Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, November 12, 1908, Image 4

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    needed in the near future, The to remain in its place or not.
Donate whatever money you may be
commission has borne in m in d
able to spare or send a sack of pota-1
the fact that Forest Grove
toes, a bag of onions, a sack of flour;
Published every Thursday by
Washington County Publishing Co; , grow and expand
or, send to the school through your'
clothed in a new garb of
children, a package of coflee, a few
potatoes, a pound of rice, a chicken, a i
Entered at the post-office
package of sugar,—or, in fact anything |
Grove, Oregon, as second class
been given the name of
mail matter.
______________ “Prettiest town in Oregon,” and that is U5e,,1>in * household, and the
Subscription *1.50 P.r Your Iron, the slandpo.n. of Nature's
1"~" ""
works it is justly named but |lom ,be chate„ „ „
„ ,0 lhe
■■__ :-------------------- :--------------- from the standpoint of munici- Boys- & Girls’ Aid Society, at Portland,
PBP#F Washington Co. pa] improvement it lacks many Oregon. The railroad companies and
A. E. N oitrse ................. MANAGER fathoms. Nature has builded steamboat lines have kindly promised
Frank Borwich 2, Ira Smock 6. E W
J. F. WOODS............................ EDITOR fo r u s an ideal location for a t0 deadhead all such supplies when Johnson 6, S N Poole 6, C F Hall 6,
city: she has provided the foli mar'£ed plainly “ Boys’ & Girls’ Aid A S Craven 6, Abner Briggs 2.50, J 0
THURSDAY, NOV. 12, 1908
; Society, Portland, Ore.”
All commu-
I age for shade, the slopes
| nications to be addressed to W. T.
Now the mills are opening up drainage, the mountains ^o r Gardner, Supt., Bovs’ & Girls’ Aid St­
and thousands are going to 5 pure water and many other ciety, Portland. Those wishing chil-
things but we have aided but dren apply as above; children of all
very little. W e need concrete at?es on hand.
Four Democratic governors sidewalks, macademized streets,
^ ^
w N Barrettj
have been elected in as many a sewer system, a water works, PrM. B B Bowman> Secy. and
strongly Republican s t a t e s , a public building and many jreas.; Prof. M. C. Case, Mrs. Estella
Isn’t that an indication that the other things before we can M. Thorne and Mrs. A. B. Wagguer.
people rule?
claim, from a municipal stand- _ M
point, the Prettiest town in celebrated Stiilson and Kellog Loggers
About a year ago the road Oregon.” The News does not and ais0 A- A_ Cutters, Crussers and
districts of Thatcher and South blame anyone in particular for Loggers.
Forest Grove voted a special the retarded growth and lack of
tix for the purpose of construct- improvement, but it does blame
h g permanent roads within the two by four charter that has
respective boundaries. had sway for the past decade.
Following are a portion of the bills
allowed by the County Court at its reg-
From all indications the im­
The Children s Home.
ular session held Wednesday, Nov. 4:
provements made have given
The management of the Boys’ & John Nyberg, R & A ...........8 168.49
satisfaction and have been a boon
330 45
, , ...
Girls’ Aid Society feel that it is only C Christensen
to the permanent road building
. , , .
,. .
, ,
........... 147.10
• \xr
necessary to remind their many friends Otta Nicholson
in Washington County. There tbat Thanksgiving day will soon be C E Meacham
yet remains, however, much bere again, and with it comes the an- V G Hagery
24 00
" ....
more improving to be done in nual expectancy that always accom- S T Walter
these districts and before the panies this time of year. A hard year’s James Churchill " . . . .
time shall have elapsed. The work has been done by the Society in F W Livermore “ . . . .
I the effort to care for the dependent Thos A Wilkes “ . . . .
News again urges that steps be
“ ___
children of the State, to investigate S E Olson
tiken to provide the same means cases of ,eported abllse and t0 aid S icurity Vault &
as before, and continue to d o SO those who were unable to help them-
M Wks “
Goff Bros
“ ....
from year to year, until the selves.
