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$ Purely*
Miss Margaret Hinman is ill at
her home in this city with the
Miss Kate Kelly, Mrs. Clarence
Bump arul Mrs. Hoffman were
Portland visitors the last week.
______________________________ _
Mrs. E. E. Williams
Miss Margoret McFeeters left
Saturday for a weeks vacation to
Wilsonville Oregon.
sj ent Saturday in Portland on
Carl Connett spent Sunday
with home folks.
Port‘ nd visitor one ^
Rv M. Q U A D
was a
the last
Mrs. Charles Roe made a busi-
| ness trip to Portland this week,
Copyright. PUS, hy Associated Lit­
erary Hi*«*»
Just before graduating tor the min­
istry Bruce Stevens n|ient four day»
In the town o f Newborn aa a oart of
bis vacation.
M l Stevens found a political bos*
and a political rtng in the town,
H « found nne-buif too many saloon*
Miss Francis Meyers returned
from a two weeks vacition to
Hood Ri er.
' ,or H e “ tüW
D ° r "■ pop',lHtl,,n
found the sheriff o f the
I and bis deputies and tbe constable In
cahoots with the tough element..
JU8tk.e o of f tbe
tu„ pence wag
w.811 th<,
h e JusUce
Miss Carol Phillips arrived
Ivan Donaldson returned Sun- home Monday, after a visit with
day from Tillamook to attend her sister, Mrs. Alwin Blum.
keeper of a saloon awl passed drinks
, ...
I over the bar, and he protected his own
Pacific University the following
Mr. Tom Roe, o f Wapato, was j ^,-j vvhen It cam e to legal troubles.
"W h y don't you do som ething?” he
in town Tuesday
asked o f a merchant o f the tow n who
Mr. W. N. Langley and w ife
Mr. Richard Spring, who is was a representative o f the better ele­
returned the first o f the week working in Portland, visited in ment.
from an extended visit at the
"A n d get boycotted and driven into
this city Sunday.
bankruptcy’ ” was asked In return.
Pennell home in Barlow Oregon.
“ Is It as bad as that?”
, Mr. Orvil Hutchins visited his
"T b e gang has Us by the neck and
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Connet, parents ¡n p;r Grove over Sunday.
i has us scared. W e have no lender.”
o f Lebanon have been spending I
¡S Very ill at her
A fe w weeks later, when resdy to
a few days o f the past week at I Mrs. Dodson
take up his mlnisterlnl duties. Mr. Ste­
the home o f Mr. Connet’s cousin h°n,e *n ^ ‘ *s c'ty.
vens asked to lie sent to Newhern.
"B u t w e h a v e a minister there.” was
Mr. J. H. Connet o f this city.
Mrs. Barber accompanied Dep-
"B u t he has lost oesrly all o f bla con
Miss Vera Haskell, who has ut* Sheriff Quick to Crystal
irrelation ”
been spending the summer in sPr' n^s Tuesday on business.
"Y es. the reports from that parish
Europe, visited last Saturday and
Mr. W alter Roswurm motored are not at all cheering, and I believe
Sunday with her brother, Mr. ! to the Rose City Tuesday with Brother Baker would welcome « trap*
Rudolph Siphshet and family.
'er You u,,0'v
of ,he
'ow n s In the »rate.”
“ 1 hiive spent four days there.”
Mrs. Lulu Rodgers and son
Ray Chapman o f Prinville and
“ T h e 'H iise o f religon 's reported as
Norris, o f McMinnville, called in Walter Chapman o f Walla Walla verv lukewarm ”
their car Sunday at the home o f are visiting at the home o f their j " I didn't know rhsf there was any
► here at a ll." smiled the minister.
Mr. Bernard.
parents in Cornelius this week.
The many friends o f Col.
Haynes, who for many years was
a citizen o f Forest Grove, will
lie pleased to learn that he is vis-
iting in this city this week. Col.
