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    A V O ID T R U S T L A W
R a ilro a d C o m p a n ie s C a n n o t In c re a se
R a te s by C o n c e rt e d A ctio n .
P A C I F I C C O A S T H IT .
Oregon’s Matchless Beach Resort*
T he Place to Go for Perfect Rest and Every Conceiv­
able Form
of Healthful and Delightful Recreation
Facilities are Com plete—
Best of food and an
abundance of it. Fresh water from springs.
All modem
necessities, such as telegraph, telephone, markets freshly pro­
vided every day. Fuel in abundance. Cottages partly fur­
nished or unfurnished to be had cheaply. Strict municipal
sanitary regulations.
N E W P O R T is reached by way of the Southern Paci­
fic to Albany or Corvallis, thence Corvallis & Eastern R . R .
Train service daily and the trip a pleasure throughout.
Season six-months ticket $6.00
Saturday to Monday ticket $3.00
Our elaborate new Summer Book gives a concise description
of Newport, including a list of hotels, their capacity and
rates. Call on, telephone or write
W. Brown, Local Agent*
W M . M c M U R R A Y,
General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon
p r o p
Of Forest Grove, Oregon
t h b
D e a le r s
W ashington, July 17.— Unless word
is received from Colonel Goethels to­
day to the contrary. Pacific coast
dealers w ill not be considered in the
purchasing o f supplies by the com m is-
I stary department o f the canal co m ­
mission. Captain Beggs, general pur-
| chasing agent for the Panama canal
1 commission, in a statement given out
i yesterday, said that p oor steamship
I service on the Pacific coast is respon­
sible for the decision.
The Pacific coast merchants have
requested that some of the supplies be
purchased there and shipped to La
| Boca
Captain Beggs says that if
! supplies were purchased on the Pacific
| coast and there should be a failure to
j ship on a vessel it would be 20 days
, before another shipment could arrive.
On the Atlantic coast shipments can
i he made every four days. Tw enty
] days is too long an interval for the
shipment o f fresh food, says Captain
Beggs. but prunes and dried peaches
might be purchased on the Pacific
B id s on D r y D o c k O p e n e d .
W ashington, July 22.— Bids Satur­
day « e r e openeil at the navy depart­
ment for the construction o f drydock
j N'o 2, at Puget sound navy yard. The
dock will be built o f concrete and
j granite. Congress appropriated $2.
0011.000 for it. Bids were asked on
tw o alternate propositions, one a dock
stilt feet long, the other a dock 740
feet long. The bids follow : Cassey
Lohse W inters com pany Seattle. *2,-
250.000 and *2,108,000; W estlake C on ­
struction company. St. Louis, 12,2117,-
0 0 0 and ?i,1 1 1 . 0 0 0 ; C. J. Krickson, Se­
attle, $1,625,000; no bid on smaller
.lock; Jack Black M asonry Contract­
ing company. St. Louis. $1,999,196 and
*1,915.000; Puget Sound Bridge &
D redging company, Seattle. *1,975,000
and *1.880.000.
G u n b o a t s O r d e r e d to U n re stv ille .
Best and Cheapest
Washington, July 18.—Orders have
been issued by the War department for
the gunboats Vicksburg and Princeton
to proceed at once around the horn to
the Caribbean sea, a distance o f 14,000
Both vessels are out o f com­
mission. The V'cksburg is at Mare
Island and the Princeton is at Bremer­
ton. Conditions in Honduras are re­
sponsible for the rush.— The gunboats
will stop at Amapala, where the cruiser
Albany is now stationed. Orders have
also been issued for the gunboat Mari­
etta, now at Jamaica, to proceed at
once to Porta Costa, on the Gulf coast.
Dealer in
D o N o t [G e t C h a n c e to B id
on S u p p lie s f o r C a n a l.
Pacific Ave.
Forest Orove, Ore..
B a lk s at C a n n e d S p e e c h .
A tto rn e v -a M -d w
Forest Grove,
Dr. Geiger
Homeopathist and Surgery
Potest Grove,
B A R l i E R S
Tender, Juicy, Steaks,
G u n b o a t s to g o E a st.
Washington. July 18. Acting Sec­
retary of the Navy Newberry has an­
nounced that the gunboats Princeton
and Vicksburg, now at Bremerton and
Mare Island respectively, on the Pa­
cific coast, will be brought to the At­
lantic in a short time. Both vessels
are now out of commission. They
will be fitted for the voyage and ad­
vantage will be taken o f suitable
weather conditions to make the trip.
