Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, August 04, 1910, Image 8

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The ( Additional Local Items I
of General Interest
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Telescopes and Suit cases at,
H. E. Witham was in town
F. M. Starret was in Portland
A. G. Hoffman was doing bus-
iuess in Portland Friday.
J. C. • VJ
o f the
J iL H V i i w
i v u v iH ii
Victor Brown o f Wilson was civil war, has been seriously ill
I at his home on third street. Mr.
j visiting his father Sunday.
Giltner has the “ Grippe” due to
REMEMBER—Dr. Booth guar­
a cold contracted on a recent out­
antees all glasses for 1 year, tf
ing to Tillamook.
H. W. Scott and family spent
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hugo
Saturday and Sunday in Port-
Limber o f this city, are receiving
; congratulations from their many
Mrs. S. J. Sparks has been friends, this week, the occasion
seriously ill the past week at her | being the arrival of a son and heir,
home on Third street.
Monday being his birthday.
Com er Store
Miss Gertude Allen spent a few
Miss Francis Lake of The
¡days last week with Alline John­ Dalles spent Saturday evening
son at Springhill farm.
with Amy Thomas. Miss Lake
college here two years
Mrs. Edna Brown returned
| Monday from a pleasant vaca­ ago and was on her way to visit
Miss Beula Ireland o f Greenville.
tion spent at Newport.
Right Goods - Right Prices
Courteous Service
Com er Store
Oregon Land & Trading Co.
Edward Seymour, Mgr.
Farm and City Property
Forest Grove, Oregon
Both Phones
M. J. Abbott
Jeweler and Optician
Watch Repairing A Specialty
P aterson Block
Forest Grove
P a c if ic A v e n u e
Secretary Wilson, in his visit to
day and Sunday in Portland at­
tending the camp meeting.
Oregon, says that when the Pan­
The Misses G. Kirkwood, ama Canal is completed the apple
Elizabeth Swanson, Anna New­ growers o f this state will have the
man and Vesta Greer, left Wed- world’ s markets at their feet.
nesday fo r a three weeks camp­ This confirms the optimistic view
ing trip on Wilson River.
expressed by Homer C. Atwell,
Benjamin Reeher, from Reeh- president o f the State Horticult­
er’ s camp was in town the latter ural Society, in an interview
part o f last week. Young Mr. published
exclusively in the
Reeher is rearing cowlets and
p r e s s some weeks ago.
pullets during his college vaca-
“Windy Jim” Discourses
tt •
“ It was gittin’ teu be ’ bout fly
time out at Forest Grove,” said
“ Windy Jim” as he slapped one
o f these pesky critters which had
the nerve to alight on his hand.
“ An’ I was workin’ on a dairy
ranch a milkin’ cow s.”
“ The
flies was a gittin’ purty numer­
ous everywhere.”
“ The hired gurl was purty fly
an’ the boss was beginin’ teu get
fly an’ a lot o f fellers camped
along the > creek was about the
flyest bunch I ever struck an’
you bet I struck some o f em ’
purty hard ’ till won feller laid
me out with a fish pole.”
“ There was green flies, an’
Mrs. Grace Irma Greer, of
Captain Peters, living in South
flies, an’ house flies, an’
¡Park, has been under the weath- Hillsboro, died at her home last
flies, an’ my how the time
Thursday. Mrs. Greer was the
ey several days this week. .
most supper time al­
daughter o f Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
The Misses Ava and Beth
“ Well the boss got
Ballard, o f Hillsboro, and was
Carlyle and Edna Mills attended
an’ ketched a lot of
j camp meeting in Portland last held in much esteem by a large flies; it was sticky stuff an’ when
circle o f friends.
j week.
we went fishin’ we fished with
Captain F. S. Barnes, the fam­
Christian Church, Subjects: 11
flies, they was al! sticky with the
ous bow maker, and veteran of
¡o ’clock, “ The Vine and the
dope so we stuck ’em on teu the
the civil war o f ’61, has every
¡Branches.” 8 o ’ clock, “ Decisive
hooKs an’ when the fish bit they
copy of the Century Magazine,
; Battles.”
jist closed on them hooks an’
begining with its first issue, No­
E. J. Fisher and family left vember, 1881,up to the current thar they were stuck plum fast,
[ Wednesday mornirg for a two number. The Captain has 20 o ,!y none of ’ em bit so we didn’t
| weeks outing on the upper Ne- bound volumes o f the magazines, i. ketch any fish.” “ But the mus-
keetos bit alright an so did the
! halem.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hall o f flies which was so blamed thick
Fred Fogle was taken quite Portland visited this week with that the sun couldn’ t shine
sick Sunday and Dr. Tucker was the formers parents, Mr. and | through em .”
called. He is now doing very | j^rs
M. E. Hall, In this city, on
..WeI|> the boss an’ me we got
| nicely.
j their way home from an outing teu shooin’ the flies off o f won of
Columbia Graphaphones and at Tillamook. Everett and Gladys the neijfhbors calves tin the flies
j records will help to pass an even- walked from Astoria to Tillamook got go thick an- big that we
| ing away. Get them at the Foi - and came trom there tins far by couldn>t
whieh was the calf
j est Grove Pharmacy.
an’ shooed it away by mistake.”
