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    W ashington C ounty N ews
sociation with man, has given the des- J
ert horse his intelligence.
Mr. Davenport brought an Arab boy
who was given
to him
by the great
Shiek, to America, and the lad is one
Native Oregonian Speaks of Oregon
Boyhood Days and Illustrates
Talk With Cartoons.
Homer Davenport, Am erica’ s fore­
most cartoonist,
and a native of Ore­
gon, gave his
celebrated illustrated
the Arabian
Desert in
Marsh Hall of this city Monday night.
For two hours Mr. Davenport held his
good sized audience in mystic rapture
On making his appearance he was
given a rousing eclat by the audience
followed by a “ tiger”
Special Council Meeting Tuesday So Local Oddfellows Last Night Form
Directed in Matter of Street Im­
New Degree— Prominent Speakers
and Good Banquet.
Council met in special session at 2
by the college
H e was presented to the assem
bly by Mayor B. H. Laughlin and upon
called attention
His tertainment of the visitir.K memb£rs.
wild attempts at oratorical flights, but facuj'ty- After introductions they were
stays right down with the auditors and invjted t0 , ,unch jn the dininf{ haI1 of
The (Iuestion of an ¡""Proved
feel his presence.
experiences at Silverton where he was and afternoon were given to the read- Richm ond, Missouri, several years ago
raised by his father Tim othy Daven- ¡ng and discussing 0f papers on more had left an estate valued at $4,000,000.
port, of the Waldo Hills; he told of the j beavy and serious subjects,
Mr. Adkins is one of only four heirs
cultured lady from the east whose j -Fbe Academ y is not an old organi- Mr. Severs being the father of our
methods of numbering the keys of the zation and is not yet a lalge onCi but a squire-s motber_
H e is now at Rich-
piano and his finger nails caused his
Krowing one and ¡s desirous of a larger mond, settling up the affairs
father’ s righteous disgust; of the coun- growtb and
Its purpose, grandfather’ s business,
try band and his experience with the as stated in its constitution, is to en -j
When Mr. Adkins returns to Oregon
aggregation when on a trip to Portland courage scientific research and to pro- maybe he wj|i construct a car line from
via a horse and wagon to.celebrate the mote the diffusion 0f scientific k n ow l-! thjs c j , y to his old home
election o( Grover Cleveland, when he edg e throughout the state. As such near Gales Creek.
lost his family’ s first gold filing; he ¡t aj ms not on[y to investigate subjects
a deeper scientific nature, but also
told of other things of his old Oregon
t0 0CCupy itself with subjects of a more
^ .o m e that were most interesting.
Tnen turning to the beautiful and p0pular or unscientific character,
magnetic story of his trip into the
j t ¡nv;tes ¡nt0 ¡ts ranks. as members,
Arabian desert where no American had any wbo may be interested in the im-
on the
Mrs. Mary E. Hague, aged 88 year',
died at the home of her son-in-law, W.
Sikes, at 21S Third avenee,
afternoon from senility superinduced
by lagrippe.
H er maiden name was Mary E.
interest.d in related subjects, however Sipes and she was bom near Prescott,
distanti throughout the state. There
Ontario, Canada, Jan, 27th,
are niany such jn Oregon, in the dairy,
where she lived until 21 years of age.
and fisbery industries, to say
She then moved with her parents to
n o ;hing of those in the more profes-
Ogdensburg, N. Y. She was married
sional lines.
Oct. 8 th 1845 to Oliver Stowell, who
been before.
He told instructive medlate work of the Academ y
things of the customs and habits of life tbose wbo may be engaged in,
of the Arabic people
H e told of the trials and tribulations
and mosquito bites that he and his two
' '■companions from New iork got in their
^B ou roey into the Arab land.
one at Aleppo, the city of the desert
of 180,000 population, wears the Al­
The Academ y has a number of
a car­ members in Forest Grove. Pacific
buncle on the face which if left alone University was represented at the last
eppo button,
said Davenport,
j.w ill disappear in a year or so but if meeting by Miss Famham, who read a
'Adoo'.ored will never get well. At Al- paper on the Flora of South Africa;
*p p o Mr. Davenport was siezed with and by prof. ChamberSi who was elect-
Jth e blues because he had been told
the Academy for
ed treasurer of trie
tor the
that they could get no farther on ac­
ensuing year.
count of the wars of the desert. They
Monthly meetings of the Academ y
had. decided to return home when they
are held at Portland but the annual
a man-of pearly white teeth stand­
meeting is held at some different point
ing on the street corner
His inter-
in the state each year. T h e next an-
p t t e r asked the man where to find the DQa] m eetin f u t0 be held at 3 , ^ .
