Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, January 23, 1908, Image 7

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    The Roupell Mys t e r y
A u s t y n
F or a period of two weeks immediately
following the death of Mine. Ho-ipei!.
both H a rrie t and Emily Weldon rem ain­
ed In a «rate of seeluaion w ithin the
chateau. By the provisions l Mine. R ou­
ped s will, in the absence of other claim ­
ants, her fortune was equally divided
between her nieces.
It was a lovely Ju n e morning. The
girls had received no one since the death
of their aunt. H arriet, however, did uot
lose sight of the fact th at she owed a
duty to the living. It seemed seltish and
wicked to pass the precious hours in
m ourning for one whom she could not re­
call, while a fate so dreadful hung over
her lover’s head.
Emily, who readily
surm ised the sta te of her sister's feelings,
was not backward in adm inistering what
comfort she could. She had w ritten re­
peatedly to I)r. Paul Mason, urging him
to spare neither labor nor money in his
endeavors to extricate Van L ith from his
terrible position.
One morning, looking out of the w in­
dow, H arriet presently espied the sturdy
figure of the doctor coming a t a swinging
gait across the park under the great trees.
He had arrived in Yilleneuve by the
m orning train, and made a short cut
across the fields, instead of coming by the
road through the village.
F o r the first time since the death of
her a u n t, Emily Weldon was In tolerable
spirits. The cloud which had lowered so
heavily over the future seemed lifting at
According to the report of Dr.
Mason, there was a t last a possibility of
the terrible m ystery which enshrouded
all their lives being cleared away— some
hope th a t her sister’s lover, whom she
believed to be innocent, would be freed
from the awful charge which hung over
As they walked along following the
path w hich led them through the forest
of Yilleneuve, much of H a rrie t's usual
gaiety and .sprightliness of m anner also
returned. H er cheeks regained their
color w ith the unwonted exercise; her
pulse beat quickly a g ain ; the soft June
breeze fanned her brow, and her dark
•yes regained their luster.
• E m ily was sim ilarly affected.
H er
■pirlts rose with every step they took.
8he even laughed when u little rabbit,
•trfrtled by their approach, »at upright
to look a t them for a moment, and then
dashed off into the underbrush. "I had
to laugh." she said, apologetically, "for if
aver a rabbit showed surprise, th at d id ;
why. his expression was alm ost hum an."
“ It is possible he may be, according to
B a n s W erlow,” rem arked the doctor.
“ And who is H ans W erlow?”
“ H e is a Germ an friend of mine who
has ju st revived a peculiar theory in re­
gard to the soul. H is idea is th a t the
•p irits of men and women who have m is­
behaved themselves on earth, will a t
death enter the bodies of anim als, there
to undergo a certain penance for the sins
th* y have committed on earth. It is quite
the talk of Paris, where it has become
th e fashion to point out an old cab horse
*nd say 'T h a t is M arat or Robespierre,
Working out his desiiny.' ”
f H ere H arriet was compelled to laugh
•n trig h t.
'' "H ow I should like to meet your friend
B a n . W erlow ! You m ust contrive to
invite him to visit us some day."
^ " P e r h a p s I shall, when all Is bright
again," replied Mason, "and it shall be,
(f I can make it so, or rather. If M onsieur
C assagne can, for the m atter is in his
hands now. All I can do is to wait and
h o ie ."
.,1?. "You seem to have great confidence in
j» u r friend," remarked Emily.
.* "Y*es, 1 have.
In tim es of great
trouble we are apt to lean on someone.
One is glad to have somebody in such
• crisis who can be trusted. It is the
apeciftl mission of the strong to support
the weak."
» "A s we lean on you.” said Emily,
quietly, "for comfort in our hour of
■ led."
H er arm was within his own. and her
la ir, white hand was tem ptingly near.
H s placed his own upon It, with a gentle
(•a ssu rin g pressure. The action was elo­
quent of assurance th at she could trust
to his friendship to the last. A brother
■night have done the same, yet a strange
th rill went through her. H e saw her
m om entary em barrassm ent, and height­
ened color.
j * " F o r H a rrie t's sake and for yours," he
H id gently.
T b -n to hi» surprise and delight, her
flngHr- returned the pressure of his own.
They seemed to say, “ I understand you.”
