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    Orenou Historical Society
Your suggestion. criticism
and cooperation is solicited
to help make the “ Press”
a true representative of all
the people of Forest Grove
and of Washington County.
F orest G rove P ress
The best developer o f a
community is a progressive
and representative news­
paper. Send the ‘Press”
to friends whom you wish
to welcome to this country.
Voi. 5
WILL EXHIBIT AT STATE FAIR w H - h . Myers Tells Interesting
E x h ib it s W i l l d o
D o u b le D u t y
To Be Returned and Shown
at Following County
The whole county o f W ashington is
cordially invited to an all day p.cnic
and prohibition rally at Hillsboro on
This Section Asks Granges, Com­ September 20th. Speakers o f national
reputation will be present as well as
mercial Clubs and All
men well known in Oregon. - One of the
chief attraction will be Capt. Chus. H.
to Help
Stanley o f Baltimore, Maryland, who
is a converted comedian.
Last year with only two weeks’
He has visited many o f the states of
notice Washington County won fourth
the nation as well as European coun­
premium at our State Fair, beating
tries and people flock to hear him again
Multnomah and Lane counties. This
and again.
season we are in the race for the blue
The word has been sent out to bring
ribbon. The hearty cooperation of our
your families, sweathearts, children
farmers, grangers, and city people will
and baskets o f provisions. The court
insure our winning first prize. The
house and court house yard is the place.
object in making a creditable exhibit is
Every body will be welcome.
to show the Missourian and all pros­
Field Superintendent o f the Prohibi­
pective investors and settlers that we
tion forces, Lindley A. Wells has visi­
are active people, producing from the
ted every post-office and almost every
richest soil many varieties o f profit­
community in Washington county and
able crops. We grow excellent fruits,
has succeded in stimulating the voters
nuts, grains, grasses and vegetables.
! to see the liquor traffic annihilated.
A display o f the best o f these at Salem
The local W. C. T. Unions are active­
will truthfully and effectively advertise
ly cooperating with the Prohibition
our county. Many products grown in
Party in the present campaign for 1914,
town, as well as in the country, are
which is being waged for the election
worthy to display. Look over your
of men who will enforce the liquor laws,
growing products, care for the best
the adoption of a prohibitory amend­
and keep them for the fair. Omit
ment for Oregon’ and the passing of
no variety.
Samples o f all kinds
laws making the amendment effective.
should be shown, i. e., turnips, ruta­
All friends o f temperance, home man­
bagas, parsnips, crarots, beets, salsify,
hood, virtue and the flag are being urg­
radishes, six to twelve each; caboage,
ed to unite in this endeavor.
cauliflower, celery, horseradish, one to
six; green and shelled beans and peas,
Paving Praised by Experts.
one quart each; potatoes, one peck or
Last week a party o f paving experts
half dozen; popcorn, sweet corn, field
corn, dozen ears; wheat, oats, rye, visited Forest Grove to inspect the
barley, buckwheat, one-half bushel; work o f the Linden Kibbe company in
dried fruit in small boxes; fresh fruits, laying their bitucrete pavement. The
apples, peaches, pears, quinces, care­ verdict given being that Forest Grove
fully packed in boxes, or five o f each was getting the very best streets that
kind for plate display; grapes, prunes, could possibly be laid. The party con­
plums, etc. Do not omit the large sisted o f I. N. Day, Harvey Mooreland,
pumpkins, squashes and melons. The and Mr. Kerns o f the Oregon Independ­
season has been dry, so these products ent Paving company, Tom Herlbert,
may seem smaller than usnal, but all ex-Portland city engineer, and Mr.
districts are thus affected. Bring or Tate o f the Montague and O'Reiley
send the best you have. Free of coat construction company.
Walter Warren o f the Warren Con­
these exhibits will be sent and returned.
