almost wholly bad. He
sees and approves the better courses,
but always follows the worse. He
has steadily Juggled with greenback
Ism and biatisin to the point of ex
treme danger, and hi course has
made Ohio, which should be among
tbe soundest of sound money state
one of the most uncertain ami waver
ing of all the states. Oregonian.
Last October the Oregonian was
considered to be sound and consistant
on the money question, but now that
it has gone to bed with Johns than
Bourre, the populist, whom only a
few weeks ago it wa reviling in un
measured tooes wonder la with the
common reader bow Senator Sher-
man can be thus criticized.
One scans the editorial columns of
tbe Oregonian In vain for a word in
denunciation of the notorious legisla
tive "hold-up" now going on at the'
state capital. I it possible that Mr.
Scott' brain haa lost it cunning, or
his vitriolic pen any of its aarcastL)
fire and vituperative venom? Ap
parently tbe Orgonlan has a "nigger"
in the legislative woodpile. I ode
pence West Side.
Nothing of much interest has trans
pired In the legislature as yet, save
that the house is disgracing itself In
refusing to organize for work. In
defteadaaae Enterprise.
The ahrte Ufssfcstare began Us ses
kia a galea ka) Monday. We
ktqte ttaty wili eigoaiae and get to
wurfa wrtttma. Way. With only a
fbrty-duy a nmm eae la two years
Ike kawocjM of tt state aeeda all of
thai tnaa wMaatat waiting four or
ve stupe a the beginning in organl
satis) Ito West.
Aay cvitMaaa upon the republl
cao for the eMaatioa in the leglxla
tuce, is oat of place now. The re
puhliea Va the lower house are do
ing everythlag they can, to redeem
their .pledges to give Ihe people
needed legislation. It is the populist
contingent that is holding up legisla
tion, and upon them devolves the
blame and the opprobrium. The re
publicans have not the necessary two
thirds for a quorum to proceed with
the work. Herald.
The shame of Oregon is Ihe fact
that such men as U'Ren and Bourne
and company have been given seats
in the legislature, where they are
giving an exhibition of their total
unfitness to occupy such positions.
Their dishonest methods exhibit ust
what they are, shameless evaders ol
solemn obligations, for they were
elected to do tbe work of the people,
and neglect to do that work in a
manner that is dispicabie and beyond
measure, just to gain a selfish pur
pose, the hope of holding office, and
the prospects of individual prefer
ment. Every man engaged in or
giving countenance to the withhold
ing of the organization of the house
in Salem is an arch enemy to the
state of Oregon, and should be
marked with the contempt of every
honest citizen, and should be remem
bered in the future. Albany Herald.
The legislative assembly convened
Monday morning, and the indica
tions are that another bitter senato
rial contest is again on to take up
the time and energies of the mem
bers to the exclusion of other neces
sary business. This is to be deplored,
and it certainly can be avoided by
good common sense and forbearance
on the part of the members. Every
republican in the legislature should
go into the caucus, and whoever may
be the nominee they should abide by
its decision. They have a right to
know Senator Mitchell's position on
the money question before support
ing him, and we leel confident that
Mr. Mitchell has seen the error of
his past course in supporting free
coinage, and he should be forgiven as
a reward for the herculean labor he
performed in the campaign just past
in the interest of the rpublican party,
It would be political suicide for him
to attempt any loalltion with the
free silver forces at this time, and we
believe that the same has not been
contemplated by him. On the other
hand he can lose nothing by an
nouncing himself In favor of sound
money, and by so doing he can un
doubtedly secure the caucus nomina
tion. And this secured, It will be
the duty of every loyal republican
member to support him. It is true
that tbe free silver wing of the party
in tho legislature, by bolting the
caucus nominee two years ago.
caused the defeat of Dolph, and be
cause the former friends of Mitchell
were largely instrumental in bring-
ing this about, there is a feeling of
soreness and a desire for retaliation.
but those who harbor 111 feeling
should remember that the greater
part of the element who bolted the
caucus nominee of two years ago ar
row eliminated from the party, and a
better time for a reconciliation of tbe
two wings will never come than dur
ing the present session. For years
past the interests of Oregon have
been made to suffer on account of
the enmities, animosities and am
bitions of a few men. It is times
new order of things went Into effect,
and every patriotic republican mem
ber will stand by the caucus norol
nee. Tillamook Herald.