T he sun was high in the heavens. It
was very warm. They were yet some dis
lance from Vcrtiers. They »at down on
the mossy hank under the shade of one
• ( the grand old trees. T aking no credit
ta> himself, he told them what he had
iH rn c 1 of M- fa ssa g n e 's doings: hoc
thor gbly Impressed he was with the in
afece! e of Van L ith ; how indefatigable
had worked, snd what .kill he had
ayed in unraveling a» far as he had
g ta e
> ».-j I don’t see much to eat around here,”
1 the doctor, finally.
f*No. not here, of course,” said l ia r
Ytet “ B ut there’» a cottage up there by
t b t edge of the wood, where I dare m y
w# can get some excellent milk and per
hap* »ome white bread. Let us go there
• l one» I ’m perfectly ravenoua.”
W ithout giving the o th eri tim e to an
•wer. H a rrie t Weldon at one» began to
lead the way.
G athering her dainty
A irt" about her. she leapt lightly acr-**
• dl* h which Intervened between the
fin e
i hold ng and the edge of the
and turning around, cried gaily:
m onsieur le docteur, you can
• e r * your strength and your gallantry
am Emily.
You'll have to carry her
She'» the wor«t hand a t jum p­
ing a ditch in the whole of F rance.”
think you'd better tru st me, Mis*
f c l l f t " na’d Mason, laughing.
iT*"A» you will, then." she said, sim ply;
th# next moment his arm s were
•fo u n d her.
^ T h e r e ere opportunities !n our Urea
•fc: h come to ue but once. F ortune raps
•p r i our door, and failing : • gain ad
ft**», n»r*r to refu rn ^
H a*
teld la his arm s the woman hs
I loved best on earth. H er head reclined
j on hi» shoulder. H er heart beat against
j his own. H er eyes looked languorously
into his. It was an unpardonable liberty
for a .staid scientific gentleman to tak*?.
j H a rrie t’s back was turned toward them.
“ I love you,” he m urmured.
T hen he «looped and kissed her on the
lips. She flushed scarlet.
"D r. Mason— P a u l !” she exclaimed.
He sprang across with her iuto the
field. H arriet was out of sight. She had
disappeared among the trees.
“ Forgive me.” he cried, and he took
her hand before she could withhold it.
“ You tem pted me beyond my strength.
Say th at you love me ju st a little bit.”
“ Why, nonsense! As if young ladies
made confession* of th at s o r t !”
She was blushing furiously. It became
im peratively necessary to pause a little
to allow her to recover herself. They
were entirely alone. F or a brief m inute
they remained thus, looking into each
other’s faces.
Then they sauntered on, hand in hand
across the plowed field, to where H a rrie t,
with her mouth full of bread and cheese
was im patiently aw aiting them.
“ W hat’s the m atter w ith you tw o?”
she asked. “ I thought you’d lost your
The train which bore Dr. Paul Mason
back to P a ris th a t night m ust have been
conscious of the reluctance of one of its
passengers, at least, to leave the neigh
borhood of Yilleneuve, for never had a
short trip seemed so long and tedious to
a certain pleasant faced, thoughtful, m id­
dle-aged gentleman, who sat and thrum ­
med im patiently upon the window looking
out upon the night.
“ She has promised me,” was the b u r­
den of hi» thoughts. “ She has promised
me th at on the day on which Van Lith
goe* free, she will be my wife.”
C H A P T E R X V I.
More than a week had elapsed since
the departure of M. Oasaagne, during
which tim e his assistant in Paris. Charles
D’Auburon, had received no word of him.
One morning, however, he got a laconic
message over the w ire : “ Rue de P rov­
ence, 2 p. m. Tuesday,” by which he
rightly surm ised th at his chief would
meet him at his lodgings at the hour
Almost on the »troke of the
clock, D’A ubaron heard the
climbing the stairs leading to his a p a rt­
“ He is pretty tired,” cogitated the
young Frenchm an. “ He comes slowly.”
He was right. Alfred Cassagne had no
sooner entered the room th an he flung
himself heavily into a chair. His face
wore an expression of anxiety. His dress
was disordered.
He seemed dreadfully
fatigued and dispirited.
D ’Auburon
hastened to relieve him of his hat and
light overcoat, and to take the hot wig
from his head.
“You look worn out, old fellow,” he
“ Pull off your boots and
coat, and m ake yourself com fortable.”
Thus Invited, Alfred Cassagne divested
himself of these articles of apparel, re­
m arking as he pulled off his boots:
“ I haven’t had those off for the last
forty-eight hours— and they were too
tight for me anyhow.’»
“Anything gone wrong?”
“To be brief, all our work of the past
two weeks has to be done over again.”
