The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, April 20, 1916, Image 7

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About Oregon
Of General Interest
Washington, D. C. — The U nited
W ashington, I). C.- While President
Portland— W heat— Bluestem, $1.044
S tates is disposed to consider th a t [ier bushel; forty fold, 92c; club, 91c;
Wilaon and Secretary Lansing Monday
j Germany, in the latest subm arine note, red Fife, 91c; red Russian, 90.
were engage«! in m arshalling thu ac­
practically adm itted one of her sub­
cumulation of evidence th a t Germany
Millfeed — Spot prices: Bran, $23
m arine commander* i* g uilty of to r­ per ton; shorts, $25.50; rolled barley,
in her Hulimarine w arfare had violated Gain Shown in Office of
pedoing the Channel steam er Sussex.
Holomn pledge* given to tho United
Commissioner of Corporations President Wilson and S ecretary I-ari­ $31.5Qftj,32.50.
StHte«, official word of two more «hip­
Com— Whole, $36 per ton; cracked,
ping diHa*ter« apparently due to illegal
Salem W ith a decrease in expenses sing examined the official te x t of the $37.
«ommunication from Berlin and are
act* hy German Hubmarine command­
Vegetables— Artichokes, 650480c per
er* wan received at the S tate depart- of the departm ent am ounting to understood to have reached th is con­ dozen; tom atoes, $3.50 Coj 3.75 per
clusion, although no announcem ent was «•rate; cabbage, $ 1.50@1.85 per hun­
Consular diapatche* th a t the atearn- totaling $7344.88 f«>r th e nine month* | made.
dred; garlic, 10c per pound; peppers,
Unless Germany should, w ithout 174@20c; eggplant, 234c; horseradish,
«hip Margnrn Abbey wnn attacked of the current fiscal year ending March
w ithout w arning on ApriI 8, and th at ¡31, a« compared w ith th e correspond- equivocation, adm it attac k in g the ves­ 84c; cauliflower, 75c/«/,$1.25; lettuce,
sel, which had aboard more than a $2.25 @ 2.35 per crate; cucumbers,
the Aberdeen bark Inverlyon, with a
cargo from Portland, Or., wa* aunk by mg period of the preceding year, an . score of Am erican citizens, inflict ade­ $1.25/«/, 1.50; spinach, 9Oc0/$l box; as­
United States Meanwhile Makes No «hell fire a fte r thu crew had been | exceptional show ing from the stand­ quate punishm ent upon the commander paragus, 74/«/,10c per pound; rhubarb,
forced to the «mali boat* more than point of economy i* made by Corpora­ of the subm arine and in o th er ways Oregon, $2.50 per box; peas, 74@9c
Change in Policy of Pursuit
100 mile* from «bore. American* were tion Commissioner Schulderman. Mr. show evidence of good faith , action of per pound.
a drastic nature undouhte«jly will fol­
a'toard both *hi|«i, and were endan­
Potatoes—Jobbing prices: Oregon,
1 Schulderman filed a com parative report low. D etails of th e policy to t>e pur­
Funston’s Orders Stand.
■ of the work of his office with Governor sued are expected to he form ulated at $ 1.50@1.75 per sack; Yakimas, $1.70
These two cane* are being investi-
,61,1.80; new California, 6 @ 7c per
the next m eeting of the cabinet.
gated and may be included in the Withycombc.
The re port *how* th a t the grows re­
The assum ption of G erm any’s admis­
Mexico City
Tho Mexican govern­ Am erican indictm ent of German m eth­ ceipts of the corp»«ration departm ent
Onions — Oregon, $1.75 per sack;
m ent will insist w ith inflexible deter­ od* of conducting «ubmarine w arfare f«»r July, 1915, U> March, 1916, inclu­ sion of g u ilt is founded on th e m arked Texas, Bermudas, yellow, $2.25 per
sim ilarity of the circum stances sur­
which it wa* uridcr«tood probably
m ination th at nn nr/m-«l expedition of would be ready for tran*mi*Hion to sive, were $116,302.20, while for the rounding the explosion which damaged crate; white, $2.50.
Green F ru it — S traw berries, $3.50
corresponding joriod of th e year be­ the Sussex and the attack on a steam er
th e United State« which enter* Mexi­ Berlin early next week.
per crate; apples, $ 1041.60 per box;
in the Channel described in the Ger­ cranberries, $11 per barrel.
