The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, June 29, 1916, Image 1

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Voi. 1. No. 25
$1.50 per Year
The marriage of Mrs. Mary
Gray Ralston and Mr. James E.
I leeks took place last Thursday
evening, June 22, at 6 o ’clock, at
the home of the bride. Close
Washington, June 28.— An im­
On .Saturday night just a few
mediate break between the United
Everybody Leaving Town
Laid 1« Rest
friends and neighbors assembled |
minutes before ten o ’clock as Ar­
States and the de facto govern -
Forest Grove will be practically to withess the ceremony which
The funeral services for James thur Caples was returning home
IdimicewithThe Amer^an^demand 1 d‘‘scrk*d next Tuesday, unless the was read by Rev. 0 . H. Holmes M. Enschede, mentioned in last from his store, he saw a light flash
for release of the 25 troopers cup- wt'at^er man sends us another The house was appropriately dec- week’s Express as having died in the back part of his house. He
tured in a light at Carrizal.
batch of bad weather, for those of orated
with flowers and ever- suddenly at Stevensville, Mont., immediately guessed the light to
Whether a state of war has our people who have not planned greens. The bridal party entered
were held at the family residence be made by an invader, as the
been prevented or merely post- to go to Hillsboro, Halm Grove or to the strains of Lohengrin’s wed- >n this city at 10:30 Monday' family is sojourning in Astoria.
poned no one here would attempt some other place where a celebra- ding march played by Miss Alice morning, Rev. Dunlap of the M .
He ran the remaining distance
to t b i t l i S l ' ( / “n m i *i°n J*
held, will take to th e; Gray Ralston who also accom- E. church officiating. The Ma-
o the house, entered the front
Carranza wus lacking. Until his woods for picnic dinners or chase
panied Mrs.
VanAntwerp who
^ n ic buna! service was carried
door, and as quickly and quietly
response to Secretary Lansing’s the elusive trout in his damp sang “ I Love You Truly.”
Re- out at the grave, W. H. Hollis as possible, reached the dining
note, dispatched Sunday, making huunts.
freshments were served.
taking the principal part. The room, where his shotgun was kept.
two peremptory and distinct de-1 Many of our people will make
After the ceremony, Mr. and pall-bearers were E. W. Haines, He then proceeded into the kitch­
maml» m received, there w.H be two d
in to Hi||»boro Mrs. Deeks left for a short trip ,, C. L. Bump, J. H. McFeeters,
en, which act took some bravery,
no decision on whether Hresident
Wilson shall lay the crisis before Monday and to some other point but they are now at home to A. E. Scott, H. E. Inlow and J. considering he knew not the num­
! their friends at the Deeks home, C. Latta. Interment was in For- ber or position of his foes. He
^ on the Fourth.
1 corner First street and Fourth est View cemetery.
calculated that the marauder, if
San Antonio, Tex., June 28— MfirP Fiuh fnr
Avenue South.
James M. Enchede was born in alone, would have to both hold
General Funston received tonight 1IU1C 11311 IUI
a report from Brigadier-General
The invited Suests were
Holland May 1, 1850, and died at the light on him and shoot, and
George Fieli, jr., at El Paso, which
T .J I . Craig,
h car r supennten-
Tint n and
Mr8‘ Krohmer
of G aston,,
Montana. June 21, Mr. Caples figured upon making
Freun(j Coving>
Po,J Stevensville,
stated General Hell had ls-en noti-
came to America it interesting for him in the mean­
fled by Mexican Consul Garcia dent for the state fish hatchery
hemus, Hudson, Doty and Waite, when thirty years of age.
In time.
that the Americon prisoners taken at Bonneville, accompanied by
Portland; Messrs, and Mesdames 1884 he was united in marriage
Apparently the burglar ducked
a l t a r r o a l m» » . « « thnr
uuUtanU. lut Tuesday
C. R. Lasham, Wm. VanAntwerp, with Sya A. Van Cross, who sur­ out the kitchen door when he
north to Juarez and probably i ,
, .
. . .
would arrive there t o m o r r o w brought to this city and trans- J. S. Loynes, Smith, Abbott, Eld- vives him. With his family, he heard some one enter the dining
; ferred to the feeding ponds near
_ , _
, „
er, W. G . Ralston, S. H. Cook, came to Forest Grove from Ala­ room, so Mr. Caples followed on
Gales Creek 200,000 young trout .. . Chownim/ Knivht Mar-
Says It Means Extermination
bama seven years ago, during the to the back porch and into the
of the Steelhead, Eastern Brook
n in-
, n \trl’ v r
u“ 1“ “ ^ VCU T
f ? w’ uur," K1 L" c
yard and saw the figure of a man
El Paso, Tex., June 28.— ‘ ‘All nnfl
and Rjiintt/mr
Rainbow v.rihfiuc
varieties. There i^n. f*n ’ Mre. Simpson, Mrs. F. G. greater part of which period he
the good people of both countries
Ralston; Misses Esther Lasham, has bepn employed as horticultur- rapidly retreating through the
ought to get together and work were 175 cans of the little fellows Alice Gray Ralston, Lenore Deeks, ¡st for the Bitter Root Valley back yard.