“ W hat?” exclaimel D'Auburon. “ Do
you moan to say we are on the wrong
“ I will tell you right now,” replied
M. Cassagne. “ It is a peculiar story. I
soon settled the question as to where
Graham was.”
“ You have found him, then? and it is
not he who comm itted the crim e? Ah,
that is bad. O ur theory a t once falls to
the ground.”
“ Not so fast.
Don’t anticipate me.
However, I may tell you that H enry G ra­
ham had no more to do with the m urder
of Madame Roupell than you or 1 had.”
“ It is very extraorlinary.”
“Not extraordinary at all. B ut let me
begin a t the beginning. I left P a ris hav­
ing in my possession certain facts upon
which I knew I could thoroughly rely.
One of them was th a t Graham had gone
to Belliers, taking hi* little son with
him ; another th a t he had been in corre­
spondence with a woman there whose first
name was Helene, and whom I firmly be­
lieved to be the m other of the child.”
“ Yes, I recollect all th a t; go on, p ra y ;
what next ?”
“ Arrived at Belliers. I instituted every
possible inquiry as to whether s.u h per­
sons as G raham and hi* sou were known
or had ever been known there. This
search occupied the greater portion of my
time. I was al- it to despair when I
stum bled across an old priest who told me
th a t he had known the man I was iu
search of.
“ ‘Are you a friend or hi*?’ asked the
priest. ‘I ain.’ I replied. ‘Then you
will be «hocked when you hear what hap­
pened to him. Come with me, and I will
tell you his story.’ I followed the pries,,
expecting to hear that he was the inm ate
of some charitable institution, or having
lost his reason was confined in some pri­
vate asylum.
He led the way to his
church, and there in the little burying
ground he pointed me out a grave. At i u
head was a stone on which I read :
Aged 62 years.' "
“ W h a t!” exclaimed D’Auburon. aston­
ished beyond m easure. “ W as It our H en­
ry G raham ? It o rn 't be possible!”
“T here is not the slightest doubt about
it. W hen I saw th at tomberone, you can
imagine how I felt a fte r all the time
and trouble I had given this ease. It
was as if the bottom had dropped out of
everything. T he priest saw, no doubt,
th at I waa strangely affected. He a ttrib ­
uted my agitation to grief.
“ *Tell me som ething about my poor
old friend,’ I said. ‘I have heard that
he was in very bad dreum atancea. Did
he die poor?*
** ’ Vary,’ replied the pries*. ‘B ut he
was cared for by m other church. T hat
sione was erected by hit eon. A h! he
was a sad scamp, a willful fellow, who
rave hie poor fath er no end of trouble.
B ut th a t wae the old m an’e fault, partly.
Ha did not somehow cmre to hare the boy
with him. He lived up on the hill, him
self, tor years, in very good style—
had money from somewhere, though
Hanay T ails S en sation al Story in His
don’t know where he got it. B ut the
O psn ing S tatem en t.
child, he didn’t seem to be bothered about
P ortland, J an . 1 7 .— In h is opening
“ ‘Didn’t the child live w ith him?* I
inquired—not th a t I cared to know, but
I tr ia l y e ste rd a y , F ra n c is J . H oney c h arg
I wanted to keep the old man talking.
ed th a t:
I thought he m ight possibly drop some­
H a ll w anted re a p p o in tm e n t as U n it-
thing worth having.
' ed S ta te s d is tr ic t a tto fn e v a n d so u g h t
“ ’No.' lie went on lie was a garrulous
: election of S e n a to rs M itc h e ll a n d F’ul-
old fellow. ‘No. he didn't seem to care
ton to t h a t e n d .
to have the child with him. U ntil he
I H e forced S ta te S e n a to r W . \V . S te i-
was quite a big boy he remained in the
i w er to vote for F u lto n in F e b ru a ry ,
•ire of a young couple in the village. The
i 1903, by th re a te n in g S te iw er a n d o th e rs
woman, I think, grew to be quite fond
of him. B ut he was an unruly little ras­ S e ss io n Largely Given Up to Reading I w ith c rim in a l p ro secu tio n (H a ll th e n E x-U n ited .States Attorney Hall and
cal.' ”
being U n ite d S ta te s d is tr ic t a tto rn e y )
o f L etters Said to S h ow
Edwin Ways at Bar— N o Ex­
“ All this is very serious. The result
for illeg al fencing of p u b lio lands.
is that we are no fu rth er th an wheu we
F'ultou w as a p a rty to th is deal w ith
C onspiracy.