How long must the people submit
to the outrage at Salem that is dis
gracing the Mate of Oregon? It is
time the people were informing them
selves fully as to who are directly
responsible for delay in the organi
sation of the house and the defeat of
that needed legislatiation for which a
suffering people are looking in vain;
Ibis hold-up apparently i in the
interest of tbe silveritet led by Jona
than Bourne, but Its only chance of
success is by means of a combination
with a class of republicans who
bolted the regular republican ticket
in the first congressional district in
tho June election. Defeated in this,
they have, as they dtd at the last
session, determined that the present
legislature shall do nothing except
upon the line they propose. As they
have no hope of succeeding by con
trolling the majority In the legisla
ture, they I ave comUned with tbe
demo-pops, led by U'Ren, Berkley
and Bilyeu, with the avowed pur-
nose of defeating all lerislatioa dbIm
'such a may be acceptable to them-'
selves. They have no intention that
needed legislation In the Intrwt of
economy shall be enacted.
The experience of the last legisla
ture, controlled by this same class of
tricksters is to be the experience of
this. Committee are to be so or
ganised that two the most needed
law shall not be parsed unit their
advocates shall submit to tbelr dic
tion on the senatorial question, that
neither their wishes nor tbe wishes
of their constituent will approve.
That this oourse was taken in the
last legislature ran not be questioned.
Tbe chairman of an Important com
mittee refused absolutely to report an
important resolution investigating
the school book swindle, because
such Investigation would lose votes to
Mr. Dolph. Not the least suspicion
was attached to Mr. Dulph In con
nection with thi ma ter, but the
fact that such outrageous course was
taken by hi friends, who through
the committees of the senate prac
tically held-up all legislation ren
dered hi. -defeat, as the contest
progressed, a matter of absolute cer
tainty. It Is to be deplored that
such a class of tricksters should con.
trot one of the houses, but it would
be absolutely ruinous to the Interescj
of the republican patty as well as the
peopie Kf Oregon If they should se
cure control of both houses, by
a combination between tbe demo
pops and these republican who were
elected on a ticket, a portion of which
they used their tert effort to defeat.
Then let the republicans who have
claimed and still claim that the re
publican majority has a i Ight to or
ganize the house ttand fast in the
position they have taken, and let tbe
fuslonists with Jouathan Bourne at
the head and such tricksters as Davis
ai the tail do their work. The voters
of the state will ueteriutne whether
this hold-up is io the interest or
economy and pure legislation with
out regard to the opinions of the
Portland dallies so freely expressed.
These men and their backers are not
altogether influenced by their inter
ests in the senatorial contest.
Every party in the state, at the
last election, pledged iself to
reduce expenditures, to reduce In
many cases the salrries of officers, to
abolish commishious or reduce the
salaries of commissioners; and the
large majority of those who would
lose by tbe reduction are hand and
glove with these legislative conspira
tors who are determined to defeat all
such legislation. T.ie con: ml of
both houses with the committees or
ganized as dictated by this fusion
combination will insure them the
opportunity to sllll further Rorge
their already bloated pockets with
the money wrung Irom an over
taxed and shamefully abused con
stituency. The best interests of the people of
the state require that this fusion
combination shall not suceed, and I
much mistake the republicans wiio
are opposing It If It does.
