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V. '.V.V.V.V.V.V.'.V.V.V.V.V. J. G. Morris,
• .■ .• .W
.V .V .V .'.V .V .V .V .W
.V .
in the Justice
ourt fo r F orest rove
District, W ashington C ounty, O regon
J. H. Velie, Plaintiff, )
; S ummons
N. B. Hall and Charles
E. Hall, defendants. J
To Charles E. Hall, one o f the above
named defendants, Greeting:
In the name of the State of Oregon,
your are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled action, on or be­
fore the 25th day o f September, A. D.,
1913, said date being six weeks after
the first publication of this Summons.
If you fad to appear and answer, the
plaintiff will apply to the Court for the
relief prayed for in the complaint filed
herein, which is for a judgement in the
sum of sixty-five and no-100 ($65.00)
Dollars, attorneys’ fee in the sum of
twenty-five and no-100 ($25.00) Dollars,
together with interest provided for in
the instrument sued upon, and for his
costs and disbursements herein.
You will please take notice that this
summons is served upon you personally
wi h a certified copy o f the complaint,
pursuant to the terms o f an order in
the aboVe entitled action, made by the
above named Court, by the Honorable
W. J. R. Beach, Justice of the Peace
for Forest Grove Distrist, Washington
County, Oregon, on ihe 14th day of
August, A. D., 1913, requiring that
publication be made at least once a
week for six consecutive weeks, in the
Forest Grove Press and requiring that
the first publication be made on the
14th day o f August, A. D.. 1913, and
the last publication on the 25th day o f
September, A. D. 1913.
To J. G. Morris defendant:
In the name o f the state o f Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit, on or before
the expiration o f six weeks from and
after the date o f fiirst publication of
this summons, tow;t: the 23rd day of
October, 1913, and if you fail to an­
swer, for want thereof the plaintiff will
apply to the court for the relief prayed
for in the complaint towit: for the dis­
solution o f the marriage contract now
existing between plaintiff and defend­
ant; and that she be decreed to he the
owner o f the home in Forest Grove,
and that she be decreed and l^ave judg­
ment covering the equity in the real
estate in the city o f Portland, Oregon.
That she be awarded such other and
further relief as may seem equity in
the premises.
This summons is published by order
of the Hon.D.B. Reasoner Judge of the
county court fur Washington county,
Oregon, said order being made on the
8th day of September, 1913.
The date of the first publication o f this
summons is September 11th, 1913, and
the last date o f publication of this
summons the 23rd day of October, 1913,
J. N. Hoffman
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Feed Mill will run every
day in the week.
W holesale and Retail
W . J. R . B k a c h ,
Bran,Shorts, Rolled Oats, Ground
Ground Wheat, Cracked
Cracked Corn, Whole
and Corn, Middlings and
kinds of Hard Wheat
Sack Twine and Sacks,
Hay and Vetch Seed.
Give us a call when in need.
Justice of the Peace for Forest Grove,
Justice o f the Peace and Constable, Oats,
District Washington County, Oregon. Wheat,
B r ad ley A. E w er s ,
Attorney for plaintiff.
Suite 517 Chamber o f Commerce Bldg., several
Portland, Oregon.
th e Circuit Court o f the State
O regon for W a hington County
Charles L. Lousignont, Plaintiff
i ..d Phone 50x
Forest Grove, Ore
Emma F. Lousignont,
To Emma F. Lousignont Defendant
In the name of the state of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint filed against you
in the above entitled suit on or before
the expiration o f six weeks from and
after the date o f the first publication of
this summons, to-wit: the 16th day o f
October, 1913, and if you fail to answer
for want thereof the plaintiff will ap­
ply to the court for the relief prayed
for in the complaint to-wit: for the dis­
olution o f the marriage contract now
existing between plaintiff and defend­
ant. and for such other relief as may
seem meet and equity in the premises,
on the gro inds of cruel and inhuman
treatment rendering his life, burden­
This summons is published by the or­
der of the Hon. D. B. Reasongr, Judge
o f the County Court for Washington
County, Oregon, and said order being
made on the 2d day o f September, 1913.