planation la Given
W hat do you propose to do
S te iw er a n d used h is influence in S te i-
now? You’re uot going to give it up,
w e r’s b e h a lf to cause H a ll to in s titu te
are you?'*
c iv il proceedings a g a in s t S teiw er in ­
P o itla n d , J a n . 16.— T w elve jurors,
“Give It up! I wonder at your asking
ste ad of c rim in a l.
sa tisfa c to ry a lik e to t h e governm ent
such a question. Certainly 1 shall uot y e sterd a y contin u ed laying th e fo u n d a ­
B row nell w an ted to succeed H a ll and a n d to th e d efen se, w ere selected y e s­
tio n n( th e eai<e a g a in st J o h n H . H a ll
give it up.”
had pledges of su p o rt from M itchell terd a y to d e te rm in e th e g u ilt or in n o ­
“ Now tell me,” said the younger man. am i E d w in M ays.
H en ey introduced som e 60 le tte rs , a n d F u lto n . H a ll forced B row nell to cence of J o h n 11. H a ll, e x - United
“w hat you propose doing? I am impa­
tient to know.”
w ritte n from J u n e , 1900, to S e p te m ­ r e tir e a n d so to n o tify M itch ell and S ta te s a tto rn e y for O regon, a n d E dw in
M. Cassagne did not immediately reply. ber, 1902., by H a ll, M ays, L oom is, F u lto n , by th re a te n in g Brow nell w ith M ays, who Hre jo in tly c h a rg e d w ith il­
He closed his eyes like one who thinks S tra tfo rd and P u tn a m . M ore su c h le t­ p ro secu tio n for a cknow ledging forged legally fencing p u b lic lan d s in Eastern
land p a p e rs, for w hich U row uell la te r
deeply. At last he sai« :
O regon. Tiie first ju io r, A lfred F re e rk -
te rs w ill follow to d a y .
“ I have mapped out a plan of action.
H a ll objected se rio u sly to o n ly one was in d ic ted th ro u g h H e n ey .
sen , a fa rm e r ot L et-anon, L inn county,
H a ll th ie a te n e d H e rm a n n , W illia m ­
And we must either carry it out on that le tte r, w ritte n by S e c ie ta rv H itch co ck
waa accepted a t 11 o ’clock a n d th e ju ty
line, or abandon it altogether. We have to Special In sp e cto r A . R. G re en « , d i ­ son am i M itch ell w ith lan d -fra u d in ­
was c om pleted at 6 :3 > o'clock yesterd ay
adopted from the sta rt the theory th at
in v e s tig a te
th e
a fte rn o o n w ith th e acceptance of H en ry
this crime was not committed for the re ctin g G reen e to
a p p o in tm e n t.
F re e rk sen , a farm er of tShedds, L in n
purpose of robbery, but in the interest fences. H e n e y ’ p u rp o se is to g ro w
___ ________
some _______
person who
in some ___________
way would that th is investigation was p ro m p te d Z achary a n d H en d rick s by w h ich he c o u n ty , a n d a b ro th e r of tiie first m an
selected. R oth »idee iiad e x h a u ste d
profit, either directly or indirectly, by hy s e ttle rs , w ho h a d a p p ea le d v a in ly to
allow ed th e m to m a in ta in th e ir illegal
lim it th re e p e re m p to ry c h a lle n g e s be­
the death of Madame Rouped. If we H a ll to act a g a in s t th e fences.
H a ll
fences, th is being ttie alleg ed c o n s p ir­
abandon th at theory w-e have no other to 'o b je c ts to th e le tte r because a copy a n d
fore th e n am e of H enry F re e rk sen waa
work on. A fter the most careful exam- n o t th e o rig in a l le tte r has been offered
reached, h u t h e was su b je cted to a
¡nation of all the facts and circum stances. I a n d because it is irre le v a n t.
Ju d g e
th orough q u e stio n in g hy Mpeclal P rose­
I fail to account for the m urder upon H u n t w ill decide th e q u e stio n s th is th e sta n d in th e ir own defense.
cutor H eney before being acc ep te d .
H enry Graham m o rn in g .
any other hypothesia.
W h en c o u rt convened
y e sterd a y
being dead disproves that theory so fa r as
U n lik e H a ll, M ays raised n u m e ro u s said t h a t w hen h is c lie n t first lea rn ed in-.ruing M r. Honey ereHted a se n sa itio n
of th e Illegal fences in 1901, he n o ti­
he is concerned ; but so far only.”
o b jec tio n s in th e course of th e day.
by a n n o u n cin g th a t of tiie 1 2 d e fen d a n ts
"A dm itted ; but whom have you to take
T he ste p s in th e g o v e rn m e n t’s e v i­ fied S te iw er, e t a l.. th a t th e y m u st n o t n am ed in tiro in d ic tm e n t o nly H all and
hla place? Y’ou m ust substitute someone, dence of c o n sp irai y w ill be a b o u t as fence g o v e rn m e n t lan d .
