The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, August 10, 1916, Image 4

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Published every Wednesday at Forest Grove, Oregon.
W. C. Benfer, Editor and Publisher.
Entered as second-class matter .Ian. 12, 1916, at the poatofllctf
at Forest Grove,
Oregon, under the Act o f March S, 1S79
10 1916
C&tifcng Co.
C&JTV C&tiufW Co.
What are you going to do, mis­
ter, to help make the Washington
County Fair a success? Each of
us can do something.
M O R N IS O N » » HXS t '
t e e - i T o T H i a o « r . C/
merchants 'those w i v e s a n d
daughters go to Portland to do
their shopping, claiming they can­
not get what they want in Forest
Grove. We common people see
what is going on and we follow
suit. Then the city council has
set an example along the same
line by going to Hillsboro, which
never does anything for Forest
Grove, to hire a city attorney.”
Think this over, you business
men of Forest Grove, and see if
you cannot help to remedy these
matches in the bands of children 1 it may mean your life.
in the last six months
The local Commercial Club de­
fires are caused by cigar and cig- frayed the expenses of the Icctuu*,
The writer can understand how
urette stubs. He has seen as which was certainly a worthy
a man who is broke and hungry
many as ten people burned to cause. Every property owner or
will steal to fet'd himself and fam
by fires thus started since householder who attended the lec­
(('ontinueil from page Ont*)
ily, but when a man who pleads
ture should be glad he gained
he has !>een in the department.
guilty to horse-stealing is able to
After a brief talk by Mr. Wells
People are too careless. Av- such instruction.
Local firemen
pay a fine of $2,500, the case is
outlining the purpose of the lec- erage person does not think about in uniform acted as ushers. The
past understanding.
ture— to teach greater care in the fire.
lecture was free.
N o matter how much we may
prevention of fires, a series of
The safest way to prevent fires
disagree with Emperor W illiam ’s
moving pictures were shown illus- is care.
An e s t e e m e d contemporary
policies, or deplore the awful car-
trating the way recklessness and
Care is worth more than all the
nage of wholesale murder going
pure carelessness cause nearly all standard requirements o f t h e prints the following suggestion to
business men:
on in Europe, the great majority
fires. In this series of pic ures underwriters,
Democrats do not have to de­
"W hen the business men of a
of Americans are wishing Captain
were shown the rubbish dumped
Many fires are caused by elee-
pend upon their own numl>er for
Koenig and his crew of brave sub­
in corners o f cellars, beneath trie irons, fireless cookers and by town learn that their real com­
approval of the president's M ex­
seamen a safe journey to the home
docks, in alleys, woodsheds and having gasoline in the house for petitor is not the mun across the
ican policy. For Senator La Fol-
street or around the corner, but
Every true American
I kitchens that are literally fire- cleaning cloth(‘s, etc.
le tte o f Wisconsin, a republican.
admires bravery.
traps; and burning factories, ho-
You shouldn’t keep gasoline in is the big mail order houses of the
has joined with scores of other
tels and dwellings in many dif- the house! Keep it in a non-ex- large centers, and that these big
Uncle Sam’s proposal to pur- leaders of the g. o. p. in commend-
j ferent cities thruout the United , plosive can outside, if you must ins; itutions, with their system­
chasefrom Denmark the islands ing it— and the march goes stead-
atized method of advertising and
| States. The pictures also showed have gasoline around.
of St. Croix. St. Thomas and St. ily on !
i how a burning match ca elessly
A great number of fires are letting rural communities know
John, near Porto Rico, as a naval
It is up to republicans now to
thrown away, a cigar or cigarette caused by moss on roofs. Moral: what they have to sell and at
base for the protection of the prove that their own leaders are
, • , •
. ,
, stub, an electric iron or fireless Clean off the moss: it may save , what price, that will eventually
Panama canal, is being opposed wrong in indorsing that policy,
. . # •
. ,
. ,
get them if they don’t throw off
. •
, ' cooker and defective e wiring had you vour home.