The Oregonian having in the past
failed to defeat Senator Mitchell by
Its usual methods of slander and
and abuse has thia timo adopted
some new tactics to carry out the
schemes of the great trio Messrs,
Corbett, Scott and Simon. The
whole truth of the trouble at Salem is
in the simple Tact that the Oregonian
and Mr. Simon got Mr. Bourne and
the demo-populisui to stand in with
them in preventing the organization
ot the house, tlnce In a Joint ballot
Senator Mitchell would have the
necessary votes, this (in)famous trio
concluded to have no semlon of the
house, and thus prevent the election
of the maa who Is the legitimate
choice of the people to the United
States senate. Herein is the secret of
Mr. Joseph Simon's constant visits lo
Mr. Jonathan Boo-ne's office, and
the Independkxt has made this
discovery In due : me, -while no
other paper In the date seemed to
have known anything about, and, in
fact, would not believe it If anyone
had told them of this. The Oregon
ian in tbe meantime kept up howl
ing about Jonathan Bourne, In order
to cover up the I jcl of Its own do
ing, and the eople must submit lo
such manlfulaUons of Individuals
who claim the prerogative of dicta
ting to the republican party. This,
too, these self-appointed dictators are
claiming although but last June,
when the regular organization of the
republican party cairled un a most
trying campaign, they used all pos
slble means to defeat tbe republican
party by running snme obscure
county judge as their "sotfnd (?)
money" candidate for enngress!
Have the reimblican of Oregon for
Sweetness and Light.
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pill la th pillory if it does not practise what it
preaches. There's a whole gospel in Ayer's
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and liht." People used to value their physic,
a they did tlreir religion.-by ita bitterness.
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Move Mil rttc1sr in
aewt tree. J
v. arer
gotten this? By no means. But
the greatest attaaction at this Corbett
Simon show is represented by the
demo-populist "reformers" (?). This
time the "union reform" humbugs
stand right in with Mr. Simou? help
ing him to prevent the organization
of the house. How the mighty have
fallen! Where are tbelr tears for
Mthe great common people" they
were in the habit to shed so freely?
Oh, these crocodile tears! Or will
the honest populists'still continue to
blindly follow the outfit that is in
league with the corrupt ring which
the houest republicans are endeavor
ing to Wipe Out. It, would seept.j
however, that the honest populists
would open their eyes now when the
so-called demo-populists at Salem
work hand in hand with the Corbett-
Scott-Simon combine. Q.
Salem, January L'oth.
Mil Kill VVH M ALI! OX
deorto anl onUt ol oiu uauni
out of til Circuit Court of tit
int of Orniion, for W anil inmon County,
in favor ol E l ward Constable ulitiiititT. mid
n:uii-l W 1. lower KH0.1 Towor L 11 Uni
ting mid 11 H Ed wards lii lf ndunlK,
lor the auiu of '25 :V, cot, and lur the
furtiirr huiii of (17s UO, V. & toil coin,
ailli interest thvreon at the rate of eiKliI
pur cent, per annum, fr.ini ilia 27lh day
r1. Tovr Aud'.'.e lurtuerViiui
of $75 00 with inlereal thereon at tne rule
of S per cent pr annum fron the 27n day
of November KH. an 1 for tbe cost and
expenses ol aale mil of said writ:
N-w, therefore, by virtue and in perMU
anceolsaiU judgement, decrra and order
of sale, I will, on Monday the lit day of
March, 1!7, at the aouih door of the
Court Houe, In ilillsboro, WaahinxtOD
Oregon, at the hour of ten 00 lock a. in., of
said day, sell at public auction to the hiuh
ent bidder for cash the following uesor.bcd
real pruprrtr, to-wit:
l.otNo5ot the Five Onks auhdiviatnn
containing l.VlrJ acre All altuuta in W ash,
ingtou County Oregon to eatily the here
inbefore named anina, and for the coats
and ei liens a ofsaid sale.
Maid property will be sold subject to re
demption, a. p--r statute of Oiogon.
Wllne my hund this 21 IU day of Jan
uary, 1WI7. .
rherift of Washington County, ritute of
.'io 3!) By, E. H. Sapplngton, Deputy.
