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U eui*ree.
“ W ell,” said the statistical boarder,
leaning back In his chair, “ we have at
this meal the representatives o f two
widely separated generations,
"H ow is that?" asked the Inquisì-
tlve boarder.
" T Ii« hen we have been trying to eat
was In all probability the great-grand-
mother o f
o m e le t"— Chicago
Tribune. ___________________
Ur. Hartman is now offering Peruna to the public as a regular pharmaceu-
tical product. I t is just as ethical as any compound put up tor the medical
profession. N o straining o f medical ethics can find any fault w ith it. T H E
P E I N C I P A L A C T IV E IN G R E D IE N T S are prominently incorporated in the
label on the bottle, that the people may know that the claims made for Peruna
have a true justification.
I've Had Experience
»With Hood’s Sarsaparilla, and am con­
vinced It Is a great medicine,” —this Is the
substance o f 40,366 letters by actual count,
received In tw o years. T h ey tell o f cures
o f all blood diseases, loss o f appetite, rheum a­
tism , a fter-fever weakness, that tire d feeling,
n ervou s weakness, dyspep sia, catarrh.
N o E qual —“ I can say from experience
that Hood s Sarsaparilla is without an equal.’
Eaoia L. B o w m a n , 11 Beacon St., Low ell. Mass.
1 E c z e m a - " ! had eczema and tried every­
U n s k y U sh e rs .
thing 1 heard of. but nothing helped me until
The church was packed, eren the 1 took Hood's Sarsaparilla. Thanks to this
aisles lined with chairs. Just before medicine, 1 am now well." G korue V a n a l
thoughtful stynb . South Bethlehem. N. Y.
M u s c u la r R h e u m a tis m -"M y father
clergyman, who loved order as
had muscular rheumatism. Was confined to
did the Gospel, thus admonished hit his bed. He took two bottles of Hood’s Sar
hearers: “ In passing out, please re­ saparilla and was entirely cured." B e r t h a
main seated until the ushers have L. P e r r in , B ox 1026, Springfield, Mass.
H o o d ’s S arsaparilla is sold every w h ere
removed the chairs from the aisles.”
I n tbe usual liqu id , or in tablet fo rm called
— Lipplucott's.
The only departure w e shall make from medical ethics in the oonduot of
Peruna affairs in the future, is the fact that w e shall continue to advertise an:
sell onr product TO T H E P E O P LE .
I f wa wcnld agree to sell to doctors only, to advertise for doctors only,
then the medical fraternity would be obliged to recognize Peruna ss being
entirely w ithin their approvaL
fV*>w I t
Is It Y our
Own Hair?
H a v e T ln p p e n e e .
“ Why, Col. Corpuscle, are you alive
y et? "
"Am I alive yet? Why shouldn't 1 be.
"You must pardon my surprise, colo­
nel. I could almost swear I read your
obituary a year ago!”
“ It is quite likely you did, sir. The
papers down my s a y have bad my ohltu
ary iu type for years, and It is possible
that one of them may have run it in by-
Iln d
D one
Kip it.
Uncle llosea did not feel able to con­
tribute more than 75 cents to the mission­
ary cause, and was not particularly en­
thusiastic about giving even that.
"You ought to give as the Lord has
prospered you.” said Deacon Ironside.
" I don:t think the Lord'll ever accuse
me of bein’ ungrateful,” answered Uncle
Hosea. "S ix of my boys is preachers.”
Do you pin your hat to your
own hair? C a n ’ t do It?
Haven’t enough hair? It must
be you do not know A yer’s
Hair V igor! Here’s an intro­
duction! May the acquaint­
ance result in a heavy growth
of rich, thick, glossyhair! And
we know you’ll never be gray.
W e shall continue to offer Peruna to the people. W e shall continue to
eonvey to the people our claims for Peruna as a household remedy. W e shaU
continue to supply the people w ith free literature, teaching them how to use
S a r s a t a b s . 100 D ose« One D ollar. P r e ­
our medicine, teaching them how to avoid disease, teaching them many things
“ I think that Ayer's Ftair Vigor Is the most
p a red on ly b y C. I. H ood Co., t a w e ll. Mass.
