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    F arm ers and M erchants
Write us for our cash offer on your
Farm and Dairy Produce. If we
don’t handle it will refer you to re­
liable buyer. pEARSON-PAGE CO.
Portland, Oregon.
Absolutely Ouarnnteed to cure boils, carbuncles,
felons, abscess, blood poison, burns, bruises, sprains,
cuts, barber itch, bee sting and poison oak. Nothing
else like it. By mail, postpaid, 50c per box, Paul Ave-
Hne. 5134 72d St., Portland, Or. Also at Lipman,
Wolfe A Company and Olds, Wort man A King.
Practice Not E ntirely Appreciated b y Stockman a n d Farm er
• T h jr « .8 A lso Lack o f information Concerning
Practical and Economical Methods o f
Procedure o f Cleaning.
It has been round that the average
Second-Hand Machin­ stockman and farmer does not real­
ery bought, sold and
exchanged: engines, ize the Importance of thoroughly dis­
boilers, sawmills, etc. The J, E. Martin Co.. 76 1st infecting his premises following an
St., Portland. Send for Stock Liat and prices.
outDreak of contagious disease. There
Is apparently a widespread lack of
Information regarding the germicidal
power if various substances, com­
monly termed disinfectants. There Is
Day School fo r Girla iif
also a iack of knowledge concerning
St. John Baptist (Episcopal?
and Elementary Departments,
Î) practical and economical methods of
Elocution, Oymnaslnm.
proceeding with the work of disinfec­
tion Moreover, the reappearance of
St. H e le n a H a ll
a contagious disease on premises from
which It was nelieveu t j have been
eradicated may frequently be traced
to careless or Imperfect work In con­
The world’s greatest MURDERER. 218.400 caught nection wit.’ , the cleaning and disin­
in five days. Figure for yourself the sickness and fection of the place.
disease prevented. Send 50c fo r bottle o f ELY
it Id but natural to acknowledge tne
BAIT and full instructions How to Make a Fly
Trap. Postal order or 2c stamps accepted.
presence of only such objects as can
HAKRIS-ANSART CO, North Yakima, Wash. be seen with the unaided eye. Sci­
ence, however, by means of the high
I We Ya'ie You Compelen! to Earn power microscope, has ciearly proved
the existence of numerous minute ani­
$25 to $50 per Week
mal ind vegetable organisms—and It
« to 8 weeks. We give complete
course in driving, repairing, Is a matter of common
etc. all kinds of automobiles.
Every student gets personal that E ju L / of these organisms fre-
attention and actual road
experience. Write for terms
Belmont Auto Sdtssi A Garage,
E. 23d and Morrison Sts..
Portland. Ore.
—'Hie great skin rejuvenator. if you have sallow
skin, wrinkles, pimples or roughness o f the face
or arms, the application o f FUCHI will bring back
the glow and freshness o f youth. P r package. $1.
(Branch) Fuchi Laboratories, Suit 9, 342 1-2 Wash-
iagton St., Portland. Ore.
The DIRECT plan o f buying or selling
Real Estate. No commissions to pay.
List your property or wants with us.
We put you in touch with interested
parties. If you wish to buy, you deal
direct with owner. Address
401 Yeon Building.
Portland, Ore.
Applying Disinfectant.
quently find their way Into the ani­
mat body and produce disease. It Is
also well known that these germs
vary In form and other characteristics
and that for each disease of an in­
fectious nature there is a specific
(f these germs could be contlned to
the animal body and die with It there
would be no such thing as an infec­
100 Young Men or Ladies to prepare
tious disease
Unfortunately, how­
for positions as Commercial and Rail­
ever they are thrown off by the ani­
road Telegraph operators; positions
mal through the excretions and He In
guaranteed, $70 to $90 monthly. For
the earth, In the litter of stables, up­
particulars and application address
on the floor and walls, and In cracks
and crevices. Here they may remain
Washington Bldg., Seattle, Washington
ana maintain their virulence for an
Indefinite period, ready at any time to
be gathered up by an animal in its
feed or to be blown about In dust and
8ecret Revealed by Face.
drawn Into tho lungs.