by a few senators because the oc- before they can even make a start . „ . -
pictures were a
c * l . d u t
j ¡started
started fires. The
I he pictuies
Many fires caused by dumping the yoke of selfishnciws and pull
cupation of the Philippines has at criticizing the policy proper. ,
, '
. K
pre­ ashes into a wooden barrel or box. together for community upbuild­
lesson in themselves in fire pre-
proven expensive. But the Dan- And the task, we opine, will prove
vention that made a profound im -' Don’t do it. You can’t trust ing. they are in a fair way to suc­
ish Isles are much nearer our to be “ some chore” before they
cess in business. The next move
“ cold” ashes.
finish with it.
prV', lon’
* t
i M r. Stevens Was then intro-
You can’t trust a fire less cooker is to profit by these same mail
The people of Forest Grove arp
order concerns and go after, bus-
duced by Mr. Wells. The Fire for long, nor an electric iron
ness in the same way they do:
either mighty lucky or they are leaders c l e n c h e d their fists, Marshal of Portland is a surpris­
Gasoline is the most freakish Advertise, advertise R IG H T , and
adepts at dodging danger.
their consciences and swat-
ingly young man, straight and thing of all to fool with.
keep everlastingly at it ”
this were not the case, many of f*** boldly at the democratic Mex- well proportioned, and looks like
Don’ t give the children matches
them would be crippled by the 'can P°bc> as the most absurd, a typical athelete. One s t i l l
Loganberry Juice Plant ( losed|
to play with, or leave them with­
miserable sidewalks the city dads ; untenable, outrageous policy they wonders how he could have at­
& Nichols last Satur­
in the reach of the children.
permit in many sections of the
tained his position so early in life
Never use the common match, day morning finished bottling and
Some of these days the American administration
when the Marshal is lecturing, the kind that will strike on any canning the last of 7,000 gallons
city will have a damage case that those same leaders find them­ for he seems to have no end of thing; use the “ strike-on-the-box” of loganberry juice and put in the
selves battling with their own
will cost more than sidewalks
knowledge, gained from personal ! kind— they are the safest, hence, a^ ernoon cleaning up the machin-
ranks over this question— and in-
. .,
ery and plant. They used 84,000
, j r
7, •
1 experience, besides a wide range the only kind to use.
A New York woman on her stead
of using their ammunition
Careless electric wiring is dan­ pounds of berries for which they
wedding day told the husband wholly on the democratic enemy o f imformation covering every
I paid 3c per pound—a half cent
, .
, phase of the origin and preven- gerous.
that by making her his wife he they find a stubborn determmed
, c
, .
He has traveled
Don’ t hang an electric wire, more than was paid at Cornelius.
had taken her out of hell and ■ republican rank and file inter- ! tion of fires.
If they find the demand for juice
placed her in heaven. She is now cepting their march to victory thruout the east, visiting New even tho insulated, on anything
strong, they will more
York, Washington, Chicago and metallic.
asking the court to take her out upon this issue
If caught in a burning building ^ ,an double their output next
other large cities, where he in­
of “ heaven” and award her at­
'Tis no wonder i f Justice
torneys’ fees and $20 per month Hughes sits uneasily in his chair spected the fire departments and filled with smoke, remember that yia r ’
^ ^u‘ Express learns that JO,000
You can’t suit some and notis the trend of public their methods of fire prevention. the fresh air is dow’n near the
were extracted at Laurel-
people— not even in “ heaven.”
opinion. ’Tis no wonder his issues
five times that amount
as well as full of interest. He
and interview’s which he stamps
Reading of the number of men
told of some very pathetic cases way out by crawling along the at Cornelius.
his foot and says the party “ must”
The Hoffman plant will be run
killed daily in Europe ought to
where needless fires had burned floor
get together.
The approval of
kill a lot of Enlarged Egos among
children. The latter part of his
If you stop at a hotel, first lo- 88 an evaP °ra,or
fa l­
the president’s course is so gen­
those of us who imagine the world
lecture was illustrated by m oT cate the ways of escape. Be sure
Hancock & Wiles have $25,000
uine and so widespread from the
would have a hard time wiggling
p etures. Among these were pic­ you have the fire escape located; to loan on farms.