R a re lllr d .
wonderful hair grower that was ever mode. I
o f benefit to the home. W e shall continue to do this, whether the medical
hove used It for some time and 1 con truth­
fully shy that 1 am gi sally pleased with It. I
profession like it or not.
cheerfully recommend It as a splendid nrepo-
marked the visitor, rising to take his de­
F o l l o w t u i r I t U p.
Miss V ButXK, Why land, Mleh.
W e are proposing from this time on to take the pnblio into oar confidence.
parture. " I t ’s the most sensible bird I ’ve
Flr*t Magnate— Why do you always jo seen for a long time.”
Notwithstanding that some imitatois and substitutors w ill be attempting tc \ M a tte r o f P r o fita b le In te re s t
Iteade by J. C. Ayer Co. , Lowell, Maas,
east on this line? It's not nearly as
Also mauuffcotui era o f
"W hy, he hasn't uttered a single word
put up something which they consider just as good os Peruna, w e are going to
to th e F a r m e r a n d D a iry m a n
short and direct as some of the others.
since you came in,” aaid the owner of the
draw aside the veil o f secrecy and allow any one who chooses to know exactly
The problem oi keeping sweet all the 1
atensils used in connection w ith milk
" I know It.
That's why I admire
This ought to disarm all honest criticism. W e expect, however, that crit knd cream selling, and butt r making,
icism w ill continue. On some pretext or other those who are envious of the has been a serious one with the farmer. Chicago Tribune.
r * T ft 8t. Vitus’ Donee ana oil Nervous Dispones
success o f Peruna w ill oontinue to find
I r I O Permanently cured by Dr. Kl.ne's Great
H e has come to realize fully that the
P r o x im it y #
P e .a lm l.t to V ie w .
Nerve Restorer. Send for F RK K |2trial bottle and !
fault. But w e are determined to give »lightest taint or hint of staleneas left in
Wareham Long— How near did ye #Yer treatise. Dr. R. Ii. Kliae, Ld.. W1 Arch SL, Philo..Po.
“ L ife.” remarked the optimist, “ 1#
such people
no just
can, tin or churn may ruin a whole jome to bein’ rich?
made up o f sunshine and sorrow."
M lit h t l i e W o r s e .
Tuffold Knutt— Well, I wui next thing
P E R U N A IS A G R E A T M E D IC IN E . ju tp u t; that the taint which is left is in
“ Yes,” rejoined the pessimist, “but
Mamma— "Your overcoat will nerer
It has become a household word in the form of bacteria which grow and to a millionaire wunsf. Me an’ ole Mun-
the trouble Is there nre about nln#
toburn happened to go on a toot the same fit you this winter.”
shadows to one sunshine.”
millions o f homes. Onr faith in the m ultiply in m ilk or butter, producing
night, an’ they put us in adjoinin' cells
Bobby— " I know it won't, mamma,
| sc the p’lice station.”
remedy is stronger than ever. Every disastrous results.
but my skates w ill; so don't lot’s
The farmer has learned that hot water
year we expect to establish new plants
That is L A X A T IV E BROMO U U IN IN K . Look
worry.” — Puck.
lor tlie signature of K. \V. GROVK.
Used th .
h ow ’s This?
in foreign lands nntil the people o f all the world are supplied w ith this valu­ won’t rinse away the greasy residue in -
World over to Cure . Cold tn One Pay. 25c.
E p it a p h .
I la iry utensi s.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any
able household remedy.
*ase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by H a l ’g Traveler, pause and drop a tear
The production of alcohol in Francs
W E C L A IM P E R U N A TO E E A C A T A R R H R E M E D Y . Buy a bottle and ' H e has learned that soap leaves a Catarrh Cure.
F J. C H EN EY A CO., Toledo, O For Timothy Squiggs, who once dwelt during the season of liKXVlIKM is esti­
j -esidue of its own which is, if anything,
try it. I f it helps you, be honest and acknowledge that it has helped you.
