The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, February 02, 1916, Image 4

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m îp Cartai (Brava
Published every Wednesday at Forest Grove, Oregon.
i markets. The dairying and fish­
W. C. Benfer, Editor and Publisher.
ing industries have developed and
Entered as second-class m atter Jan. 12, 1916, at the poatotfice at Forest Grove,
would add to the port’s traffic
Oregon, under the Act of March 3, 1879
The port’s offer to pay half the
cost of survey and improvement
is sufficient answer to the engi
neers’ statement that “the reason­
ably prospective commerce a p ­
pears insufficient to justify the
further cost of an enlarged pro­
Much as the Express dislikes to spent their last dollar for carfare, ject." The people of Yaquina
admit it, business conditions are having been led by booster letters Harbor might conceivably be
not as brisk in Forest Grove as to believe th a t the “ land of roses” willing to have money wasted on
we would like to see them. Facts was a land of golden opportuni- a worthless scheme if the Govern­
are facts and cannot be dealt with ties for all. This form of letter ment paid all; we decline to be­
in any other light. But what is writing was opposed by many lieve them capable of such folly
the remedy? Most of us are will- on the ground that it brought to when half the money comes out
ing and anxious to improve con- Oregon many people who were of their own pockets. The engi­
neer’s argument is the same old
ditions, if we are shown the way. not financ'ally able to take care argument which has often done
The editor of the Express believes of themselves after they got here. <jiTty as an excuse for doing
one of the easiest and best way People in the east read some of nothing The people ask for a
to improve conditions among all the booster letters and came to harbor that they may develop
classes in Forest Grove is to in- look for jobs, when hundreds of
en8‘nters je p y .
culcate and develop a spirit ol Oregon people were jobl as. This fore shou|() not have a harbor."
$&***&' I
patriotism for home industry, kind of a campaign is ill-advised, jf that theory had always been
Some of us are too careless about the writer believes. But let us followed, we should still be in the
where our money goes after we write our friends in the east, the stone age.
have earned it.
west, north and south, telling
Quieting a Cyclone
We are not insistent enough them what wonderfully pure milk
Of all the heartless, ungrateful
that every cent we spend shall go
vanned under the Carnation
wretches we ever heard of, says in “THE SECOND IN COMMAND,” a thrilling Love and War
for goods produced in ForestGrove brand, ask them to try a can next
the Portland News, there’s a Story, superbly pictured Matinee (2:30) and Evening.
or in Oregon. Some of us say, Gme they buy canned milk. Not
bunch of folks in the Texas pan­
when buying butter, “ Give us «*11 Carnation milk is produced or
handle country who take the cake,
Forest Grove butter, please,” but canned in Washington county,
not all of us. If every pound of | but some of it is and if the de 1 “Cyclone” Davis, congressman
I from Texas, wired, it is said, a
butter sold by the stores and mar- mnnd 's big enough, no doubt the
gathering of them as follows:
kets of Forest Grove were made i0(al plant will be increased in
I(, .
If I can render you or your
of McMinnville
in this town, we would soon see a capacity and the demand for the
good citizens any service, do not
Insurance Company o f Oregon
bigger and better creamery, which
of Wash ng on county Jerseys
hesitate to command me.”
that has adequately solved the problem of furnishing protection
would, in turn, build up a better I W*H increase proportionately,
They answered:
for a minimum cost and building up a Reserve Fund th at amply
and greater market for cream. I And then our home merchants
protects the assured. It has more than $260,000.00 in first-class
“ Bully. Resign."
assets, as shown by examination recently made by the Insurance
Most of us, but not all, patronize complain that too many peo-|
Department of Oregon.
Elmer J. Burkett, ex-United
the local laundry when we have pic buy from Portland and the
When insuring your home, remember the slogan, “ Patronize
work in that line. Some Forest mad order houses goods they
Home Industry.”
Grove money is going to Portland should purchase at home. Few has announced himself as a can-
Agent for Washington county
laundries. This m o n e y never towns the size of Forest Grove didate for vice president on the
comes back. Then we have a have such well-stocked stores and republican ticke t. A great many
man in Forest Grove who is put- it seems a pity they are not more Washington county people who,
ting out as good a washing liberally patronized. These mer- heard Senator Burkett's talk on
machine as can be bought any- chants are our neighbors, help pay Government. Ownership of Rail-
where for an equ d amount of ^he taxes of the town and county, roads in this city last summer
money. If every washing machine trust, us when we are “ broke” and wiH hope that his dreams come
in Forest Grove was made in t h i c e r t a i n l y are entitled to some con- true and that they may have a
town, this man would employ ten ^¡deration
If their prices are chance to vote for him.
SUITS MADE TO ORDER FROM $20 to $60. Perfect fit
persons where he is now using anywhere near as low as the stores The editor of the Hillsboro In-
only his own labor.
