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a fiat bid, without conditions, except a.
to the regularity of the issue of bonds,
and to submit with their bids a certified
cheek, certified to by a responsible
bank, equal to five per cent of the face
value of the bonds, payable to the
Mayor of the City of Forest Grove, ae
kjuidated damages, in case such bidder
withdraws his bid or fails or neglects to
enter into the contract to take and pay
for said bonds according to the terms
of his bid, and of the ordinance author­
izing the issue of bonds and of this
notice. The right to reject any and all
bids is reserved by the City of Forest
Bids should be addressed to the un-
lersigned recorder of said city, and
he envelope marked “ Bids for Im­
provement Bonds.”
County Court News
State Bruce Cootney, plead
guilty, to be sentenced Wednes­
State vs Ilungo Nard, one in­
dictment, arraigned allowed till
Tuesday to plead.
State vs Hungo Nard Indict­
ment No 2 arraigned allowed lat­
er to plead.
International Harvester Co vs
Carl Hinman et al trial set for
T he very best at the Right Price
Thursday Oct 30th 1913.
Culver vs Cogan trial set for
Phone 701
Nov 3, 1913,
Saffron vs Nyberg hearing
and motion argument, demurrer
overuled, given five days to H SO U T H MAIN STREET
answer complaint allowed amend
ed by interineation.
• » S S V T S V . ;—;.»;.!.;—
i - : .!.:—’- ; .*.? ? ? . ?.:»;»;.;.;»;—>:«?Si
E. A. Noyes vs E. L. Fraley
et al, sale confirmed.
Valley Trust Co vs Evans de­
fault of Defendeht entered.
DeLoff vs DeLoff, default and
to plan for that College Course.
Walker vs Walker decree.
Monson vs Monson, decree.
There is considerable discussion about Education but
Walters vs Walters decree.
there is no doubt that a good general college course taken right
Murray vs Murray decree.
Swanson vs Swanson decree.
is in the long run the practical\thing in Education.
Floyd Fessler is suing lone
Larsen Fessler for divorce, and
.*laims as his grounds cruel and
N o tic e to t h e E le c to r« o f t h e C ity of
inhuman treatment, and actions
F o re st G ro v e
unbecoming a lady and wife. In­
Chapter 323, of the General Laws of
toxicants are mentioned and al­
le State of Oregon for 11>13, provide
ir a system of regiatrati >n of electors
io going about with other men is
f the State, and the Act prov des for
he plaintiff’s main charge. This
jgistration in municipalities similar to
other reasons Fessler asks
te City of Forest Grove, as foLows:
u> be freed from lone Fessler.
“ In all municipal corporations of this
They were married at Kalama,
tate, whose boundaries aie not co-
rrminus with an election precinct or
Washington June 24, 1913. Tnere
roup of precincts, electors shall be
no property or children in­
sgistered for elections therein in the
lanner required by this Act for non-
[ seal ]
M. R M arkh am ,
lunicipal elections, but the duties re-
City Recorder.
D J Cooper sues Van Walters,
uired by this Act to be performed by
for $764 and int, how’ever
junty clerks shall in that case be per-
plaintiff claims receiving $50 on
irrmed by the clerks or city recorders
r other officers performing the duties
account and mentions $75 as at­
sually performed by such officers, and
torney’s fees the note in evi­
II electors within any such municipal
jrporation shall register for municipal G iv in g C o r r e c t T im e o f t h e A r r iv a l a n d dence wns dated Dec., 12. 1912,
and bears interest at 6 per cent.
lections before such officer. Registra- D e p a r t u r e of A ll F o r e s t G r o v e T r a in s
on of electors in such last mentioned
Anna Parker plaintiff vs D. C.
mnicipalities for municipal elections
Whiting et al, action for money
hall be distinct from registration for
ther elections and in addition thereto.”
amounting to about $400 and in­
It will therefore be necessary for all
terest at 8 per cent and also asks
lectors of the City of Forest Grove to
A r F o r est G rove $75 as attorney’s fee.
agister before the Recorder for the
8:05 a. m.
John Gaarde, plaintiff vs
6:45 a. m.
sming city elections.
ooks will be open at the office of the
Harry Kuehne action for money
9:25 a. m.
8 05 a. m.
ity Recorder on Monday, October/"7th,
Mr. Gaarde worked for defend-
11:45 a. m.
10:25 a. m.
nd will remain open until Saturday,
ent between May 14th 1913 and
2:45 p. m.
1:25 p. m.
•ecember 27th, at five o’clock P. M. of
Oct 21, 1913 and is entitled to
5:05 p. m.
3:45 p. mi
aid day.
$122.10 only $25 having been
6:40 p. m.
City Recorder.
5:15 p. m.
[ sea l ]
M. R. M arkham ,'
paid on this labor account and is
7:55 p. m.
6:35 p. m.
suing for the balance.
9:35 p. m.