W e, the undersigned, have known F. J.
mated at 71'. 2tfJ.it 17 gallons.
Of this
¡worse than the m ilk or cream residue, Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
J f you w ant us to w e w ill publish your statement exactly as you furnish it
He vanished
our mortal
great quantity 84 per emt was iniluw
. .
tnJ it is little wonder that there has been perfectly honorable in all buisness transactions i
And financially able to carry out any obliga- j W hen he th aw ed a can o f dynam its.
tons. W e w ill add no words, take aw ay no words. I f yon wish us to we w ill
trial alcohol.
i i constant clam or lor a dairy cleanser tion made bv his firm.
publish your portrait in connection with i t W o w ill not do this without your
»nd sweetener that w ill meet modern
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,O
written request, without your entire consent.
rt quire uients.
H a ll's Catarrah Cure Is ik o n Internally, act­
Peruna has cured thousands o f people o f chronic catarrh, in many phases
dtrectiy upon the blood and mucous sur­
A few of the largest cream ery establish ing
faces o l the system. Testim onials sent free.
and locations. A t least, that is what the people say to ns, through unsolicited
ments have called experts into consul­ Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take H all's Fam ily P ills for Constipation.
testimonials. Peruna w ill cure many thousand more, in spite o f fabricated
tation on this problem and have with
•fenders to the contrary.
this scientific aid hit upon a product oi
T i l e I'ru lnieini.
W E G U A R A N T E E E V E R Y B O T T LE OF P E R U N A TO C O N T A IN T H E if natuie w hich exactly fills the b i l l -
"D o you think it is as easy to make
I N G R E D I E N T S P R IN T E D O N T H E L A B E L .
It Is perfectly natural to rub the spot that hurts, nml when the muscles,
i fortune as It used to be?” asked the
■* ■
W e guarantee that every testimonial w e use is absolutely true—in the
nerves, joints and bones are throbbing and twitching with the pains of
Hcientisls have long known borax a» ambitious youth.
tsact language o f the testifier.
Senator Sor­ Rheumatism the sufferer Is apt to turn to the liniment bottle, or some other
a cleanser, a sweetener and an antiseptic ! “ Easier,”
W e guarantee that every photograph published i3 the photograph o f the destroyer of bacteria and germ growths. ghum. “ The problem is to do It In external application, in ati effort to get relief from the disease, by producing
rson whose r.ama it bears, that every word o f every testimonial was author Destroys all that is harmful and pro­ such a way that your friends w ill con­ counter-irritation on t'.ie flesh. Such treatment w ill quiet the pain tempo­
rarily, but can have no direct curative effect on the real disease because it
id by the hand that signed i t
motes and preseives '.rcsliniss, sweet­ tinue to speak to you.” — Washington
does not reach the blood, where the cause is located. Rheumatism is morn
- W e are determined to beat our opponents by being fairer than they are. ness and purity, relieving the dairyman Star.
Liquid Medicines Can
Now Secure Peruna
and dairy housewife of drudgery and ol 1
N o t In th e M a r k e t.
needles, work and worry.
"W hen I go Into politics, I am go­
Its cheapness and value should give it ing to hire out my brains to tbe beet
Brat place in the necessities of every paying side.”
"B u t when people hire brains they
The cow’ s udder is kept in a clean, want furnished thoughts; not empty
healthy and smooth condition by wash­ flute.” — Baltimore American.
ing it with tiorax and water, a table-,
spoonful of borax to two quarts of w a ter.1 Mo her. w ill find Mr,, w in .lo w * . Soothing
Byrup the b si remedy ....
tu uso tur ik
^ e ir
. cUUdnod
This prevents roughness and sorenesi durlujj • the teething period.
or cracked teats, which make milking
T V « T u r t ilu u o t l b . W o r m .
tim e a dread to the cow and a worry tc I
M ollle— I wish you were more like
the milker.
Mr. Simpson.
The modern cleanser of all dairy uten .
