Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 10, 1908, Image 8

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School will begin Monday, Sept. 28.
John Stevenson is out from Portland
vi>iting relatives.
Wm. Adler purchased a horse of
Frank Bleid recently.
Albert Dixon sawed wood last week
for A. Rice, J. H. DeMoss and J. L.
Van Kirk.
Mr. and Mrs. John McCoy of Green­
ville spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Dick Holscher.
boxes and stayed on the outside mak-
sng music for all within, until they
were called in to eat oysters and were
treated to some fine cigars.
his slashing
E. J.
H. L. Cowles sawed wood for Thos. j
Carmichael Tuesday.
Mrs. Hudson of Portland, visit rd
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Rut-
sell, for several days.
Mr. Freeman has nearly completed
the new building which will be used
for a slaughter house.
Mrs. Harvey Rogers of Forest Grove
We are glad to see J. D. Hibbs’
was an over Sunday guest at the home . s niling face again after an absence of
of her sister, Mrs. E. H. Burk.
s :veral weeks at the coast.
The sale at A. S. Dilley’s last Satur­
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Baker and little
day called out quite a crowd and the son of Portland, were visiting the home
prices were good for which the cows
folks, Mr. and Mrs. Storey.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dennis of Scog­
Wm. Johnson returned from Pasco,
gins Valiev, and Mrs. Oscar Anderson
Wash., last Friday and is helping care
of Portland, were guests of B. C. Den­
for his wife, who has been very ill, but
nis and family Sunday.
is now improving.
State Fair Salem.
Miss Dora Schmale returned home
Sunday from Scoggins Valley, where
The Southern Pacific will sell round
she has been working for Mrs. Matte- trip tickets to Salem at one and one
son for the past six months.
third fare, Sept. 14 to 19 inclusive.
Return limit Sept. 20.
Mrs. Forbes went to Portland Mon
Dilley schcol is ready
for the
Mrs. I,. Bralley went to Hood
River for a visit.
Miss L da Epplett is visiting Mrs.
Pollock lor several weeks.
Miss Jessie Stevens and her grand­
father went to Witc i Hazel.
F. H. Colin an l son Gilbert of
Portland, v.site 1 Mr. Saling on Sunday.
C. Hubbart left for an extended
visit with his son i t Calgary, Alberta.
M. L. Pratt and Miss S. Schr..'.dt
are visiting Mrs. H. Hubbart this
Mr. Forbes has left for his home a
Butte, Montana, after spending two
months at his farm.
Carrie Bonshu has a new organ.
Mrs. Harry Graham left last Wed­
nesday for her new home in College
Place, Walla Walla, Wash.
Herman Flinch, who lost his hand
by a wood saw, left last week for his
home in Michigan. His wife is a
niece of A. J. Raymond of Thatcher.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McElliot went to
Portland with Mrs. Graham. They
also went to St. Johns to visit Wm.
Hamilton and wife, a sister of Mr.
M 'Elliott.
Mr. and M's. E. J. Bonshu enter­
tained thirty-one of their friends last
wrek at an oyster supper. Music and
games were enjoyed until a late hour
when all went home with a friendly
feeling towards Mr. and Mrs. Bonshu
and daughter.
Young and old are not left out when it
comes to getting up socials. An ice
cream party was given at the home of
Mr. and Mrs, M. L. Roberts last week,
in honor of Miss Lueza Jounker’s
birthday. Many were present and all
had a merry time.
Ward burned
Cider Apples Wanted.
I will buy all the cider apples you
will fetch me. Will take them in any
quantity delivered at Cornelius.
W. H. STRATTON. 9-tf
—Dr. C. L. Large reports a daugh­
ter weighing nine pounds born to the
wife of Sherman Bacon, of this place,
last Wednesday. Parties wishing the
attendance of Dr. Large in this class of
cases, will greatly oblige him, if con­
venient, by engaging his services two
or three months prior to the expected
event. Dr. Large has both phones.
—Many people suffer from head
ache for years not knowing it is caused
from eye strain. If the eyes are prop­
erly tested and glasses correctly fitted
they experience almost instant relief.
Consult Dr. Lowe on this subject at
Hotel Laughlin next Thursday, Friday
and to noon Saturday, Sept. 10, 11
and to noon of 12th.
— Do not be deceived concerning
Dr. Lowe and his charges for glasses.
He does not over charge. Have him
test your eves and talk it over with
him. He will be at Forest Grove Sept.
10, 11 and to noon of 12th.
M. Peterson & Son, hardware, have
been doing a land office business in
plows lately. They report the sale of
eight disc plows on Wednesday of this
We have almost every thing you can
think of that you will need and a6 the lowest
For instance—Hop gloves, straw cuffs,
hats, sunbonnets, overalls, handkerchiefs,
shoes, stockings, rubbers, umbrellas, mirrors,
belts, slickers, overcoats, and then of course
you’ll want something to eat>, and we can
supply your needs in that way.
School Opens Mon­
day, Sept. 21
Bring the Children to
our store and fit them
for the occasion.