The President and S ercctary Can­
can territo ry in the guise o f a punitive
“ This
increase, ”
ex|>edition niunt lai limited to 1000 ning devoted a large p art of the day to Schulderm an advises the governor, “ is man note. The date, tim e and loca­
E g K » —Jobbing price: Oregon ranch,
tions are practically the same. The candled, 204c per dozen; uncandled,
< onaideration of the «ubmarine situa-
men of one aervice alone cavalry, ac­
in spite of the fact th a t the collection damage done by the torpedo fired by
tion. They had before them several
cording to a Mtaternent made pul>lic
of annual fees from banks was tran s­ the subm arine and the explosion which 1940420c.
affidavit« secured from Am erican *ur-
Poultry— Hens, 17@ 17|c per pound;
S aturday by Juan N eftali Amador,
vivor« of the Sunaex and other vtissels ferred in the interim from the corpora­ wreck tsl the Sussex are identieal. The stags, 13c; broilers, 25/<z30c; turkeys,
Huh-accrctary of f«rcign|rt-lalions.
tion departm ent to th e banking de­ course being followed hy the Sussex
recently attacked and documenta con­
live, 180420c; turkeys, dressed, choice,
inform ation forwarded by the partm ent. These bank fees amounted and the vessel m entioned in th e note 240425c; ducks, 15c; geese, 10c.
W ashington, I). C. — The United
are sim ilar.
Hriti«h government.
B utter — Prices from w holesaler'to
The d ep artm en t’s disbursem ents for
State« Stale* in prepared to tre a t with
It became known here th a t the con­
re ta ile r:
Portland city cream ery
Cieneral Carranza, a« pro|m«cd in hi* tem plated action of the U nited State*,
prints, 60-pound case lots, standard
note of Friday, for the w ithdraw al of which i* expected to bring the nub- pared w ith $16,024.83 for the corre­
grades, 34c; lower grades, 31c; Ore-
[ gon country cream ery prints, 60-pound
American troop* from Mexico. Pend­ murine controver*y to a clear-cut i*«ue, sponding j>eriod of the year before.
¡« being watched closely by the diplo­
case lots, standard makes, 310/,33c;
ing the outcome of the diplom atic ne­ m atic representative* of o ther neutral
lower grades, 30 @ 304c; packed in
gotiation*, however, thu «tutu« of the nations.
W ashington, D. C.— Am erican troops cubes, 2c less. Prices paid by jobbers
Josephine County Gold Mine
' in Mexico have had th e ir first b attle to producers: Cubes, extras, 30(03lc ;
ex|>edition will rem ain unchanged and
Property Sold for $175,000 with the natives a t th e moment Gen­ firsts,
the purHuit of Villa continue*.
270427ic ; dairy b utter, 14 0g
Thi* wa« the «ituation a« officially
G rants P ass—The announcement has eral Carranza is urg in g th e ir w ith­ 184c; b u tterfa t, No. 1, 33c; No. 2,
described a fte r President Wilson and
ju st been made public th a t the Black
On Wednesday night, while General
hi* cabinet had considered the new
Veal—F ancy, 1140/12c per pound.
Eagle group of m ining claim s on Fid­ C arranza’s note was on its way to
phase* of the Mexican problem raised
Pork— Fancy, 11@114c per pound.
New Y ork—The names of 250 prom- dlers creek, in the Kerby district in W ashington, troopers of the Seventh
by General C arranza'* communication.
Hops— 1915 crop, 110il2c; 1916 con­
S ecretary Lansing said he was pre­ | inent engineer* who are to organize Josephine county, has been sold to a i Cavalry, under Major Tompkins, were tracts, nominal.
pared to tuke up the subject with the state boards throughout the country to group of m ining men from the state of fired on in Parral, a V illa stronghold,
Wool— E astern Oregon, 21@27c per
in W estern Chihuahua; were pursued pound; valley, 30c; mohair, new clip,
de facto governm ent, but would not in­ make a complete survey of American
j m anufacturing and
re- | W ashington who will im mediately de­ j into th e suburbs, while the Carranza 35c.
dicate when a reply m ight be sent.