They will be used for coast defense on
the Atlantic.
Roasts and Stews,
Sausage and Bacon
All kinds of Fresh
Postoffice Row
Forest Grove
V e g e t a b le s
Wood Sawing
G r o c e r ie s
W. F. S C H U L T Z
Misner & Gordon Good Eatables
F a s h io n
S t a b le s
Siy lish T u rn o u ts
D R . J. H . K N O X
Low Prices
knows that
N c t c r ln u r ln n
we keep the best Meats
County Stock Inspector
to be had, but this is to
O ffice at H ancock & Gordon’ s Livery
Phone Main 33, Ind. 744
remind you to give us a
M o n u m e n ts
3 0 ! n t h rnt.
N e w B id s A re C a lle d F o r .
F orçât G r o w
Real Estate
Houses Rented and Rents Collected ^
O re.j
Quong Lee’s
In te rio r^ D e p a rtm e n t R a tifie s A ctio n o f
J m a tilla W a te r U s e r s .
Washington, July 21.—The secretary
of the interior has approved an increase
o f stock in the .Umatilla Water-Users'
association front 9,000 to 22.000 shares.
The association, made up o f landowners
under the Umatilla irrigation project,
was organized with a capital stock of
$540.000, divided into 9.000 shares of a
par value o f $60 each. The project has
since been extended to include a total
of 22.000 acres, and in order that there
may be one share o f stock for each acre
o f land, it lias been necessary to in­
crease the stock to $1.320,000, divided
into 22,000 shares, of a par value o f $60
B illio n D o lla r C o n g r e s s R e p o rts.
Washington. July 21.—The last ses­
sion o f congress made necessary total
appropriations amounting to $1.008.397,-
543.56, according to the announcement
made yesterday under the law which
requires the publication of the total vol­
ume o f appropriations after each session.
In addition to the appropriations already
made, the contracts authorized by the
session require the future appropriation
of funds for public works, aggregating
$49.443.750. This makes the total ex­
pense of the session $1,057,841,293.56.
o f the neutrality laws along the Mex­
ican border, was given again the most
positive assurance of the intentions of
this government to prosecute all neu
tralitv offenders. An increase of the
arntv posts on the border is possible,
as Mexieo already has indicated her
intention of adding to the number.
All W ell on N e b ra sk a .
time the writer has seen the president
N o N o tic e o f L u m b e r
since his criticism o f the navy. It is
understood that Reuterdahl went over
W ashington. July 22
the whole article with the president A. Knapp, chairman o f
and pointed out to him the basis o f the
com m erce com m ission,
P o r tla n d . O ra .
V . H. L IM B E R
Forest Grove
& co.
F o re s t O ro v e , O re .
roc Designs ano Prices see
Local s t e n t
sa elen s
Washington, July 16__ Acting on re
ports showing that many Japanese who
come to this country on passports in­
dicating that they are merchants or stu
dents or members of some other branch
of the exempt classes, later take their
places as laborers, the government is
planning to increase the activity of
agents keeping the immigrants under
The officials believe that Japan is
using every effort to live up to her
agreement not to issue passports to
laborers, but there is little doubt that
the regulations are continually evaded.
It is believed that a careful watch on
the immigrants after they have reached
this country soon will lead to a solution
of the problem.
The work o f the immigration commis­
sion on the P acific Coast under the
direction o f Professor F. C. Mitchell,
whose headquarters are in San Fran­
cisco, is progressing successfully, ac­
cording to his reports, and he is to be
allowed more agents for field work. He
s folowing the immigrants and deter­
mining their social progress. He fiuds
that Italians, Mexicans and Russians
have showed marked advancement.
W ashington, July 17— All are well
on board the Nebraska, announced
Com m ander-in-Chief Sperry, o f the
Atlantic fleet, in reporting the N e­
braska's rejoining the fleet in a wire
less telegram by way o f Honolulu
Because o f the appearance o f scarlet
T a k e s C h a c g e o f T im b e r.