Haynes has made his home in
„ / r , „.
1 v‘
Prof. F. C. Taylor with his
Iwo sonij, Elbert and Francis,
spent last week rusticating on
Wilson River.
They report a
fine timef
Last Sjin.iay A. Rafferty and
motored to Portland,
where they spent part o f the day.
„ , ,
, «
Robert Duncan and his sister,
proprietors o f
the Laughlin
Hotel, sp£nt Tuesday afternoon
in Portland.
nr nr ra tv
. „
? , T
on business last Tuesday.
W. J. Good and R. Matteson,
o f the C ool Investment Co.,
were transacting business in
Portland on Tuesday last.
Rev. Clapp D. D. is visiting in
Forest Grove from Washougal
this week. Mr. Clapp says it
seems good to be in the Grove
once ipore.
0 i.
. -
Mrs. Barber made a trip to
McMinnville tbe first o f the
week. She was on the prosecu-
tion o f a vice case.
Mr. John Rice, o f Varley, was
in town last Sunday.
Miss Mildred Carlyle ¡S visiting
tw< week wit|] her aunt Mrs
Arthuf M il|s o f Kalama. Wash,
j Mr. Arthur Smith, o f Banks,
- ,
, .
. .
iwas in town on business last
"W e ll, you’ ll l>e appointed to tbp
nlace. 1 hope von inav s 'ir things up "
The Rev. M r Stevens arrived.
star'ed out w ith a sermmi that lolled
and Jarred. H e spared neither t’ hris
| Him no- sinner
W hile he c r i t i c i w
the form er f or lack o f hark hone, he
nlalnlv told Hie la t'e r that the crisis
had come. T h e crisis meant decency
and reform without any shame shout
A fte r the sermon he lingered to
’ u!k w ith mem hers o f his congregation
H e found them looking forw ard with
great tim idity. I f he started a crusade
he must not expect any a c tiv e help from
them. T hey w ere thoroughly cowed.
"T h is Is to he a one man crusade,"
he answered them. " I did not expect
fo u r a'd, and so I'm not disappointed ”
Monday m orning the crusade open­
Mr Stevens visited the sheriff,
atid. without any heating around the
bush, he said:
"S h eriff. 1 am the new m inister."
“ Yes ?"
I am going for your crow d tooth
Mr. Ewdv Dibble, a last year’s -nd to* n«n
college student, has returned to
"Why do you mil it my crowd?
a t
T H U R SA D Y, S E PTE M i E R 18, 9131,
t h e
0 T E L
A re you keeping posted in prices?
Forest Grove Hotel
Samuel T. Turpin, N ew York;
George B. Erpmerson, New York;
Dr. S. H. Long, Madrid Oregon;
i Eai 1 McCay, Gales Creek; R. M.
Brown, Portland; J. E. Johnson,
(Portland; C. La Rue, Portland;
R. La Rue, Potland; A. G. Holden
Potland; H. B. Watson, Portland;
W. Ward, Winnipeg; W. Ward,
Tilbury Ontario; F. G. White-
house and wife, Tillamook; P. P.
Waight, McMinnville; Theador G.
Todd, Groveland Farm.
following from Portland are!
those who came out to see the new
pavement; Mr C. G. Field, Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Lowry, W. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hoffman,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Deuschel and
son, H. B. Strout, Mr. and Mrs.
J. Thon Burdette. Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Hoskins, Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Kumpe, Dr. Gertrude Phil­
ips, A. J. Huntington, Hiram E.
Mizner, and G. F. Morley o f Chi­
cago. Sunday, R. H. Grandy,
Portland; F. Merrigan, Portland.
Monday, F. M. Hush, Portland;
G. E. Murphy, Portland; H.
Haynes, city; C. H. Kvle, Gales
Creek: B. G. Grant, Chicago; F.
E. Middlehoff; Gim Billard, Port­
land; B. F. Soloman, Portland.
