Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 17, 1908, Image 8

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We have almost every thing you cen
think of that you will need and at» the lowest
For instance—Hop gloves, straw cuffs,
hats, sunbonnets, overalls, handkerchiefs,
shoes, stockings, rubbers, umbrellas, mirrors,
belts, slickers, overcoats, and then of course
you’ll want something to eat», and we can
supply your needs in that way.
KO D AK S and
Hines' Drug Store
We will have on display a new
and complete line of Ladies’ and
Misses’ Hats
School Opens Non-
Sept. 21
Bring the Children to
our store and fit them
for the occasion.
Tuesday, September 22nd, 1908
The Public is cordially invited to
Pacific Avenue
T o the F i r s t F i f t y
c a llin g for t h e m , w e w ill p re ­
s e n t for tr ia l a liberal
s a m p le of
pack e d in a useful tin coffee
m e a s u r e . T h i s i3 a n e w grade
w e h a v e j u s t p la ce d in stock,
w h i c h w e can give you at
Forest Grove, Oregon
3 5 C E N T S P E R LB.
A C o n siste n t C h ris tia n w ith No S pot
U pon H is R e co rd of P r i v a te C on­
d u c t a n d P u b lic S e rv ice .
I t ’ s s p le n d id va lu e — full b o d y -
ric h , s a tis fy in g f la v o r — C h a s e At
S a n b o r n q u a l i t y th r o u g h and
th rough.
Imported and Domestic Patterns
and Novelties
You are cordially invited to call
and inspect our stock
To disjHMM* of q u est In ns w hich should
not be asked a s speedily a s |M.sallile let
us say th a t Mr. T a ft is a m em ber of
th e I'n lta rla n church. T h a t w as the
ch u rch of his p a ren ts, a n d he Ims never
s«|>arated him self from It. H is wife,
however. Is a n K plscopallan, a n d he
w orships m ore o ften beside h e r in her
These a re th e facts, w hich a re u tte r ­
ly and a bsolutely u n im p o rta n t
T he
m a tte r of n m an's religion h a s no rig h t­
ful plae* In c o n sid era tio n of hla tit ness tan q u a county. Thfa la 'w h a t he h a s to
fo r the presidency. T h e c o n stitu tio n aay of th e effort o f Mr. tlo n ip e rs to
of the nation, ordained a n d estab lish ed tu rn th e latter vote over to Mr. B ry a n :
"I am a union labor m an. and I w a n t
"to aeettre the hlesalngs o f lib erty to
ourselves and o u r p o ste rity ," expressly to aay fu rth e r th a t no m an can c a rry
ftlHces the very suggest ton o f such the lab o r vote Into th e D em ocratic
cam p. I know how union labor men
thought outside the pale of laitrlo tlsm
No w ords csti lie d e a r e r th a n th ese feel In tltla city, anil tlire e-fo u rth s o f
fro m our country's fum bim ental law , them will sta n d by th e R epublican
"N o religions test ev er sh a ll lie re ­ im rty because only lit th a t way have
q u ire d a s a qualification to a u y oflice they th e a ssu ra n c e of freedom from
o r public tru s t under th e U nited th e business d istu rb an c e th a t Mr. B ry­
a n prom ises for a t least fo u r y e a rs If
S ta te s ."
W e w orkingm en
T h e num erous queries about Mr. he can be elected
T a f t 's rsllgV.ua bellsf show s sim ply the c a n 't e a rn w ages If sta te sm e n a re p u t
e x te n t to w hich his enem ies have gone In office to d is tu rb business and m aks
to rouse som e prejudice again st him. trouble.”
Since th e re w a s no spot upon his whole I
Miss Florence Mott will entertain
c lean record o f p riv ate conduct and
p u b lic se rv ice to w hich they could her Sunday School class Friday after­
p o in t to T a f t's detrim en t they display­ noon at her home.
ed th e ir w illingness to dm evnd to »nv
d e p th of petty, cow ardly, contem ptible
FARM FOR R e n t —Good 126 aerr
a tta c k
th a t m ight do him harm .— larm on North Prairie. Inquire of
P h ilad e lp h ia N orth Am erican
Miss Marie Spiesheart
Liner Column
FOR SALE—Knabe Piano
E. Williams, Forest Grove.
It is all smooth sailing when you place a Liner Ad
in this column. A few words here will reach 5,000
readers and the results are certain. 5c line 1st
insertion, 2Mi cents each subsequent insertion.
Minimum charge 10 cts.
F or RENT —Small ranch. Write
D Pierce, Gales Creek, Ore., phone
9 tf
LIST your farms and other properties No. 32 Ind. Gales Creek.
for sale with T. H. Littlehales, Forest
F or S ale — Dry Fir wood. L. L.