8:30 p. m.
Notice of Final Settlement
12:45 p. m.
11:40 p. m.
Hillsboro Commercial bank, a
n the County Court of the State of Lv F o r est G rove *A r P ortland
corporation plaintiff vs John
There are three new students
Oregon, for Washington County,
Howard n o t e d e l i v e r e d to in High school making 124 stud­
7:30 a. m.
6:10 a. m.
n the m atter of the estate of Thomas
Peoples’ Store, note amounting ents enrolled.
8:05 a. m.
6:45 a. m.
P. Baldwin, deceased.
to $500 due in 1 year, was aftei-
Notice is hereby given that the ad-
9:50 a. m.
8:30 a. m.
100 new song books have been
linistrator of the above-entitled estate
wards transferred, this note
11:57 a. m.
as filed his final account as such ad-
orderec. and the new songs were
linistrator in the above-entitled County
attorney fees are asked. This practiced this week.
5:00 p. m.
3:40 p. m.
ourt. The Hon. D. B. Reasoner,
revives the important decision
ounty Judge, has set Monday, the 10th
7:20 p. m.
6:00 o. m.
A number of the High school
ay of November, 1913, at the hour of
rendered a few months back, students attended the lecture by
9:25 p. m.
0 o’clock in the forenoon of said day
more or less interest is centtred Baumgardt Monday evening.
10:50 p. m.
9:45 p. m.
s the time, and at the County Court
at this time.
‘ Jefferson Street Station.
oom in the Court House in Hillsboro,
The Sophomores held a class
Washington County, Oregon, as the
Hillsboro Commercial Bank party
lace for the hearing of objections, if
in the new school building
ny, to said final account and settlement
Friday evening. Home
nd distribution of the residue of said
candy was served and all
A r F o r est G rov
March 20th gave note to People’s had a jolly
Lv P ortland
This order of publication being dated
8:40 a. m.
t Hillsboro, Oregon, the 14th day of
5:32 p. m.
in 18 months and attorney fees.
3:30 p. m.
The domeatic a rt and science
Ictober, 1913.
6:58 p. m.
The first publication of this notice is
5:40 p. m. .
rooms have been completed and
tade on this 16th day of October, 1913. Lv F or est G rove
A r P ortlan
Allison, et ux. Action for money regular classes are being held
R ay D. B a l d w in ,
8:00 a. m.
February 13, 1913, defendant under the instruction of Miss
idministrator of the Estate of Thos.
10:20 a. m.
8:24 a. m.
P. Baldwin, deceased.
gave plaintiff note for $98.45 due Fowler. The classes meet three
10:00 a. m.
. N. H o f fm a n , Attorney.
*8:40 a. m.
90 days after date. $30 attorney days each week, as a full credit
6:20 p. m.
4:38 p. m.
is giver, for the work this year.
r o p o u l t f o r Bid* f o r I m p ro v e m e n t •Sunday only
(Daily e x c e p t Sunday
The domestic art is taken the
B o n d s o f t h e C ity o f F o r e s t G ro v e ,
Estate Matilda Gustafason first and third years and domes­
O r e g o n , P a c ific A v e n u e I m p ro v e ­
deceased, for final hearing and tic science the second and fourth
m e n t.
set for Nov., 24 1913, year.
W a n t e d — The P re 33 desire
Plain sewing is taken the first
Sealed proposals will be received by to secure a live correspondent in at 10 a. m. Dated the 21st,
he undersigned at his office in the City
Estate of Hannah Purser de­ and garment making the next.
f Forest Grove, Oregon, until Tues-
Tne girls in domestic science
ay, the 11th day of November, 1913, county. Send in your application ceased final counting and report
set for Nov. 24th 1913 at 10 a.m. classes dress in uniform which is
t the hour of 8 o’clock P. M. of said
ate, for the sale of improvement at once.
for hearing objections and final very pretty.
onds of the City of Forest Grove, Or-
report Heard Oct. 22.
gon, at not less than par value and
Music is one of the courses
Constipation, indigestion, drive
ccrued interest for the whole or any
Estate of Larkin Reynolds, which a student may take as an
a rt of the sum of $5,837.44, said bonds
3 be issued in denominations of $500, weak and sick.
Hollisters’s petition of Executor asking for accredited course in High senool
xcept Bond No. 1, which is to be Rocky Mountain Tea res'ores the hearing quotes on hand $6172.66 ihis year. But in order for the
belonging to said estate. That student to secure this credit he
>sued in the sum of $337.44. Each
ond is to be dated November 1, 1013, I appetite, drives away disease, $1500 can easily be paid out or is compelled to bring a written
ayable in ten annual installments, builds up the system. 35 cents, distributed to proper parties,etc.
statement from his instructor
earing interest at the rate of six per Tea or tablets. Vankoughnet &
Will bequeaths $1000 each to saying the student has taken one
ent per annum, pajable semi-annu- Reder.
ly, interest and principal pay. ble in
Hiram Reynolds and Elienezer lesson each week and has prac­
Jnited States gold coin at the office of
Reynolds that each legatees have ticed eighty minutes each day.
he City Treaturer of the City of For-
Before removing to our new heretofore been paid the sum of
Many students are taking an
st Grove, Oregon.