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V A V .% L W »V W A V «V V .V .V .V .
CO .
Miss Katherine FitzPatrick has
returned to Portland, after an
extended stay at the Hospital.
Little Mildred Quick, who has
been in the Hospital for four I
months, is entirely cured and
will return to her home this week.
Miss Fraley has been nursing
Rev. Mrs. Upton the last few
y t v m v iV A v . w . v . v . v v . '. v .
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"Because If la T here are violations .J
,u’v every hour o f the dav. «nd
Mr. Alexander Steward o f! ,,f
1 you atitnd by w i'V i'il InierC erew “ .
Gaston, was in town Sunday.
You drink In every an loon, »n d you (Open to all organizations holding regular meet­
ings in this city.)
cullinole with every law breaker
Miss Ethel Smith, Miss Alice
the «lin e with your deputies Mild I he
H o l b r o o k L o d g e N o . 30, A.
French and Lowell French, of ••oiistilhle». It's got t i ) stop Y o '' lisvu
& A. M .— Stated communica­
Banks, were visiting relatives in ! got to do your sworn duty."
"A n oth er reform er struck Hie town, tions first Saturday evening of
this city Tuesday. *
<‘ h?" whs the Insulting reply
each month. All visiting Masons
T h e sheriff weut from suloon to sa­
Mrs. Harriet Cheadle and Miss
welcomed. J. W. Hughes, W.
loon and laughed ut the reform er and
Ada Taylor were in Portland
ani(i there should he no 'u terfT -m ce M. ; H. C. Parker, Secretary.
from him
W ithin tw o weeks he whs
n-inoved (imi (mother imiti un n e d by
J ames B. M athews , Post No.
Rev. Barber preached at Wil- • he minister whs In his shoes. 'I'he
sonville last Sunday morning and citizens of Newheru were stunned it 6, G. A. R.— Meets first and
seemed Incredible
third Wednesdays at 1:30 p. m.
I he *tev. Mr Steven«* vlsUed the
i u « . d school,
in the schools and college.
W e in­
vite all students to make our store
their headquarters.
Mr. and Mrs. John Doores
In Pictures, Post Cards, Calling and P la c e Cards; you will
8,lent several days last week at
find our stock complete
t ie homa o f Mrs. J. Dodge.
Their borne is in Woodburn.
iv tv
No trouble to SH O W GOODS.
Mr. Dan Fierce took a jolly
load o f twenty-eight people to
the Portland City Park last Sun-
tlav. They spent tbe day having
, *
in K. o f P. hall. Chas. Knapp,
lime, returning' at eight
Attorney W. P. Dyke is mov-. the in his saloon and
o’ clock in the evening.
ingintoC. V. B. Russell’ s cottage I ” u'8 for yi>" to e,,f,,'ve th” '" w- "i"1 Adjutant; Paliick Cronin, Com­
here v o " Hie among tile law lireak er»' mander.
Mr. N. McClane, who with his on Thil'd Avenue,
I he other» ure depending ii|ion v o " to
family made an auto trip to Cali-
Miss Ailene Johnson, who at- dismiss hu . v com|ll.tlilt IIHO'e against
W oman ’ s R elief C orps N o .
• hem
W biit course are you gulug to
fornia several weeks ago, is now tended High School here last 'lik e? "
11. — Meets second and fourth
"N on e o f y o "r business!"
in this city visit ng with C year, wili attend the Lincoln High
Thursdays at 2 p. m. in K. o f P.
T h e next clii.v the minister complain
Knapp. He is on his way to in Portland this winter.
Louise Butler, President;
ed o f nine Sjiloous which hurt v*olnfe<1 ball.
Canada, whore tli * threshing
Miss Helen Richardson, one of the I h iv. Knell one of them was dis­ Sophia Smith, Secretary.
si ¡.son is soon to bey in.
Inside o f twenty do vs the old
I ist year’s students at Pacific Justice whs out unit h new one in
D elphos L odge N o . 36, K. of
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Saunders University, was in town Sunday.