The shippers will pay the freight ,to struction company also was in the city
Mr. Warren stated that
Salem, but when the products are : last week.
loaded for return shipment the advanced their company was considering to bring
freight charges will be returned by 1 suit against the Linden Kibbe company
check to the shipper. Individuals may 1 for using their patented methods. It
ship direct to our county manager, it hardly thot that any such action will
L. D. Westfall, but it will be very con­ result however.
The recent rains have caused a delay
venient and save the individuals ad­
vancing any freight to collect the in the paving here. The company has
products at Forest Grove, where your about eight days more actual work.
local manager will attend to shipping
and to receiving the products back
Writer Make* visit
again for the county fair here, thus
Fred Lockley’ feature writer for the
the pi oducts will be exhibited twice.
Oregon Journal was a visitor in Forest
Deliver in town by the 24th o f Septem­
Grove in search o f material for future
ber, so all may be shipped on the 25th.
Report to H. T. Buxton or H. C. At­
well, who will advise as to the local
Van Kougnet Goe* East
manager and place o f collection.
C. L. VanKougnet, the druggist, left
this week for a business trip to Chica­
go. He was accompanied as far as
Portland by his wife and daughter who
are visiting friends in that city.
Tales of Early Pioneer Days Not
All of Which is Here Related
No. 7
Capt. Meyers, whose son was recent- I l. ughed till I cried. The more I laugh-
ly honored by President Wilson with an ed the madder Dad got. He said,
a pointment as Postmaster o f Portland ‘Buck, I am going to give you the
and who himself is very well known best licking you ever had in yeur life,’
thruout Oregon, recently gave the fol- and he started for the boat. He could
lowing very interesting interview to have done it, too, if 1 had let him. I
Fred Lockley, who wrote the same for kept poking him back with the oar. I
the Oregon Journal. Mr. Lockley's ar- laugh till J cried and he got so mad he
cried. 1 kept shoving him away till he
tide follows:—
W. H. H. Meyers, father of Port­ promised not to lick me, and I thought
land’s postmaster, fives in Forest I w uld never have a better chance, so
Grove. He is as fu 1 of humor and dry I poked away till I made him promise
wit as an unbroken eggshell is of
some more things he would never con-
Recently I called upon him at his home sent to before. When I let him climb
in Forest Grove. In answer to my re- on the boat he was about tuckered out,
quest to tell me something about him- and our sow had got discouraged and
self, he said;
quit trying to climb on the log and
“ Say ,son, I can tell you a lot o f floated down the river. That ended
mighty interesting things about myself the partnership o f "D ad” ar.d 1 Buck.”
and the other pioneers, but you would-
“ I went up to where St. Johns is now
n’ t print them, and if you d d 1 would located. There were two houses there
have to hide for a spell.
The things then, about half a mile apart. Jimmie
you will print aren’ t near as interest- Johns, who gave St. Johns its name,
ing as the ones you won’t print, but I lived in one of the houses and old man
will tell both kinds and you can sort Loomis in the other. The Stumps and
them out for yourself.
Gatens and Widow Ransom lived in Prof. K. N. Staehr Has Sold
” 1 v;as born in Howard county, Mis- that neighborhood, too. Old man Loomis
souri. In 1852 1 came out to California had a double log cabin. There was a
Over 300 Pianos With­
with Major Bradley. There were 20 of store in one part and they rigged up
out a Loss
us. We had three wagons and about the other part for a school and hired
400 loose cattle. Mighty few of the me as a teacher. I had four o f Widow
younger generation have a very clear Ransom’s children and some others.