Then there in the big cities, we should spend dependent has served notice that,
are the gopher-trap
factory, the our money at home, where it goes while he is willing to publish
cannery and several other institu- to build up Forest Grove.
notices of religious meetings, his
tions which would be only too
T here are many ways in which paper will not give space to peo-
glad to hire a lot more of the idle the people of Forest Grove can ple who desire to argue religious
men and women of ForestGrove, help themselves, without writing subjects. W iseman. The editor
“ Home” of Government Inspected
if the demand for their goods just- about roses a t a time when the w ho steers clear of religion and
Meats and “All Good Things to E at”
¡bed the expenditure.
. ¡Hrds have to be fed to keep them war ¡n his discussions saves him-
Quality First is Safety First
It might not be amiss to write I(,|n star\ ing. Let us be boosters j sejf a |ot Gf trouble and many
our friends in the middle west and
Originator of Penny Change System in Forest Grove. One
tell them of the magnificent edu- with ourselves and all the world.
Order will convince you. Phone 692, FOREST GROVE, ORE.
Forest Grove has enough mer-
Dates to Remember
cational institutions of Oregon—
As this is to be a year of poli-
Pacific University, first of all; itorious institutions to make her
it will be well to remember
the Oregon Agricultural college
for those who want to become in- advertise theni Properly.
the following dates in connection
Star Theater, Sat., Feb. 5l
Are We Doing Our Very Best?
Francis X. Bushman and Marguerite Snow
5c and 10c
The Oregon Fire Relief A ss’n
W. P. Dyke
E. G. H O E F E R
with the eections:
“ n,t
•>• A Ihep Harbor for Yaquiia Bay
April 1 8 - L a ,t day to register
any of the many colleges and
I lie true Oregon spirit is shown for primary election
other in.«
. “ n“ these
. ° f friends » to b>' lht> P ^ P '- ■>' Newport in their
April 1 9 - L a,, day to We peti-
the state. Ask
request that the Board of Engi- tions or declarations for nomina-
•end their boys and girls to Ore­
neers reconsider its adverse re- tions for county offices, district
gon to be educated.
port on the proposed improve- and justice of the peace,
The condenser would, no doubt ment of Yaquina bar and harbor,
May 1 9 — Primary election,
employ more help if 1 he demand .«ays the Oregonian. They reply Polls open from 8 a. m. to 8 p.
for its output justitieil. T h e with an offer to pay out of local m.
writer dot's not believe that much taxes one-half of the cost of the
May 20—Reopening of regis-
foreign canned milk or cream is survey and of the improvement, tration.
consumed in Forest Grove, but which is to establish a thirty-foot
June 4—Last day for condidates
there are oceans of it consumed channel.
to file statements of expenditures
elsewhere. Why not inaugurate
The reasons given by the engi of primaries.
a letter writing campaign and neers for their adverse report are
September 28—Last day to file
boost for the Carnation brand of most effectually disposed of in certificate of nomination by po­
canned milk? We have just gone Newport’s reply*.
i n a d e - litical party or assembly for
through a letter writing campaign qUacy of the returns from the county and district,
which has met considerable oppo- former improvement was due to
October 7—Last day to register
Mtion. and justly so. the writer the bankruptcy and subsequent for general election,
i relieve«. People in some parts of absorption by the Southern| Pa-
October 13—Last dav to file
the state were asked to write dfic of the Oregon Pacific rail- certificate of nomination by in-
trlends and relatives in the east, road and to the consequent with- dividual electors for county dis
the -----------
steamers — to ------
San ...........
trict and preci
. . . . that
. . they come
. to Oregon,
i drawal
-------- of
— —
,he Ian,I o flh e row jtor . v w or F W U c o , The railroad ha. been
November 7 -G o n ia l dw tloil I
to make a homo They a w not pot In ,ood repair and regular op- Poll., upon from 8 a. m to 8 o
.„ te d to w rit, the truth only;
m. to 8. p.
anythin« went, ju .t to ,t brought heavy
(rom lhe Willamette • November 2 2 - U s t
day for
a few dollar, to Oregon, and m Valley to Yaquina Bay. T h e candidate, to file
statement of
many c u n people eame who had great Sileti fore.! ie now open to
Keep Your Money
spend it in Forest Grove, and you have a very good chance
o. seeing it again ; you may even handle it again Even if
you never see it again, some of your neighbors will get it
«and use it to build up Forest Grove and Washington county.
i m o b i t e , or
y° U " eed
clothing- shoe4
Job Printing
i using to send away for things they could get at home.
K J ® ful]y.equipped for all classes of job printing printers
anj^fnd Jf ■ ta ? .w ent»fcre empIoyed and you can get almost
S m e and see
eXaCtin* fancy mi* ht CraVe’
izini7heltF>v0n r^ ir i o h ° U.haVe
reason for not Patron‘
Either wilfdo moi-e fnt y£Ur W? r£ to
other local office.
~ q c :k WouUidem. r X o ^ m yG ro',e th a " “ “
Wes< of th<* New I. O. O. F . B lock
I hum S„ 1
F o r e s t G r o v e , O regon
John >
“idge bet
vood, wa
Sheriff I
county, c
lion of ra
I t is ch
p a n , thaï
ktroyed a
>roach of
>erg. N]
ore Justi<
o the gra