for jieace, for this war, if it comes, and .three trips with a big dray
Frances and Minnie Myers and Irrigation company at Stevens-
He was called upon to halt,but,
will be hell on earth while it lasts were required to take the fish to
he did not do so, Mr. Caples
— and it will last a long time, the [Kinds, where they will be fed
Ar}drf ’ Garcia, the Mexican Con-
t'wo' m; nth3 ¿ ¿ o r e ' ¿ ¡ ng lib- M ° ° - e’- Wright’. .M ?• Markham’ | city to permit the children to en- fired. An object f e l l to the
sul at El Paso, said today. ' The A . £ k . A .
* O
o £T\
a" d J° hnSOn’ a" ° ' F° rKt ^
7 the educational advantages o, ground, but immediately after­
United States will have to face a ,
ward a moving figure could be
the local schools.
Gladys Todd Married
united people, and a people de- ton c o u n t y . Another consign-
A widow and seven children seen still retreating, so the con­
termined to tight to the last ditch. I ment of equal size is expected
Miss Gladys Todd, daughter o f ,
tents of the shot gun were thrice
Besides, we have more than 200. j early n’txt week. E. W. Howell Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Todd of this are ,e ft,to m° urn th? “ ddei\ de*
more discharged in that direction.
Z t T X Z - X L 'Z 'M f u Z
look after , h e ,¡« .e v h a p , for city, was unitvd in marriage with ¡ £ J
Mr. Caples then hastened to the
of our peculiar natural conditions. tw0 m onths by which time they Ernest DuBois of Vancouver.
* . F . , ’
nearby home of Mayor Paterson
The Americans w i l l encounter will have developed to a point Wash., in that city on Wednes-
be,"£ y \ L
heavy losses in exterminating th e ! where they can, to a certain ex- day, June 21st, Rev. Collier per- ol *iood River, Robert, who ae- and told him to watch that street.
■ for
t - i tent, take care of themselves. By forming the c e r e m o n y in
parted ten days ago for Ketchi­ When they returned to the spot
Mexican people;
that . •
is what
the war
this tjme next year most of the Luke’s Episcopal church.
The kan, Alaska, Florence, Rhoda, where the thief had been at the
Martin, John and Ruth, the last- time he had apparently fallen, his
fish now being planted will be of bride has been teaching in the city
Doctors Wanted
named five being at home with package of loot lay on the ground
Washington, J u n e 28 — Ad-1 the length of six inches, when schools of Vancouver for the past
in a condition indicating the mis­
the mother.
ditional medical men to examine they may be legally caught,
five years and is considered one of
sudden decision to leave
refugees from Mexico and to care _
Card of Thanks
the most efficient members of her
for Mexican prisoners in event of LOftftnDCrry
The groom is con-
We desire to express our sincere
hostilities are being sought by th e;
A dish towel, which had been
to all our friends
and to
United States Public Health Ser­
simply carried by its four corners,
— , —
, company and is a young man of Holbrook lodge, A . F. & A. M .,
and containing Mr. Caples’ silver­
The Hoff man Evaporator
of ^
oharacter , / d
Examinations f o r physicians
excellent for their sympathy and assistance)
ware, field glasses and various
the past
and surgeons will be held in the this city has during
at the death of our beloved hus-
principal cities of the country month been equipped to extract,
small pieces of jewelry, contained
The father, mother and broth- band and father,
probably e a r l y in July, it is sterilize and can loganberry juice
numerous holes made by the shot,
and sisters of the bride motored
and some of the pieces of silver
and Manager Hoffman informs
to Vancouver Tue.-day to attend
were dented by it. The nearby
the Express that by the first of
Oregon boys Enroute
the wedding, returning home
M iss Emma PenfieldT'Miss Bag- fence also bore unmistakable signs
Camp Withycombe, Ore., June next week the plant will be ready
Wednesday evening.
stad, and Mrs A u . Marsh and of something having happened.