W ashington. July 2 2 — A joint hoard fever on the Nebraska, that vessel left
representing the war department and San Francisco tw o days later than
the bureau o f forestry has taken up the other 15 vessels o f the fleet.
the matter o f preserving the forests
on military reservations. An arrange­
ment will be made for a beneficial
M i x i n g 'P a p e r L r u s t a D o s e .
cutting o f timber and for preserving
Oyster Bay, L. I„ July 21.— Attorney
the trees which will remain
this arrangement the war department General Bonaparte was here Saturday
retains control o f the forests on the in conference with President Roosevelt
reservations, and at the same time regarding the prosecution o f the paper
gets the valuable services o f the for­
(rust. After his conference with Presi­
estry bureau.
dent Roosevelt Attorney General Bona­
parte. in answer to questions said;
K n o c k e r o n N a v y V is it s P re sid e n t.
'The only trust I know anything about
Oyster Bay, L. I., July 18.— Henry
Reuterdahl was the guest o f President is the vicious reporter trust o f Oy:tcr
Roosevelt yesterday. This is the first Bay.”
Forest Grove
A n cie n t G a m e W o r k e d S u c c e ss fu lly by
M e a n s o f L y in g P a s s p o r t s .
T ra n sc o n tin e n ta l S h ip p e r s C la im R a te
R u lin g Fatal to O rie n ta l T r a d e . ;
San Francisco. July 20.—The South­
ern Pacific and Santa Fe railroads and
the Pacific Mail Steamship company are
preparing to have a hearing before
the interstate commerce commission on
the question of transcontinental rates
for goods shipped across the Pacific
ocean. The new rule o f the commis­
sion compels the railroads to charge the
same price for these goods as for any
other, whereas it had been customary
for the railroads to make this rate
cheaper to the steamship companies.
The information that the interstate
commerce commission has decided to
postpone until Octobor the day on which
the rate would become effective, because
o f a protest from Japan, has given the
railroads and steamship company time
to act.
The plea will be made to the inter­
state commerce commission that steam­
ers traveling through the Suez canal
will get the trade if the transcontinental
roads are not allowed to juggle rates
as they please. The steamers change
thiir rates often and quickly, they say.
and if the American railroads are com ­
pelled to adhere to the published rate
they will lose this oriental business.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., July 18.- Pres­
ident Roosevelt has refused an offer to
make speeches into the receiver of a
talking machine for the purpose of
making records for public sale. The
president attended to official business
this morning and this afternoon assist­
ed Mrs. Roosevelt in entertaining the
In c re a se B o r d e r P o s ts .
members o f the St. Hilda society of
D isa ffe ctio n in T u r k is h A rm y .
Washington, July 16__ Ambassador
Christ Episcopal church. The society
Constantinople, Turkey, July 18.—
Creel, of Mexieo, who lias been in con­
assists in the parish charitabje cases,
After months o f quiet, "things are
and Mrs. Roosevelt each year enter­ ference with Acting Secretary of State doing” again in Turkey, and are tak
Bacon regarding the alleged violation ing a serious turn. The troops in
tains its members.
Good Things
Moulton & Bogan
Washington, July 20.—The interstate
commerce commission may take action
on the increased freight rates agreed to
at the meeting o f the Southeastern
Freight association and the Southeast­
ern Mississippi Valley association, at
Louisville, Ky., Saturday, when the new
tariffs are filed with the commission by
the roads having membership in these
two associations. Action cannot be
taken by the commission on its own in­
itiative or on the complaints o f ship­
pers or shippers’ associations, i f the"
interstate commerce commission should
find that the increase in freight rates
was made through concerted action, and
that there was evidence that the Sher­
man anti-trust law was violated, atten­
tion will in all probability be called to
the matter.
In- speaking o f the powers of the in­
terstate commerce commission where an
advance in freight rates has been made
by any railroad. Chairman Knapp, of
the commission, said :
"The railroads must file their tariffs
with the commission with 30 days’ no­
tice o f a contemplated change. Changes
in rates between competitive points must
be made simultaneously by all the roads
operating between those points. This
in a measure protects the shiuticr. When
a railroad files notice o f an increase in
its freight rates the commission can on
its own motion make an investigation as
lo the reasonableness of the advance.
"In a case where the commission acts
on its own motion, however, it cannot
issue an order. If a shipper makes a
cc-mplaint to the commission against a
railroad charging an unjust increase of
rates, each side is given a hearing, and
the commission can then issue an order
based on its decision in the case.”
