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Vol. 5
G rove
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No. 15
To the P eople of O regon :— Be­
lieving, us I do, that the Oregon Sys­ S. H. Carnahan is Awarded the Fine Bible and a Years Subscrip­
tem is the best legal medium thus far
tion to the Press— Many Good Articles
evolved for the protection of both per­
sonal and property rights, and that the Many have been the responses parts of the Scriptures to be true,
initiative and referendum are the main­ to the discussion of the “Bible in other parts as idle tales. Some would
spring of the whole system, and that the Public Schools.” In the ma­ teach that Christ was divine, others
no increase in the percentage of peti­ jority of cases the writers have that he was simply human. Teachers
for the initiatfve or referendum
have differences on baptism, the
Oregon Society Begins Active is tioners
such a policy, hut some would
necessary, or a majority vote require­ favored
Work Am ong Local
ment advisable, yet 1 am firmly con­ received opposing the move.
the Bible is second to no
vinced of the advisability and necessity
its great scope in vari­
of a legal pr hibition of paid circula­
most real­
taite any decided stand in this istic history and literature,
tion of petitions.
The sole purpose of the Oregon matter, but analyzes the different limest poetry, and abounding in the all sub-
Earl J. Cummins of the Oregon Social System of Popular Government is to articles into the following:
Hygiene Society has during the past secure an effective expression of the There is a real need for more volume are words of command, warn­
week arranged for a meeting for all will of the people. So far as the initia­ effective moral training of our ing and exhortation, promises of com­
m n interested in the work of the so­ tive, referendum, direct primary and youth.
fort and reward adapted to every indi­
ciety. The local committee on pro­ recall do secure such expression, they All agree that the Bib'e is one vidual experience.
gram have arranged a very fine list of are invaluable powers in government. of the greatest stimulants of It seems that inasmuch as the teach­
talks for next Wednesday eveuing. To the extent that they fail in this re­ moral development.
ers of these schools are using select
The committee consists of L. M. Gra­ gard, they are defective, and remedial There is a great difference of readings along various lines in litera­
ham, O. M. Sanford, J. M. Barber, H. measures should be adopted.
as to whether the Bible ture and science for their pupils, to
The beginning of action under these opinion
L. Bates, and A. G. Hoffman
taught in the school, give them something to think on, even
This eonferance Is upon such a vitul reserved powers must be by a petition due to different views of the though the readings may not be in har­
subject that It will cross all political which>s designed to represent a certain Holy Book.
mony with the views or wishes of all
aud religous lines. The campaign is amount of public sentiment in favor of the different divis­ the patrons. So it would he just, and
upon a s:ate wide basis, and our com­ a specific movement. Experience has ions of the Christian church as better, too, for selections from God's
shown, however, that men favoring
munity is to do its share of it.
also to be read during the open­
bodies eliminate all word
Sooner or later the ssx problem hits certa n measures or candidates employ organized
at some stated period,
every one of us. A careful discussion others to circulate petitions and secure dogma, there can be no unan­ without any or comment,
and let the
of the subject, and a source of reliable signatures thereto, paying a specified imous consent of the use of the students draw their own conclusions.
information, should appeal to every sum for each signature secured, with Bible in the school.
JohnfRuskin, one of England’s noblest
the result that the petitions do not
authors, and educational reform­
truly represent public sentiment. To
Following is the program-
to his mother
the greatest works of the early compelling his him greatness
Wednesilay, Nov. ft, 191?, at 7:30 p. m . the extent that a petition does not rep­ of
much of the
sharp, at the Vertz Hall, Forest f-rove resent the desire of the people, it is a est work of many great Greek and holy book to memory.
Oregon. Chairman C. J. Bushnel), means of deception. Experience has Hebrews, and read without any
S. H. C arnahan .
also shown that the practice of employ­
President Pacific University.
7;30 P. M. Showing the Existence ing paid circulators not only results in so strong, hut still exists, to
Bible in the Public Schools
and Extensive Prevalence of Sexual securing signatures out of proportion ! | considerable
extent due to the 1 The
to public sentiment, but encourages un­
positively do not favor the use of
The prevalence and general serious­ scrupulous persons to forge signatures. same reason as above.