T h ere w ere ordinance* h gainst Son
Meets every Thursday even­
dny s|H>rts
They hud not been -n P.
a id infant son, o f Salem, are
Expert Automobile,
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Bond forced In five years They ettme 'o
visiting with Mr. and Mrs. S.
ing in K. o f P. hall. W. C.
were in towll Sunday to bid good- the rron' now No more bssehull or
Gibson. They will also visit at
Shuts. C. C .; J. S. Buxton, K. o f
Motorcycle and
bye to their friends before going *u,rM> nir|" «
Banks. Mrs. Saunders was fo r ­
"It-Mit the iiich ller up!" wns whisper­ R. and S.
e d h ml n shake purse was made np
merly Miss Mina Gardner, o f
Bicycle Repairing.
to reward a scrapper for doing It
this city.
W ashington L odge N o . 48, I.
l i e storied out with great urdor to
sister, o f Minneapolis, are now moke h tw o iidnu'e Job of it. but It 0. 0. F. — Meets Monday even­
Mr. Harry Dai ford, an cld res­
last,s| only half that rime
T h e min
visiting with Mr. Fowler.
ing o f each week. J. H. Shear­
ident o f this place, was setn on
tster knocked Mm out with a Jab on
W e will soon open
Noble Grand; R. M. Taylor.
the streets last Friday and Sat­
town last Sunday. Mr. Abraham finis! for disorderly conduct.
a First-Class Garage
Then a public m eeting was culled at
started Monday for Oberlin.
h hall, «nd the minister did som e fall
Mrs. George Howe has re­
F orest R ebekah L odgs N o .
Mr. Garragus and daughter, talking. H e put heart Into the decent 44. I. O. 0. F. Meets first, third
turned to her home in Spokane,
eltlxen* so strongly that they d im e
a fter visiting here a short time. Miss Edith, were in town last out boldly to tils siiptiort. »n d the op­ and fifth Wednesdays o f each
c. g . d c
a n ’ Y e l s o n
position saw that their enn»e was lost
month in I. O. 0. F. Hall. Flor­
Air. Davis gave a very pleasant
One thing more. T h e Bev V r. Ste­
P H O N E 306
Mrs. W. H. Barker visited with vens from his pulpit raked the eltl- ence Templeton, Noble Grand;
auto trip to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
Black and Mr. and Mrs. Penfield her daughter, Mrs. W. T, Keesee, mim of New hem ns they bnd never Margaret I Mallory, Secretary.
ast Fridav
Watts last week.
beard ■ “ lnhd*r talk before.
» s i r r u «y .
ow ed a duty to God and to man. T h ey
xnocKwi oow n and araggeo u « .
W ood W a n te d —T he P ress
We intend moving into our new
Miss Grace Reo ee, Miss Hazel
Mr. Frances McCoy, o f Port- must show up at church, whether they
T h ere was no devil there a year
Barker, and Mr. Hoyd Reesee land visited at the Austin home
" x h « iv r s n n 4 ™ n,m,d
desires to secure several cords o f Quarters in the near future, so
visited Oak Pat k Sunday after- Sunday.
church work. Religion and
Mm «nd mused:
o ak an(j p;r w00(j to apply we are givin g special prices in
“ A clean town-a nice tnwn-a fw-
Mr. T. A. Nance, * son-in-law
th# county tv«§ filled by # d«c*»nt man. «P*»-tabic town Everybody aeem* to 0n subscription, advertising, or all lines to reduce stock. L ittler’s
Mrs. L. Kelly, who hai been Mr. Gardner, ot this city, is vis- T h e devil had had possession o f New - I n * going to church, and I gueaa I ’ll
job work.
ill for some time, is new better. ¡Bng here this week.
luug enougu. N ow be t&u«
gv along too ’
Washington County Agency
for O VE R LAN D Cars