Anezar. of the Bedouins, the great war
ot the Ottoman
S. M. Yoran, state grand lecturer of
■ a-, with the white teeth happened to the Masons, of Eugene, was in Forest
be the companion
of the old Shiek Grove Tuesday
Akm ut HafJez and took
Davenport to lecture before that lodge.
This led to the brotherhood of ing
the artist and
evening and gave a
Haffez and the
gift of Yoran delivered an able and plea-dog
th<- finest Arabian steed to Davenport, address.
H e is considered one of the
T h e Arabian torse is a very different best posted Masons in the
t f p ‘ from the American.
T h e meet-
state and
His nose is those who were fortunate enough to
Wright of
seen on our streets one day last week.
Hon. J. W. H. Adkins of Gales Creek Meeting at Salem Saturday Resulted
in Electing Col. Harry Haynes
H e speaks the new dormitory.
Surprises Himself While on Trip
with his hands in his pockets, a thing
The chief feature of the Friday
to Missouri.
which would make an elocution teacher evening session was a lecture by W.
“ J. W. H . Adkins,— our own J.
»cringe and howl. But the greatest L _ Finley on the sea.birds of th, 0 re-
W . H .— is heir to a million dollars,”
thing about Davenport is that he is |
| gon coast. This was illustrated by a so said the Portland Journal one day
strictly Davenport. H e is individual, j most excellent set of stereoptican views
this,w eek.
It is the truth. News of
and that is what has caused him to
secured by Mr. Finley at great risk of her father’ s rich inheritance was re­
clim b from a bare-foot-boy artist at his
life and health, on the Thres Arch Ceived by his daughter, Miss Lena Ad-
father barn near Silverton to the fore- R ock R ejervation, near Gearhart. This
kins of Portland.
most artist among American cartoon- iecture was aiso enjoyed by the short
Mr Adkins left this city last fall for
H P-
course students and all who could a visit at his old hom e in Ray county,
H e could not refrain Monday even- crowd im o the chapel.
Missouri, and on arriving thjre he
ing from telling of his old home and
The sessions of Saturday morning learned that John Severs, who died at
j which was to have occurred next
, day, has been
postponed indefinitely.
Dr. E. A. Pidrce of
present and Grand Representative Robert Andrews,
the question of Grand Scribe E. E. Sharon, Mr. Tom
large physique and wonderful person-
On Friday evening, after the after- suFP'y was discussed at some
ality reveal the man as well as the \ noon s program, a reception was ten­ ; but left without action.
artist and nature lover.
H e makes no dered to the Academy members by the
The meeting of the W om an’ s Club
j L
was to
\ '.onuay
(\ it
n '»he day
------ ;--------
at Com e
LOCal ASSOCiatlOO Again 111 Running
Ilrdiir and Doing Business.
vili go
is the
State Agent Resigns and Place to Ee
Filled at Once— Bonds Stated
and Salaries are Fixed.
thrifty tos
h of the t
m on the v
-, for in et
election ol a board of directors of tne
; Bankers and Merchants Mutual Firs
»et” candid
same numi
week, and
ìe license ci
which resulted in two sets of directors
claiming the right of election,
John E.
has all
and Mrs. W. N.
J. T . Shannon,
Ferrin, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A .
members of
1 ......... . . . .4
icher . . . .6
cr . . . . ......... 6
......... 5
rix . . . . .........S
o n . . . ._____4
man ........... S'
Umore ......... 5.
Misses Maud and Kate Shannon and board held a meeting last Thursday and
Miss M F. Farnham.
put the bonds of the secretary and
Mr. Sibley formerly lived here and treasurer at $1000 and $6000 rrsp< c-
Public school will begin next Mon
day according
the directors,
if no
Last Saturday’ s hop growers meeting new cases of dyplitheria are developed.
Also the salaries of the
devant . . . . 4
•mas. . ......... 41
......... 4«.