The date of the first publication of
this summons is September 4th, 1913,
and the last day of the publication of
this summons is the 16th day of Octo­
ber, 1913.
J. N. Hoffman
Attorney for the plaintiff
Cor. 5th Ave.
and#2nd St.,
Foresi Grove
^ = Steam Laundry
W ood,
Cold Storage
and Ice.
In the Circuit C ourt o f the State o f O r e ­
gon fo r W a sh in gton County.
Forest Grove,
S idie M. Moiris, F laintiff
C ontractor
jj F hon e 8 7 6
F oresi G rove, C re.
House Moving
and Repairing.
We have the hest equipped
outfit in the county.
fjs~ F rick , Stone and C on crete W ork
Let us figure on your work.
Begin Now!
to p'an for that College Course.
There is considerable discussion about Education but
there is no c'oubt that a good general college course taken right
is in the long run th ? practical thing in Education.
school well equipped to c o Erst class general college
work is
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Ore.
This school begins its 60th year of successful work in such
general college lines September 17th, 1913.
R ecord and equipment good.
Terms reasonable.
Come and help us help you.
Come in and talk the matter over or address for Catalogue
and further information
PACIFIC U N IVER SITY, Forest Grove, Ore.
Dodds vs. Dodds. J. N. Hoffman,
attorney for plaintiff; Geo. R. Bagley,
attorney fur defendant; motion for suit
money; plaintiff allowed $150 suit
Carrigan vs. Horn, confirmation.
State vs. Earl Lorenzo and McCoy
Furgery, arraigned; set for September
22, 1913-
State vs. Wallace Newhard, violating
local option law; arraigned on four in­
dictments; pleaded not guilty to all.
State vs. Ea, 1 Slater; J. M. Wall, at­
torney for defendant; sodomy; pleaded
guilty; sentenced from one to five years
at Salem and pay costs.
State vs. Phillip Gullimer; J . Me-
Dougal, attorney for defendant; ar­
raigned for pointing firearms at another;
pleaded guilty and fined $50 and six
months in jail.
State vs. Chas. McGrew and John
Doe; W. G. Hare, attorney; two indict­
ments; pleaded not guilty.
State vs. John Miller; four indict­
ments; selling liquor to minors; pleaded
not guilty.
State vs. Wm. Penny and John Doe,
arraigned; pleaded not guilty; bond
T. Delano, order appointing examiner.
Westhoff vs. Westhoff, order confirm­
ing sale and decree.
The Grand Jury returned twenty true
bills o f indictments.
Harmig vs. Quinn, order for publica­
tion o f summons.
Foreclosure proceedings, Paul W.
Kreger, plaintiff vsi. Esther M. Kreger,
defendant; complaint filed September
10; $900 and costs.
Articles o f incorporation: Ruth Realty
Company; capital stock, $500,000; to
deal in real estate, etc.; signed by J.
H. Young, L. B. Wickersham, F. A.
Piel, J. B. Kerr and W. F. Turner.
The following marriage licenses were
Wm. L. Humphrey, under 21; Blanche
E. Arnold, 18.
Geo. B. Ortman, 21; Eva Van Doren,
Lester R. Cyphers, o f Banks, 23;
Della M. Mays, 22.
J. G. Parker, 48; Ida M. Perrick, 38.
Probate Court Matters—
Relating to guardianship o f Eddie
Barton, et al., represented by Thos. H.
Tongue, Jr.; petition filed September
11, 1913, and covers children o f Nichols
Barton as follows: Eddie, Flora, Nich­
olas and Erma Barton.
County Court —
At first reading, the road petition of
L. J. Francis et al. was referred to the
District Attorney.
The road petition o f Geo. Emerson
et al. was referred to the District A t­
The Sorrento Improvement Club peti­
tion for sidewalk Was allowed.
By order, $112.81 will be transferred
from the county road fund to Road
Dist. No. 15.
R. T. Simpson’s petition for liquor
lice.,sc was withdrawn, on motion, by
Road Di.t No. 582 was disallowed, as
per report of viewers.
Road Dist.’ No. 578, Francis White,
Road Dist. No. 5S1, disallowed, as
per report of viewers.