28. (Special) Six hundred more i to handle the big loganberry crop
After a wedding trip to Seattle daughter,Arlington, went Tuesday
Oregon troops are speeding south that has been raised this year. It
Sheriff Reeves was notified and
tonight, with right
ht of way over all wa^ expected to begin extracting n R
k \
to Rockaway Beach, where they came early Sunday morning and
trains b e t w e e n here and San
hut the chilly weather DuBo,s w,n bt‘ at home to their wi|i Spend their vacation in Miss made an examination of the sur­
the Mex- r m we*K* j>ui tne cnuiy weather friends at Vancouver.
m u * r ™
Diego, Cal., for d luty
u t y on
keDt the berries from ripen
— ------------------
i Fen field s c o t t a g e . Miss Bag- roundings. He has notified neigh­
ican border.
j has kept
stad gave an entertainment in the boring sheriffs and peace officers
They are moving as two contin- ing as rapidly as if the weather ^ S<LWIYlill OWIIGT
Rockaway c h u r c h Wednesday to be on the look-out for a man
gents, in separate trains, o n e had remained warm.
bound for Calexico, Cal., right on
,,u „, i ., jw c i * j
carrying a handful of No. 6
the frontier, and the other tor
Between 8 and 9 o ’clock last
Tuesday t h e Dibble family chilled shot sprinkled over his
San Diego, where the Third Bat-
The W a s h i n g t o n County
talion of the Oregon infantry,! Poultry Association has engaged Friday morning, while Watt A. [started for their new home in person.
has followed up
which entrained yesterday, is pre-
Murray of Portland to act Hall, owner of a sawmill near North Dakota. They made many
this morning in­
ceding them.
as judge of a)I pou!try exhibits at Manning, was engaged in trying friends during the few years of
« » I » T O T , , ? " 1' the Washington County Fair. Mr. to start a log jam in the rollway their residence here and will be formed the Express by phone that
lscnUBattery A, Field Artillery, . . _____.
^ ..____ , *
_____ . _____w*____su
____ a m t .i v
A fnr^pil f « . he had not yer been able to fix
for Calexico w h i c h entrained Murray »* a licensed judge and near his mill, the logs rolled upon greatly missed. A farewell tea
first, and the Second Battalion of has officiated in this capacity in him, crushing out his life instantly, was given in honor of Mrs. Dibble the burglary on anyone. He still
the Third Infantry, with Troop Washington county before.
, Deceased came to Washington by the Congregational Ladies’ , has hopes, however, of finding a
A, Cavalry, for San Diego
county last March from Trout Bible Class, Thursday afternoon man marked with shot.
Washington County
• c
. .
• a .
■ * /* ! I ( * U 4
*1**1 t
| n
♦ / *
t M A
4 h
O f
m i l l
n n / i
t »*■ n n
il 1
Will Be Canned
Poultry Judge Selected
Accidentally Killed
j. c.
The Governor at Hillsboro
j, w.
Lake, Wash., where he had oper- at the home of Mrs. Connett,
Fred Ristman, the jitney driver
The secretary of the Hillsboro
ated a mill for twelve years, and
Hughes sold on consign-! who was murdered presumably by
Commercial club informs the F^x-
press that Governor Withycombe p% cha*ed the 0akes & Garnahan ment yesterday at Portland 68 the passenger h e w a s driving
through a lonely, wood-lined road
* ..................... mill. He was 43 years of age and head of pure bred Jerseys for the
In addition to the F’orest Grove has accepted an invitation to ad-
leaves a widow and six children, Columbia Jersey CattL club near Tualatin, May 15. left an es­
boys who were members of the dress the people of Washington
residing, near the mill; a father Monday he sold for Ben Ward of tate of the value of $3500, ac­
Nationat Guard when the mobili­ county at the Hillsboro Fourth of
and mother, also t e n brothers Gaston 18 head of graded Jersey cording to the petition for letters
zation order was given, at least July celebration. You are all in- and four sisters. The body was cows and secured good prices. He
of administration filed yesterday
a half-dozen have enlisted within vited to Hillsboro July 3 and 4
- 0 .
reports that grades are bringing'
shipped S a t u r d a y to Battle much k„
better prices in this section by his widow, Mrs. Minna Rist­
the past ten days. Three— Rich­
There will be a Tru-Blu demon­ Ground, Wash., where the funeral than in any other part of the man, in the County Court.—Ore­
ard, Lou is and William Bush— stration at the A. G . Hoffman
was held Sunday.
Willamette valley.
one family,
weni from
irom one
uum.y, leaving
.« ayrng for
the remainder of this week
Tomorrow (June 30) is the last
vcwi . i * Withycombe
......... j and
__ ,
j o ........
x .. j
. . . . .
Judge Hollis and daughter. Mrs.
since that date Roy Devlin and I — Thursday, Friday and SiiUmtay., the members of his family have Howes, and Mr. and Mrs. C. O. day on which premiums will be
Ross Beckwith have enlisted and Gome in and sample the Tru-Blu the sympathy of all their friends Roe took the Columbia highway given for S. & H. trading stamps.
Bring in your stamps quick.
Alvin Brown says he will enlist, i products.
It I and neighbors in their great loss.! trip last Sunday.
Forest Grove Boys
to the Border