Forest Grove Real Estate Co. has
same rare bargains in real estate this
A 20 acre tract, all cleared with or­
chard, one mile out.
A 10 acre tract with fruit one mile
A five acre tract with good buildings
and fruit one mile out.
An 8 room house in town with J
acre lot. Fine shade and fruit trees.
Several new, modern houses in
South Park.
Two good building lots close in for
180 and $85 respectively. See K. N.
STAEHR in The Bazaar next to P. O ,
about those bargains at once. They
will not last long.
It is all smooth sailin g whrn you place a Liner Ad j
in this column. A few words here w ili reach 5.000
readers and the results are certain. 5c line 1st
Insertion, 2'y cents each subsequent insertion. I
Minimum charge 10 cts.
LIST your farms and other properties I
for sale with T. H. Littlehales, Forest |
Grove National Bank Building. 27tf
FOR S A L E —Shadeland
white seed oats. Edward Naylor. 39-tf
FOR S a le —Knabe Piano
E. Williams, Forest Grove.
Mrs. E.
FOR S a l e —Good milch cow. In­
quire o( E. G. Mills at Hoffman &
Allen Co.’s store.
FOR RENT—Place for rent and not
for sale. Residence in Forest Grove
on A street, good 10 room house and
bam, only one block from public
school. Ind. Phone 282, Hillsboro.
FOR SALE—Good 7 room house
outside city limits. Pantry and Fruit
house. Lot, 1 acre. Good Orchard
and Barn. Furniture goes with the
F or R e n t —Small ranch. Write
place. Price S1800; easy terms. T.
H. Littlehales, Forest Grove, Ore. 46. D. Pierce, Gales Creek, Ore., phone
No. 32 Ind. Gales Creek.
F arm F or S a l e —On account of
death I offer my farm of, 119 acres,
FOR SALE— Dry Fir wood.
for sale at $85 per acre. Three and a Doane, Forest Grove. Ind.
half miles north of Forest Grove.
C. Jaspers. Owner.
Will Haney and Minnie Thatcher
were married last Wednesday. A re­
ception was given at the home of the
groom last Friday night. The young
—Chase St Sanborn Coffees always
Wood Sawing
FOR S a l e —Good 7 room house
people live in Thatcher and are highly the best. Hoffman St Allen Co. ex­
close to car line $1100. T. H. Little ! Wood sawed on short notice; small
respected. The Thatcher boys did clusive agents.
hales, Forest Grove, National Bank orders promptly filled. Residence on
not slight the young married couple.
—Buy Tipless
Electric Lamp Bldg.
corner First Ave. and Fourth street.
They brought all kinds of noisy rattle burners at V. S. Abraham.
WANTED— Housekeeper for family *n<i- Pbone-
of three. State wages expected. Ad-
dress X, care of News.
7 i
______________ _
Vetch Seed for Sale.
T ill-: H O O K S T O R E
Itici. P h o n o 4 7 , 1
F o r to tt d r o v e , O re .
Saturday Special
Beautiful Colors in Crepe Paper
8c a roll, 4 for 25c
the F irs t F i f t y
L adies
ca llin g fo r t h e m , w e w ill p r e ­
s e n t f o r t r i a l a li b e r a l
s a m p le of
p a c k e d in a u s e f u l t i n c o ffe e
m e a s u r e . T h i s is a n e w g r a d e
w e h a v e j u s t p l a c e d in s t o c k ,
w h i c h w e c a n g iv e y o u a t
35 C E N T S P E R LB .
I t ’ s s p l e n d i d v a lu e — f u l l b o d y -
r ic h , s a t i s f y i n g f l a v o r — C h a s e &
S a n b o r n q u a l i t y t h r o u g h a nd
Liner Column
F arm W a n ted — An Eastern Ore­
The best variety. Apply to A.
gon client wants a Valley farm of about
400 or 500 acres, partly improved. CHALMERS. Forest Grove or farm
Must be good soil. Would take sev­ near Centerville.
eral smaller pieces to make up that
amount. Give full legal description
For Sale.
and lowest price in first letter. Ad
dress Cady St Seiple, 322 Mohawk j One lot 100x100 feet. A 7 room
Bldg., Portland, Oregon.
j bouse, well finished, hot and cold
• water, bath and electric lights, plenty
F or S a le —New Cream Separator; of fruit. Corner 4th St. and 2nd Ave.
capacity 450 lbs, per hour.
John Price $1500. Also one lot on 2nd
Dames, Gaston, Ore., R 1.
Street, 100x100 feet, close to car line
—------- - **00. One lot 100x200 feet on 2nd
FOR SALE—4 acre tract with im- Ave. Also 5 room house, lot 100
provements near town. Tel. 5435. xl00, plenty of fruit. Price $1150.
Also cow for sale.
2 tf.
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the estate of Thomas Roe, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the County Court of
W ashington County, Oregon, has appointed Mary A.
Roe and Chas. O. Roe executors of the last w ill and
testament of Thomas Roe, deceased.