Coddle— My dear, If I were more like
silsconsists of— one tablespoonful of bor­
Mr. Simpson, 1 should have married a
ax to every quart of water nteded. Re­
woman more like Mrs. Simpson.— St.
member— a tablespoonful equals foul
Louis Pout-Dispatch.
Be sure that yon get pure borax. Tc
T h e P ro p er Pee.
be sure, you must get “ 20 Mule Teats
"W h a t do I get for this stunt?’’ ask­
B orax.”
ed the vain, but execrable, amateur.
A ll dealers. A dainty book in colors,
“ I f I were a police m agistrate,” an­
cal ed “ Jingle Book," sent free to an) swered tbe manager, “ you would get
Mother sending name end eddress of hen 30 d a y s ; but, a, I am not, you'll simply
baby, and tops from two pound carton] get out.”
o f “ 2 0 Mute Team” Package Boras, wilt
Sc in stamps.
Address Pacific Coast Borax Co., Oak-
land, Cal.
by dealing squarer than they dare to. W e are determined to meet falsehood
w ith truth, duplicity w ith candor, insincerity w ith sincerity.
W e know that the users o f Peruna w ill appreciate our stand. W e believe
that the dealers in Peruna w ill applaud our course. W e expect even our op-
neats w ill be obliged to acknowledgs finally that Peruna is not only an
nest and useful remedy, but o n o o f tne G R E A T E S T H O U S E H O L D M E D I
N E S O N T H E C O N T IN E N T .
1. Gee Wo
Th e well known relluble
Root and Herb
H r * mnde a life *tody o f
roots unit horl>*. and in that
ydlfTX ft study discovered and is viv.
in a to the world his wonder-
U2KQiw S * fuT remedies.
Mercury, Poisons or Drug« Used - Me Cures
hout Operation, or Without the Aid of a Knifq
jo tens ran tees to Cure Catarrh. Asthma, Lung,
jrout. Rheumatism. Nervousness. Nervous Debility,
~mRch. Liver. Kidney Troubles:also Loe? Manhood,
-ale Weakness and A ll Priva te Diseases.
S h lftlu i, th e B a r d e n .
“ W hen I started In business, ' said
Mr. Dustin Stax, reflectively, "I re-
solved never to tell an untruth.”
“ And you kept your word?”
"Yes. Whenever I had any délicats
business o f that sort on hand I hired
an expert.” — Wa s h’ r s t « r .
One of the
o f the happy homes o f to-day Is i
vast fund o f inform ation as to th«
Received from Peking, China—Safe, Sure best methods o f promoting health and
and Reliable.
happiness and right livin g and k no w}
ledge o f the world's best products,
C O N S U L T A T I O N I IV ,:»;
Products o f actual excellence and
t f , ii cannot call, write fo r ■» n [.ton bl.uk and draw.
lor. Indoor, 4 rente In ntstr i ,
reasonable claim s truthfully presented
1 2 E lm St Cor. klorrieon.
Portland. Oregon.
and which have attained to world­
Please Mention This Paper.
wide acceptance through the approval
o f the W ell-Inform ed o f the W o rld ;!
P r o b a b le .
“ I sometimes think,” said Dubley. not o f individuals only, but of thy
I "th at It would be Interesting to trace many who have the happy faculty ol
f the origin o f some o f the common selecting and obtaining the best thy
phrases o f the day. For Instance, I world affords.
wonder who originated the expression,
One o f the products o f that class,
‘It never rains but It pours.’ ”
o f known component parts, an Ethical
“ Very likely," suggested Kidder, "It remedy, approved by physicians and
was Noah."
commended by the W ell-Inform ed of
the W orld as a valuable and whole­
A u am p er.
some fam ily laxative is the well-known
Marlon— I showed papa those verses
Syrup o f Figs and E lixir o f Senna. To
you wrote me, and he seemed blessed.
get Its beneficial effects always buy
H arry— He did?
the genuine,
by the
Marion— Yes. He said he was glad C alifornia F ig Syrup Co., only, and
to see you were not a poet.
for sale by all leading druggists.
Steel-Clad Grubber
A t J a m e o to vrn .