Bible in the Public Schools, and for
ness of veneral diseases and their effect This evil has been so pronounced, not The prize in this content has
upon the individual. J. S. Bishop, M. D. only in Oregon but in Ohio, that reme­ been awarded to S. H. Carnahan the The following
are secular and in
Social disease and marriage Calvin dial measures are urgently needed.
sense religious. They pertain en­
S. White, Sec’y Slate Board of Health, j We must preserve unimpaired the Additional articles will follow no
to the state and their business is
President Oregon Social Hygiene So­ right of petition. But preservation of j in future issues and other dis­ to tirely
for good citizenship. To
the right of petition does not require cussion on this or other questions civilize is one
thing, to Christianize
Present condition among boys and continuance of the practice of employ­ | is invited by the P ress .
pertains to the
girls. J. M. Barber
ing paid circulators any more than
church and the home and Christian
G aston , Ore., R. F. D., No. 2,
Ten minutes open discussion.
preservation of the right to vote re­
October 16, 1913. teaching should proceed from these
8:15. Relating to the Cause of Sexual , quires continuance of the former prac­
sources, and from institutions fostered
tice of paying men to go to the polls. E ditor F orest G rove P ress :
ar.d supported either by the church or
The four sex lies, H. W. Volmer All that is necessary is free opportunity D ear S ir :—I saw in your paper of individual
M. D.
for preparing, circulating and filing the 9th inst. (Sample copy handed to Our government
is a republic. In a
father at the Fair last week), your re­
My opinion regarding the cause, H. petitions.
rules. If we in­
E. Inlow, W. T. Williamson, member I believe that if real need exists for
the Bible into the Public Schools,
Executive Board.
a proposed law, or if there be general “The Bible in the Public Schools,” so troduce
then the majority must say which
Ten minntes open discussion.
desire for the candidacy of any person, submit article here inclosed on the sub­ versiin
must be read, or taught. Cath­
9:00 P. M. Relating to Possible j that need or desire will be recognized ject for your consideration.
In two instances at
by a sufficient number of persons who
S. H. C arnahan . least the Donay or Catholic bible says
Open discussion —What are we going will voluntarily circulate petitions If
“penance” for repentance. In other
to do about the whole matter? Led ' p lblic sentiment is not strong enough The Bible in the Public Schools
words, teaches salvation by works in­
by L. M. Graham
to secure voluntary petitions, no harm
w.ll be done by deferring action until The question as to whether the Bible stead of faith in Christ. We thus see
9:30 p. M. Adjournment.
such time as puhiic sentiment shall be should be used in the Public Schools or h .w Protestants and Catholics would
crystallized. Undoubtedly it is true not is one that is agitating the minds d (Ter and the majority would necessar­
that some desirable laws heretofore of many thinkers of today, and is an ily be called to decide. Again if Mo­
adopted would not have been submitted important one, for it touches the moral ll immedans ever should become numer-
if employment of paid circulators had welfare of our homes and the nation. O is they would insist on their bible, the
been prohibited. But we have made And there can be plausible arguments Koran.
progress since then. The Oregon Sys­ both for and against the use of the In a republic the infidel is as much
e ititled to rule as Protestants, Catho­
tem has been fully established, it has Bible thuswise.
become t horougnly understood, and Formerly this book of books was lics or Mohammedans. All have equal
there should no longer be need for re used in most all the Public Schools to inherent rights, and such a republic
tention of methods whose evil results the extent that portions of it were read j i tly recognizes them. May it ever
At a special Council meeting last have
been demonsirated.
either by the teacher or pupils in con­ so be, U. S. Grant said, “ Keep
Tuesday night the bonding ordinances Therefore,
opening exercises, and many church and state forever separate.” To
for this year’s paving were passed and mission under the initiative a compre­ of the at the
readers and grammars do so we must shun anything and every­
request for proposals of bids for same j hensive bill prohibiting employment of had selections from
it. Then there was thing that so tends. The Bible in our
was issued.
for the Holy Public Schools would constitute a strong
The Light Committee was instructed initiative, referendum, direct primary Scriptures, and greater respect
the precedent favoring other legislation,
to move the light and telephone poles 8 or recall. I believe there is need of laws of God which denounce all for crime
state and national, and soon we would
from Main Street, between Pacific and d i such a lav; and shall put to the test of and sin, and a belief in the Saviour and have a union of church and state and
First avenues, to the alley in the rea: r<* practice my theory that when such His plan of salvati.m from a lost con­ the whole fabric of religion woven in
of the buildings, the merchants on this need
there will be a sufficient dition. But during the past few years the loom of the government, dominated
this street having raised $112 for this number exists
circulators of there has come about a disuse of the by the ruling church, and of course
co-operation and assistance of all Bible in these schools, and many of the persecution would follow, along with
persons who believe as I do, and if the text-books, instead of quoting from it, the inquisition and its horrors.
