The Forest Grove express. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1916-1918, February 02, 1916, Image 1

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Vol. 1, No. 4
$1.50 per Year
team on their home floor last Fri­
Mrs. Schiffer Laid to Rest
day evening by a score of 24 to
Josephine, wife of C. E. Schiffer,
23. At the end of the first half,
died at the Good Samaritan hos­
P. U. Wins at Me.
the score was 7 to 10, figairst the
pital, Portland, last Wednesday,
The ladies of the Forest Grove
visitors, but at the end of the
As we predicted last week, our Jan. 26th, of paralysis of the
There was a lively little scrap second half the Forest Grove boys basketball team won at “ M ac”
Woman’s Club certainly have the
n the sewer job, corner of Sec- had made it 23 to 23. In five Saturday. It is the first time P. bowels. The body was brought power to draw crowds to their
d street and Third Avenue minutes extra play, a foul was U. has won over “ M ac” in years to this city by the husband entertainments and the reason
uth, Monday afternoon, when called on North Plains and shot —and on their own floor! The Thursday and funeral services therefor was apparent to all who
Turk who had been ordered to by Devlin of Forest Grove. This game was easily the best that has were held at the home of W. C. attended the presentation of the
eep away from the other work- was the deciding score Ramsey been played this season. From Tucker, a brother in-law to de­ musical program a n d playlet,
en, attempted to “ clean” one of was high point man for the vis- first to last the battle was fast ceased, Saturday at 10 a. m., Rev. “ Those Dreadful Drews” at the
J. F. Ashley officiating. The body
e city employes. Not getting itors, while Mays
starred f o r and interesting. The score stood was interred in the Cornelius Star Treater last Wednesday night.
ong with his cleaning as well as North Plains.
People come to Woman’s Club
27 to 15, which indicates that the cemetery.
desired, the Turk went to a
ts b e c a u s e they
game was hard fought
Our men
Forest Grove
North Plains
Josephine Schiffer was born at
ol box, picked up a metal Ramsey, (12)
be entertained.
Mays, (17) did splendidly. Our guards were Fresno, Cafif., twenty-three years
lumb-bob and was about to re-
Dye, (1)
Davis, (6) great. Wilcox made some sensa­ ago and came to Oregon when! The first part was a musical,
ew the fight, when his late an- Devlin, (7)
S im p s o n tional basket throws that sur­ twelve years of age. She leaves a consisting of an overture by the
gonist pulled a revolver and Ashley,
Although husband and two little daughters, Walker orchestra, composed of
W a l t e r s passed expectations.
rdered the bad man to come to 1 Barber,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Walker, R. C.
D o r li n g
the latter seven months and four
e city hall. Another Turk act-
W . N . Sears, Enoch
Substitutes, Sappington f o r
d as though he wanted to take a Dye, Meek for Davis. Baskets, a nervy game. Simpson was the years of age. The family lived in Moore, John Frost, Arthur Jones,
Forest Grove up to two years
and and he, too, was taken to Ramsey 6, Devlin 2, Sappington star player on the “ M ac” team.
Clarence Lenneville, Tom Todd,
when they moved to Port­
he hall. At one time the pair 2, Mays 8, Davis 3. Free throws,
The second teams also played. 1 land, where the husband is em­ Everett Burnworth a n d M r .
cted as though they were going Devlin 3, Dye 1, Mays 1. Ref­ In this game P. U. was defeated
Walters; the “ Clock,” by the
ployed. Mrs. Schiffer’s death will
o rebel and their captor fired a eree, 0 . Ashley.
by a score of 10 to 4. Consider­ be mourned by a iiost of friends in Melody Chorus, female voices;
hot toward their feet, whereupon
the handicap that our men Washington county, who will miss a piano solo by Russell Beals;
The North Plains boys will
hey moseyed along, without fur- come to this city for revenge Fri­ played against— the uncommonly her for the good she has accom­ VonSuppe’s “ Hail to the Dawn,”
her parley.
by a chorus of mixed voices, and
day night and the game will be large floor— both teams gave a plished.