If you want to get at the real
The work of disinfection Is based
itrength and character of a person’s upon our recognition of the presence
face, study the right side of It—the of disease germs, „nd disinfection
ugly side, as portrait painters some­ means the act of destroying the
times call It. There you will find the cause of the Infection. In otner words,
lines bold and harsh, with every de­ disinfection is . removal of the cause,
fect accentuated. On the left side, and it will be clear to any practical
however, everything Is softened down, man that In dealing with disease any
and the face Is at Its best. Whenever effort which stops short o f , a com­
you suspect a man of trickery or de­ plete removal of the cause Is most
ceit—and this rule applies equally to unwise and unprofitable. To those un­
the fair sex—stand on hla right and
watch hla expression closely.
T a com a ( W a »h .) Poultry A u ’ n w r it e .:
•* I w ill give M exican M ustang Linim ent
an unequivocal endorsem ent as a remedy
fo r B nm blefoot and Canker in the T h roa t.
H itherto I have found these diseases o f m y
I poultry very difficult t o cure but M u stang
I Liniment proved t o be a positive rem edy.”
25c. 50c. $1 a bottle at Drag A G an’ l Stores
Stim ulant
or T onic?
The Human System Needs It.
New York Man's Invention Will Savs
Housewife From Grating Off
Mrs. M. Morgan. 411 4th Ave., E.,
Bralnerd, Minn., writes: “ I take from
A nutmeg grater that grates all the
one to two bottles of Hood's Sarsapa­
rilla in the spring to purify the blood nutmeg, down to the last scrap, has
Just as regularly as I do my house­
cleaning, and go around light-footed been designed by a New York man. It
and light-hearted. I believe it Is the also saves the housewife from grating
best blood purifier known.”
\ off her fingernails and the tips of her
Hood's Sarsaparilla so combines the fingers. The grater proper Is circu­
curative principles of roots, barks and
herbs as to raise them to their highest lar and la affixed to a wooden handle
efficiency; hence Its unequaled cures.
Get It today In usual liquid form or
tablets called Sarsatabs.
-not tea
-not coffee
accustomed to the work, disinfection
may seem a most complicated proc­
ess. Any approved method, however.
Is comparatively simple when carried
out carefully, although like many
you ever tasted
another procedure It Is one In which
Took an Unfair Advantage.
attention to details counts for much.
wholesome and
Doctor Graham, a widely known
It Is Important to bear In mind that physician In London, once conceived
invigorating. You rannot but
the causative agents of many dis­ the plan o f burying persons up to
Ure its rich " grainy" flavor and
eases are extremely small and may their necks In the earth and leaving
spicy arewa. Ask your grocer for
remain for an Indefinite time In dust, them there for some hours os a curs
cracks, and crevices of buildings, so for some diseases. George Dyer, it 1»
that efforts aiming at the eradication said, in despair of anyone listening tc
of disease from contaminated prem­ him read hla own poetry, took advau-
—if he hasn’t got it he will get it for
ises must be thorough In order to be tage of the situation of Doctor Gra
¡/ou. It’s good for you 3 times a day.
And remember that there
ham's patients and read to them all
In the work of disinfection nature the while they were stuck In th«
is no substitute for 3 G’s.
has provided man with a most valu­ earth.
able ally—sunlight. It Is well known
that the direct rays of the sun are
destructive to many forms of bac­ DAISY FLY KILLER £ £ “ 7 t f f i m
flics. Neat, clean,
teria, In some cases destroying them
a ^D r .W m .P fundefì ’ s t fr\
ornamental, conven­
and In others lessening their Influ­
ient, cheap. Lasts
all season. Made of Pivoted to the center is a revolving
ence. Thus the importance of well-
metal, can't spill or
tip over; will not soil handle resembling a miniature motor
lignted stables Is evident The dark
o r injure anything.
A T onic. A lterative and R esolvent.
and sunless building will be a favor­
Guaranteed effective man's controller, with a little cup In
beat rem edy fo r Kidneys, L iver and Bowels.