Nearly every county in the State LaGvande Cry Co “
roads are permantly built. The
time for levying another tax
institution. The number received from J H McNamer, L iv ery .........
will expire with the first day of
all sources the fiscal year was 372, out G G Hancock, Bd ol Prison’s
January hence the necessity of i of which number 207 were entirely
Refund of tax
quick action.
j new cases and received Irom the lollow-
salary & deputy 225.00
i ing counties:
Baker 5, Benton 5,
The labors of the Charter | Clackamas 3, Clatsop 1, Columbia 1,
Commission created by the Coos 1, Crook 2, Douglas 6, Jackson 1,
Council sometime ago have Josephine 2, Klamath 2, Lane 12,
Linn 5, Malheur 2, Marion 5, Multno­
finished and an instrument by mah 117, Sherman 8, Tillamook^^
which the city may forge ahead, Union 3, Umatilla 5, Wallowa 2, Was.
providing it is accepted by the co 5, Washington 9, Yamhill 6.
Of these new cases, 131 are boys,
people, has been filed with the
76 girls. The average age of the
City Recorder. It has long
is 10.7; the average of the
since been apparent that the
I boys 9.3.
city has outgrown its present
It may be interesting to know that
charter and the last city election be^dM ^ 6 0 children on hind . t .‘he
cim ed as a paromont issue, a Receiving Home at Portland the Soci-
c ’larter revision. I he docu- ety has under its care throughout the
ment carries all the features State of Oregon nearly 600 children
t'lat will give the council a wid- * ^ese children are placed out in family
___ t
■ ■
, _
homes under the supervision of the
er range of municipal govern-
Society s agents. A report is made to
mint: ’ it paves
the way
. office
* on every case visited,
r .
v for the the
telling „
n imerous improvements that are tbem bow the child is getting along
n )W needed and th a t will be and whether thev would recommend it
Forest Grove Real Estate Company
Office a t the B azaar next to the Postoffce.
Some of this week's Bargains
7-room house and barn, 3 lots
with some fruit. This is the best
bargain in town a t.............$1100
A good house and lot in Forest
Grove, with some fruit, good lo­
cation. A snap for............. $900
A 5-room modern cottage with
lot 50x100 ft. located in South
Park. Price $1050, $400 down
balance $6 per month.
10 Acres one mile from Forest
Grove, good house and barn,
running water, plenty of fruit, fine
location............................ $2500
38 Acres of land 7 miles from
Forest Grove, 30 acres cleared,
house and barn, 8 acres in fruit,
on milk and mail route, also close
to school aud church.. . . $2500
280 Acres of land, 125 acres in
cultivation, 120 acres in pasture
balance in timber. Good 8 room
bouse, wind mill and two barns.
This place is located 7 miles from
Forest Grove on milk and mail
route, has springs, running water
and large orchard.
This place
can be had lor $40 per acre on
eaay terms
2-acre corner lot all in fruit, with
large 8 room house, also chicken
houses. Price...................$2500
10 Acres one mile from Forest
Grove all under cultivation, good
family orchard with choice fruit.
Price................................. $1600
8 Acres with house and barn,
large orchard located one and one
half miles from Forest Grove and
close to the new Electric Rail
Road stat ion. Price........ $2100
5 Acres of land with new house
and barn located i mile from R.
R. station, land is all under cul-
tivaion and on good county road.
P rice.................................. f t 060
12 Acres l j miles from railroad
station. 8 acres cleared, balance
in pasture, small house and barn,
some fruit, good spring.
land is located on a good coun­
try road. P r i c e .................. $950
60-Acre ranch, 30 acres cleared,
5-room house, barn and orchard
good spring. This ranch is lo­
cated 4 miles from R. R. station
and can be had for $35 an acre,
$500 down, balance on long time
exp sh’f’s of’ce 112.74
J C Miller, canvas board
C E Kindt “
Max Crandall, sheriff’s office
A J Roy, relief ....................
J W Bailey, salary and deputy 229.35
Willis Ire la n d ...................
Beall & Co, R & H ......................35
Mays Bros
Hillsboro Argus, supplies. . . .
116 50
Delta Drug Store. “
John Vanderwal, C H ..........
