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    Halley’s Comet Preparine for
(Jf gRICK,
A great deal has appeared in Heth<111 F<lr Construct^ a Road
public print during the last six
°f This Material.
months about Halley’s Comet,
yet it is probably true that a GRADING IMPORTANT FACTOR
great many people have even yet
no very definite idea of what it F o r S a t is f a c t o r y R e s u l t s th e B e d M u s t
is, why it is famous, and espec­ B e E n t ir e ly F re e F r o m D e p r e s s io n s .
P r o p e r a n d E c o n o m ic a l W a y o f L a y ­
ially when it should be looked for.
g th e B r ic k .
The editors o f the Index have
an address before a recent engl-
asked President Ferrin to write
a brief article treating o f these
m atters tor benefit o f our read-
ers. He has prepared the fol-
low ing'
tfiat the conting o f sand will not ab­
sorb any moisture from the cement, one-half Inch of sand shall
be spread over the whole surface, and
In case the work Is subjected to a
hot summer sun an occasional sprin­
kling. sufficient to dampen the sand,
should be followed for two or three
The Inst steps upon which depend
the highest possibilities of the brick
street are the proper rolling of the
brick after they are in the street and
the Ironing out of any slight depres­
sions found to exist.
The Parents and Teachers’ dub
will meet at the High School
building next Friday evening at Chronicled by the Field Re­
8 p. m.
The following is the
porter of the Pre»*
program: Music by the High
School; The noon lunch, Miss
Fred Mills is driving the milk
Swanson; Our children’s associ­ wagon again for Mr. Killin.
ates, Mrs. M. S. Allen; Music;
The rain the past week put a
Question box.
stop to the farmers plowing.
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H alley’ s Comet is perhaps the
most celebrated celestial body in
u- ..
a i.
all the history o f Astronomy.
Its prominence is due to two
facts in regard to it. N ot only
. ,,
c ,,
has it been in the past one o f the
largest and most brilliant o f
comets, at times fairly rivaling
neering convention in Indiana on the
R e m o v e A ll
R u b b is h
P re serve
construction of brick highways W. L.
T r e e s to M a k e H ig h w a y s A tt ra c t iv e .
m ajr said: A brick highway to be en-
The Sixth grade will soon take
No matter how smooth and well
tirely satisfactory must be entirely
their final examination in Phys­ codkmcted the traveled road may be,
free from depressions, every part con­
if^^proudsides are not cared for the
forming to the grade. This result iology.
highway as a whole will not give a
must be anticipated in the preparation
The attendance is good and good impression. All rubbish should
of ,he s!Uld cushion, first spread at the
estimated depth o f two Inches and only a few tardy marks so far be removed, the excavations should be
,jlese depressions avoided by the use
filled and embankments smoothed and
this month.
of a hnnd roller weighing from 300 to
planted with grass wherever It will
Next Friday is class day in the grow. Unsightly brush should be cut
400 pounds, additional sand applied,
rolled and screeded again at least High School. Something will be and grubbed out. Sometimes, however,
three tlmeg At the last breeding it
| the brush aud small trees if suitably
will be found that the uncompressed doing all day.
: trimmed add to the attractiveness of
sand w*,] not be over one-<iuarter inch
; the roadside.
the sun in brightness, but more
than that, it was the first o f the
large comets which was proved
. i
, a • •
to have a definite orbit, moving
about the sun in a definite period
o f years. The man who estab-
i- ,u,„i
n i
ished this fact was Sir Edmund
Halley, astronomer-royal o f E n g-
Previous to his time,
ln, t? ^ t a ^ t a ^ etta tta ironing out
what few depressions remain and corn-
pneting the brick into the cushion but
very little sand will be pushed Into
th/ lnterstkes by tUe fl„ al‘ roiiing.
The brick should be dropped in
straight lines upon the sand cushion,
with the best edge o f the brick upper-
Economv for lhe coritructor
would require that the brick be
brought to and deposited within reach
comets were supposed to be er-
ratlC wanderers, moving1 here
and there throughout the uni-
v e r s e s u h ic c t to n o law
e y
were regarded as
heavenly bodies whose move-
;,f, ‘ h® person " h°
brick In a way that will accommodate
his method of dropping them ill place,
Insuring the best edge Uppermost. But
Pr‘‘v,ons to dropping the brick In the
street attention must be siven to the
necessary provision for the expansion
cushion next to the curb,
ments could not be foretold, and
bonr? I" “
'/e prepare<‘ *>y
. .
beveling a Joist eight Inches in width,
whose occasional Visits to the the thickness determined largely by
earth were supposed to be accom- tbo width of the street. Even in a
panied by the most direful and narro'v 8treet the expansIon tU8ll,on
dreadful calamities. W ars, pes­
tilence, famine, earthquakes and
all sorts of fearful disasters were
ascribed to the influence o f com­
ets. Ever since Halley proved
that the large comet which ap­
peared in the year 1682 was gov­
erned in its movements by the
same laws which control the
motions o f the earth and the
moon and other celestial bodies,
so that it was possible to foretell
its coming with a good degree of
accuracy, the m ystery attending
the movements o f comets has
largely disappeared.
True, there are questions in
regard to them, that astronomers
are not able to answ er; but they
are no longer regarded with
dread, as harbingers o f ev il,
» ,.
bringing ail sorts o f disaster to
the people o f the earth. They
are simply bodies in the universe,
I* i .
extrem ely light, composed in
considerable part o f exceedingly
rare gases, but controlled in their
From Good Roads Magazine. New York,
wku . built brick roadway .
