Forest Grove press. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1909-1914, July 28, 1910, Image 9

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    Live Items of Local Interest
Compiled by the Hustling, Bustling, Rustling
Local Reporters of the Press
Miss Dean was in
iGo to Andersons for the mid-
A. G. Hoffman was doing busi-
ness in Portland Friday.
A. B. Capies is assisting Harry
Giltner in the store this week.
B£iss Grace Dickison spent Sun-
George NeGee, brother o f Mrs.
in Portland visiting friends. J. X. Shannon Sundayed^in Port-
|Frank Smith,of Portland,visit- land.
Miss Anna Cornelius over Sur- Miss Julia Stroeder.of Portland
-v '
visited with Miss Grace Dickison
I k . m . Stevens, of Black rock. Monday evening.
Miss Kathrine Shannon spent
*" ^B *hington, is spending a few
days in town.
Sunday in Hillsboro, with hersist-
■ V ictor Cropp, o f the Verboort e>\ Mrs. E. B. Tongue,
section, was a business visitor to
r>... T1 .
this city Saturday.
r. Bhl Iklker- a c h i n g in the
Kansas City neighborhood,was a
■ tin m a n has the best tents in Grove visitor Saturday,
the city. You want to look them ...
. ^
oyer before you buy.
, ‘ work cone 111 i)r- Loot.'. s
Optical Parlors guaranteed.
K gC .O .R oe and wife, visited with With Booth Jewelry Co.
N. Johnson and family, at
Horses sent for and delivered
Spring Hill farm Sunday.
to any part of the City, hid
^ ■ M n h p Kinzer and wife, and Phone No. S22. Harris & Mark-
^ ® lb :* r McEldowney and wife, ham.
the week-end gt Newport.
v, , , .
N.L. Atkins came out Saturday
■■OK S A L E -Jersev cow, giv- night aid went to th® Cronin
«it ,ojir gallons milk |>er day. ranch on Scoggin creek fo r a few
SjA.. Moulton,Forest Grove. 3:)-2t days outing.
You should try a glass o f that
Miss Margaret Hinman went
delicious soda, all flavors, at to Portland Saturday to visit for
Shearer’s. It will quench your several days with relatives and
John Wilson Macrum and wife,
Dick Raycraft and wife, form­
erly o f this city, now living at went to Amity on Thursday of
Hillsboro, were visitors to the last week,to visit with Mrs. Mac-
rum’s brother, and thence to
Grove Sunday.
Newport where they spent the
Benonia Wells, of Merna, Ne­
week-end with Mrs. Willis Goff.
braska, was in town Friday, visit­
Dr. Tucker and family, M. S.
ing the families of A.G. Hoffman
and family, Wm. Westen
and M. S. Allen.
and family, Mr. Kolpitz and
Col. S. C. Spencer,of Portland. family, and Mrs. Wright and
who is spending the week at his daughter, made up a jolly crowd
farm near Gaston, drove into o f picnicers on Gales creek Sun­
town Friday in his auto.
Miss Laura Luce, who is spend­
Mrs. Jesse R. Capies, o f Port­
ing the summer on a farm near land. daughter o f A. B. Thomas
Shells, visited at her mother’s and w ife o f this city, with her
home in this city Sunday.
son and daughter, is occupying a
Mrs. Dr. Higgs and daughter,
Lillian, and Ethel Repass, of
Portland, visited over Sunday
wilii the family o f A.G.Hoffman.
Mrs. R. W. Lancefieid, former-1
ly of this City, but now living on
their Yamhill county farm, spent
several days the past week at
Ben Dooley,of Banks,a mighty
hunter o f big game when that
thriving town was yet wild, was
a business visitor to the Grove
1 Saturday.
Low Round-Trip
Excursion Fares
St. Paul
St. Louis
New York
And Other Eastern Points
On Sale
August 3rd., 1 9 1 0
For rates, sleeper reservations, and full information address
A. L. Ruff, A. G. F. & P. A.
Oregon Electric Railway
Portland, Ore.
Fire Chief Joe Lenneville went
to Portland last week and pur­
chased a new nozzle for the fire
hose. The new'nozzle is flexible,
and can be bent in anv direction
or shape. When a fire laddie is
in close quarters when fighting a
blaze, he can bend the nozzle
and direct the stream where he
Joe and Robert Knox, young
sons of J. Knox, living at the
northwest edge o f town, each
suffered an accident to the foot
during the past week; Joe step-
ing on a piece of glass, which al­
cottage at Seaside during the most severed one of his toes, and
summer months. Jesse goes up Robert getting a toe tangled in
from Portland each week-end the spokes o f a bicycle wheel,
which tore the member badly.
and spends Sunday with them.
Mrs. John Wilson Macrum will
B p s . L. C. Walker, Miss Elda
Ba nner Bryant, o f Clatskine. entertain the Fluer-de-Lis Club
nn 1
'L L. Griswold, spent Sunday in Portland, on his and gentlemen friends this even­
now located ;n a cottage on way to Sheridan where he will ing, at the home o f her mother, i
jP“ Avenne, Seaside, tor the work with a surveying party.
Mrs. L. Watt.
pmer season.
bam Lawrence, this year s
State Game Warden Robert 0.
Ehnrles Smith the painter,who graduate of th® Washington Stevenson and daughter. Miss
|s raised in this city, came out University law school, and an S evenson, were visitors at the
Portland, accompanied by alumnus o f Pacific University, Langley Camp on Rhoderick
family, Friday, for a short wont to Portland Tuesday.where creek Sunday. We do not un ler-
lit with relatives in the Grove, he will probably make arrange- stan l that Warden “ Bob” was
larlev is getting tired of Port- ments to enter into partnershi > making the visit in his official
laljpd and may locate at Banks or with some lawyer already estab- capacity, as Judge Langley has
fished in the 'p®^! . rofesdon
p®*! i.-iiHrirr nothin'? big time.
W ANTED—Position as book­
keeper by a young man o f excell­
ent ability and reputation. Re­
ferences given. Address, Book­
keeper, Box 137, Forest Grove.
Buys A H eap
Sells Cheap
J. E. Farmer, Agent
Ore. Elec, Ry.
Forest Grove, Ore.