15o each at dealers or
able breeding place for bacteria, and
6 sent prepaid for SI.
f the Skin. Purifies the Blood and give*
the structure which admits the great­ HAROLD SOMERS, 150 DeKalb Are.. B rooklyn, N. T . spring cap to keep it In place and o Tone,
Strength and V igor to the entire system .
press It against the grater plate. Th«
est amount of sunlight will be the
nutmeg Is placed In this cap and th«
least favorable for their development.
Windfall In Old Hat.
Importance of Physiognomy.
Again, heat will destroy the bacteria
handle turned until the desired amount
There Is something more than a Joke
"Do you believe a man with a reced­ Is ground off, the operation being
of disease. By this is not meant the
ordinary heat of the sun, but heat as ing chiu Is likely to get along as well much speedier than when kernel has . In Inheriting an old hat from an uncl«u
developed In boiling water or In In this world as a man with a chin to be rubbed across the grata? by For the recent Mardl-Qras fete, lnl
flame It is upon this principle that that projects?” "It all depends upon hand. Furthermore, the hand method Paris, a motor bus driver, wishing to
the surgeon before operating renders tlrcumstances. If the man with the results In waste, as after the nutmeg I “ dress up,” borrowed from a restaur*
his Instruments free from tae possi­ receding chin Is a son of the presi­ has been ground so small that it can­ ■ ant keeper an old battered “ top” ha^
ble presence of bacteria by oolllng, dent of the company and the man with not be scraped without scraping th« ! Inherited from a deceased uncle. Dur>
and it la heat which renders a Jet of the chin that projects Is merely work­ fingers as well, it has heretofore had lng the festivities, the wearer, In at­
tempting to adjust his wig, knocked
live steam destructive to bacteria. ing his way up from the bottom I to be thrown away.
off the hat, and to his astonishment
Sunlight, however, cannot be consid­ should he inclined to feel that physiog­
It Cores While You W alk. 1
out fell nine 100 franc notes (tl8 0 ).
ered more than an accessory In the nomy would not be o f vast Import­
A lle n ’s Foot-Ease Is a certain cu re for hot, He hastened to put this
destruction of bacteria, while the ap­ ance."
sw eating, ca llus, ami sw ollen , ach in g feet. Sola
cafe keeper’«
by a ll Druggists. P rice 25c. D o n 't a ccen t any bequest
plication of heat In the form of steam
substitu te. T rial package KIUSK. Address
or flame Is seldom possible. The re­
A lle n S . Olm sted, Lo Hoy, N Y.
sult Is that In tne practical work of
Has One Advantage.
Well-Ordered Life.
disinfection we are dependent upon
The fact that a politician hasn't any
certain drugs, which have power to |
I presidential bee ot hla own sometime«
and, as far as we can, to see to It that
destroy the organisms of disease.
! makes It easier for him to stir up •
these things are the work of freemen
Such drugs are known as disin­
hornet's nest for the other fellows.
and not of slaves; these two seem to
fectants, and, fortunately, we have at
hand a number that possess the pow­
by those who wish to live at once free
er of destroying bacteria.
and refined, serviceable to others, and
Blchlorld of mercury also known as
pleasant to themselves.— William Mor­
corrosive sublimate and mercuric
_______ _________
chlorld, chlorld of lime, formalde­
Red Cross Rat! Blue gives double value fo r your
hyde, carbolic acid, crude carbolic
money, goes twice as fur as any other. A sk your
acid, cresol, and compound solution o f 1
cresol, are such drugs. They have!
Lifelong Eccentrlo Dresser.
only to be brought In contact with
Want* Other W om en to Know*
An old man who recently passed
the bacteria In order to destroy them.