W e b ste r de
Felwin M ays w ould be trie d a t th is
or your theory falls to the ground,” re­
nied t h a t H a ll w as a c tu a te d by u lte rio r
follow s :
tim e . H is la ilu re to in d ic a te w hen W .
m arked D’Auburon.
F ir s t— To prove H a ll a n d M ays bad
W . B teiw er, H a m ilto n H . H e n d tie k s
"N ot neceasHrily," replied the detec
W itnesses P u tn a m am i K ing testified
a n d C larence H Z achary w ould be tried,
five. “ We may substitute an entirely un- fre q u e n t know ledge from p ro tec tin g se t-
th a t th e y in fo rm e d H a ll by le tte r of
if at a ll, is b elieved to give color to th e
known person and rail him X .”
| tiersi of th e fence* a s e a rly a« M arch ,
th e fences as e a rly as Ma>ch, 1900. re p o rt th a t th ese th re e d e fe n d a n ts h ave
“ Yes. th a t’s all very w e ll; but how to 1900.
find him is the question.**
j fctecond T hat S tc lw er, Z ac h ary a n d T h e fences w ere n o t rem oved u n til been p rom ised im m u n ity in r e ta in for
"T o which 1 certainly give you an- H e n d ric k s caused v a rio u s persons to file 1906, a fte r H a ll was o u ste d from oifiee. im p o rta n t testim o n y a g a in s t th e ir eo-
other answer. I.iaten attentively. I am on lan d for th e ir co m p a n y , in o rd e r to
d e fen d a n ts. T he te s tim o n y of theea
about to begin my argum ent, and I w ant c o m p le te th e c o m p a n y ’s e n clo su re cf
d e fen d a n ts, i t has lieen ru m o red , is
you to follow it and pick It to piece», p u b lic la n d .
considered e sse n tia l to tire ra se of lh a
Commencing on the hypothe»i§ already j T h ir d — T h a t H a ll a n d M ays took no C alifornia Will P ro b e Into A ctions of g o v e rn m e n t a g ain st H a ll a n d M aya.
laid down. I shall proceed to dem onstrate
prosecute th e offenders, th o u g h
S o u th ern P acific
two things: FirsC^the m urder of Madame th()y jiail fu )| g u ^ -ie d g e of th e fanclng
San Francisco, Jan . 1 7 .— After 29
by someone di­
I, was committed
. . . . a k..
Jl g n j t | ie congp iraey f0 r m ore th a n th re e
rectly intereated In getting her out of the
years of qu iescent obedience, the state
way. Second, It was the work of some
A t th is stage, S te iw e r is expected to board of railroad com m issioners flew Many B oyartow n Victim» Burned P a st
person w ho waa acquainted with her af-1
R ecogn ition .
a bout th e u lle g e d u n d e rsta n d in g full in to th e face of the Houthern Pacific
fair», either by actually having known
h H all a n d M ays w ere n o t to oompany today and ordi red a search­
her. or from inform ation gathered from
P a., Jan . 18.— One h u n ­
ing in vestigation into the rehating pro­
someone who was her Intimate.
Y’ou pro secu te h im a n d h is associate«.
c liv itie s of the H arriman lin es, the dred and seven ty persons perished at
m ust not forget the missing will, portions of th e te rm s of th is a lle g ed ag ree m e n t
Santa Fe and the Salt laike road. At the Rlnsides opera house fire Monday
of which are In my possession.
You w as S e tiw e r a vote for F u lto n ,
n igh t, aceording to figures com piled by
m ust not forget also the circum stances
G eoigp B row nell is expected to te stify the sam e tim e the Imard, w ith the Coroner Ntr inner la-t n igh t.
The list
surrounding this m ysterious crime.
