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    H E YB U R N S D R A S T IC B ILLS .
TuM d ^ , February 20.
7»ehingtiH>, Feb. 20. — The senate
eneJ three or four hours today to a
usaion ©f the details of the pure
M i l l . A Dumber of minor amend-
n*s were! suggested, hut under the
eeruent to vote on all amendments
lorrow non ? of them could he ac ted
to lay. Saym r presented by recpiest
reply *<10" the Baltimore & Ohio
ilroad company to the charge of dis-
ninatlo« against it by the Red Kook
,1 company of West Virginia, deny-
unfairfrcatment. The senate ad-
med » t e w minutes after 4 o’clock
of respec to the memory of the
« Repreen' itive Castor, of Penneyl-
hillinger presented four petitions
n residents of Oklahoma praying
prohibits n in the proposed state of
ahoma. The most voluminous con-
,ed th e ! names of 8,000 voters, and
linger (aid that it was 204 feet
ig. One of the others contained the
aes of To, i »00 women, and another
se of 6,0»n» children.
The fourth
-i siguedpby Indians only.
'he pure food bill was then taken
A long discussion of amendments
, rad by various senators ensued and
n i participated in by Lodge, Piles,
nenway, Gallinter, Spooner, Hey-
n, McCumber and others, Hrmrn-
>> and Piles appearing for the first
e in debate in the senate.
Washington, Feb. 20.— T1 e house of
resentatives today took an immediate
turnment out of respect to the
a nory of Representative < ieorge A.
t tor, of Pennsylvania, after the pas-
s of appropriate resolutions and the
»; ointment of a funeral committee.
- >resenta>ive Castor died yesterday
,:tr *hiladelphia.
lltli V
Monday, February 19.
tntrWashington, Feb. 19. — Tliree bills
ks,e pasted under suspension of the
>s— requiring a two-thirds vote— in
■ **bouse today.
“ -he first makes gambling unlawful
ial^he territories of the United States,
r>l uding Arizona, New Mexico, Okla-
la, Indian Territory and Alaska.
bill is directed particularly against
zona and New Mexico, where it was
ed gambling was licensed.
to’ he second prov'des additional work
.the Census bureau by requiring sta-
os to be taken on insurance, fish-
a, electrical industries,
ks and crimes. |f
he third appropriates $50,000 for
, NT purchase of 300 acres of coal land
lBcn the island of Fatan, one of the
^ j. lippine archipelago.
On the last
ted bill a debate of two hours was
met .
The others were debated 40
You utes each,
jh «Vashington, Feb. 19.— Discussion of
lie* pure food bill occupied practically
of the day in the senate. The
>• -- kera were Heyburn, who has charge
le b ill; Foraker, who presented a
yOU fOf
ber of auicndments desired by
or interests; Money, in favor of his
{ cerna1
‘ svjhitute; and McCumber. An order
inst th made to devote time tomorrow to
n g at tidering amendments under the teh-
aiotaiute rule« and begin voting at 5
aunty, ^ Wed DCS'! <'
' v be president transmitted to congress
’ pecial message agreeing with the
", ority report of the consulting en-
i , :ers on the Panama canal in favor
thtocci lock canal.
Ith US ft
“* “
Thursday, February 16.
oui:°*,lrashington. F ib . 15. — The senate
j,y passed to the consideration of the
t statehood hill and for an hour
served is »* half listened to a speech by Dick
ty Newt, upport ©f the hill as reported from
randSBCommittci' on territories,
ecyfott.he b ill ptohlhiting the unauthorized
■ring of the insignia of the Q. A . R.
, other b old ier organizations was
\-'r Jills were passed establishing light-
ises and Jog signals on Cape Hinch-
irook islai , W illiam sound and
• pe Spencer, Cross -mued, in Alaska.
(Washington, Feb. 15. — “ Morning
lift ” prevailed in the ho
> til after 5
lock. The net result
1.8 the passa.