H ow She W a i Finally
away In Whlttinsvllle, Wash., during
Before either of the above are
all the 88 years of hla life had never
used, however, the farmer should
Restored to Health.
worn stockings—because he hated the
study their peculiar characteristics
and use the one best suited to his
thing but a straw hat, summer and
Louisiana, M o . “ I think a woman
purpose. Violent poison should not
to keep, as he expressed naturally dislikes to make her trouble!
be used unless the user of the dis­
For all troubles o f the di­ It, rain alike,
and snow from going down hli
known to the public,
infectant is familiar with It and Its
gestive organs^Biliousness, neck.
but complete restor­
ation toheai th mean*
In the practical work of disinfec­ Constipation, Headaches and When Your Eyes Need Care Try Murine Eye Rented!
so much to me that
tion there are three essentials:
N o S m a rtin g— F eels Fine— A cts Q u ick ly. Try
I cannot keep from
It fo r R ctl, W eak, W atery E yes an d G ran u ­
1. A preparation of the building to drive out the blues.
la ted E yelids. Illu stra ted B ook In e a ch P a ck ­
telling mine for th«
that will facilitate reaching organisms
a g e . M urine is com p ou n d ed b y o u r O cu lists
sake of other suffer-
— not a “ P atent M e d icin e "— b u t used in auc*
of disease.
ce s sfu l P h y sicia n s ' P ra ctice fo r m a n y years.
ing women.
N ow d ed ica ted to th e p u b lic a n d s o ld by
2. A disinfectant which upon con­
“ 1 had been sick
D r u g g ists at-25c and 60c per B ottle. Murine
tact can be depended upon to destroy
E ye S alv e In A se p tic T u b e s , 25c a n d 60c.
twelve years,
such organisms.
M u iln e Eye R em ed y C o .. C h lo a g o
and had eleven doc­
3. A method of applying the dis­
A Chinese Puzzle.
I had drag«
infectant that will assure the most
Persian Lamb Skins.
Some day s ago we published a
ging down p a in s t
thorough contact with the bacteria.
conundrum from the Chinese, taken
pains at monthly periods, bilious spells,
from a Paris contemporary, but as we khan skins centers In Turkestan, and and was getting worse all the time. 1
have not received the correct answer the traders of that country have the would hardly get over one Bpell when 1
we give It, together with the original entire monopoly of it. They pasture would be sick again. No tongue can tell
question. The question ran; "Young the ewe lambs in immense flocks, uPd what I suffered from cramps, and at
I am green, old I am yellow; well It baa been found useless to try to a o times I could hardly walk. The doctor*
beaten I become compliant; If 1 a o custom these animals to any consid­ said I might die at one of those times,
company a friend for long, be urges erable change of climate. If they but I took Lydia E. I’inkham’ s Vegeta­
me to leave him; young I am honored, survive elsewhere, the skin under­ ble Compound and got better right away.
A m o n g F o u r C h ief E ssen tia ls
S m o o th S u r fa c e , P r e p a r a ­
old I am despised.” The answer la goes degeneration and the fur conse­ Your valuable medicine Is worth mor«
quently becomes lass valuable.— Har­
tio n , G o o d Seed an d
"Straw slippers.”— London Globe.
than mountains o f gold to suffering wo­
per’s Weekly.
F e r tility .
men. " —Mrs. B ertha M uff , 503 N. 4tb
Be thrifty on little th in g , like bluing. D on 't ac­
Mother« will And Mr«. Wln«1ow*« Boothln« Street, Louisiana, Mo.
cept water for bluinx. Aak for R od Croee Ball
Syrup th e beat rem edv to u w ter i h . l t chU drea
Blue, the extra good value blue.
Lydia E. Plnkham’ a Vegetable Com­
l u r i n g t ’-.e te e th in g p e rio d .
Farmers who content themselves
pound, made from native roots and herbs,
with two tons or less cannot under­
contains no narcotic cr harmful drugs,
A teacher who can arouse a feeling
stand how yields of three or four tons
Shibboleth, now taken as meaning and to-day holds the record of being th«
even more are obtained. There are, for one single good action, for one the watchword or slogan of a particu­ most successful remedy for female ills w«
however, four chief essentials;
a ■Ingle good poem, accomplishes more lar sect or party, had Its origin In know of, and thousands o f voluntary
smooth surface, with even, steady than he who fills our memory with the Incident recorded In Judges 8:1-16, testimoniala on file in the Pinkhara
grade, thorough preparation of the rows on rows of natural objects, wherein the word shibboleth was used laboratory at Lynn,Mass., seem to prove
soil, aud abundance of good, healthy classified with name and form. For as a teat by the Gileadites to detect this facL
seed and plenty of fertility and to what Is the result of all these, ex their foes, tbe Kphralmltea.