Road Dist. No. 579, disallowed, as
per report o f viewers.
Road Dist. No. 580, disallowed, as
per report of viewers.
Road Dist. No. 583, viewers named
and appointed as follows: Frank Row­
ell, Herman Collier and the County
The report o f E. L. Perkins, County
Recorder, for the past month, was ap­
The report o f E. C. Luce, County
Clerk, was approved and accepted.
Election for the city of Tualatin was
set for Tuesday, October 31, 1913.
Judges, E. A. Eddy and A. C. Daly.
The Clerk appointed Walter Thompson
and John Bond.
The amount o f $115.66 was trans­
ferred from the special fund o f Dist.
No. 37 to District Fund No. 37.
Petition o f J. M. Miller for liquor
license at I anks was disallowed on ac­
count of not having a majority o f the
legal voters o f the precinct.
The use o f glasses, correctly
fitted, is the only remedy for
errors of sight. If you need
medicine glasses won’ t help you.
It would be well to learn what
you need. Call at Hotel Laugh-
lin Thursday, September 25, and
Drs. Lowe and Turner will tell
you what you need. Their edu­
cation and long years o f experi­
ence as exclusive eye specialists
make them safe persons for you
to consult. All glasses absolute y
guaranteed, whether they cost
$2 or more. They will be at the
Laughlin Hotel one day only,
Thursday, September 25. Don’ t
it c h e n
The Sunrise Grocery will pay
cash for all
farm products.
Eggs, Butter, Veal and pork,
the best market price paid and
all goods sold at the bottom
price. Pacific Avenue at Third
street. JOHN DODGE, Proprie­
G iving C orrect T im e o f the A rsira i end
D eparture o f A ll F orest rove Trains
HERE are many food» whose nu­
tritive value U equal to that of
meat. They are couvenient sub­
stitutes for meats when the latter are.
as at present, excessively high. Reci­
pes for some excellent foods of tbi»
kind are given here:
*Lv P ortlan d
6:45 a. m.
8-05 a. m.
10:25 a. m.
1 ¿ 5 p. m.
3:45 p. ni.
5:15 p. m.
6:35 p. m.
8:30 p. m.
11:40 p. m.
A N ourishing Cereal.
Spinach and Klee.— Cook a quarter o f
a pound of rice *n mlik ami at the
same time cook the spinach. When
the vegetable is cooked strain, season
and mince. Add a beaten egg to the
rice, with a spoonful of thick sour
cream, butter, salt and pepper. Rice
and spinach are then placed alternate­
ly in a buttered pie itteh, a little of the
spinach waiter is ponred In. and the
top is covered with melted butter and
breadcrumbs, and the dish Is set in the
oven for It to bake.
8:05 a.
9:25 a.
11:45 a.
2:45 p.
5:05 p.
6:40 p.
7:55 p.
9:35 p.
12:45 p.
Lv F o r e st G rove
IlllJJIf I
* A r P ortlan d
6:10 a. m.
7 :30 a.
6:45 a. m.
8:05 a.
8:30 a. m.
9:50 a.
10:35 a. m.
11:57 a.
1:06 p. m.
2:25 p.
3:40 p. m.
5 :00 p.
6:00 o. m.
7:20 p.
8:05 p. m.
9:25 p.
9:45 p. m.
10:50 p.
‘ Jefferson Street Station.
C ooked in the Oven.
Baked Rabbit.—Take a pound of
| American cheese, tw o tnbles|>oonfuls
of butter, a teaspoonful ami a half of
i salt, oue mid a half cupfuls of milk.
| two and a half cupfuls of stale bread-
| crumbs, three eggs and paprika. Line
a buttered baking dish with bread-
j crumbs. Cut the cheese In thin slices
i and lay over the crumbs', dusting with
salt and paprika. Repeat tw-tce. Beat
the eggs well, add -milk ami pour over
the mixture. Bake in moderate oven
half an hour. Serve at once.
A r F o r e st G rove
Lv P ortlan d
A n F orest G rov
7:15 a. m.
3:30 p. m.
5:40 p. m.
8:40 a. m.