H to incr-
|0,000 ayear the Federal appropria-
|>n.to each state and territory for the
©f agricultural experiment
’ ttions and a •
'Lug the ;>-•
fL NCW granting American register to for-
•Hic.gn ships wrecked and repair d on the
merican coast in the discretion of the
_ .©rotary cf the department of Com-
• erce andfc-ah yr, at.d requiring a spe-
------al act of oon. ress to grant such regis­
Wdl Report Bill.
Waahingtoi , Feb. 20.— The Philip-
dne tariff b ill, which has been held up
TEfljp the sneate committee ever since it
•>«f sed the h< tse, is soon to be reported.
tTie Demoeta's of the committee, who
OUgffyere suppose
to he solidly arrayed
net the bi
.r e
nd two outlet the five declared their
erj i ntention fV> vote to repott the b ill—
JfSt larmack of Tennessee and McCreary
- i [ \ t Kentucky T^ree Republicans, how-
ver— Halo of Minnesota, Burrows of
1 . lichigan on Brandcgee of Connecticut
-are oppee- to the b ill.
st lV
A Sf
_ .’ i
May Try Behring Sea Claims,
Washington, Fab. 20. — The house
. ommaumo
-•/ t
1 v
fay irahh
risdietion upon the Circuit court oi
he (Tnitad Ptates for the Sinth circuit
PariSe 0 0 s
states) to determine in
nents quitv the rights of America: citi/. ns
mdar the award of the Behring sea
rbitration of Paris and to render judg-
_-oeut. The house rommi’ t-e a ls io r-
R D £ c ered favorable report for United *t*t«s
ourtaal Victoria, Tex.,and Miami, Fla.
The feature of the day w\s the at­
tempt of Payne, chairman of tffe ways
and means committee, to get his bill
for the consolidation of customs collec­
tion districts.
A furious opposition
developed and by a roll call a large ma­
jority voted against considering the
bill. Again, when the ex eriment sta­
tion bill came up, the debate reverted
into the Payne bill, and it was with
ditficultv that it could be brought to
an end.
An indirect compliment was paid to
Longworth by a vote to adjourn today
until Monday, although nothing w ill
appear in the record of its purpose.
Stop Creating Reserves and
O rder General Survey.
Washington, D. C., Feb. 16.— Sena­
tor Heyburn is going after the presi­
dent's forest reserve policy agaiq. T. -
day he introduced a bill far more dras­
tic than anything he has heretofore at­
It prohibits further with­
drawals of public land for forest reserve
purposes in Idaho, and stipulates that
where laud has heretofore been with­
drawn, and baa not been created into
forest reserves, it shall immediately he
restored to the public domain. It also
provides that no reserve or withdrawal
made for forestry purposes in Blaho
shall include sections 16 or 36, title to
which was in the United States at the
date of the admission of Idaho into the
It further stipulates that no
forest reserves shall be created in Idaho
to include land heretofore classified as
The effect of this bill, if enacted,
would be absolutely to put a stop to
forest reserve extension in Idaho, but,
like Mr. Heyburn’ s other forestry
bills, it w ill not pass.
Mr. Heyburn also introduced a hill
appropriating $100,000 for the survey
of all unsurveyed public land in Idaho.
Mr. Heyburn says Idaho’ s development
is being retarded by reason of the fact
that only one-third of the state has
been surveyed. Furthermore, the lack
of surveys makes it impossible for the
state to perfect many of its selections
made under various special grants.
Wednesday, February 14.
Wednesday, Feb. 14. — At a few
minutes after 6 o’ clock today the senate
cast its final ballot on the subsidy ship­
ping bill, which was passed by a vote
of 38 to 27. All the votes for the hill
were by Republican senators, and five
Republican senators voted with the
Demorcats in opposition.
They were
Burkett, Dolliver, La Follette, Spooner
and Warner. The vote on the bill was
preceded by action on a number of
amendments, and this by an entire day
of debate.
Many important amend­
ments were accepted, but only in one
case was a modification agreed to that
was not in accordance with the wishes
of the managers of the b ill. The excep­
tion was on an amendment offered by
Spooner eliminating the provision g iv ­
ing half pay to members of the naval Viceroys N o w jT a k e Lead in Enmity to
reserve who have served less than six
White "Barbarians.”