It th a t H a ll p rom ised h im im m u n ity ftom
of dead includes one firem an, who Irak
was committed In the dead of n ig h t The land frau d prosecu tio n for his w ith passed the resp on sib ility for efficacious Ins life fighting tiie fire, and one m an,
hour chosen by the m urderer was one a t d ra w al from th e c o n te st for H a ll’s office action to th e door of Governor G ille tt. Jacob John son , who died fm m injuries
It liee w ith th e ch ief ex ecu tive to au
which he expected to find the house en­
th oiixe th e expenditure of the m oney received in tne bliiz ng p layh ouse.
tirely unprotected by the presence of men,
Three charred bodies were recovered
that such an investigation w ill cost,
for the butler and coachman, recollect,
and Mr. G ille tt has no a ltern ative hut from tiie ruins of the b u ild in g yester­
slept over the stables and ths presence
of Van L ith and Chabot In the chateau O b ject to Paying M ore Than Rate to choose squarely la-tween the people day, and of tiie 168 bodies or rem ains
that lie in tiie im provised ruins of the
th at night was a contingency totally un­
and the railroaus.
T hey Fix T h e m se lv es
foreseen by him, and on# he could not
The sudden aw akening of the loard b u ild in g 111 have been officially or par­
New Y ork, J a n . 18.— F o rcib le re sist- ha« developed a un ique situ a tio n . The tia lly identified by sorrow ing relativea
have been prepared for. Y’ou tnay be
sure th a t If he had foreseen It, he would a n te hy te n a n ts w hom a n U p p er E ast state railroad com m ission has always or friends.
have postponed his visit until some other Ride la n d lo rd was try in g to evict rcauIt lieen the object of tender rare on the
Not more than 25 of th e en tire num ­
occasion, for men of th at stamp, though e,) y e ste rd a y in the g a th e rin g of a ciow d part of W illiam F’. H errin. Now the ber of bodies removed from tiie fire
hold and unscrupulous, alw ays tak s as 0f ( wo th o u sa n d o r m o re sy m p a th iz e rs
com m ission has suddenly decided to have heads. There are several trunks
little risk as possible.”
in th e n e ig h b o rh o o d , w h o m ad e so
which w ill never lie recognized, as they
"G ranted,” acquiesced D'Auburon. “Go m uch tro u b le for th e police th a t th e put Mr. Herrin and h is associates on were strangers in the uudienee that
the carpet.
Ip re rin c t reserves w ere c alled o u t
D u r­
witnessed th e play.
“The tem porary check that our theory ing th e rio tin g four w om en a n d a n u m
has received from finding th a t H enry
Graham died before the m urder waa com­ | her of m en w ere ta k e n in to custody.
IN D O R S E S S P A R K S ' A C T IO N ,
m itted, In no way convinces me th at ha I T he rio to u s d e m o n s tra tio n
waa not in any way implicated. Let ua w hen a c ity m arsh al a n d a b o u t 25 a s Nevada L e g it sto r e Ara U nanim ous in
C au cu s o f N evada L eg isla to rs S u p ­
A pproving P olicy
suppose th at he knew of the existence of s is ta n ts v isite d th e block on tiie so u th
this will, which disinherited him ; th a t sid e of E ast One H u n d re d a n d F o u rth
p o r ts G overnor.
Carson C ity, N ev., Ian. 17.— At the
h# contem plated its destruction a t some ' s tre e t, b e tw ee n F irs t a n il Second ave afternoon session of th e assem bly y e s ­
C arson, N ev., J a n 1 6 — A jo in t gau­
time and confided his plans to an accom- t n u es, w ith 80 dispossess w a rra n ts for terday a resolution which passed the m s of th e »iiecial co m m itte e« of tb a
plice; th at for a long time no opportu- fa m ilie s w ho had u n ite d ly dem an d ed senate in the m orning, p etitio n in g the
se n a te and assi-tnbly of th e N evada leg-
nlty occurred like the one which did oo- re d u ctio n s in re n ts of a d o lla r a m o n th
president to retain the troops tem po­ in la tu re m et y e s te rd a y a n d flam ed a
cur, when \ an Lith left the chateau and an(| [ia ,] refused to pay
th e la n d lo rd ’s
rarily, passed w ithout a negative vote. jo in t re so lu tio n w hich w ill he in trodoo-
the woman and her niocea were practically ,.0 | lector m ore th a n
tile new ra te th e y
There was no argum ent on eith er side ed in th e se n a te today Making th e p re si­
at his mercy.
! |la(j
T h e ta k in g o u t of th e fittn -
" Well. I will suppose all that. If you ¡tu re fr(,m U |e ro0D1H of th e firgt ,a m i,y as to the m erits of the m easure. G ov­ d e n t of th e U n ite d S ta te s to re ta in
like; but still m aintain th at when Gra-
t ||
, for a n atU),.k on ernor Sparks was at the speaker's desk, troop« In G oldfield u n til such tim e as
an I as he cam e into th e ha 11 was greet­ th e s ta te emi p ro v id e e ith e r a poliea
ham died all motive for the commission
th e m a rsh a l a n d h is m en hy tco res of ed w ith applause.
force or o th e r mean« to m a in ta in o t d t r
of the crime was removed. W hat benefit
(Speaker (Skaggs, who has opposed the in tiie c am p . Till» is a decided v icto ry
could a third party not interested a t law te n a n ts .
