Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 10, 1908, Image 3

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    There is every indication of a most
cordial co-operation on the part of the
commercial bodies of Oregon and
Washington in advancing the interests
of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition,
and in every other movement having
for its purpose the upbuilding of the
North Pacific Coast. An evidence of
this is a recent interchange of visits by
the active officers of commercial bodies
in Portland. Seattle, Tacoma and other
Northwestern cities. Co-operation of
the same character exists between the
livestock associations of the different
sections, and through their working in
harmony there is assurance that, begin-
nmg with the first meeting this Fall.
the finest horses from the best stables
of the entire country will participite in
the events planned for Oregon, Wash­
ington and Idaho.
One of the finest fruit farms in
Washington county exchanged hands
list week, when the Oregon Land &
Trading Company sold Frans Bleid’s
home place on David’s Hill to J. C.
Mackrodt of Peru. Illinois. Consider­
ation 86000. We understand that Mr.
Bleid and family are to make their
home in Portland. We are sorry to
lose this family as they have done
much in the twenty years they have
lived on David’s Hill to prove that the
( hill lands surrounding Forest Grove
can produce the finest of (ruit.
The United Chambers of Commeice
of Japan have extended an invitation
to the representative business men of
the cities along the Pacific Coast to
participate in an excursion which will
leave San Francisco on September
25th. Those preferring to go by an­
other route, however, will join the
party in Japan. The entire trip will
consume about three months, and the
visitors will see the famous chrysan­
themums at their best.
David Mobley, who has been work­
ing in the harvest fields with Gordon
Brown in Franklin county, Wn., had a
leg broken above the knee, by a derrick
falling on it. Gordon cared for his
friend for two weeks, and he is now at
a farmer s home there. He will return
to Forest Grove as soon as able and
take up his studies when college opens.
— Dr C. L. Large reports a son
weighing nine pounds born to the wife
of W. F. Stockman, here last Saturday.
Parties wishing the attendance of Dr.
Large in this class of cases, will great­
ly oblige him, if convenient, by en-
gaging his service two or three months
prior to the- expected event. Dr.
Large has both phones.
J. T. Shannon is home on a visit,
having just completed a Condenser
for the Pacific Milk Company at
Monroe, Wash. At the grand open-
ing 2300 people were present and
a royal time was had under the aus-
pices of the Commercial Club.
Public Sale
T h e House that is Satisfied O n ly W h e n You Fire
The undersigned will sell at public
auction on the premises, known as the
Tim Thompson place, l i miles south
of Gaston, on
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1908
Sale begins at 10 a. m. The fol­
lowing described property: Triumph
sulky plow 14 inch, 2 Chill walking
plows, 2 drag harrows one nearly new,
disk harrow, cultivator, Studebaker
wagon 3J inch heavyi Bajn ,igh, 3
inch wagoni nearly new top buggY) 2
sets double harne3S> 4 sets plow h„ .
nesSi D,at(orm scale. finning min< bay
fork complete nearly new, set bnggy
harness, 5 milk cans, 4 stands bees,
McCormick binder 1 year’s wear.mower,
hay rack, tedder. Van Buran disk drill,
some household furniture, and other
things too numerous to mention, 1 bay
horse weight 1200, brown horse
weight 1200, team gray mares weight
1300, gray horse and gray mare 1300,
l o se colt 1 year and pass, 14 milk
cows most all to freshen this fall, 5
yearling heifers, 3 yearling steers, sow
and 10 shoats, Holstein and Jersey
bull 2 years’ old. Terms ot Sale: All
sums of 810 and less, cash. On sums
of over 810 6 months time will be
g ven on notes bearing 7 per cent in­
terest from date with approved se­
curity. Two per cent off for cash on
sums over 810. Free lunch at noon.
H arry T u r n e r , Owner.
J. W. Hughes,
Geo. F. Naylor,
The Canton plow is the only disc plow that w ill
give perfect satisfaction on all kinds of land, and we
can prove it. We have already sold a number of
these plows this tail and can cite you to numerous
' satisfied users.
Ranges and Heaters
W e carry the largest stock of Ranges and Heaters west of Portland. W e sell on
the installment plan at prices that are lower than the other fellow’s cash price.
in need of anything in the Stove Line come and see us, if not come and see us any­
Public Sale.
I will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, at the Geo. V. James |
place, 4 j miles Southeast of Cornelius j
Thursday, Sept 24th. 1908
At 10 o’clock, the following de­
scribed property: 4 work horses, in­
cluding sorrel mare weight 1300; bay-
mare weight 1300; gray gelding weight
1450; black gelding weight 1250; 2
year old brown gelding, 3 brood sows
and 16 pigs three months old, 9
shoats weigl t from 80 to 150 pounds,
thorougbred Poland China boar two
years o'd, new Stoughton wagon 3 i
inch wide tire, 3 inch wagon narrow
tire, Deering binder 6 ft cut in goojl
running order, 2 good 14 inch plows.
Osborne spring tooth harrow, spike
tooth steel harrow 60 tooth, new cider
press, new Chatham fanning mi.l, new
Rock Island 14 inch gang plow.