S ecretary B aker *aid no order* had 1 sources, as a first step toward indus- '• velop and operate th e property on an garrison took a doubtful p art in the
Cascara bark — Old and new, 4c per
affray, and were attack ed during the po and.
been *« nt to G eneral Pun*ton and thut trial preparedness, were announce«! j extensive scale.
Monday by the com m ittee on industrial
The purchase price of $175,000, night.
none were under contem plation.
C attle — Steers, choice grain and
Complete inform ation reg arding the pulp, $8.50@9; choice hay, $8.15 @
Both secretaries said there had been preparedness of the Naval consulting ujx>n which an in itial cash payment of
$30,000 has been made, easily ranks losses to the Am erican troops or to the 8.50; good, $7.75 @ 8 .1 5 ; medium,
no change in thu policy of the adm inis­ board.
The engineers, who will serve with- j the sale of the Black Eagle as one of Mexicans had not reached W ashington $7.50@ 7.75; cows, choice, $6.70@ 7.80;
tratio n which prompted the pur*uit of
out pay, become associated members the largest m ining deals made in this Thursday night. S ecretary B aker in­ good, $6.50@ 6.75; medium, $6.25 @
formed President Wilson th a t a b rief 6.50; heifers, $5@ 8.35; bulls, $2.75@
From o th er source* it wa* learned of the Naval consulting board, of county.
th a t the huccchh of the C arranza gov­ which Thomas Edison is chairm an. | A concentrator of 50 tons capacity dispatch to the W ar departm ent said 6; stags, $3@5.25.
Following are the names of some of [ will he erected at once, cn electric that,-according to unofficial reports,
ernm ent in dem on«trating it* intention
Hogs— Prim e light, $8.90@9; good
plant for supplying lig h t and power ! one American cavalrym an was killed to prime, $8.25@ 8.50; rough heavy,
and ability to continue the pum uit and the directors:
Idaho — M. S. Parker, St. M aries; will also he installed, w ater power and th a t the troopers used a machine $8@ 8.25; pigs and skips, $8@8.25.
ex term in atio n of the bandits, «hould
gun ag ain st the Mexicans.
Am erican force* las recalled, would Stanley A. Easton, Kellogg; George being used to generate th e current.
Sheep— Y earlings, $8@10; wethers,
The new owners are confident the
Mr. B aker announced later th p t he $7.250/9.25; ewes, $6.25/08.25; lambs,
weigh heavily w ith P resident Wilaon F. Waddell. Squirrel; (). G. F. Mark-
in reaching a final decision.
In th at hus, Boise; J. Shirley Jones, Moscow. property will become one of the g re a t­ had ordered General Funston to take $9.50@10.50. ________
Oregon — George C. Mason, B ert C. ! est producers in the Pacific N orthw est. any steps th a t m ight be necessary to
connection an official report from the
commander o f the Am erican force« a t­ Ball, O. B. Coldwell, Portlan«!; A. M. The mine is to be known as th e Neil- prevent fu rth er trouble. When asked
j w hether th is m ight mean the enforced Banker Expects Better
tacked at P arrel, Mexico, last Tues­ Swatley, Corvallis; O. F. Stafford, Success.
use of Mexican railroads for the move-
day, by civilians i* anxiously aw aited. | Eugene.
Business in Northwest
, ment of soldiers and supplies, he said
General C arranza'« inform ation, trariB-
initted, wa« th a t hi* soldier« had done
General Funston was on the ground
Spokane — "B u sin ess generally in
Salem — In response to a request and would act in any em ergency.
everything in th eir power to *top the
Spokane and throughout th e Inland
firing at the Am erican troops. Unoffi­
General Carranza, d irectin g his em­
from the Eugene Chamber of Com­
Sfiokane, W ash.—Two masked high­
cial versions of the incident, however,
bassy here to point out th a t th e clash E m pire -and th e Pacific N orthw est
have asserted thut Carrunza soldiers waymen, traveling in an automobile
j proved his contention th a t the pres­ should show big im provem ent from
! which they captured a t the point of of flaxseed owned by the sta te was ence of American troops in Mexico is now on, and more especially during the
were umong the attackers.