T. H. Tongue, Atly for i'laintill.
issued out of the Circuit Court of the
Stuto ol Oregon, for Waahington County,
in favor of Louis Anickar and against John
Anicker for the sum of $40.50, costs, II. H.
gold coin, with interest tuunou at
the rate of 8 per cent per annum, from the
2o(h day ot November 1! Hi, and for the
costs and ex pauses of said sale and said
Now, therefore, by virtue and in puru
ance of said judgement and for wautol
autlicient personal property I did on the
5 tii day of January 117 duly levy upon
all the right title anjl Interest which the
above named defendant had on the 25th
day of November l.t or which he h
since acuuired in or to the following des
nrtbed real property, I will nn Monday the
in aay ot j-ebruar ihvj, at the south
door ui the Court House, in ilillsboro,
Washington County. Oregon, at the honr
of 10 o'cloci a ni, of said day, sell at pulillc
auction to the highest uidder for cash, the
luiiowing-uesorlbeu real properly tow it:
Ly.ng, being and situate in Washington
county, Oregon, and being more particu
larly deacribed as follows towit: living a
parrel of land in sections 12, 13 and 14, t.2
a r 2 w and bounded by commencing at a
point In the N line of sin 1 section 14 situ
ated 10 chains W Irom the n w ror of ani I
sco 13 as a place of beginning and running
1 11 once t along tne N line ol sec 11 and 14,
30 cha to a stake; thence N 2-0 cos more
or leas, to the 0 E cor to the donation
land claim, of Thomas I) Humphreys
thenoeS 5s" 45' E(ar 21 E) to a alake
on the N bank of the Tnalatin river and
about 1i links from a white lir tbenoe 8 5s"
4o' e to the center of the Tualatin river.
tlianoe up the center of main channel of
aid river to the w line ofsaid section 13
tnencea along ei-1 w line or see 13 to the i
wnw sre ui nr." nun 01 saiu bee 10 mmm
w lOchs and thence n 40 chs to the 1 lnoe ol
beginning, containing 100 scror. more or
loss aud being the same land conveyed to
John Anicker and uustav ti Micrck by
james u walker by oced dated June 14th
l-4, and recorded on page HH book '
of the records of deeds in tho olllco of He-
(order of conveyances for Waahingten Co.
H'ate of Oregon to satisfy the herein before
name I innii and for tbe costs and expeu
sea of said sale.
Kaii I property will no sold nnhje-ct to re
demption as per statute of Oros'on.
Witness my band thlsllih day of Jan
1J7. W. D. liUADFOKD.
Hherlfl for Washington County, Htale
of Oregon.
C. K. Kindt, Att'r for plaintiff. 33 37
the County Court of tho ritute ot
Ore -nn for Wosntnifien county in probate
on the 14th day of Janur-y Ik: 17 Is-tued
1- tters testamentary on the estate ol
Thnmaa J, Heed late of Wn--lunirton
County Oregon, deceased. All parsons
having cluims again! aaid eetate are
hereby not 1 lira to present them to me at
my resi-lance in Dilly precinct Washing
ton County Oregon within six months
from this date lor allowance and ail per
sons knowning themselves indobte-1 to
aaid estate are notilied to mnke immediate-
pay mint.
Execn'or of the last Will and Testamont
of 1 bomas J, Keed, deceased. 3!f
It irj cleat Ilarter.
Will trade Ladies bicycle for rood cow.
4"il Jellerson tit. i'ortland Or.
For Infants and Children.
at r'
after August 3d to practice his profession,
and will he found at the residence of Dr.
Wm. Geia-rr. Special attention paid to
Milieu I and Sursical IHseaanf W nmen
and Children and all Cdronic Diseases.
Ayer's Cerrhook. rao Dares.
Co-. Lowes if...
Havine rented the Warehouse at East end of Madi
son SKelnd rl'Vtr
a term of years, I am prepared to handle Hour, Oram,
Mill Feed, Hay. &c.
Also Buy aud Sell. Cheap Storage. Side-track to
' buiidiujf. 1 700-1001" floor' space." "1 iM
Cars. Truck to any part of the City on short notice. I
have as good a sland as there is in the City for Business
I will have a Chop mill in connection. I solicit a sliare ol
your orders. ... r :..
P. S. When Farmers put their load or Cram,
Fel or Hay in my hands to sell. I will keep their
horses over night free of charge. No Feed tree.