If yon want special advice write to
which might be added the proper cept what we know aa well without Epbralmltes were unable to pro­ L jdla K. Plnkham Medicine Co. (confi»
amount of moisture.
nounce the combination ah, and when dentisi) Lynn, Mass. Yonr letter will
'Where land Is stumpy or rocky, It nently and peculiarly !■ made In the put to the test called tbe word ” «lb- be opened, read and answered by *
may be considerable expense to r e
boieth,” thus betraying their breed woman and held In strict confidence.
move them, but to obtain the greatest
and giving away their case.
amount of grass It must be done. The 1 P e t t i t s F0* 1 E y e ACHES S a l v e
rocks must either be sunk or hauled
The Hunter*
away and the surface smoothed ao aa
The man who loses hope Is not like
to give a gentle grade. A little de­
ly to find appreciation.—Chicago Rec­
“ Do hymn goes dat you wants tot ord-Herald.
pression where the water can stand
be a angel, but ef you bad wings
may cause a patch of grmhss to die
right now you’d hire yo’se’f out aa a
Fundamental Truth.
out and a few patches will kill ■
W . gaUk «ly», aa«
curiosity In a sideshow.” —Atlanta
A thing that la morally right can
b r lt l« « w ork i o » o n t -
hundred pounds of hay.
aavar ba economically wrong.
¿.• “«S I f t Z l X
After thla thorough grading tbe
land la thoroughly fitted. This does
not mean just plowed and harrowed
In the ordinary way. I prefer the uaa
o f a cut-away disc, which does the
work just the opposite to tbe turning
W . L . P o o g L a m ak e « « s 4 «olla
$ 3 .0 0 , $ 3 .5 0 an d $ 4 0 0 . h o « , than
an y o th er m a n u fa ctu ra r in tha w o r ld
The continued working of the soil
with the cut-away clears the soil of
foul stuff and gives the new seeding
a chance. The soli should be worked
Paini«*« f «triti«« ,
W L . D o n g l e . $3 .(H ( A $ 3 . 5 0 s h o e s » r e w o r n b y m i ll i o n s
over with the cut-away and the
o f m r n .l i c c a o i r they are ( h e b e a t In th e w o r l d f o r t h e p r ic e
All work fallr «warantoad for r.fteea yoooo.
smoothing harrow many times, not
’A '. I,. D o u z l » « * 4 .0 0 , $ 4 . 5 0 A $ 5 .0 0 s h o e , e q u a l C u s t o m
flench W o r k c o s t i n g $ 0 . 0 0 t o 1*44.00
all at once, but continued through
W h y d o e . W . L D o u g la s m a k e and te ll m o re $ 3 .0 0 , $ 3 .5 0
July and August In this way, when
Painless Dentists
an d $ 4 .0 0 «h o e s than any o th e r m a n u fa ctu re r in th e w o r ld ?
ready to seed the aoll la certainly aa
M lsg Salt«.«. Thtr* an« WttWrwfon RORTUM0, 0 «
B E C A U S E : he •Lamps h i. na m e and p ric e o n th# b o tto m and
M e e lm : I A M. to I »71». t u k n l k l
fine aa an sab heap
g u a r a n te e , the v alu e, w h ich p r o t e c t , tha w e a r e r a g a in .t high
The seed then should be put on
p r ic e , and in fe rio r »h oe* o f o th e r m akes. B E C A U S E : th ey
carefully and accurately, ao as to have
F. N. U
Ho 2 H 1 1
e r e the m oat e c o n o m ica l and s a t is fa c t o r y ; y o o ca n save m o n e y
every square Inch of surface covered,
b y w earin g W . L. D o u g la s » h o e ,. B E C A U S E : th e y h a v e n o t
e q u a l fo r .t y le, fit and w ear. DON'T TAKE A SUBSTITUTE f OR W
thus having two blades of grass where
W 'l l f Y erriti.« to adrwUsank afaaas mom-
If tot dealer cannot «apply W . I . D oariw thaw, writ* W I_ Donxla.
one formerly waa
" Use this pap«r.