1 -tf
republican rank and file, and in­
thru its orbit without our Master
tures showing the 1700 students
cludes so many of the leaders, too,
Minds to direct it. The British
of the Jefferson High School of
that additions to the ranks may
lost their Kitchener, but their so’-
Portland in a fire drill, fire pre­
be expected daily.
diers kept up the battle; Het y
vention appliances for manufac­
It would be out of the question
Green richest woman in the world,
turing plants, patent fire extin­
— ’ twould disturb h is judicial
passed away and another Shylock
guishers for the home or factory,
poise, don’t y o u
know— but
takes her place. Kill off all the
and the work of arsonites. The
spend it in Forest Grove, and you have a very good chance
wouldn't it be splendid if Justice
o f seeing it iigain ; you may even handle it again. Even if
swell-heads in Forest Grove and
picture of the member of a Port­
Hughes himself would now ap­
you never see it again, some o f your neighbors w ill get it
the adjoining county will not feel
land arson gang who had bungled
prove the policy, too? If he
and use it to build up Forest Grove and Washington county.
the blow. What excuse have any
a job amused the crowd. He had
No matter whether you need groceries, clothing, shoes,
would, it would simplify matters
of us for strutting?
been blown by the explosion of
automobiles or
immensely, for then there would
the gasoline fumes, out of a door
A number of Nebraska papers not be a single valid issue between
into a cherry tree. The pictures
are discussing whether o r not him and .his opponent, and the
him after the doctor had
weekly newspapers should carry people would have the oppor- showed
, ,
, ,
an editorial page. T o the Ex­ tunity of choosing a president banda* ed b » hands feet and face
in cotton batting. After the lec­
this advice is worth considering, for many a town has been
press editor it appeare there is no without a multitude of distres­
promoted to the city class by the patriotism o f its citizens in
ture another interesting series of
ground for a discussion. Even singly complex questions to con­
refusing to send aw ay for things*they could get at home.
the towns too small for daily fuse them while about the task.
Some of the pertinent facts of the
papers have their short-comings — Omaha World-Herald.
lecture follow:
and papers that deserve the name
For tjie State Fair
Sixteen persons were burned to
can do much to improve con­
plant is fully equipped for all classes o f job printing, printers
L . M . Graham who is prepar- death in Portland the ten months
Nothing would please
o f taste and judgement are employed and you can get almost
ing a Washington county exhibit before the fire prevention cam­
the grafters more than to have
any kind o f stationery the most exacting fancy might crave.
for the state fair, wants some paign was begun. In the eight
Come and see.
all newspapers (daily and weekly) I
extra fine grains and vegetables months since the campaign was
Or, if you think you have some reason for not patron­
abolish their editorial pages.
to add to ffis collection. If farm- launched there were only four
izing the Express, take your work to the other local office.
“ You might as well quit asking ;*rs
the exhibits to Mr deaths by fire. Fires have re-
Either will do more for Forest Grove than some printing
, 7
Graham s office, he will sort, pack ,
, . 3
concern outside the city or county.
the people to patronize the home and ship them
He must have duced from 2,000 per year to less
r»™ An/|,L„
I. ..
Keep Your Money
Job Printing
merchants,” said a working man
to the Express editor the other
day, “ until the merchants learn
that it is a poor rule that won’t
work both ways.” A s k e d to
specify, this man replied, “ I know
these exhibits not later than Sept, than 800. Last year Portland’s
10th and as much earlier as pos- fire loss was nearly $1,700,000;
s i b l e . ______________ to date this year it is $500,000
Special sale on toilet paper for only. In the past sixty days six
a week at Littler's Pharmacy; 4 fires were caused by electric irons,
large 10c rolls for 25c
Twenty fires were started by
West «I tin* New I. O. ö . F. Hindi
P hone S 2 I
Forest (¡rove, Oregon