Hoosier grain drill 18 disks, 4 horse
equalizer, 2 hay forks 1 double and 1
single 2 ropes for hay fork 180 ft., 2
pitch forks, heating stove. 2 sets har­
ness, 8 hoise collars. Free lunch at
comes to hunting butter-nose dogs I ’m
noon. Terms of sale: Amounts under
a poor sleuth.” At last accounts Fido
«10 cash. Over ten dollars 1 years was still at large.— Argus.
We give you a written guar­
antee for five years. No oth­
er dealer dares do it; therefore
We pay spot cash for our
Who can sell the cheapest?
our Paint is the best.
i il rnri
p r if a u
it h
Do you know how—
To find quick relief from backacnr
To correct distressing urinary ills-
To surely cure sick kidneys?
Just one way— your neighbors know—
Have used Doan’s Kidney Pills;
Have proved their worth in many tests.
Here’s Forest Grove testimony.
M J. S. T n u n b le . H r i n f in Forest G rove, O re., s*y*
For some tim e I suffered from a dull ache across my
loins and hip« accom panied by a deran g ed condition cl
m y kidneys
T hese organs w ere v ery fre q u e n t in ac
tioa and I was forced to arise so m a n y tim es d u rin g the
n ight to pats The secretions that m y life was a burden
to m e . The trouble grew worse a rd I g rad u a lly ran
down In h ealth . I saw D oan’s K idney Pills so h ig h ly
advertised th at I decided to try them and pro cu red a t r *
I noticed a g rea t cha n g e in my condition after a s h o r
tim e and a fte r ta k in g the contents of th e first bos. I felt
u n u su ally w ell. D oan's K tdney F ills h a v e m y recoin
r.e n d a tio a as a kidney rem edy u n e s c e llo d .’'
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name— Doan’s and
take no other.
famed "Golden Medical Discovery,” for
the cure of weak stomach, indigestion, or
dyspepsia, torpid liver, er biliousness and
kindred derangements was first made, as
It ever sinie has been, without a particle
of alcohol in its malre-up.
A glanceVgxtfcf full list of Its Ingredi­
ents, printed ' v A 1 >v bottle-wrapper,
will show that It Is hiaAe from the most
valuable medicinal roois\found growing
In our American foresaw All these In-
„Oregon „
Its Effact Upon the Fortunes of Our
Revolutionary War.
Miss Ethel Fortune of Portland took time at 6 Per cent with apProved se‘
— We always pay the highest price | T he element of chance as exem pli­
charge of Miss Kirkwood’s Millinery c ^ ty' Sums over
2 per cent dis-
fied In the blunder of a copyist had an
count for cash.
| for wool and mohair.
Store last week| Miss Kirkwood will
Important bearing on the result of our
HENRY MEYER, Owner, 1 — New stock of latest Ladies’ Home j war for Independence. As Is well
take a rest for a few months. She ex­
f . L. Geiger,
J. W. Hughes,
Journal dress patterns at Bailey’s Big I known, the crisis of the m ilitary lie-
pects to spend a part of the coming j
tween G reat Britain and the revolting
winter in California.
colonies was reached when General
— Be sure to take advantage of the Burgoyne's cam paign was planned In
Mrs. L. C. Trites of Gales Creek, |
Notice. ’
Mid-Summer Clearance Sale now on at London. T h e object w as to strike a
has returned from Portland where she
treraendons blow at the center of the
Hoffman & Allen Co.’s store.
T he British forces were
has been visiting with Mrs. J. Cook, j T° Whom This May Concern:
We, the undersigned, have had the
to take possession of the M ohawk and
Mrs. Cook returned with Mrs. Trites
The Story o f a Medicine.
Hudson valleys by a concentric march
and will be at her home in Gales Creek clover huller belonging to Crop Broth­
It* name—"Golden Medical D iscover.* from Lake Champlain. O sw ego and
ers under W. H. Lyda’s management was suggested by one of its most import­ New York on converging lines toward
tor two weeks.
I hull our clover and are glad to say that ant and valuable ingredients — Goldeu Albany. T h e ascent o f the Hudson by
Mrs. Wm. Thatcher and son, who |
Seal root.
Sir W illiam H ow e’s arm y was essen­
^o the fastest and cleanest work of
Nearly forty years ago. Dr. Pierce dis*
have been visiting with Mrs 'That~ { !
tial to the success of a scheme b.v
cher’s daughter, Mrs. O. S. Higbv any machine we ever saw. Any one
triple-refined glycerine, aided by a cer­ which N ew England waa to be cut off
since April, have returned to their wanting clover hulled will make no tain degree of constantly maintained as by a wedge from the southern colo­
home in Omaha, Nebraska.
mistake by getting them to do their beat and with the aid of apparatus and nies.
appliances designed for that purpose, ex­
Orders were sent out from I.ondon
tract from our most valuable native me­ for the advance of Burgoyne's and St.