There has been bad feeling called at the P. U. Gym at 8 good account of themselves.
cornet s o l o , Weber’s "Last
Mrs. Mallory Entertains
mong this certain bunch of work- o ’clock. Admission 10c.
by Enoch Moore. All
Two special cars were required
Saturday evening Mrs. Mar­
en since last Saturday, when
speak very highly of
to carry the crowd to McMinn­ garet Mallory entertained a few
heir foreman was discharged for
Prohibition County Conference
of Forest Grove,
ville. The trip both ways was friends at her home in a very en­
efusing to do work as per in-
From 1:30 in the afternoon un­ enjoyed by all, but the trip back joyable manner. The evening and especially of the ability of
tructions and a dozen of the til late in the evening, the prohi­ was enjoyed more because Coach | was spent in playing charades and the director, Mrs. E. E. Williams.
urks quit work at that time, bitionists of Washington county Yakel allowed the players to ac­ other games, telling stories and
Between the first and second
laming the city employe who will hold a conference at the For­ company their girl friends, a priv­ disposing o? a very nice lunch, parts, Miss Farnham, Dean of
jas assaulted Monday for the est Grove Christian church next ilege denied them on the way prepared by the hostess and her Women at Pacific University and
vice president of the Woman’s
ischarge, several of the Turks Saturday, Feb. 5th.
over. Everyone was enthusiastic daughters. Those present were club, explained the operations of
ave made threats against him
The W. C. T. U. ladies have an over the trip as well as the victory Messrs, and Mesdames J. F. M c­ the Student’s Loan Fund, how it
nd he went to work Monday hour on the program and will pro­ over our strongest rival of the Gill, Fred Wilcox. R. C. Hill, A. was used to help students finan­
L. Sexton, R. M. Taylor, H. R. cially unable to continue their
nth a gun in his pocket. The vide “ eats” at about 5 o’clock.
Bernard, W. C. Benfer and Mr. O. studies. She mentioned a few
en taken into custody—Jack
Prof. F. C. Taylor will open the
Exams are over! Hurrah!
F. Weidenbach. The hands of the shining lights in the w.irld of art
ero and Baras Chebo — were discussion “ Signs of P-ogress,” Dr.
clock were close together, point­ and music who had been assisted
Are we glad? Absolutely!!!
aken to the county jail at Hills- J. S. Bishop will open the discus­
Monday was registration day ing upward, when the guests by the fund and told how some of
ro by the sheriff, but later re­ sion of “ National Prohibition; by
thanked their hostess for a pleas­ those assisted had struggled until .
and the second semester work be­
ant evening and departed for they had paid back the amounts
eased on bail of $50 each, put up Statute or Amendment, Which?”
and J. Sanger Fox, state secretary, gan Tuesday.
their homes.
loaned them. M i s s Farnham
y Mr. Elliott. Both Gero and will have charge of the conference
Miss Nettie Davis and Miss
thanked the people for their lib­
hebo were among the men who and will deliver an address in the
eral patronage and then the fun
Donna Mack have quit school on
uit when their foreman was dis-' evening on
“ Uncle Sam and
harged and it appears they had Booze.”
“ Those Dreadful Drews” were
Good music throughout the was given in honor of each at Her­
o business at the place where
the vehicles for conveying to the
rick Hall last week. Both were
session. Come.
he fight occurred.
ported a Itttle stronger than last audience the versatility and his­
popular co-eds and their many week at this time.
trionic ability of Mesdames A. U.
The city employe who was en- j
“ Why Smith Left Home”
friends regret that they cannot; Mr. and Mrs. Will Clark left Marsh, W. Pollock, C. E. Rich­
aged in the fight informs the
The Junior and Senior classes be with us this semester.
Monday for Modesta, California, ardson, and M. I. Mallory and
itor of the Express that one of the local High School have
the Misses Jenness Miller and
Chas. L. McNeill, better known where they will reside.
eason the Turks do not like him united to present their annual
Manche Langley. So well did
as "Stubby,” was here visiting old
Mrs. Ella M. Miller, of Eugene,
all the ladies carrv off their parts
that he has several times repri- play at the Star Theatre, Friday,
friends the week-end. “ Stubby” spent Saturday and Sunday at that Mrs. Elinor Sanford-Large,
anded some of them for speak- February 18, 1916. The play to
was a prominent Glee club man the W. H. Greer home in this city. who staged and directed the pro­
g to young girls, on their way be staged this year is the laugh­
two years ago. His old college | The High School basketball duction, must have spent con­
and from school.
quintet went to Newberg Satur­
able three-act comedy, “ Why
friends are wishing he could be j day and met defeat by a score of siderable time in selecting the la­
The date for the hearing of Ge- Smith Left Home.”
dies who could best portray the
with us again.
41 to 12.
peculiarities of Mrs. Whitney and
and Chebo has not been set.