A newly married couple was taking
In the Jamestown Exposition.
“ There’s our biggest man-of-war,
dear," said the husband, pointing to
one o f the vessels in the harbor.
Just then a little tug waa seen puff­
ing around the big ship.
"And is the little one a tug-of-wnr,
Tom?” asked the wife.— Success Maga­
G ir l, to I ,
P it ie d .
Slnplta, Strong. A,
Earn» a I I . a J led
Grabber Made.
Will pell MORB
and L A R G E R
tb.a an) other.
than skin deep— it is rooted and grounded in the blood and can only bn
reached by constitutional treatment— I T C A N N O T BIJ RUBBED A W A Y .
Rheumatism is due to an excess o f uric acid in the blood, brought about by
the accumulation in the system o f refuse matter which the natural avenues
of bodily waste, the Bowels and Kidneys, have failed to carry off. This
refuse matter, coming in contact with the different acids of the body, forms
uric acid which is absorbed into tbe blood and distributed to all parts o f the
body, and Rheumatism gets possession o f the system. The aches and pains
are only symptoms, and though they may be scattered or relieved for a time
by surface treatment, they w ill Tcappear at the first exposure to cold or
dampness, or after an attack of Indigestion or other Irregularity. Rheuma­
tism can never be permanently cured while the circulation remains saturated
with irritating, pain-producing uric acid poison. The disease w ill shift
from muscle to muscle or joint to joint, settling on the nerves, causing
inflammation and swelling and such terrible pain3 that the nervous system
is often shattered, the health undermined, und perhaps the patient become»
deformed and crippled for life. S. S. S. thoroughly cleanses the blood and
renovates the circulation by neutralizing the acids nnd expelling all foreign
matter from the system. It warms and invigorates the blood So that instead
of a weak, sour stream, constantly deposit­
ing acrid and corrosive matter In the mus­
cles, nerves, joints and bones, the body is fed
and nourished by rich, health-sustaining
blood which completely nnd permanently
cures Rheumatism. 8 . 8 . 8 . is composed
of both purifying and tonic properties—»
just what is needed in every case of Rheu­
matism. It contains no potash, alkali or other mineral ingredient, but is
made entirely o f purifying, healing extracts and juices o f roots, herbs and
barks. I f you are suffering from Rheumatism do not waste valuable tiraa
trying to rub a blood disease away, but begin the use of S. S. S. and w rit«
us about your ease and our physicians will give you any information o r
ad vice desired five of charge and will send our special treatise on Khcumutisnu
S * Se S
Jaques M fg . Co»
W rit, lor Deacrlpll*. Circolar u d Priem
JO H N S. B E A LL, Manufacturer
S21 11« o f b o r o . A t . ni*.
4 P o r li.. d . O r s i #
I know o f many well-to-do middle
class families where the daughters,
having reecived the education o f ca­
nary birds, are launched on a sea of
gaysty with a cargo o f pretty smiles
and frocks to captivate husbands.—»
London Madame.
PAZO O INTM ENT la gua-onteed to c a r « «n>
f ;as« of Itching, Blind. Jleedlng or Protruding
| tlea in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c.
T h e K in d Y ou H ave A lw ays B o u g h t h a s b o rn e th e sig n a­
tu re o f Clias. U . F le tc h e r, a n d h as b e e n m ad e u n d e r his
p erso n al su perv ision fo r o v er 3 0 y e a rs. A llow no one
to deceive you In th is. C o u n terfeits, Im ita tio n s a n d
“ Ju st-a # -g n o d ” a re hut E x perim en t*, n n d e n d a n g e r th e
h e a lth o f C h ild ren —E x p e rie n c e a g a in st E x p e rim en t.