«bourn not be loss than one inch, one
nnd one-quarter Indies for n thirty foot
,( reet aiuj one a„ j one-half inches for
n width exceeding thirty feet. This
board should be placed next to the
curb, worked slightly Into the sand
oushlon 1>efore the , 4 k are laid and
remain until the street is finished in
al1 ° ,her respects, after which it should
motions absolutely by the same fulk)Wlnf the applkatl0I/ of (Ue co.
laws o f motion and gravitation meat filler
which we recognize on the earth.
Aftcr ,he brl, k are dropped into the
i, n ,
street the surfnee should bo swept.
Halley s comet appears every 76 pm.QUtioI> thorotofora exercised that
Its return to the region no brick go Into the street which are
o f the earth this year was fore- dirty, or, after ill. that they are not
. i ,
f. ,
made so by use, ns It Is Impossible
told many je a r s ago.
It ha8 for ,
cement filler to adhere to a
been visible through the tele- dirty surfacing. After the sweeping
scopes since October, and is get- thorough roiling must take place by
the use of a roller not weighing over
ting nearer and becoming bright- flve tons
er every day. Just how soon it
The filler shall be composed o f one
can be seen by the naked eye Ir>nrt ca, h of clean' *,iarP s,uul *nd
cannot lie stated with certainty. dry Tho llllItur„, DOt exceed,ng one.
but as it is rapidly approaching third bushel of the sand, together
its perihelion— the point where it
L .,
, . , ..
IS nearest the sun which It Will
reach on April 19, it should be
visible within a very few days
. . .
, , , .
It rises about 4 O clock in
the morning during this week
and should be looked for just be­
fore dawn in the east a few de­
grees north o f the east point o f
the horizon. Index.
What It Waa Lika.
“Goodneas:'' exclaimed a gentleman,
coming Into a restaurant aud eveu tbeu
bolding on bla bat from bablt because
of tba gala blowing outside. “1 never
•aw such a wind In my lifer
-Never maw aucb a wind?” said an­
other “ What a stupid remark! Who
ever saw a wind? Pray wbat la It
-Like?" replied the first speaker.
"Like to bava blown my bat off!"
'vlth, 1*
of cem*nti sha11
be placed In the box and mixed dry
u,mi the mass assumes an even nnd
unbroken shade. Then water shall be
*ddeJ*. formln* « u.iuta mixture of the
consistency o f thin cream,
From the time the water Is applied
until the last drop Is removed aud
floated Into the Joints of the brick
pavement the mixture must be kept
In constant motion.
To avoid the possibility o f thicken­
ing at any point there should be a
man with a sprinkling can, the bend
perforated with small holes, sprinkling
tho surface ahead of the sweepers.
Within one-half to three-quarters of
an hour after this last coat Is applied
and the grout between the joints has
fully subsided and the initial set is
taking place the whole surface must
be slightly sprinkled nnd all surplus
mixture left on the tops o f the brick
•wept luto the Joints.
After the Joints are thus filled flush
with the top o f the brick and sufficient
tim e for hardening baa vL/o-ed, so
Earl Ryals was having some
dental work done in Forest Grove
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Q. Killin spent
Saturday with Will Thornburgh
o f Banks.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore o f Hills­
boro are the guests o f their son
this week.
Miss Helen Chalmers of Forest
Grove spentJSunday with her pa­
rents at Roy.
Mr. and Mrs. Darity o f Glen­
coe are visiting at the Rieling
home this week.
Mrs. Gardner w as absent two
All trees which are ornamental or
days this week and Mrs. Bogges which have value as shade trees
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ryals
taught in her place.
should be preserved and protected un­ were the guests of 0 . W. Hum­
less they grow so close together as to
Our Botany class will soon be make a dense shade. In hot, dry cli­ phrey’s Sunday.
Louis Roy whitewashed his or-
ready to analyze flowers and go mates particularly and Indeed In most
places trees are a considerable factor
last week, which certain-
on specimen excursions.
in reducing the cost of maintenance
since they lessen the evaporation of | ly gives it a fine appearance.
Forest Grove and Hillsboro the moisture from the macadam. In
High Schools will have a contest exposed places, where the sweep of
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rieling are
the wind would be otherwise unbro­ the proud parents o f a fine boy
debate at Hillsboro May 21.
ken, they serve to prevent in a meas­
that came to their home Sunday
Our school w ll soon cPsa and ure the blowing away of the binder
from the road surface. Unfortunately evening.
preparations are bei ’ g made for In such places It Is often difficult to
Considerable work has been
fitting exercises for the last aay. make trees grow. Care in the selection
of the kinds of trees best suited to the done on the roads lately in this
As we now have a full High locality Is important.
vicinity, but still there is lots o f
A good arrangement along roadsides
School and are only doing three
for improvement.
for trees with large tops is to set them
years work this year, there will about fifty feet apart on each side, but
Hops in this vicinity are ma k-
be no commencement at our close. alternating, so that there will be a tree
every twenty-five feet along the road.
ing wonderlul progress, despite
Miss Todd who was absent tw o ,
the unfavorable weather. John
U s e i f a D r a g o n G r a v e l ly R o a d s .
days on account of the illness o f
In soils full of loose stones or even Parsons can hardly find sufficient
her sister returned Wedesday. small bowlders the drag has done help to train his vines as rapidly
Miss Inez Luce taught for heron good service. The loose stones are as their growth dem grids.
drawn into a windrow down the cen­
ter of the road, while the earth is de­
The Ladies’ Aid society met at
Six o f our teachers attended a posited around the bowlders In such the home o f Mrs. W. W. Phillipp
a way that the surface is leveled.
local institute held at Tualatin The loose stones in the center of the on Wednesday, the 6th inst.
last Saturday. Miss Scroggs took road should j f course be removed. There were 17 present and a very
a class of four girls to demon­ Where there is a large proportion of interesting meeting was held.
small stones or gravel the drag will
strate a painting lesson in water keep down the inequalities in the sur­ Delicious
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