Prof. G. R. Thomas, who has
The second big snow of this re­
Miss Marjorie Hesseltine de­ her daughter, Julia: Mr». Clark,
had much experience with plays
markable winter beautified th e1 parted Thursday f o r Topeka, Mrs. Roberts, Antasia Drew and
Endorsed by Mrs. Shaw
in connection with the work at O.
and college buildings once Kas., where she goes to take a last, but not least, Ruby, the
“ Smashing the Vice Trust,” a A. C., is coaching the cast and
special course in music.
oving picture depicting the suc- promises to have it in shape to more. The fluffy, pure white
Long before the. curtain rose
ssful fight waged against com- give best results when the curtain crystals piled on the bare branch­ working on the sewer ditch, met
standing room was at a premium
es of the majestic oaks lends to with an accident and received a
ercialized vice by Governor
and many who would have gladly
G . E. Richads of the Central our picturesque campus a dreamy, broken leg one day this week.
'hitman of New York, which
paid the 25c admission w e r e
school is leading the High school
mes to the Star Theatre next orchestra, which will furnish music enchanting fascination.
Blaine Hoskins, a Forest Grove turned away because of a lack of
boy who is attending a dental room. The entertainment should
uesday (afternoon and evening), for the evening. The members of
An Interesting Lecture
at Portland, was in town have been repeated.
s the endorsement of no less a the orchestra have been working
The Congregational church was last week, being enroute to Chi­
rson than Dr. Anna Shaw, hard for this occasion and will
They Are W aking Up
well filled last Thursday night by cago to attend a fraternity meet­
metimes called “ The Grand Old render some selections worth
to the six applicants
Toman of America.” Mrs. Shaw hearing.!
mentioned by the
to hear L. M. Graham’s lecture
Mrs. H. B. Hird and two child­
ently wrote, “ Let us have
press word comes that Mrs. Ab­ Express last week, the following
on “ Japan.” The speaker showed
raham Baldwin, one of the city’s
oving pictures like “ Smashing ren, who have been visiting Mr. j
himself well informed on his sub­ most respected women, has passed have filed:
e Vice Trust,” which show all
E. L. McCormick, republican,
ents to the father and husband, ject and talked very interestingly away at her home on A street.
e terrible temptations and traps Lieut. Hird, departed yesterday
of the life, habits and religion of Deceased has been an invalid for county clerk.
id for young girls, without any morning for a visit with the lady’s
Obituary n e x t
S. N. Pool, republican, assessor.
the Japanese people. He called several years.
ggestion of lewdness. This pic- parents at Cody, Wyo. After
James H . Davis, republican, re­
attention to the improvement of
re teaches a better lesson than their Wyoming visit, they will
the condition of the people in the
has a nice present for every sub­
y mother could have taught me. join the lieutenent at Boston, he
W. F. Boley, republican, asses­
having started for that port, provinces where the Congrega­ scriber who has pa'd a year in ad­
ny woman and girl is better via the Panama canal. Lieut.
tional missionaries had introduced vance. Come to the office and sor.
rotected by having seen it. In- Hird has been supervising the
western ideas. The stereopticon make your selection. This is the
Mrs. R. F. Lepschat entertained
eed, this stirring photodrama placing of the machinery on the
of Japanese life were beau­ last free distribution of papers; a number of the Royal Neighbors
nil probably educate mothers
hereafter only subscribers will re­ at a woolpick Thursday afternoon.
tiful and interesting.
ceive the papers.
ven better than their daughters.” | The rain of Tuesday morning,
Some of the guests, who had been
Prof. Bates will lecture tomor­
Governor Whitman appears per- on top of the heavy snow of the
Friends of the Luce family who requested to bring their aprons,
night before, broke in the roof of row (Thursday) night on Madura, formeriy lived on “ A ” street in had done considerable guessing
nally in the picture.
the Hughes garage, on First street, India. The public is invited.
this city will be interested in as to the nature of the program,
Win From North Plains
and the awning in front of the
The Albany College basketball knowing that Miss Laura Lucd but all accepted the task assigned
The North Plains^school quin­ office of the Valley Realty Co. team will come to this city Satur­ was recently married to P. Egos- them cheerfully on being put to
tet were defeated by the Chris-1 It is claimed that 33 inches of day for a game with Pacific U ni-, cue of Fields, Oregon, and the work. The lunch and good time
snow fell during the 31 days of
happy couple are living on a that followed the picking amply
tian Sunday School basketball January.
versity at the Gym.
ranch near that place.
repaid all for their labors.
The “ Dreadful Drews”
Drew Full House
Pacific University