C asto ria is a h arm less s u b s titu te fo r C asto r O il, P a re ­
goric, D rops a n d S o o th in g Syrups. I t is P leasan t. I t
co n tain s n e ith e r O pium , M orph in e n o r o th e r N arco tic
su b stan ce. Its a g e is its g u a ra n te e . I t d estro y s W o rm s
nnd allays F ev erish n ess. I t c u re s D ia rrh u -a an d W in d
Colic. It relieves T e e th in g T ro u b les, eu res C o n stip ation
nm l F latn len ey . I t assim ilates th e F o o d , reg u late s th e
Stom ach an d B o w e l s , g iv in g h ealth y a n d n a tu ra l sleep.
T h e C h ild ren ’s P a n a c e a —T h e M o th e r’s F rie n d .
The Kind You
Bears the Signature of
k C a r e . W hile Y e s W alk.
] Allen’. Foot Ee— j, .cenalo cur. lor hot,
iwe*ting,callu>,on‘1fwoller.,srhlncfeet. Sold
»>• •lll>rus*l»t.. Price the Don't accept any
" ‘ ’•‘ ■‘ “ le Trial ¡...tr a . FREE. Addrra.
I V ilen 8. O l a .t e d . L e K e y , S . Y .
Over 3 0 Years.
I e o «w n .
e „ a . . . . . . . . . . a r e rara .rra.
;J Isec-
Q u a lity
Econom y
1 B'
K hai
E x c e p t io n .
T h e H a ir F ir.
Helen was watching some flies on
the window pane, when she called to
her m other: “ Mamma, com# and see
If this is the bosom f ly !”
“Tb# bosom fly. child! What kind
o f a fly is that?”
“ Ob, the one they sung about In
church last Sunday— ’Let me to thy
bosom flv.’ ” — T b e Circle.
Iti(d as
Stands for
PlifS CURfD IN 6 TO 14 DAYS.
“ I st ) that Friday comes on the 13th
| this week. Doesn't it make you feel
creepy ?”
"M e?
I ’m not superstltloas.
F ri­
day Is not tbe only day on which un­
lucky things happen."
“ But all th# worst things happen on
“ No. they don't. I was married on
Tuesday.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer.
the en-
In p ro vid in g the fa m ily ’s m eals,don’t
be satisfied w ith a n yth in g but the
best. K C is‘f(unrantccd perfec­
tion a t a m od erate price. It
m akes e v e ry th in g better.
r^ v
T r y and see.
•J?»« •
Money back.
Is the man who
has tried lo get
the same service
oui of torn
other make
Clean Light Durable
Guamnteed Vder proof
and Sold Every »hw»
ot »320
»uth For-
by the
tty Com-
a piece
ining at
to the
that ii
r. Todd
ad build-
„ SM O ta AT ALL
e n i r c s , FOR EVERY
MEN, B O V S , W O M EN . M IS S E S A N O C H ILD R E N .
I U ” y- L: °
" » * • • Af l d M / fa m o r a «
* 3 - O
_ ». —
reel• eg
n m
n d
ld .C O .A o ..
P. N . U .
No. t-oa
S e f r M ' T e e tk .
Th# whltenea# and beauty o f tbs
W. L D ougin
U ’ H f N w r it in g ’ to k d r u r t l M n p l « M «
•r- « a f
teeth o f tbe African negroes ara gen­
w . u I m i L
w i y a d w M »ia M Ìn »»a « ra ■*»«««■• Y ' * ’ , * ’
m « o i l n n t h is p a p # r.
He. I if ht th* t i o n
erally sacri bed to tbe food which they
W «4 Colai.
»at and to farorahl# climatic condi­
tions, hut these ignorant native# tak#
»pedal care o f the teeth and a rt fa ­
m iliar w ith many remedies for th#
C olor m ore goods brighter and faster colors than an y other dye. O n e lOc package colors silk, w o o l and cotton s q u a lly w e B
treatment of dental disease#— Mun- and la guaranteed to giv e perfect result*. A s k dealer,
w e w i ll send poet p tala at 10c a package. W r ite lo r fre e bookie*
h o w to dye, bleedigand m i . colera.
M O N ROE D R U G C O M P A N Y , Q u in cy, Ullnola.
:bener Medlslnlsche W ocbefistbrlfL
n $4 and S5 Gilt Efg* Short
Be Equalled Al Any M*
» M