A ngry w om en su rro u n d e d a p a tro l­ governor in the m atter of c a llin g troo|ai for G overnor H parks, a» tiie c o rn m itte a
in the disposition of Madame Roupell'a
property, possibly gain by having her m an w ho h a d gone to th e m a rs h a l’s a s ­ to Nevada, left th e chair and Speaker fram in g tiie re so lu tio n is c mp< «ed of
sistan ce a n d had h alf to rn h is coat from I’ro Tern Folsotn placed the motion lie 2f) m em lie rs, both K e p u h lh a n « a n d
die intestate."
hiB hack w hen a ssista n c e a rriv e d .
H e fore the house. (Skaggs failed to vote Dernoi ra ta , w ith (he p ro a n d a n ti lab o r
(T o be continued.)
a rre ste d four w om en.
S everal d e m o n ­ on the measure, absen tin g h im se lf at e le m e n ts b oth re p re se n te d .
stra tiv e m en were also sen t to th e s t a ­ roll c a ll.
A C hinese Solomon.
The governor is receiving
The resolution w ill undoubtedly paaa
T w o C hinam en, b ro th e rs, well a d ­ tio n house. T he police w ere hy th is congratulations from both parties since tiie senate, w h ile file general e ip r e s-
vanced In y e ars, q u a rre le d o ver a plecs tim e stru g g lin g w ith little success to the psHsage of the b ill. There was a sion am ong tiie m emliers of th e lower
of lan d w hich th ey h a d Jointly in h e rit­ disfierse a n in creasin g crow d of an g ry m eeting of the joint com m ittee th is af­ house is that it w ill go through th at
ed from th e ir f a th e r a n d w ent to law . d e m o n stra to r» , h u t o th er a rre s ts by th e ternoon in reference to tak in g up a body by a sm all m ajority, th e senate
T h e n a tiv e m a g is tra te h e ard th e te s tb 1 offirers fin a l|y hai1 th e effect of p u ttin g measure for policing the sta te . It is being H epublhan and tiie assem bly
-top to th e trouble.
lik ely that th is measure w ill lie intro- stron gly D em ocratic.
m ony on both sid e s a n d d e te rm in e d
T he im m e d ia te purpose of th e d e m ­ dm ad hy Mond«v
th a t ls>th w ere w rong a n d both rig h t,
acco rd in g to the d iffere n t p o in ts of o n stra tio n was effected, th e m a r-h a l
W ants to F ine S tan d ard ,
d e cid in g n o t to a tte m p t th e se rv in g of
view . T h ere fo re. Instead of ren d erin g
T o P reserv e B attlefields
C hicago, J a n . 18.— D istrict Attor­
m ore dispossess w a rra n ts at th is tim e .
a Judgm ent in fnvor o f e ith e r, he o rd e r­
O ttawa, O nt., Jan. 17.— R epresenta­ ney Him», upon arriving today from
tiv es of the Canadian clu bs throughout W ash in gton , w h ere he is thought la
ed th a t liotli lie bs-ked u p In a enngue
H syti i* in Revolution
v .ith th e ir heads fa ste n e d face to
th e dom inion m et in conference here | have discussed the m atter w ith Presi­
Port Au Prince, H aytl, Jan. 18.— today to d iscu ss Lord G rey's proposal ; den t R oosevelt, announced that he will
face a n d kept th e re u n til they settled
th e ir q u a rre l. The enngue Is u so rt of The first actual operation of a revolu­ to convert th e more im portant part« of m ake an effort to bring th e Standard
cage In w hich p riso n e rs a re placed tionary m ovem ent against the present th e battlefields of the p lain s c f Abra­ O il Comjiany of In diana to trial nert
w ith th e ir n e -k s locked lu to a bole In gnvernm m t of H aytl took place yester­ ham and 8 t. Foye into a national park, week on the rem aining 4.000 counts la
day, and so far has been eu iceesfu l. An and to erect thereon a m onum ent to th e in d ictm en ts returned »gainst tha
a board. It resem bles som ew hat the
expedition i-orripoacd of D a y tim e , who com m em orate th e reconciliation of the corporation. It w ill be possible in the
sto c k s w hich w ere u “ed for th e pun­
have been in e x ile , tinder th e com mand B ritish and French races in Canada It event that th e com pany should be con­
ish m en t of m a le fa c to rs in olden tim e s
of Jean J u n e a u , effected a lard in g not is hoped to raise a fund of ( 1 ,0 0 0 ,(Kg) victed on each count id th e indictment
W hen the b ro th e rs w ere placed In the far from O onaives, 66 m iles northw est
by public su bscrip tion to au p p h m en t to imp'me fines aggregating a total of
enngue. th ey w ere both very stubborn 0 f here, and -cctipled th at tow n. The th e granta of th e Federal and P rovis­
» 8 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 .