Leger’s forces from Canada. At first
C. B. C a m pb ell ,
much better than by the use of alcohol,
Sir W illiam H ow e was merely Inform
W m . W e s t e n .
so generally employed. So the now world-
Forest Grove People Have Gcot
Reason for Complete
yB fe § l
goods and pay no rent.
ed of the plan and was armed with
discretionary powers, hut finally a dis­
patch was drafted positively ordering
him to co-operate In the movement
from New York.
A British clerk made a hasty and
very careless copy of the dispatch,
which the minister. Lord George Ger
malne. found great difficulty In read
Ing He an grily reprimanded the cul­
prit and ordered a fresh copy to he
made without flaw or erasure. Being
pressed for tim e snd anxious for a
holiday, laird G eorge posted off to the
country without w aiting for the fresh
T h e m ilitary order was laboriously
copied In the clerk's heat hand, hut
when It was finished the minister w as
not there to sign It. It was pigeon
holed and overlooked when he returned
and w as not sent to Am erica until long
afterward. Howe, being left with full
j discretion, allowed him self to he draw n
Into m ilitary operations against W ash­
ington's arm y near Philadelphia. Bur-
goyne'a array waa entrapped, cut off
from retreat and forced to aurrender
at Saratoga.
Tbua the fortunea of the R evolution­
| ary war turned upon the carelessness
of s British c le g k .-C h ic a g o Record-
Miss Manche Langley, the versatile
local editor of the Forest Grove Times,
wis in town Saturday, accompanied by
a beautiful liver colored doggie, which
was presented to her by an admiring
(riend. The dog, however, was prone •redientsJiave
. V. - ■ ■ ■ » ” - ‘ received, the ¿iroiutcsta.^-
ntTrom In
to wander, much to the owner’s dis­ ten.-. •m« teAcIieh
cuuw w
h o r p r fim r r>m1
m thA
gust. so a false friend told her to smear
the purp’s nose with oleomargarine, Go[d‘-il MiiiicaL Discovery" Is S d v i^ T
A uttleuooK of these endorsements
and it would not leave her. On the been compiled by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of
Buffalo, N. Y., and will be mailedI frm to
occasion of her visit to Hillsboro, Miss any
one asking same by postal card, or
Langley greased Fido’s nose plentifully letter addressed to the lloctor as above.
From these endorsements, copied from
with expensive creamery food, but still standard medical books of all the differ­
ent schools of practice, it will tie found
the dorg would stray While at dinner that the ingredients composing the "Gold­
Misti cal Discovery*
here, the canine vanished completely, en
only for the cure of the above mentioned
but al«o for the cure of all ca­
and the owner asked obliging John diseases,
tarrhal. bronchial and throat affections,
Vanderwahl to hunt it up for her, accompanied with catarrhal discharge-,
hoarsen««, sore throat, lingering, or
promising John "a nice puff in the hang-on-cotighs. and all those wasting
affections which, if not promptly and
Times” for his trouble. After collar­ properly treated are liable to terminate
ing three dogs, and narrowly escaping in consumption. Take Dr Pierce's Dis­
covery in time and persevere in its use
trouble with the owners, John threw up until you give It a fair trial and It is not
likely to disappoint. Too much must not
the sponge, and in apologizing for his he expected of it. It will not perform
It will not cure consumption
failure, said: ‘‘I’m all right on fire- miracles.
In its advanced stages. No medicine will.
insurance, Miss Manche, but when it It trill cure the aff'-etions that lead up to
consumption, 1/ token in time.
A r e you d o in g w h a t y o u c a n
to p o p u la te y o u r stale?
OREGON NEED.5 PEOPLE—Settlers, honest farmers mechanics
merchants, clerks, people with brains, strong hands and a willing
heart—capital or no capital.
Southern Pacific Co— Lines in Ore.
is sending tons of Oregon literature to the East (or distribution
through every available agency. Will you not help the good work
of building Oregon bv sending us the names and addresses ol
vour friends who are likely to be interested in this state? We
will be glad to bear the expense ol sending them complete in­
formation about OREGON and its opportunities
OCTOBER from the East to all points in Oregon. The lares
front the principal cities are
$30 00 From Louisville $41
From Denver .
“ Cincinnati 42
“ Omaha . . . 30 00
Cleveland 44
“ Kansas City 30 00
“ New'York 55
“ St. Louis . . 35 50
“ Chicago . . 38 00
II you want to bring a friend or relative to Oregon, deposit the
proper amount with any ol our agents. 'I he ticket will then be
lurnished bv telegraph.
W. BROWN. Local Agent. Forest Grove. O f
WM. M c MURPAY. General Passenger Agent,
Portland. Oregon
Save Mone.V” Buy Direct
O a r f r i c « « T al U .
»t YY h o to « .. Io
W e t t . »
r i t . f* .r
Windows, Doors, Hearil w
II -
)S S
L - C )« .
L e t T H E NEW S do your job work
We guarantee good workmanship
good atock and moat reaaonaole price*.
We print everything.
re, I
87 6rtnd h i., PCRÍLAND, 0RE6,
— White River Flour made ol beat
Oregon wheat lor sale at Ba -
Blg Store.