Feb. 16.— The correspondent
When the shipping bill was dis­
posed of the Btatehood h ill was made at Shanghai of the Standard telegraphs
the unfinished business.
as follows:
News has reached here of another at­
Washington, Feb. 14.— After spend­
tack on a foreign mission at Nganking,
ing almost the entire day in debate on
province of Nganhwei, on the left hank
the fortification bill, that measure was
of the Yangtse Kiang river. No loss of
passed by the house today.
life is reported.
Yesterday an attempt was made here
Pacific Coast Protests.
by a trusted Chinese servant to murder
Washington, Feb. 16. — Serious op­ the secretary of the French municipal
position from Pacific coast interests lias council while he was asleep. The at­
developed to the Cushman bill provid­ tempt was frustrated and ttie assailant
ing for new fishing regulations for arrested.
The house committee on ter­
Many of the great provincial viceroys
ritories is now considering the hill and are displaying a marked anti-foreign
today six Pacific coast senators and a attitude, which they would hardly dare
number of representatives appeared be­ so openly to assume unleis
fore it and asked that the hearing he thought that Pekin approved their con­
kppt open until parties interested can duct.
In the foreign settlements of
reach here from the coast to be heard treaty ports efforts are being made
in opposition to it.
quietly to recover privileges granted to
The principal point of objection is foreigners.
that the bill gives to the depa-tment of
In some quarters Japan is believed
Commerce and Labor power to make to view the possibility of armed inter­
suitable regulations.
It is claimed vention being necessary with equanim­
the department would be absolute in ity, since it would provide her with oc­
this matter, and that any changes in casion to obtain from China what she
the existing regulations would work failed to exact from Russia.
hardship, if not ruin, to the salmon
In Shanghai two additional com­
fishing industries.
panies of volunteers are being raised.
It is reported that the Municipal coun­
cil favors strengthening the Sikli police
Sargent’s Views on Immigration.
Washington, Feb. 20.— Frank
P. force by 500 men. Unfortunately, it is
Sargent, rommi.-sioner general of im- at this juncture that it has been decid­
' migration, today presented liis views in ed to reduce ttie British China squad­
f ivor of added restrictions to immigra­ ron.
tion before the house committee on im­
migration and nhturalization.
Sargent favored forbidding entrance to
the country of feeble m nded and im ­
Rojestvensky Says Bad Shipbuilding
becile emigrants, and believed the poo-
Caused His Defeat.
session of some fixed amount of money
St. Petersburg, Feb. 16. — “ Perhaps
should also be a requirement.
No ac­
I am guilty to some extent for our de­
tion wa9 taken by the committee.
feat, aud perhaps my subordinates did
not do all they might have done, but
Prior Right Given Squatter.
Washington, Feb. 19 .— Senator Du­ at all events we who have fought the
bois today introduced a bill providing battles were not thieves,’ ’ said Admiral
that where settlers have been permitted Rojestvensky, who addressed the Im ­
to go upon and erect improvements on perial Technical society yesterday even­
lands within townsites under govern­ ing upon the causes of the defeat of the
ment irrigation projects prior to their Russians at the battle of the Sea of
formal opening, they shall have the Japan.
The admiral made no specifications
first right to purchase lots on which
such improvements are located at the regarding rascality in the construction
or equipment of the ships, but lie com­
j appraised value.
mented at "length upon the destructive
T w o Opinions on Alaska Roads.
force of the heavy Japanese shells,
Washington, Feb. 20 — SenatorTurn- which, when they only exploded in the
er, of Washington, today spoke in favor water near the Russian vessels, cracked
of the Lovering bill to afford aid to the their plates and opened great leaks,
building of a railroad in’ Alaska. Cad­ while those which hit the Russian
mus /. Gordon, of Pennsylvania, op­ aliips squarely were as destructive as
posed government a'd, ai d said t af a mines.
A young lieutenant during the dis­
1 projected line in which he ¡9 interested
would have st’ ffi ient earnings to justi­ cussion attempted to lay the blame on
submarine boats, but the admiral de­
fy its construction.
nied that submarine boats or mines
were used during the engagement.