»ck. . . ......... 51
dent and secretary was fixed at $500
and $1000 annually.
Another meeting was held
oro, who is i
ind business in a new and vigorous
X joint senatoi
success from The school was closed up on the ad­ manner was begun and already a con ­
The Oregon Chap­ vise of the county board of health and siderable number of new mem bers
The resignation of
ter of the Pacific Coast H op Growers’ every room of the building has been have been added.
Union was effected and Col. , Harry thoroughly disinfected with the anti­ Mr. Watrous, state agent was called
at Salem was a howling
:d of Lincoln,
every standpoint.
Good Goat Show.
Judges of unregistered class:
reared in this
resided within
Haynes of this city was elected presi­ germ formula provided for by the state for by the board and his place will
dent; J. Baumcastner of Salem, secre­ board of health. T h e floors have been soon be filled.
scrubbed with a strong solution of lye.
Th_‘ Lyceum enteuainments given
Seventy-five hop men from different It may not be amiss here to sav that
at the Methodist church» last week
sections of the country were presen» every possible effort at sanitation
were fairly well attended and very en­
and 74 of the number joined the should be exercised by the families ol
joyable affairs.
Col. Sotieski, who
union, only one of the number hold­ Forest Grove.
Diphtheria and all dis­ spoke here three years ago more than
holding out.
ease germs thrive upon filth. Clean­ pleased his audience with his vivid
The meeting was very enthusiastic and liness is not only next to Godliness
H e prophecies that within
money was liberally voted to carry on but it is the disease germs’ greatest
ten years all monarchies shall have
business. A secretary has been en­ foe. D ecom posed vegetation furnish­
passed away. The M eneley quartet
gaged and letters struck off asking for es a hot bed for baccilli and waste
Thursday night was the closing per-
statistics relative to the total acreage of matter from the house should be cre­
f irmancc. Mr. M eneley has been on
growing hops in Oregon which will be mated instead of thrown in the back
the road for the past ten years and has
sent to the growers ol the state for the yard. Hercules would do a noble task
sung in every stHte in the Union.
benefit of perfecting the organization. if he should return to earth and turn a
On this trip he introduced two new
Next Saturday, Jan. 25, a meeting rivei into some of the modern back
members to the audience, his daugh­
of the hop growers of Washington yards. Some people have the idea
ter and Mr. and Miss Ricketts.
county will be held at Hillsboro. that if they have a nice green lawn in
Rickets did some very clever work at
Good speakers from abroad have been the front yard, and a beautiful bungalow,
reading and impersonating.
secured and the meeting is looked for­ furnished with brussels carpet and
Local talent have organized into tl e
ward to as one of much success. mission furniture it is not necessary to
Forest Grove Entertainment com pany
Conrad Krebs, and other grower deal­ 1 >ok after the back yard of the home.
and will give their first show consisting
ers will be present, and samples of Pumpkins, cabbages and what not that
of songs, musical com edy, stunts and a
hops from England, Germany and are not fit for the table are hurled into
thirty minute Hebrew larce, a laugh
other hop growing countries will be on the rear quarters to breed germs.
producer of the first magnitude, to­
Every Health demands cleanliness in the
gether with other good stuff, next
grower of the county is urged to at- back yard the same as in the parlor.
Thursday evening,
January 30, in
Wednesday Jan. 15, 1908, J. B. Masonic Hall. A big crowd is expect
Eld Naylor who entered fifteen of his Mathews Relief Corp. No. 11, met at
died in 1848. On May 3rd she was
fine registered Angora goats at the their hall for joint installation and a
again married to John Hague, who
Annual Goat Show at Dallast last week, bountiful lunch was served at noon.
died May 25th, 1865.