Grove National Bank Building. 27tf
Doane, Forest Grove. Ind. phone
FOR SALE —Shade land
Wonder 5453.
white seed oats. Edward Navlor. 39-tf
Wood Sawing
FOR SALE —Good 7 room house
Wood sawed on short notice small
outside city limits. Pantry and Fruit
house. Lot, 1 acre. Good Orchard orders promptly filled. Residence on
and Barn. Furniture goes with the corner First Ave. and Fourth street.
place. Price $1800; easy terms. T. Ind. phone.
H. Littlehales, Forest Grove, Ore. 46.
J. E. P a tto n .
FOR SALE—Good 7 room house
close to car line $1100. T. H. Little
Vetch Seed for Sale.
hales, Forest Grove, National Bank
variety. Apply to A.
CHALMERS, Forest Grove or farm
FOR SALE—New Cream Separator; near Centerville.
Wm. Kane, Forest Grove.
| capacity 450 lbs, per hour.
U n io n L a b o r V ote,
—We’ll buy your wool and mohair.
Dames, Gaston, Ore., R 1.
ilo u . W illiam II. lluchuuaB la on* of Bring it in.
For Sale.
th o leading union men of woatero New
—Buy Tipless
Electric Lamp
FOR SALE— 4 acre tract with im­
One lot 100x100 feet. A 7 room
York am i in 1W>7 w as th e D em ocratic
provements near town. Tel. 5435. house, well finished, hot and cold
m itd ld a fe fo r a -w n iM v m an . In Chau
burners at V. S. Abraham's.
; Also cow for sale.
water, bath and electric lights, plenty
of fruit. Comer 4th St. and 2nd Ave.
FOR SALE— Dry fir wood. L. L. Price $1500. Also one lot on 2nd
Doane, Forest Grove. Ind. phone Street, 100x100 feet, close to car line
$400. One lot 100x200 feet on 2nd
Ave. Also 5 room house, lot 100
FOR RENT—The building opposite xlOO. plenty of fruit. Price $1150.
| News office, recently occupied as. a See J as . S teph en so n .
barber shop. Edward I.. Naylor. 5-tf
l ;( i r o a t ( i n n i O r » .
I n t J . D i t t i n o - 1 7 .1
— Bailey will buy your Wool and
LOST— Between A. H. Gates' resi-
| dence and Forest Grove, Monday, pair
| gold rim spectacles. Leave at The
State Fair Salem.
News office.
The Southern Pacific will sell round
A Fine Line of Tablets, Pencils,
P<*ns and Inks.
Card Special Saturday
R ooms to R e n t — With or without trip tickets to Salem at one and one
board. Apply at Aunt Ann Smith's third fare. Sept. 14 to 19 inclusive.
Return limit Sep‘t. 20.
residence. College Way.
R ooms TO R e n t —4 large, u n f i­
Cider Apples Wanted.
nished rooms on Pacific avenue. In­
I will buy all the cider apples you
quire of Joe Stream, next door to Hin-
will fetch me. Will take them in any
man’s Hardware.
quantity delivered at Cornelius.
w. h . S t r a t t o n . 9 -tf
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas Roe, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that thé County Court of
Washington County, Oregon, has appointed Mary A.
Roe and Chas. O. Roe executors of the las: wiil and
testament of Thomas Roe, deceased.
And all persons having claims against said estate are
hereby notified to present them to us. pioperly verified,
at the store of Chas. O. Roe 6r Co., Forest Grove, Ore­
gon, within six months from this date.
Dated Sept. 8. 1908.
Executors of the last will and testament of Thomas
Roe, deceased.
Barnett Y. Roe, Atty. for Executors.
10-14 ’
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office, Portland, Oregon«
August 5th, 1908.
is hereby given that Magdalene Hoffma«of!
Or»;-' r.. who. on August 5th, 1908. made tin:-!
. . ' r S ': of NE't and 1«
. : -■ ' n 6, T J N. R 3 W of Will«*
'O, ;.:.s h.fd notice of intention to make final J
pro« f, to ect.-.biish claim to the land above described,I*|
.........Hegis-er and Receiver at Portland, Oregon,"
the 15th day of Octobe., 1908.
Claim.* names as witnesses:
Peter Hoffman, of Bacona, Oregon.
Charlie C. Nelson, of Bacona, Oregon.
Soren Jeppesen, of Bacona, Oregen.
Eli Howell, of Bacona, Oregon.
First Pub. Aug. 13,
For the purpose of introducing my stock I will give
special discount on everything in my store, beginning on
and Ending Saturday, Oct». 3
Monday, Sept.
I have a complete line of
P u r n it u r e
Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums, Window Shades, Mattings, Cur*I
tains, W all Paper, Paints, Oils, Glass, Trunks, Suit Cas©»^
and Valises. Pidtures and Picture Framing.
Framing and Enlarging a Specialty