Judge W. M. Langley o f this “ When it landed up in our field
Mrs. S. F. Barnes o f this city,
has been seriously ill the past few city, has received the card of Mr. it was in such a condition that it
j days but is reported as being and Mrs. Sidney Plumb Langley, had teu be made into veal an’
Langley ranch, Moreland, Kan­ sold teu the butcher shop.” “ I
much improved.
with pure crushed fruits for flavoring.
You are not limited to crushed fruits, how­
to which is attached a fairy got six dollers outen it an’ the
George Littlehales, head clerk
ever. O ur C hocolate I ce C ream S odas
bearing the name Esther. boss got three years board an’
in Hoffman and Allen store, left
and N ut S undaes are simply delicious.
maid arrived in Kan­ logein’ which I didn’ t consider a
| yesterday for a two weeks vaca­
Mr. Sidney Lang­ fair division so I quit the job an’
tion at Newport.
ley is a brother of the Judge.
aint gone back yit.”
That gasolene stove you need
Pacific Ave.
Forest Grove
Otto Seidelman, living in the
can be purchased at Hinman’ s,
Announcement of
west o f town, while work­
two and three burners, with or
ing at the bottom o f a 50-foot well
without ovens.
Geo. G. Hancock
last week, was struck on the
L. W. Trowbridge, a traveling
head by a falling bucket, which
man o f Spokane, is visiting at the
To the voters of
cut a gash requiring several
Washington County, Oregon:
; home o f his half-brother, Rev. E.
Fresh and Sailed Meats. Heme Made Park Sausage “ Just
stitches to close. The injury is
I hereby announce myself as a
V. Stivers, in this city.
Like Dad Used to Make ‘ Down on the Farm.' ”
very painful, but Mr. Seidelman candidate for the oti ce o f Sheriff
The family o f T. H. Littlehales is congratulating hum >lf that his o f Washington County, subject
to the endorsement ot the pri­
left Wednesday for Seaside, head was not knocked off.
mary electio n to be held on Sep-
Cash Paid for Hide«
Fre»h Fi«h
21th. 191?.
and Pelt«
Every Thursday
oreezes for some weeks.
If I am nominated and elected
an automobile trip Saturday and
A watch is a necessity toevery ! Sunday,going as far as Sheridan, I will during my term of office,
P H O N E S B E L L 241 M O O R E & W 1 L H E L M S O N
man. woman, boy or girl. Shear-, Mr. Scott states that the crops faithfully and impartially dis­
charge the duties thereof, and
; er can supply you, with the best up in that section are not as good
give to the people o f this county
at right prices.
as those around Forest Grove, an efficient and at the same time
Mrs. T. H. Littlehales and but they beat this county on a -"1 economical ad. inistration.
I further stite that I will give
daughters Margaret and Winnie good roads. He thinks the peo­ the business o f that office my
left for Newport Wednesday ple o f Washington county will personal attention, w ith courtesy
never have good roads until they and fair tieatn er.t to all.
morning for a two weeks stay.
are built in a scientific manner.
G e o . G. H ancock .
When you buy your new wagon
jack, get the “ Union.” Simplest,
stongest and p o s t useful. Once
used always used. J. B. Mat­
Compare Y ou r Tim e
thews. A gen t
Try our invigorating and refreshing
Forest Grove fUeat
Albert C. M ackrodt SELLS
Dr. William Pollock and Dr.
Charles Pollpok left last week
for the Neitfdem where they will
fish and mint for a fortnight
E. M. F. 3 0 & Flanders 2 0
Repairing of All Kinds A Specialty — Best W ork
Forest Grove,
Any article o f summer milli­
nery at Miss Kirkwood’s Milli­
nery Parlors will be sold at a
great reduction for the next
three weeks.
LeRoy Needham and family,
EL G. Mills and family and Mr.
with a reliable clock
Y o u find it fast or slew, and
should have it attended to at
the earliest possible moment by
T h e M ain Street Jeweler