iuea of the six month’s trip across the
“ When old man Loomis was away on Receives Notice of Record in
plains. Just for example, did you ev­ a peddling trip I had to wait on the
New York and Portland
er hear how the immigrants used to store as well as teach school. Old man
cure the saddle sores or sore shoulders Loomis was a fine old chap. He was
o f their mules and horses? A mule one of the best singers at the camp-
would get a sore on its back, the flies meetings, and that gave him a fine
w,ould get at it and proud flesh would stand in with that crowd. He also was
K. N. Staehr, of Forest Grove, has
form and it would be torment to the one o f the best poker players in the
animal. We took a frying pan and country, and that gsve him a fine stand received notice, due to a very unusual
heated bacon grease till it was boiling in with the other crowd, so he got ’em business record, in the New York
hot and then poured it in the sore. The coming or going, and haci all the trade, “ Music Trades,” and also in the Ore­
maggots would come out a squirming
“ Jimmy Stevens took up a claim on gon Journal. The following is taken
and the boiling grease, would -kill the I the east side o f tire river where Fast from a clipping In the Journal:
“ As an indication of Washington
proud flesh. The magpies used to fight Portland is now located, while Tommy,
on an animal with a sore back and pick his brother, settled on the west side. County prosperity, Prof. K. N. Staehr
at its raw flesh. I have often taken In those days old man Stark and old says he came to Forest Grove a few
my rifle and shot at them as they sat man Morrison and a lot o f people that years ago with a stock of fine pianos
picking away on a horse’s or an ox's your Portland streets are named for and a liability of $400 o f borrowed
! money, and now he is celebrating the
shoulder. Generally I hit the magpie, were living in Portland.
but wi,ether 1 killed the bird or animal
“ I was married in 1863. I married occasion of having sold Bince then over
it didn’t go to waste, for we would eat Jane Stott, a sister o f Judge Stott. 300 new pianos. To show the reliable­
them. Yes, that's right. I ’ve helped We have had 12 children. Two of ness of the people of his county he
eat both magpies and mules, and have these were twins, a boy and a girl. states that although he has sold a great
been mighty glad o f the chance.
The girl died and the boy is now post­ many o f these pianos on long time and
“ When our oxen got sore feet we put master in Portland. All o f our children on installments, never in all that time,
grease or tar on their hoofs and cut up were born on Wapato Lake on our farm. but once, has he had to take back an in­
our saddle leathers to make shoes for We moved to Forest Grove and sent strument on account o f nonpayment or
them. I ’ll pass by our trip across the them to school at Pacific University.” for any other cause. He says he haa
never teen compelled to go to law in
plains, you have heard all that before,
Ratii g I eai go Organize the way of enforcing a collection and
“ I came up from California to go to National
Waihington County Merchant*.
that every customer he has ever dea.t
wo k for my cousin, old man Bybee,
who had a place on Sauvie s island.
P. S. Bonesteel, representing the with, except one, haa made payments
Another young fellow and myself National Rating League o f Chicago, as agreed.
“ It is admitted by business men gen­
bought s lot of potatoes o f Captain has been getting the cooperation of the
Jess Walker. We bought all of his merchants of this town during the erally that in this record is contained
hogs, too, paying him a bit a pound week in compiling their Red Guide the most forceful advertisement of the
liv.- weight. You have heard the pio-
number o f Forest Grove generally prosperous condition and also
neers talk about the high water that merchants have joined the league and the high citizenship of Washington
year. It washed our spuds away and will furnish names for this credit re­ County and Forest Grove. Mr. Staehr
you could row all over the fields we had port, which will be published by the has been a loyal adherent o f Eilers
our hogs in. We got a boat and went League in the near future. No mutter Piano House and the Eilers Piano in­
out to see if we could save any o f them, where one may move, the merchants in struments and calls to mind the time
They had all floated away but one big ^ e town selected for the future home when he bought his first solid carload
sow that had her front feet on the butt may get a fine on your reputation for of pianos through them for spot cash.
end of a log that had lodged in the paying your debts by simply referring Prof. Staehr maintains a standing ad­
brush. “ Dad” had me row close to, to the “ Rating Report and Credit vertisement in his home papers, making
a liberal off« r to anyone who can show
the hog, and just as he was about to Guide” the league publishes.
lift her in he fell out. First the sow
Each merchant wifi send all debtors him a dissatisfied customer, and this,
would come up and then Dad.
Dad notice before allowing their names to together with the record o f only one
came up at last, blowing water like a be published in the next issue of report piano taken back in 314 sales, is an­
purpoise. Dad didn’ t appeciate the giving all a chance to escape being other significant showing o f this enter­
prising and successful business man.”
joke. I' was lictter than a show, and published as poor pay.