; guns, ran over a large part of the shipped to Eugene.
leading to a situation which th reaten s
i South Side between Canno Hill anil | U nder the arrangem ent made by the to go beyond his control, telegraphed Summer and next fa ll,” said Aaron
Kuhn, a director of th e Spokane &
Union Park for nearly four hours S at­
th at many deaths had occurred on both E astern T ru st company, Wednesday,
urday night and Sunday
morning. Eugene Cham ber of Commerce and ac­ j sides.
on retu rn in g from a business and
They held up, roblied, assailed or m uti­ cepted by the S tate hoard of control,
Foreign M inister A guilar, in a dis­
lated citizens, chase«! automobiles, the cham ber has agreed to pay the patch sent before th a t from General pleasure trip to E astern and Middle
pursuit and concluded the : sta te for this seed October 1, 1916. : Carranza, said one Am erican trooper W estern cities.
“ I t is reported in New York th a t
S eattle, W ash.— Mayor Gill was on n ig h t’s work w ith a profit of $44 and , The price is $720.
the job w ith his coat off Saturday with six passengers in th e ir possession, j Checking over the flaxseed on hand was killed and several citizens wound- Germany has am ple resources for fully
at the penitentiary, it is found th at ! ed.
24 m onths,” Mr. Kuhn said, " a n d it
Chief Beckingham and P ort Warden among them a woman.
Consul Garcia, the C arranza agent seems to be known th a t the allied
Payaae, when eig h t tru stie s of the city
Shortly before 3 o ’clock the high- !
jail and several volunteers from the 1 waymen reached the eastern o u tsk irts : bushels, or 125,160 pounds. This now at El Paso, telegraphed th e embassy countries are in a position to continue
fire departm ent began the work of of the city in a futile search for more has a m arket value of not less than i th at “ several persons w ere killed on for at least a sim ilar period.”
$2.50 a bushel, although it is being both sid es.” H is dispatch added th a t j Mr. Kuhn said th a t while factories
tran sferrin g 1000 case* of contraband j " liv e o n es" and disappeared.
when th e Am erican troopers entered ;
laser from the B ell-street dock to the
" D o n ’t you want a souvenir?” called I sold to Oregon farm ers for $2 a bushel. P arral “ th e people protested, and it are busy throughout th e big m anufac­
tu rin g centers in the E ast, th ere seems
fire boat Duwamish.
back the younger of the robbers to the
j appears the garrison did also .”
to be a cautious feeling, w ith th e re­
L ater the Duwamish went up the woman.
A coin was refused, but a ( owned by the state represents an asset
of about $4500.
sult th ere is little so called plunging.
bay where the w ater ¡ h plentiful and cartridge was accepted.
“ A nother th in g is th a t th is is the
deep. There the whole cargo of booze
presidential election y e a r,” he added,
was unceremoniously dumped.
“ and capital is som ewhat tim id along
th ree officials worked side by side with
K lam ath Falls— Notice has been is­
certain lines. There are some who be-
th eir assistan ts in doing the "heavy
w ork" of moving the cargo onto the
W ashington, D. C.— P resident W il­ lieve th at a sudden cessation of hostil­
Eugene, O re.—Ig>st in a snow’storm sued by the reclam ation service con­
Bfter w andering for many m iles in the cerning the due dates, etc., of opera­ son, speaking a t a Jefferson day ban­ ities in Europe will result in flooding
Despite the protests of Prosecuting wilderness of Saddle m ountain, the tion and m aintenance charges on the quet of Democrats from all p arts of th is country and others w ith cheaply-
A ttorney I.audin said th a t the court w ildest region of W estern Lane coun­
the country here Thursday night, said made goods.
“ One th in g is c e rtain :
Our tariff
was " ta k in g the teeth out of the dry ty, Lyman Maddaris, aged 19, perished K lam ath project covering lands in he prayed th a t th e U nited S tates
law ,” Judge Ronald in the Superior from exhaustion and cold when w ithin Oregon and California.
' aid not be drawn into a quarrel not question will have to be dealt w ith by
court refused to jierm it the sheriff to sixteen feet of the trail.
It provides th a t until fu rth e r notice of its own choosing, but asked if the the best business brains of th e coun­
remove the expensive bar and fixtures
lands on the project will be subject people w ere ready to go in where the t r y .”