110 00
Nelson Hardware Co, supplies 113 43
City Water & Light, C H . .
30 50
Wash Co Pub Co, printing.
Ind Tele Co, telephone...
F M Kelsev, R & H ...........
12 00
M C Case, salary and exp. .
80 30
............. 19.00
Thos H Tongue, Jr, dist attv
D B Reasoner, b ridges......... 403 55
Following accounts were allowed on
account of election:
J I Northrup $2.50, G F Johnson $6,
L M Holt $6, J I Northrup $7.20, J
H Davis $6, Francis Chalmers $6, John
Loftus 5, Chas Miller 6, A E McCum-
sey 6, J H Rinck 6, C A Peterson 6,
N P West 6, C A Peterson 3, A W
Pike 8, John Johnson 6, B B Reeves
2.50, Erwin Ritter 6, J A Peterson 6,
J J Wisher 6, Nels Johnson 6, D C
Burner 6, Fred Berger 8, Ed Dixon 6,
H H Clark 7.20, H F Gordon 6, Thurs­
ton Buxton 6, C C Nelson 6, Olaf
Johnson 6, Thos Murphy 6, S L Hol­
lenbeck 6, G P Essner 6, J J Meacham
9 20. F F Hawley 6. W E Pittenger 6.
Ira Banett 6, S Wilson 8, Peter Bos-
cow 6, A C Shute 6. R H Greer 6, F
D Gardner 6, J T Fletcher 6, R U
Peterson 6, A B Caples 7.20, W M
Langley 6, Willis Goff 6, John Thorn­
burg 6, W H McCormick 6, C R
Adams 6, Dan Burkhalter 7.60, C E
Deichman 6. Benton Bowman 6, Geo
Thedford 3, J A Moore 6, John Den­
nis 6, G A Paterson 6, Daniel Crowin
6. J H Wirtz 6, John Browich 6, Adrain
Daut 6, George Jack 6, Juddy York 6,
Dane Wheeler 6, J B Imlay 6 5 0 ,1
and Ranges
Gustin 10, Aaron Denny 2, Jas Down­
ing 6, Harry Robinson 6, L S Bailey 6,
A V Denny 6, Ole Olson 6, S N Poole 6
—R H. Kaltz. piano tuner, will be
in the Grove about November 15th.
Leave orders for tuning at Bazaar. 19
The famous Charter Oak heat­
— Dr. Lowe, the well known eye spe­
cialist is now at Hotel Laughlin to re­
main till 4 o’clock Saturday afternoon.
il 111111 ri » y
ing stoves are the best heat
producers with the least fuel of
— Farmers intending clearing land
should phone or write M. Turner of
Banks for prices on Stump powder,
caps and fuse.
any stoves on the market. As
— Fine line of ladies handkerchiefs
at Kirkwood’s Millinery.
—See display of Onyx ware at Carl
Hinman’s Hardware Store on Pacific
— Miss Gertrude Kirkwood carries a
complete line of toilet articles for
— White River Flour made of best
Eastern Oregon wheat for sale at Bai-
ley’s Big Store.
Range, prices range from
for Ranges there are no better
makes than the Real Estate
$26 to $50
— Dr. Wendt’s office is in Forest
Grove National Bank Building, Res­
idence at Dr. Ward’s place.
— Watch the Book Store “ Specials!”
— Miss Kirkwood has received some
very pretty combs in the very latest
designs. Call and see them
B e stem noun*
Successor to S. U. Hughes
F orest G rove
O regon
In Dining Room Furniture which cannot, be dupli­
cated in Oregon
W e have a few
“Golden Oak Quarter Sawed Finish” Extension
Dining Tables with set of six chairs to match,
which we will
G iv e
this week for tbe rediculously low price of
$ 19.50
for the complete set of table and chairs. This would
ordinarily cost, you from $25 to $30 and is a boni
fide bargain. We have the goods to prove it,.
Table 44 inch top; 5 inch heavy legs.
Don’t, fail to see us. We can save you money on
anything in House Furnishings.
r aterson Bldg.
Forest Grove, Oregon