Why No Statue o f Lafayette'’
Washington, Feb. 16.— The attention
o* Sectetary Root has been called to the
delay in completing the bronze statue
of General Lafayette at Paris, for
which a large sum of money was raised
in tins country, to take the place of the
plaster cast placed on the pedestal dur­
ing the exposition of 1900.
Must Pay W ages fo r Shut-Down.
Warsaw, Rilssian Poland. Feb. 16.—
Considerable comment has beea paused
by the judgment of the communal court
at Widxewo. near Lodz, ordering the
Coates Thread factory to pay the wages
of 800 employes during the ten weeks
the factory was closed.
The works
shut down November 30 and a shortage
of coal was given as the reason for do­
ing so. The court in rendering judg­
ment said it was not lack of coal, bnt
the high price of coal which induced
the closing, and found that this was
not a gcod reason.
No Religious Test.
Washington, Fob. 20.— In presenting
petitions against Senator Reed Smoot,
signed by thousands of women of Cali­
fornia and Colorado, Perkins an I Pat­
terson took occasion today to define
the r position on the protests against
the Utah senator.
The former said
Believe Fire Und.'r Control.
that religious views shouM not be con­
Honolulu, Feb. 16. — Water ie now
sidered in passing up^n the qualifica­
tions of a senator, and thst his honesty being pumped only a* intervals ir.to the
and attributes that command confidence ! hold of the steamer Texan, whose cargo
and respect should he above all else. j took fire the other day while the vessel
Patterson thought there were great con­ ' was lying at her dock. It is now be-
stitutional questions to be considered. I Ueved that the fire is under safe con­
trol, and the agents of the ve«sel say
that they expect that all her lime w ill
T o Hear Wickersham’ s Side.
Washington, Feb. 20. — The senate be slaked by tomorrow and that they
com m ittfe on judiciary w ill tomorrow w ill then be able to discharge cargo.
grant a hearing to Judge James Wick- They think that the hull of the vessel
ersham, of Ala°ka whose nomination is not damaged.
is held up on account of varous
First Year Men Must Study.
charges. The rommitt e. w h i’e w illin g
Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 16. — The
to give Judge Wickersham an opportu­
nity to refute the charges, w ill not con­ , Harvard athletic committee voted to­
front him with hie accusers, or even night to co D cu r with Yale and Prince-
furnish him with their names.
Judge | ton in an agreement excluding first-
Wickersham w ill leave tor A aska soon i year men end graduate students of all
I departments irom university athletics.
after the hearing is concluded.
arms and iega, putting the heads into
one box, the arms into another, the
legs into a third, and the tsidies into
a fourth. Sometimes she loft tiie arms
with tiie body, as it would sisiil some
of the bodies to have them cut off.
As soon as all tiie children hud pic­
tures enough to cut so there were quite
a number in each box. ummma gave a
body to each child, uml then while one
was picking out a pair o f legs, another
T h e E lec trifie d L u m p C h im n e y .
was choosing arms, ami another a head.
A very simple tiut beautiful exiiert-
As soon us any one hud a picture ready
luetit may lie made by any bright hoy
he pasted It on Ills sheet or book, and
with a straight lamp-chlnmey, the kind
a crazy-looking set o f pictures they
used with ttie Argand or the Welsbaclt
w ere!
gas-light. First, cut a narrow strip of
Tiie little children's were the fuuui-
tln-foll and paste It around ttie chim­
est, for sometimes they placed feet
ney, in the middle. Then paste a strip
where Lands should lie, and they made
o f the same from one end of the chim­
the body turn one way and the iiead an­
ney to within about half an Inch o f the
other. Sometimes a gjrl had a dog's
band In the middle.
head, or a man hud the body o f a child
Now take a bristle brush, the kind ami the skirts of a woman. One boy
made to clean lamp-chimneys with, and drawing a sled had the legs o f an
over its bristles wrap a perfectly dry ostrich.
silk handkerchief. Hold the chimney
They were all surprised when Mag­
in your left hand so that your fingers gie came to set tiie table for luncheon.