Thanking you for past Patronage,
I Remain yours,
814 Hawthorn area at.
jJ Patent Medicines,
4ffj Articles, Perfumenj,
to Quality and Accuracy in Dispensing.
The Academy prepares for College and gires
a thorough English Education, the best pre
paration for teaching or business. All ex
penses rery loto. Board and rooms at the
Ladies' Hall $3 to $4 per tceeh, including
electric light and heat.
Under experienced management, tcill fur
nish rooms and board at cost on the club
plan, not to exceed $1.50.
For full particulars, address
president McClelland,
Forest Croce, Oregon.
The Hilliiboro I'hsrmsrT nnltra lie
rn.lv, ,d U thoronghl, wplii with
inK . Drii-tinM preemption business. The proprietors sre rver wi.tr-U.T that the
moet-api.roved latest reined es era mntinn.ll.Si..., ..i i-i . .. . .l ' 1 ,,,e
of medicine .,! ..h.rmarv W... luin. .Ili ..7. - .. . "." .'n-f
charing ita snppli,,, owing to iu bu.inee.
the btwt honsea, the retail price are consequently lower than th
All the leailine- artielni of nrMViflTSTa' ci-vnviro . . ..
Ai a
lAmi aiMl Zrmllnt unviniant
also on hand.
PATENT MEDICINES of all popular kind, always in stork
The finest YYIXE8 and LIQUORS applied in eaof .icknes. on pre-riptio
Union Block,
Aawignee Nale.
f will sell at pablie
auction at Gaston,
llBUrt (ilh lpe.7
L Oregon, hstunlsy, Janvexr tub 1W7.
""'"P1. tne personal property of
. km iieeucnanip, insolvent.
T-rnisof sale: A credit of nine months
with approved security will be allowed.
y. n. UAKKETT,
Assignee of tbeestma of w i- .-a
Alice M. lieaachamp. Insolvents, n'l-M
Kierntrix'ft Retire.
I lie last will and t.tm... i
Dnrlinv Hmitb. Oereasa.1. has ....
ted to t-rotisie la the County Court of the
rftateof Orrgon. or Washlnrlon
and tha lelleri testamentary thereon
have U-en issued to Ihe underalwned
exevutria thereof, and that aha hu Hm.
cionl l.c-l end enu red at on the diechajce
ol her unties.
A I t-cieons havincrUinis as-ainst ..LI
late ol lirhnir Brnlib, deceased, are
herrliy rqil'ted to t resent ll.em ..
j. ' " l""l"-r Ton.-ners, at tbe office ot
T. II. r. n?ue. in lllMs'.ro.Oreg ,n, wltbin
six iii m.bs Iruin thh Hate
ft -rntr of the t wih mA taa aiuen; nl
I) irlm Hm.th, de ee.l.
Dst-d tins Tin
diy of Janairr 1WT7.
run WALK.
OAKCKErtOr l. Ml. roUII. ALL
'.? ' "" ..uiri of ilillsboro
ll ecres amler euitii .,n. cree slashed
rannln eater, so-.. I orchard, house, rellar
ber.i. srarary.ben-h,m,e. w-wd-shed . anraj
ell sn w.ier. A l-lre-s. W.ll an, H-jener
entura. eutura County. CilliorBia. S7
th. n""':n.a. " ' h'd at
IT-OB 'z ViET!
Chemicals, Fine Toilet
in Great Vanettj
4, IS97.
Hn. . i- .
rVuW rvr 'ZZT
rl.1.' oTne " il-. rK 'ifff
, . " ----- i IIIIIU
of iiiot linjeiitjing
! nit uiniiiA
CIIL'fTifi T. . . . . 1
' .'nK l r " """ I-ASSKS
Hillsboro, Oregon
and all kinds of Mnrhle Work in
'rnpor er and dealer fn
4 lelcai in. Scotch Gr.Giti Ksiircatt.
. Sal-., m. I'OKTI.AM), UK.
leading 'ni., f K.-M.M-kv.
A" the rws ,( ,rrwi
market n-..rts.
FaropleTopies (roe to any a. 1. 1 row,.
I LealsTllle, .