And all persons having claim s against said estate are
hereby notified to present »hem to us. pioperly verified,
« < •» of C* ~ -
X - * CO.. F orm Grove, O ,
gon, within six months from this date.
Dated Sept. 8. 1908.
Executors of the last will and testament of Thomas
Roe, deceased.
Barnett Y. Roe, Atty. for Executors.
The News SI.50peryear in advance.
O f a l l th * v a rio u s
W h ic h p o lish e d a r t
T h e w h is p e r p la y s
W ith h in ts —w h ic h
re sL
m odes o f speech
a n d n a tu r e te a c h
Us p a r t th e b e st
let y ou g u e s s th e
T h a t ( r a t h e r Iris h ) w a ry •‘W h ist!* ’
T h a t ( r a th e r a n c ie n t) c a u tio n • •H is t!”
T h e m o d e m “ H u s h !" all w a rn y o u le s t—
W ell, w h is p e r—y ou c a n g u e s s th e r e s t
F o lk s s a y t h a t it is v e ry ru d e .
I t is w h e n g e n e r a lly view ed.
S till, w h e n a m a n s a s o cia l p e st
J u s t w h is p e r —he ^ 11 g u e s s th e re s t.
B o re s, ta t t l e r s , g o s s ip e rs a n d su c h .
W h o k n o w , o r th in k th e y do. too
m uch—
I f y o u w o u ld s to p th e m I d s u g g e s t
w h is p e re d h in t—th e y 'll g u e s s th e
re s t.
—L a T o u c h # H a n c o c k in N e w
P re s s.
F or S a le —Dry fir wood. L. L.
— Bailey »ill buy your Wool and
Deane, Forest Grove. Ind. phone Mohair.
"Do you know that your chickens
GIRL W anted — To do housework come over Into my garden ?”
“I thought they must be doing that."
FOR RENT The building opposite ln * family of three. Good wages to
“Why did you think so?"
News office, recently occupied as a right party. Inquire of Dr. James A.
• 'B e c a u s e th e y never come back."—
t barber »hop. Edward L. Naylor. 5-tf I Baker, Gaston, Ore.
Cleveland leader.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office, Portland, Oregon,
August 5th, 1908.
No*ice is hereby given that M agdalene Hoffman of
Bao m . Oregon, who, on August 5th, 1908, made tim­
ber .nd .ppliration, No. 0202, for SV* of NEl i and lots
one and two, of Section 6, T 3 N , R 3 W of Willamette
M eridian, has filed notice o f intention to make final
pro-d, to e«tab ish claim to the land above described, be-
Claimant names as witnesses:
Peter Hoffman, ot Bacona. O regon.
Charlie C. N elson, of Bacona, O regon.
Sor**n Jeppcsen. of Bacona, O regen.
Eli H owell, of Bacona, Oregon.
First Pub. Aug. 13,
Executors' Notice.
Notice is hereby giv en that the County Court of
W ashington County, O regon, has appointed the under­
signed as executors of the Last W ill and Testament©*
A anson Hinman, deceased, and all persons having
claims against said estate are hereby notified to present
them to us. at the Law office of W. N. Barrett, at Hilk-
bor, in said County, with proper vouchers, within six
months from this date.
Dated this August 4, 1908.
Executors of the Last W ill and Testament of Alan*»
Hinman, deceased.
W. N . Barrett
Attorney for E xecutors.
Forest Grove Time Table
t depart* 6:*o a. m , arrives at Portland 8:ooa-*-
1 v. Portland 7:2oa. m . Iv. Forent Grove 8:39 #■*•
5 '*
” 8:5o a. re., ar.
** " lo:lo».»-
“ L o o p . m. ar
2:2o^ " -
3 **
” 4 : lo p . m. Iv.
** *
5 40 P
9 “
” SAc p. m , ar.
7:0# M ;
8 55 «. m . . .........................
!o:3o a. * » . ............................
3 :3 o p . m . ...........................
4:37 p. m . M
lo:3oA »•
ll:5 o S » -
* 5og.»-
w . - b r o w n . Agent
W m . McMURRAY, General Passeni»
Agent, Portland, Ore.
e x p e r ie n c e
T r a d e M »«**
. .
D esigns
C o p y r ig h t s
A hvnn# » ending it s k e tc h and <***T,.: *’ ,* 1 ^
n n i.’My M < w ta ia o«tr ofUnion f r s s
i n v e i t i k*n I« p r o t o n b l y p s t s -----
m ttiÿ
Scientific Americas.
ti ■ « -»t n e l ly OMilUtentlal. f
•«•»it fr«**, t »Meat
i h >1 m m A <-
I* tie n ta tafeen ---------------------
*p. Uü
- w i t h o u t jb
c h a a r r g g s e , . tu
I n 4hs
lb s
A k»nd«o.T!»Iv niiwtnUH » » U T -
L’ t C f s •
e n fiatoti o f a n y » e te n tlflc V*nrr.m
yen r: f '..r m o n th s, IL g u id b ja H I*
* Z u
MUNK S Co "'-— ifflP
B ruch u m «. m
r s t.. W M Í I M '»