do not touch the tln-foll anywhere, and “ Let’s send tliese pictures to tiie Chil­
putting ttie silk-covered brush Into the dren’s Hospital," said Mattel, "nud they
chimney, rub It briskly back and forth. will make the chihlfen there laugh,
This part o f the experiment should too.” — Youth’s Companion.
hi* made In the dark, and If, while rub­
T h e S h e ll* W e r e E a a y .
bing the chimney, you take the brush
Mildred, who was visiting her grand­
out now and then, you will see, every
time you do so, a big spark o f electric- mother in tiie country, wus asked to
bring an egg from the hennery. A fter
several minutes she returned with her
apron full o f eggs. While yet a dis­
tance away tile grandmother usked;
"W ell, did you breuk uuy eggs on
the wuy?”
“ No, grandma,” was the prompt an­
swer, "but the shells came off a few ."
Many Troops and War Vessels
Close to China.
M ore Troop s In Philippines Than Any
Tim e Since Pacification o f
the Islands.
Washington, Feb. 17. — It has been
decreed by the administration that,
come what may, American lives and
American property in China shall he
protected, even if it becomes necessary
to resort to arms. Guided by the ex­
periences of the boxer outbreak of
1900, this government is quietly mo­
bilizing a small army in the P h ilip ­
pines, within easy reach of Chinese
ports, and is maintaining a fair-sized
fleet oi war vessels especially adapted
to service in the rivers that reach im
portant Chinese strongholds.
It is a fact that there are more
troops in the Philippines than at any
time since the pacification of the Phi -
ippints. There are now on the way to
the islands two additional regiments of
infantry and two batteries of artillery.
As shown by the records of the War
department, the m ilitary strength in
the Philippines today includes four full
regiments of infantry, in addition to
two companies of engineers and tliree
companies of the signal corps.
troops for the most part are in easy
reach of Manila, and a comparatively
large force could be landed on Chinese
soil on very short notice and still leave
an adequate garrison in the Philippines.
To supplement the land force is the
Philippine fleet, which includes the
battlesnips Ohio, Wisconsin and Ore­
gon, the last-named under orders to re­
turn to this country.
It is found,
however, that tiie Oregon may not be
able to undergo repairs at Puget sound
*or four or five months, and it may he
determined to retain lier in tiie Orient,
at least until the Chinese disturbances
blows over or comes to a head. In ad­
dition, there are the cruisers Balti­
more, Cincinnati, Concord and Ral­
eigh, the monitors Monadnock and
Monterey, the gunboats Helena and
Wilmington and a number of smaller
gunboats, which were captured from
Spain and brought into the United
States navy.
Fulton Declares Boycott Cannot A c­
complish Its Repeal.
Washington, Feb. 17. — In response
to a request for his views on the Chi­
nese boycott, Senator Fulton today
made the following answer;
Tiie real purpose of the Chinese en­
gaged in the boycott of American goods
is to secure tiie repeal of the exclusion
law. No doubt the manner in which
the law has been enforced has in some
instances civen just cause for com­
plaint, and tended to intensify and ac­
celerate the growing resentment en­
gendered by tiie law. hut the real ani­
mus is opposition to tiie law as a whole
and the purpose is to enforce its repeal.
To that we cannot accede. It is of great
interest, and concern to us that cordial
and friendly relations with Cfiina shall
be maintained and our trade and com­
merce with tier increased, but, if such
conditions can only be purchased by
sacrificing the rights and imperiling
the welfare of Americaan labor, the
price is greater than we can afford to
W e most not repeal or substantially
modify the present exclusion law. So
to do would work great Eiardship on
and be unpardonable injustice to our
own wage earners. We of the Pacific
coast have learned in tEie school of ex­
perience tiow serious a menace to the
peace, prosperity and morals of the
community is a large influx of Chinese
coolies and we will never consent to
legislation making Buch
again possible.
Wood May Command in China.
Han Fiancisco, Feb. 17.— The United
States army transport Sherman sailed
today for Honolulu, Guam and the
j Philippines, with 100 ratlin passengers,
1 a few troops and 4,000 tons of military
: supplis.