a n d In d ig n an t, hut to w a rd the end of jfovernim-nt Is taking measure» to resist ional governm ents
th e second day tle-y tiegan to weaken t},e m ovem ent.
R an ge War P rew ing.
a n d on th e th ird day reached a satis. forces ,1 ,,, occupied 8 t. Marc, som e 20
O pium S h ip m en ts Light
Grand Ju n ction , Colo., Jan. 16.—
fa cto ry se ttle m e n t and were released, m iles from O onaives.
Port Tow nsend, W ash ., J a n . 17.— A p peals to the governor and to tha
Among the in terestin g feature» of th e sh eriff of Mess and Delta counties tor
W h y He Lingered.
Dery Su lph jr Irj ires Fruit.
b u siness of th e last year, transacted by p rotection , having failed and fearing a
As th e clock stru c k 10 the diffident
Nan Francisco, Jan. < 8 — At the state officials of the P uget seuind cu stom s d is­ hlorxly im ttle w ill lie participated by
y o u th In th e p a rlo r acene p re p are d to convention of C alifornia fru.t growers tricts is the sh ow in g that for th e entire irate cattlem en through wlio-e territory
g et a hom ew ard move on him self.
today a com m ittee of seven waa appoint­ period im portation s of opiu m read ied th e y m ust pass, tiie scene f msny
"G ood n ight,” said th e d e a r girl. ed to go to W ashington to protest th e insign ifican t total of 238 pou nd s. range wars and murders, the owner» of
“ A nd d o n ’t forget to give m j love to agairst and secure a m odification of the The d istrict is presum ed to cover prac­ 2 n 000 sheep are sending their stock
rule covering the nee of sulphur in tic a lly all of th e outp ut of B ritish Co­ from M ontro-e to the w int-r range in
y o u r sla te r."
"I—er—th at la,” stammered the 4. y , bleaching and drying fruit«. In W 0 h i lum bia refineries w hich operate on a U tah under a guard of 200 men arm ed
"If It s all the same to you. I—«r— tien s and speeches it was stated th a t , large scale. T he lig h t sh ip m en t it re­ With W in ch esters.
should prefer to keep it m yself.”
th e use of sulphur was not deleterious garded as su sp icious.
And as the dear girl w as w illing to to the p ab lir health and th a t th e dry-
P ostp on e S eattle Fair.
let It go at that be lingered another ing of fruit» hy artificial heat and evap-
Seattle, Jan. 16.— W h ile ths Idea is
N ew E x p r e ss R ates.
oration was im practicable in th is sta te.
Jeffi-r«on C ity, Mo , Jan 17.— The not received hy w ith approval by the
new sched u le of i-gpresa rates rerently m ajority of the people, Crlonel Blethea
In all Franca there are only 1,100
W arrh 'P S Sail fo r M agoalen s
agreed upon by Ihe board o f railw ay and raher« have riv-ently tiegan a move­
persons who are m illionaires In our
San Diego, C al.. Jan 18.— A ll that com m issioners and th e expre«» com ­ m ent to postpone th e Alaska-Ynkoa
The In M U hl
ser.se of the word (In d o lla rs). Of wa* left fiere of the Pa ifle Squadron pan ies doing business in M issouri, gO"S sip 'isltio n until 1910.
m illionaires In francs there are about sal ed th is m orning for M agdalina, to Into effect today. In round figures the condition in all [*rta of the country
16 , 000 , apart from the 1,100 alrandy rema n for «1* or seven weeks, Indulg- schedule provides for an a-, »rags reduc­ and failure to rcaliee on certain Invert-
merit« cauee thie plan to b« conelderad.
tion of *1 par cant.
I m g in target practice.
Hall anti Mats Trial Making buf add;eM in ,tho
Lillie Proyress.
oon,p^,*c Jury Secured In Hall Land C an
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