Primary Killed
circulation of petitions rather teach things tending to promote Our forefathers fled from the very
The proposed ordinance providing for
in the number of signatures I a dislike for and an unbelief in it. thing we would v restoring. Our
a city primary for the coming election results
the petitions so that the Hence many are losing a sense of the country would he no longer the “land
was again considered, and finally laid shall file may
be submitted at the next great wrongfulness of crime against of the free and the home of the brave,’’
on the table indefinitely. The vote on measure
The bill I have their fellow beings, and the awfulness but the “homt^of the tyrant and the
the question stood three to three, and drafted reads as follows:
sin against their own selves and their land of the slave,” for history and all
it required the Mayor’s voie to decide. “ From and after the passage of this of
and the better thinking classes past experience has proven that force
Counciimen Johnson. Wirtz and Barber act it shall be unlawsul for any person are wondering
how best the great tide in matters pertaining to conscience
voted "yes,” Todd, Stairet and Goff, to give, offer to give, promise to give of evil and immorality
that is coming always so results, to the eternal in­
or cause to be given, directly or indi­ among us can be stayed and prevented. famy and shame of any country so
rectly, any valuable consideration, em­ It is true that our schools are main­ ruled.
by a fine of not less than $100 nor more ployment or appointment for the tained by the taxes and revenues from Friends, neighbors, fellow citizens,
than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the purpose of inducing any other person the people, from all alike, whether be­ let us jealously safeguard our liberty,
county jail r.ot less than one month nor to circulate or secure signatures to any liever or unbeliever, Jew or Mormon, God-given and i iheient, and in our land
petition for the initiative, referendum, Catholic or P:ote3tant, Christian or at present taught and safeguarded by
more than one year.”
Those who believe this bill should be or recali, or for placing the name of Mohammedan, therefore it is not in the our Constitution.
submitted and who are willing to volun­ any person upon any ballot or for the power or sphere of the state to teach I have only touche 1 a few of the
tarily circulate petitions in that behalf, nomination of any person for any office art/ religion, and do justice to her many points and principles that nr ight
ne enunciated favoring the non-u°c of
are requested to address me at 705 provided for by the constitution or the citizens.
Chamber of Commerce Building, Port- laws of the State of Oregon or of any Furtr. 'r, should the state’s teachers the Bible in our Public School. Every
municipality therein. Any person con­ attempt to teach the ftit.le it would re­ ' hristian should prayerfully ronsider,
lind, Oregon.
J onathan B ourne , J r . victed of the violation of any of the sult in a greatly confuted State-Chris- in the light of Christ's own teachings
provisions of this act shall be punished tian education. Some teaching certain and the teachings of Holy Writ, before
P ortland , Oct. 25, 1913.
Local Doctors and Others
Will Hold Meeting on
Social Hygiene
On their way to their home in Amity
last Sunday, when Mr. and Mrs. Robi­
son and daughter met Dan Pierce’s
auto truck on the road about one mile
south of Dilley, their horse became
frightened and ran into a bank on the
side of the road, upsetting the buggy
and throwing the occupants out, the
fall breaking the arm of Mrs. Robison
and severely entting her on the face
and head. The others escaped injury.
Mr. Pierce as quickly as possible
brought the party to this city, where
Mrs. Robison was placed under the care
of Dr. Volmer. As Pierce had pulled
his truck to the side of the road and
killed his engine as quickly as he could,
no blame was placed on him for the
unavoidable accident.
giving his influence by vote or other­
wise to such a dangerous move. "Ren­
der, therefore, unto Caesar the things
which are Caesar’s, and unto God the
things which are God’s.”
C has . E. H all .
Commercial Club Feed Will
Seat Nearly 200 To­
morrow Night
An Excellent Program Ha* Been
Prepared, Including Tom
Richardson .
President Atwell, of the Commercial
Club, announced this morning that
everything will be ready tomorrow
evening for the biggest booster feed in
the history of the local club. About
160 plates have been spoken for, and an
excellent pragram has been arranged
by the committee in charge.
Old Booster to Talk
Tom Richardson, the prince of all
boosters, field secretary of the Oregon
Development League, will address the
banqueters and will stay over in our
city for a few days.