Among the passengers were
Major Generals Brooke and Weston,
the latter going to Manila under sealed
orders. In army circles it ie surmised
that General Btooke may succeed Gen­
eral Leonard Wood in tase the latter
should he ordered to China.
W illiam 8. Patten also sailed on the
Will Receive Famine Aid.
San Francisco, Feb. 17.— Judge Mor­
row, prejident of the California branch
of the American National R e l Cross,
has made an announcement stating tliat
in accordance with the appeal of Presi­
dent Rosevelt of February 13 for aid for
the thousands of persons on the verge
of starvation in Northern Japan hy
reason of the famine existing there, the
public ie informed that the California
branch of the American National Red
Cross w ill receive contributions.
P rogressive American Consul.
Prague, Feb. 17. — The American
consulate established today a depart­
ment for commercial
Consnl Ledonx explained the task of
the institution to many merchants,
who declared it would greatly increase
jthe respective exporte and imports of
I the countries intereste 1.
W i l l i e ’s
V iral
W illie is u bright 5-year-old boy, who.
In his first trousers, could ouly thrust
his hands through ills licit, having no
pocketa. He had ills heart rejoiced ut
last with a pair o f trousers which had
real pockets in them. His first act was
to come down to a mnle relative with
ills hands stuck proudly in tliese [lock­
ets and cry gleefu lly: “ Look, I ’ve got
jiockets with floors lu ’e m !”
ity Jump from one piece of tin-foli to
the other. In other words, the friction
made by the rubbing lias turned the
lamp-chimney Into uii electrical ma­
F ro m the M o n th * o f llabe*.
Another pretty experiment may lie
A little girl came into the house with
made with tills little device. W rap a
very dirty linnds, and her sister made
piece o f Iron or brass wire around the
fun o f them. Tiie little culprit raised
middle hr.ifd o f tln-foll, letting one end
her blue eyes to tier sister's with an
hang down five or six Inches. T o this
expression o f grief, nud said, reproach­
end attach several strips of cigarette
fully ; "D on't you know mamma said
I>aper in a hunch. Now put the brush
you mustn't talk about any one's ‘ ’for-
Into the chimney nt the opposite end
mities (deform ities)?’ ”
to that used at first and rub It briskly.
A m G ood a * a G o ld M in e.
The electricity thus generated will go
'nto tiie strips o f pnper, and make them
Oscar, who had s[ieut the summer
stand out from ench other as If they on a farm, after hearing an older broth­
were alive and were struggling to get er tell about a one-karat diamond that
had been found, said:
ns far apart ns possilde.
I f the paper tie cut to form two cats
“ Why, that's nothing; Uncle Frank
had a barrel of carrots on tho farm.”
the result will tie very amusing.
Tliese experiments are liost made In
O l d F r i e n d s ( l i e Rent.
perfectly dry wenther, and It Is well,
Little Harry wns In the first grade«
also, to wnrm tioth chimney and hand­
He was very fond o f his teacher. When
kerchief at tiie fire.
Hie school year was over and lie was
promoted to the next grade, he suid:
K il l s .
" I don’t see how I enn lie promoted
I wonder why some pas have none,
And others have s„ many.
unless they promote my teacher, too.”
It seems the poor pas have the most.
And rich ones haven’t any.
Tho richest man I know In town
Has Just one small boy only;
But pa says, (Sad! he pities him
In that big house so lonely.
T w o g n e rr In .la n re « W here Women
W ed
T h e ir
1,o v e r s ’
R o u b le s.
A strange rase o f matrimonial fraud
has lately occurred in Vienna. A wo­
man of the lower middle class married
It seems to me ’twould 1» so nice.
If kids all come out even;
a man whom she took to be a Herr
And when I asked pa why they don’t.
Weiss, tier fiance, returning after n
He said, “ lie quiet, Stephen.”
year's absence In America to make her
his wife.
In less than a month he
Then fam'lics ail'd have hills like pa,
robbed her o f her savings and then sud­
For us five kids together,
denly disappeared.