Should it develop that the increase
was made through concerted action, the
commission would very likely refer the
matter to the attorney general. The
department o f justice can also call upon
the commission to investigate as to the
reasonableness in rates.
Rate A p p e a l
Judge Martin
the interstate
Saturday stat­
ed that he had not been officially in­
formed that the transcontinental rail­
roads would contest the com m ission's
derision in the lumber rate cases, but
be has heard in an indirect way that
they are considering such a course.
W ashington. July 22 — Instructions
| have been sent to the army construc­
tion quartermaster at San Francisco
*o invite new bids on 9-9 days' notice
for the construction o f the big army
-upnly depot and the shipment station
Uncle Sam Demands
FINE WORK DONE CHEAP— PRICES at Fort Mason, Cal. The contract Washington. July 21 — P ro te c tio n .
i was awarded to the P J Carlin Con-
The state de-
w a it , shirt
. 10c
D rm n
. S to 15c
j struction company, o f New Y ork, but partment yesterday made a demand on
- -
- 10c
Whit. Wtitti - to to me
the Persian foreign office to take tip the
I they failed to sign the contract,.
W hit. Skirt. - IS » SO Cadtnklrto - IS to ISc
demands o f the United States govern-
' ndrah ln«
5« Stocking« -
iW c
ment for the protection o f American
Handkerchief« • ■ t c Collar« . . .
- gc
A . Y .-P . M o n e y A vailable.
missionaries and their property at
M en'. White Vera 10 IS rant* . . .
t ic
C ora
- 10 20c Dower«
11 10 c
department Monday notified W . M
. -
- »
0e D
. N
. - • lO
c D
Geddes, ctirrency distributing officer
T h . following article« 10c »er Poe Pillow c m ,
G o v e rn m e n t A c c e p t s M o n ta n a .
| for the exposition com pany, that the
*"> Sheet«. TnMeclothen. Night GowM. W an es'«
j government appropriation for the
W ashington. July 22 — The new bat­
Dara«™. Underwear. Apnea and Const Carer«.
[ \laska-Yukon-Pacifie exposition at tleship Montana has been accepted by
FOREST g r o v e | Seattle, amounting to $600,000, is now the navy department. Captain Alfred
Reynolds is in charge.
[ available.
Macedonia threaten to get entirely
out o f hand. They are mutinous be­
cause pay day never arrives. Often
men whose time has expired have
been kept with the colors for years,
ow ing to lack o f money to pay them
off. Front time to time mutinies have
developed in various towns, and occa ­
sionally a little money has been sent
to troops to tide over some highly
dangerous ecrisis. Now a new ele­
ment o f danger appears in “ young
Turkey.” This party is proving ex ­
tremely active am ong the troops, anil
numerous incidents show the trend
of events.
C o m e s H o m e an Invalid.
New York, July 20.—Alton Gard, dis-
tict governor o f I-anao. Philippines, who
was shot and seriously injured while at­
tempting to arrest the datto o f I^anao for
'he murder o f a Tennessean, a settler in
•he province, and who arrived in this
city Saturday, was taken to Roosevelt
Gard was treated in Manila, but it was
thought there might be serious results
from the iron bullets and he was ad
vised to return to this country. At the
hospital last night it was said that be
was resting comfortably after his 10.000-
milc journey.
R iilroad Rales Cannot tie Raised,
Says Commissioner.
C o n c e rn e d
In c u r
Pen alty
S h e r m a n L a w A s It W o u ld
Chicago, July 18.— A special to the
Tribune from W ashington says;
In the opinion o f John Clements, a
member o f the interstate com m erce
commission, the proposed general in­
crease in freight rates discussed in
New Y ork yesterday by the presi­
dents o f many eastern railways in
the Trunk Line association would
constitute a violation of the Sherman
anti trust law and would render all
the railroads concerned liable to se­
vere penalties. Mr. Clements ex­
plained that the interstate com m erce
commission as a commission is not at
all interested in the Sherman anti­
trust law, the execution o f which is
entrusted to the department o f jus­
tice, but he expressed his opinion as
a lawyer and cited a recent instance
where the supreme court had so de­
"A s a lawyer,” he said, “ I am will-
ling to hazard the opinion that such
an increase in rates as was contem ­
plated by the eastern railways at
their meeting in New Y ork would be
itt direct violation oi the anti trust
law. When practically all of the
eastern roads, and, for that matter,
all o f the roads in the country, by
a mutual agreement raise rates, it is
to my mind a procedure which brings
them under that clause of the anti­
trust law which prevents ‘pooling’ and
illegal combinations.