A fine musical program has been pro­
vided, and with all hunger*pangs satis­
fied, and with spirits elevated, all are
looking for the successful launching of
the coming year’s activities of the
Forest Grove Commercial Club.
The Open Bible in the School
“In God we trust!” What does this
motto upon our gold and silver coins
signify? If it signifies anything, it is
that America stands out before the
world pre-eminently as a Christian
nation. It means that she recognizes
Christianity as the chief factor in her
progress and prosperity. It means
that the position she holds as the great­
est nation upon the earth today is due
to her Christian civilization. Her Pub­
lic School system, of which she so
proudly boasts, is the outgrowth of
Christianity. Her government is
founded upon the basic principles of
Christ anity. t hristianity and the
Bible are synonymous terms. One can­
not exist without the other.
Last Monday evening the directors of
The one great purpose of our Public the Washington County Fair met and
School system is to train our children officially declared the 1913 fair a good
for Christian citizenship, the only citi­ beginning, and announced that no effort
zenship that can be recognized in a would be spared to make the 1914 fair
Christian nation. To develop Christian the one event of the year.
citisenship the Bible must be recognized By the liberal attendance from all
as the chief text-book of the Nation, sectiona of the county it was demon­
and it becomes the duty of the state strated beyond doubt that the people
and of the nation to see that every of the county would strongly support a
child is given the opportunity to become real county fair.
acquainted with the teachings of the
Bible. The only way that this can be
accomplished is by placing the open
Bible in every school. It is not neces­
sary, nor is it advisable, that the Bible
be tanght in the schools, or that its
teachings be interpreted or its doctrines
expounded, but if as a nation we claim
to trust in God, we ought to show suffi­ County School Superintendent B. W.
cient reverence and respect for His Barnes has apportioned the school
woril to give it at least as large a place funds among the 105 school districts of
in our tducational system as some of the county. The funds werejas follows:
our supplementary reading occupies. [State fund, $14,819.34; county school
We hold up before our pupils as fund, $26,195.86; refund from districts
examples the world’s greatest men to not spending 85 per cent of the county
inspire them with the ambition to emu­ fund for teachers’ wages, $711.90:
late their lives and become like them. total, $41,727.10.
The great majority of these men, and The annual teachers’ institute will be
especially the great American leaders, held in Hillsboro November 10 to 12,
have been Christian men, men who closing at noon on Wednesday. There
have attributed to the Bible and its will be seventeen hours of institute
teachings the secret of their success. work, including the two evening
The statement was made during an sessions. Monday evening the Hills­
address here in our city a few days ago boro Commercial Club will give a re­
that of the fifty-eight greatest business ception to the teachers ane instructors.
men in the United States, fifty-six of On Tuesday evening there will he a
them were Christian men and Sunday lecture at the Crescent Theater. This
School workers. Turn to the hiogra meeting, as well as all the day sessions,
phies of practically all of our great, will be open to the public.
noble characters, and you will find that Following is the amount appor-
they were men and women to whom tioned each school district:
53 $ 292 70
the Bible was a daily companion and a 1 $ 377 00
54 585 05
most powerful influence and inspiration 2 1108 35
55 430 60
3 300 35
in their lives.
53 262 0»
If we then teach our children to 4 480 40
57 300 M
follow in the footsteps of these noble 5 ?31 01
58 300 3'»
men and women of the past and pres­ 6 377 03
59 233 10
ent, why should we not also open before 7 3317 7)
60 237 66
them the book that has-, by their own 8 272 40
61 212 25
statements, proven suca an inspiration 9 488 10
62 *248 70*
in the development of their characters 10 924 50
63 262 05
*413 95
and so powerful a factor in making
64 212 25
12 430 60
them what they wire of are?
6 i 383 50
P. J. S im pso n . 13 822 55
66 300 3.5
14 419 15
3065 65
61 •203 15
68 181 70
16 412 65
69 170 It
17 407 65
7i 281 20
18 193 15
72 558 70
W. H. Lilly writes as follows from 19 262 05
73 304 20
Gales Creek, Oregon, October 21, 191?, 20 •225 10
74 403 80
in connection with previous writing, to 21 388 10
75 327
22 493 10
his home paper in Missouri:
76 123 05
After greeting the brothers, sisters 23 1052 <0
77 285 06
and friends at this place we went out 2» 204 60
78 236 to
and took a look at the country, which 25 185 50
79 269 70
is very picturesque, clothed with beau­ 26 *671 25
80 254 40
27 411 50
tiful fir trees.
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