He says, would bust n rnttle man,
A month later she received a letter
We wear out so much leather.
from Amerlcn regretting that the writer
But when the circus comes to town
hail been too III to return nt tiie time
Pa's glad he has so many.
agreed, but stating tlint he wns alsiut
For he has more fun takln us
to sail and that immediately on hid
Than if he hadn’t uny.
arrival would fulfill the promise by
leading tier to the altar. The leter wad
My pn says some day that hp’11 tie
signed “ Hermann Weiss.”
Too old to go on workin'.
And then he holies that none of ill
Tiie |sM>r woman wns thrown Into a
Our duty will be shirkin'.
sad condition of perplexity and appre­
hension and her worst fears were real­
You bet we won’t ! We all love pa.
ized wjjpn, on tier correspondent's ar­
But wouldn’t It be funny
rival, she recognized that she had been
To have your father bungin' 'round
imposed upon by a callous Impostor
And nskin’ you for money?
Whose reseinlilnuee to tiie real slmon
I've 'most a quarter in my bank
pun; was marvelously striking. It sub­
To buy n bullet moulder.
sequently transpired that the genuine
But now I thiuk I'll save it up
Hermann Weiss had while in America
For pa when he gets older.
foregathered with Ills double, who had
ascertained sufficient of tiie former's
© rn sy P ic tu res .
history nml pros[*>ctM to enable him to
"Never mind If It docs rain. Mmtima carry out with success his base scheme
always thinks o f something extra nice o f deception and heartless robbery.
for rainy days," said Harold.
When Claude Konnat, a linker of
"I have thought o f something now,” Marseilles, was lu hiding from
snld mamma. "Get some pieces of isillce, who held n warrant for Ills ar­
smooth brown paper for Frank le and rest on a serious charge, he managed
little Helen, anil some o f that pretty | to communicate with an acquaintance,
green cardlioard for Esther and Mn- | one I^rlot, who In every res[ieet was
lie I and you and I-eon may use your I Ills exact double, nml conjured him on
sorap-lssiks. I will pick out some old ■ the strength o f their old friendship to
magazines, anil Leon may get some promise that should any misfortune be­
paste. Esther, you may take the cloth fall him lie would, hy lm|iersonatlng
off the dining table, and spread out - him— an easy enough task by reason o f
some newspaper». I am going to show the striking resemblance existing be­
you how to make crazy pictures.”
tween them— keep from the young wo­
The children ran to collect the things. : man to whom lie was engaged
and mamma sent Harold for both pairs | knowledge o f her lover s shame. I.orlot
o f scissors unit the shears, and Esther 1 gave Ills promise, which sat out lightly
for some empty boxes and covers to lay | on ills' conscience ns one to be kept
the parts o f pictures in.
or broken ns whim might direct.
“ Now,” snld mamma, giving the I However, when Itonnnt a day or two
things round to the different ones as ' inter fell Into the hnnds o f JusticQ
stie spoke, “ you may cut ttie brown pn ; I>-rlot sought out the young woman, o f
|s>r into shoots about six by eight whom lie had no previous knowledge,
Inches; you may cut the cardboard^he with ttie result
that his susceptible
same size.
heart was so touched that he entered
“ Now all you little ones mny cut out | into the fulfillment o f his promise with
the pictures o f everything in the adver | surprising zeal.
So well. Indeed, did
tlseinent pages that is alive, hut don't | he enact the role o f Bonnat that he In
try to cut them close to tin- picture; let 1
; a short time estagued
the older ones do th at
Harold mny | fiance. The couple *e«l a life o f com-
punch the sheets on one end, so they : plcte happiness* which wns In nowise
can tie tied together to mnke a book dimmed when some years later, on tiie
when they are done. You could make a | convict's release, the w ife first discoy.
book at first, hut If you spoil a page It i »red tiie fraud o f which site had been
<ooka badl&tto cut it out, so I like the victim.— Tlt-BIts.
sheets tiest.”
Then mamma sit out several pictures
When a man Is In love he think* ha
quickly, and cut off their heads aud la entitled to a liar's license.