In 1*553, she
was one of the biggest prize winners, At the close of the services, Mrs. An­
moved with her family to M om ence,
his animals pulling down six trophies, derson the incom ing president called
111., where she resided until 1872,
when ^
eame ^
tQ Nebraska iet. four of which were first prizes. The Mrs. Morgan the retiring president to
show was one of the most successful the rostrum and in a few words pre­
tbng ¡n Fillmore comnty. In June, |
ever held and about 150 animals were sented Mrs. Morgan with a gold recog ­
1884, she came to Forest Grove, where
entered. The entries of Angora goats nition pin of the Order as a token cf
she has since rMjded, with the excep-
were of better breed than the exhibits their love and appreciation of her ef­
don 0f four years, which were spent
at any of the previous shows as the forts in behalf of their beloved order,
in Nebraska with her children.
goat raisers of the Willamette Valley Mrs. Morgan in accepting the lovely
She was the mother of three chil­
are getting rid of their scrub stock badge said " I am sure that I appreciate
dren; Mr. Ralph W. Stowell and Mrs.
and replacing it with thoroughbreds, the gift not for its value but for the
Susan E. Rex, who reside at Ohiowan,
Record crowds were in attendance, thoughts that prompted the giving of
Nebraska, and Mrs. Mary J. Sikes,
Farmers, stock raisers, representatives ¡t to me from my co-workers. Indies,
who died 26 years ago.
of magazines, newspapers, farm peri- I thank you!
She united with the Congregational
odicals and trade journals were in
Joe Lenneville’ s ten pound sledge,
church in her youth and has remained
' which the safe cta'ksm en used a eoup-
a lifelong member.
The judges in the registered class le weeks ago, was found by Mr R ed
The memorial services were con ­
were: G. T . Boothby of M onm outh, at the depot Saturday and returned to
ducted by Rev. H. W. Boyd, with in­
M. W. Nickel of M cM innville, and S. the shop.
Bad men seem to have
terment in the Buxton cemetery.
F. Zysset of Thomas.
Joe’ s place spotted as Carey Snider’ s
Services were not held at the Chris­
Thornburg. Mrs. Nye, Mrs. John M c- board chosen by the proxies have a b o
Crum, Mrs. Watt. Mr. H. L. Bates, declined to go Itirther. The original
is superintendent of the Pacific Coast
Milk Condenser at Chehalis.
49 vote» a
further with the fight, and it is under­
stood that the other
(or the “ wet
: result of t
to The
News that personally he would not
54 vo
been settled by the withdrawal of the
and Mrs. Willis fore.
tes to the t<
The difficulty which arose in the
all over
Mrs. Stuart Received.
Goff, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hollis, Mr.
portance ci
it is possi
ars he has been
H e has
ie lower house
is chairman of
;• at the last
; acquaintance
l will give him
for th* -’ ¡«triet.
g vote in this
let ted.
anent game
ere discussed it
rest and Stream
urdev evening. ,
ra wa*. in e vi-
gestions regard-
t to be enacted
amended, were
zers Ln the cu- -
and resu
. J. Cot
f shootin
ed to turn out as the people of this c ty
are always very enthusiastic over local
or of deuth For-
shows and
this one
Walker’ s Orchestra will fur-
., and by the
it County Com-
n sh the latest
sic ol the day.
to be a
}leted a piece
y beginning at
most popular mu­
Price ol admission 25
inning to the
cents to all. Scats reserved at Allen’ s
confectionery Monday.
A letter has been
/enue, that is
sat Mr. Todd
received by tl e
U. S. Fish Com missioner at
ood road buiid-
ton, by State Game Warden R. O. c tt-
venxon, stating that a supply of east­
ern brook trout will be
shipped h< re
the Christiaa
was a success.
som etim e between April and N’o v e n -
Mr. Stevenson made a reque t
owning oI the
(or 20,000 fish and they will be pot
into Gales Creek to replenish that
stream. 500,000 fish, from the Ci lo-
incipal feature
luncheon that
nete was en-
rado hatchery, will be divided between
oceedt §
Oregon, Washington and Californ »,
The affair
Ral ih Watkins sprung a surprise on
his fri mds and relatives
Grove this week by announcing
he had taken unto himself a wife on
E S. bunch got equipment there when they the day of Jan. 7. Miss Anna JIauke
e j r almost human. It is believed by ing but most instructive. After the tian church last Sunday on account of Naylor of Forest Grove, Evan Evans made their big fu>ul at the bank here of Portland was the girl that assisted
hi n in the s r prise.
the Bedouin that the horse’ s long as- lecture a banquet was given.
two ye an ago.
the diphtheria case in town
and J. J. Reason er of Dallas.