W e lfa r e S c h o o l
o f R e a l V a lu e
O. A. C. Will Hold Two Day»’
Session in
Little Change in Program
as Announced Last
weather conditions
very unfavorable, reports say
the 0 . A. C. traveling gen­
eral welfare school is being well
attended in Hillsboro. This port­
able college will arrive in Forest
Grove tomorrow for two day’s
free instruction. The lectures
will be in the afternoons and
evenings, and the exhibits will
be open Saturday morning. The
place o f meeting will be in the
Verts hail.
E. J. Cummings, o f the Oregon
Social Hygiene Society, will speak
to men Friday evening at 7:30,
and to men and boys Saturday
evening. The entire conference
will deal with problems o f inter­
est and importance to the people
of Forest Grove. Town improve­
ment. pure food and water,
health, social hygiene, and other
vital subjects, will be discussed
and illustrated by means o f ex­
hibits and lantern views.
Washington County’s Valua­
tion Over Eighteen
HILLSBORO, O r.- Assessor Max
Crandall haa returned the following
summary o f the 1913 assessment for
Washington County:
T liable
a cre s ..................................... $ 7,424,175
Nontillable, 347,869,318 acres . 5,689,175
on deeded
land .................. .................. 1,484,965
Town and city lots.................
Improvements on same
Improvements on land not
Stationary engines and man-
facturing machinery............
Merchandise, stock in trade,
Farming implements.............
Electric fight plants
Water plants............................
M oney......................................
Notes ..............................
Accounts ....................
Shares of sto ck ......................
Horses, 6940........................
Mules, 173 ...............................
The PRESS takes pleasure in announcing to its readers a very
This contest is to bring attention to the many public officials, Milch cows, 10,802..............
43,; 61
unique contest, beginning today and closing Wednesday evening, to whom we have delegated our political duties. We believe it will Younsr and beef stock, 3367
Sheep, 4113.............................
September 10th.
prove interesting as well as being instructive.
Goats, 5205
Swine, 2753
For the most complete and nearest correct list o f all offices and the present holders whose author­
Dogs, 876
ity extends over Forest Grove, federal, state, county, city, etc., we will give a handsome dictionary,
Autos, 114
100 neatly printed visiting or business cards, and a two year subscription to the PRESS.
Libraires ....................
For the second best list we will give 100 visiting or business cards and a one year subscription to
Hotel furniture, billiard and
the PRESS.
poolroom fixtures, office,
barber shop and picture
For the third best list we Will give a one year subscription to the PRESS.
show furniture, etc...........
givjn for your knowledge o f who represents you in the
Rails ami cross ties on un-
various departments o f this great republican government
used right
Books Adopted for the Next
Six Years, Grades and
The new State Course o f study for
the elementary grades has been issued
by J. A. Churchill, Superintendent of
public instruction. The course has
been revised to suit the arrangement
and contents o f the textbooks, adopted
this year, by the Oregon textbook
Following is a list o f
textbooks used in the respective grades
o f tba^uhlic schools.
Fnafc>(p»de: Sloans Primary Reader,
Begin your list at once and mail it not later th m V ednesday.
first bw*lL%2'>; Wheeler’s Primer, .25
Wheeler's First Reader, .25.
September 10th. Send them in as early as possible.
Second grade: Wheeler's First Read­
All officers whether judicial, idministrative or legislative, who
er .25. Wheeler’s Second Reader .35,
any authority in or represent Forest Grove, either in them­
Writing Lessons for Primary Grades
or thru subordinates, will be entitled to a place on the list.
(continued on page 5.)
Thi» Contest is Open to All --Professional men, business men,
teachers, women voters, how near complete < an you make this list? The public service lorp .ration tax, to
be fixed by the state board, will total
Watch out, or some of your children may prove themselves better
more than $2,000,000, thus making the
poste I. We do not ixpect to receive a single comple or correct list. total roll in the sum o f more than
If you make only a partial list, se id it in ; nyway.
$20, 000, 000.