Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 24, 1908, Image 3

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    Im practicable D em ocratic
tion fo r Trust C ontrol.
Convincing Exposition o f Fallacy of
B ryan ’s Panacea for Solving
Problem s of Hadern
When we consider remedies that are
proposed for the trusts, we find our­
selves Journeying in a laud of dreams.
Again the magician of 18ÍX1 waves his
wand. At a stroke difficulties disap­
pear and the complex problems of mod­
ern business are forgotten in the fas­
cination of the simple panacea. And,
as the free coinage of silver In the
ratio of lfl to 1 was to destroy the
curse of gold, so the new found specific
of equal perfection is to remove the
curse of industrial oppression. The de­
lusion of 1P08 is comparable only to
that of twelve years ago.
The first sugestión is that the law
should prevent a duplication of di­
rectors among competing corporations.
However advisable it may be to have
4 Indejieudent directorates of competing
corporations. It would seem still more
important to have independent stock­
holders. for i) majority of the stock­
holders o f a cori>oratlon choose the di­
If a law were passed pre­
venting the duplication o f directors It
would easily he evaded in the selection
of men who would represent the snme
Interests. The most ordinary exper­
ie n c e shows that It Is not necessary to
serve on a board o f directors in order
to control Its proceedings. Whatever
the advantage of such a law as Is pro-
I*>sed, it hardly rises to the dignity of
a "remedy," or vindicates its title to a
place In an imposing scheme o f reform
outlined in a national platform.
But the more im|>ortnnt proposal is
"that any manufacturing or trading
corporation engaged in Interstate com­
merce shall be required to take out a
federal license before it shall be per­
mitted to control as much as 25 per
cent of the product In which it deals.”
A license Is permission, and the object
of the remedy Is not to regulate large
businesses, but to destroy trusts. Hence
the supposed efficiency of the plan Is to
be found in the prohibition of the con­
trol by any such corporation “of more
than 50 per cent of the total amount of
any product consumed in the United
States.” This Is another delusion of
It might be Interesting to Inquire
what is the meaning of “ any product
consumed In the United States.” Does
It refer to a class o f commodities?
And, if so, how shall the classes be de­
fined? Or does it refer to each sepa­
rate article of commerce? And, if so,
what account does this projKisal take
of the skill and Initiative of manufac­
turers who have huilt up a more or
less exclusive trade in particular ur-
' tides, often protected by trade-marks,
although In most active competition
with other artl les designed for the
same general purpose and seeking the
same market? In a desire to correct
the evils o f business are we to place
nn embargo upon honest endeavor
whose activities present none of the
abuses requiring remedies? And, if
Tnot, what statutory definitions shall be
found to be adequate and just if we
lay down our prohibition in terms of
volume or ratio o f business and not in
terms o f right and wrong? If we
adopt Mr. Bryan's proposal, to what pe­
riod of production is the prohibition
to apply? Is the excess for a day or
for a month to be considered? Or Is
the average production for a year to be
taken? And what system shall be de­
vised by which suitable information
may be furnished in the nature of dan­
ger signals along the routes of trade
so that the manufacturer may know
when he is about to exceed the pre­
scribed ratio? lie may Justly be re­
quired to govern bis own conduct, but
how shall he be apprised o f the con­
duct of others upon which is to depend
£is guilt or innocence?
The patent laws confer a true
monopoly in the exclusive right to man­
ufacture and sell. Are these laws to
lie repealed because a “private mon­
opoly is indefensible and intolerable?”
exceptions to cover such cases, and we
have learned that it is equally “ binding
as to what it omits.”
If we could imagine such a crude
prohibithm to be enacted Into law. am!
to be regard«! as valid, wbat would be
the effect? Mr. Bryan, with bis usual
readiness, suggests that the concern
may sell as much of Its plants as are
not needed to produce the amount al­
lowed by law. He speaks as though
every manufacturing concern had as
many fully equitqied units of produc­
tion as would correspond to any given
percentage o f trade which it might be
required to lop off. Plants are not so
easily dismembered. Reduction in out­
put means reduction in work, reduction
in the number of men employed and
curtailment of the efficiency of a going
concern. Let us suppose a concern
which controls SO per cent of a given
product—that is to say, makes and
sells gs.tKsi.ooo in value out o f a total
trade in the product amounting to $10,-
000,000. Is It to he compelled to reduce
its output to $2.000,000 because only
$2.1X10.010 in value are made by others?
Then, if It could sell a part of Its plant
on Mr. Bryan’s theory, what should it
sell? Should it sell off enough to re­
duce its capacity to $5.000,000, and
allow three-fifths of its plant to remain
idle until others developed a capacity
for handling the other $5,000,000?
Should It assume that the total trade
will increase and is not always to re­
main at $10,000,000. and hence retain
a larger |K>rtion of Its plant In idle­
ness? Or suppose a concern controls
100 per cent of the trade in some artl
cle, what plants shall It retain? It
can produce nothing until others pro­
duce : lint it may produee an amount
equal to the production of others, and
it holies the trade will grow. Wbat a
vision of business uncertainty and con­
fusion. of idle and impaired plants, of
the ruin of workingmen whose lives
have clustered around particular indus­
tries ami who depend upon their con­
tinued efficiency, is presented by this
fanciful remedy for the destruction of
Apart from this, if the dissolution
were effected in the manner desired
anil portions of plnnts could lie sold
and were sold as suggested, to whom
would the sale he made? Would it be
lie« ssarlly to foes or to those ambi­
tious to he competitors and anxious to
take advantage of its plight?
This proposal In Its utter disregard
of the facts of business, in its substi­
tution of the phantasies of the imagin­
ation for the realities o f life, stanqis
the Democratic platform with the fatal
stamp of 1811(1. The commerce and in­
dustry of tills country, the Interests of
its wage earners and of Its interdepend­
ent masses, who must rely upon the
stability of business, cannot afford to
give license to such vagaries.
In the solemnity with which tills
proposal has been declared, and the in­
sistence with which It is advocated, we
find an appropriate test of the capacity
of our opponents to deal wisely with
the probie'n* of the day.
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Notice to Taxpayers.
The last half of
taxes, where
the first half was paid before the first
Monday in April, 1908, will be due rn
or before Monday, Oct.
5, 1908, ar d
inless paid by that date
interest will
penalty ard
fro n April 6,
1 1908, until paid.
G G. H a n c o c k ,
U -t2 Sheriff Washington C o., Ore.
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