“ W hether or not there is any neces­
sity now for an increase of rates, I am
not prepared to say. If the increase
com e,
com m issioners
would have ample time to decide that
point. I ant convinced, however, that
the railways will give the anti-trust
laws careful consideration before they
consider a general increase in rates.
“ A similar case came up in Georgia
som e time ago during some lumber
Federal Judge Speer de
ctded that the railroads had form ed
an illegal com bination in increasing
the rates, and the supreme court a f­
firmed the decision.”
A la b a m a M in e r s K ill D e p u ty S h e r if f
and W o u n d D o ze n M en.
Birmingham, Ala., July 18— Robert
Gardner, a deputy sheriff, was fatally
wounded and at least a dozen miners
m ore or less seriously hurt as the
result o f an attack on a train bearing
strike breakers to take .the places o f
striking union milters at Jefferson,
near here, yesterday. The train was
in charge o f 13 deputies, and was en
route to Adamsville. It is said the
union miners attem pted to induce the
strike breakers to leave the train, and
threatened to kill them if they went
to work
G overnor Com er has ordered a
com pany o f cavalry from M ontgom ­
ery to the scene, and trOops already
on the ground arc under arms, and
will patrol the district tonight, pre­
disorders. Deputy
m ortally
brought to Birmingham last night.
Deputy G eorge Smith, accompanying
him, estimates that no less than toot)
shots were fired on both sides in the
attack at Jefferson.
A ccord in g to Smith the engagement
was opened when a train bearing 50
strike-breakers attempted to leave
Jefferson for Adamsville. Prior to
this a number o f union miners had
made overtures to the str ke breakers
to join their ranks, threatening at the
same time to kill them in case they
attem pted to work the mines of the
D oesn't Mind the Fleet.
L on don , July 18.— Criticism by the
British press o f Australia and New
Zealand for the expenditure of enor­
mous sums in preparation for the en­
tertainment of the American fleet is
not finding favor with the general
mtblic here. Sentiment of the people
generally is with the colonies in their
T o n g s D o o m P ro se cu to r.
stand on the question, and editorial
Sacramento. Cal., July 2 0 — Because utterances on the subject are much
he succeeded in causing the conviction milder today than they have been in
On the continent there has
of Mar Gin Sttie on a charge o f mttr the past
been no criticism o f the world v o y ­
rler. District Attorney F.ugene S. Wa age o f the United States men-of-war.
rhorst has had a price set on his head
by certain Chinese societies o f this citv
M a rsh a ll is Indicted.
and has been warned to be on his guard
New York, July 18 .—A G. Mar­
Mar Gin Sttie. a well-known highbinder,
murdered I-ce Tonj. a Bing tongman shall. manager o f the Standard P ro­
\ jury Saturday night decided that Mjr tective society, who. wi'h Henry G.
Sttie was guilty o f murder in the first Cooke, president o f the O reg on
Ranching ft Timber company was in-
. D
dieted on a charge o f conspiracy to
Says Revolution Is Crushed.
fraud the United States hy violat-
^•rw York, July 20 — The Associated ing the law in relation to sale o f titn-
Press has received the billowing di« her land in Oregon, surrendered htm-
oatch from General Davila, president of self to United States Marshal Henkel
H onduras:
yesterday He was later arraigned in
"Tegucigalpa. Honduras. July 17.— the United Sattes circuit court.
The government has put an end to the
revolutionary movement in 10 days. The
Will U se G reat N o r t h e r n T r a c k ,
decisive battle was fought at Nacaomr
Billing«. Mont. July 1*.— It is an­
The enemy was defeated and escaped nounced that with the com pletion o f
into Salvador.”
the line o f the Billings Northern rail­
road from Billings to Great Falls,
O h io R e fe re n d u m L a w U p he ld .
Mont., about September 1, the Bur­
Cleveland. July 20—The new initia lington trains, now using the N orth­
tive and referendum state law was held ern Pacific line to the coast, will pro­
to he constitutional today by Judge ceed over the Billings Northern to
Chapman in common pleas court. Th' Great Falls, from which place the
test case will he carried to the state so tracks o f the Great Northern will be
pre.ne court for final decision.