S te o . w ol everywhere deiirery c W (W prepaid.
r e d C o lo r K y r t o U ( r e d
The question frequently asked la:
Why Is thla large amount of potash
necessary? No one who has ever
used fertilizer« on grass need be told
that nitrogen gives the grass a rich,
green color and makes It grow very Color m oro g ood s brighter and faster color« than any other dye. Ono 10c package
w ^ o ^ ^ ^ ^ o t t o r ^ «quaUy
w e ll and te guaranteed to g ivo perfect resulta. A sa doctor, pr w o —
It's the m ost de­
ligh tfu l B reakfast
D rink
Three G’s
Hostetter’s Stomach
In O rd e r T o G u a rd Asrainst A n y
D i l c l e j c y It Is W e ll
to F -red Tor L a c k o t
P a la u b lllt/
Salt In some quantity Is a neces­
sity to the living animal. Some food
contains all that is probably needed,
but the amount in otaers Is small.
In order to guard against any pos­
sible deficiency It Is well to feed some
salt especially If it Increases the
palatabllity of *he ration.
Moderate quantifier o. salt had
Would Encourage Marriagj.
been fed to poultry with apparent ad­
Citizens from Aculco, state of Mexico, vantage. but .be limitations o f Its
have come to thl3 city, says the Mexi­ use were not known. A feeding trial
can Herald, to complain agalnBt the was. therefore made with twelve
action of the parish priest who recom­ hens to get some suggestion as to the
mends that all men of marriageable aporoxlmate limit of Its safe feeding
age should marry because If they do to mature fowls For one lot of hens
not they are liable to be enlisted by salt was mixed In the food. Increasing
means of a lottery and made to serve In amount by periods of feeding. Un­
til it was fed aL the rate of .063
<n the army.
ounces per day, per fowl (nearly one-
half pint per day for 100 bens) no
bad effects were noticed.
With this amount, however, diar­
rhoea attacked a few of the hens, but
the trouble disappeared when the
amount of «alt in the food waa re­
duced about one-third. When the
bens were allowed free acceaa to
boxes of course barrel salt, not
enough was eaten to show any 111 ef­
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is not a fect, either by hen« that had been fed
freely for two montha or by those
stimulant. It does not make salt
that had been without any for the
you feel better one day. then same time.
as bad as ever the next.
Little significance waa attached to
There is not a drop of alco­ the egg yield from the old hens fed
hol in it. Ayer’s Sarsapa­ at an unproducUve time of year, but
twice as many eggs were obtained
rilla is a tonic. You have the from the ealt-fed bens as from the
steady, even gain that comes others ao there waa no Indication of
from such a medicine. Ask unfavorable effect In this direction.
When reporting the experiment It
your doctor all about this. waa suggested that salt at the rate of
Trust him fully and always one ounce per day for 100 matured
fowls could be fed without risk. In
do as he says. He knows.
later feeding It waa found that five
makes the best liver pills? Th« ounces of «alt In every 100 pounds
Ayer Company, of Lo«rell, Mss». | of food waa a safe proportion. The
bare been maki;^ Ayer * Pill« fo r. station baa not advised tbe feeding
lixty years. If yoa hive the «light-| of any «alt to young chic»« or until
oubt about using these pills. ««■
doctor. Ask h.m first, that a best. they are two or three
■ t o t U I c »ram no- «— x » —*■ i
Mr. Stephen H olbrooke, S ec ’r
Painless Dentistry
W. L. DO U G L A S
<2.50 *3.00 <3.50 <4.00 >4.50$<5.0S'
W ise D ental Co.,i-«.
booklet h o w io d v «. bleach and mu-----------