5:32 p. m.
6:58 p. m.
Lv F orest G rove
Raises the
Dough Better
Ail P ortlan
t6:40 a. m.
8:00 a. m.
8:24 a. m.
10:20 a. m.
Roast Peas.—Take n quart of split
*8:40 a. tu.
10:00 a. m.
yellow peas, three-quarters of n cupful
p. m .
i of breadcrumbs, a tablespoonful of
tDaity except Sunday
sugar, a quarter of a cupful Of chop­ ‘ Sunday only
ped nuts, one egg. a quarter of a cup­
ful of butter, three-quarters of a cup­ ________ _____ ______ ___________ _ — --------------
ful of milk and salt Uud pepper to
taste. Soak the peas overnight. Drain.
Place in a saucepan, using fresh water
to cover, and simmer until uearly all
the liquor Is absorbed and the peas
have burst their skins. Force through
Finest of Bread and Pastry Baked
a strainer and mix with breadcrumbs,
Every Day.
milk, nuts ami seasonings. Mold into
a small loaf and let stand fifteen min­
W e sell 6 loaves of Bread for 2 5 cents
utes. Cover with pea liquor and bake
Free delivery to all parts o f the city
slowly one hour. Remove to a platter
and serve w’ith sliced cucumbers.
A N ovel Roast.
Pacific Avenue,
A Nut Food.
Forest Grove
Peanut Loaf.—Take one cupful each
of hot boiled rice, finely chopped pea­
nuts. cracker crumbs and milk, one ’■
egg. a tablespoonful of melted butter
and one and a half teaspoonfuls of salt
Mix rice, nuts aud cracker crumbs.
Add a well beaten egg and seasonings.
FIU into a small oblong pan well grens-
ed aud pour melted butter over it.
Bake slowly. Turn on a. platter and
serve with white sauce to which have
been added one tablespoonful of onion |
juice and a dash of white pepper.
How About
Making Bread That Is Good an£
W holesom e
Oregon Agricultural College,
Corvallis,Oregon “ Bread should
be in flavor sweet and nutty and
the odor should he the same as
the flavor. It should he so com­
pletely baked that, when pressed,
it immediately springs out upon
release o f pressure. The color
should he golden brown, top,
sides and bottom.
The loaf
should he everdy raised, with no
cracked, protruding or uneven
The bread when cut
snould have a soft, velvety text­
ure, all harshness absent. It
should slice smoothly without
crumbing. The holes should he
numerous, sinaU and o f uniform
The color should be a
slightly creamy white,”
Mrs. Henrietta VV. Calvin, dean
of the School o f Domestic Science
and Art, Oregon Agricultural
While everyone knows good
bread from had, it is not every
one that knows how to apply the
principles required to secure the
many details that constitute good
bread. The details are simply
and entertainingly given by Mrs.
Calvin in College Bulletin No. 83,
Extension Series 3, just issued
by the Extension Division.
Any housekeeper who feels
like trying to make bread o f the
appetizing kinds described, and
is not quite sure o f the process,
secure a copy • containing the
easily followed directions by ad­
dressing R. D. Hetzel, Extension
Division, 0 . A. C., Corvallis, Or­
Other bulletins of this
series are Principles of Cake
Making and Principles of Jelly
New House
The Forest Grove Planing Mill Inc.,
General Contractors, deal in lumber, shingles, lath
cement, lime, sand and plaster; building and roofing
All finish lumber kiln dried.
W e make a
specialty of house building and carry a full line of
sash, door frames, mouldings, glass, paint and every­
thing required in the building line.
Call and let us
figure with you.
Forest Grove Planing Mill Inc.
General Contractors and Builders
Council St. .•
Forest Grove, Ore
The Approach of Spring
is the signal for greater effort
in all lilies of endeavor. Warm­
er and dryer weather means
greater activity in b u i l d i n g
operations. Now
Is the Time to Start
work on your new residence,
store building, barn or other
structure. When you are ready
to start
That New House,
get our estimates on all the ma­
terial you will require.
Willis-Place Lumber Co.,
Fhone 024X.
So. A St, Forest Grove.