Provided, that the City of Forest quarters we wish to reduce stock $500 or £ of their legacy, ordered interest in music which has
Irove reserved the right to take up and as much as possible. We have that 500 each be paid legatees helped to organize in the High
ancel such bonds with accrued interest on hand some Seneca Stock Pow­ mentioned.
Dated October 23, school a glee club and band.
t any semi-annual coupon period, at or der, one of the best made, which
Music may be continued in the
fter one year from the date of such
we offes at half price while they
school if it proves a suc-
Estate of Nathanal Burnett,
Said bonds are issued under authority last at Littler’s Pharmacy.
the future as it is at
in part as follows Does be­
f the charter of Forest Grove, Oregon,
nd of Chapter 5, of Title 23, of Lord’s
When in need of some more Burnett all goods etc., undivided
Iregon Lajvs, for improvement of a
Sickening headackes, indiges­
ertain street and parts of said street, >ffice stationary call on the J of all rents, profits of real
tion, constipation, indicate un­
i said city, and the proceeds of the PRESS job department. Envel­
estate. To my son Wm. L. Bur­ healthy condition of the bowels.
ale of said oonds will be used for the
avment in part for said improvement. op ?s, cards, letterheads, circular nett the sum of $3000. to my Hollister’s Rocky Mountain Tea
Bidders will be required to submit a letters, bill heads etc.
son Samuel Burnett $3000, to makes the bowels work naturally
daughter sum of $10,000 being and restores your system to per­
Sadie Vankammen (married to fect health and strength.
Nicholas Vankammen to my son gin tonight.—Vankoughnet &
Millard Burnett, all my money Reder,
stock and other personal prop­
erty, except what is already be­
queathed Millard Burnett is to
act as per will as executor. Mr.
Burnett was 64 years of age at
the time of his death and lived
in Washington county alone
estate of $40,000 personal prop­
erty at about $2500, rental being
about $600 per year, heirs as
mentioned being Mary L. Bur­
nett at Cl years widow, Wm. B.
son age 40; Samuel, son, at 37
years Sadie the daughter who
was apparently forgotten secur­
ing $10 who is about 25 years of
A N ew Line of
age and Millard who is to act as
executor is 39 years of age.
Estate Mary T. Woodford, de­
ceased hearing set for Dec. 1st.
Estate Larkin Reynolds, same
appears true "and correct ami
I am carrying my form er com plete line of Shoes,
is approved dated Cct.25th 1913.
T he Latest in Perfumery
Groceries, D ish es and invite all to pay m e a visit
Monday Oct. 27th 1913 10th
Judicial District..
Potts vs Pioneer Educational
securing witnesses etc. argue-
Pacific Drug Co.
ment and arraignedment.
State vs Ross G a r b e r , ar­
Forest Grove - - Oregon
raigned, Given to Wednesday
Oct 29 to j lead.
High School Notes
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Begin Now!
A school well equipped to do first class general college
work is
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Ore.
This school begins its 60th year of successful work in such
general college lines September 17th, 1913.
Record and equipment good.
Terms reasonable.
Come and help us help you.
Come in and talk the matter over or address for Catalogue
and further information
The Approach of Spring
is the signal for greater effort
in all lines of endeavor. Warm­
er and dryer weather means
greater activity in b u i l d i n g
operations. Now
Is the Time to Start
work on your new residence,
store building, barn or other
structure. When you are ready
to start
That New House,
get our estimates on all the ma­
terial you will require.
Willis-Place Lumber Co.,
Phone 024X. So. A St., Forest Grove.
w -w w
V v J L ii
A Fresh Stock
O f Sweets and
If ycu are in need of a sweater,
see the new at N. B. £
LaCourse’s store located near the
Second hand store. A new assort­
ment just in on consignment. Will
have them on display for one week
N. B.
H. T. G I L T N E R ’ S
«r ^
«1 «1 «1
Fine Dairy Ranch
A t a Bargain Price that will pay you to
Close in on good rock road only 32
miles N. W. of Forest Grove near
74^ acres, good buildings and im provem ents, 1000
cords o f w ood, 2 acres o f kale, 2 0 tons o f bay, team s
harness, w agons, etc.
T e rm s E asy Price $12,000, of which $4,000 will betaken
in trade on city or country property, and most of the balance
may be carried at a low rate of interest.
Remember it doeBn’t take This is a S n a p
Ami will move quickly,
much cash to swing this deal if you have some good trade to put ir.
Layman and Hall
Phone Main 0194 or Thatcher 55
Forest G rove
O regon