M r w but his forehead is broad and hear him pronounce it not only pleas-
L 5 » ”W/ r
Mr. Davenport at on ce com m anded vallij opened their homes )or the en. valve and put it in.
the attention of
Meeting Postponed.
his request the letter recently received
After discussion Councilman Harris treasurer; Wilbur M cEldowney, inside
from his Arab brother, the great W a r, bers o{ the college faculty> many of
Sheik, was read by Professor A. Ben whom are also members of the Acade- moved ,hat a check-valve be put in at sentinel; Chas. Odell, junior warden;
Kori of the college in the native tongue my, made a special effort to welcom e the PumP house- Motion carTied and Leonard Morley, outside
and then tran li ’ e l into Eng iih.
,iieir guests and the citizens of Cor Commissioner T odd directed to order The encampment will m eet every two
NO. 29
Hoffman-Watrous faction, or the proxy
elem ent.
porch lights, claiming that there had linson and others from Portland, and
A very delightful reception was
For a time it looked as though a
was that of the third annual meeting of
been no adjustment of that account members from M cM innville were pres­ given Saturday evening of last week by |eRa| battle would be inevitable bi t
the Oregon State Academ y of Sciences
since porch lights were authorized. ent, the Grand officers initiating the Mr and Mrs. Ha-ry H. Stuart at their, a[ter tbe opposing side looked up the
at Corvallis, last Friday and Saturday,
Discussed at some length aDd left for class.
beautiful new home on Fifth street in ]aw ¡n tbe matter of voting proxies
Jan. 17 and 18.
The officers elected are: H . H . com plim ent of Mr. and Mrs. George wberein it was found that a director or
the new council to consider.
The ample halls of the (O . A. C .)
Councilman Wirtz moved the the Clark, Chief Patriarch; S. T. Walker, Sibley of Chehalis, Wash.
Dainty re- offieer of a mutual company could not
Oregon Agricultural College were put
Recorder buy a new record book. senior warden; R. Hill, high priest; treshments were served.
vote a proxy, the matter was dropped
at '.he disposal of the Academy for the
R. M. Taylor, scribe; James McGill,
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. and the business will continue as b -
, meetings and entertainments. Mem Carried.
A delightful and
desert land and his ready wit called
forth round after round of applause.
O R E .,
for general purposes, and called up as were initiated beisdes the chaiter m em ­ meeting be held at this time. He
most important business pending the bers, and many applications are pend- also gave some good advice along this
I ing pencil.
special street assessment and thought I >ng.
line and suggested that the mild
His career is very interesting. H e
It was a grand success from begin­ cases of sore throat be carefully attend­
action should be taken to dispose of
tried out on the Oregonian and lasted
it at on ce.
After checking over cost ning to end and as a climax to the af­ ed to as it was from this class of cases
just one day. H e then went t0 San
of work, etc., it was concluded by gen­ fair a swell banquet was served at the that epidem ics arise.
Forest Grove
Francisco and was picked up by W. R.
eral assessment that the Treasurer and Leabo hotel. The members and visit­ has no city physician or board of
Hearst and from that time on his rise
Recorder should proceed to collect in ors from Portland and M cM innville sat health and it is understood that Dr.
was rapid. For several years he was
accordance with resolution of D ec. 19, down to the festive board at twelve Pierce was going to take the matter up
I on the New York Journal and was sent
Councilman Starrett moved o 'clo c k and feasted until 4 o 'clo c k this with the state board of health. At this
] by that paper to the Dreyfus trial to
that the street assessessment com m i.- morning. The menu consisted of time there are no cases of diphtheria
sketch the English parliament. H e
tee be authorized to adjust any errors dainty salads, all kinds of meats, fruits, or membranous croup reported, but
i invented the dollar marks on Mark
found in street assessment.
Motion cigars and other good things.
there are several cases of bad sore
Grand Chief Patriarch Beckwith, throat.
State Academy of Science.
with his vivid, living pictures of the
C O .,
with rapid sketches done with a mark-
lecture upon
Encamp* have given an address on the subject
p. m. Tuesday at call of mayor. He j ment of Odd Fellows was instituted of tuberculosis but when apprised of the
Mr. Davenport illustrated his lecture stated that he had called the meeting here, and last evening 19 members diphtheria cases here, advised that no
of the family at the farm in New Jer­
Famous Cartoonist Captivates Big
Audience Monday Night.
xik Store
Postal Cert
ter cards,