His laxly was found Monday by a
o f the combination drufe store and soft searching party, which started out to to the operation and m aintenance in terests of Am erica w ere coincident
Hen and Pigeon Affinities.
drink establishm et a t
115 Jam es in vestigate a report th at fresh tracks charge as becoming due March 1 of w ith th e in terests of hum anity and
street, which was raided Wednesday of shoes w ithout nails, such as worn the following calendar year, and th at have the courage to w ithdraw when
W alla W alla— A bantam hen and a
on Mr. Lundin’s orders.
by the boy and very uncommon in th at each acre of irrigable land, w hether the in tere sts of hum anity had been male pigeon, property of Mrs. W. E.
" W e have proof th a t the law has section, had been found near the trail, irrig ated or not, shall be charged w ith conserved.
He was in terru p ted by Stapleton, 933 E ast Alder stree t, have
been violated,” said the prosecutor. giving hope th a t the lad m ight yet be a minimum operation and m aintenance cheers and shouts of “ Y e s.”
discovered they are affinities, and are
" U n d e r the law we have the rig h t to alive.
charge of $1, which will en title the
In th e course of his address the building a nest in th e barn on the
seize and remove the fixtures of a
M addaris left the home of Thomas owner to not more than tw o acre feet President had m entioned the European prem ises and refuse to associate w ith *
place, as well as liquor, on the author­ Cullen, a t the south end of Saddle of w ater for each acre. For th e first and Mexican questions w ithout in ti­ others of th e ir kinds.
Two weeks
ity of a search w arrant.
It is pre­ mountain, in an effort to reach the acre foot additional, 20 cents ^rill be m ating w hat were his plans in eith er ago the hen “ turned down” her m ate
sumed th a t some discretion rests with home of his fath er on Big creek, Ja n ­ charged, and additional acre feet will of the problems confronting the United and the pigeon gave up his. The
officers of the law .”
be furnished a t 40 cents each.
owner put th e pigeon in a coop w ith
S tates.
uary 15.
a fem ale pigeon and th e la tte r was se­
verely punished.
No P ro g re ss Made at Verdun.
Coffee Consum ption Big.
S tate S aves $1575 on P ap er.
Road to Spend Millions.
London— Before Verdun the infantry
W ashington, D. C. — The A m eri­
Salem — By contracting last Decem­
S eattle — C. P. Dole, purchasing
Navy’s Gain in Men Is Big.
has rem ained inactive and only in the can people consumed last year more ber for a carload of paper upon which agent of th e Alaska E ngineering com­
sectors to the northw est, em bracing than a billion pounds of coffee, or 40 to print election supplies, the s ta te of mission, says th at more than $2,000,-
W ashington, D. C.— More enlisted
Hill 304 and the front from I-e Mort per cent of all sold in the m arkets of Oregon has saved $1575 over w hat it 000 will be expended by the commis­ men are in active service in the navy
Homme to Cumieres, has there been the world. Germany is norm ally sec­ would have paid had the purchase been sion in the Pacific N orthw est w ithin a now than ever before in the country’s
heavy work hy the artillery. Berlin ond, but ow nig to the war, her im­ made a t present, according to S tate few weeks.
history. S ecretary Daniels announced
The m aterial called for includes Wednesday th a t th e personnel for the
reports th a t unfavorable w eather is ports have been cut off. France is P rin ter Lawrence. The carload of pa­
hindering artillery operations.
The now second, but consumed only one- per cost the state $2350, but, had the rails and angle iron, $600,000; gro­ first tim e had reached th e 54,000 m ark.
Germ ans in the Lake Narocz r.nd Iks- fourth the am ount used in the U nited purchase been delayed until now the ceries and supplies, $500,000; bridge “ There are now 54,011 men in the en­
kull bridgehead positions on the Rus­ S tates. The American per capita con­ price would have been $3925, owing lumber, $150,000; m arine supplies, listed personnel,” said the secretary,
sian front have made attem p ts to ad­ sumption is 10 pounds a year of coffee to the rapid rise in paper prices since $100,000; flatcars and other rolling “ showing a net gain of 6664 since
stock, $100,000.
March 4, 1913.”
the first of the year.
and seven pounds of tea.
vance ag ain st the Russians.
Mexican Government Welcomes
None But Cavalrymen.
U. S. Troops and Mexicans Clash
When Parral Protests Presence
Engineers to Aid in Inventory of
Nation's Industrial Preparedness
Robbers in Autos Capture Six.
Seattle Dumps 1000 Cases
Contraband Beer Into Bay
Body of Lost Lad found Near Trail.
President Wilson Asks If
America Is Ready to Eight